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English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 32 episodes, 22 hours, 1 minute
What's your life worth? Healthcare in the United States can bankrupt you, demoralize you—or actually kill you. Healthcare economist David Smith grew up in a Mormon community in Utah, and lost his father, sister, and brother to the same deadly epidemic. He’s spent his career exploring whether their deaths were preventable and how we can make health a priority for everyone. On The Cost of Care, David and his guests – patients, medical experts, and policy makers – reveal how the wealthiest nation on earth ended up with one of the most expensive, worst-performing health care systems in the world and provide solutions to fix it, together.
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Listen Now: The Defenders

We’re dropping in your feed today to let you know about another Lemonada Media show that we think you’ll want to tune in for. It’s called The Defenders. On Friday, June 24, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since then, it's been a barrage of bad news and bleak headlines. But for every restriction, there are many more acts of resistance, and a growing network of activists, clinic workers, faith leaders, and everyday people working to expand access to care. This is the story of the fight for freedom in a post-Roe America, co-hosted by Samantha Bee and Gloria Riviera.    In this episode of The Defenders, we follow religious leaders. Reproductive rights and religion may not feel like they go hand in hand. But in Atlanta, Black faith leaders are challenging that by talking about abortion…in church. To hear more of The Defenders, head to: for privacy information.
12/5/202347 minutes, 57 seconds
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Listen Now: Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

Hey listeners! We’re dropping in your feed today to give you the first full episode of Lemonada Media’s brand-new show, Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. On the premiere episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia sits down with the one and only Jane Fonda. With a career spanning over six decades, Jane – now 85 years old – hits all the highlights: staying fit at any age, fantasizing about funerals, getting heckled on set by Katharine Hepburn…and something about a fake thumb. The first two episodes of Wiser Than Me are out now, with new episodes each week. To hear more, head to for privacy information.
4/11/202348 minutes
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Do We Really Care About Nurses?

In this special episode of The Cost of Care, host David Smith shines a light on how the nation is driving a national shortage of nursing professionals, hearing from frontline, retired, and nurse educators and advocates. He'll take listeners through the nursing landscape pre-pandemic, how COVID-19 fueled the crisis, and what the future portends without meaningful intervention. Sponsored by As the trusted career resource built by and for nurses, fosters the largest online community of nurses, connecting with nearly 3 million nurses per month. serves nurses with lifelong career support through accredited continuing education, job opportunities, and a thriving community that supports their passion for the profession and empowers them to flourish. This podcast is sponsored by If you’re a fan of this podcast, then you’ll love the new show, NurseDot Podcast. It’s a weekly podcast focused on providing nurses with validation, resources, and hope, one episode at a time. Cara Lunsford, RN and CPHON, leads this 16-week series, bringing in a new guest every episode. Together, they cover everything from caring while grieving, to safe staffing, to becoming a nurse influencer, and beyond. Listen to NurseDot Podcast wherever you find your podcasts. conducted extensive, unbiased research to create a free salary research report. Download the free report today at Get the salary you're worth. Get the salary you deserve.See for privacy information.
11/21/202256 minutes, 9 seconds
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Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma with Billie Lourd

As a holiday bonus, the team at The Cost of Care wanted to share one of their favorite podcasts of 2021 with you.  New Day from Lemonada Media is a podcast with a simple goal - helping you get through the day and look forward to tomorrow. Every week, Claire Bidwell Smith shares one way to make your day and life a little better. From waking up with more energy to finding contentment with relationships, to keeping your New Year resolutions all year long, Claire and her guests help you answer the big question: How can I lead a more fulfilling life? New Day is back with brand new episodes starting January 5th.   Billie Lourd has been grieving the loss of her mother, Carrie Fisher, and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds since 2016. She shares what it was like growing up in the public eye in a family dealing with addiction and mental illness. This week’s practice is about all the things you inherit from your family (good and bad) and the patterns you want to break.See for privacy information.
12/23/202145 minutes, 24 seconds
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David Smith Revisits Last Day S1 Ep 3: And Now, We Rewind the Tape

Opioids are killing more people than ever. In 2020, overdose deaths in the U.S. spiked nearly 30% to a record high -- the sharpest annual increase in 30 years. Fentanyl sold on the street and the ongoing toll of the pandemic are the primary drivers. With so many of us affected, there’s a dire need for solutions. That’s why we’re re-releasing episodes 2-12 from season one with new updates from previous guests and fans of the show. Last Day Revisited: The Opioid Crisis is a binge listen that offers essential knowledge, support, and answers for people directly impacted by addiction. PLUS, we reveal what topic we’ll be covering in Last Day Season 3, dropping early 2022. Together, we can reduce stigma and save lives.  On Last Day, we talk about what’s killing us, the stuff that’s hard to comprehend and getting worse every day. Join host Stephanie Wittels Wachs, as she confronts massive epidemics with humanity, wit, and a quest for progress. While Season 1 chronicled the opioid crisis in the US, Season 2 delves into the growing suicide rate, telling real stories, talking to experts, and asking everyone along the way, "How did we get here, and what could we have done differently?"   On this episode, Stefano Cordova Jr.’s family tries to make sense of Stefano’s overdose death and how they all got here. Then, Dr. Sam Snodgrass, a behavioral pharmacologist with a doctorate in biopsychology, explains how his own addiction to opioids is a disease and why understanding that is key to helping people with substance use disorders.   To hear more of Last Day, search for Last Day wherever you are listening right now.See for privacy information.
8/30/202146 minutes, 54 seconds
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Introducing The Cost of Care

Trying to navigate the American healthcare system as a patient is a high-stakes game. One wrong move can leave you ruined. Starting April 15th, host David Smith speaks with people crushed by one of the most expensive and worst performing systems in the world, and helps lead us out of this maze-like system that values sickness over health.See for privacy information.See for privacy information.
3/29/20211 minute, 41 seconds