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The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga Cover
The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga Profile

The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga

English, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 3 seasons, 36 episodes, 23 hours, 22 minutes
Equal parts "Mad Max" and "The Stand," this post apocalyptic saga is set in a world 15 years after the collapse of the world as we know it. A brother and sister grow up in rural Maine and unwittingly embark on a adventure to save the City from the religious zealots and ruthless military fight for control over the fallen world. An epic serialized audio drama adventure with 30+ actors, cinematic sound design and original music. Winner of Mark Time Award for sci-fi audio and finalist in Romania's Grand Prix Nova award. For more shows like this, visit
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Introducing Young's Infinite City

This week, we would like to introduce you to Young's Infinite City, a podcast distributed by Realm In the middle of a crisis that could spark global war, Dr. Rosalind Young, the most powerful person on the planet, has gone missing. Grace Adamu, her wife and business partner, reaches out to Rosalind’s estranged son, Charles Davis, for help. Young’s Infinite City was created by Alex Dolan, produced by Alex Dolan and Audiohm Media, and co-written by Alex Dolan and Vince Dajani.   Starring Gavin Bentley as Charles Davis, Maria Gbeleyi as Grace Adamu and Emma Sherr-Ziarko as Rosalind Young, and featuring performances by Bill Roberts, Winn Manning, Juliette Angeli, Zigmas Dobiliauskas, Kristen Udowitz, Andrea Richardson, Nero Scott, Jez Sands, Ray Hurd, Byron Kerr, Georgia McKenzie, Mark Alan, Chris Harris-Beechey, Akshdeep Singh, Paul Greene-Dennis, and Jason Webb. Sound design, line layout and QA by Chris Harris-Beechey. Mixing and mastering by Brad Colbrook.   For more information, visit or For more information on Audiohm Media, visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/2/202444 minutes, 22 seconds
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Introducing DERELICT

Please check out the first episode of the immersive sci-fi podcast DERELICT! DERELICT: FATHOM E1 - In the Dark We See The story begins with its prequel season, FATHOM, in which an ancient artifact that can only be described as a giant door has been found at the bottom of Earth's ocean. To study the artifact, the galaxy's most powerful corporation has built a massive secret laboratory base surrounding it. Their objective: unlock the secrets of the artifact and discover what it holds inside. But some mysteries should remain buried. And some doors should never be opened.... FATHOM is created, written and directed by J. Barton Mitchell; produced by Kirsten Rudberg, Elizabeth Laidlaw and Thomas Barker; features original music by Makeup and Vanity Set, Luke Atencio, and Ryan Taubert; sound design and editing by J. Barton Mitchell; additional sound design by Music Radio Creative. Cast: Elizabeth Laidlaw - EVA GRAFF; Michael Mau - BLAYNE; Eli Goodman - JOE FREEMAN; Dani Payne - SARAH KLAYTON. Listen to DERELICT: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/4/202352 minutes, 30 seconds
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Introducing Bookburners

This week, we would like to introduce you to Bookburners, a new show from Realm created by Max Gladstone. Magic is real. And it’s dangerous. It’s locked in books and relics imbued with power. But sometimes, whether by accident or by design, magic escapes and wreaks havoc upon the world. That’s when Team Three is deployed—known by their enemies as: The Bookburners. Tasked with identifying and neutralizing magical threats anywhere in the world, the Bookburners are a cohort of special investigators from wildly different walks of life—a New York City detective, a Guatemalan priest, an indestructible woman from China, a techno-occultist from Ireland, and an inquisitive scholar from the Ivory Coast. But each member of the Bookburners bears the scars of their own past magical trauma. What that means for the team, as they face horrors that threaten their sanity and their very lives, will cause them each to question their mission… and their faith in one another. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/27/202342 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Collective

Today we feature a new, standalone post-apocalyptic audioplay - The Collective, by Asata Radcliffe. A major Catastrophic Event, known as the C.E. has left less than 10,000 people on the planet. The actual population of the world is not known. A group of humans, known as The Collective, decide to not have children as a way of saving humanity from the inherent human legacy of barbarism. Nora Harlem, a 26 yr. old who survived the C.E., is carrying a secret, as she makes a harrowing trek to seek shelter in New Mexico, where she finds unlikely protectors. Produced over the pandemic with a dozen actors in three countries, The Collective is a lavish, immersive audio experience. Transcript and full cast/crew list at: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/12/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 55 seconds
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Wholesale Solution

A haunting original audioplay by Fred Greenhalgh and Jack Bowman. An interstellar traveler will stop at nothing to save his fiancée who is trapped on a troubled Europa Colony. But as realities start to mash into one another, the true underlying reality is more shocking than his mind can handle. A dark treatise on space colonialism, late-stage capitalism, and the repercussions of AI, Wholesale Solution is here to bend your mind in the most twisted of directions. Produced by Dagaz Media. Dialogue edit, Jack Bowman. Sound design, Tom Alexander. Cast members: Joe Bearor: Clay Ian Carlsen: Campbell Casey Turner: Tala Myra Diehl: Doctor William Dufris: Nurse RC Bray: The AI Originally appeared on The Drabblecast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
7/16/202145 minutes, 19 seconds