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Life is messy, but it shouldn't be toxic. Whether that's the chemicals in your food, thoughts, habits or old ways of thinking, The Clean Bee Podcast is here to help you cut through the noise and release what is no longer serving you.
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58. Tapping into your inner child and getting to know your intuitive gifts with The Modern Medium, Alexandra Shelly

If you're in need of high vibes and an engaging story on how to connect back to your inner voice... Then this episode is for you. I'm honored to bring on today's guest - Alexandra Shelly, also known as The Modern Medium. Alexandra is a dear friend, a Psychic Medium, Channeler and Intuitive and host of The Modern Medium Podcast. This episode is going to leave your feeling excited, empowered and pumped to tap into your own power even more. IN THIS CONVERSATION WE DISCUSS: + Her story (such a good one) and how she uncovered her intuitive gifts + Defining the terms - what is a medium? What are Spirit Guides? + How YOU can tap into your own power and inner voice, plus loads of book recs to help you dive deeper As always, take what resonates with you and leave what doesn't. LET'S STAY CONNECTED:
09/01/202358 minutes 10 seconds
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57. Why I'm NOT setting any 2023 goals this year (and what I'm doing instead)

If the end of 2022 left you feeling like there was more to be desired... Disappointed that you didn't hit "your goals," and all the marketing about "new year, new you" has you feeling overwhelmed - then this episode is for you. In an effort to maintain transparency, I totally felt this way. I felt like the year flew by and I sort of just "made it through." It wasn't until I made a little recap photo dump/Reel on IG that I realized just now much HAD happened in 2022 - and that I didn't need to feel like I didn't "do enough." Which inspired me to shake things up this year. Instead of writing out a series of goals, I am focusing on a new mindset and perspective. If you're feeling like you want to shake things up this year, too - then press play and join me! IN THIS CONVERSATION I SHARE: + How I was inspired / why I wanted to make this mindset shift for 2023 + Vulnerability on a
02/01/202315 minutes 46 seconds
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56. How to regulate your nervous system, utilizing sound to heal your body and cultivating joy with Janine Martins

I totally switched up my podcast air date schedule because once I recorded this conversation, I knew I needed to share this right away - particularly because I know the holiday season can be so triggering for many. So if this time of year has you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and in need of some "you" time - then this episode is for YOU, my friend. I am honored and excited to welcome today's guest, Janine Martins. Janine is not only a very dear friend of mine, but she is an incredible human whose work is so vital to our world. Janine is a facilitator of connection, using the tools of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Sound Healing and Psychic Readings. She is the calm amidst the storm; the voice that reminds you of your own innate wisdom and teaches you how to hear it more clearly. An embodied leader that prioritizes a life of art, music and a daily
26/12/202259 minutes 54 seconds
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55. Body literacy, cycle syncing and why your period is your superpower with Olivia Khoury of Our Hummingway

If you have a menstrual cycle, this episode is for you. For years, people with menstrual cycles have been gaslit - our symptoms ignored, often being told we are "just hormonal" and that "going on birth control" will fix all of our problems. But the tide is changing and people are waking up to the reality that tuning into our bodies and listening to what we need is vital to living a balanced life. Today's guest is Olivia Khoury, co-founder and co-CEO of Our Hummingway, an empowering platform that is rewriting the script on how we care for our bodies. Growing up with a well-versed naturopath for a mom, Olivia was schooled in the holistic ways of the world. She and her co-founder, Ashley Greene Khoury, imagined a space dedicated to presenting the whole picture, particularly after being diagnosed with PMDD. Together they saw an opportunity to share pr
19/12/202248 minutes 51 seconds
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54. What knee surgery taught me about patience (and 3 lessons to help you)

ICYMI: I had knee surgery about 3 months ago and it was a JOURNEY (and still is, TBH). One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to be patient (with myself). I never thought that I would struggle with the process of patience, since I feel I grant this so easily with others. But when it comes to our own self- our goals, our dreams, our desires... It can be hard AF. I've realized we all have a tendency to not give ourself the same grace and level of patience that we give so freely to others. The last 3 months I have alchemized these feelings, thoughts and this experience as a whole and I feel ready now to share these lessons with you. My hope is that while this is pertaining to my own journey of recovery post knee surgery, that these lessons are applicable to anything in your life. IN THIS CONVERSATION I SHARE: + How the act of patience is a verb and is a form of action in and of itself + Prac
12/12/202229 minutes 28 seconds
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53. Getting to the root of your chronic health issues with Reed Davis, FDN

The main goal I had when recording episodes for season 3 of the podcast was to dive deeper into the concepts and topics that you always ask to hear more about. A big topic of that conversation has to do with chronic health issues, especially thyroid and hormone health. Enter today's guest - Reed Davis, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT). Reed is an expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine. Reed served as the Health Director at a Wellness Center in Southern California for over 10 years and with over 10,000 clients is known as one of the most experienced clinician in his field. IN THIS CONVERSATION WE DISCUSS: + Reed's story and how he went from being a legal environmentalist to a holistic health champion + What actually is the thyroid? And how to care for your thyroid and overall hormone health <p class="p1
05/12/202258 minutes 53 seconds
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52. Reducing food waste and eating for your health with Gardyn Food Scientist Lindsay Springer

I know you care about your health AND the environment... And sometimes those values can contradict each other. You may be like me and buy organic spring mix in a plastic clamshell... It's great that we have an option for *mostly* chemical free produce, but what about the plastic that's left over once you've eaten all your salad? We discuss these topics and more in today's episode with Lindsay Springer, Head of Plants and Nutrition at Gardyn. Lindsay is a plant-based food scientist and food futurist who drives systematic food and technology innovations to maximize human and planet health. She earned her Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology from Cornell University, fo
28/11/202251 minutes 58 seconds
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51. Season 3: THE DIRTY TRUTH ABOUT THE CLEANING INDUSTRY with Hyve Clean Founder, Shreya Patel

Welcome back to Season 3 of The Clean Bee Podcast! If you clean your house, then this episode is for you (aka EVERYONE). The truth about the cleaning industry is that it isn't as "clean" as you'd think. Most conventionally produced cleaning products are loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals, fragrance and a host of other compounds that are total overkill, destroying the good bacteria that help keep your home (and you) in balance. This week's episode is a conversation with Shreya (founder) and Kasey, from Hyve Clean, a cleaning company that is doing things differently. IN THIS CONVERSATION WE DISCUSS: + Shreya's story on how and WHY she decided to create her own low toxin, probiotic rich cleaning company + The negative impact that conventional products have on our bodies and homes + Real tips and tricks on how to navigate the cleaning isle, what to look for and creative wa
21/11/20221 hour 2 minutes 2 seconds