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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 55 episodes, 17 hours 22 minutes
A podcast for teachers who are thinking about leaving the classroom to pursue a different career path or are simply curious about starting a teacher side hustle. Discover what you need to have in place BEFORE you resign from your teaching job including how to best replace your teaching salary outside of the classroom, the best jobs for teachers who don't want to teach, what you need to know about your teacher retirement, and how to find appropriate health insurance. We'll also dive into topics like how your mindset is holding you back, how to get more done in the small amount of time you have outside of the classroom, whether you need to create a teacher LLC, and how to cultivate a self-sustaining business that you love OUTSIDE of the classroom! Find amazing guest interviews with some of the biggest names in education who have left the classroom and have thriving businesses, teachers who are still in the classroom and have booming teacher side businesses, as well as experts in the fields of law, business, and accounting so that you are prepared to take the next step successfully.
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Best Ecommerce Plugins for Wordpress You Need

If you have a TpT shop or have considered starting one, you’ve probably heard talk about some of the issues that have arisen on the TpT platform regarding search issues, security concerns, and the acquisition of TpT by the IXL platform.And each of those can be super-terrifying, which is why many teachers are running scared.  They are fearful…their income is going to tank, andall of their work will be for nothingTherefore, many have decided to add an e-commerce shop to their own websites in order to sell their resources.  And if you've been listening to any of these conversations, one e-commerce solution is garnering a lot of attention in the teacher entrepreneur space…and that is WooCommerce.I personally have a WooCommerce shop, but that is getting ready to change.Why, you might ask?Well, I reached out to my "go to" tech guy, Grayson Bell founder and CEO of iMark Interactive, with a coupl
30/03/202323 minutes 30 seconds
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15 of the Best Career Changes for Teachers

Making a career change can be a scary prospect! The reality is most of us choose a career path and plan to stay the course until we retire. But if you’re feeling more and more convinced that you need to pursue other options, then this podcast is for you.Today we are going to explore the best career changes for teachers who want out of the traditional classroom and are actively seeking other alternatives.Now I know we’ve spent time touching on the topic of seeking a new career path before, but today we’re going to look at...15 of the best jobs for teachers that capitalize on your transferable skills and your experience in the education field,why they are each considered the best career change for teachers,and how to determine which one you should pursue.So if you’re ready, let’s do it!📝  Click here for a transcript of this e
16/03/202316 minutes 50 seconds
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The Greatest Jobs for Different Types of Teachers (Who Want Out)

There are as many different types of teachers in the world as there are grains of sand on the beach. We are all unique individuals with specialized skill sets, which is why we are the most enticing candidates for any position.But have you ever considered the idea that the type of teacher you are might actually be providing you with clues as to what job you should pursue outside of the classroom?Interesting thought, amiright?While we’ve established that we’re all great teachers, there are certain characteristics and traits that tend to surface within different groups of teachers that make them ideally suited for certain careers.So we’re going to take this wealth of information and filter it three different ways in order to help you narrow down your prospective options including…Age group taught,Content knowledge and subject area, andTeaching stylesIf you’re ready to dive in, let’s do it!📝  <
02/03/202317 minutes 41 seconds
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The Best Time Management Tips for Teachers

The best way to be able to leave the classroom is to be more efficient while in the classroom. This will allow you to spend more time focused on your exit strategy and/or your side hustle.In order to do that, we need to determine how you can accomplish everything you need to in less time so you are able to leave as soon as your contracted hours are complete.And of course, this means we need to narrow down the absolute best time management tips for teachers because good time management skills don’t just happen by accident.But you&apos;re in luck because that is exactly what today’s blog post is all about. We are going to discuss how to…determine your most important tasks (even when everything feels equally important),set boundaries so your professional life doesn’t bleed over into your personal life, andsuccessfully and consistently apply these tips in order to leave the classroom📝  <a href='https://www.happyteachermama
16/02/202313 minutes 28 seconds
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Teacher Strengths and Weaknesses: How to Answer The Dreaded Interview Question

Whether you want to be hired for your first teaching job or simply find a different teaching position outside of your current school, in a different district, or another grade level, it&apos;s essential that you understand the common weaknesses of teachers. I know this sounds ridiculous, but as you seek employment even as an experienced teacher, you be required to be interviewed. And with that interview you will be forced to answer the two trickiest questions in the world...What is your greatest strength? and What is your biggest weakness?The truth is...your answers to these two questions could be the deal-makers or the deal-breakers. And while many articles you read (or podcasts you listen to) focus on how to answer the strength part of the question, I want to di
02/02/202315 minutes 34 seconds
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How to Use Your Teacher Leave Wisely (and Legally)

We spend a lot of time discussing how to make money outside of the classroom, how to start a website, how to find jobs in other fields, how to set goals for yourself, and the list goes on.But today I want to talk about something I&apos;ve never talked about before...teacher leave.  Understanding what types of leave you can take (and when you can take those times of leave) could actually be the first step in your exit process.However, for that to be the case, we need to dig into questions like...How long do teachers
19/01/202313 minutes 13 seconds
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How to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams (Individual Goals Examples)

Let&apos;s face it, we all have things we want to accomplish in our lives. But it seems like we get so distracted from the big things because of all the little fires we have to put out each day. We have great intentions, but rarely do those intentions actually come to fruition because we&apos;re so busy just doing the day to day stuff. Then we look back a few years down the road wondering why we never accomplished that 5 year plan we had for ourselves.We know what goals are, and we may have even participated in a few goal setting sessions during our life. But for whatever reason, we just didn&apos;t make those goals a priority in our lives and now we&apos;re once again at a crossroads trying to determine whether to give up on our dreams and just continue aimlessly wal
12/01/202320 minutes 49 seconds
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Professional Goals for Teachers Inside and Outside the Classroom

As classroom teachers, we&apos;re constantly learning and setting goals for ourselves. Unfortunately, just setting a few superficial goals isn&apos;t enough to take us from where we currently are to the level of effective teachers we might want to be.Goal setting requires you to dig deep into what you hope to accomplish, why you want to achieve it, and how you plan to make it happen.Maybe you&apos;re a brand new teacher just beginning your teaching career and you want to set yourself up for success or maybe you&apos;re one of the many experienced teachers with a lot of years in the classroom and you want to make an even bigger impact on the kids in your class.Either way it&apos;s essential to reflect on the direction you&apos;re headed because the truth is, the amount of time you&apos;ve b
05/01/202313 minutes 40 seconds
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Goals vs. Objectives: How to Change Your Life (and Business)

Goals and objectives are words we hear frequently as teachers.   But do you actually know the difference between the two?Without blinking an eye, most of us would yes.  However, if we were asked to explain the specific distinguishing factors, we might be a bit stumped.Now, you might be thinking, &quot;Does it really matter?&quot;  And the answer is yes!!So in this podcast episode, I want to...define goals and objectives, discuss the 5 major differences between the two, determine how you can create a clear action plan that will set you up for success, discern whether or not you&apos;re progressing at the appropriate pace (and in the right direction),describe how all of this relates to leaving teaching, opening a TpT shop, and becoming an entrepreneur.📝  Click here for a transcript of this episode
29/12/202214 minutes 47 seconds
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How to Make Money in Education From Home

If you&apos;re a teacher, you know that the income generated from a teaching salary is typically far below that of other professionals with college degrees.  Because of this income discrepancy, many of us want to know how to make money in education. Well, going back to school and getting a Master’s degree, or another advanced degree is one option, but the increase in your salary is usually minimal for the amount of time required, and truthfully, it&apos;s only helpful if you know you plan to stay in the classroom.You could spend your summers teaching summer school, but then you severely limit your &quot;recharge&quot; time and the pay isn&apos;t always as good as it could be.But another option is starting a side hustle or getting a second job in order to help increase your yearly income. This would obviously require a time investment, but wha
15/12/202217 minutes 18 seconds
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Why So Many Teachers are Thinking of Quitting (and How to Know if it's Right for You)

Teacher shortages are showing up in school districts everywhere with many school systems finding themselves in the unenviable position of having to hire individuals without teaching degrees just to fill vacancies.But what has caused this record number of teachers to leave?  Was the great resignation of the 2021-2022 school year just a fluke?  And are teachers going to continue leaving in the middle of the school year?Well, if you want to understand why so many teachers are thinking of quitting (and actually following through with it) we need to face some hard truths.But before we dig into those, I want to share some good news.If you’re an administrator, policy maker, or state leader, who genuinely wants to see qualified and effective teachers filling up schools again, there is hope!It is possible, but it starts with listening carefully to what teachers are saying, understa
08/12/202218 minutes 25 seconds
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How to Make Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

By now, every teacher on the planet is familiar with the Teachers Pay Teachers online marketplace. With millions of great free resources from amazing TpT sellers, there are just so many original educational resources for teachers to use in their own classrooms. But you might be thinking, &quot;Ok, but what about teachers who want to earn an income by selling TpT products?&quot;Well, I am so glad you asked because this entire episode is all about how to make money on Teachers Pay Teachers...even in 2022!!And don&apos;t think this is just for those who want to start selling on TpT.  I also have several suggestions for veteran sellers on how to increase your sales.  So we&apos;re going to spend time talking about...Where to begin,What type of membership is best for you,How much time you need to devote to your TpT store to make it work,What teacher resources you should sell,How to market your shop,Ways to i
01/12/202213 minutes 52 seconds
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The 5 Reasons Why Teachers Make the Best Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that over the last several months and years teachers have been leaving teaching in droves.  But what exactly are these teachers doing now that they are no longer in the classroom?  Well, some have left to pursue careers in different fields, but many have embarked on an entirely new journey as entrepreneurs.  Now you might think that’s great for them but you don’t see that as an option for you.  Maybe you’ve just resigned yourself to the fact that you’re going to be stuck in the classroom for the rest of your life because you’re just not cut out to be an entrepreneur.Well, I hope this episode changes your mind because whether yo
17/11/202211 minutes 40 seconds
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The Ten Best Free WordPress Plugins For a Teacher Blog

Today we&apos;re going to be jumping down into the rabbit hole of WordPress with the ten best free WordPress plugins for a teacher blog.  However, don’t let the title of this particular episode scare you or potentially cause you to quit listening because it is going to be immensely helpful...even if you are just in the consideration stage of creating a website or blog.As I’ve said many times, this world is becoming increasingly technology-based, and that means just about every business has at least a few components of the business based online. Whether it&apos;s specific programs, products, content, or a website, learning about WordPress websites will increase your depth of knowledge about the online space and it may also give you the confidence boost you
10/11/202217 minutes 56 seconds
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Why Quitting Teaching is the Best Thing I Ever Did

Before I share why quitting teaching was the best thing I ever did as well as the ten things I’ve learned after quitting teaching twice, I want to share my heart.This podcast episode is not intended to knock teaching or anyone who chooses to continue teaching.  I absolutely loved teaching; in fact, (spoiler alert) I am working with kids this school year. Working with children, guiding them to success, and helping them grow their self-confidence is what I used to believe I was created to do.  Now you might be thinking, “Wait a second…if that’s what God designed you to do, shouldn’t you be doing that?”  Well, that is a very astute point.  And here’s what I’ve learned.While I was comfortable teaching early childhood and elementary-aged children and staying in my comfort zone, it became clear that the path I had mapped out for myself was NOT the best path for my life.Sometimes I think the Lord has a sense of humor because those things th
03/11/202218 minutes 16 seconds
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5 Resume Myths Debunked: What You Really Need to Know

Once you decide it&apos;s time to leave the classroom, your obvious next step is creating an amazing resume. But did you know that there are some resume myths you need to avoid in order to get the interview (and position) to which you are applying?You may think this sounds crazy, but it has probably been a few years (or maybe even MANY years) since you&apos;ve designed a resume. And I want to spare you the agony of unnecessary rejection letters by sharing 5 resume myths that you may not realize are faux pas in the realm of resume creation. 📝  Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links mentioned in this episode:Research on professional email addresses<a href='
27/10/202212 minutes 53 seconds
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The 6 Essential Components of a Good Website

If you&apos;re interested in starting a blog, you will find so much information on the Internet.  Everyone claims to be an expert in helping others find success blogging.  However, you should be mindful of who you listen to because you want their results to be your desired outcome.If you know blogging is something you would like to pursue, starting a website is going to be a vital piece of the puzzle.  But where should you begin?  Well, the first thing you want to do is listen to episode #37 and make sure you are familiar with the basics of starting a website.  Whether you hire someone to create your website for you or you choose to DIY your way to an amazing website, there are some e
20/10/202217 minutes 45 seconds
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10 Things You Need to Know to Start a Successful Website from Scratch

I’m going to be completely honest...knowing how to start a successful website with no prior knowledge of the “techy” lingo is tough.  I found that out the hard way when I decided to start my blog back in 2016.  I literally just woke up one day with this hair-brained idea that I would start a blog.  I figured it wouldn’t be that hard; I would just write some pretty words, maybe mention some interesting stuff, and people would love it.   Ahhhh, gotta love 2016 Jennifer…she was just so clueless.What I discovered was a seemingly insurmountable learning curve that I almost quit on at least 50 times.  Every single task was new.  The language was new, the platforms were new, and I knew absolutely zero about any of it.I spent hours every day trying to figure out what I was doing, and those hours turned into days, weeks, and eventually months of learning.Now, you might be wondering why after all that struggle I would suggest that anyone else div
13/10/202220 minutes 15 seconds
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How to Grow Your TpT Business with a Teacher Blog

Starting a TPT shop is an amazing endeavor!  But for it to be sustainable, you to know how to grow your TPT business. The truth is, it can be an exercise in futility if you find yourself constantly stuck answering the same questions through email and the feedback section of your TPT store.  So what’s a TPT seller to do?Well, why not increase your TPT sales and grow your TPT business with a teacher blog?  Now before you run away screaming, “Awesome, another thing to add to my overflowing plate,” let me explain and quantify exactly what I mean by a blog in this particular context.  I’m not talking about a day in your life, a lifestyle blog, or anything outside of what you create and sell within your TPT shop.  You need to grow your TPT business with a teacher blog that is focused on content related to your products and helps solve the problems of your readers because this will ultimately lead to more eyes on your products and more sales. Unfortu
06/10/202214 minutes 22 seconds
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Second Careers for Teachers: How to Find Your Perfect Match with Jenny Melrose

Finding a career that you love is the goal of every teacher thinking about transitioning out of the classroom, but how do you know which one is right?In today&apos;s episode, Jenny Melrose shares her experience including what led her to leave the classroom and how she became a successful online entrepreneur...twice!  She also gives insight into why pivoting was so important for her business and how it allowed her husband to pursue his dream career.📝  Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode: Follow Jenny on IGJenny&apos;s BookFollow me on IG @classroom_exit_strategies
05/05/202234 minutes 40 seconds
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How to 3x Your Income Potential by Doing This One Thing

As you are contemplating leaving the classroom, I know you’ve considered a multitude of alternative jobs for teachers.  Maybe you’ve thought about…opening a TpT shop, but then you worry either it isn’t going to be a viable long-term option or the investment of time now is going to take way too long to pay off in the form of a full-time income.starting an online teaching or tutoring business, but you worry about the fact that you don’t want to relive the “virtual” teaching episode of 2020, you’ve never created your own curriculum from scratch, and you would have to find consistent clients for it to be sustainable.But what if I told you there was a way to marry these two things (virtually bypassing the “I am broke” waiting period) and create multiple streams of income almost immediately.  Would you want to know how?Well, that’s what today’s episode is all about.📝  <a
28/04/202210 minutes 58 seconds
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Why I Quit Teaching & Know it was the Right Decision with Joey Udovich

After leaving the classroom, one of the most common questions every teacher has to answer is why I quit teaching. And the truth is, there are an infinite number of reasons that teachers might leave.But as my friend Joey Udovich shares in today&apos;s episode, the final decision can be truly heart-wrenching. Her decision had nothing to do with hating teaching and absolutely everything to do with her mental and physical health.Discover how Joey came to terms with her decision, whether or not she plans to return to the classroom, and learn how to recognize warning signs in your own life.📝  Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Me
21/04/202234 minutes 36 seconds
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How to Decide if Curriculum Designer Jobs are a Good Fit for You

For the past two episodes we have been digging into two of the most common fields of interest for teachers who are looking to leave the classroom, but want to stay in the field of education.  We started with educational consulting, and then we looked at instructional design.  Today we’re going to spend some time discussing the last option in this vein and that is curriculum design. Curriculum designer jobs are very similar to instructional designer jobs and after last week&apos;s episode, I want to make sure that I explain the differences between the two.While many people use instructional design and curriculum design synonymously, there are some specific differences we are going to talk about as well as…What curriculum design is &amp; the roles of curr
14/04/202212 minutes 26 seconds
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How to Transition from Teacher to Instructional Designer

In the last episode, we spent some time learning about educational consulting and whether or not that career might be something of interest to you.  But in this episode we’re going to look at another ideal job for teachers who are considering leaving the classroom. If you&apos;ve ever wondered about instructional design and if that might be a good option for you, be sure to keep listening because we&apos;re going to talk about what it is and everything you need to know about transitioning from teacher to instructional designer.And don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the term because this entire episode is devoted to deciphering what this career is all about as well as how this might just be the perfect fit for you.📝  <a href='
07/04/202211 minutes 43 seconds
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Education Consultant Jobs: How to Find the Right Fit

One of the questions I get asked all the time is what types of jobs are out there for former teachers?  Well, there are about a million different options because we all know teachers have a WIDE range of skills.  But there are a few that are ideally suited for teachers with classroom teaching experience including today’s focus which is educational consultant jobs. So over the next few weeks, I’m going to be breaking down several of the best jobs for former teachers that are perfect for those who want to stay in the realm of education and use their classroom teaching experience.Be sure to check out all of the resources, links, and websites listed in the transcript of this episode. 📝  Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned
31/03/202211 minutes 28 seconds
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Is a bad teacher evaluation a good reason to leave the classroom?

We all want to receive good just comes with the territory.  But what if you get a bad teacher evaluation from an administrator and you&apos;ve already been considering quitting teaching?  Should you just consider this your sign that it&apos;s time to move on?  Well, maybe.Today, I&apos;m talking with my friend, Katy Henry, who is an assistant principal in Indiana. She is sharing her insight as an administrator on how you can use evaluations to help you make the right decision about leaving and how to handle your potential resignation as a classroom teacher.📝  Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode: <
24/03/202232 minutes 50 seconds
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How to Overcome the "I Hate Teaching" Mentality

Have you found yourself in an extremely negative mindset lately regarding your career as a teacher?  Maybe you’ve thought or even said these words out loud, “I hate teaching!”When you went into the field of education you had great aspirations for how you would change the lives of children and how you would make a positive impact on the world.  Yet here you are in this moment wondering how you became part of a system that isn’t what you thought.This is a common thread in many discussions I’ve had with teachers over the last several months and years.  Most of us genuinely wanted to have a positive impact on the lives of the children who walked through our classroom doors, but somehow along the way, we found ourselves facing constant pushback from those needing specific numbers and test scores.And since the pandemic of 2020, the very best teachers are leaving the pro
17/03/202212 minutes 24 seconds
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How to go from Teacher to Successful Entrepreneur with Lauren Denny

As a former teacher, you possess so many unique entrepreneurial skills and qualities. And while starting a business may be enticing to some people, it can also be a scary thought. A multitude of questions swirl around in your mind including...Can I actually start a business of my own?Will I be successful?How will I know what to do?Where will I get customers?These are all valid questions, but ones that can ultimately, paralyze you to the point you stay frozen with fear. Unless they don&apos;t and you allow the grit and determination you have in your soul to move you toward your goal.Today on the podcast, Lauren Denny from Simply Stained Shop is sharing her journey from teache
10/03/202228 minutes 3 seconds
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10 Tasks You Need to Complete Before Leaving Teaching

On this podcast, we talk about so many different facets of leaving teaching including mindset, productivity, career options, entrepreneur actions steps, interview tips, and so much more. But today we’re going to discuss an often overlooked but super-important list of tasks you need to complete BEFORE leaving the classroom for the last time.  Even if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to leave teaching for another career, you&apos;re going to want to listen because these tasks are important for you to think about, too.In fact, completion of these tasks can be the differen
03/03/202215 minutes 55 seconds
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How to Create an Enticing Teacher Career Change Resume + Ace Your Interview

Once you’ve decided that you want to leave the classroom, the next big question on your mind is, “What career am I going to pursue?”  Well, there are two different ways you can go…the employee route or the entrepreneur route.  The entrepreneur route means that you go into business for yourself.  Maybe you start a website, a boutique, a virtual assistant business, an online tutoring business, a photography business, or a TpT shop.  The career is irrelevant; the important
24/02/202217 minutes 19 seconds
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How to Write the Best Teacher Resignation Letter

Leaving the classroom seems like it should be easy!  You just hand in your teacher resignation letter and that’s that…but unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple.  The truth is, finding the right words to say in your letter of resignation and figuring out how you want to actually tell your administrator that you’re quitting your teaching job is complex at best.So in today’s podcast episode, I’m going to help you prepare the perfect teacher resignation letter to your principal (following my “BE” formula), help you compose a script of what to say when you turn in your letter of resignation, and give you two different teacher resignation letter examples you can use.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode:The Classroom Exit Strategy Plan
17/02/202216 minutes 17 seconds
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How to Know if You Should Quit Teaching Mid Year

The teaching profession has lost more amazing teachers over the past 2 years than ever in the history of the profession.  But it’s no wonder when you look at what we deal with on a daily basis from the constant upheaval of accelerated learning, virtual classes, in-person classes, and hybrid classes to sub shortages, lack of support from administration, and backlash from parents.So many teachers are ready to walk away from the classroom for good, but is it the right decision for you to quit teaching mid year? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in today’s episode!  So, let&apos;s look at the 6 things you need to consider before you quit teaching in the middle of the year and how this decision could affect the rest of your life.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Want me to help you develop an exit strategy or a side hustle game plan?  <a href='https://docs
10/02/202212 minutes 27 seconds
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How to Become a Teacher Business Owner with Lindsay Flood

So many teachers desire to do something outside the classroom. Some want to pursue a side hustle, while others are looking for a more permanent. Yet, few teachers ever take the leap. Fear is a strong emotion that guides MANY of our decisions. But that anxiety can be shifted into productivity to help you become a teacher business owner who flourishes if you know what to do. In today&apos;s episode my friend, Lindsay Flood, joins me to discuss how she has become a successful teacher business owner (to 2 unique businesses) while teaching full-time, learned to give herself grace, and allowed failure to be her greatest teacher.Lindsay also spends time sharing encouraging words for you as well as tips to improve the amount of time you do have to devote to your business.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Want me to help you deve
03/02/202245 minutes 46 seconds
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Why You'll Never Leave the Classroom Even if You say, “I want to quit teaching!”

Fear manifests itself in many different ways, but ultimately, the reason MOST teachers will never leave the classroom even if they say, &quot;I want to quit teaching&quot; is because they would rather stay stuck doing something familiar (even though it makes them unhappy and causes them unending stress) than step out of their comfort zone.Obviously, we all like to be comfortable.  To quote the infamous Sheldon Cooper, “It’s called the comfort zone for a reason.”We all desire comfort.  There is familiarity and rightness in the world when we&apos;re comfortable.  But the truth is, sometimes the familiarity of our comfort zone causes us to stay in situations that we&apos;ve outgrown.You get to decide whether you will let fear of leaving your comfort zone keep you stuck in your teaching job or you will take the leap of faith required to step into something that brings you joy and fulfillment.But the reality of doing that is so much more complicate
27/01/202214 minutes 10 seconds
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5 Investments in Your Teacher Business You Need to Make Now

As a teacher, one of the hardest things about growing an online business is making investments in your teacher business.  You want to be a good steward (not frivolous) with the money you have, but you also want to make sound business decisions.  While making your money stretch as far as possible is a good choice, there are going to be some non-negotiable expenditures.  These investments will be well worth your time and money because they will set your business up for success.So in this podcast episode, we are going to unpack 5 of the best investments you will want to make at the outset of your online business venture (even if you aren’t making any money yet) that will pay dividends in the long run.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Want me to help you develop an exit strategy or a side hustle game plan?  <a href='
20/01/202213 minutes
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How to Ensure You Can Afford to Quit Teaching

Working from home or pursuing a career outside of the classroom is a dream for many current teachers, but the fear of not making enough money keeps them stuck in their current position.They want the flexibility and freedom a different job would present, but they’re worried they can’t afford to quit teaching because doing something else might mean a tremendous pay cut.Is this you?  Do you desperately want to leave the classroom, but you’re afraid of walking away from the security of your paycheck?  I get it!!  The idea of leaving your job to start your own teacher business or <a href='
13/01/202213 minutes 30 seconds
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Teacher Side Hustle

Understanding how having a teacher side hustle is an important part of your overall classroom exit strategy is something we spend a lot of time discussing.  However, have you ever wondered about the dark side of side hustles?Ok, so maybe it isn&apos;t quite as suspenseful as all of that, but knowing that there are some pitfalls you will encounter while growing your teacher side hustle is important.  In today&apos;s episode we’re talking about the five things you need to avoid (like the plague) when growing your teacher side hustle and what you should do instead.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Want me to help you develop an exit strategy or a side hustle game plan?  Click here for a free 30 minute discovery call!F
06/01/202212 minutes 49 seconds
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How to Grow Your Teacher Business with Tanya G. Marshall

Have you considered leaving the classroom in order to grow your teacher business, but you are afraid to take the leap? Well, you are in good company!The idea of leaving the classroom to pursue your own business as an entrepreneur is becoming more and more common. There are so many options for you to pursue. But what if you are a single parent who provides the sole income for your household?My special guest on the podcast today is Tanya G. Marshall, The Butterfly Teacher. She shares her story of becoming a single parent unexpectedly and how she found herself in a very toxic environment because she was trying desperately to become a better provider for herself and her son.Tanya&apos;s passion for encouraging other &quot;wannabe&quot; entrepreneurs is absolutely contagious and her insight into helping you grow your teacher
30/12/202131 minutes 30 seconds
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How to Become a Virtual Assistant for Teachers with Melanie Ramos

Have you ever considered becoming a virtual assistant for teachers, TpT sellers, or former teachers turned entrepreneurs? As a current (or former) classroom teacher, you possess so many skills that would make you perfect for this!My friend Melanie Ramos, from Melanie Ramos Creative, is chatting with me today about how she successfully transitioned from burned out classroom teacher to thriving teacher entrepreneur thanks to her career as a VA. She shares how this option is ideal for teachers who want to find a side hustle or career outside of the classroom that will bring in money
23/12/202121 minutes 32 seconds
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How to Set Boundaries as a Teacher Before You Leave the Classroom

Setting boundaries in our lives is absolutely crucial, but it’s typically not something we think about until we’re totally exhausted and overwhelmed.  And contrary to the belief that setting boundaries is restricting, knowing how to set boundaries as a teacher before you leave the classroom is actually one of the most important steps for you.The truth is, you need to make sure you are setting appropriate boundaries around your classroom teaching in order to make space for working on your side hustle, thinking about your exit strategy, or learning new skills for a career outside the classroom.So putting certain safeguards in place to protect our time, preserve our mental health, and shield our hearts is pivotal.  That’s why this episode is about how to set boundaries as a teacher that will set you up for success if and when you choose to leave the classroom!📝 <a href='
16/12/202113 minutes 32 seconds
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How to Successfully Transition from Teacher to Work at Home Mom

Transitioning from classroom teacher to work at home mom is tough!  You need to make sure you have a solid understanding of exactly what your new position is and what you need to accomplish each day.  This will help you set realistic goals and better define your role to your spouse or significant other so that you are both on the same page.To help you do this, I want to warn you of 6 of the pitfalls you will inevitably encounter and what you can do to avoid them to make this transition from teacher to work at home mom as smooth as possible.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode:Classroom Exit Strategy CoachingFollow me on IG @classroom_exit_strategies
09/12/202115 minutes 6 seconds
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How to Shift Your Mindset & Find Success Outside the Classroom

As teachers, we&apos;re all familiar with the current buzzword “growth mindset” and many of us have used the term to teach our students about effort and the power of the word “yet.”  But do you apply the same logic to your own life? If not, are you willing to learn how to shift your mindset in order to be successful?I hope you answered yes to that last question because in this episode, we’re going to talk about what mindset is, the two different mindsets, and how to shift your mindset, regardless of where your natural tendencies may lead.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode:Classroom Exit Strategy CoachingFollow me on IG @classroom_exit_strategies
02/12/202114 minutes 10 seconds
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How to Grow Your TpT Business & Build Relationships with Nicki Dingraudo

Growing a strong TpT business is hard work, and in truth, it can feel really overwhelming at times.  But in this podcast episode, I spent time with Nicki Dingraudo, of The Sprinkle Topped Teacher, talking about everything from building positive relationships with customers to how your mental health impacts EVERYTHING you do.Nicki has such a gift for cultivating real relationships on social media, in her classroom, and in her business.  So we discussed how having a healthy attitude toward social media and actually making meaningful connections on social media can have a huge impact on your bottom line.  And of course we talked about what to do (and how to respond) when you get negative feedback on TpT for products you worked so hard to develop. 📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this
25/11/202128 minutes 43 seconds
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Is Teacher Decision Fatigue Keeping You From Leaving the Classroom?

Teacher decision fatigue is a very real epidemic. According to findings from Philip W. Jackson, elementary teachers have between 200 and 300 exchanges with students every hour which equates to approximately 1200-1500 interactions per day!  And most of these cannot be anticipated ahead of time, thereby resulting in extreme teacher decision fatigue.  But how is this affecting your ability to leave the classroom &amp; quit teaching?  Well, that&apos;s exactly what we&apos;re going to cover in this podcast episode!  Along with 3 ways that you can push through the decision fatigue in order to make a clear decision that aligns with your specific needs.📝 <a href='
18/11/202114 minutes 53 seconds
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Should I Quit Teaching Now or Will Leaving the Classroom Make Me a Quitter?

We’re going to address one of the biggest questions teachers who are thinking about leaving the classroom currently face and that is “Should I quit teaching or will leaving the classroom make me a quitter?”I hear from teachers constantly who feel stuck in their current teaching job, but are too fearful to step into another career because of what others will think about that decision.  Maybe that’s you.  Maybe you’ve seen the heated arguments on social media or listened to the hushed whispers in the hallways at school about teachers who want to leave being “sell outs.”  Those conversations keep playing like a broken record through your mind making you question your motives and your decision.But let me be the voice of reason.Whether you choose to quit teaching or stay in the classroom until you retire, you have the ability to make your own decision.   And that&apos;s what we&apos;re going to discuss in this episode!📝 <a href
11/11/202113 minutes 41 seconds
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Is Your Teacher Side Hustle a Business or Hobby According to the IRS?

How do we determine whether we have a business or hobby for tax purposes?  Well, if you’re anything like me, you figured if you made any was a business.  While that is sort of true, there is more to it than just deciding you have a business.In today’s episode, Janet Stelly, CPA, joins me and unpacks the nine critical factors the IRS considers when determining whether you’re running a business or a hobby before sharing the essential action steps you need to take NOW to ensure you’re leveraging all of your allowable tax exemptions.According to the IRS, the goal of a business is to make money whereas the goal of a hobby is for recreation.  In other words, while business owners are working to make money, hobbyists are just having fun.  At first glance, that seems like a fairly insignificant difference, but there’s one crucial distinction between the exemptions. If you have a hobby, you can still make money, but you can’t claim ANY expen
04/11/202133 minutes 5 seconds
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The Daily Routines Makeover You Need as a Teacher Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a work at home mom building your teacher empire or you’re still teaching and want some tips for productivity, today I’m sharing some of my best scheduling hacks.  The truth is, we all need to have routines in place to maximize our productivity, but the daily routines makeover ideas I’m sharing with you will give you a glimpse into how I manage my work at home mom schedule.While I’m not perfect, I&apos;ve figured out a few things that make my day go much more smoothly including how to block my schedule into chunks and how to establish environmental triggers that tell me it&apos;s time to work!!  I also share my 3 secrets to being intentional with your schedule so you won&apos;t get derailed.📝Click here for a transcript of this episode.Follow me on IG @classroom_exit_st
28/10/202119 minutes 13 seconds
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How to Find Success Blogging as a Former Teacher with Rebecca Lynn

If you&apos;ve ever thought about a teacher career change that would involve potentially creating a blog or a website, then grab a pen and some paper because this episode is full of actionable steps that walk you through how to find success blogging.My friend Rebecca, former elementary school teacher and founder of, shares her inspiring story of leaving the classroom and how she has surpassed her teaching income with blogging...even though she had no idea what she was doing when she started.We discuss skills teachers possess that make them perfect for blogging, how to monetize your blog using multiple streams of income, and why teacher can blog about any topic they want.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode:Rebecca&apos;s IG
21/10/202135 minutes 43 seconds
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How to File an LLC for Teacher Business the Right Way

When I first started my blog and my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, all I knew for sure was that I wanted to help other teachers by providing tips &amp; resources to help them be more effective classroom teachers.  But, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing as a business owner. So I found others at a similar point in their own businesses and observed what they were doing &amp; the conversations they were having.  I noticed a lot of conversations about filing for LLCs.In all honesty, I didn&apos;t even know what the acronym meant, but I knew it was something legal and therefore meant expensive.  All I could think about was the fact that I was working sooooooo hard for what little bit of money I was making and I certainly didn&apos;t want to spend it all working with an attorney...just so that I could add a fancy LLC to the end of my business name.It wasn&apos;t until I met Andrea that I learned why forming a Limited Liability Corporation was vital for my
14/10/202130 minutes 29 seconds
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The Best Teacher Transferable Skills to Land Your Dream Job

One of the most difficult things for a teacher, who is thinking about leaving the classroom, is starting a resume that isn&apos;t too &quot;teachery.&quot; It can be hard to think about the type of skills you possess that aren&apos;t related to teaching because you&apos;ve been in education since graduating college.  But you actually have a TON of teacher transferable skills that make you the perfect candidate for your dream job!So today we’re going to look at…The 10 most impressive teacher transferable skills you already have that make you the ideal candidate for your dream jobWhich resume buzzwords you want to use (and which resume cliches to avoid) in order to get the jobWhere to find more resources to help you on this resume-building journey📝Click here for a transcript of thi
07/10/202116 minutes 13 seconds
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How to Find the Perfect Job Outside the Classroom

Most teachers, who are contemplating leaving the classroom, have the same question...What is a good second career for teachers?  You went to school to be a teacher and most likely, you planned on retiring as a classroom teacher.  So how do you even begin trying to find a different career path?Well, that&apos;s exactly what we cover in this episode.  I&apos;ll give you 6 tips to help you discover the perfect job even if you say...&quot;I hate teaching!&quot;  After listening, you&apos;ll know what action steps to take to help you narrow down the job market into the ones that match your ideal career path.📝Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode:Free Career Inventory - Career ExplorerTpT Course
30/09/202111 minutes 26 seconds
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How Setting Big Goals Changes Your Teacher Business with Michelle Griffo

Setting big goals has always been a scary undertaking because the same negative thoughts keep circling in your mind.  “What if I fail? What if I put everything on the line and the world hates what I have to offer?  If I set small goals and things don’t work out, it’s no big deal…but if I set a big goal and things don’t work out, I’m a failure.”Michelle Griffo, from Apples &amp; ABCs is no stranger to goal-setting.As a classroom teacher for 11 years, she learned how to set goals for herself and for her students.  But it wasn’t until she stepped out of the classroom &amp; became a full-time teacher entrepreneur that she realized how just how scary it was to acknowledge those big goals and actually chase them wholeheartedly.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode:Michelle&apos;s IG -
30/09/202140 minutes 1 second
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Should I Start a Teacher Side Hustle?

Should I start a teacher side hustle?  As teachers, that’s a question we’ve all contemplated because let’s face it, a teacher’s salary isn’t always enough to cover the bills.  So we find ourselves weighing the pros &amp; cons of adding a teacher side job to our daily activities because we need to supplement our income.In this short, power-packed podcast episode, we discuss how to know if adding a teacher side hustle is a good choice for you and what you need to consider when making this decision.  (You might be surprised with my answer!!!)  Join me now to learn when you should jump in with both feet and when you should hold back.📝 Click here for a transcript of this episode.Links Mentioned in this Episode:TpT Course - Setting Up Shop: From TpT Newbie to Shop-Owning GuruJennifer Ho
24/09/202115 minutes 12 seconds
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It Started with an Observation...

Have you ever looked at something you&apos;ve seen a million times, and suddenly you realize it isn&apos;t what you thought?Well that&apos;s exactly what happened to me recently.  In the education world, there&apos;s always been a circle of teachers come, more experienced teachers retire.  But in the last year and a half, there have been more teachers resigning &amp; leaving the classroom than ever before.Sure, the pandemic was a huge factor, but the truth is, this has been coming for a long time.  So what are classroom teachers to do?  Should you stay in the classroom or should you open your mind to the possibility that there&apos;s another path for you?This podcast is designed to meet you at that scary give you confidence to choose your own path and permission to follow that path confidently.📝Click here for a transcri
24/09/202111 minutes 34 seconds