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English, Finance, 1 season, 581 episodes, 6 days, 17 hours, 54 minutes
The Chris LoCurto Show is about you! Chris shares vital information to help you grow your leadership, your business, and your life. Each episode is packed with tools that cause you to look at leadership and life in a different way, and focus on what really matters: people. Chris teaches practical, easy insights that will help you improve your leadership...your team...your There are two formats to the podcast (1) The Chris LoCurto Show is 20 - 30 minutes with incredible interviews, leadership and life lessons, and discovering your business is what you do, not who you are (2) Coffee with Chris is brought to you by Dillanos Coffee Roasters and is a quick lesson that's sure to give a buzz from the coffee and the advice. Here's what will you learn on both podcasts - leadership, business, strategic planning, team building, communication, life planning, personality styles, goal setting, servant leadership, marketing, finances, focus, strengths, teaching, success, entrepreneurism, influence, motivation, profit, customer service. For more information, visit (
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582 | Debt-Free Living: Peter's Journey

Peter recently achieved financial freedom by becoming completely debt-free. Join us as he shares his inspiring journey, the challenges he faced, and the incredible mental and emotional benefits of living without debt. Whether you're struggling with debt or simply looking for motivation, Peter's story offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone on the path to financial freedom. Tune in and discover how you too can achieve a debt-free life!
7/9/202458 minutes, 18 seconds
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581 | Daily Progress: Unleashing Your Potential One Day at a Time

Join us as we unravel the secrets of habit formation, goal setting, and identity alignment to propel you toward your long-term vision of success.. That’s coming up next!
7/2/202458 minutes, 48 seconds
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580 | Mastering Your 9-5 schedule

In this episode, we're gonna take a different angle on time management and look at it through the lens of mindset and uncover how our beliefs, emotions, and attitudes shape the way we structure our days and prioritize tasks. Tune in now!
6/25/202445 minutes, 55 seconds
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579 | Leading by Example: Inspiring Change and Growth

In this episode, we explore the multifaceted ways leaders can inspire transformation through their own actions and behaviors.
6/18/202455 minutes, 33 seconds
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578 | The Mentorship Advantage: Why Every Small Business Leader Should Have a Mentor

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of mentorship in small business leadership, offering insights and solutions to common challenges faced by entrepreneurs.
6/11/202442 minutes, 52 seconds
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577 | Leading Ahead of the Curve: The Power of Proactivity

Fostering a proactive culture by valuing and rewarding proactive behavior is essential for leaders. Breaking free from the Leadership Crazy Cycle, fear of failure, and Bottleneck Boss Syndrome is crucial for a proactive mindset. Discover how encouraging creativity, setting clear visions and goals, and promoting team engagement can cultivate proactivity, leading to a stronger competitive advantage and increased success in your business!
6/4/202444 minutes, 55 seconds
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576 | The Value of Being a Consistent Leader

This episode is all about how keeping your cool and staying steady can create a rock-solid foundation for your team. Think of it like being the drummer in a band—keeping the beat that everyone else vibes to.We’ll chat about why it’s super important to be the reliable one your team looks to, and how this can ramp up performance, trust, and all those good vibes at work. Dive in with us as we break down the massive perks of predictable leadership with real-life stories and practical tips.Tune in, turn up the volume, and let’s get consistent!
5/28/202428 minutes, 45 seconds
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575 | Leading Through Change: Your Questions Answered - Part 2

Dive into Part 2 of our Q & A series where Chris tackles more challenging questions from the Next Level Leadership LIVE Event. This episode focuses on strategic leadership decisions, enhancing team dynamics, and personal growth tips for leaders striving for excellence. Tune in for transformative insights and expert advice!
5/21/202450 minutes, 50 seconds
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574 | Leading Through Change: Your Questions Answered - Part 1

Check out this episode where we tackle all the big questions from this year’s Next Level Leadership LIVE event. We’ve got loads of handy tips and smart strategies to help you boost your leadership game and tackle everyday business challenges. Tune in and get the answers you need to succeed!
5/14/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 18 seconds
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573 | The Power of Regular Feedback

We explore innovative angles on feedback beyond the conventional, focusing on creating a culture where feedback is not just a tool for improvement but a cornerstone of leadership and team growth.
5/7/202441 minutes, 43 seconds
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572 | Second-Generation Transitions in Small Business: The Dos and Don'ts for Successors

In Part 2 of our series on second-generation transitions, this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show puts successors center stage. We delve into the essential dos and don'ts for successors navigating their role in family business transitions, offering insights to lead with confidence and preserve the family legacy.
4/30/202437 minutes, 30 seconds
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571 | Second-Generation Transitions in Small Business: The Dos and Don'ts for Founders

In this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we dive deep into the delicate process of second-generation transitions in small businesses. This episode is all about you, the founders, as you prepare to pass down your legacy. We explore the crucial dos and don'ts to guide you through this pivotal phase of succession planning. From formalizing transition plans to navigating emotional dynamics, join us as we uncover actionable insights to ensure a seamless handover and preserve your family business's legacy for generations to come.
4/23/202456 minutes, 43 seconds
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570 | Turning Mistakes Into Gold: The Power of Proactive Service and Genuine Care

We delve into the critical aspects of business growth and customer relations. Discover how avoiding fake delegation can fuel frustration and burnout, while embracing mistakes as invaluable learning opportunities fosters a culture of accountability and growth. Learn the importance of proactive customer service in building trust, loyalty, and ultimately, business success. Tune in to gain insights on gracefully handling mistakes and prioritizing proactive customer care to propel your business forward.
4/16/202449 minutes, 11 seconds
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569 | The Delegation Dilemma: Why Owners Hesitate and How to Overcome It

4/9/202449 minutes, 24 seconds
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568 | Cultivating Leaders: The Power of Personal Development

Chris LoCurto chats with Justin Epple about how personal growth fuels leadership success, sharing insights from his Next-Level Life that transformed Justin’s team dynamics and personal fulfillment. Join the growth journey!
4/2/202457 minutes, 24 seconds
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567 | Redefining Leadership: An Owner's Journey of Personal Growth

We’re diving deep into the transformative journey of a seasoned business owner who credits much success in leadership and business growth to his profound personal development. 
3/26/202455 minutes, 32 seconds
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566 | Why Prioritizing Happiness Drives Business Success

3/19/202451 minutes, 3 seconds
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565 | Embracing Vulnerability: Confronting Your Weaknesses for Personal Growth

Use the timestamps to get to your favorite part:Vulnerability as a strength in leadership. (0:00)Vulnerability in leadership and trust. (4:25)Vulnerability and trust in leadership. (9:17)Vulnerability and admitting mistakes in leadership. (13:49)Vulnerability and resilience in leadership. (17:34)Vulnerability in leadership and team building. (24:56)Cultivating team vulnerability in business leadership. (29:22)
3/12/202445 minutes, 39 seconds
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564 | The CEO’s Quiet Battle: Combating Isolation at the Top

Leadership isolation and its impact on health. 0:00Joel Fortner discusses the isolation and loneliness experienced by small business owners, particularly CEOs and presidents.Leadership isolation and its impact on performance. 1:58Joel Fortner discusses the unique stresses and pressures of business ownership, including feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can affect CEOs' day-to-day performance and decision-makingJoel Fortner acknowledges the common experience of feeling uneasy as a CEO, citing Shakespeare's "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" phraseThe weight of leadership and responsibility in small business ownership. 7:32Joel Fortner emphasizes the difficulty of letting employees go as a leader, while also acknowledging the importance of maintaining profitability in a business.Leadership challenges and isolation. 10:20Joel Fortner discusses the weight of leadership, feeling responsible for people and their jobs, and the pressure to communicate and lead effectively.Joel Fortner highlights the isolation of CEOs and leaders, feeling like they are the only ones who know certain sensitive information and struggling with delegation and control issues.Joel Fortner feels alone in his responsibilities as a business owner,Leadership stress and finding balance. 15:36He acknowledges the need for a healthy perspective on stress and the importance of having someone in his life who understands the challenges of leadership.Leadership isolation and its impact on mental health. 18:21Joel Fortner discusses the challenges of being a leader or owner, including feeling isolated and struggling to form real friendships and deep relationships.Joel Fortner shares his experience of feeling disconnected from his team and struggling with tough conversations and culture problems.Isolation can negatively impact mental health, leading to loneliness and unhealthy relationships.Managing stress and uncertainty in business and personal life. 23:40Joel Fortner discusses the challenges of living with uncertainty in business and personal life, citing examples from history and his own experiences.Uncertainty can lead to fear and stress, but learning to manage it through information and decision-making can help reduce its impact.Anxiety and panic attacks in various life situations. 29:23Joel Fortner experienced anxiety attacks while working as a restaurant server, feeling overwhelmed and unable to think or make decisions.Anxiety can be subtle and easy to overlook, like a car engine running without oil, grinding and causing damage without noticeable symptoms.Mental health and leadership in small businesses. 31:50Joel Fortner discusses common mental health issues among CEOs and small business owners, including depression and questioning decision-making abilities.Fortner highlights the impact of these issues on personal and professional life, including conflict and arguments at home, and uncertainty about prioritizing correctly.Joel Fortner emphasizes the importance of having a supportive network of people in one's life, particularly as a CEO or leader, to help navigate business and personal challenges.He suggests having regular leadership team meetings to discuss issues, gain perspective, and improve communication.Building a united leadership team through communication and collaboration. 38:33Joel Fortner suggests coaching each other to make better decisions and communicate more effectively as a team.Joel Fortner emphasizes the importance of building personal relationships among leadership team members to foster trust and unity within the company.Overcoming fear and isolation for small business CEOs. 41:40Joel Fortner explains how mastermind groups can provide support and accountability for small business CEOs and owners.A key leader within a business called upon Joel Fortner's company to facilitate their own mastermind group, demonstrating the value of having a neutral third party in the group.Joel Fortner discusses the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs and fears to succeed in business, citing his own experiences as a CEO and entrepreneur.He emphasizes the need to battle one's own ego and pride to connect with others and find success, rather than isolating oneself due to fear of failure or vulnerability.Overcoming isolation in leadership and business growth. 46:55Joel Fortner highlights the transformative impact of community and coaching on leadership confidence, decision-making, and mental health.Joel Fortner emphasizes the importance of prioritizing mental health and seeking help when needed to achieve personal and professional growth.Joel Fortner encourages listeners to take a step towards improving their leadership skills by connecting with resources and a community.
3/5/202452 minutes, 18 seconds
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563 | Breaking The “Silent Overload Cycle”

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:The negative impact of taking over tasks from team members. 0:00Leaders suffer silently from "silent overload cycle" due to unfinished tasks delegated to team members, leading to decreased team development.Leaders who don't allow team members to complete tasks and learn from mistakes stunt professional growth and trust.The costs of not delegating tasks effectively in leadership. 4:14Leaders who take over tasks from team members can lead to burnout and inefficient use of time.Poor organizational culture can result from this cycle, leading to a lack of accountability and dependencies on leaders.Chris LoCurto highlights the costs of not delegating effectively, including lost trust and loyalty from team members and missed opportunities for innovation.He emphasizes the importance of delegating tasks to team members to tap into their diverse perspectives and ideas, leading to more creative problem solving and critical thinking within the organization.Team dynamics and performance. 9:08Chris LoCurto: Poor communication leads to team dynamics and performance issues.Leaders may be overpaying for tasks due to lack of training and resource misallocation.Why leaders take on too much work themselves. 13:09Chris LoCurto identifies perfectionism as a common trap leaders fall into, compromising their ability to focus on higher-level tasks.Chris LoCurto: Leaders who doubt team's abilities may take over tasks themselves, hindering delegation and growth.Fear of confrontation and lack of trust in team's skills can lead to leaders taking back delegated tasks, perpetuating the cycle of silent overload.Leadership, training, and decision-making. 17:25Chris LoCurto believes leaders should focus on raising the talent, skill levels, and competency of their teams, rather than carrying the ball themselves.He recognizes that time management challenges can lead to leaders doing tasks themselves instead of training others, but prioritizes teaching and growing his leadership team for the long-term.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of decision-making skills in team members, even if a task is not repeatable.Lack of training and insufficient processes are common issues in first-time strapline projects, leading to a lack of confidence in team members' abilities.Common traps leaders fall into and how to avoid them. 21:54Chris LoCurto highlights poor communication skills as a reason leaders get stuck in the "trap" of taking back tasks from others.Habitual behavior and lack of delegation skills also contribute to this issue, leading to ineffective leadership.Chris LoCurto aims to delegate tasks effectively to free up time for leading leaders, not doing tasks.Fear of being less important can prevent leaders from transferring responsibility to team members, leading to a cycle of overload and decreased effectiveness.Chris LoCurto identifies Joel Fortner's leadership potential and takes proactive steps to prevent him from getting stuck in the "leadership Crazy Cycle."Leadership development and overcoming common challenges. 29:16Leaders struggle with open communication and trust issues, but it doesn't have to be that way.Chris LoCurto encourages leaders to have open and honest communication with their team to identify the reasons why tasks are not being completed on time.He emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations and providing training and resources to empower team members to achieve their goals.Leadership styles and strategies for success. 33:46Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of feedback and self-reflection for effective leadership.Celebrate wins and learn from failures to create a culture of growth and recognition.Chris LoCurto shares insights on breaking the silent overload cycle in leadership.
2/27/202440 minutes, 14 seconds
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562 | Breaking Through Your Personal Ceiling

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Breaking personal ceilings and overcoming fears. 0:00Chris LoCurto shares his personal struggle with fear and how he overcomes it by facing it head-on and becoming comfortable with it.He recounts his experience as a child skiing and how he gradually became comfortable with heights by repeatedly exposing himself to the fearful situation.Chris LoCurto recounts a time when he was asked to pray for two boys at a service, but he was so focused on his own fears that he couldn't remember what he prayed.He vowed to take every opportunity to pray in public after that experience, to avoid being self-focused and to truly pray for those who need it.Self-limiting beliefs and how they hold us back. 6:02Chris LoCurto discusses personal ceilings and how self-doubt and fear hold people back.Limiting beliefs and assumptions hold individuals back from achieving their goals.Chris LoCurto: Lies and limiting beliefs hinder progress, keep you on sidelines.Overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs. 12:00Chris LoCurto shares a profound piece of advice from Olympic skier Michaela Schifrin: "look at every race as a practice for the next race."LoCurto emphasizes the importance of adopting a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset, in order to grow and develop.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of awareness and acknowledgement in overcoming negative deposits and lies in one's brain.He provides practical steps to identify and challenge these negative thoughts, including taking one's thoughts captive and plugging in truth.Recognizing and overcoming negative self-talk. 17:25Chris LoCurto examines self-limiting beliefs, uncovers reasons behind them, and challenges them with truths.Chris LoCurto shares his personal struggle with negative self-talk and the impact it had on his relationships.He emphasizes the importance of recognizing and challenging these lies with the truth, and finding people and processes to help overcome them.Self-worth and negative self-talk. 22:08Chris LoCurto: Understands worth to a great spouse is not defined by past struggles or expectations, but by current self-awareness and inner qualities.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of meditating on truths about oneself and focusing on God's perspective to overcome negative self-talk and lies.He suggests practicing The Artist's Way book by Julia Cameron to promote creativity and aesthetic value system.Journaling, goal-setting, and seeking feedback for personal growth. 26:46Journaling can help you track your progress and notice patterns in your thinking, including negative thoughts and fears.Writing down your achievements and positive thoughts can help you overcome limitations and see your growth.Set realistic goals that build confidence and change self-perception, making small, achievable progress with a timeline.Seek feedback from healthy people who provide constructive criticism without ulterior motives.Overcoming negative self-talk and seeking help. 31:33Chris LoCurto seeks quality feedback from trusted friends and mentors to change his negative self-talk.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of practicing gratitude to shift focus away from negativity and towards blessings in life.He also recommends seeking professional help for deeply ingrained negative self-talk that leads to anxiety or depression.Overcoming fear and self-doubt. 35:53Chris LoCurto reflects on his journey of overcoming narcissistic abuse and setting healthy boundaries, acknowledging small victories along the way.He emphasizes the importance of patience, practice, and celebrating small wins in the process of change.Lena Hall overcame her fear of speaking in front of people by acknowledging and battling her self-doubt, recognizing the lies she told herself, and delivering a powerful lesson on fear at a leadership event.Hall's vulnerability and transparency on stage helped attendees relate to her lesson and overcome their own fears, despite her initial belief that she couldn't get up there and deliver a good message.Overcoming fears and patterns of anxiety and negative self-talk. 41:08Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of gaining clarity on the root causes of negative patterns and struggles in order to achieve great change in one's life.He encourages listeners to take actionable steps towards personal growth and development by striving to learn and apply the information provided in his resources.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of self-awareness for business owners, citing its ability to simplify challenges and transform businesses.He invites listeners to attend the next Level Leadership Live event in Franklin, Tennessee, to dive deeper into this topic and transform their businesses.
2/20/202446 minutes, 29 seconds
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561 | 5 Overlooked Benefits of Leading Well

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Leading teams effectively and the benefits of active listening. 0:00Chris LoCurto discusses the benefits of leading effectively, including teaching active listening.He highlights how intentional leadership can lead to better outcomes and more attentive team members.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of active listening, where team members repeat back what they've heard and understand, and retain the information for later use.He encourages leaders to intentionally choose times to teach and train their teams on active listening, and provide clear expectations for note-taking and input.Active listening and its benefits in leadership. 5:28Chris LoCurto observes that leaders often tune out during team discussions, instead of actively listening and helping solve problems.He emphasizes the importance of collective intelligence and encourages leaders to share their perspectives to find solutions.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of teaching active listening to team members, as it leads to better communication, increased empathy, and improved team morale.Active listening boosts team morale and confidence by showing that leaders value and appreciate their team members' input, leading to a more collaborative and productive work environment.The importance of leader input and feedback for team success. 10:25Leaders who prioritize leading and guiding their team members boost morale and show interest in their work.Leaders who provide input to team members can boost morale, confidence, and productivity.Leadership, delegation, and team member value. 14:05Chris LoCurto encourages team members to ask for input when struggling, offering a non-judgmental approach to help them feel more secure in their abilities.Insecure team members may decline input, but Chris still provides it, treating them with dignity and giving them the opportunity to accept or decline.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of leading people well by boosting their confidence, removing insecurities, and delegating tasks properly to empower team members.Effective delegation makes people feel trusted and valued, leading to increased productivity and a more positive work environment.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of feeling valued and trusted by leaders to increase productivity and ownership among team members.He believes that valuing team members and giving them responsibility leads to buy-in and ownership, which is crucial for success.Effective communication in leadership. 21:28Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of open communication in leadership.Leader's clear communication fosters team member communication, shapes culture.Creating a culture of open communication in a team. 25:34Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of clear and effective communication within a team, where members feel comfortable sharing concerns and ideas without fear of retribution.He provides tips for leaders to create a culture where sharing concerns is encouraged, such as responding healthily to feedback, treating team members with dignity, and avoiding defensiveness or controlling behavior.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of sharing concerns in team meetings, but warns against gossip and unimportant topics that can derail conversations.He encourages team members to be specific about their concerns and to share them directly with him personally, rather than in team meetings.The benefits of intentional leadership growth through practice. 30:36Leadership growth through practice and seat time.Intentional leadership growth through practice leads to easier, more comfortable leading.Intentional leadership and personal growth. 34:14Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of personal development and growth as a leader, and encourages listeners to view meetings as opportunities for practice and improvement.He shares a story about Michaela Schifrin, a skier he admires, who approached races with a mindset of treating each one as a practice race, leading to better performance and success.Chris LoCurto highlights five benefits of intentional leadership: teaching active listening, boosting team morale, delegation, open communication, and personal development.Self-awareness is a secret weapon for small business owners, making everyday challenges simpler and less stressful.
2/13/202440 minutes, 29 seconds
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560 | Training People When You Don’t Have Time

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Breaking free from training trap in leadership. 0:00Chris LoCurto discusses the "training trap" that many leaders face, feeling overwhelmed and unable to provide adequate training to their team due to a lack of time.Understanding the "leadership Crazy Cycle" and recognizing the value of leadership rather than just task completion can help leaders break out of the training trap and prioritize training their team.Chris LoCurto shares his experience in leadership and the common problem of hiring people who need training to excel in their roles.He emphasizes the importance of recognizing when leaders are stuck in doing too many tasks and not focusing on training and developing their team members.Hiring and training employees. 4:52Chris LoCurto shares a common scenario where a boss assumes an employee can do a job and then finds out they're doing it differently, leading to frustration and potential termination.LoCurto suggests training the employee instead of letting them go, emphasizing the importance of understanding their capacity to learn and do the job well.Ignoring training can lead to long-term mental and emotional stress for leaders, affecting their personal morale and team's morale.The importance of training and hiring processes. 9:36Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of addressing subpar performance in a team, as it can lead to frustration, loss of morale, and decreased productivity, ultimately impacting business success.He suggests either training the team member to improve their skills or replacing them with someone who can do the job well, as ignoring the issue can have long-term negative consequences.Chris LoCurto highlights a study showing that nearly 60% of employees lack workplace training, and many skills are self-taught.He emphasizes the importance of improving the interview process to test skills and hiring someone even if they lack all the necessary skills, but still need someone in the role.Work ethic and training in the workplace. 14:37Chris LoCurto highlights the disconnect between employees' expectations of training and the reality of on-the-job learning.Millennials prioritize workplace learning and development, while Gen Xers may have a different perspective on parenting and work ethic.Parents play a crucial role in teaching skills to children, shaping their work ethic and future success.Workplace training and development. 19:04Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of providing employees with development opportunities to reach their full potential.74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or retrain to remain employable, while 26% do not want to learn.Chris LoCurto acknowledges that there is no perfect moment for training and must create it instead, being intentional about scheduling time and wedging it into the calendar.Chris LoCurto is honest and open with his team about his personal busyness, asking for their patience and sharing his efforts to overcome the leadership Crazy Cycle.Leadership strategies for success. 24:05Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting aside uninterrupted time for training and leading others, as constant interruptions can undermine momentum and communication.He encourages leaders to be intentional and hold themselves accountable for following through on their commitments, rather than relying on good feelings or self-motivation alone.Chris LoCurto encourages leaders to ask "stretch questions" to help their team members grow, such as "Who needs me to help them grow?" and "What needs to change to avoid repeating the same situation 30 days later?"Chris LoCurto explains why leaders must prioritize self-care to avoid burnout and lead effectively.Setting clear deadlines and communication for team success. 30:20Joel Fortner and Chris LoCurto discuss common leadership challenges and offer solutions, such as the Key Leaders Program, to help leaders overcome these challenges.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting clear deadlines and being intentional about them to avoid procrastination and ensure important tasks are completed on time.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting clear deadlines and driving communication to specifics to ensure team members understand their tasks and can accomplish them.LoCurto encourages leaders to think through the process and negotiate with team members to make decisions that set them up for success.He stresses the need to cover all aspects of a project, including administrative tasks, to avoid overcommitting and ensure deadlines are met.Leadership training and self-awareness. 35:45Chris LoCurto has spent decades training his leadership team to avoid the "leadership Crazy Cycle" through regular training and development.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of training and leadership development for personal and team growth.He encourages leaders to be intentional about setting aside time for training, acknowledging their limitations, and finding outside help when needed.Chris LoCurto: Self-awareness transforms businesses, simplifies leadership challenges.
2/6/202442 minutes, 53 seconds
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559 | How To Get More Priorities Done

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Prioritization for business growth and personal development. 0:01Chris LoCurto discusses the importance of prioritization in leadership for business growth and personal development.He shares three keys to prioritizing better, including setting good priorities, handling the right things, and focusing on strategy rather than just being busy.Setting clear and attainable business goals. 3:12Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting clear, measurable goals for business growth, and assessing one's capacity to handle new clients before expanding.He warns against adding more clients than one can handle, leading to poor service and lost clients.Chris LoCurto suggests setting clear goals that are attainable and reverse engineering the steps needed to achieve them.He uses the example of going to the beach to illustrate the process of planning and preparation required to reach a desired destination.Setting clear goals and prioritizing tasks. 7:23Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and measuring progress towards them in business.He provides an example of how to break down a large goal into smaller, measurable steps to achieve success.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of differentiating between urgent and important tasks, and prioritizing the latter to move businesses and goals forward.He highlights how people often get sidetracked by urgent but not important tasks, such as checking emails, and how this can hinder progress on important tasks.Prioritizing tasks and delegating effectively. 12:01Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of prioritizing daily tasks to align with long-term goals, and delegating effectively to free up time for high-impact tasks.He encourages leaders and business owners to identify tasks that should not be their focus and delegate them to others, allowing them to focus on high-priority tasks that align with their goals.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of delegating tasks to free up time for higher-level leadership responsibilities.He encourages leaders to identify tasks that are not worth their pay rate and delegate them to others, allowing them to focus on more impactful tasks.Proper delegation for business growth. 17:59Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of proper delegation, involving training and coaching the person being delegated to, rather than simply handing them a task and checking in frequently.He acknowledges that delegation can add more work to his plate in the short term, but it's necessary to free up time for more important tasks and build a business.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of empowering team members through proper delegation, allowing them to provide input and suggest improvements without reinventing the wheel.He encourages leaders to trust their team members and give them the freedom to question the process, while still maintaining oversight and input to ensure success.Adapting to changing situations and goals. 23:27Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of embracing flexibility in goal setting and adapting to changing situations.He encourages listeners to reprioritize and make changes to their strategy when unexpected events occur.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of adapting to new information and changing course when necessary, rather than pushing forward on a goal that's not working out.He advises against being afraid to lose pride or ego in order to make adjustments and fix things that aren't working, rather than continuing to push forward on a failing goal.Effective goal setting and prioritization in business. 28:29Chris LoCurto discusses common barriers to effective prioritization in business.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding capacity when setting goals, as it helps avoid overcommitting resources and ensures success.He encourages businesses to assess their available resources, such as team, money, cash flow, and tools, to determine what can be utilized to accomplish new goals.Growth limits and prioritization in business. 33:05Chris LoCurto warns against growing a business beyond its capacity, citing financial and resource issues.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of prioritizing and not overcommitting, while avoiding the fear of missing out (FOMO) in business.Prioritizing tasks and setting goals for small business success. 36:15Focus on doing well what you're doing now, rather than adding new things without excellence.Don't let perfectionism hinder prioritization and progress.Self-awareness can transform your business and make life easier.
1/30/202440 minutes, 51 seconds
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558 | Improve How You Think For The New Year, Part 2

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Improving mindset and problem-solving techniques. 0:10Chris LoCurto discusses practical techniques to improve thinking, including breaking down challenges and problem-solving.He shares an example of his daughter facing a challenge and hearing him say "face your fears" to overcome it.Overcoming fear and building confidence in a 5-year-old child. 2:47Chris LoCurto observes his 5-year-old daughter's fear of jumping from a curb and helps her work through it by providing encouragement and support.The daughter's negative self-talk and limiting beliefs are revealed through her thoughts of looking stupid and not being good enough.Chris LoCurto describes his daughter's growth in confidence after facing and overcoming fears, such as jumping off a stump and confronting a rooster that used to scare her.LoCurto encourages his daughter to face her fears and believes in her ability to overcome them, as seen in her progression from fearful to confident.Facing challenges and overcoming negative self-talk. 7:16Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to face their fears and challenges, rather than allowing them to control their thoughts and actions.He suggests breaking down problems into smaller, manageable steps to achieve success, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand.Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to ask for help when facing problems, rather than resorting to negative self-talk.He suggests breaking down challenges into manageable steps and seeking perspective from others to gain confidence in tackling them.Embracing failure and learning from mistakes. 12:32Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of embracing failure as a learning opportunity, rather than fearing it.He encourages listeners to focus on the opinions of healthy people, rather than worrying about unhealthy people's opinions.Chris LoCurto encourages his daughter to face her fears and learn from failure, rather than internalizing negative messages from others.He models a supportive and non-judgmental approach to failure, emphasizing the importance of getting back up and trying again.Building resilience and overcoming failure. 17:41Chris LoCurto encourages facing failures with a growth mindset, learning from them, and moving forward.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of high-quality communication in personal and professional relationships.He advocates for building resilience in individuals who have experienced trauma, using a seesaw diagram to illustrate the concept.Resilience and handling negative situations. 21:58Chris LoCurto explains the concept of resilience, using a visual of a fulcrum and a box.He emphasizes the importance of being able to bounce back from negative situations, rather than being weighed down by them.Chris LoCurto shares his approach to handling stress, which involves turning to God in prayer and being realistic about the situation.He emphasizes the importance of taking action after praying, rather than just sitting as a victim.Managing negative situations and embracing change. 27:49Chris LoCurto assesses the situation and determines the level of negativity, finding that it's often worse than initially thought.He emphasizes the importance of taking action and not procrastinating, as it helps shift the focus away from the negative and towards solving the problem.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of resilience in the face of negative events and encourages listeners to practice solving problems to become more resilient.He advises against resisting change and uncertainty, instead embracing them as opportunities for growth and development.Embracing change and building resilience. 32:30Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to embrace change and work through it, rather than resisting it and facing conflict.By gaining perspective and processing through change, individuals can discover how to handle it and move forward in a positive direction.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting realistic expectations for the new year, acknowledging that change is inevitable and preparing for it can make life easier.He suggests identifying areas where change is likely to occur, such as workplace conflicts or client drop-off, and developing strategies to handle those situations with resilience and perspective.Developing new thinking habits and long-term vision. 39:04Chris LoCurto recommends starting the day with a positive habit, such as prayer or journaling, to clear the mind and face challenges in a better way.He suggests listing out daily actions to overcome lies and negative thought patterns, and doing them multiple times a day to create a force of habit.Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to set long-term vision for personal growth and overcoming limiting beliefs.He emphasizes the importance of daily implementation and goal-setting to achieve next-level success.Overcoming fear and self-awareness for better leadership. 43:31Chris LoCurto overcame fear by facing it head-on and gradually becoming more comfortable in uncomfortable situations.Chris LoCurto encourages self-awareness to simplify business challenges.
1/23/202447 minutes, 37 seconds
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557 | New Year, Better Thinking: Simple Strategies to Enhance Your Mindset

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Cultivating a positive mindset for the new year. 0:10Chris Liccardo discusses the importance of having a positive mindset in the new year despite personal struggles.Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to recognize the impact of negative self-talk on their daily lives and relationships.He invites listeners to examine their current mindset and thinking patterns to identify areas for improvement.Negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. 4:02Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to recognize and challenge their limiting beliefs, which can lead to negative thought patterns and hinder personal growth.He emphasizes the importance of taking control of one's mindset and focusing on positive thoughts to achieve success and fulfillment.Chris LoCurto believes that self-worth and self-respect are more important than self-esteem, which he sees as a false reality created to make people feel good about themselves despite their bad choices.He argues that recognizing and addressing the consequences of one's actions is essential for personal growth and change, rather than simply convincing oneself that everything is okay.Cultivating a positive mindset through gratitude and affirmations. 9:56Chris LoCurto expresses frustration with job search, acknowledges negative thought patterns, and seeks to adopt a more positive mindset.Chris recognizes the need to be realistic about job qualifications and budgeting, and is willing to make changes to achieve his goals.Gratitude is key to a positive mindset, as it helps shift focus from self-centeredness to solution-oriented thinking.Gratitude and comparison in life. 14:07Chris LoCurto expresses gratitude for God's blessings, including provision, beauty, and time with loved ones.He encourages listeners to be thankful for their roof over their head and recognize how better off they are than many in the world.Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to stop comparing themselves to others and focus on being the best version of themselves.Recognizing God's blessings and forgiving others. 18:40God uses difficult situations to grow us, so be grateful for them.Chris LoCurto shares how he learned to pray for those who are sinning against him in the moment, rather than dwelling on past forgiveness.He realized that forgiving others is essential to asking God to forgive him of his own sins.Finding gratitude in difficult situations. 23:54Chris LoCurto seeks understanding and gratitude in the midst of difficult situation.David expresses gratitude to God despite being pursued by a large army, highlighting the importance of gratitude in maintaining a positive mindset.David starts small by thanking God for simple things like birds chirping and the roof over his head, demonstrating the power of starting small in practicing gratitude.Prayer and self-reflection. 28:56Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to prioritize praying for others before themselves, focusing on gratitude and spiritual growth.He emphasizes the importance of praying for others' well-being, sinning against them, and creating a stronger relationship with God.Identify and challenge negative self-talk to improve thinking and well-being.Self-limiting beliefs and their impact on success. 33:33Chris LoCurto explains that people often lie to themselves, telling themselves they're not good enough or won't be successful, and that these lies can be challenged by discovering the underlying reasons for these beliefs.By asking oneself "Why am I telling myself that?" and "Is that truth or a lie?", individuals can begin to take control of their thought patterns and understand the narratives that are driving their beliefs.Chris LoCurto challenges the idea that success is measured by how much money one makes, arguing that God values relationships over wealth.He emphasizes that a person's worth is not based on their financial success, but rather on their productivity and how they impact others.Work-life balance and self-awareness for personal growth. 39:03Adults wish they had spent more time with their parents, not that their parents worked less.Chris LoCurto challenges the idea that more money or possessions equal worthiness, emphasizing that true worth comes from God's perspective.He encourages listeners to break down negative self-talk by reframing lies into truths, citing examples from his own life and the lives of others who have found this technique powerful.Chris LoCurto shares insights on self-awareness and its transformative power for businesses and personal growth.
1/16/202445 minutes, 16 seconds
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556 | Cancelling Codependency

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Codependency and its impact on relationships. 0:00Chris LoCurto defines codependency as a relationship where one person is dependent on the other for help with an addiction or struggle, with the codependent person needing to be needed in the relationship.Codependency can manifest in various forms, such as the taker-giver dynamic, where the addicted person is the taker and the codependent person is the giver, with the codependent person needing to be needed in the relationship.Codependency is a struggle to understand one's own worth and value, often manifesting in enabling behaviors towards others.Codependent individuals feel the need to constantly check in with others' emotions and avoid conflict, as it brings painful results.Codependency and its psychological causes. 5:29Codependent relationships often involve lack of healthy boundaries and excessive empathy for the abuser.Chris LoCurto struggles with the idea of codependency being solely biological, while acknowledging the potential role of emotions and choices.Chris LoCurto believes codependency is psychological, stemming from childhood experiences and trained behaviors.Codependency and its psychological effects. 11:49Chris LoCurto recognizes psychological roots of codependency, prioritizes setting healthy boundaries.Chris LoCurto warns against misdiagnosing codependency, emphasizing the importance of identifying genuine symptoms and seeking help for legitimate situations.He highlights common symptoms of codependency, including fear of abandonment, apologizing for others' actions, and a need for constant validation, and encourages listeners to address these issues in their lives.Codependency and its signs in relationships. 17:29Codependency often involves a fear of abandonment and lack of personal identity, with individuals prioritizing others' worth over their own.Chris LoCurto highlights the signs of codependency in a relationship, including putting others on pedestals and neglecting one's own needs.He notes that personality styles such as high I and high S can be more prone to codependency, particularly those who struggle with people-pleasing and setting healthy boundaries.Toxic relationships and self-awareness. 22:55Toxic codependency arises when selfless sacrifices are made for someone who doesn't reciprocate.Anxiety and guilt are immense for codependent individuals, with a lifetime of shame and guilt ingrained through conditioning.Chris LoCurto: Loss of self, authenticity, and identity recovery requires self-awareness and introspection.Self-awareness and worthiness in Christian context. 28:30Self-awareness is key to personal growth, but many struggle with it due to past teachings or beliefs.Clarity on personal struggles and emotions is key to change.God values and loves women equally, despite societal norms.Codependency, boundaries, and self-awareness. 35:14Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting healthy boundaries in personal relationships.Find a coach or guide to help you overcome codependency and set healthy boundaries.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and prioritizing well-being in personal relationships and spiritual growth.
1/9/202441 minutes, 41 seconds
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555 | Acing Your Goals and Establishing Processes With Your Team

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Teamwork, leadership, and creating a clear roadmap for success. 0:00Leaders must create a clear roadmap for their team to avoid confusion and ensure success.Leaders must paint a clear destination (vision) and provide clear goals (strategy) to achieve success.Planning and executing a successful vacation. 3:46Chris LoCurto uses the beach as an example to explain how people have a general idea of their destination (goal), but need a strategy (plan) to get there, including booking reservations, packing, and planning time off.LoCurto emphasizes the importance of having a strategy for both getting to the destination (vacation) and returning home, with goals set along the way to track progress.Effective communication is key to team success, with clear expectations and roles for each member.Building trust and a shared vision for team success. 8:15Trust is crucial for team members to take risks and put their neck out, as they need to feel secure in their leader's ability to handle failure and treat them well.A leader who prioritizes trust can expect a significant difference in team productivity and member buy-in, as trust fosters a culture of accountability and mutual respect.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of a shared vision among team members for successful project outcomes.He highlights the need for team members to understand their role in the bigger picture and feel ownership over the project to achieve success.Setting achievable goals and optimizing processes for business success. 12:52Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of setting achievable goals and breaking them down into smaller, measurable tasks to ensure success.He also stresses the need for a clear strategy and timeline to track progress and make adjustments along the way.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of reviewing and optimizing existing processes before creating new ones.He highlights the need for clear, measurable goals and documentation to ensure success in business.Identifying potential failures in a project. 18:27Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of accountability in achieving goals, citing a popular program that lacks accountability as a reason for its failure.He recommends using tools like Asana to assign tasks, track progress, and ensure accountability among team members.Chris LoCurto focuses on identifying potential obstacles to failure before implementing a project, involving the team in the process to mitigate risk and improve outcomes.Team members may see failure from different perspectives, and by working together, they can identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.Team motivation and unity through shared vision and goal setting. 24:12Chris LoCurto outlines a step-by-step process to create a unified, motivated team.LoCurto emphasizes importance of appreciation, input, and celebration for a unified and motivated team.Measuring team capacity and celebrating success. 28:25Chris LoCurto and his team measure their resources (finances, time, team members) to determine what they can accomplish, settling on one new event to create from scratch.The team prioritizes their goals, recognizing that doing more than what they can realistically handle will lead to failure, and instead focus on what they can accomplish with their available resources.Chris LoCurto reflects on a successful event he and his team organized, highlighting the importance of celebrating milestones and facing challenges with a clear process in place.LoCurto outlines a five-step process for handling business failures, emphasizing the value of having a clear plan in place to address problems.Handling failure in leadership. 33:17Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of handling failure well to encourage team members to take risks and be productive.He challenges his team to anticipate how he will handle failure, as a lack of confidence in his leadership can lead to half of their productivity.Chris LoCurto: Leaders struggle with implementing new ideas and need practical guidance.Leadership, communication, and decision-making for business success. 38:20Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of having an open door policy for team members to come and talk to leaders, building trust and increasing buy-in.Leaders who are accessible to team members and have their backs can increase trust, motivation, and ownership among team members, leading to more successful outcomes.Leaders must prioritize frequent, efficient communication and training to ensure successful project outcomes.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of good decision making in achieving goals and strategies.He encourages listeners to use the "Values" disk and video with their team to improve communication and leaning in each other's directions.
1/2/202443 minutes, 59 seconds
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554 | Clarity in Conflict: The Power of Analytical Problem-Solving

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:High C personality style and its impact on team dynamics. 0:00High C personality style is detailed-oriented and focused on accuracy.High C personalities prioritize logic and facts, avoid emotions in decision making, and fear sounding stupid or being wrong.Personality types and communication. 3:58High C individuals prioritize being alone and avoid being the center of attention, preferring one-on-one recognition.High C individuals are detail-oriented and analytical, needing to know the 30,000-foot view before working on a project.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of providing clear and detailed information to avoid confusion and ensure the desired outcome.He encourages the listener to overcommunicate and ask questions to ensure they are giving the high C (personality style) the necessary information.Leading and communicating with high-level thinkers. 8:39Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of quality communication with high-C individuals, who require detailed information and may take time to process it.He encourages leaders and family members to proactively seek information and follow up to ensure understanding, rather than waiting for someone to provide it.High Seas struggle with conflict, stress, and criticism, often responding emotionally and defensively.Chris LoCurto: High C personality types may resist taking ownership of tasks due to fear of failure.Personality types and conflict resolution in the workplace. 15:15High C personalities excel at detail-oriented work and analytical tasks, but struggle with constant change.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of high-quality communication in personal and professional relationships, particularly in resolving conflicts and improving team dynamics.He highlights the benefits of understanding personality styles, such as the strengths of high D and high C individuals, and how they can work together effectively.Effective communication and conflict resolution. 19:15Leaders must help team members understand good conflict resolution by taking responsibility, communicating effectively, and avoiding emotional reactions.Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to take ownership of their communication style and ask questions to gain quality perspective.He advises against fearing being wrong or sounding stupid, as it can lead to poor decision-making and unproductive relationships.Personality styles and effective communication. 24:05Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of taking ownership and responsibility, rather than blaming others or being afraid to make mistakes.He encourages individuals to give themselves permission to ask questions and seek answers, rather than allowing a self-fulfilling prophecy of ignorance.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding and communicating with different personality styles, particularly the high C, to achieve success in projects and roles.He encourages leaders to take action to ensure all personality styles are understood and can communicate effectively, including how to lean in each other's directions.Chris LoCurto: Leaders struggle to implement learned strategies, leading to frustration and stagnation.
12/26/202331 minutes, 41 seconds
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553 | Expecting The Best From Others In Life and In Your Workplace

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Extending benefit of doubt to people, why it's important and how it affects us. 0:00Chris LoCurto discusses the importance of extending the benefit of the doubt to people, rather than assuming the worst, to avoid living in a state of constant frustration and cynicism.Jim Collins defines a cynic as someone who has had a lot of hope let down, and Chris agrees that many of us have a level of cynicism in our lives, but it's important to overcome it to build stronger relationships.Chris LoCurto emphasizes that assuming the best about others is more about personal growth than it is about changing others.Negative thoughts can control an individual's decision-making process, emotions, and relationships, leading to a destructive cycle of cortisol production and happiness hormone depletion.The benefits of assuming positive intentions in others. 4:51Chris LoCurto suggests assuming positive aspects of others to change one's emotional posture and create a more positive habit.Chris LoCurto shares his journey from cynicism to loving and helping others, despite past hurt.Focusing on personal growth instead of others' behavior can lead to positive change.Positive mindset and assuming good intent. 11:30Chris LoCurto is impressed by Tom Cruise's positive attitude during an interview with Emily Blunt, despite the challenges he faces in his personal life.Tom Cruise maintains a positive outlook during a difficult moment on set, inspiring Emily Blunt with his resilience and optimism.Chris LoCurto encourages assuming good intent and giving the benefit of the doubt in relationships.Assuming the best in people and relationships. 16:27Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to gain quality perspective and understand others' experiences to build trust and improve communication.Focus on benefiting others in relationships, but prioritize self-care if it causes struggle.Chris LoCurto shares a personal experience with a leader who assumed the worst and yelled at him without evidence, leading to lost trust and respect.Chris encourages listeners to assume the best in people, ask questions, and gather perspectives to build trust and understanding in business.Assuming the best in others despite past betrayal. 23:20Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of assuming the best in others, even when trust has been broken, to create a positive and productive work environment.He acknowledges it can be challenging to do so, especially when surrounded by dishonorable or manipulative people, but stresses the benefits of assuming the best in others.Chris emphasizes the importance of responding positively to trust issues in relationships.Trust, leadership, and personality styles. 27:57Chris LoCurto suggests assuming the best about people and responding positively when they make mistakes, rather than assuming the worst and treating them negatively.In a leadership role, setting healthy boundaries and seeking perspective from others can help navigate difficult situations.Personality styles influence how individuals respond to trust being broken.Chris LoCurto: Self-awareness is key to changing patterns of anxiety, fear, and negative self-talk.Taking responsibility and empathizing with others. 34:38Chris LoCurto encourages self-reflection and accountability in personal relationships.Chris LoCurto shares personal struggles with stress and decision-making, encouraging empathy and understanding from others.Assuming the best in people and leadership. 38:57Chris LoCurto acknowledges and appreciates IHOP waitress on Thanksgiving, boosting her mood and service.Set healthy boundaries, give it time, and choose happiness in difficult situations with others.Chris LoCurto: Leaders frustrated with lack of time and tools to lead well, find solutions at Next Level Leadership Live Event.
12/19/202345 minutes, 36 seconds
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552 | How To Use AI To Boost Your Business With Grant Brott

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:- AI with a former Marine and SEO expert. - Grant Brought shares insights on AI, including its definition, limitations, and potential applications. - Chris LoCurto explains AI to small business owners, emphasizing prompts and communication.- AI benefits for small businesses, including social media marketing. - AI can benefit small businesses like Charlotte's bakery with personalized marketing suggestions during holidays like Thanksgiving. - Chris LoCurto and Speaker 2 discuss the potential benefits of using AI for small businesses, including social media posting and brainstorming ideas. - Speaker 2 demonstrates how to use chat GPT to create social media posts and images, and provides examples of how it can help with content creation and research.- Using AI tool ChatGPT for content creation and research. - Chris LoCurto discusses the potential of AI language model GPT to generate high-quality content, such as step-by-step processes, with the ability to fact-check and make adjustments. - The model's accuracy is limited to 2021, and it may not have all the information needed, so it's important to fact-check and make adjustments as needed. - Chris LoCurto and Speaker 2 discuss the potential of ChatGPT for small businesses, highlighting its ability to assist with research and formatting tasks. - They demonstrate how ChatGPT can be used to find answers to questions, provide citations, and even upscale or downscale images, among other capabilities. - Speaker 2 recommends starting with chat GPT, a free AI tool, for beginners, as it has advanced data analysis capabilities and can generate images. - Speaker 2 also mentions Claude, another AI tool with similar features, but with cleaner responses and image generation capabilities.- Data importance and best practices for AI implementation. - Speaker 2 emphasizes the importance of providing clean and complete data to AI systems for successful implementation.- Using AI to create content in a person's voice and tone. - Chris LoCurto shares his experience with using AI to make his content more engaging and funny, such as using ChatGPT to rewrite a process document or a letter to clients. - He encourages listeners to utilize AI on their existing content, such as data they've already written, to create new and improved content. - Speaker 2 demonstrates how AI can create content in a person's voice and tone using a small amount of audio input. - A journalist was able to bypass voice authentication security measures using a cloned version of their voice, highlighting the accuracy of voice cloning technology.- Using AI to improve customer engagement and support. - AI can improve customer engagement and support by drafting responses to reviews and providing personalized responses. - Chris LoCurto wants to use AI to adjust his tone and make his responses more engaging and compassionate. - He suggests using AI to rewrite responses to negative reviews in a more friendly and caring manner.- Personality styles and communication techniques. - Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of considering the person you're talking to and providing thorough answers, rather than just giving one-word responses. - The tool being discussed can analyze a document or article and provide gaps, expanding on the information to make it more thorough. - Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of tailoring communication to the personality style of the listener, citing examples of how he adjusts his approach based on the styles of his team members and clients. - He encourages listeners to analyze their own communication style and adjust their approach to better connect with others, using personality assessments like the DI SC to inform their approach.- Simplifying complex processes and SOPs using AI-powered summarization tools. - Chris LoCurto discusses the potential of using AI to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency, citing examples of companies with lengthy processes binder and the benefits of using AI to summarize and simplify information. - LoCurto highlights the ability of AI to pull out key points and action items from large sets of data or information, making it a valuable tool for research and analysis. - Chris LoCurto suggests breaking down a 400-page process manual into smaller, more manageable sections with clear summaries and key action items at the top. - Speaker 2 recommends using a user-friendly approach to processes and SOPs, with a summary at the top and detailed information below for those who want to dive deeper.- Using AI to streamline content creation processes. - Speaker 2 highlights the importance of providing immediate answers to users, citing the need for instant gratification in today's fast-paced world. - Speaker 2 also suggests that listeners should ask questions and seek clarification on any concepts they don't understand, as the technology is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable. - Speaker 2 suggests using chat GPT to streamline content creation process, saving 15-20 minutes per outline.- Using AI in business operations and ethical considerations. - Chris LoCurto encourages experimentation and fine-tuning of processes to increase efficiency and productivity in business. - Speaker 2 suggests testing new processes in a "sandbox scenario" before implementing them in the actual business. - AI-powered content creation can perpetuate biases present in training data, highlighting the need for thorough review and QA.- Ethical use of AI tool ChatGPT. - Speaker 2 emphasizes that AI is not meant to replace teams but can augment tasks, freeing up time for more important work. - Concerns about data privacy and ethical use of AI are being addressed by the company, including blocks on referencing specific artists and adding guardrails to prevent misuse. - Speaker 2 expresses concern about misinformation and privacy when using chat GPT, emphasizing the importance of ethical use of information. - Speaker 2 mentions that chat GPT offers an enterprise model for larger companies and a business version for smaller businesses, but this has not been released yet due to privacy concerns.- AI usage, ethics, and return on investment in business. - LoCurto advises exporting chat sessions to a Word doc for offline reference. - Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding how AI can be used ethically in business, and the need for clear processes and training to avoid unethical practices. - Speaker 2 is working on developing a usage policy and training program to help employees feel comfortable and confident using AI tools. - Chris LoCurto highlights time savings as the biggest return on investment (ROI) for AI initiatives, citing an example of analyzing content on a website that used to take 5 hours and now takes 15-20 minutes with AI. - The speaker emphasizes the importance of measuring the impact of AI on sales copy and sales outcomes, rather than just focusing on time savings.- AI advancements and their impact on business and leadership. - Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of utilizing AI for business growth and encourages team members to take the lead in discovering how to use AI for their role. - He highlights the need for caution when implementing AI, but also stresses the potential benefits for parents to help their children. - Leaders must keep up with rapidly changing technology, including AI advancements and new tools, to stay ahead in the business world. - Speaker 2: GPT 3.5 to 4 upgrade shows massive knowledge growth, from 16k to 300 page novel understanding.- AI adoption challenges and pitfalls for small businesses. - Speaker 2 mentions that regulation is a big topic in the AI industry, with a recent meeting in Europe and executive orders passed in the US to implement regulation and safety measures. - Speaker 2 also mentions the need for case studies of small businesses successfully implementing AI solutions
12/12/20231 hour, 23 minutes, 13 seconds
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551 | Leading Under Pressure And Stress With Jeff Kirkham

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:- Leadership, mental health, and entrepreneurship with Jeff Kirkham. Jeff Kirkham jokes about being a "caveman with a big head and big hands" in a former life as an Army Special Forces member and serial entrepreneur.- Chris LoCurto thanks and appreciates the guest for their numerous accomplishments, including being in the Special Forces, owning a coffee company, and being a best-selling author.- Writing a post-apocalyptic novel and emergency preparedness. Chris LoCurto and Speaker 2 discuss their respective projects, including the black autumn series, a novel that started as a conversation between the two.- Speaker 2 shares how the idea for the novel came about, including their experience in Afghanistan and their co-author's background in emergency preparedness.- Speaker 2 is working on a post-apocalyptic novel series with co-author Jason, with 10 books planned or filmed as a series.- Ready Man is Speaker 2's literature and emergency preparedness company, which has faced social media censorship due to its messages of self-reliance.- Survival skills and community in post-apocalyptic world. Chris LoCurto and Speaker 2 discuss the importance of self-sufficiency and preparedness during COVID-19, highlighting their own experiences with homesteading and survival skills.- Speaker 2 emphasizes the importance of community and family in times of crisis, citing history as evidence that larger groups are more resilient and better equipped to handle challenges.- The speaker highlights the potential for isolation to lead to psychosis and the benefits of living in a community for mental health, citing examples from history and the Black Autumn series.- Rewilding, community, and mental health. Chris LoCurto and his wife have turned their farm into a community hub, connecting with like-minded individuals who share their values of living healthily and sustainably.- The community is built on a belief in a Supreme Being, with a focus on faith and spirituality, as seen in the second novel, "White Wasteland."- Speaker 2 discusses the concept of "rewilding" and how it involves using somatic experiences to help people regulate their nervous systems and cope with difficult emotions.- The rewilding program is led by men and women, and participants come from a variety of backgrounds, including those with trauma and CEOs seeking personal growth.- Trauma, healing, and hope through ancient texts and modern psychology. Chris LoCurto's program offers hope and practical tools for those struggling with mental health issues.- Speaker 2 emphasizes the importance of understanding psychological aspects of trauma, citing the Bible and other ancient texts as resources.- Overcoming past traumas and managing emotions. Chris LoCurto shares his personal experience with overcoming trauma and how it has impacted his life and decision-making.- He encourages listeners to look into the topic and seek help if they have experienced similar trauma, as it is not a one-time fix but a process of healing and growth.- Speaker discusses how understanding the past and being curious about it can help elevate consciousness and move forward.- Speaker recounts a recent experience where they blew up at their kids and realized it was triggered by something from their past.- Speaker shares how they apologized to their kids and learned to be more curious about their own reactions and emotions.- Leadership, authenticity, and emotional intelligence. Chris LoCurto discusses the root causes of anxiety, revealing that internal focus and self-centeredness can lead to self-created barriers and emotional struggles.- He emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility and moving away from emotional thinking to gain quality perspective and leadership.- Speaker 2 shares a leadership lesson from Afghanistan: build trust and rapport with Afghans by being authentic and transparent, even when mistakes are made.- Speaker 2 recounts an incident where he apologized to Afghans for US mistakes, and their reaction showed the importance of authenticity in leadership.- Leadership in a military context. Chris LoCurto asks Speaker 2 about their experience leading indigenous Commandos in Afghanistan, and Speaker 2 shares how they adjusted their leadership style to connect with people they didn't fully understand.- Speaker 2 reflects on their experience as a missionary in Korea and how it helped them learn how to communicate with people who see the world differently.- Speaker 2 shares a story about building relationships with Afghan commandos during a briefing, demonstrating the importance of trust and integrity in leadership.- The speaker's adherence to moral and ethical standards, particularly in regards to respecting mosques, earns the respect of his fellow soldiers.- Leadership, communication, and ethics. Chris LoCurto and Speaker 2 discuss the importance of integrity and trust in leadership, with Speaker 2 sharing his realization that human beings have not changed much over time despite the passage of 1000 years.- Speaker 2 reflects on his own age and generation, joking about being a Gen X or Gen Y individual, and how his experiences and insights have translated into his leadership approach.- Speaker 2 emphasizes the importance of authenticity and morals in personal and professional life, citing the benefits of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals.- Chris LoCurto agrees, highlighting the reciprocal nature of sharing knowledge and problem-solving within industries.- Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of high-quality communication in leadership, citing it as the most common issue he encounters.- Speaker 2 shares their experience in the military, where communication is prioritized as the key to cohesive units and accomplishing missions.- Communication struggles in war zones and overcoming them through language and cultural understanding. Communication struggles in war zones include language barriers, overcoming them through clear and consistent messaging.- Jeff learned Dari and Pashto to communicate with Afghans and build relationships.- He carried an AK-47 and learned to be proficient with it, showing his willingness to do the same tasks as his team.- Nursing school, healthcare, and emergency preparedness. Chris LoCurto's wife encouraged him to go back to school and become a nurse, which he did despite initial reservations.- Chris found the experience of going back to school for nursing to be cathartic, especially in the healthcare field, and he appreciated the opportunity to learn for the sake of learning.- Sarah, a nursing school graduate, found a new passion in rewilding after struggling with nursing school exams.- She integrated her knowledge of physiology and psychology from nursing school into her rewilding retreats, helping others prepare for stressful situations.- Managing stress and pressure in high-demand jobs. The speaker credits their supportive wife for helping them manage the demand and stress of their various roles, including being in the Special Forces and running businesses.- The speaker's wife provides honest feedback, reads articles, and covers their weaknesses, making them an invaluable support system.- Speaker 2 explains the psychology of humans under stress and how it relates to shooting techniques, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's body's response to stress to become a better shooter.- Speaker 2 advocates for warming up one's brain and nervous system before engaging in stressful events to reduce stress levels and perform better.- Personal growth and self-awareness. Young Jeff is advised by older Jeff to not wait to read and continue learning.- Young Jeff should figure out what is deeply important to him and what he wants to achieve in life, and then take action towards those goals to avoid disappointments.- The speaker has faced many disappointments in life, but looking back, he can see that those experiences have led him to w
12/5/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 21 seconds
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550 | Understanding the "S" Personality Style and Its Influence on Conflict

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:The S personality style and its influence on conflict resolution. 0:00Chris LoCurto introduces the high S personality style as a stable and amiable individual who dislikes conflict.Highest personality styles prioritize harmony and avoid conflict, often at their own expense.Personality style and team dynamics. 3:14High S personality style is introspective, self-blaming, and analytical.High SS individuals prioritize helping others, often to the point of neglecting their own responsibilities.They are empathetic and build strong one-on-one relationships, but may struggle with networking and being the face of a project.Personality types and conflict resolution. 8:20High S personality style involves prioritizing relationships over tasks, shying away from risks, and seeking consistency and stability.Chris LoCurto recognizes that high S personalities hate conflict and are unlikely to succeed in tasks that require high levels of conflict.He advises against using manipulation tactics to get high S individuals to do something they hate, as it will lead to failure and self-sabotage.Conflict resolution strategies for high-sensitivity individuals. 13:04Chris LoCurto identifies common sources of conflict for high-achievers, including lack of information and feeling responsible for a group's decision.He provides strategies for effective conflict resolution, such as asking questions to understand the person's biggest struggle and helping them see how the conflict is holding them back.Chris LoCurto explains that when helping someone through conflict, it's important to recognize their personality style and tailor your approach accordingly.Heidi's personality style involves "eating conflict for breakfast" and charm, while high-S personality types may need a more detailed explanation and understanding of the situation to feel comfortable moving forward.Effective communication and conflict resolution for high-performing teams. 17:41Overemphasize clear communication to overcome conflict and gain quality perspective, mutual understanding essential.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of motivating and engaging team members by explaining their role and providing support.Conflict resolution for high-sensitivity individuals. 21:46Chris LoCurto helps team members resolve conflicts by empathizing and setting healthy boundaries.Chris LoCurto advises leaders to write down all the things they want to discuss with a team member before having a difficult conversation, to avoid getting lost in the conversation and covering all the necessary points.By keeping the list and bringing it back to the conversation, the high s can work through the conflict, discuss all the necessary points, and avoid getting sidetracked.Managing conflicts with the highest personality style. 26:22Chris LoCurto recognized that he was shoveling conflict on a business owner during a coaching session, and that it was not beneficial to continue pushing the points home.By letting the woman process the information and come back later, Chris was able to help her see the value of the suggestions and take action on them.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding personality styles to lead high-performing teams.Chris LoCurto shares insights on understanding and managing the highest personality style in conflict management.
11/28/202333 minutes, 33 seconds
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549 | The mental and emotional benefits of running a debt-free business Part 2

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Mental and emotional benefits of debt-free business. 0:00Chris LoCurto and Joel Fortner discuss the mental and emotional benefits of running a debt-free business, including being a leader or team member within a business.Joel Fortner asks Chris LoCurto a question about the unintended consequences of debt that they didn't have time to discuss last time.Following passions while avoiding debt and staying grounded in faith. 2:42Joel Fortner asks Chris LoCurto about going after passions while avoiding debt, to which Chris responds that going into debt is never justified and that following one's passions can lead to financial stability if done responsibly.Chris shares his personal experience of following his passions while recovering from past mistakes and staying out of debt, demonstrating that it's possible to pursue one's passions without incurring financial harm.Chris LoCurto shares a personal story of following God's will despite hating his job, which led to a job opportunity and the chance to turn someone's life around.Chris emphasizes the importance of listening to God's will and trusting in His plan, even when it goes against our own desires and circumstances.The dangers of comparing oneself to others in business. 8:26Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of focusing on God's will over personal desires when making decisions about business or life in general.Joel Fortner expresses frustration with feeling stuck in a competitive business environment and desires to find a way to get ahead.Chris LoCurto emphasizes that success is not based on comparing oneself to others, but rather being the best version of oneself.He encourages listeners to focus on their own growth and development, rather than comparing themselves to others in their industry.LoCurto shares his personal experience of leaving a successful business to pursue his true calling, highlighting the importance of listening to God's guidance and not comparing oneself to others.Risk management in business and personal finance. 14:57Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of mitigating risk in business, particularly when it comes to owning everything and having considerably less risk compared to leveraged businesses.Joel Fortner asks how business owners and leaders can navigate difficult circumstances, such as encountering financial difficulties, and Chris LoCurto suggests a deeper walk with God may be necessary.Risk management and profitability in business. 17:36Chris LoCurto takes calculated risks and prioritizes the collective intelligence of his team to ensure success.He emphasizes the importance of mitigating risk by not having debt and having assets to fall back on in case of business failure.Chris LoCurto questions whether he is holding himself back from God's blessings by not surrounding himself with the right people and seeking proper influence in his life.Joel Fortner seeks advice on how to get out of debt, which Chris acknowledges will take time and effort.Paying off debt for business owners. 22:13Joel Fortner suggests having six months of operating expenses saved up to keep business afloat in case of unexpected setbacks.Chris LoCurto recommends paying off personal debt as fast as possible, even if it means sacrificing business growth, and focusing on debt smallest to largest while continuing to operate the business.He advises cutting unnecessary expenses to allocate more funds towards debt repayment, and rolling over payments from smallest debts to the next smallest ones as they are paid off.Getting out of debt and managing finances. 26:48Chris LoCurto recommends talking to God about debt and obediently following His ways to receive blessings and financial guidance.By getting rid of debt at home, business owners can take more money out of their business without having to live on a shoestring budget.Hearing God's voice and understanding His ways through prayer and Scripture. 29:20Joel Fortner and Chris LoCurto discuss the difficulty some people face in hearing God, with Joel sharing his own experiences of feeling like he's heard from God, and Chris emphasizing that God's voice may not always come in the form of an audible voice, but rather through His Word.Chris LoCurto highlights that if a voice inside one's head is telling them to go against God's ways, it's not God's voice, and that God's Word is a significant means of communication.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of spending quality time in God's Word and seeking guidance from God in business decisions.Chris advises those struggling to hear from God to prioritize their relationship with Him and seek help from others who have been on a similar spiritual journey.Managing debt in business partnerships. 33:46Joel Fortner and Chris LoCurto discuss the challenges of partnerships, particularly when one partner doesn't agree on the direction of the business.Chris LoCurto highlights the difficulty of making decisions in partnerships, as both partners have equal ownership and voting rights.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of staying resilient and motivated during the debt-payoff process, highlighting the need for quick wins and tangible progress to keep partners engaged.He advises against focusing solely on the highest interest rate debt, suggesting a more utilitarian approach that prioritizes paying off smaller debts first to achieve quick wins and build momentum.Chris LoCurto suggests focusing on quick debt wins to build momentum and energy to keep going.Joel Fortner asks how to resist the temptation of falling back into debt after achieving debt freedom, and Chris LoCurto acknowledges that even long-term debt freedom is not a guarantee against future debt temptations.Debt, leadership, and business success. 40:39Chris LoCurto advises against taking on debt for business opportunities, sharing personal experiences and insights to help others avoid financial struggles.He emphasizes that one's worth is not defined by their business success or debt, but by their character, wisdom, and personal fulfillment.Chris LoCurto discusses the importance of solving problems in business, rather than just finding money.He promotes his upcoming leadership event, Next Level Leadership Live, which offers practical tools and coaching to help leaders overcome challenges and lead more effectively.Leading teams and running debt-free businesses. 46:25Joel Fortner and Chris LoCurto discuss the importance of leaders unlocking the talents and potential of their team members.They emphasize the need for leaders to have the tools to lead well and to kill the leadership Crazy Cycle, with the goal of leading people to success.Joel Fortner and Chris LoCurto discuss the importance of challenging one's thinking and being open to learning in order to grow and run a successful debt-free business.
11/21/202351 minutes, 6 seconds
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548 | The mental and emotional benefits of running a debt-free business Part 1

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:The importance of managing debt for business owners and leaders. 0:00Chris LoCurto and Joel Fortner discuss the importance of running a debt-free business, with Chris expressing the topic's difficulty and potential to hurt people, while Joel shares his perspective and invites Chris to share his as well.The hosts aim to provide valuable insights and advice on managing money and debt, with Joel interviewing Chris to draw out his perspective and share his own thoughts as well.Joel Fortner's financial struggles were a turn-off for Mary Beth, who had already paid off tens of thousands of dollars in debt.Mary Beth saw Joel's lack of financial stability as a risk to her security, but was hopeful when he finally made changes to his finances.Business debt risks and the importance of financial planning. 5:43Chris LoCurto highlights the risks of business debt, including the potential for financial insecurity and the consequences of convincing oneself that one is savvy with finances.Joel Fortner agrees, noting that the risks of business debt affect not just business owners but also team members and leadership, and can lead to serious consequences such as considering not existing.Chris LoCurto highlights the god factor as the biggest risk in financial planning, where clients often overestimate their abilities and ignore potential risks.The risks of debt and its impact on personal life. 9:53Chris LoCurto shares how God pivoted his clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite some facing industry shutdowns.Chris LoCurto highlights the risks of debt, including losing options and being under constant stress.Debt can lead to a different state of mind, causing individuals to approach their personal life and relationships differently, leading to negative impacts on their well-being.Risks of using debt for business growth. 13:39Chris LoCurto highlights the risks of taking on debt for business growth, including the potential for poor decision-making and loss of control.Chris LoCurto shares his experience of expanding his business to a second location, which led to financial difficulties and decreased focus on the original moneymaker.He advises against rushing into new opportunities without proper planning and financial stability, as it can lead to desperation and negative consequences for the original business.Taking calculated risks in business. 17:55Chris LoCurto advises a taco vendor to start with a rolling cart instead of a brick-and-mortar restaurant, citing the flexibility and lower financial risk of the former.The vendor expresses understanding and appreciation for Chris's advice, but Chris encourages them to test their concept first before investing in a brick-and-mortar location.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of paying cash for business opportunities to avoid debt and maintain a healthy work-life balance.He shares his personal experience of prioritizing cash flow over debt to avoid stress and maintain a strong marriage and family life.Business planning and adapting to change. 22:27Joel Fortner plays a character who questions Chris LoCurto's risk assessment and planning abilities, suggesting that even well-planned businesses can be impacted by unexpected events like COVID-19.Chris LoCurto responds by highlighting the unpredictability of life and the importance of adapting to changing circumstances, even for small business owners who may not have anticipated major challenges like COVID-19.Chris LoCurto attributes the success of his clients during COVID to their ability to pivot and retool, while many other businesses struggled due to excessive debt.Starting a business focused on helping people, following God's direction. 27:05Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding God's direction in running a business, rather than relying on personal desires or ambitions.He shares his personal experience of three and a half years of hearing God's call to start his business, and the importance of jumping on board with what God is already blessing.Chris LoCurto shares his journey of leaving a large platform to work one-on-one with clients, despite criticism from others.He emphasizes the importance of following God's direction and building the kingdom of God rather than an empire of self.Using credit cards responsibly in business. 31:55Chris LoCurto advises against opening a business with the goal of making money solely through hustle and hard work, instead suggesting to start small and serve with integrity while honoring God in the process.He emphasizes the importance of prioritizing growth and spending money wisely, pouring back into the business what is needed and taking a reasonable salary for personal needs.Chris LoCurto discusses the importance of understanding the aspects holding back business growth and the impact of debt on spending habits.Joel Fortner asks about the difference between controlled use of credit cards and using savings capital, and Chris highlights the potential for overspending without feeling the pain of payment.Managing debt and mental/emotional benefits for business owners. 37:27Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of managing debt well, as only 74% of miles are never recovered or written off, and using secured cards to operate like credit cards while still having control over spending.Joel Fortner adds that not having debt can free business owners emotionally, reducing stress, fear, hubris, pride, and risk, allowing them to make more intentional decisions.Chris LoCurto and his team had a Zoom call to discuss how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on planning for the "what if" scenarios and potentially changing roles within the team.The team discussed how to sustain paying people in roles that may not be needed if the pandemic lasts for years, and some team members discovered hidden strengths and talents in their new roles.Financial stress and debt management. 42:09Chris LoCurto experienced trust and faith during the pandemic, leading to minimal stress and business continuity.Joel Fortner and Chris LoCurto discuss the mental and emotional benefits of being debt-free, with Chris arguing that most people don't think of themselves as being "slave to the lender" despite being in debt.Chris believes that people don't realize the implications of being in debt, including the fact that the bank can take back the asset (such as a house) if they want to, and that this concept is not just about historical slavery but also about the indentured servitude aspect of being in debt.Making decisions based on emotions vs. logic. 46:35Joel Fortner is struggling with his mental and emotional well-being due to his job, and is considering taking on debt to pursue a new opportunity.Chris LoCurto advises Joel to focus on addressing the current problem rather than jumping into another potentially bad situation.Chris LoCurto shares his business wisdom, revealing past mistakes and their lessons learned.Running a debt-free business with mental and emotional benefits. 51:19Chris LoCurto shares his experience of working in toxic environments and the importance of making smart decisions in business.He emphasizes the reality of entrepreneurship, where business owners can experience both exhilaration and terror in the same day.Chris LoCurto and Joel Fortner discuss the benefits of running a debt-free business, including improved mental and emotional well-being.They invite listeners to share their stories and insights on the next episode, and encourage them to take action to change their leadership and business for the better.
11/14/202356 minutes, 13 seconds
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547 | Embracing the High I Personality Style in Team Interactions

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Personality style impact on team dynamics. (0:00)Highly Sensitive Personality Traits and Their Challenges. (4:53)High I type, energy, and exaggeration. (9:49)Leading and communicating with high I Personalities. (14:12)Managing high I individuals in various settings. (20:17)Parenting and communication with a high-I child. (26:32)Managing High I Personalities in team dynamics. (31:55)Self-awareness and communication for personal growth. (36:34)Leadership, productivity, and personality types. (40:50)
11/7/202345 minutes, 23 seconds
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546 | Your New Job: Chief Behavior Officer

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Defining and shaping company culture. 0:00Chris LoCurto discusses the role of a Chief Behavior Officer, defining culture as actions and attitudes.He argues that leaders should shape culture, rather than simply expecting good behavior from employees.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of defining and shaping a great culture in a company or family, as it brings power and momentum when everyone is moving in the same direction.He contrasts this with a poor culture, where gossip, backstabbing, and low morale hinder progress and create a toxic work environment.Building trust and vulnerability in leadership teams. 4:56Chris LoCurto highlights the lack of trust as a common issue among leadership teams, noting that even when team members think they trust each other, they may not be vulnerable enough to truly communicate and collaborate effectively.He emphasizes the importance of vulnerability in building trust and deepening communication within a leadership team, but also acknowledges the need to be mindful of sharing personal information with the right people.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of trust and vulnerability in teams, encouraging members to share their failures and learn from each other.He believes that when team members trust each other, they can work closer together, have deeper conversations, and focus on making failure a great teacher for success.Positive culture and leadership. 9:51Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of creating a positive culture in business, leading to increased productivity and better outcomes.By teaching leaders to be behavior officers, businesses can experience remarkable growth and success.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of gratitude in managing one's own behavior and leading others positively.He encourages listeners to focus on being grateful for the good things in their lives, even during difficult times.Forgiveness and gratitude in difficult times. 16:02Chris LoCurto shares how God revealed to him that he was not forgiving two people who were currently sinning against him, and how praying for them has changed his life.LoCurto and his wife pray specifically for those who are causing difficulty in their lives, finding it difficult but necessary to forgive in the midst of negative situations.Start with gratitude and learn personality styles to grow closer to God and others.Personality styles and leadership roles. 20:57Chris LoCurto explains the importance of understanding personality styles to lead people to better behaviors.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of learning leadership skills to help others succeed.He shares a meme illustrating the difference between an "obvious solution" (add more horses) and a "corporate solution" (add more people in the cart with whips).Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding one's personality style in the role of Chief Behavior Officer (CBO), as it can impact how they interact with and influence others.He encourages leaders to make adjustments to their personality style to better care for their team members, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone.Leadership, communication, and attitude change. 27:29Chris LoCurto recognizes the need to change and adjust his communication style to better support his team.He prioritizes vulnerability and open communication with his leaders to set a positive example and address any issues.Chris LoCurto takes a hard look at his workload and delegates tasks that are not essential to free up time to focus on leading his team.He recognizes that leading people is not the bulk of his job, but he prioritizes spending more time helping his team with the right behaviors and attitudes.Leading a team to better actions and attitudes. 32:12Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and communication in leading a team effectively.He identifies communication gaps as a major challenge that leaders face, and stresses the need to fill those gaps to guide and direct team members effectively.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of accountability in implementing cultural change, and acknowledges that some team members may resist or not be willing to adapt.He suggests that as leaders, it's possible to find individuals who don't want to be held accountable or who are not a good fit for the organization's new direction.Leading change in a business environment. 36:54Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of watching cultural aspects and gossip to avoid coming across as criticizing or blaming others for their behavior.He also stresses the need to focus on key results and expected outcomes when trying to change behaviors towards work, while still maintaining a positive attitude.Chris LoCurto highlights common challenges in businesses, including communication issues, accountability concerns, cultural issues, and toxic practices.He emphasizes the importance of identifying and addressing these challenges to improve the overall culture and productivity of the business.Addressing toxic team members and improving workplace culture. 42:18Chris LoCurto highlights the common fears of leaders when it comes to dealing with toxic team members, including the fear of losing important knowledge and skills.He emphasizes that walking through a proper accountability process can lead to a healthier team culture, even if it's difficult and uncomfortable.Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of addressing toxicity in the workplace, including poor attitudes, lack of accountability, and unsolved problems.He suggests solving these issues by paying attention to them, fixing them, and providing the necessary tools and expectations to team members.Improving workplace culture through personality styles and communication. 47:08Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of improving team culture, citing it as the top issue in businesses and highlighting its impact on finances, clientele, and customer service.He shares his experience of his team's success in changing culture, resulting in more money, better client relationships, and improved overall performance.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding personality styles in communication, particularly for leaders and business owners.He encourages listeners to take their team through the DISC personality styles video to improve teamwork and relationships.
10/31/202352 minutes, 29 seconds
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545 | Building Healthy, Happy, Hybrid Teams

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Building healthy, happy hybrid teams. 0:00Chris LoCurto reveals his initial resistance to remote work before COVID forced his team to adapt.Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of accountability in business, citing it as the second biggest issue he sees in every company.He emphasizes the role of great communication and accountability in leading a high-performing team, despite having half the size of a typical team.Remote work challenges and solutions. 4:36Chris LoCurto was hesitant to adopt a remote work model due to concerns about culture and accountability.He wanted to ensure that remote team members lived out the company's core values during their workday.Chris LoCurto expresses concern about communication issues in remote teams, emphasizing the need for leaders to prioritize accountability and address potential failures in communication.LoCurto believes that most leaders have accountability issues within their teams, even if they have been through leadership training, and emphasizes the importance of having processes in place to address these issues.Accountability and quality in remote work. 9:42Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of accountability in remote work, citing a lack of processes and KPIs as a major issue.He stresses the need to define what "winning" looks like for each role and to ensure that core values and mission are still being upheld, even when employees are not in the office.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of creating a culture of accountability in a business, where team members are held responsible for treating clients, leaders, and each other with respect and excellence.He highlights the need for systems and processes in place to ensure that these values are upheld, even when team members are working remotely or outside of regular office hours.Hiring remote talent for a hybrid team. 15:20Chris LoCurto frustrated with local hiring process, finds better talent remotely.Chris LoCurto is frustrated with the local talent pool in Nashville and wants to explore hiring remote teams to fill skill gaps.He has found success in hiring a remote team to back up his local team and increase productivity.Hybrid teams, leadership, and productivity. 20:11Chris LoCurto highlights the benefits of a hybrid team, including flexibility and the ability to work with people in different time zones.Strong leaders are crucial for a successful hybrid team, with high-quality communication and accountability being essential.Strong leadership is crucial for remote teams, as it ensures direction and productivity.Without clear leadership, remote workers may feel unsupported and unproductive, leading to wasted time and resources.Fostering healthy team dynamics for engagement and happiness. 25:20Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of feeling valued and cared for in a team dynamic.Leaders must prioritize creating phenomenal relationships with team members in-person and remotely to ensure they feel valued and cared for.Fake compliments or insincere gestures of appreciation can undermine trust and buy-in from team members.Remote work and team building. 29:42Chris LoCurto discusses challenges of remote work, including feeling alone and disconnected from team members.Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of feeling connected and belonging in the workplace, citing instances of employees leaving for less money to be around people.He suggests ways to combat isolation, such as regular team lunches or other activities that foster a sense of community.Processes and tools for remote teams. 33:25Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of having clear processes in place for remote work.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of quality processes and tools for team members to do their best work.He highlights the need for clear communication, accountability, and structure within teams to ensure success.Project management tools and prioritization. 37:40Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of having a solid program in place for projects, with clear accountability and visibility for team members and leaders.He suggests that if a program lacks these elements, it may be necessary to implement a new system to ensure successful project management.Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of using tools like Asana and Dashlane to streamline project management and ensure team members are focused on priorities.He also shares how Dashlane allows team members to access apps without knowing the passwords, providing an additional layer of security.Building healthy, happy hybrid teams. 42:52Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of using the same software programs across the team to avoid confusion and unnecessary expenses.He shares his personal experience of transitioning from Lotus to Google Docs, highlighting the need to vet new subscriptions and make the necessary changes to improve remote and hybrid work.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding personality styles in building healthy, happy hybrid teams.He recommends using disk products to improve communication and teamwork, and encourages listeners to share their own experiences and insights at [email protected].
10/24/202348 minutes, 16 seconds
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544 | Struggling With Information Gaps

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:544SummaryCommunication gaps leading to confusion and frustration. 0:10Chris LoCurto discusses information gaps leading to frustration in communication, particularly in team settings.Chris LoCurto shares his frustration with people who don't ask questions in meetings, leading to confusion and poor decision-making.He believes this behavior stems from a lack of understanding of one's role and the root system issues that need to be addressed.Communication challenges in personal and professional settings. 4:58Chris LoCurto discusses common communication challenges in work settings, including information gaps and misunderstandings, and how they can lead to confusion and frustration.He also shares personal experiences of communication struggles in his marriage, highlighting the importance of understanding each other's personality styles and communication preferences.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding personality styles in communication to avoid conflicts and improve relationships.He highlights the negative impact of miscommunication between parents and children, leading to feelings of inadequacy and clamming up.Improving communication skills. 9:38Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of self-reflection in communication, encouraging listeners to ask themselves if they are communicating effectively before blaming the other person.He shares his personal experience of realizing that he was the one not communicating clearly, rather than assuming it was the other person's fault.Chris LoCurto asks questions to clarify communication, giving the other person permission to say "I don't understand."He changes his verbiage to "is there anything confusing?" to reach a different part of the other person's brain.Improving communication through active listening and understanding personality styles. 14:39Chris LoCurto adapts communication style to better understand and help others.Chris LoCurto learned to improve his communication by asking questions and writing down the answers he received from his team, rather than assuming they understood his perspective.By doing this multiple times in presentations, he was able to tailor his communication to his team's needs and clarify any misunderstandings.Chris LoCurto adjusted his communication style by recognizing and addressing his own personality style, leading to improved team communication and teaching on the topic.Understanding personality styles for effective communication. 20:32Understanding personality styles and how they impact communication can help individuals improve their relationships and communication with others.Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding personality styles in communication, particularly in remote work settings.He suggests using DISC profiles to bridge information gaps and adjust communication approaches based on the personality style of the person being communicated with.Personality styles and communication. 25:00Chris LoCurto adjusts his communication style based on personality type, prioritizing clarity and engagement for high I and D styles.For high I individuals, Chris uses a more personable tone and asks for repeated explanations to ensure understanding, as they tend to lack attention to details.Chris LoCurto listens to the responses of his clients to identify any conflicts or gaps in understanding, and adjusts his communication style accordingly.By actively listening to their concerns and questions, Chris aims to bridge the gap of confusion and overcome any conflict that may arise during the communication process.Personality styles and communication gaps in teams and families. 30:35Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of adapting communication styles to help others understand and retain information.Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of team members leaning in to support each other, rather than just focusing on their own success.He shares examples of clients who have successfully implemented this approach, with team members actively recognizing and supporting each other during meetings and discussions.Chris LoCurto encourages listeners to become adaptable and flexible in communication to improve relationships.
10/17/202336 minutes, 37 seconds
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543 | Leading Families: Conflict To Community

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:How do you go from conflict to community? 0:00Welcome to the chrisliccardo show, leading families conflict to community, and the journey from discord to unity within families.Why conflict within families leads to tension and can lead to strained relationships.How to make a shift from conflict and tension to being able to have open dialogues, even if they have healthy conflict in them, to create family bonds.The importance of healthy boundaries.How to remove yourself out of the conflict. 5:09The desire to control and the desire to win, and how to remove yourself from the emotional effects of conflict.The first thing to do is recognize when and why people add to conflict.The importance of recognizing when someone is struggling with a specific topic or the way that something is presented, and how it can be seen as an example of someone who is in task mode.How perspective gathering questioning can sound like accusing someone of doing something wrong.Once someone has changed the way that they are asked a question, it takes away any defensiveness from the person.Recognize when someone is struggling and what caused it. Take responsibility and adjust communication in a way that is loving, kind and in the direction of the other person.Why is community so important as leaders? 13:25The first thing to recognize is why community is so important as a leader. The more people operate in quality community, the more they are healed and feeling healthy.The role of leadership in family situations that are trying to diminish conflict or have the best community.One of the best ways to heal someone who has experienced trauma is in community, communal dancing, singing and enjoying each other.The six areas in the world that have the highest number of centenarians, people who live over 100 years old, have a phenomenal community aspect.How to help create a harmonious environment. 19:18The first thing a family leader has to do is recognize the importance of not being emotionally handcuffed to conflict.One of the most important qualities of a harmonious environment.Get to a place of understanding where people are coming from and what they are experiencing in this moment.Lead the whole family to a greater community.Your job is to create the communal aspects of the family.Communication forms the backbone of any thriving family community, and it's the backbone for a thriving community.Fostering a space where everyone feels heard and valued. 25:44One of the big aspects of communication is fostering a space where everybody feels heard and feels valued.When someone doesn't feel heard, repeat back everything they've heard.Communication forms the backbone of any thriving family community. One of the most important aspects of communication is leaning in other people's direction and helping them understand they are heard.Check out for more details.The more you can solve these aspects as you do that, the more you will be able to celebrate family and community.Get away from the junk and be with people.
10/10/202331 minutes, 52 seconds
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542 | Leading Teams: Combativeness To Collaboration

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Combativeness vs. collaboration. 0:00Today's episode is all about team dynamics and leadership. The journey from combativeness to collaboration within teams is coming up next on the chrisliccardo show.Why combativeness can lead to tension and communication breakdowns.Many times, teams feel like they have to be in a competition or that their priorities are more important than others.Collaboration promotes innovation and creates a more positive work atmosphere.People default to a competitive mindset. 4:10People default to a competitive mindset, especially in the workplace, and don't naturally lean in the direction of collaboration.Competitive mindset creates one of the worst things in any business, silos.People who are focused on only their area or their role or leaders. The shotgun approach, when multiple people focus only on their areas.Why creating silos is a problem.Two people in his early years of leading he hired that he regretted because of how focused they were and how destructive they were to the rest of the team and how they impacted the team.The two silos, the two islands, plus all the other team members.How do I get out of the islands? 10:23How to get out of competitive combative team members and break down the brick walls of not wanting to work with other team members.How to have tough conversations with team members to say, you work for me, you don't work for yourself.One of the islands silos moved in the direction of collaboration pretty quickly. The other one took a little bit longer, but eventually they recognized if they cared about the other people, those people were there to support them.It took months of making this happen, not overnight.Understanding the importance of collaboration. 15:27Team members had better relationships and a more positive working environment. It took a lot of work and effort to make that happen.Team leaders need to understand the importance of collaboration.The goal is to bring five silos together and foster an open communication, vulnerability and ability to care about other people.The one thing that does not fly around is the saying, that's not my job. We do this together, we move in the same direction.Team building exercises. 20:22Team building exercises that can be done on Google or online, such as games or activities that require nobody to have a title.All kinds of team building exercises available.In Tennessee, leaders go through team building exercises to see what it's like to work with a team in a collaborative or combative style.As people start to recognize what it is like for a team to work together, they can start to translate that into their own projects.How to foster and nurture trust within your team? 24:35Your job as a leader is to foster and nurture trust within your team or your teams, and how to do this.How to build trust within a team.Working with different personality styles can be conflict, not understanding personality styles, and not recognizing why someone seems to be competitive or combative.Communication is the number one reason why businesses fail, and it is the most common reason why they fail.People will start to recognize the thing that's been holding them back, which is understanding other people.People want to hear from you. Send us your insights and questions.
10/2/202331 minutes, 17 seconds
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541 | Understanding the "D" Personality Style and Its Influence on Conflict

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Intro to the high d personality style. 0:00Today's show is kicking off a new series on personality styles, starting with the high d personality style.Today's episode focuses on the high D personality style, which is a driver that tends to be a dominant personality style on a scale of zero to 100.What is a high d? 2:59High D drivers are goal-oriented and enjoy getting things done. They are also task-focused and don't want a lot of detail information.High D is not the kind of person who wants to sit in a cubicle doing the same thing every day for months or years.Why it is so important to understand personality styles, and why 90% of the population does not operate the way that you do.Interactions and conflicts a high d will have with other personality styles.Heidi’s love competition and competition. 6:57Heidi's love being around other Heidi's because they enjoy the energy, competition and knowing that someone else wants to accomplish things the way they do.High d wants to dominate and win.A high eye loves people and wants people to think that they are important and good people. A high eye is a great encourager.Conflict arises when a high eye only focuses on the task and doesn't communicate in a personal style.The high d and high s. 11:41Both the high D and the high E do not care a whole heck of a lot about details, so there is a good chance that a high D is communicating to a high E.High D and S are almost opposite personality styles, with the D being supportive and supportive.Many times the high d will see the highest s as someone they can take advantage of. They recognize that the highest is someone who is going to be very supportive.Conflict arises in a couple of ways, eventually the highest will have pushed their priorities aside.How the high d and high c compare. 16:22The high d is very task-focused, and the high c is very detail-focused. The high d has the least amount of details from the i s and c is the most details.The high c struggles with a lack of quality communication in the details, while the high d struggles with the details.How to communicate with a high d, short and sweet. The more information you give them, the more confused they get, and the more they get stuck.The more information the high d believes they have to do with everything that you've shared, the harder it is to solve.Be direct with how you deliver the information. 22:14Keep it short and sweet. Be direct with how you deliver the information. Make sure you know exactly what you are talking about.Make sure to know what the heck you're talking about, because the immature high d will pick you apart if you don't.Make sure that you are focused on what the results are going to be.Don't be afraid of the high d. This is another thing that holds people back from communicating really well, and it holds them back.How to avoid conflict with the high d personality style? 28:33High D is able to get stuff done. Other personality styles are content with sticking with the status quo and doing the same thing over and over again.How to leverage the strength of the high D personality style to resolve conflict.High D leadership qualities are helping other people to accomplish things, helping people understand how to get something done faster and what are great priorities on accomplishing the project.High D is determined to make it happen. They are determined to stay focused on the result.Leveraging the strengths of the high d. 33:50Leveraging the strengths of a team to accomplish team goals faster and achieve them even better.How to resolve conflicts that come up between Heidi and some other styles.High d needs to understand that people matter and that people's feelings matter. They need to recognize that if they lean in the direction of other people, they can get the things done that they want to get done.For those who are not high d, reflect on ways to better communicate with that high d.How to help others understand your personality style? 38:48How to help other people understand your personality style. The importance of knowing and operating in personality styles.How to understand each member of your family and how to communicate with them.Understanding the high d personality style helps us to lean in the direction of that personality style. The more we can appreciate the diversity and personality styles around us, the more that we can lean in their direction.We would love to know your experiences, insights, and questions about personality styles.
9/26/202343 minutes, 21 seconds
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540 | The Pros & Cons: Becoming a Risk Taker

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Are you a risk taker? 0:00Three big things leaders need to consider when deciding whether or not to take that risk and what they may risk by not taking it.Are you a risk taker?Intro to today’s show. 1:47Today's episode will examine ways to assess risks and what might be holding us back from taking necessary and important action in the face of uncertainty.This show is about making better decisions.When it comes to risk, brian enjoys taking risks. He has raced formula cars and is a multi-business owner. He likes to calculate risk.He asks the question, how could this fail? What could failure look like? He wants to know the potential risk and potential loss.Taking a leap of faith. 5:50When joel started his business, he took a big leap of faith, and it became way more than he thought it was going to be in the beginning.He has done over 500 next level life change programs, including a scholarship program for single moms and single dads.Take the leap of faith. God is not calling you to anything that's going to fail. god's never going to call you to something that goes against him.Three big choices to learn as a risk taker, starting with taking baby steps.Understanding your capacity and understanding your weaknesses. 11:18The biggest risk is not taking any risks at all, and not knowing what your capacity is or how to live life to the best.Keys to understanding your capacity.If you don't take risks, failure will be your master, not your teacher. Failure is the greatest teacher for the student who is willing to learn.The five aspects that allow you to fail, as long as it's not a fatal failure.How he started investing in real estate. 15:56He started investing in real estate when he was 10 years old and wanted to own real estate as a kid.He has a couple of real estate companies.Putting money back into people as a resource to change lives and impact more people.Hiring marketing people that didn't make things happen over the decades.Embrace failure, not fear. 19:51Number two is embracing failure, not fear. Failure is part of any learning process, but fear keeps us bound to mediocrity.Fear is a colossal waste of time.Fear is an incredibly small percentage of the fear that you experience in a day, but it creates all the rest.The bulk of fear is being afraid of man's opinion.Healthy people vs toxic people. 24:00The opinions you should be concerned about are the ones that come from healthy people who know what they are talking about.The victim mentality that is going around right now.How spending time around people who are victims leads to becoming one, and how to make better decisions in life.The importance of constantly gaining perspective and asking for opinions.Do not fear failure. 28:10It's okay to fail, just don't do fatal failures. Learn what happened and how to fix it. Learn how to identify failure and teach and grow people in the situation.Number three, calculate the risk. First, what fear is the fear, and why fear is imaginary.If this thing fails, ask how can it fail. The first question to ask is, how can this thing fail?If it fails, consider how it will affect you, your family, your kids, your team, your business, or how it could affect others.How much is this going to cost me? 33:48Ask how bad the risk is on a scale of zero to 10, and how badly it will impact people, finances, etc.Start small and take baby steps.If people love the tacos, then upgrade to a food truck. If people love them, then go ahead and do a brick and mortar, but start small.If the decision is starting a new business, there is a ton to calculate if it is a new idea.How to boost your risk taking bandwidth. 38:30Five things you can do today to help boost your risk taking bandwidth, clarify goals, consider the rewards and potential benefits, surround yourself with successful risk takers.Become comfortable with change.Mark Twain, 20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.Check out crystal crypto's executive coaching program.
9/19/202343 minutes, 19 seconds
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539 | The Pros & Cons: Taking Out a Loan?

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Taking out a loan. 0:00The three big things to consider when deciding whether or not to take out a loan, and why going into debt is one of the biggest mistakes.The short and sweet answer to today's topic.How to leverage your cash. 1:58Leveraging cash to get out of bad sticky situations and get yourself out of sticky situations.No other 1920 21 year olds know how to handle their finances.The difference between business debt and personal debt. 4:07Understanding how to think about loans. First things first, is it a business or a personal loan.If your business is bringing in over a million dollars a year, most of most of your business debt will be considered personal debt.The first reason people take out a loan or a line of credit is because they might seek a loan to purchase real estate.Chris has a fail-proof idea. He has heard about 4000 people lose in their business because of failure-proof ideas.How much money do you really need? 8:59Real estate is one of the safest investments that you can make right now. Over the long haul, it should continue to go up in value.When you are financially ready to make a purchase of this size, you have your financial ducks in a row.The best way to save money. 11:39The best idea for a young couple is to buy the smallest thing they can possibly get in five years.At the end of 10 years, you will have a large chunk of change that you can put down on your forever home.The pros and cons of paying off a mortgage before buying a house, and why Chris believes that most people aren't prepared financially before they take out a loan.The cons of buying a home before paying taxes and repairs.You’re inviting Murphy into your life. 16:12You're inviting Murphy into your life because what's going to happen is the AC is going to break.A prudent person with insight foresees danger coming and prepares himself for it.Most people get a credit card because they want to be prepared. 18:05Most people get a credit card because they want to be prepared for an emergency. This is not how to prepare yourself financially.Most people don't want to think about the future.What is the hardest work there is? 20:00Henry Ford thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few people engage in it.The second biggest reason why people get stressed out.The best way to keep up with someone who is debt free is not to buy what they have, but to make smart decisions.Why business owners have the hardest time buying new stuff.The third reason why people seek out a personal loan. 24:06Instant gratification puts us in the worst situations. The third reason why people seek out a loan or line of credit is debt.Financial problems are a human character problem, not a money problem.Learn to leverage your present over your future. 25:49Leveraging future earnings to pay for something now or in the present is called going into debt. Instead, learn to leverage present over future, a savings plan.The pros and cons of debt, the pro is that you get gratification now, the con is you are now tied to the outcome.If you've been a slave to debt, talk to anyone who has gotten 100% debt free and ask them how it felt the first month.If not, get one.
9/12/202330 minutes, 21 seconds
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538 | The Pros & Cons: Hiring From Within

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:538SummaryThree big things to consider when hiring an outside hire. 0:00The three big things to consider when trying to decide whether to go with an outside hire or to promote from within the organization.Who is this for?How important is it to have the right team? 1:14The importance of getting the right person in the seat and making the right moves strategically inside of the business.The three big things that are important to consider.The team affects every aspect of the business. 3:01Your team affects every aspect of the business. The number one issue in every business is a lack of quality communication, accountability and quality culture.Your team is your most important investment.Should you promote from within or go with an external hire? 4:59The first thing to consider is time and costs, internal hires will fast track the interview process. The first interview is a culture interview.The other conversation is for another day.Hiring internally vs external hiring. 6:24Take a look at what they have done since they have been on the team to see if they can fast track the interview process.Delegate properly.Hiring an external hire will take longer and cost more than hiring an internal hire.Hiring from within will cut down on time and expenses as well as time.Impact on the team. 10:13Internal hires have built in familiarity and loyalty across the team. It helps fast track integration and can boost the morale of other team members.How it will impact the team now.Things to consider when bringing in an external hire. 12:13Consider how an external hire will impact the team, and how it could be the thing that you want to change or shake things up.The third thing to consider while leveraging the risks of hiring an external person is to consider.Leveraging the risks and not managing the risks. 14:10Risk is not always a bad thing. Sometimes shaking things up can be a good thing. The key is getting the risk factor to work in your favor.How to manage risk.Managing the culture. 16:23The internal promotion process is a great opportunity to offer the promotion to anyone who wants it and those who aren't ready for it.The internal hiring process gives you the opportunity to sit down with a team member and ask them what makes them prepared to take on the role.Leveraging the risks with external hires. 18:35God has plans for everybody, and not everybody has to be inside of the business. It all comes back to leadership.Leveraging the risks with the external hire to start with a clean slate and get a new code of culture on.
9/5/202321 minutes, 35 seconds
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537 | Growing Your Business Without Dying For It

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:How much are you willing to sacrifice to grow your business? 0:00Three things leaders need to do to avoid overinvesting in their business.Growth is important.Why growth is an absolute must. 2:07Growth is an absolute must, not counting the cost.Comparing yourself to other businesses.Why top-line numbers are not important.Why opening up another location is a mistake.Don’t take energy away from your business. 6:55Duplicate the process and take energy away from the money-making process.Make a business run really well.How much is too much? 9:40Maintaining harmony is as important to growth and synergy as pressing for something new.The three things to hit.Finding harmony and harmony in the right season.Hiring the right team members.Take a hard look at your strategic structure. 14:21Take a hard look at the current season.Take a look at strategic structuring.Paying too much or not paying enough.Treating clients well.The problem with leaders who choose not to get rid of people. 18:31How to get someone off the team.The importance of moving people around.Ask yourself how much can you grow in a year? 20:24How to grow 45% in a year without negative consequences.Research on growth percentages.Taking a look at capacity in a year's time.Growth without negative consequences.Redefining success and redefining profit. 25:00Growth of 45% is not amazing.Redefining success, redefining success.The importance of having a profitable business. 27:13Profit is the top priority, but everything else comes after.Debt is not a focus.Having priorities right will help mitigate the risks.Finding a healthy balance between work and life.The blue zone communities. 32:24Example of blue zone communities.Blue zones have more centenarians than any other place on the planet.Business owners and leaders live stressed out lives.Next level life event.
8/29/202336 minutes, 55 seconds
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536 | Is Procrastination Slowing Your Progress?

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:What’s holding leaders back? 0:00One of the top adversaries that paralyzes leaders today is procrastination.Procrastination is putting things off.Is procrastination keeping you from moving forward? 2:06Is procrastination keeping you from moving forward.Life moves fast and keeps going with or without you.The art of keeping up with the hustle. 3:34Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.The concept of procrastination.Bust your butt to make it happen. 5:13Get theox out of the ditch.Hustle is not the only answer.What is procrastination and what does it mean? 7:39Procrastination is a learned behavior and an adversary.What procrastination really is.What is procrastination and how does it work? 9:24The word procrastination originated from the latin word pro.Procrastination lack of self-discipline.Procrastination is self harm. 11:31Procrastination is self-harm, says Dr pierce steele.Behavioral psychology research has revealed time inconsistency.Why procrastination is a bad reason to do it? 13:13Why procrastination is not a bad reason to procrastinate.The importance of prioritizing.Procrastination is habitual. 15:57Procrastination as a form of short-term mood repair.Addressing the habit of procrastination.How to avoid the snooze button? 18:20Avoid hitting the snooze button.Tackling the monster tasks today.Tackling big tasks early on is a healthy and energy replenishing discipline.Put in healthy metrics.
8/22/202323 minutes, 28 seconds
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535 | What We Tell Ourselves

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Top things to coach ourselves on. 0:00Welcome to the chrisliccardo show.The top advice and counsel for well-being.Battling the lies with the truths. 1:39We're all human, and life can be tough.The first question to ask yourself.How am I allowing situations to affect my worth? 3:12Struggling to know one's worth.Your worth is not what man thinks of you.How to set healthy boundaries. 5:09The first thing to do when someone is struggling.The importance of healthy boundaries.How does this apply to you? 7:24Emotionally handcuffed to the situation.Know what your worth is from god.Am I taking on unrealistic expectations of myself? 8:47Unrealistic expectations of others tied to worth and value.Being seen as a father.The struggle of being a father figure. 10:19Treasure being a father figure.Struggling with being seen as a father.Take responsibility and solve the problem. 12:03Start with yourself first.Recognize that it is the other person struggling.Busting it for god and the people he has given me to serve. 14:37Number three, busting it for god.Mission statement, worship god and serving others.What if we’re being selfish? 16:49Selfishness and self-centeredness can lead to self-destructive behavior.A healthy boundary is necessary.You can't afford to ignore these three aspects.Download the healthy vineyard for free.
8/15/202321 minutes, 20 seconds
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534 | What We Tell Married Couples (NLL)

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Introduction to today’s show. 0:00Top three things that Chris tells married couples.Top advice and counsel for couples.Couples tend to wrestle with similar problems. 0:57Couples tend to wrestle with similar problems in situations.The three top common things discussed today.How much do you know about your spouse? 2:48You have to keep learning about your spouse.Plan on learning for the rest of your marriage.Communication is a big struggle. 4:42Communication is a big struggle in a relationship.Ask questions instead of assuming.The fear of sounding stupid in front of his wife.Writing down his wife's desires.Get to know your spouse better. 8:47Spend time learning and getting to know your spouse.Kill as much selfishness as possible.Kill it all at all costs. 10:37Kill it at all costs, chris.Get out of the victim mentality.The more victim mentality, the more you will find yourself. 12:14The more victim mentality, the more selfishness and self-centeredness.Focus on others, not you.Taking time with his wife and family.Taking time to relax and enjoy each other.The importance of self care. 16:01Self-care is good, but it's not the only thing.The third thing.What Is love? Scripturally? 17:40The couple who learn to put god first.Love scripturally is selfless sacrifice.How to gain sacrificial love toward god. 19:11Learn how to serve each other incredibly well.Focus on relationship with god.Couples can't afford to ignore these important instructions.Learn each other's personality styles first.
8/8/202323 minutes, 15 seconds
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533 | What We Tell Business Owners & Leaders

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:What we tell people in top leadership positions. (0:00)Most people’s issues are common. (1:34)Your worth does not come from profit. (3:05)Your worth is based on what you produce. (4:54)How to kill the leadership crazy cycle. (9:21)How to lead others to success. (11:45)What to do after you kill the leadership crazy cycle? (12:49)You have to learn to lean in the direction of personality styles. (16:30)Setting up your team for success with communication. (18:29)The most profound thing you can do to learn a person. (20:22)
8/1/202324 minutes, 51 seconds
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532 | 3 Rules For Leading Effective Meetings

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:Why meetings are important to leaders? 0:00Meetings can be fun for some leaders.Meetings are not necessarily evil.Baking is like baking. 2:46Meeting expectations and why meetings stink in some people's minds.The great British bake-off.Meetings have an incredible purpose.Why do meetings suck as a whole, not as a group?How to make your meetings more effective. 6:51The three rules for effective meetings.The first rule is a new mindset.The meeting should always be attached to a strategy or purpose. 9:18The meeting should always be attached to a strategy or purpose.Meetings exist within the mission vision and strategies.There needs to be context and purpose to meetings.The number one purpose of a meeting.Meetings are powerful tools in the tool belt.The number one issue in business.Set the strategy and the purpose. 16:36Rule 2, set the strategy and purpose of the meeting.Define the strategy.Mission, vision, strategy, and goals.The mission is the destination. Vision is the strategy.Who needs to be in the room for a brainstorming session?Strategies for a productive meeting.Leaders are stuck in the leadership crazy cycle. 22:54The leadership crazy cycle.The power of going into meetings with intentionality.Curb your enthusiasm and curb your enthusiasm. 24:52Consistency in high-quality communication is key.Rule three, curb enthusiasm and energy for meetings.Meeting energy and leadership. 28:02The fulfillment of high-quality internal meetings.Why Brian is so enthusiastic about meetings.The one-on-one meeting that excites the person.The purpose of the meeting.Passion for creating quality workbooks for big events.The importance of due diligence in editing.The importance of setting yourself up for success. 36:47Giving feedback to team members is part of setting someone up for success.Meetings are important.Learning from your team members. 38:58Why meetings should exist.The bonus round to the three rules of meetings.The fourth rule, be a vulnerable leader.Hire smart people, not smart people.The importance of getting feedback from your team. 42:55Biggest aha moments in a meeting.The three rules for effective meetings.
7/25/202345 minutes, 45 seconds
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531 | 3 Rules For "Control Freak" Leaders

7/18/202340 minutes, 16 seconds
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530 | Client to Customer..

7/11/202344 minutes, 43 seconds
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529 | Are You Intentional With Relationships?

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:
7/4/202324 minutes, 46 seconds
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528 | The Emotions of Finances

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:How money can tug at our heartstrings. 0:00Unhealthy emotions holding you back from making sound financial decisions.Episode 511 mastering time and money.Bust your butt and make it happen. 2:18Struggling for money in his early years.Money meant a lot to him.Money is just information that gets transferred. 3:57Money is a tool, not an emotional thing.Money is not emotional.The importance of having enough money and having enough stuff. 6:17Gaining money is not a big priority.God is the provider of everything.How do we disconnect from money? 8:17How to disconnect from money.The first situation, panic, panic and bills.What’s ruling you in the area of finances? 10:29The emotional connection to money.Recognize and challenge your belief system.Challenge your existing thought process. 12:22Challenge your existing thought process.Fiercely face your fears.The importance of having a budget. 14:28Get a grip on what comes in and what goes out of your account.Budget, cut emotional spending.How to take your first paycheck and blow it. 16:26Take the first paycheck and blow it.Happiness is a choice, not a choice.The emotional litmus test. 18:05Emotionally handcuffed to every business decision.Examine your emotional attachment to your finances.Be grateful for what you have right now.Money can never make you happy.
6/27/202321 minutes, 45 seconds
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527 | Supporting Others In Their Crisis

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:How can leaders help people in crisis? 2:25How do I empathize with pain I’ve never experienced? 4:45It doesn’t mean you’re a terrible human being. 6:44We all have limits to our struggles. 8:09What if they’re truly addicted? 12:45How to avoid drowning yourself. 14:41You’re not obligated to help someone who’s drowning. 16:41Rescuing the caterpillar. 18:05Pain and suffering and struggle. 19:08
6/20/202322 minutes, 51 seconds
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526 | Five Keys For Working With Family

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:The challenges of working with family members. 0:01The advantages and disadvantages of working with family members. 2:26Clarify the culture and values. 4:59Blurring the line between relatives and colleagues. 8:59Why rehearse your cultural values? 11:25Call down to a neutral location. 16:29It’s not personal. It’s just business. 17:51our butt at work. 19:50Put accountability in place. 24:02Importance of celebrating the wins. 26:29
6/13/202331 minutes, 1 second
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525 | Identifying And Expressing Needs

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:What does it take to express needs? (0:00)Leveraging relational power. (5:57)Picking out the reality that doesn’t actually exist. (10:39)Why communication is the lifeblood of relationships? (15:15)What makes a need legitimate? (20:11)Get the help you need to get unstuck. (24:30)What and how to communicate expectations? (29:13)Healthy boundaries need to grow backbone. (32:55)
6/6/202348 minutes, 53 seconds
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524 | How To Push On The Leaders In Your Life

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:How to lead up influence and create change when you’re not in charge. (0:00)Leadership isn’t always top-down. (8:13)How positional leadership complicates things. (13:13)Practical ways to influence leaders in the workplace. (19:28)The power of healthy healthy communication. (25:22)How do you influence people around you? (30:36)
5/30/202338 minutes, 33 seconds
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523 | How To Kill The Leadership Crazy Cycle

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:How to kill the crazy cycle. (1:42)Leadership Crisis Cycle. (6:27)Organize your business. (10:32)The people part of leadership is the hardest part. (14:37)Get what’s on your plate written down. (18:23)The importance of budgeting your money. (23:38)
5/23/202336 minutes, 37 seconds
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522 | Trade Shows (Experiential Marketing)

What are trade shows and what are they about? (0:00)How trade shows can be beneficial to your business? (2:31)Pricing and expectations of the different shows. (6:46)How much should you put into your booth? (12:03)How to get your product in front of the consumer? (15:54)
5/16/20231 hour, 1 minute, 27 seconds
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521 | Getting a Grip on Grants

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:1. Leadership is more than just about success.0:002. Learn to lead yourself effectively.2:463. The king’s prayer.5:284. It’s wisdom to depend on god.7:415. Blocking out time to focus on your business.9:474. Develop your emotional intelligence.12:03
5/9/202343 minutes, 51 seconds
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520 | Seven Habits That Keep Leaders On Track

Use the time stamps below to get you to guide you better as a leader or individual Leadership is more than just about success. - 0:00Learn to lead yourself effectively. - 2:46The king’s prayer. - 5:28It’s wisdom to depend on god. - 7:41Blocking out time to focus on your business. - 9:47Develop your emotional intelligence. - 12:03The more you can empathise with people, the more you’ll succeed. - 14:37You have to learn from your failures. - 16:38Invest in yourself beyond leadership. - 19:21You can make time for important things - 20:49
5/2/202325 minutes, 14 seconds
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519 | The Dangers of Self-Pursuit

Use the time stamps below to get you to guide you better as a leader or individualIntroduction to today’s topic. - 0:10What Is narcissism? - 2:32Your world consists of just you. - 7:07What happens to you when you pursue yourself? - 9:42What we do and why we do it. - 14:28Hustling is not your most important value. - 16:33Self-sacrifice not self- pursuit is the way to a healthier. - 20:23Spend less time on your phone. - 22:27It’s not something that will just go away. - 25:46Life is more than food and clothes. - 27:42
4/25/202332 minutes, 23 seconds
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518 | Managing Unruly Team Members

Use the time stamps below to get you to guide you better as a leader or individualLeadership is not for wimps. It’s tough. - 0:00How do you deal with a disruptive team member? - 1:31The problem with the leader's ability to lead. - 6:26What is the underlying problem? - 8:55Discussing the culture. - 14:30You're choosing your consequence by choosing this consequence. - 19:05How to deal with a controlling personality style? - 21:31How to get out of control. - 26:11How can you possibly tell me I shouldn’t have outbursts when I’m doing the right thing? - 27:55Self-sabotage and the victim mentality. - 32:20
4/18/202335 minutes, 50 seconds
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517 | How To Stop Gossip

Hey, did you hear about what happened to so-and-so? Well, I heard that they broke up. And did you know that their company is bankrupt? Yeah, and I heard that they lied about the whole thing too. What a scandal! Well, they deserve it!On and on it goes, and I think you get the point. We’re talking about gossip on today’s show!Those pesky little lies and half-truths that ruin reputations, divide friends, and undermine trust.Even if the information is true, this shady kind of talk tends to do more harm than good.Gossip is defined as “idle talk” and speculation, but all of us know that it can quickly spiral out of control! It starts with little, unconfirmed details that paint others in a negative light.But, it doesn’t end there. These words are like matches: they will set things on fire. And there’s usually an intention, down under the surface… to put others down and lift ourselves up. The Hebrew word translated “gossip” in the Old Testament is defined as one who reveals secrets. The intention with those secrets is to disturb, to undermine, and even do harm.As leaders, whether in the home or the workplace, we work hard to protect the culture of our teams and families. But, in any garden, roots of bitterness, envy, and strife can take root.Before too long, weeds of gossip, dishonesty, and discord begin to crop up. It can be hard to keep them from spreading, once they’ve been let loose. So, what can we do about it?That’s what we’ll dig into in today’s episode!Grace and peace,Chris
4/11/202344 minutes, 21 seconds
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516 | How To Trust Again

Why is it tough to trust again?- 2:53The trust test.- 8:44Self-assess yourself and your relationships.-13:51It takes two people to trust.- 22:58Self-sabotage and self-protection.- 33:59How to build trust in the workplace.- 39:08
4/4/202345 minutes, 9 seconds
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515 | What Your Kids Need To Know About Money

A lot of parents tend to avoid topics like money when teaching their kids. Some parents may have grown up in a household where talking about it was taboo, and that’s understandable. A lot of people struggle with finances, and so it’s natural to avoid it!Others may think that children are just too young to learn about investing, savings and spending, or maybe they believe the topic is too complicated to explain to young minds. Whatever the case, avoiding the topic does NOT set kids up for success in the long run, and it may actually be doing them more harm than good! So, where are we going with this?My point is, whether you choose to teach your kids about money or not, they will learn it from someone. And that brings us to our guest on the show today, Paige Cornetet. Paige grew up in a home that didn’t just explain “tough” concepts like money management to their children, they immersed them in it, as her latest book My Dad’s Class explains. The eldest of four, Paige is passionate about helping parents teach children imperative life skills and financial management techniques. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband.We had a blast talking through her book and family dynamics, as well as discussing her tools designed for parents to introduce money topics to children, the Spend Then series.I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did, and I think you’ll definitely take something valuable away from it. Grace and peace,Chris
3/28/202356 minutes, 39 seconds
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514 | Restoring Your Resilience

One of the topics we get asked to deal with the most on this show is along the lines of strength, courage, and resilience. And it’s not strange, when you really stop to think about it!Plenty of things in this life can zap our strength, steal our courage, and drain our resources.Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’d admit that you could use more resilience. These are tough times, and we’ve no promise that tomorrow will be a bed of roses either. So, what are we talking about exactly? Resilience is our capacity to withstand difficult times and to recover quickly; it’s that old school toughness. It’s also a focused tenacity.It’s about how you can stay strong, courageous, and determined during trying times. And, in this episode, we’ll get into three ways for you to replenish your resilience. Just like digging a well, there are depths you’ve got to get down. I’m talking about the inner depths where you’ll find the resources you need to bounce back after getting pushed around. Can you picture yourself responding to difficulties and challenges like that? What if you were the kind of person who refused to kick back on a life of ease, timidity, or lethargy. Instead of being fearful of what problems could be waiting for you around the corner, what if you ran to meet those things head on? The good news? You can!Enjoy today’s episode,Chris
3/21/202339 minutes, 47 seconds
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513 | Cultivation: Part 3

This week, we’ll conclude our three part series called Cultivation. What are we cultivating? We’re cultivating leaders! And as we’ve seen, this is labor intensive, highly strategic, but also incredibly rewarding. In fact, leaders that we’ve seen get to this third phase of leadership are some of the happiest and most fulfilled that we know. Today, I want to share an inside secret as to why that is.Maybe you’ve finally got your team members being successful in their roles. Fantastic! And, you’ve been creating new leaders from those successful members… awesome!So, what’s next? Where’s all this going? Are we just making leaders in order to make leaders?Well, here are two “rules” of leadership that will help bring all of this into better focus.Rule #1: Good leaders create culture. This is part of a good leader's DNA, they create the culture of the business. They don’t allow culture to become whatever it wants to, they take careful action to get the culture they want.Rule #2: Culture creates the company.Why is culture so important? Because as the culture goes, so goes the company. Believe it or not, culture is one of the most valuable assets that your company has. Out of it can come really awesome, or really horrible things! Just like tending a garden, we’ve got to keep the weeds out!Let me spin all that around. You don’t like the company that you’ve got now? Then, change the culture. Don’t like the culture that you’ve got? Then we’re right back here … to leadership.That’s why we’re walking out this process in long form: 1) making others successful, then 2) developing new leaders, and finally 3) creating leadership teams from those new leaders.On today’s episode, we’ll find out what leadership teams have to do with the culture you want!Grace and peace,Chris
3/14/202343 minutes, 28 seconds
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512 | What I've Learned From Helping Toxic People

After 10 years of leading people through an in-depth, discovery process of themselves, our Next-Level Life event, I’ve discovered that a lot of people are hurting and discouraged.I’ve also found some great perspective that can help us to get unstuck and move forward!The problem is that it’s really easy to blame others, our circumstances, or past failures for not getting ahead in life. However, in most cases, it’s that we’re standing in our own way!That’s not an easy truth to swallow, but acknowledging that we are, at times, our own worst enemy is a step in the right direction. It helps us start addressing the wounds in our hearts.On today’s show, I’m joined once again by one of our team members, as we dive into how toxicity accumulates inside of us and weighs us down. But, what does it mean to be toxic?Toxins are basically poison. They kill or destroy health. It’s anti–life, health, and flourishing. Imagine a wound that we received in our mind, that gets infected and won’t go away. That wound has to be cleaned, disinfected, and mended, so it can heal. So that we can heal.As we shift our focus from what others may have “done to us” and onto “us”, we can more easily see the changes that need to be made. We can also make sure we’re not infecting others!This way, we can start living a better, healthier, and more authentic life.Enjoy today’s episode!Chris
3/7/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 46 seconds
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511 | Mastering Time and Money

Relationships, time, and money. These are probably the three greatest personal assets that you’ll ever have the privilege (and the responsibility) of managing. When we don’t steward these things well, we end up experiencing difficulty and pain in life. That’s why we talk so much about healthy relationships around here. We dig into topics like setting healthy boundaries, where we get our worth, and surface level responses.Why? These tools help us to reframe our relationships (with ourselves and others) in a healthier way. But, what about having a healthy relationship with your time and money? Without a healthy view of our resources, these blessings can become a curse. What we don’t steward well can actually start to control and manipulate us. We start to get our worth from these things, and our sense of value and significance gets twisted.If we don’t rightly relate to our assets, then they will absolutely enslave us. We start to believe lies. Conflict and control creeps in. We fail to put boundaries, and then we find ourselves at the mercy of these things … but there is hope.On today’s episode, I want to show you how God intends for each of us to be the master - and not the slave - of the resources that He entrusts us with.Grace and peace, Chris
2/28/202338 minutes, 53 seconds
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510 | Cultivation: Developing New Leaders

Today we continue our series called Cultivation. And what are we cultivating? Leaders.If you didn’t catch part one, you’ll want to go back and listen to episode 504 on Making Others Successful. It’s one of our favorite things to talk about around here!Why? “Your job as a leader is to make your team successful, and not the other way around.”Let me highlight one of the main points that we hit last time, because you’ve got to get this before you can move forward and really start to grow the leaders around you… Your greatest challenge and your greatest success as a leader will be making others great. Making them successful. Building them into something more than they are now.Let me say it another way, you’re in the construction business … the business of building others up and making them successful in their role on your team.Now, let me give you three keys to know when you’re being a successful builder of other people.When someone you serve grows out of selfishness and serves the good of others, you are a successful builder.When someone you lead gains more responsibility, including a healthy respect from the team, you are a successful builder.When someone that you’ve inspired goes on to do more than they ever thought they were capable of, you are a successful builder.Today, we’ll dig into even more helpful content about developing the people around you.Enjoy today’s show, Chris
2/21/202348 minutes, 44 seconds
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509 | Tales From The Life Side

Taking people through an in depth, two-day, transformative process was something of a side-project early on in our company’s development. Fast forward ten years and over 500 events later, and it’s easy to see that the Next-Level Life coaching event has become an integral part of what we do. On the business side, we coach leaders on how to get unstuck, gain perspective, and stay out of the Crazy Cycle that has them focusing on tasks instead of people and the bigger picture. But, have you ever experienced similar struggles in your personal life? Here’s what I mean.Maybe you’ve felt blocked by your circumstances, a knee-jerk reaction to things, or even past choices that you made. I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives.It can be hard to get out of those deep ruts on your own, without the tools, perspective, and support of others. That’s why we created this event, and even improved it over the years. On today’s episode, we’ll pull back the curtain on our process, the people that have come through, and the transformation that they’ve experienced, during and after their event.I’m joined again by our coaches in the studio, and together we’ll dig into this powerful event. Enjoy today’s show!Chris
2/14/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 11 seconds
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508 | Tales From The Business Side

Leaders frequently struggle in very specific and vital areas of their business. To make matters worse, they tend to lack actionable clarity and they can often feel alone in their roles.Maybe you’ve been here too, stuck in the Crazy Cycle and unable to scale. Teams often lack the quality communication necessary to thrive, and they unknowingly harbor toxic work cultures.After helping thousands of people take on challenges like these in their businesses, we’ve learned a few things about leaders and their teams that you’ll find both surprising and helpful.Uncovering the gaps that exist in your business, between knowledge and implementation, is key to seeing the change that you desire. I can tell you that it takes persistence and a new perspective to discover those gaps, and that’s where we come in.This month, we have the awesome privilege of celebrating TEN YEARS of making a difference in leaders’ lives, leading them to perspective, and helping them to take their businesses to the Next-Level!In this episode, I’m joined by our fabulous coaches Aaron West and Joel Fortner. Together, we’re going to walk you through the specialized areas of teaching, coaching, and training that we do, as well as share helpful takeaways that businesses and leaders need to know!Don’t miss this episode!Chris
2/7/202351 minutes, 56 seconds
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507 | Perfection vs. Excellence

So many people who wrestle with perfectionism never get to excellence. Is that you? Well, maybe you’d say, no Chris, I’m a failure not a perfectionist. It’s ironic, but failure is closer to excellence than you might think, and perfection is actually farther away!Excellence is one of our core values, and it’s the goal that we shoot for all the time. But, as much as we talk about it, we don’t hit the mark every single time. At times, we do fail.Which brings up this question, asked by one of our clients recently. And maybe you’re struggling with the same question: Is excellence the same as perfection?Well, they can be easy to confuse … especially when you don’t understand failure. Which brings us to our topic today. We want to distinguish excellence from perfection.And, that means that we need to define failure first. On today’s episode, we’ll dig into what separates perfection from excellence, and see where failure comes into the mix. If you’re a perfectionist, this episode is for you. If you feel like you’re a failure, this is for you. If you have a heart to do things with excellence, either in your personal life or in business… You guessed it, this episode is for you!Grace and peace,Chris
1/31/202327 minutes, 10 seconds
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506 | What Is Setting Someone's Reality?

You’ve probably heard us talk about making others successful. It’s one of our core pursuits here. In fact, we just did a whole show on this a few weeks back, episode no. 504.Well, there’s a flip side to all of that: it’s when we throw obstacles in another person’s way. The sad thing is that most of us have probably done this at some point in our lives, and we’ve likely had it done to us as well. It sucks and it’s becoming more common all the time!Setting someone’s reality is a divisive way to trip others up and make them stumble.Another hot topic nowadays is gaslighting. That’s manipulating someone in order to make them question their own perspective or reality. And that’s really close to setting someone’s reality.Folks typically do stuff like this in times of conflict with others, or when feeling out of control.On the show today, how to keep your reality from being set by others, and maybe even more importantly, how to make sure you’re not doing the same thing to other people!Grace and peace, Chris
1/24/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 44 seconds
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505 | The Psychology of a Scarcity-Mindset

Ever feel like there’s not enough time or money? Maybe the bills are piling upYour tasks feel overwhelmingYou’re living paycheck to paycheckYou feel like you’re just getting byThe appointments are too many to keepIt’s easy to fall into the trap of scarcity thinking. We’ve probably all been there at one time or another. But, what do you do if it becomes a habit and then you feel stuck?A scarcity mindset is when you’re so obsessed with the lack of something — usually time or money — that you can't focus on anything else, no matter how hard you try. And, over time, that deficit starts to grow in your mind. The research says that it could also start to affect you in reality. What you think about too much can make a deep impact.This is a trained behavior, rooted in fear and anxiety. And it must be unlearned. It requires a focus shift, and on today’s show we’re going to talk about that shift in mindset. Before we dig in, however, let me ask you to self-assess. Where do you find a kind of persistent negative self-talk in your life? Phrases like these:I can’t…I don’t have…I won’t be able to…I’m not enough…I’ll never be…It’s too tough…There’s not enough…There’s too much competition…They won’t accept me…Are you ready to kick the scarcity-mentality habit? Then let’s take a step towards a healthier, freer life together. Join me on today’s episode for the paradigm shift you’ve been waiting for!Grace and peace,Chris
1/17/202333 minutes, 17 seconds
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504 | Cultivating Leaders, P1: Making Others Successful

Hey leaders, we’ve got a power-packed new series coming at you!First up, your job as a leader is to make your team successful, and not the other way around. But, I’ll tell you a secret. If you’ll spend the time and invest the effort… if you’ll make your team successful … then THEY will eventually make YOU successful.A lot of companies aren’t thriving, because the leader is trying to be the big success story. Here’s a spoiler … being a leader … a true, mature, successful leader … involves a few critical elements. These will be incredibly challenging, but also very rewarding. In fact, one of your highest callings, and one of the most fulfilling aspects of your leadership role, will be connected with one of these three servant-based activities:1) Making other people successful, then2) Developing some of them into leaders3) And making those leaders into a teamIn today's episode, we’ll dig into the practice of just HOW to make your team successful.But, here’s what I can tell you at the outset, before we even get started. Are you ready? Immature leaders will spend most of their time asking, what can others do for me? If this is you, then you’ve got your work cut out for you!So, join me on this episode to turn that around!Grace and peace, Chris
1/10/202340 minutes, 16 seconds
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503 | Undermining The Crises of Life

Welcome to a brand new year! It’s 2023 and I’ve got some good perspective for you.Tough times are guaranteed to come. Not what you were looking for? Don’t despair, there’s good news that comes along with that. But, let’s evaluate for a moment. How did you feel when you read that part about tough times being guaranteed? If you’re like a lot of people, maybe your heart may have sunk a little bit. Maybe you started worrying.You might’ve even responded by saying, No Chris, the tough times are already here! Well, here’s the thing. It can become an automated response to go into panic mode or feel traumatized by even the smallest kind of distress. Nowadays, it’s “normal” to feel overwhelmed with even one more task getting added to your to-do list. It’s normal that just the slightest bit of stress steals your joy. But it doesn’t have to be that way! What if you could get the upper hand? What if you could start to undermine the crises that are undermining your quality of life?Undermining the crises of life begins with disciplining yourself, your thoughts, and your mind. You can actually control your feelings, your thoughts, and your responses. But it takes practice!Learning to respond to little crises with strength, courage, and resilience will prepare you for bigger crises.In today's episode, I hope you’ll lean into this good perspective on how to tackle bad situations. You’ll see how to undermine a crisis, instead of allowing tough times to tackle you. Prepare yourself to live well, respond well, and help others in this brand-new year!Grace and peace, Chris
1/3/202343 minutes, 8 seconds
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502 | What's The Difference? People Pleasing vs. Servant's Heart

What’s the difference between people-pleasing and having a real servant’s heart?Of course, no one wants to be taken advantage of. And it’s good to have healthy boundaries and not let others walk all over you. We talk a lot about that around here!On the other hand, how many times have you tried to do “the right thing”, and then had some kind of conflict in your heart about it afterwards? What were you really trying to accomplish?Yup, now you’ve got your finger on it! It all comes down to our inner motives.Scripture tells us not to be motivated by being seen or recognized by others for our good deeds. It tells us that we should be trying to please God rather than other people. Pretty simple.The problem is that some personality styles are more inclined to pleasing others, and will often move past healthy boundaries in order to feel better about themselves. Root Systems!And even if you’re not one of “those” personality styles, I’ll bet you’ve got some tiny triggers that are programmed into your thinking that can put undue pressure on your good intentions. So, how can you tell whether our motives are genuine? What I mean is, how do we know that we’re not seeking the welfare of others in an effort to increase our own sense of worth? Well, that’s what we dive into on today’s episode. You won’t want to miss this interesting conversation. You might find out something surprising about yourself, just like Brian did!Grace and peace,Chris
12/27/202254 minutes, 50 seconds
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501 | How To Position Yourself For Promotion

Are you positioned to be promoted?As we approach a new year, most people begin 1) reflecting on the year that’s ending, and 2) wondering if they’re positioned to get ahead, to lead, or to grow in the year to come.We all know that there’s nothing magical about the calendar resetting to January first. But for many people, this time of year offers a brief pause to consider their lives, habits, and ambitions. Here’s the deal: you have to put your life together by yourself: thought by thought and action by action. It’s not what you’ve already done that defines you as much as what you’ll do next. To get ahead, move up, or go further, you can’t rest on your laurels, thinking I’ve finally arrived.Life doesn’t give prizes for “been there - done that.” We are creatures made to grow higher, dig deeper, and mature to a fruitful state. But, how do you know if you’re actually making progress?How can you determine if you’re even thinking in line with what success could or even should look like for you? Some people wrestle with the very concept of promotion and just opt-out.In this episode, we’re going to challenge the core concept of what promotion is, determine what it should look like for you, and then help you to examine whether or not you’re on the right path.Don’t let lies and faulty assumptions hold you back from the better life that you really want! Enjoy this episode!Chris
12/20/202250 minutes, 17 seconds
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500 | Special 500th Anniversary Episode

We’re so excited to celebrate 9 years of this podcast with you today!To commemorate this 500th episode, we’re going to talk about what YOU’VE said about this podcast, what YOU want to hear more of, and that’s not all…We’re also going to announce some of our giveaway winners! So, you’ll want to tune in.And, not just for the prizes. The information that you provided through our 500th Giveaway survey has been compiled and the results are in! You might be surprised by what we learned.On this episode, I’m joined by Joel Fortner and Aaron West, and together we’re taking a look at WHY your favorite themes are so important. Let me give you just two examples now.One of the most impactful topics over the last year was identifying the lies. Wow, this is so important. We spent several episodes on this, hitting it from different angles. Why?Most people are unaware of the lies that they’re believing, until they’re confronted with the truth. Even then, it can be hard to unlearn what they’ve programmed themselves to believe. However, without dealing with the lies, they’re going to stay stuck in familiar but unhealthy patterns. These habits and cycles can cause them to be unfruitful in life and relationships. Talking about cycles, another hot topic this year was beating the Crazy Cycle. This is a HUGE problem for so many leaders. And it takes focus, effort, and hard work to break out of.These are just a few of the things that we’ll dig into today, so don’t miss this episode!Grace and peace,Chris
12/13/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 27 seconds
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499 | The Positive Benefits of Saying No

Do you like being told “no” to something that you want to do? Very few people like to hear that word. And a lot of people don’t like telling other people “no”, especially when they want to make those people happy.Why? Because this tiny word packs a powerful punch! To make matters worse, we usually think of it as a negative word, something to be avoided entirely.However, the truth about the word “no” is actually really freeing, for those who choose to embrace it. It can become a tool used to protect and empower.Think about it. It takes real courage to decline an opportunity or shut the door on a relationship. But, this could be the very thing that frees you up, empowers you to move on to more important things, and protects you from being taken advantage of. Someone once said, it’s the setting of limits that introduces us to liberty.Ironically, it’s the setting up of boundaries, whether for ourselves or for others, that creates the very space of freedom and liberty that we’re inwardly craving. On today’s podcast, we’re talking about how freedom begins and ends with this little word.No one is an island. We live in a world surrounded by other people. Saying “no” is a choice we can make that will create new space, new freedom, and new opportunities.Remember: saying no to one thing is saying yes to something else.Enjoy today’s episode!Chris
12/6/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 28 seconds
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498 | The Lies Villains Tell Themselves, Part 2

11/29/202228 minutes, 14 seconds
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497 | The Lies Villains Tell Themselves, Part 1

How has examining victim mentality changed or challenged your thinking?Exposing the lies and combating them with the truth will help us to live a life that’s healthy and full of meaning. Victim mentality is just one way that we can rob ourselves of that better life.And while we’ve probably all “played the victim” card - more than a few times - it can be really tough to see when we’re being a bully. Now, you may be thinking, but I’m a nice person, I’d never hurt a fly… Well, let’s walk though this a bit.Everyone goes through seasons in life when insecurities drive them to make poor choices, to lean into others, or even push them around. We’ve all been there, especially when we lose our sense of worth or we wrestle with unhealthy behavior patterns.Think about it. No one is immune to the weights, wounds, and disappointments of life. Have you ever put pressure on someone else to get your own way?Have you ever used emotions, words, or actions to get others to conform?Have you ever uncovered someone else’s weaknesses in order to hide your own?I’ve said this before, without examining our lives, thoughts, and actions, our tendency is to get stuck in harmful and distorted thinking patterns. Without even realizing it, we might even be harming others to get what we want or what we think we need.Today, we expose the other side of Victimhood by looking at the lies that Villains tell themselves. Don’t be afraid to uncover the truth, look at yourself in the mirror, and take the necessary steps to change for the better. Your life - that better life you’ve always wanted - is waiting for you. And, I can tell you that your relationships with others will benefit as well!Enjoy today’s episode,Chris
11/22/202218 minutes, 39 seconds
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496 | The Lies Victims Tell Themselves, Part 2

Have you ever played the “victim-card”? I’m sure that we all have at one time or another. Why? We’ve all been duped into believing some of the Lies Victims Tell Themselves. Here’s the deal, we all struggle with untrue recorded memos in our heads, whether about ourselves or other people, and those recordings are often set to repeat on endless loops. These untruths, or lies, that we tell ourselves usually manifest in two distinct ways: encouraging us to act as innocent victims or evil villains. Acting out, in either way, can be really unhealthy!On today’s episode, we’re going to take some time to examine our lives and make sure that we’re living authentically by learning to interrupt these distorted thought patterns. So, what’s the first step? We’ve got to recognize the lies holding us back from embracing the good life we’re meant to live! I’m sure you’re acquainted with at least a few of these:I’m not good enoughI’ll never measure upEveryone’s against meIt’s not (ever) my fault!My life is just a messLife is out of controlDo any of those sound familiar? The “victim-mentality” lens colors everything we see, every event and interaction, as something that’s happening “to us” - and not for our good.But, what happens when we wake up from victimhood? What happens when we discover that we are actually in control of our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions?Find out on today’s episode!Grace and peace, Chris
11/15/202226 minutes, 6 seconds
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495 | The Lies Victims Tell Themselves, Part 1

Have you ever played the “victim-card”? I’m sure that we all have at one time or another. Why? We’ve all been duped into believing some of the Lies Victims Tell Themselves. Here’s the deal, we all struggle with untrue recorded memos in our heads, whether about ourselves or other people, and those recordings are often set to repeat on endless loops. These untruths, or lies, that we tell ourselves usually manifest in two distinct ways: encouraging us to act as innocent victims or evil villains. Acting out, in either way, can be really unhealthy!On today’s episode, we’re going to take some time to examine our lives and make sure that we’re living authentically by learning to interrupt these distorted thought patterns. So, what’s the first step? We’ve got to recognize the lies holding us back from embracing the good life we’re meant to live! I’m sure you’re acquainted with at least a few of these:I’m not good enoughI’ll never measure upEveryone’s against meIt’s not (ever) my fault!My life is just a messLife is out of controlDo any of those sound familiar? The “victim-mentality” lens colors everything we see, every event and interaction, as something that’s happening “to us” - and not for our good.But, what happens when we wake up from victimhood? What happens when we discover that we are actually in control of our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions?Find out on today’s episode!Grace and peace, Chris
11/8/202225 minutes, 28 seconds
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494 | How To Help Your Team Own The Vision

Ever get that sneaking suspicion that not everyone on the team is fully onboard with where you’re going as a company? It’s more common than you might think!Getting others to buy-in to your vision is a challenge, but it’s not impossible and it can be highly rewarding! Can you imagine what it would be like for your team to become fully engaged?There’s nothing like having your entire company owning the vision and running with it!Imagine the possibilities! But that’s not where most business owners are. Sadly, most struggle to “convince” their teams of the destination and the best way to get there. That’s what we want to discuss today. In this episode, Brian and Joel take a stab at what it takes to develop a culture of community and commitment around the goals you’ve set.Here’s the deal: if your team can’t see how they’re connected to the vision, they’ll be reluctant to own their part in it. It won’t make sense to them. And they won’t be able to help you achieve it.But, if they’re connected, committed, and cooperative then the sky’s the limit! Don’t miss this episode!Chris
11/1/202246 minutes, 34 seconds
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493 | How To Really Connect With Customers

No matter what industry your business is in, you’ve likely got customers or clients that you have to interact with. But, how do you know if you’re really connecting with them?Do you know their needs, wants, or desires? Sure, maybe you do your fair share of market research, but do you have a connection with your clients that goes beyond the statistics? Have you developed a relationship, as much as possible in your field, that helps you intuitively anticipate their needs, even their motives, for buying your products or hiring your services?For some business owners, a client can become little more than a number; a means to a profitable end. Well, hopefully profitable. But, in our experience, this approach backfires!If you’ve ever found yourself seeing clients this way, then it probably wasn’t too long before you discovered that the ends don’t justify the means, at least not in the long run. Your relationship with your customer is the primary lifeline you have to a healthy and profitable future. Here’s the deal: no matter what business you have, what product or service that you offer, “You are in the people business”, first and foremost. So, how do you create a culture of consistent care for clients in your business? And how can you effectively communicate that care - through your team - to your customers?On today’s episode, Joel and Brian take a deep dive into the motivation and methodology behind developing a stronger connection with your customer. Don’t miss this episode!Chris
10/25/202237 minutes, 45 seconds
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492 | Why Can't I Just Use A Job Description?

You probably use some kind of Job Description in your recruiting and hiring processes, right? But, what are you using in order to keep your team members on track once they're on board? Maybe you’ve had your folks ask questions like: “Am I doing a good job”, “Am I doing the right things”, or “What would you want me to do differently”? These are great questions!But what they indicate is that your process is missing something important. Enter KRAs.Maintaining excellence, holding folks accountable to goals, and coaching them towards higher performance requires something more than just task lists and project assignments.That’s why we talk so much about KRAs, or Key Result Areas. In fact, we do tons of coaching and training along this line in order to help leaders discover the benefits of this tool.So, from time to time, we like to revisit this topic and tease out different aspects that we haven’t covered before, as well as help people to see what they’re missing out on.KRAs, which are sometimes referred to as Key Responsibility Areas, are a huge asset to leaders wanting to create a high performance culture on their teams. But not only that!While KRAs help define goals, they also provide the means to measure them. Remember, goals must be actionable, obtainable, and also quantifiable. That’s where Job Descriptions fail.Joined once again in the studio by Brian, we take a look at some of our own client’s questions and comments about using KRAs on their teams. We also address this question head-on, Why Can’t I Just Use A Job Description?What we discover may surprise you! Especially as we dig into the benefits that leaders receive from having to think through the vision and goals for each team member’s role. Enjoy today’s episode!Chris
10/18/202243 minutes, 57 seconds
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491 | Risks & Rewards: Communication

How would you rate yourself as a communicator on a scale of 1 to 10?Most of the time, leaders and their teams think they’re doing just fine. However, most are seriously mistaken!After a careful assessment of team dynamics and interpersonal communication among leaders and team members, we discover time after time that quality communication is missing.High levels of quality communication can be your team’s greatest asset, while the lack of this kind of communication - at high levels - can absolutely be your greatest liability. There’s just no way around it. The number #1 issue that we see holding leaders and teams back from greater unity and greater growth is a LACK of high quantities of high quality communication. There are several reasons that leaders tend to get held back in this area: things like fear, anxiety, stress, poor processes and time management being among the top contenders. Communication, we discover, is also a risky business. There are so many things that can go wrong, including losing face as a leader or followers getting offended. So, how do we manage the Risks and Rewards of communication?On today’s show, we’re going to take a deeper look at communication, and try to solve this dilemma for leaders and team members alike. It’s worth the effort, I promise you.Greater unity, growth, and job satisfaction are just some of the rewards waiting for you!I hope you enjoy this episode!Grace and peace,Chris
10/11/202233 minutes, 18 seconds
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490 | Why Can’t I Just Cope?

How do you know if your coping skills are actually helping you in life or holding you back?There are different kinds of coping skills or strategies. For example, some focus on emotions, some on problems, some help us to disconnect from stressful circumstances, and others are basically social or religious support systems. And these things aren’t bad, I mean, they might actually help you to get you through a crisis or two… but are they a good long-term strategy? Well, not if they don’t address the problem! While they might help us to feel better in the short run, masking our real feelings and emotions does little to empower us to understand what’s happening (and why) in the long run.Think about it. Counting to ten, taking a walk in a park, stopping a moment to pray, and even cleaning or organizing a messy room may help us avoid lashing out in anger or breaking down in tears. But if that’s all we’re doing, then we’re not actually dealing with the underlying cause.On today’s episode, I sit down with Brian as he asks the question, “Why can’t I just cope?” An honest question, especially when so many people are feeling triggered and traumatized.Coping is like wearing designer eyeglasses, instead of getting the corrective surgery you need. It may feel cool or attract some attention, but if it doesn’t actually fix the problem, then it’ll keep manifesting and get worse over time, leading you to use other coping skills or even vices. Hope you enjoy this important episode!Grace and peace,Chris
10/3/202232 minutes, 42 seconds
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489 | Developing Your Personal Growth Plan

You were created to grow, thrive, and flourish. You weren’t created to barely get by, wander aimlessly through life, or just maintain the status quo. In fact, that’s contrary to your very design!In fact, when we’re not doing what we’re created to do, fulfilling our God-given purpose and growing into what He created us to be, then we’ll have a hard time enjoying life to its fullest.Viktor Frankl said, When a person can't find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure. But, that pleasure is often temporary, and serves only to distract us from purpose.But things like joy, fulfillment, and growth are not necessarily easy to find. In fact, obtaining a deep sense of purpose takes time: it takes deliberate effort and developmental growth.Today, we want to dig into the soil of one of your core needs: to grow, thrive, and flourish as God created you to. And the story of our growth as human beings began in a garden, long ago.In that garden, God gave Adam and Eve work to do, things to enjoy, as well as things to avoid. Gardens are messy and take time to cultivate, but there are rich rewards for those who do it!John Maxwell says, Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better. We can probably say this too: if we choose not to grow, then we’re guaranteed nothing will get better!So, join me in doing the hard work of developing your personal growth mindset!Enjoy today’s episode,Chris
9/27/202228 minutes, 54 seconds
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488 | Leaving Your Job: The Right Way, The Right Time

Should I stay or should I go? That can be a loaded question when it comes to employment.It’s no secret, transitions are stressful, especially when looking to change jobs. And, knowing how to leave a dead-end job, the right way and at the right time, can be a real challenge.Statistically, this is one of the most pressing questions in today’s workplace. However, with so many jobs available, how do you know when to make a change or even if you should?Where I live, in Middle Tennessee, there are wanted signs everywhere I look. And, I don't mean a search for on-the-run criminals, haha! I’m talking about employers ready to hire workers!On the podcast today, I want to walk you through a process of assessment of yourself, as well as your situation, in order to accurately discern if you’re ready for this kind of transition.You don’t have to stay stuck in a role or at a company where you don’t fit, and now may be the perfect time to prepare yourself for what’s coming up next in life. Let’s get to work!Enjoy today’s episode, Chris
9/20/202232 minutes
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487 | Why Character Counts (and why it gets discounted)

Today we’re learning why character counts, and why it gets discounted so quickly. In modern culture, character is one of the last virtues to get noticed, even though it's responsible for the rise (and fall) of many. From preachers to politicians to parents and business CEOs, character matters.Without character you won’t last, but that’s not to say that it’s the easier path. Far from it. The road to character is an upward climb; it’s the narrower path, the one less traveled. And yet, it’s the surest way to longevity and, quite frankly, sanity in a world gone mad.Character is like the DNA coding of your unique soul. Your mind, will, and emotions are all responsible for contributing to and creating the components of your character.Around here, we like to say that character is who you are when no one else is looking. And while that’s true, it also bleeds into everything else that you say and do, regardless of who’s around. Whether you know that someone’s watching you or not, your character is hard at work.Character is who you are - the real you - deep down to your core. It’s arguably the most important asset in your life. It’s a treasure to be guarded and a garden to be cultivated.Your character determines how you are likely to speak, act, and behave …And those words, attitudes, and actions ultimately determine the results you get out of life. Character largely determines and becomes part of your destiny. So, let’s dive into why character counts, why it gets discounted, and what you can do about it!I hope you enjoy this episode!Grace and peace,Chris
9/13/202224 minutes, 50 seconds
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486 | Risks & Rewards: Accountability

Have you ever felt a slight hesitation before confronting a team member, coworker, or even a family member on a goal that they set or a commitment that they made? I think we all have. What’s that tinge of uncertainty or anxiety pointing us to? It’s probably something from our Root System that’s afraid of a negative outcome, the possibility of conflict, or something worse.And while we’ve all seen it abused, when we truly understand what real accountability is, it can become something that’s helpful, healthy, and even life-giving. It’s necessary for growth!On today’s podcast, I want to take a deep dive into the Risks and Rewards of holding others accountable. Now, let me clarify what I mean by “holding others accountable”. This is so important to understand: accountability means lovingly helping others to succeed. That’s it. Not as heavy as you thought, right? That’s because we’ve all got examples in our lives when others held us accountable, but their intentions were… well, neither loving nor helpful.But, if you get this concept, it could be a game changer in your business and your personal life. Lovingly helping others to succeed is one of the greatest keys to success a leader can learn.I hope you enjoy this episode!Grace and peace,Chris
9/6/202241 minutes, 22 seconds
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485 | Three Rules For Changing Your Financial Trajectory

Feeling stuck or out of control with your finances? You’re not alone. That’s why these three rules for changing your financial trajectory are so important.When you really think about it, what do you imagine is currently holding you back from reaching your desired financial destination? Is it that debt that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Do you feel like you never get the traction that you need towards your goals?Is it that dreaded budget conversation with a spouse or business partner that you just don’t want to have? Don’t let a sense of helplessness or hopelessness keep you from making the changes necessary to change the direction of your finances! Whatever’s holding you back, I promise you that there’s a way through the decision-making maze to get you where you want to go. Sometimes, a little nudge can go a long way towards making that dream a reality. On today’s show, Joel, Brian, and I discuss three rules to help nudge you - or push if necessary - to help you get unstuck and on your way today.Enjoy this episode, Chris
8/30/202252 minutes, 40 seconds
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484 | Limiting Factors: Are Processes Holding Your Capacity Captive? P2

You’ve probably encountered a roadblock like this before. The person on the other end of line or behind the plexiglass partition, a person responsible for “serving customers” and resolving problems, says something to the effect of “No ma’am, I’m sorry, that’s just not our policy, or I can’t help you with that, or no we don’t do it that way.”Whatever happened to the idea of customer service? It can easily get limited by processes.You likely didn’t feel well served or like your problem was addressed at that moment. In general, businesses offer products and/or services that help to resolve the problems of others. They try to make their lives better, easier, and more enjoyable. But, it doesn’t always work out that way.Sometimes we encounter the policies, procedures, and processes of businesses that make them unable to provide the resolve that we’re after. We can feel stuck and even out of control. Maybe we end up frustrated, with no one to appeal to. And what comes next is less than ideal.Then we’ll likely try to avoid using their product or service again as a way of avoiding frustration.Now, let’s turn this table around and change our perspective a bit. Where are your business policies, practices, or procedures holding your capacity captive? One of the biggest reasons that businesses get blocked is that their own processes are limiting their growth and capacity.It’s time to take a good look at how unhealthy policies could be holding your capacity captive.I hope you enjoy this episode!Grace and peace,Chris
8/23/202215 minutes, 30 seconds
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483 | Limiting Factors: Are Processes Holding Your Capacity Captive? P1

When’s the last time you came across a really well-oiled machine?Well, you might not have even known it was there! Yup, and that’s kind of the point. Processes blending seamlessly into the structure that they serve and support is a beautiful thing.It’s really only when we run into a process that’s out of date or out of touch that we recognize there’s something that’s wrong with the picture. In today’s episode, we want to talk about the positive side of processes, the side that has the potential to catapult your business forward.If information and communication are the central nervous system of your organization, then process and procedure are its spine, giving it structure and stability.We create and implement processes in our businesses that give form and structure, but also extend the capacity of our team! At the same time, we scrutinize these processes relentlessly as soon as they stop delivering the results that we want!Here’s the deal: all things change, your clients’ needs change, your team members change, etc.Process gives form and structure to your organization, but they must remain flexible.Let’s take a look at how healthy processes could help your business scale to success!Enjoy today’s episode!Grace and peace,Chris
8/16/202223 minutes, 52 seconds
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482 | How Not To Take Things Personally

Look, don’t take this personally, ok?Sounds like good advice, right? But how many times have you been able to follow it? We tend to look at things that are going on around us as if they're actually happening to us.When we're struggling, we can be pretty quick to be the victim, and slow to take responsibility.To make matters worse, there are all kinds of things from our past, buried in our Root System, that come to the surface whenever we’re “triggered”. Instantly, a specific trauma or situation from our past is relived. Have you ever taken criticism poorly, and then had one or more of these reactions?Your self-worth felt jeopardizedYou retreated into victim mentalityYou held onto it like it was an insultFelt like your character was being attackedYour mind couldn’t let it go. And why is that?Taking things personally creates a negative feedback loop that’s tough to break out of.Ideally, we should take a more objective stance; one that’s open-hearted and appropriate to whatever situation we find ourselves in. However, our knee-jerk reaction is spontaneous, and usually an under or over reaction. What if we could respond in a healthier way?How can we learn to NOT take things personally, and instead keep a steady balance, an open mind, and an objective perspective? Today, I want to tackle this topic with you.Grace and peace, Chris
8/9/202227 minutes, 9 seconds
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481 | How Not To Take Work Home With You

Ever get the feeling that your workload is following you home at the end of the day? It might even take on a presence, like a little lost puppy. And if you decide to feed it, oh geez, you might never get rid of it! Taking your work home from the office can quickly get out of control.Nowadays, it takes discipline and intentionality to separate yourself from your work, especially if your work is done at your home office. I mean, it’s hard to find the boundaries, determine the cut off point, and find space to actually disconnect and rest.Whether or not you have the luxury of a traditional commute to and from your workplace, technology makes it all too easy to blur the lines between the home and office.Meanwhile, your mental and physical health can suffer, relationships get taxed, and stress levels on all sides of the equation can start to rise.Borders and boundaries can be incredibly helpful in identifying where work and home begin and end, but the reality is that these two often overlap. Definition and clarity are essential skills, especially for you business owners!On today’s episode, I sat down with Brian to answer the question of how NOT to take your work home with you. I’ll give you a spoiler though, there are no quick fixes here!Depending on your personality type, family situation, your role at work, etc. there can be many strings attached to this question. So, give a listen as we help you to separate who you are from what you do.Enjoy today’s episode, Chris
8/2/202229 minutes, 56 seconds
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480 |What Happens When Leaders Train Their Teams Well?

Wanted: looking for someone to lead a confident, creative, and highly effective team of people. Would you apply for that job? Well, you can actually have that kind of a team, as well as other tangible and measurable benefits, but you just have to do one thing to get it. Leaders who train their teams well, investing time and resources, reap the rewards!People are your greatest asset as a leader, and the role of the leader is to lead your team to success, not the other way around. So, why do so many leaders struggle here?Oh there’s a whole list of reasons… From time crunches to Crazy Cycles, from misplaced priorities to misallocated resources, we’ve heard it all when leading leaders and business owners through their strategic planning event in our offices. And it’s painful to see them stuck!I can tell you that most leaders struggle with pushing through this barrier, and rarely get to see what’s on the other side, without some outside help. But until they start training their teams well, they’ll never get to the kind of scalability and strategic execution that’s possible for their business.Maybe it’s not your team that’s holding you and your business back after all. Find out what happens when leaders train their teams well on today’s episode!Grace and peace,Chris
7/26/20228 minutes, 42 seconds
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479 | Can Someone Be Both Submissive And Controlling?

We’ve probably all felt that tension in a relationship at least once, right? Someone appears to be calm and agreeable, and yet they’re trying to control you or the situation at the same time. In fact, if we’re honest, we’ve even been that person!Well, we’ve had this question pop up from time to time, and so we wanted to tackle it head on: can someone be both submissive and controlling at the same time? Yes, absolutely.There’s some frustration here, agitation, and maybe even a little manipulation. I mean, people are people, we’re all human, and at times we can get a little controlling and self-centered. Healthy roles with accountability are life-giving and will help us avoid getting stuck relationally!So, we want to be able to recognize this activity, identifying it even in ourselves, so that we can respond to it maturely, with humility and respect, safeguarding ourselves and the relationship. If we’re successful here in bringing balance and proper alignment to our relationships, we’ll enjoy fewer breakdowns, more harmony, and even more happiness with others. I hope you enjoy this episode!Grace and peace,Chris
7/19/202235 minutes, 20 seconds
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478 | What Happens When Leaders Love What They Do?

Can you tell the difference between someone who’s truly passionate about their work and someone who’s just putting in the hours, passing time, and waiting for the weekend?Well, of course you can! And so can your team members.Maybe you don’t love every little task that you do, but there are probably things that you do enjoy, that are fulfilling, and that no one else can do quite like you can. King Solomon, often referred to as the wisest man who ever lived, explained God’s plan for mankind engaging the work that He’s given them to do… and actually enjoying it!“God gives people the ability to enjoy the wealth and property He gives them, as well as the ability to accept their state in life and enjoy their work.” (Ecclesiastes 5)Have you ever felt a tension around accepting and enjoying your work? If you’re struggling in your role or with your tasks, then there are going to be negative signs that others can see and feel.On the other hand, leaders who love to show up everyday, who give themselves to what they’re doing, and who embrace their jobs wholeheartedly will create a truly wonderful workplace.Today, you’ll discover what happens when leaders love what they do. Enjoy this episode!Grace and peace,Chris
7/12/202227 minutes, 59 seconds
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477 | What Always Having To Be Right Says About You

How far would you go to prove your point or to make sure others know that you’re right?Sometimes, we can get caught up in needle-point precision, focusing on technicalities and useless facts, all the while losing touch with what really matters. It’s easy to lose sight of the forest because of the trees. But, why do we do this?We try so hard to convince the other person that we knew in advance, that we were right, and that they were wrong. But, what exactly did we gain, and what were we trying to win anyway?Well, maybe we didn’t win at all; maybe we lost something. Dale Carnegie said You can't win an argument. You can't because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it. In other words, whether we succeed in proving our point or not, the people that we’re validating ourselves to can feel unloved, shut down, and unvalued when we do this.So, what exactly is it that we’re trying to do by being right all the time, and what does that say about what’s going on inside of us?If you’ve ever found yourself trying just a little too hard to press your point, be heard, or to be believed, then this episode may just help to change all that! Living a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life is just ahead of you. Today we’ll untangle what always having to be right says about you. Grace and peace,Chris
7/5/202230 minutes, 44 seconds
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476 | Three Rules For Really Forgiving Others (And Yourself)

Were you ever told as a child, “just forgive them and let it go!” Sage advice… that’s much easier said than done!It can be really tough to forgive. Anger, fear, judgment, pride, defensiveness, ego, and the pain of past traumas are just a few of the things that we wrestle with when it comes to forgiving other people. Our Root Systems can get bogged down and overgrown with the weeds of unforgiveness. It can take a lot of time and effort to get the garden of our hearts cleaned up and growing healthily again! So, how do you really forgive someone else and maybe even yourself?On today’s show, we’ve got another episode in our Three Rules series, as I’m joined by Joel and Brian to discover three helpful rules for forgiving others. We’ll explore, with humor and hopefully humility, a topic that for many people could be one of the biggest obstacles holding them back from the happier, healthier life that they really want. Don’t miss it!Grace and peace, Chris
6/28/202243 minutes
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475 | What Happens When Leaders Dare To Take Time Off?

Are you the kind of leader who’s always plugged in, you can’t let go, you find it hard to delegate (without worrying), and you still can’t find the off button for your brain?We’ve all been there. Here we are in the middle of June, and if you’re like most leaders, YOU are still at the office… with little to no vacation planned or on the horizon. There are a million reasons why.As an entrepreneur and leader of several businesses, I can tell you that this is a real challenge for even seasoned veterans. Most leaders don’t feel that they can, that they deserve, or that they can afford to take time off. Maybe you’ve heard yourself say things like:There’s too much work!I’m too important to leaveI don’t really trust my teamBut, what happens when leaders dare to take time off? Does everything fall apart (just as they feared) or something else entirely? Find out on today’s episode!Grace and peace,Chris
6/20/202230 minutes, 7 seconds
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474 | Three Rules For Making A Fresh Start (After Failure)

What if there was a reset button on life? Would you hit that button and start again?Some people would just love to start over, maybe hoping to make fewer mistakes, run into Mr. Right this time, or perhaps avoid Mrs. Wrong. You know what I mean, sometimes making mistakes is painful, and you’d like a do over.Well, can’t live this whole life over, it seems that we only get one shot at it. However, it is possible to make a fresh start and then to keep moving forward in the right direction.So, what’s the problem? A lot of people need help getting out of the rut that they're in. Maybe they need to learn how to make better decisions, think differently about their past mistakes, or even find the courage to begin again. It’s not easy!Today, we discuss three rules for making a fresh start. Are you ready to begin again? Join us on this fresh episode!
6/14/202239 minutes, 53 seconds
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473 | Prioritizing Grace In The Workplace

Have you ever needed grace? If we’re honest, we all have.But, how much is too much, and how far is too far? Especially, when you’re responsible for a team member who just can’t get their act together. I mean, there are limits, right? And, what about accountability?It sounds really black and white, with an easy solution. The truth is that leaders often struggle in the tension between leading others to success and managing a team member’s behavior. This can be a confusing and even emotional distinction to make.To make grace a priority doesn’t mean to sacrifice other values, like excellence, honor, and accountability. However, it means we have to lead at a higher level than most.On today’s episode, find out how you can prioritize grace in the workplace, while leading your team to succeed in business and in life.
6/7/202221 minutes, 29 seconds
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472 | How To Spend More Time Preparing Than Executing

How much time do you usually spend planning and preparing before getting into the action?Today, we’ll continue our special “How To” mini-series where we’ll deal with a single topic and go as deep as we can in just a few minutes. This time around, examining that rough tension that exists between doing and preparing for the execution of our tasks and duties.You probably remember that old adage about how sharpening the ax helps to chop down trees. Well, there’s really no mystery there! But, how often do we actually put that concept into practice? I mean, the part about sharpening before chopping. Not often enough, right?We lead lots of businesses through strategic planning processes every year, and I can tell you that whether business or personal, planning is essential to your success! But, how do you carve out the right amount of time for planning and preparing vs. doing and executing? That’s what we dig into today!
5/31/202221 minutes, 8 seconds
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471 | How To Stop Seeing Through a Negative Lens

Ever feel like you can’t shake the negativity? Today, we’ll continue our special “How To” mini-series where we’ll deal with a single topic and go as deep as we can in just a few minutes. This time around, how to stop seeing through a negative lens.It’s not just about keeping your chin up and putting on those rose-colored glasses. No, instead, there’s a deeper work that needs to take place. We’re complex creatures, and we tend to take our baggage with us as we move through life. But, you can leave the negativity behind you though, it’s just got to be unpacked a bit first. Breaking free from those self-defeating mindsets starts with recognizing them for what they are, the lies we tell ourselves. Let’s make it a point to not let negativity blind us to the good things that are all around us!
5/24/202225 minutes, 6 seconds
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470 | How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

470 | How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic by Chris LoCurto
5/17/202218 minutes, 6 seconds
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469 | How To Start Getting Others To Follow You

On today’s show, we’re taking a departure from our normal format in order to tackle a few practical topics in our mini-series of “How To” episodes. Today’s topic is how to get others to start following you.Maybe you’re a leader, but who’s following you? That’s the age-old question, right? If no one’s following, then are you really leading?On today’s How To episode, we’re going to get into what it really takes to get others to start following. Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran, or maybe you’re just beginning your leadership career, but what does it take to make followers of the people around you?A lot of leaders really struggle with the difference between just managing those “under” you and leading them to execute with excellence, to take ownership of their area, and to actually grow in their capacity or role within the organization. I hope that today’s brief talk spurs your ideation and directs your attention towards getting others to follow you and leading them well!
5/10/202215 minutes, 14 seconds
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468 | How To Care Less About What Others Think

On today’s show, we’re taking a departure from our normal format in order to tackle a few practical topics in a brand new mini-series of “How To” episodes. In today’s How To episode, we’ll take a quick plunge into the depths of Caring Less about what others think of you. Does that sound like a strange topic to you?For many people, getting free from the fear of other people’s opinions is a real struggle. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t surround ourselves with wise and caring people who can breathe positive influence into our lives, offering us the counsel that we need to hear. On the other hand, approval seeking, worth finding, and people-pleasing can develop into harmful habits that are really tough to break! Have you ever found yourself there? I have.I think most people aren’t even aware of how their need for significance - in the eyes of others - can become an unhealthy addiction, influencing how they think and make decisions every day!I hope that today’s brief talk spurs your ideation and directs your attention to what really matters in life and where you’re currently getting your worth from.
5/3/202216 minutes, 43 seconds
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467 | What Does Your Best Life Look Like?

What if you had a picture of a happier, healthier, and more successful you? How would you feel?What would you be free to do?How would life be different for you?And then, imagine that you’re given a step-by-step plan to get you there, to that better future… would you follow that plan?Our modern culture is inundated with “quick and easy” plans for a new and improved you. But, how much of that is really true? What does it take to unlock your real potential and get you unstuck from the things holding you back from that best possible version of your life?On today’s show, we delve into this Best Life concept, and I help you unravel what’s really at stake when we talk about transformation and living an authentic life.
4/26/202223 minutes, 56 seconds
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466 | Three Rules For Eliminating Distraction

Can Chris and Joel agree on Brian’s Three Rules for eliminating needless distractions in life? You’ll find out today!We’re in the third and final episode of a fun, new mini-series with one goal in mind: you. We think you’ll enjoy the new format and interaction, but more importantly you’ll get to listen in on the reasoning (and debate) that goes into some of the core principles that we hold to in our businesses.This time around, 3 Rules for eliminating distraction: is it a pipe dream or an actual possibility?What are the things that are holding you back from setting appropriate boundaries, redeeming lost space in your routine, and saying “no” to the things that are neither healthy nor productive?Follow these three rules for eliminating distractions!
4/19/202241 minutes, 38 seconds
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465 | Three Rules For Leaving Your Past Behind You

Can Chris and Joel agree on Brian’s Three Rules for leaving your past behind you? You’ll find out today!We’re in the second episode of a fun, new mini-series with one goal in mind: you. We think you’ll enjoy the new format and interaction, but more importantly you’ll get to listen in on the reasoning (and debate) that goes into some of the core principles that we hold to in our businesses.This time around, leaving your past behind you. Easier said than done, right? For so many people the thing that continuously trips them up in the present is being nagged (or better said, plagued) by their past. So, how do you get past it?Follow these three rules for leaving your past behind you!
4/12/202240 minutes, 5 seconds
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464 | Three Rules For Successful Delegation

Can Chris and Joel agree on Brian’s Three Rules for successful delegation? You’ll find out today!We’re kicking off a fun, new mini-series with one goal in mind: you. We think you’ll enjoy the new format and interaction, but more importantly you’ll get to listen in on the reasoning (and debate) that goes into some of the core principles that we hold to in our businesses.This time around, delegation. Delegating tasks to others is not easy. Many leaders struggle to delegate, or to delegate well, usually citing a few specific reasons:I find it hard to trust othersI want the job done “right”I have other prioritiesHave you ever felt that way? You’re certainly not alone.Regardless of why leaders struggle to delegate, it is something that can be mitigated. Learning to trust others, as well as spending time investing in proper training, are a good start. But what can you do to make sure you’re a top-level delegator? Follow these three rules for successful delegation!
4/5/202233 minutes, 58 seconds
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463 | Rational vs. Irrational Thinking: How To Tell The Difference

On the show lately, we’ve been dealing with the complexity in our modern world, but what about the complexity that we find right on the inside of us?Inside of every human there are trillions of cells and synaptic connections, billions of neurons, a million moving parts, and then thousands of thoughts and feelings passing through our heads every day. On top of all that, our experiences, traumas, and relationships all affect our thinking, feelings, and habits. With all that going on, isn’t it possible that some of what we’re thinking, feeling, and even suffering at times could be a little bit off-base or even irrational? How would we even know? I mean, have you ever wondered:- How can you make sense of what your feelings are telling you? - How can you know which feelings to respond to or to ignore?- And how can you know what a level-headed response is?On today’s show, the difference between rational and irrational thinking: where reason and logic intersect with fear, emotion, and imagination.
3/29/202230 minutes, 53 seconds
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462 | Leading Through The Complexity

How many hours in a day do you really need in order to get things done?Anyone can think that there aren’t enough hours in a day, but how you spend your time is more important than how much time you actually have. Many leaders fail because they fail to have a singular focus, vision, or attention. A lack of prioritization is a huge hurdle for many leaders caught in the crazy cycle. But, what can you do about it? How can you get the traction you need?Today’s episode is about disciplining the time that we’re given each day. We’re going to talk about prioritization, organization, and the one thing that most leaders forget. Here’s a hint of what that third point is about: every business, regardless of what it does, is in the “people business”. Today, you’re going to learn how to give priority, organize, and serve people as you lead yourself and your business through the complexity!
3/22/202229 minutes, 39 seconds
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461 | Dealing With Dishonesty & Deceit

461 | Dealing With Dishonesty & Deceit by Chris LoCurto
3/15/202241 minutes, 1 second
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460 | Leading Yourself Before Others

Self-assessment time! Are you a driven leader?With most driven leaders, what often gets neglected are those soft skills that focus on different personality styles, creating culture, and especially the deeper, personal work that needs to be done inside the heart of a leader. These skills are necessary not only to be successful and to sustain that success, but to lead others well all along the way.So, how are you doing with that? And if you’ve got some gaps, where’s the disconnect? Why’s the focus on the person of the leader often missing among leadership seminars and training?The greatest leverage to grow your company is learning to effectively lead people and all the things that we teach there. – Joel Fortner, VP of Leadership DevelopmentIn today’s episode, we tackle how leaders need to learn to lead themselves before others!
3/8/202231 minutes, 26 seconds
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459 | Overcoming Fear with Heather LoCurto

Fear is a phenomenon that all of us deal with at some level and, left unchecked, it can subtly begin to dominate our thoughts, decisions, and actions.While fear can be a healthy warning system, especially when getting chased by a lion, it can also be an unhealthy way of dealing with our stress and circumstances in life. Fear becomes a habitual response and even a defense mechanism we get conditioned to.On today’s episode, Heather joins us in the studio to discuss fear, how it can start to dictate our surface level responses, and how to escape its paralyzing effects.
3/1/202238 minutes, 5 seconds
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458 | 3 Ways Leaders Hold Themselves Back

Hey leaders,What’s your measure, what are you made of, and where are you coming up short?You’ve probably heard the Latin maxim, "know thyself", which in ancient Greek literally meant "know thy measure". In today’s episode, Joel Fortner, VP of Leadership Development & Next-Level Life Facilitator sit down to talk about three ways in which leaders can overestimate their measure with regards to leadership, and in so doing hold themselves (and those they lead) back from success. Ironically, all three ways we discuss today center on the self. It’s about how we think about our own capacity and how easily we can be fooled into thinking “we’ve got this” when we really don’t. There are some bad habits that we all curate that can inevitably lead us astray. Not knowing yourself, as a leader, is probably the greatest limiting factor you will face. Remember, you can be your greatest enemy, but also your greatest friend.So, don’t miss this episode!
2/22/202219 minutes, 35 seconds
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457 | Removing the cringe factor from tough conversations

As a leader or parent, are you more apt to avoid, rather than engage, in tough conversations with those you lead? Well, you’re not alone! In fact, you’re actually pretty normal.Do you realize that the majority of leaders (and parents) have never been taught how to take on difficult conversations? And certainly not with sufficient tact, grace, or courage!So, what usually happens? Well, to be blunt, a train wreck happens! There’s often a collision of wills, a battle to be right, and a lot of fear present. Every leader knows that having difficult, but necessary, conversations is a complicated task. When you consider how much is going on at once it can be a daunting task to have that talk.There’s fear - first and foremostThere’s risk - of things going badlyThere’s discomfort - it feels like conflictThere’s pride - especially with big personalitiesAnd lots of emotions - things can get out of controlThings can get complicated quickly. But what can you do about it? How can you prepare for it? That’s what Aaron West and I sat down to discover on today’s episode!
2/15/202252 minutes, 32 seconds
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456 | Delegating Responsibility To Others

On today’s episode, what we’re really talking about is leading, teaching, and helping others - this could be at the office with team members or at home with your family - to take responsibility and grow (up).​​​We discuss how to accurately assess your capacity as a leader, not to mention that of your team, and avoid falling into the traps that hold businesses back from scaling successfully.To start delegating properly we must know how to take proper responsibility for ourselves first.​Listen now to discover ways to take responsibility and to recognize the lies we believe that cause us to lose worth.​
2/8/202238 minutes, 31 seconds
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455 | Why Worth Really Matters

On today's episode we go over why worth really matters.Worth is the value that’s assigned to or associated with a person or thing.What you’ve accepted about who and what you are, no matter where that information came from, is one of the biggest factors in how you see yourself.It can be the very thing holding us back from living life to the fullest or propelling us forward towards our dreams and destiny.Romans 12:2 saysDon’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.Listen now to evaluate where your worth is placed and why it really matters.
2/1/202247 minutes, 15 seconds
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454 | Accurately Assessing Your Capacity

Are you overestimating your knowledge or capacity and setting yourself up for failure and burn out?This is one of the reasons that leaders get trapped in The Leadership Crazy Cycle by being task saturated and over committed.Listen now to learn how to accurately assess your capacity as a leader, not to mention that of your team, and avoid falling into the traps that hold businesses back from scaling successfully.
1/25/202233 minutes, 7 seconds
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453 | Self-Sabotaging Your Authenticity

Self-sabotage refers to behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do, getting on with your life, your family, your mission and ministry.Listen now to learn how to identify self-sabotaging tactics, address them and then shift your mindset to getting yourself unstuck to be truly authentic!
1/18/202237 minutes, 6 seconds
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452 | The Story of the Ridge

The last few months on the podcast we’ve talked about clarifying direction, personal responsibility, and living authentically in life and leadership.We want to pause and bring you up to speed on how we’ve been living these things out in our own lives – behind the scenes – at a place we call The Ridge at Leiper’s Creek.A place that’s meant to serve people physically, emotionally, spiritually and bring healing to those who need it most.Today you get the pleasure of hearing my amazing and beautiful wife, Heather, help share this story.
1/11/202253 minutes, 9 seconds
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451 | The Heart of a Shepherd

Do you have a shepherd's heart?Today you will find out:what being a shepherd really means and why it's so important,key characteristics of leaders who shepherd others, andhow you can have a similar heart and mindset.You're going to learn keys to grow and develop leaders who love God and love people. This starts with who YOU are as a leader, because that’s who you're ultimately going to replicate.Listen now to become a leader who shepherd's their team to success and creates the kind of leaders you really want.
1/4/202238 minutes, 13 seconds
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450 | Top 10 Power Points From 2021

On today’s episode the coaches gather together to discuss the most listened to episodes of 2021.Joel, Aaron and I, will go over what the most important takeaways from those episodes were, and what we need to carry with us into 2022.Find out on today's countdown, what our most listened to episode of 2021 is!
12/28/202157 minutes, 11 seconds
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449 | Leading Teams Remotely

Learn how to grow success and master how to lead remote team members, navigating the challenges of multiple time zones, cultural differences, and even mild language barriers. On today’s episode, my VP of Leadership Development Joel Fortner will help us identify and navigate the various challenges of leading remote teams and how to lead them to success. Also one of our own remote team members, Brian Alex, is on the show and shares keys to leading remotely from the perspective of the team member.As businesses rapidly go remote, find out what the statistics are for hiring remote workers and how going remote may be incredibly valuable for your business.
12/21/202144 minutes, 49 seconds
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448 | Strengthening Your Emotional Stability Part 2

In part 1 of Strengthening Your Emotional Stability, we discussed how to recognize your current condition, as well as your daily contribution to your emotional health, and how different personality styles respond to feeling out of control.Now I want to dig into some things you can do to take control of your stability.In this episode, we go over the five emotional stability boosters that you need to be tapping into for your health.
12/14/202146 minutes, 24 seconds
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447 | Strengthening Your Emotional Stability Part 1

Strengthening your emotional stability may be your best defense against the craziness of the world we live in.In order to gain that strength, you must use self-awareness as a valuable tool to assess your condition and improve it. Today's three key points will help to analyze yourself and the role you play in your own emotional stability.What does the structure of your life look like? Are you eating well? Getting enough sleep? How about the amount of negative versus positive influences you have in your life? All of these things contribute to your emotional stability. Listen now to discover the emotional stability boosters that can help you feel grounded and better equipped to handle the struggles that we all face throughout our day.
12/7/202140 minutes, 50 seconds
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446 | Replenishing Your Leadership Toolkit

Do you ever feel like you're just trying to keep up with the speed of tasks and "fires" that come your way? Or the number of decisions you have to make every day?This is no way for a leader to live! It's critically important for leaders to get out of, what we call, "The Leadership Crazy Cycle," so they have more time to concentrate and lead people to success in their roles.Leaders who have TIME to lead move businesses forward!Get your free assessment tool that we’ve developed to help leaders like you determine their current state of health as it pertains to the Leadership Crazy Cycle.As you listen to today's episode we go over the 3 tools that every leader must replenish to further grow and succeed!
11/30/202131 minutes, 52 seconds
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445 | Personal Responsibility (In The Age of Entitlement) Part 2

Today’s episode is part 2 of "Personal Responsibility in the Age of Entitlement".We’re going over how to change your inner dialog, complain less, and move towards taking responsibility for everything that we have control over in our lives!So while you listen today, think about what Jordan Peterson says, "Treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for helping."
11/23/202124 minutes, 11 seconds
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444 | Personal Responsibility (In The Age of Entitlement) Part 1

Our theme for the month is Personal Responsibility, and today we’re focusing on how entitlement can easily make us play the role of victims and refuse to accept responsibility for our lives and actions.The person with a sense of entitlement believes: everything that happens should somehow benefit them. Anything unfavorable or unfortunate that happens in life is happening “to” them.The person with a sense of responsibility believes: it’s their duty to deal with whatever comes up, to be accountable, and to accept all of the consequences of their own actions.On today’s episode, we’re going to dive into a topic that I think is very important for the times that we’re living in. Especially, if you’re younger than 40 years old, this could be vital to you!
11/16/202129 minutes, 59 seconds
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443 | 3 Ways To Avoid Mission Drift Part 2

Today's episode is part 2 of "3 Ways to Avoid Mission Drift". This week we continue with what happens when you've found yourself drifting away from your mission and how to get out of that "crazy cycle". It’s ok to force a culture of accountability if you want to avoid drift.Part of forcing culture is teaching your team what is right. Learn how to rehearse your vision with your team. If you don’t catch your team doing it right, they’ll forget what right is. Catch them doing it right, rehearse it, reinforce it, help them memorize it, never forget it.Leaders must lead to the destination they want to go.Make every decision count.Stay accountable to the mission.Reinforce your very best practices.Listen now to be sure you're still heading in the direction of your original mission and not experiencing mission drift!
11/9/202130 minutes, 19 seconds
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442 | Navigating Life With Courage

Navigating Life with CourageYou’ve got clarity on your purpose and who you are in life, but what now?Learn how to maintain your course with confidence!Today we dive into the three keys to courage in times of trial.• Take courage- You can choose to be discouraged when setbacks come,or you can choose the courage to move forward with confidence.-Anonymous• Follow your instruments- Find out what instruments God has given you to help you navigate through life.• Refuse to get off course- you’ve got to refuse to get distracted from your goal and destination!We have all faced trials through life and business but I would like to help guide you on how to not only make it through these difficulties but to do so without fear, and even rejoicing!
11/2/202126 minutes, 28 seconds
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441 | 3 Ways To Avoid Mission Drift Part 1

Have you ever found yourself drifting away from your mission? Where you're just trying to survive the "crazy cycle"?It's easy to get off track and "drift" from your original plan and purpose.Drifting happens one decision at a time and eventually, your decisions start to drift away from the direction you had set.We decide our way into drift and we can decide our way out of it...Today we dive into these 3 ways to avoid drifting away from your original vision:• Decision making• Constant accountability• Rehearsing VisionLife and business can get messy! Learn to recognize the signs of falling back into old patterns that do not serve your mission.
10/26/202148 minutes, 58 seconds
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440 | Charting Your Course With Clarity

Many leaders stumble and fall because of dis-ordered lives, but God wants us to live well-ordered lives.What do you need to do and/or change today, in order to gain perspective and clarity?Beginning with a goal or purpose in life is a great start but in order to discover your purpose you must know who you are at your core.Today we go through the 4 important questions to ask yourself for more clarity on who you are before leading others.
10/19/202121 minutes, 6 seconds
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439 | How Transformative Is Purpose?

You are not here by accident! You were created on purpose for a purpose!Making sure you have a a clear purpose might be just what you need to propel you to the next level in life and business.In this episode, we discuss the path of finding out what that purpose is, and how it will help launch you into your potential.We also go over what type of effects may occur in your life when you do not have a clear purpose.Find out today how to set clear goals that will lead to obtaining your personal mission statement and learn how to overcome obstacles along the way.
10/12/202127 minutes, 51 seconds
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438 | Cultivating Real Communication, Part 2

What’s the number one obstacle that I see when it comes to personal relationships?You guessed it, bad communication. That’s why we revisit this subject so often, because it’s something we have to continually work on. Cultivating healthy communication is a lot like gardening; no matter how much time and attention we invest in the garden of our communication, we’ll always have to deal with the weeds that easily and frequently crop up. There are habits, or learned behaviors, that we all have that can get in the way of real communication. Simple things that you may not even realize you’re doing can choke the information you’re sending or receiving!On today’s podcast, we’ll dig into the garden and discuss three of the most common weeds that we find choking our communication with others.
10/5/202121 minutes, 1 second
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437 | Pause and Reflect Episode: Choosing Our Influences

What are the influences that you're currently choosing in your life?You know, we all have various influences that are currently at work in our lives, shaping our thought patterns, habits and behaviors, and ultimately our character. The tricky part can be discerning the effect they’re having on us, and what to do about them!The theme for the month of September has been influence, and in this final episode of the month (wrapping up the 3rd Quarter of 2021) the coaches get together to reflect on the influences that they’ve allowed in their lives - delving deep into both the positive and the negative effects of those choices.The good news is that we can accept or reject the influences in our lives, it's a powerful choice. I hope this episode helps you to choose wisely!
9/29/202153 minutes, 35 seconds
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436 | Cultivating Real Communication Part 1

What’s the number one obstacle that I see when it comes to personal relationships?You guessed it, bad communication. That’s why we revisit this subject so often, because it’s something we have to continually work on. Cultivating healthy communication is a lot like gardening; no matter how much time and attention we invest in the garden of our communication, we’ll always have to deal with the weeds that easily and frequently crop up. There are habits, or learned behaviors, that we all have that can get in the way of real communication. Simple things that you may not even realize you’re doing can choke the information you’re sending or receiving!On today’s podcast, we’ll dig into the garden and discuss three of the most common weeds that we find choking our communication with others.
9/21/202122 minutes, 57 seconds
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435 | How Influence Shapes Character

We talk an awful lot about leadership in-person with our clients and on this podcast, and that’s for good reason. Leadership is a major form of influence in our modern world!As leaders, we’re interested in helping to shape and impact others in a positive way.Think about this as a parent. You exert “influence” on your kids, because you want to train them well and prepare them for life; you want them to have a good future. But, when you think about it, there are many different kinds of influences in our lives. Some are positive and some, well, maybe aren’t so positive.In today's episode, I want to discuss those other influences that are already at work in our lives. What are some of the forces that currently have sway; what’s forming us, our thoughts, our behavior and our character either positively or negatively?P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to leave a comment on the podcast platform you’re listening from!
9/14/202134 minutes, 31 seconds
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434 | How Challenges Promote Growth Part 2

What’s your knee jerk reaction when facing discomfort or pain? If you’re like most people, it’s to seek to avoid pain and seek comfort. But, that could be the very thing holding you back from growing deeper roots and producing sweeter fruit. It tends to be the hardships in life that either make us or break us. But, focus for a second on that first part. That tough break in life could make all the difference to you achieving the destiny that God has called you to. How is that?Most people don’t understand that uncomfortable challenges are the very things that prepare us for our future. Discomfort is the “training course” of life, and without difficulty and pain we’ll rarely find the opportunity to really grow!This week we continue our discussion of how pain prepares us for our destiny. In particular, you’ll discover three tips on how to respond to and get the most out of discomfort in your life.
9/7/202130 minutes, 24 seconds
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433 | How Challenges Promote Growth Part 1

It’s a little counterintuitive to think that the things currently causing us pain or stress in life could actually be working in our favor. I mean, we generally tend to avoid discomfort, rather than embracing it, am I right?Well, let’s spin that around a bit. Lots of people pay good money every month to go to a gym where they workout, sweat, toil, have to endure hardships, and for what? Because they know that where there’s “no pain”, there’s “no gain”!In today’s podcast, we’re going to dig down into what’s to be gained, and we’ll discover how to turn the tables on our discomfort. Here’s what C.S. Lewis had to say on the matter:Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.I’d like you to consider this week: what discomfort are you trying to avoid? And how might that perspective be keeping you from growing, improving, and reaching your extraordinary destiny?
8/31/202122 minutes, 40 seconds
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432 | Building Predictability Into Your Business Finances Part 2

As a business owner, can you imagine a day when you start meeting and/or exceeding your target projections because your financial engine is so well-tuned? Well, I have to tell you that I can, and so can our clients!Over the last few weeks we’ve been diving into the world of economics, and this week we’ll continue looking at how to build predictability into business finances. Predictability, scalability and dependability are the order of the day. This is your future, if you want it!If you haven’t listened to part one of this podcast, then you might want to start there as it will help to set the direction we go from here. these episodes, you’re going to discover not only how to create predictability, which will get you through tough times, but you’ll also learn how to thrive in unstable economic conditions. Enjoy today’s episode!Chris
8/24/202121 minutes, 33 seconds
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431 | Guest Chris Camp: Leadership Journey, Scalability, Capacity

Hey folks, Have you ever wondered what it would look like to catch a glimpse of a business just as it hit its stride and then catapulted towards success? Do you think it's possible for any business to just take off like a rocket at any time? Or, is there a natural growth process, a leadership journey, that makes that kind of success possible?Well, those are some great questions, and I think you’re going to love today’s episode! I had the pleasure of sitting down with a long-time client and a great friend, Chris Camp, to talk about his leadership journey as a multiple-business owner. I think you’ll be intrigued with the path he took towards implementing the paradigm-shifting information he was receiving as part of his discovery process for his businesses. FREE STUFF ALERT!I’ve got a download for you today in the form of our Leadership Success Path. It’ll help you make sense of where you are in your journey and what’s next if you’re ready to grow!Enjoy today’s episode!ChrisP.S. If you’d like to talk to someone about your own leadership journey and how to take your business through a discovery process, click on this link to
8/17/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 11 seconds
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430 | Building Predictability Into Your Business Finances Part 1

Hey folks, For you small and medium sized business owners out there, can you imagine a day when you start to meet and/or exceed your target projections, because your financial engine is so fine-tuned? I can, and so can our clients!Over the last few weeks we’ve been diving into the world of economics, focusing on the personal side of that equation, but this week we’ll start looking at how to build predictability into our business finances.Predictability, scalability and dependability are the order of the day.In these next few episodes, you’ll discover not only how to create predictability that will get you through tough times, but you might also learn how to thrive in unstable economic conditions. Has anyone experienced some of that in the last year???Not a business owner? Then maybe you’ll want to revisit our episodes on how to do this exact same thing in your personal finances, so check out the links below! We’ve got just 5 months until this year is over, so this is a GREAT time to get yourself ready for 2022. Enjoy today’s episode!ChrisResources & Links:
8/10/202130 minutes, 10 seconds
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429 | The Art of Solving Problems

Hey Folks!I don’t know how you feel about it, but it seems to me that problems just never go away. Right?I mean, every day, no matter how many problems you solve, even more seem to crop up. In fact, the problems that we encounter today are likely more difficult to solve than they were before - ever more complicated! Life is like that, it’s as if it were training us for something.On today’s episode, we’re going to take a look at the mindset we need, to not just “survive” in this complicated world we live in, but what we need in order to really “thrive”. I’ll tell you right now, it’s not easy to change our mindset about problems, but if you do you’ll be better for it!Borrowing from one of our nation’s leaders over a hundred years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt delivered a speech with these stirring words:“I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life, the life of toil and effort, of labor and strife; to preach that highest form of success which comes, not to the man who desires mere easy peace, but to the man who does not shrink from danger, from hardship, or from bitter toil, and who out of these wins the splendid ultimate triumph.”Theodore Roosevelt, The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses, 10 April 1899What a “word in season” for that generation just about to encounter World War 1. Let’s glean wisdom from our forebears; let’s learn not to shrink back from our problems, but to run towards them, solve them, and make ourselves and our world better for it!Enjoy today’s episode,Chris
8/3/202130 minutes, 25 seconds
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428 | Building Predictability Into Your Personal Finances

Hey folks, who out there has experienced something that you didn’t predict or anticipate financially in the last … oh … say 12-18 months? Ha! I think maybe we all did. 2020 gave the word unprecedented a run for its money!Well, here’s some good news. You can actually start building stability and predictability into your personal finances right now - and it doesn’t require Big Government bailouts or Low Finance loans. Does that sound good to you? Do you want to know how?On today’s episode, we’re going to dig down into some core financial concepts, as well as answer some of the TOP questions about what it takes to be financially sound even in the midst of a crisis - or God forbid - another pandemic. You can literally take steps now, to remain unshaken then. Let me know what you think of today’s episode, just reply to this email with your thoughts and questions!Enjoy today’s episode, Chris
7/27/202127 minutes, 2 seconds
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427 | Redefining Financial Success, Part 2

Today we continue our discussion about money and what really matters in life, as we seek to redefine what financial success looks like. Here’s something that you may have heard me mention before: Money is the leverage in your decision-making that helps you execute your mission well. How does that hit you?What goes through your mind when you think about your mission? It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, a college student or a retiree… think about it: what’s your current mission in life and how are you leveraging money to get you to that goal?I truly believe that financial success is achievable for you, but you might have to make some changes in how it’s defined! I hope you enjoy today’s episode, please shoot me a comment or question about the discussion today, as I’d love to hear your thoughts! Chris
7/20/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 22 seconds
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426 | Redefining Financial Success, Part 1

426 | Redefining Financial Success, Part 1 by Chris LoCurto
7/13/202147 minutes, 29 seconds
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425 | Beyond Tasks: Excellence As a Work Ethic

Hey folks, I’ve got a question for you: what’s your motivation for getting up and going to work everyday? Whether you’ve got a commute across town, or just down the stairs and into the home office, there’s something that’s propelling your work and your work ethic. So, what is it exactly?Well, what if I told you that there’s a deeper layer to working than just doing the work itself? On the podcast this week, you’ll discover that there are actually layers of fulfilment; layers that are not so much connected to what we do as to how and why we do them. This can be such a transformational mind-shift for some of us. A game-changer that brings greater joy in life.Today we’re going “Beyond Tasks” as we examine the higher good that’s waiting in our work!Enjoy the episode,Chris
7/6/202129 minutes, 51 seconds
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424︱Beliefs Shape Your Future

Hey Folks,Have you ever considered that what you've believed in the past is one of the biggest factors in your current experience of life? You see, your beliefs are at work affecting your present reality.The problem is that so many beliefs go unnoticed in our daily lives, habits and conversations. They’re hard to detect sometimes, like a silent operating system at work in the background. We usually only take notice when we get a persistent error message or the entire system crashes!Today on the show, our coaches gather together to share personal stories around the topic of belief systems, and what a huge impact they have on our current reality. [Tweet "We truly reap what we sow in this life, and we’ll either be limited or empowered by what we believe and what we know."]The good news is that we can maintain and even change our beliefs to be more aligned with what we believe to be true. Our beliefs should continue to grow and improve just as we do!Enjoy today’s episode,Chris
6/29/202156 minutes, 12 seconds
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423 | Limiting Belief Systems: Lies Leaders Tell Themselves

423 | Limiting Beliefs: Lies Leaders Tell ThemselvesHey folks! I’m really excited to share this week’s podcast with you, it’s all about the beliefs that we hold, and specifically the ones that hold us back in both life and leadership. Think about that for a second, there could be things you’re believing right now - that really aren’t true - and they’re keeping you from going to the next level as a leader."The very way that you believe your life is, the very way that you believe you are, is how you are going to define your worth.""We take our focus off of ourselves, put it on other people, and say "how do we get them to the next level?"Leaders, your worth is not in having the answers, your worth is not in being the one who knows everything. Your worth to the business is to duplicate yourself. It is to make people great."Here are a few sample “lies” that we deal with on this episode; these are limiting beliefs that keep us back, things like:-I equate my position in the company with my value as a person-My team’s performance is a direct reflection of my leadership-If I show people my ignorance they will lose respect for meAnd, well the list is quite long, but you get the point. Everyone of us gets stuck somewhere, inside our own heads, wrestling with limiting beliefs. But, there’s good news, the quicker we are able to identify the lies, the faster we can get to the truth about ourselves or the situation, get unstuck and move past them! Today, you’ll discover how to do just that, helping you to take your leadership to the next level!Enjoy today’s episode,Chris
6/22/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 14 seconds
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422 | A Disciplined Inner Dialogue

422 | A Disciplined Inner Dialogue by Chris LoCurto
6/15/202153 minutes, 1 second
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421 | Change Your Family Tree Leave A Lasting Legacy

421 | Change Your Family Tree: Leave a Lasting LegacyHey folks! I don’t think anyone would dispute the perspective that it's a good thing to leave good things to our children after we’re gone. The book of Proverbs really puts it into perspective for us, “Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren…” (Pro. 13:22). Listen to that language! Leaving an inheritance to our children’s children is a good thing to do!But what usually comes to mind when you hear the words inheritance and legacy? Today, I want to press beyond our usual interpretations of just money and earthly possessions. Those are “good” gifts, but what about the unseen things that we leave to our children? Things hidden in our root system. We leave all kinds of things, good and bad, for our kids to inherit. Maybe what comes to mind are the intangibles like character, work ethic and skill set. We don’t always equate them with a legacy that gets passed down, but we should!On today’s episode, we’ll explore what you and I can do today to enrich the legacies that we’ll be leaving behind to loved ones. Imagine the home that you’re building today: I mean the culture and the environment that can literally be felt by a guest when they walk through the door. Things like love and acceptance, peace and a sense of security. Now imagine what might be holding you back from creating the home that you want your kids to inherit. Changing your family tree means changing yourself first and foremost. It’s hard work - there’s no doubt about it! But the family tree that changes for the better is itself a lasting legacy that extends beyond ourselves; it’s a gift that keeps on giving for generations!Enjoy today’s episode,ChrisResources & LinksPodcasts referenced:
6/8/202138 minutes, 8 seconds
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420 | Confrontation, Conflict & Control

420 | Confrontation, Conflict & ControlIf you’re like most people, you don’t enjoy conflict. Proverbs 26:17 says, A person who is passing by and meddles in a quarrel that’s not his is like one who grabs a dog by the ears.Quarreling can have some really negative consequences. Most personality types tend to shy away from conflict and confrontation whenever possible. But, it seems more and more difficult to avoid conflict altogether, especially in our social media drenched culture.So, how do we know when confrontation is helpful or harmful? When should we engage healthily or just leave it alone?On today’s show, we’re going to discuss where those boundaries are, when to engage in a healthy way, and when to hold your peace. You’ll discover some practical keys to coming away unscathed, while learning the control issues that are usually at play.If you’ll apply what we discuss on today’s show, then I think you’ll breathe a little easier whenever you have to deal with others who are feeling out of control.Enjoy the episode!ChrisResources & Links Podcasts Referenced
6/1/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 40 seconds
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419 | Restoring Willpower For Better Health

419 | Restoring Willpower For Better Health by Chris LoCurto
5/25/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 29 seconds
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418 | Reverse Engineering Your Business Growth

Hey leaders, what comes to mind when you think about growing your business? If you’re like most owners or leaders, then you might think in terms of strategies for increasing revenue, increasing your reach through innovative marketing, or restructuring for increased scalability. Those are great things to think about, but you may be overlooking your most valuable asset: your people.For me, it all started by looking at my leaders and saying, “If I don’t do something to grow you, then you’ll stay exactly where you are.” And that wasn’t acceptable. So then, I started growing people strategically, and by growing people I was able to step out of my day to day and into a higher level of leadership. That’s when real growth started to occur!Here’s the deal: growing your team = growing your business. If you don’t stretch the potential, capacity, and output of those who work directly for you, then you may not be ready for the more traditional “revenue related” growth that most leaders are searching for. Let me share a trade secret that I’ve learned after decades of leading people. Are you ready?It’s easy to think that strategy is all about the business, but “business” doesn’t happen unless people happen first. I want to see business owners and leaders go to the next level. But, here’s the deal, you’ll never get to a higher level without strategically focusing on the growth of others. Let’s walk through his process together and discover how to Reverse Engineer Your Business Growth!Enjoy today’s episode!Chris
5/18/202147 minutes, 22 seconds
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417 | Next-Level Leadership Coaches Q&A

Well folks, we just wrapped up our 2021 Next-Level Leadership Live Event in Nashville, TN and I have to tell you that it was fantastic! It was so good to be back onsite, live and in person with you, our friends (who are also clients that we get to serve). This year we added a few fun surprises, making it a truly “Nashville” experience! On Thursday of the event week, during the lunch hour, we got our coaches up on stage to answer questions from the audience. It was powerful and we’re excited to share it with you on today’s episode.You’re going to hear from business leaders and owners just like you, asking questions about their teams, about hiring, KRA’s, and a few other topics. I think it’ll be thought-provoking to say the least!Enjoy this episode!Chris
5/11/202139 minutes, 57 seconds
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416 | Leading By The Numbers

416 | Managing The Numbers (So They Don’t Manage You)Hey leaders, if you’re not living in your numbers, then what are you basing your decisions on? A lot of leaders tend to shy away from their accounting processes, giving only an occasional glance to the bottom line. It’s tough to make well-informed decisions that affect the overall business without knowing the details of what’s happening in every area. I hear from clients all the time, “Sometimes I don’t want to see the accounting, because I’m scared of where we’re at.” But that’s precisely why you need to be in the financials on a routine basis, making well-informed decisions that are going to set you up for success.Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to managing your numbers and avoiding the pitfalls that so many leaders make. On today’s show, you’ll be empowered to win as I walk you through what you need to do in order to stay at the top of the numbers. Resources & Links:Related media:
5/4/202150 minutes, 27 seconds
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415 | Three Things Every Leader Must Do Before 2022 - Part 2

415 | Three Things Every Leader Must Do Before 2022, Part 2This topic is so important to you and your business that we’re spending two episodes to cover it all and cover it thoroughly. On today’s episode, I reveal the 3rd thing that I think every leader must do before this year is over. But, if you didn’t catch the first two points we covered, then I’d recommend pausing here and going back to listen to part one first.Ok, so to bring some focus here, I want to share a verse from the book of Proverbs with you. I’ll put it a few different ways so that we can really dig into the value of preparation:A sensible person sees danger and takes cover; the inexperienced keep going and are punished.The clever see trouble coming and hide; the thoughtless go on and pay the penalty.Be cautious and hide when you see danger— don’t be stupid and walk right into trouble.Wise people see trouble coming and get out of its way, but fools go straight to the trouble and suffer for it.Notice the words used to describe a person who refuses to take appropriate action and prepare in advance: inexperienced, thoughtless, stupid and a fool. Ouch! Now take a look at the words used for the person who takes action before trouble comes: sensible, clever, cautious and wise. That’s what we’re aiming for!Here’s the deal, I want you to have laser-focus this year, and I want you to lead your team and business to success, so that no matter what comes next you’re ready to weather the storm!It takes hard work and preparation, but the result is so worth it.Enjoy this episode!ChrisResources & LinksPodcasts referenced:
4/27/202137 minutes, 24 seconds
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414 | Fostering Unity: Both at Home and at Work

414 | Fostering Unity: Both at Home and at WorkIf unity is about coming together, then peace is about staying together. Einstein said, Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. So, what does it take to come together in agreement and stay in a place of harmony?On today’s episode, we talk about the necessary ingredients to forging real peace in our homes and the workplace. Humility, vulnerability and understanding are all needed to foster a lasting unity. It’s going to be painful, it’s going to take time, but it’s going to be worth it!Someone might say, Well, Chris, you don't need to be vulnerable to be on a leadership team. Oh but you do - to be on a successful one. What’s the goal as a leadership team anyway? To lead the rest of the business to success. If I'm going to lead people well, I must be vulnerable. The same goes for parents: being able to admit when you’re wrong is strong leadership!You’ve got to be able to get down in the muck in the mire and help others out of it. Right? You’ve got to be able to be vulnerable with others; you’ve got to show them the flaws and faults and mistakes that you’ve made. So if you don't have trust in your family or leadership team, then I can tell you, you’re probably not being vulnerable and you won’t be truly unified. So, how do we foster real unity on a team? What does it take and what’s at stake? Enjoy today’s episode!Chris
4/20/202133 minutes, 57 seconds
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413 | Guest MaryBeth Fortner: Her Journey As a Wife and Mother

413 | Guest MaryBeth Fortner: Her Journey As a Wife and MotherContinuing our focus on Taking the Lead in Parenting this month, I’m joined in this episode by long-time friend and former colleague MaryBeth Fortner. As you might’ve guessed, not only is she a good friend, but she’s also the wife of our Leadership Development VP, Joel Fortner! Around here MaryBeth’s claim to fame is being the ONLY person to ever make ME cry while I was leading them through our Next-Level Life process! :-)Today, we’ll dig into some of the tough topics that we brought up in the last episode, dealing with the baggage that we all bring into our leadership and parenting styles (e.g. things like self-worth, fear of failure, and taking personal responsibility for our families). We’ll build on the concept that we’re not just raising kids, we’re raising adults by:Becoming a more confident parent and spousePushing through inner struggles and insecurities Learning to be vulnerable with our kids ourselvesYou’ll take away more than just a few tips and tricks on leading your kids well; you’ll also get great insight on how to stay on the same page with your spouse as you lead together in a unified direction. Don’t miss this vulnerable, encouraging, and lighthearted episode!Enjoy the conversation!ChrisResources & Links Referenced podcasts:
4/13/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 44 seconds
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412 | What Parenting & Leadership Have in Common

Hey folks! There’s no one size fits all approach to being a parent at home or a leader in the workplace. But, these two roles actually have a lot in common. Both are focused on leading others to grow, stretch and become something more than they currently are.In today’s diverse, multi-functional work and life culture, we need all the help we can get to stay balanced and focused. The truth is that many parents have never been taught how to lead their family well. They struggle with root system issues, and end up making the same mistakes their parents did. How many times have you heard, or you may have been the person that says, "Oh, I'm not going to be like my parents. I'm going to be completely different than my parents." And then you know, 10, 20 years later, you say, "Oh, my gosh, I’ve become my parent." Likewise, leaders get promoted to a position over others, and follow in the same pattern they’ve been exposed to. In both cases, there are things we can change that’ll help us grow in our role. I’m going to share three PRO TIPS for parents and leaders to succeed at home and the office.Check it out!ChrisResources & Links:Ep 402 “The Leadership Success Path”
4/6/202152 minutes, 28 seconds
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411 | Q1 - Pause and Reflect (Vulnerable Learnings From Our Failures)

Q1 - Pause and Reflect (Vulnerable Learnings From Our Failures)“Vulnerable Learnings From Our Failures”Hey folks!We’re ending this first quarter of 2021 on a positive note. How’s that? We’re talking about failure. I can hear you now… “Chris, what’s so positive about failure?!” Here’s the deal, failure is a positive thing for those who learn from their mistakes and choose to improve. Where failure is concerned, “if we’re not learning, we’re losing the opportunity”. All of us fail; all of us make mistakes. But remember, you’re only a failure if you choose to be; that is, if you choose not to learn. Learning from other people’s failures is a best-case scenario: a real win-win-win!On this week’s episode, the coaches of the Poimen Group come together for a once-a-quarter discussion. This time around, they reflect on their own failures, mistakes and misfires of the first three months of this year.Today, you’ll discover the process of how Chris, Heather and Joel use failure to grow themselves, their teams, and their families!Resources & LinksiThese podcasts were referenced:
3/30/202159 minutes, 34 seconds
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410 | Guest John Lee Dumas: The Common Path To Uncommon Success

410: John Lee Dumas: The Common Path To Uncommon SuccessHave you ever wished that the path to freedom and fulfillment was just a little more clear?My friend John Lee Dumas, host of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, has interviewed over 3,000 highly successful people to find out exactly how they made their success happen. His new book releases this month explaining the common path that they took to their uncommon success, and today he joins us on the show! The book is called, The Common Path to Uncommon Success. [Click here to check it out.]John Lee says, I remember reading this quote from Einstein, “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” And I realized, Well, of course I’m not finding success; it’s because I’m not being valuable to others! That’s when things first began to change for me!You’ll gain insight as we discuss how to be a person of value to others, what all the struggle is good for as you head toward your dreams, and the benefits of persevering where others don’t. Here’s a link to John Lee Dumas’ website where you can find lots of great bonuses when you pick up his book. I know you’ll be excited and encouraged as he guides you along the path!Resources & Links
3/23/202132 minutes, 13 seconds
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409 | Three Things Every Leader Must Do Before 2022 - Part 1

The Three Things Every Leader Must Do Before 2022!On today’s episode, you - the business owner and the business leader - are going to gain laser focus on what you need to have in place before the end of this year. Why? Well, how many of you remember 2020? It wasn’t that long ago, and it wasn’t much fun!Now, a lot of our clients, the overwhelming majority, did not get hit that hard in 2020. In fact, a few of them have said they had their best year ever! How is that? Because they were focused on the right things, and they weathered the Covid storm well, making only a few small pivots.I can’t tell you how the rest of this year is going to go. But, I can tell you what you need to have in place so that you don't get hit sideways, again, should COVID or something worse happen!This topic is so important to your business that we’re going to spend two episodes on this subject, and I want to hint at the first point right here: Leaders have to plan strategically. But, in order to do so, they first need to take an accurate survey of where they stand. This is a crucial part of good strategy planning, but it’s also something that most leaders are loath to do. Why? Fear and the lack of healthy accounting processes (a subject all its own - and one that we’re going to tackle later this year). So, let me help you today to get over that fear and start pressing into setting a successful strategy for your future!Resources & Links to Great: Why Some Leaders Make the Leap...and Others Don't, by James Collins: Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson:
3/16/202140 minutes, 31 seconds
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408 | You Don't Have As Much Willpower As You Might Think - Part 2

Willpower is a limited resource that’s easily depleted. What can you do to replenish it? What fuels the self-control and gratification centers of the brain?Today on the show, you’ll discover what makes willpower tick, how it gets depleted and what you can do about it! But, consider this as we get started:Learning what my true worth is, learning how to actually handle situations when my worth is tanking, learning how to handle situations when I'm struggling with something, learning the tools to actually walk through those situations. That's what's going to change you, that's what's going to help you.When you lose self-worth, you are way more likely to lose willpower!When you are strong with your self-worth, your willpower is strong.When you know your worth, then you don’t have the same reactions - cognitively - to situations that would normally deplete your willpower.You may not have as much willpower as you might think, but you do have deeper resources to strengthen your resolve! Consider these things as you move through your day.Choosing joy helps to improve your mood, which increases your willpower. The right motivation can help us persevere, because it allows us to endure suffering. Where are you wrestling with a lack of worth today? Where can you start choosing joy instead of complaining? Resources & LinksAnd download this one-page overview of Willpower, published by the American Psychological Association:
3/9/202137 minutes, 28 seconds
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407 | Michael Hyatt: Win at Work and Succeed at Life

407 | Guest: Mike Hyatt - Blog & BlastFeeling run-down and tired? Feeling stretched between your obligations at work and home? Can’t seem to find balance between the two? Then, today’s show is for you!“Win at work and succeed at life so you don’t have to throttle back your professional ambition, but you also don’t sacrifice your personal priorities.” - Mike HyattJoining me on The Chris LoCurto Show today is long-time friend and founder of Michael Hyatt & Co, Mr. Mike Hyatt! Today we’re talking about Mike’s new book, Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself From The Cult of Overwork. (2021 Amazon Affiliate Link)Folks, this is what we teach here, in our Next-Level events, our StratPlans, and on this podcast week after week. We teach how putting the spheres of your life into proper order and priority makes sure that what matters most in life stays healthy, protected and productive. “Success has got to be multi-dimensional in order for it to be sustainable.” - Mike HyattListen as Mike and I talk about learning from our failures, the deep rooted psychological needs we all share for work that matters and a home that nourishes, as well as finding sustainable balance between work and home. You won’t want to miss this impactful discussion! I know you’ll be encouraged by today’s episode as we explore what Mike calls “the double win.”Grace and peace,ChrisResources & Links
3/2/202151 minutes, 45 seconds
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406 | What Good is a KRA?

Hey business owners and leaders, we’ve got what you need! You need a tool that helps foster greater accountability, clearer communication, and the results that you expect to see in each role on your team, without members being hounded, manipulated or controlled. On today's show, we're discussing the top tool that we use to make all our teams successful. As business leaders and owners, we know you want to see RESULTS from every position you hire! But, until team members understand AND take ownership of their roles, the results will be poor and sporadic.A KRA is a clarifying document that details the areas of responsibility and results expected for every position on your team. It helps every player take responsibility for their part of the whole strategy.On this episode we answer YOUR QUESTIONS about KRAs, and walk you through the results that you can expect by implementing this tool. But, first, here are some things for you to consider:When team members accept responsibility for their roles, the responsibility stays where it should and the underlying tasks get accomplished. Without the KRA, the opposite is true - responsibility spills over on others... Or the leader takes it back upon themselves... Or tasks just don’t get done. What do TEAM MEMBERS experience without a KRA?Wasted time and effortsLack of communicationFog of confusionLack of clarityFrustrationWhat do LEADERS experience when there are no KRA’s?Lack of communicationLack of accountabilityMissed expectationsWasted resourcesWasted money!DOWNLOADWe’ve got a KRA template for you to download, so you can see exactly what this looks like. [INSERT KRA LINK HERE]LIVE EVENTWe’re going to coach you through the KRA creation and implementation process at our Next Level Live Event in Nashville, TN on April 28-30th.If you’re not getting the results you want with your team, you need to be at this event.Bring your key leaders and the job descriptions of key roles to work on at the event!Visit today and click the banner at the top to secure your seat![INSERT LINK TO EVENT HERE]TESTIMONIES (from actual clients)Jeffrey said, We loved the KRA retreat, it was a shot in the arm in motivating us to keep following through with the KRA’s and to keep them updated.Joe said, There’s nothing more important than defining the outcomes of each of your team members’ roles. The KRA retreat focused on just that, giving my team and I the space and guidance to put our vision to paper, defining the outcomes we need for each team member to be successful. Matt said, It was great to be there. Probably better yet to have the amazing freedom to bring two friends that were needing direction and encouragement and immerse them in the culture. Thanks for that!
2/23/202147 minutes, 46 seconds
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405 | You Don't Have As Much Willpower As You Might Think - Part 1

405 | You Don't Have As Much Willpower As You Might ThinkWillpower is a limited resource that’s easily depleted. What can you do to replenish it? What fuels the self-control and gratification centers of the brain?Today on the show, you’ll discover what makes willpower tick, how it gets depleted and what you can do about it! But, consider this as we get started:Learning what my true worth is, learning how to actually handle situations when my worth is tanking, learning how to handle situations when I'm struggling with something, learning the tools to actually walk through those situations. That's what's going to change you, that's what's going to help you.When you lose self-worth, you are way more likely to lose willpower!When you are strong with your self-worth, your willpower is strong.When you know your worth, then you don’t have the same reactions - cognitively - to situations that would normally deplete your willpower.You may not have as much willpower as you might think, but you do have deeper resources to strengthen your resolve! Consider these things as you move through your day.Choosing joy helps to improve your mood, which increases your willpower. The right motivation can help us persevere, because it allows us to endure suffering. Where are you wrestling with a lack of worth today? Where can you start choosing joy instead of complaining? Resources & Links:1) To the original article (source material), To the "one-page" PDF download of main points,
2/16/202152 minutes, 46 seconds
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404 | Replacing The Negative Influences In Your Life With The Right Ones

404: Replacing The Negative Influences In Your Life With The Right OnesWhat you don’t replace may come back to haunt you!Fact: we are creatures of habit. Our habits, thought patterns, and relationships all carry a massive influence on our hearts and minds. The negative influences in our lives must be replaced, not just edited or deleted. In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss how negative influences from these seven areas may be polluting you. Consider these the Seven Deadly Influences you need to get rid of right away!They could be holding you back from a healthier you by keeping you toxic! Learning to unfollow, mute and put up boundaries is important, but then think about where to redirect your attention.Internet ConflictNews FeedSocial MediaToxic RelationshipsNegative Self-TalkEntertainment StreamsFun DistractionsProverbs 4:23 says, “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” Ask yourself these questions about those 7 areas of influence:How are you guarding your heart from the negative influences in each of these areas?Where have patterns and habits developed that are having a negative effect on you?What are you putting in place to push out the negativity with things that are positive? Remember: what you don’t replace will come back to haunt you!Resources and Links:
2/9/202142 minutes, 9 seconds
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403 | The Healthy Vineyard

403: The Healthy VineyardHave you set yourself up for success this year? Most of us are really good at executing the exterior goals of our careers and passions, but few of us dig into the interior regions of life in order to assess where we’re stuck and need to grow.Coming off of a GREAT quarterly retreat last week with our Mastermind group, I’m excited to share with you some of the transformational material we covered. More than 30 clients from all over the country came together at our office event space to walk through one of our signature lessons that we call The Healthy Vineyard.If you’re already familiar with Next-Level Life, then you understand what I mean when I say things like “digging into your root-system”, identifying surface level responses, toxic behavior and - by contrast - what helps you cultivate a healthy vineyard. If you want to explore more of the Wine and Vine elements, then you can go to a previous podcast episode #198 entitled, What You Have In Common With Wine.But in this episode, we’re going to dig into WHAT MAKES YOU HEALTHY so we can get the weeds out of the garden of your life so you can HAVE A REALLY HEALTHY YEAR!Resources and Links:BLOG POST: help you get (and stay) healthy, we’re including a FREE life-oriented, goal-setting download to help you dig deep into your personal health. Don’t miss this opportunity, while we’re still early in the year, to really set yourself up for success!This Healthy Vineyard Workbook will walk you through A STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS of finding balance in every major category of life - your Wheel of Life. You’ll assess your status, determine what’s healthy and what’s not, then create a tailored action plan.QUOTES"The reason we fail at goal-setting and fulfilling new year’s resolutions is because we don’t set ourselves up for success first by gaining good perspective before reaching for the goals."
2/2/202130 minutes, 6 seconds
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402 | The Leadership Success Path

401: The Leadership Success PathWe see a lot of business leaders and owners throughout the year. Many get stuck not knowing where they are in terms of a leadership process; the majority don’t know what to focus on next.Have you ever been there? You get thrown a book that has a 30,000 ft view of what leadership looks like, but there’s nobody coaching you along a path, no one walking with you step by step.Where there’s no comprehensive process, there’s usually something in the organization NOT getting addressed, and it causes leaders to stay at the same level - stuck in the very same rut.As a business leader, you’re probably looking to create change, and you’re asking things like:“Where should I focus that change”,“Where are my energies best spent?and “What should I be doing next?”In this episode, you’ll discover our Leadership Success Path as I unpack three crucial steps that every leader needs to take if they’re going to succeed in business. Where are you on the path?Resources and Links:
1/26/202151 minutes, 28 seconds
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401 | Guest Serena Dyksen: A Journey From Broken to Healed

401 | Guest Serena Dyksen: A Journey From Broken to HealedHow is fear holding you back from getting the healing you need?Today on the podcast, we’ve got special guest Serena Dyksen with us. Serena is a published author, speaker, coach as well as a Next Level Life participant. She’ll be sharing her journey from brokenness to healing, the struggles that made her grow, and how She Found His Grace, the title of her latest book - is available on Amazon by clicking this link. In this episode, Serena and I talk about: Sexual assaultFear and painSelf-sabotageThe ChurchRedemptionFreedom[Tweet "For some of you, you may be holding yourself back from getting the help and support you need in order to find real healing because of fear. Fear actually plays a baseline role in us not moving from woundedness to wellness: fear of others’ opinions, fear of judgement, fear of risk, etc."]On today’s podcast you’ll discover the courage you need to move past fear and find freedom!
1/19/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 23 seconds
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400 | Seth Godin on Discovering Your Creative Practice

400 | Seth Godin InterviewJoining me on the podcast today is entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker Seth Godin. We have a GREAT conversation together that you won’t want to miss! You’ll discover some crazy-practical insight as Seth and I discuss:the cost of creativitythe value of good workand finding happiness in lifePart of the toxic myth is this thing about authenticity, which is, "Be who you are, do what you want, and things will follow." And that makes a really fine aphorism. But it doesn't actually hold up, if you examine it. In fact, the most reliable way to have a happy life is to make the commitment to like what you do.You’ll find our conversation inspiring, as well as thought-provoking, as Seth unpacks some of important life-learnings like: how he compares creativity to learning to ride a bike!Nobody's born knowing how to ride, and the art of learning to ride a bicycle is simply about sticking around long enough that you get over the falling part. I know today’s episode will shine a ray of light and inspiration onto the road ahead of you!Resources and Links:
1/12/202147 minutes, 44 seconds
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399 | The Art of Gaining Perspective - Part 2

How many of you were just itching to push the “reset” button on last year? Or maybe even “fast-forward” past 2020 altogether? Well, we’re finally here! While I can’t promise you better circumstances this year, I can tell you that your experience of life can definitely be better - if you want it to.On today’s podcast, we’re breaking down “perspective-gathering” to a practical level, so we can gain more clarity, enjoy deeper relationships, and actually enjoy our lives more. → What?! Chris, you’re saying that if I just change my perspective, I can enjoy a better life?! The short answer is YES! Why? Our attitude towards ourselves, other people, and circumstances all determine how we will experience those things. Here’s what I know to be true, the greater perspective that we have: the better decision-making we have, the better relationships we have, the less need for control, the less need for protecting ourselves, the less need for building up walls, the less need for feeling like somebody is on the attackIn this episode, I’m going to show you how to slow down, gain better perspective, and (with that perspective) get the most out of your circumstances and relationships.
1/5/202145 minutes, 9 seconds
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398 | Healthy Leaders Pour Into Others

There is a tendency among leaders today, anybody with responsibility really, to focus on themselves to the detriment of those around them. One reason for this is that responsibility can feel like a weight on your shoulders, and helping others along the way can feel a little daunting!Nobody wants to end up overwhelmed, and yet healthy leaders eventually learn a trade secret. An unhealthy self-focus might just be what’s holding you back from growing as a leader, not to mention really growing others and leading them well. So, how do we break out of this cycle?I’ve spent decades learning to lead myself, so I can effectively lead others. Let me walk you down the same path that I’ve walked. On today’s show, you’ll discover:*How to get healthy, so that you can pour into others*How to get your relationships into right order of priority*How to get your focus off of you, so you can help othersResources:Blog Post and show notes: Life: Leadership Live Event:
12/30/202046 minutes, 14 seconds
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397 | Preparing Your Heart For The Holidays

Today on the show we're talking about managing the stress of the holiday season. I'll give you some practical advice and solid encouragement for dealing with the various family, home and travel stresses that you're going to encounter this week and next. We'll talk about:1) What NOT to do.2) What you should do.3) And, what's in it for you!You can do more than just "survive" the season that we're in. You can actually thrive right now where you are, and come out on the other side of this season having gained greater perspective, richer relationships, and more peace than you thought possible. But, first, we've got to prepare our hearts, and that's what we'll do together on today's show.
12/22/202036 minutes, 53 seconds
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396 | An Inside Look: Helping Your Leadership Team Succeed

Leader, this is how you know whether or not your leadership team is going to succeed: each team member must have and maintain a teachable mindset."Each person can choose to take tough conversations as pressure and become self-protective, even prideful, and start to fight with each other. Or, they can use those tough conversations to grow, because they want to be better - each one wants to learn and grow together as a unified team."Today on the podcast we’ve got a little twist for you: we continue to explore developing your leadership team, but this time I get to interview my own leaders!We’re going to tackle some tough questions like: - what are leaders missing by not investing (their time, resources, quality communication, etc.) in their own leadership teams? - How do you know when a leader isn't cut out for the leadership team, or when they shouldn’t even be a leader at all? - And what are the major challenges to maintaining high levels of quality communication within the team (and how to resolve those challenges)?
12/15/202049 minutes, 56 seconds
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395 | Finishing Well When Your Strength Is Gone

On today’s show we’re going to play the game called “Would you rather?” :-)Would you rather have SHORT term success and LONG term failure… ...OR… Would you rather have LONG term success and SHORT term failure?!Think about your response, the choice is yours. Today’s show is about persevering until we find sustained success, which means that we’ll have to press through some short-term failures in order to get to that long-term success we all want.For some people, that next breakthrough they’ve been after is just around the bend, but settling for less, getting tired, sloppy, and then throwing in the towel can keep them from realizing it. Has that been your story this year?Has your strength been tested with COVID, the economy, and political unrest?How many times have you gotten up in the morning and wanted to throw in the towel?What do you do when you don’t think you’ve got another good idea in you and you just want to quit?I’m going to give you a good shot in the arm today - consider it a booster for your enthusiasm and morale - to help you finish this year well!“Push back against the age as hard as it pushes against you.” - Flannery O’Connor
12/1/202050 minutes, 26 seconds
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394 | Three Reasons Your Business Is Not Growing

On the show today, we’re talking about three reasons your business isn’t growing. THE FIRST REASON - FOCUS ON NUMBERS AND NOT ON PEOPLE. Plans, numbers, projections, agendas, and strategies are all NECESSARY, but the focus should be on the PEOPLE who are going to make that happen - not the other way around!THE SECOND REASON - LIMITING BELIEF SYSTEM (CRAZY CYCLE). It’s all on them as the “leader” to carry the load.THE THIRD REASON - FEAR AND/OR LACK OF UNDERSTANDING. They don't know how to execute well.
11/25/202049 minutes, 11 seconds
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393 | How Gratitude Helps Your Heart Grow

395: How Gratitude Helps Your Heart Grow by Chris LoCurto
11/24/202049 minutes, 15 seconds
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392 | Surviving in a World of Monsters and Victims - Part 2

In today's podcast, we are going to dive into understanding why we label and judge those around us, how we can stop ourselves from living in this negative mindset, and why being self-aware is key in preventing us from living in a false narrative.
11/17/202037 minutes, 47 seconds
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391 | Surviving in a World of Monsters and Victims - Part 1

It's a scary world out there when we put labels on people. We live in a culture that is obsessed with cancling people, labeling everyone, and an insane amount of negative self-talk. This can become exhausting, but we also fall short in getting caught up in all of this! So, how do we survive in this world? Well, it starts with taking responsibility of what YOU do, how you label people, and the boundaries you need to create.
11/10/202038 minutes, 5 seconds
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390 | Excellence in the Face of Fear and Uncertainty

The only thing on your mind today may be the word "leadership" because of this election happening! Well, as uncertain as the election is, I want to remind all of the leaders that YOUR leadership is one that also needs attention. In a time of fear and uncertainty, your team needs to see you striving for excellence. In today's podcast, I talk about how we as leaders need to push into our excellence- especially during this time!
11/3/202029 minutes, 51 seconds
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389 | Why I Don't Like Myself Anymore: Getting Unstuck in Life

Today on the podcast we’re talking about what to do when you don’t like the person you see in the mirror. Self-loathing is not a new phenomenon - it’s part of the human condition. All of us have moments of being disgusted with some aspect of ourselves - whether our appearance, attitude, behavior, etc. Besides that, we live in a world that wholesale BINGES on comparison and the result can quite destructive. The good news is that we can dig into our “root-systems”, deal with the skeletons and excess baggage in our closets, uprooting the lies that we tell ourselves, and self-manage to a healthier version of us. Joining me on the podcast today is our very own Joel Fortner! Together, we've led hundreds of people through the Next Level Life process - I'm excited that we get to share from that wealth of knowledge and experience!
10/27/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 46 seconds
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388 | An Inside Look: Leading a Leadership Team - Part 2

"You can't change unless you're aware of what's going on" So, we ask you, leaders, do you know what's going on? In the second part of this podcast, My Leadership Team talks through what being vulnerable looks like, how to build a relationship and trust in your leadership team, and all the outstanding benefits there are in this! This was so fun for our leadership team and our goal is for you to understand more about our leadership relationship to inspire you to create one that will become stronger in trust, vulnerability, and success!
10/20/202058 minutes, 44 seconds
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387 | An Inside Look: Raising Up Leaders - Part 1

Today, I take you into my leadership team! In this podcast, my two leaders, Heather LoCurto and Joel Fortner join me on the show to discuss what it's like to be a leader, what struggles they have overcome, and all the great things they have learned throughout the years.
10/13/202051 minutes, 7 seconds
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386 | What To Do When You Feel Out Of Control

Control is the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events. When we really think about it, we have very little control over other people or events: it’s mostly an illusion.In today's podcast, we talk through how to see clearer in the illusion we give ourselves for
10/6/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 28 seconds
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385 | The Art of Gaining Good Perspective

What would your conversations look like if you took a step back to discover different perspectives? How would you manage conflict if you decided to gain the perspective of the other person rather than demanding your own?Brian Alex and I talk through the art of gaining perspective and how much it can change your conflict resolution, relationships, and lead a life focused on others!
9/29/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 15 seconds
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384 | Shutting Down The Negative Voices In Our Heads

What if you were told that being healthy has more to do than just the food you eat? When we discuss a healthy lifestyle, food is just a portion of it! Your mindset is another segment of the healthy lifestyle we need to learn how to train! In today's podcast, I talk with Heather LoCurto about how we can shut down those negative voices in our head and find health in it!
9/22/202053 minutes, 7 seconds
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383 | Why a "Whack-a-mole" Leadership Style Is Killing Your Ability to Lead Effectively

As leaders, we can easily get stuck putting out the same fires and dealing with the same issues over and over again. That happens all the time, right? A lot of times it can be the same person that we're having to deal with, the same problems.You are probably thinking of somebody right now, that you're like, "I have to keep coming back. I just want to stop playing the game and lead from a higher level."Well, that is what we're talking about today, is being able to do that!
9/15/202051 minutes, 17 seconds
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382 | How To Self-Manage Tough Emotions

What would your life look like if you stepped into the refining process? When a diamond is being refined, the process takes out the impurities and cleanses it to become whole. This is a process we can also go through in our own life! Join me on the podcast where we discuss how to refine our emotions, create boundaries, and find a healthy balance to create a life full of refinement.
9/9/202043 minutes, 13 seconds
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381 | How To Create a Team That Acts Like a Tribe

Today on the show, we are talking about tribes. No, not indigenous people groups, but the kind of tribes of team members who believe in your organization's purpose, follow the vision, and champion the cause.Tribes follow their leaders willingly. They do it with a desire to follow a leader who is walking out their company's mission. This is crucial to their success, right?
9/4/202032 minutes, 12 seconds
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380 | Interview with Tom Bradford about our current times

There is no doubt that things are a wee bit crazy in our world right now! Whether you agree with the chaos or not, there’s one thing for certain, we’re all being affected by it. From fear and struggle in the work place, to fear and constant adjusting in the family. And where do we see God in all of this?This is great stuff we’re diving into today with our guest Tom Bradford.
8/25/202029 minutes, 32 seconds
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379 | Leading Through Tough Conversations

What happens when you are approached by a team member about an issue they are having with one of your leaders?This can be a tricky situation for leaders, we've dealt with it first hand, just like you! Joel and I act out what it should look like when you have to lead through a tough conversation about a leader's performance.
8/18/202033 minutes, 23 seconds
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377 | Growing Up in a Social Media Age

This week we have a special guest on the show to talk to us about what it was like to grow up in the social media age! We have our very own team member, Steph Hansen on the show this week to discuss her life as she grew up discovering social media! She and I dive into what she experienced as a young teenager, how her parents handled the new generation and where she stands now at 21 years old looking back on her teen years in social media!
8/4/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 49 seconds
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376 | Parenting in a Social Media Age

This week's podcast I dive into the reality of what our children are experiencing in social media, today. We need to wake up, parents. These issues are incredibly chilling and our children need our help- they need us to protect them from love! This is not the easiest podcast to listen to but believe me when I say, it is one of the most important and crucial podcast I have done.
7/30/202049 minutes, 37 seconds
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375 | Winning The Culture War: At Work

Do any of these sound familiar to you? -Competing ideologies that battle for dominance-Islands in your team-Prioritizing self and approval over the company-Lack of respect for leadership or each otherIf they do, then you might be struggling with the Culture War in your workplace. Last week, we talked about how to win that war at home, and today, I'll talk about what it looks like to win it in the workplace!
7/21/202045 minutes, 44 seconds
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374 | Leading the Counter-Cultural Family

It's tough to be a parent in this culture. In one of our staff meetings, we were discussing how important leading our families well is during this time. There seems to be a cultural war with how we should lead our family, and it’s a vital conversation that we should be having.This week on the Chris LoCurto show, Joel Fortner (VP of Leadership Development) and I discuss what it is like to raise a family during this time.
7/14/202051 minutes, 20 seconds
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373 | Rabbi Lapin - Knowing Peace in a Restless World

All of the world has been affected in some way by the pandemic; it's an event we have all gone through. We're trying to find the rhythm again for both success and peace.I had the honor of interviewing Rabbi Daniel Lapin on these exact issues. He has incredible wisdom and advice for us as we learn together where we need to place ourselves in these times.
7/7/202050 minutes, 2 seconds
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372 | The Stress Effect - Part 2

Last week we dove into the negative sides each personality style of the DISC test goes to in moments of stress.Today, we will be diving into the healthy ways the DISC personality styles can react to stressful times and how to gain a better understanding of yourself!
6/24/20201 hour, 39 minutes, 3 seconds
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371 | The Stress Effect - Part 1

What happens when we become stressed? There are countless ways that stress affects us and in times like these, it's an important conversation. Brian Alex and I sit down to talk about the ways stress has been affecting us, while touching on the DISC personality styles to talk about how each personality deals with a stressful situation!
6/17/20201 hour, 13 minutes, 17 seconds
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370 | Next-Level Life Interview with Charlotte Miller

How many times have you told yourself you want to make changes in your life? How many times have you read a self-help book, had the energy to change your mindset? Then found yourself setting back into your normal routine of an unhealthy pattern of mindsets, attitudes, and perspectives? Charlotte Miller had her Next Level Life a few months ago, and like you- she was feeling all those feelings. Her life was not the life she wanted but found it hard to make changes. After her event, she has gained the perspective she needed, changed her mindset and her attitude is completely focused on being her authentic self Our team has been doing Next Level Life's for years and it's always so encouraging to interview our clients to see where they were and where they are today! Don't wait to make changes, make changes today! Contact Holly at [email protected] to find out more information about how Next Level Life can change your life.
6/10/202053 minutes, 51 seconds
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369 | Adapt or Reinvent? - Part 2

Through COVID19, it's guaranteed your business had to either adapt to the changes or reinvent how you were doing things. In this podcast, I walk you through 7 steps that will train you up in preparation for any consequences that could set you up for failure. I want to help you lead your team to success even during these times!
5/27/202053 minutes, 48 seconds
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368 | Adapt or Reinvent? - Part 1

Have you been struggling with this economic downturn and you've been asking yourself some tough questions as a leader? Questions are CRUCIAL, and I’m here to help you navigate those questions, and hopefully give you some answers to them as well!
5/15/202047 minutes, 29 seconds
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367 | Leading High Levels of Communication and Accountability

Your team needs to understand each other and understand what communication looks like- especially for a time like this. In our latest Facebook Live, Joel Fortner and I dive into the DISC personality styles and how it can contribute to your team's success in communication. While understanding perosnalities is crucial, it has to come with your accountability to each team member. There will always be a high success rate in your team if you understand their personality styles and lead them with accountability!
4/28/202045 minutes, 21 seconds
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366 | Are You Positioning Yourself to Lead?

Are you currently navigating how to lead your team well during this time? There might be fears, questions and uncertainty flooding your head as you lead. Today, my Vice President of Leadership Development, Joel Fortner, and I cover the questions you may be asking yourself during your leadership in this pandemic.
4/21/202028 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

365 | Keys to Leading Yourself Better

We have to lead ourselves better during this time. Now is a time when we either fall into the fear cycle of the pandemic or press into truth, values and a better mindset. During our Facebook Live, Vice President of Leadership Development, Joel Fortner and I sit down to discuss ways to bring these goals to fruition. In order for us to lead others well, we have to start by leading ourselves best.
4/14/202022 minutes, 41 seconds
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364 | Handling Fear and Preparing for the Future

This past couple of weeks we've been all dealing with the same crisis and our team has worked on helping you all fight this virus and come out of this stronger and better. Chris and Joel sit down again to talk about how we can handle fear and prepare for the future in our business as well as giving ourselves self-care. We will see the light of this tunnel soon! In the meantime, we are here to give you encouragement and our wisdom to provide peace.
4/6/202029 minutes, 48 seconds
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363 | Smart Money Decisions During A Crisis

During a Crisis, it can be hard to make sure you're making the right money decisions. Today, I will be walking you through how to make smart decisions with money during this crisis our world is facing.
3/31/202020 minutes, 34 seconds
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362 | Setting Up Your Team For Success

Are you confident that you have set your team up for success? I will be answering a question on how to set your team up for success. I am confident if you find the right direction to go for quality communication, continual encouragement and a better outcome of their area your team will improve immensely!
2/11/202019 minutes, 9 seconds
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361 | Memory Training with Elle Sompres

Are there moments in your life when you wished you had a better memory? Maybe you forget what you went to the store for, or you forgot someone's name just five minutes after you met them. Today, I have Elle Sompres on the show and she is talking through her steps of memory training and how we can better this area in our life that so many of us seem to struggle with!
2/4/202031 minutes, 10 seconds
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360 | Silent Signals

We all do it, we fidget, cross our arms, cross our eyebrows and it is all a silent sign of how we are feeling. Let's dive in today to being more aware of the signs that seem silent, but can actually speak volumes to yourself and your team.
1/29/202027 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

359 | Stop Surviving

We all seem to be running around our life like crazy and instead of living our life, we start to survive it. Today, I will be giving you signs that may allow you to see if you are just trying to survive and not living.
1/21/202045 minutes, 23 seconds
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358 | Hurt People Hurt People

There is a big chance during this Holiday Season you have been hurt by someone- and that someone is most likely going through a bunch of hurt themselves. This podcast, I get into the understanding that hurt people hurt people and how we can enable correct boundaries when we see this happening around us and in our own lives.
12/31/201924 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

357 | How Not To Get Derailed - Part 2

This season demands some healthy boundaries and expectations with those you have to spend the holidays with. In this second part podcast, today I will be discussing further into creating the right balance of how we need to spend this season, fully embrace the reason and the ability to know what we can handle and when we should just walk away from toxicity.
12/24/201927 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

356 | How Not to Get Derailed - Part 1

The Holiday Season seems to overwhelm us with overspending, overcommitting and overindulging; making the Holidays much more of a drag than a time of excitement. I am going to be addressing these three common grounds in the podcast today so we may find the balance of saying "yes" and "no".
12/17/201928 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

355 | Understanding Root System

We all make decisions based off of our influences, past or fears. There has to be a reason for why we look at life through our own personal lens and a way for us to break the patterns, see the reasons and work for the change we desire. Today, I dig a little deeper in the soil of the Root System and how it affects our lifestyle and business.
12/10/201944 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

354 | How to Let Go - Part 2

We constantly want it; we crave control while our lives continue to be loud and unaware of the lack of stillness we need in our daily walks. In the second part of this podcast, Brian and I continue to talk through the ways we can lose our obsession for control and give it back to God.
11/26/201931 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

353 | How To Let Go - Part 1

Finding value in our success, our business and our life can create a position of constantly wanting control and failing to trust God in the process. We need to establish our core value in the Creator of all things, even in our businesses. Brian Alex and I talk about what it is like to let go of control, finding our value in Christ and how to continue the patterns of following Him when that may look like letting go of our current situations.
11/19/201943 minutes, 59 seconds
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352 | Storybrand Guide to Social Media with Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Most brands dream of becoming viral overnight, but Claire Diaz-Ortiz is here to tell us that social media should be done in a very different way. Today I talk with Claire about her new book, "Social Media Success for Every Brand: The Five StoryBrand Pillars That Turn Posts Into Profits"  to gain insight on what she has to say about businesses and their social media platform
11/12/201929 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

351 | How to Finish This Year Strong

Holiday's are approaching and our goals we set back in January are sneaking up on us. Today, I will be talking about how to confidently finish the year off strong, accomplishing the goals you wanted and not getting overwhelmed. Ask yourself the right questions, ask your team the right questions and be ready to finish the year off well.
11/5/201915 minutes, 13 seconds
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350 | You Don't Have To Be "Stuck," To Experience Life Change

You Don't Have To Be "Stuck," To Experience Life ChangeMeet, Matt Fenske, a leader and father who wasn't seeking life change, but found transformation anyway.In our conversation, we talk about finding more contentment and a richer marriage while growing as a leader.Get the full show notes here >>
10/29/201934 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

349 | How Leaders Can Get Quality, Productive Feedback

Feedback can seem useless and unproductive when not received well, or given by someone unhealthy. Today, I will be guiding the leader YOU are in how to receive quality feedback; inviting it to be productive on both sides so your leadership can grow, with your team:
10/22/201918 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

348 | Discover The Leadership Opportunities You're Missing

This can be one of our biggest leadership blindspots.We often think we're open to feedback, but how we receive it keeps us from our greatest leadership opportunities.Learn how to find quality feedback and create opportunity:
10/15/201921 minutes, 58 seconds
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347 | You Repeat What You Don't Repair

You may have unhealthy patterns in your life you are unaware of...Today we will recognize these patterns and find solutions to prevent them from repeating in your life.Go here to get this week's download >>
10/8/201923 minutes, 3 seconds
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346 | How To Get More Out Of Your Team

If you are wanting more from your team, you can either make excuses for them or you can create solutions to get the team you desire.Discover what may be holding them back, and learn how get the most out of your team.Get this week's free leadership download here >>
10/1/201921 minutes, 36 seconds
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345 | How To Choose Healthy Community

Our relationships have a profound impact on our lives.They can have a healthy influence in our life or a toxic influence, and I want you to feel confident in how you evaluate the community in your life.Learn the characteristics to look for, important action steps, and discover whether or not you have chosen a healthy community.Get this episode's free download on choosing healthy community here >>
9/24/201929 minutes, 41 seconds
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344 | Is Your Business Set Up To Scale?

Do you feel like your business, project, or new leadership process is ready to scale?Learn the important keys you must consider when scaling. There are 3 steps I am encouraging any kind of leader to take before they rush into scaling.Get this week's free download on 3 Critical Ways To Scale here >>
9/17/201950 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

343 | 3 Critical Lessons From My Leadership Journey

Today, I'm getting personal and giving everyone an inside look into my leadership over the last 25 or so years.If you understand and believe these three things I’m about to share, then you can take the right steps to move forward.It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in...It doesn't matter what your specific issue is...Learn 3 critical lessons to succeed in leadership. Get resources and full show notes here >>
9/10/201919 minutes, 29 seconds
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342 | How To Stop Toxicity As A Leader (Encore)

Toxicity creates disunity, inefficiency, low productivity, gossip, backstabbing...the list goes on. What do we do about it? How do we prevent it?Learn how to stop toxicity as a leader.Full show notes and resources here >>
9/3/201923 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

341 | 3 Powerful Actions to Take When You Feel Stuck in Life

Why do we get stuck in life? What leads us there?Here is the thing about being stuck: none of us plan for it, none of us quite know what to do with it, but it is never impossible to overcome and get moving again.Learn 3 reasons we end up stuck, and how to reset and live the life you want.Full show notes and resources here >>
8/27/201926 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

340 | How To Handle Work Through A Life Crisis

Tough stuff happens in our lives. How do you navigate work during a life crisis? There are healthy, and unhealthy tendencies when coping at work. Choosing unhealthy patterns can damage relationships and potentially your future at the company, long after the crisis is over.>> Get this week's free pdf on " 4 ways to deal with life difficulties, without damaging your working relationships" here:
8/20/201925 minutes, 51 seconds
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339 | 3 Areas That Hinder Leadership Momentum

Are you stuck in "maintenance mode"?It may look like...* No roadmap or strategic goals to help you get there* Overwhelmed leaders that are spread too thin* Team members showing up for just a paycheckLearn 3 reasons leaders get stuck in "maintenance mode" (and how to get out) >>
8/13/201925 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

338 | 2 Critical Steps to Ditch Your Bad Habits (Encore)

One of the best ways to make stronger decisions for your future--and ditch your bad habits--is by learning the power of Core Impacts.Learn how to ditch your bad habits:
8/6/201935 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

337 | How To Become A Leader Worth Following

Folks, on the show today we have a very special guest!Patrick Devereaux is a husband, father, leader of leaders, and medical professional. His leadership growth, and its impact on his team and the business has been incredible to watch.I wanted to bring him on the show because…there’s a lot to learn from Patrick.He has been killing it as a leader, in the past year...He has opened another new business location and put a brand new leader in chargeGrown team buy-in, that's allowing him to raise up new leadershipCreate alignment on the team creating focus in the most important areasLess stress and overwhelm personallyHigh quality communication with his teamEliminating what's not importantVisit the show notes here >> how to get these leadership results >>
7/30/201933 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

336 | Lies We Believe

They shape our beliefs, decisions, and actions.Lies hold us back from becoming something greater, from believing in yourself, from becoming the leader you want to be, from being at peace, from _________.Learn how to ditch the lies keeping you stuck in a rut:
7/23/201933 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

335 | Building a Strong Marriage

Marriage can be one of the most amazing parts of your life, and it can be the most stressful, challenging thing in your life - or anything in between.Without the right answers and tools, unity breaks down and we weaken the relationship.Get the free pdf download of "4 Principles to Build a Stronger Marriage" here >>
7/16/201946 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

334 | How To Get The Direction Your Business Needs

There is a process every leader needs to follow when it comes to leading. It starts with a compelling Mission and have to know it, your team has to know it, and everything needs to be aligned to it.Find out if the direction of your business is compelling and led well:
7/9/201925 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

333 | 3 Negative Mindsets Holding You Back Right Now (Encore Episode)

A large part of the transformation that help others obtain, is getting rid of force-of-habit mindsets, and broken belief systems. In this episode I'm going to help you discover:*The "If, then" theory and how you're most likely trying to gain self-worth and value from the future.*The broken belief system that what you're currently doing is filling the void that you're feeling.*How you actually already have permission to do what makes YOU healthy and pursue the things that will transform your life!Resources and show notes here >>
7/2/201925 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

332 | People + Process = Productivity

There's a bottleneck in business that causes us to lose our footing and come to a crashing halt.It doesn't matter if you're leading 2, if you're leading 2000... it can happen to you. You can fall into the trap of being people dependent or process dependent. It's a two-sided equation, and you must be balanced on both sides.Learn 4 questions you can ask to discover if you’re people or process dependent (and get the free download) >>
6/25/201922 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

331 | The Bottleneck That Keeps Leaders From Correcting Culture

This is the 2nd of 3 bottlenecks that keeps your leadership, and therefore your team or business from growing: correcting culture. If you missed the first bottleneck, catch up here: bottleneck #1.Learn what to do this week to stop the bottleneck, and have a phenomenal culture that drives results >>
6/18/201930 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

330 | How To Lead An Uncoachable Team Member

One of the most frustrating leadership situations…is trying to lead an uncoachable team member.We're giving you a 5-step framework to lead team members to clarity and ownership. AND we're role-playing the conversation so you can hear how to lead it in real time. Learn the 5 steps to lead an uncoachable team member today.Get your free pdf with the 5 steps here >>
6/11/201936 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

329 | The Leadership Habit Limiting Your Team's Potential

Performing to the level of our “unpreparation" is a serious bottleneck that keeps teams and businesses from growing. Here's how to avoid one of the biggest leadership bottlenecks.Full show notes and resources here >>
6/4/201926 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

328 | How Self-Protection Kills Your Growth

Self-protection sneaks into our lives in subtle ways. Here's the problem: it's one of the greatest is the enemies of vulnerability and progress. Don't let self-protection keep you from your greatest growth:
5/28/201927 minutes, 28 seconds
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327 | LIVE Q&A from Next-Level Leadership!

This is a special episode of The Chris LoCurto Show! My team and I put on the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event in May (2019), and we had a LIVE Q&A session. What. Phenomenal. Questions.Full show notes here >>
5/21/201940 minutes, 50 seconds
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326 | Do You Subconsciously Resist Success?

Do You Fear Success? For most of us, it's as common as fearing failure, but much more subtle...Have you ever felt like pure joy or happiness, and then the next moment felt a sense of anxiety? When things are going really well in life, do you start wondering...When is the 'shoe going to drop'? Do you find yourself wandering down the what if paths?Fear of success is exhausting, and it keeps us from experiencing joy and deep peace.Learn the 3 signs you fear success, and how to experience more peace >>
5/14/201918 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

325 | Want Better ROI? Invest in Your Team

Want more ROI? Learn how this leader set a rock-solid business foundation, increased productivity, and broke financial records by serving her team.
5/7/201925 minutes, 58 seconds
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324 | How To Cut The Noise And Do What Works

The average iPhone user gets 1,377 notifications per month.Then there's desktop notifications, social media, news on your tv, radio, what your friends, family, neighbors are telling you...And it’s no different in leadership. There's constant noise about what you "should be" focused on.Here’s the kicker: so much of it is KEEPING us from doing what actually works. Ask yourself:1. Am I growing or getting distracted?2. Is my leadership growth measurable and producing results?Learn 3 ways to cut the noise and get measurable leadership growth.Get this week's free download here >>
4/30/201920 minutes, 33 seconds
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323 | What Blindspots are Keeping You From Healthy Leadership?

Where are you blind to unhealthy leadership? Learn how a C-Level leader discovered his blindspots, and the steps he took to become healthier, more equipped leader.Some of his struggles may sound familiar…*Bogged down in tasks that aren’t his strengths*Anxious about outcomes*Worried his team doesn’t have complete confidence in him as a leaderLearn what the healthiest version of yourself, and your leadership could look like.Discover more about your Next-Level Life and take the next step: show notes here >>
4/23/201917 minutes, 23 seconds
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322 | Get Results: Stop Settling For Task Completion

Get Results: Stop Settling For Task CompletionIt's NOT the task that wins, it's the result of the task that wins.Do you have a task result gap? It may look like this...* Tasks are getting completed, but KPIs aren't being hit* You don't see the results from the vendors that you were promised* Team members come to you seeking your solution to every issue instead of taking steps to solve itClose the Task-Result gap and start seeing more ROI in your role, on your team, and in the business:
4/16/201923 minutes, 1 second
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321 | Don’t Be Shark Bait: Define Your Mission, Achieve Your Purpose

In the next 15 seconds... could you recite the company's mission statement by heart? Can your leadership team repeat it?Get this week's free download "Define Your Mission" here >> Can you see the mission statement being reflected conversations? Actions and attitudes in the culture? Tasks?The more your mission statement drives your culture, the less time you will spend "fixing" bad actions and attitudes.Define your mission to guide culture, inspire team members, and clearly guide your decision-making.Key takeaways:
4/9/201931 minutes, 24 seconds
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320 | Finding Your Authentic Self

To get to the healthiest you, you have to understand how you got to where you are today. Sure, you may know you struggle with control, taking on too much, anger, you fill in the blank...but those responses don't change until you understand where they're coming from. We're digging into the why and how of getting to our best selves today with Becky Taylor.Take the next step here >>
4/2/201942 minutes, 48 seconds
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319 | Culture Covers A Multitude of Sins

So many leaders think they have revenue problems, team member problems, productivity problems, when what they REALLY have is a culture problem.For full show notes and resources, go here >>
3/28/201925 minutes, 6 seconds
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318 | My Favorite Tool For Communication and Execution

Today’s episode is strategic and tactical, AND you get a sneak peek into our's about getting solid execution at every level of your business.In our interview, you’re going to learn how to…Have more effective internal communicationGive accountability at the task level without getting bogged downImprove execution on projects.Show notes and resources here >>
3/19/201939 minutes, 59 seconds
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317 | Creating A Legacy with Tom Ziglar

"What is the fastest way to success?"This question started Tom Ziglar's journey to discovering the answer.You can you achieve massive change without massive upset. In Choose to Win: Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time, Tom maps out the simple, daily process to create success and more importantly, your legacy.Learn how to create real change, significance, and legacy starting with 15 minutes a day.Show notes and resources here >>
3/12/201937 minutes, 51 seconds
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316 | Increase Your Team's Productivity by Fostering Creativity

When team members are creative and take risks, there's increased productivity, innovation, money-making ideas, and team members contributing to growth and bottom line.Learn how to foster creativity on your team to improve their results >>
3/5/201934 minutes, 15 seconds
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315 | How To Make Stronger, Strategic Decision-Maker

In this podcast we are talking about not just making decisions, but making strategic decisions. Decisions that lead to the results you desire. Decisions that create movement and build momentum...Listen in to learn how to make stronger, strategic decisions as a leader.Show notes and further resources here >>
2/26/201924 minutes, 38 seconds
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314 | Same Bible + Middle Eastern Lens = Better Leadership

What is a Middle Eastern lens? How does it apply to leadership? What can the Bible teach me about being a business owner?Kristi McLelland is taking us to Biblical leadership school on today's episode and answering those questions.Learn how a Middle Eastern perspective can change your leadership, and life >>
2/19/201951 minutes, 48 seconds
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313 | 2 Powerful Money Mindsets that Predict Our Wealth

Money isn’t greedy. Money isn’t elusive. Money isn’t fair or unfair. Money isn’t status. Money isn’t a bad thing!Money is what we make it.Money is a piece of paper or chunk of metal, and it’s our mindset that determines our relationship with it. Wealth and poor are both mindsets!Learn your money mindset, and discover greater wealth: Key Takeaways:*Sign a poor mindset is owning you [3:20]*An origin of our "poor mindset" [4:42]*Why money isn't a slice of a pie...[5:19] *Other telling signs of a poor mindset [9:09]*What your life looks like when you have a wealth mindset [11:16]*How I grew out of a poor mindset [14:26]*What I learned from Paul about a wealth mindset [17:45]
2/12/201927 minutes, 24 seconds
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312 | Kill Conflict without Killing Your Relationships

Learn how to resolve conflict and strengthen your relationship in 5 steps!Free download here >> Takeaways:* Step #1 when you're in conflict to avoid damaging pitfalls [6:40]* What will NOT help you in resolving conflict [13:11]* What actions and words refuse to take responsibility in conflict and perpetuate the conflict [13:33]* Step #2 to shift your focus to resolution [17:19]* Step #3 to get both people on the same page [23:28]How to set boundaries when someone is trying to hurt you [20:29] * Step #4 to find growth instead of gridlock [24:52]* Step #5 to finally resolve conflict the healthy way [27:15]
2/5/201934 minutes, 32 seconds
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311 | How To Tackle Tough Conversations With Your Team

Learn how to lead your team through conflict, struggle, and difficulties…right down into the details of what to say when you’re leading these conversations!Show notes and resources here >> Takeaways:* What holds back leaders from longterm success with tough conversations [1:42]* Learn the two outcomes of tough conversations for your team [06:05]* The powerful method to get you started with tackling tough conversations [06:57]* How to sideline what will keep you from being successful leading your team member to a solution [09:44]* How to gain perspective from the team member [11:20] * Next steps in guiding tough conversations [15:56]* How to guide your team member to “self-discovery” [18:52]* What to do when a team member is defensive, difficult or defiant in a tough conversation [21:57]
1/29/201929 minutes, 46 seconds
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310 | How To Change Your Life By Leading Yourself Better

Leading yourself better looks like: * Personal freedom* Contentment* Less stress* Fulfillment* A more productive, unified team* Greater ability to change livesDiscover how to change your life by leading yourself better >> Takeaways:* Discover why it matters to lead yourself? [1:51]* What leading yourself means [2:39]* Learn the benefits of leading yourself better [3:37]* What keeps us from leading ourselves well [10:20]* What to do when your personal leadership issues become strategic issues for the business [16:57]* Action step 1 to lead yourself better this week [17:41]* Action step 2 to lead yourself better this week [18:19]* How to be intentional with leading yourself better [23:18]
1/22/201930 minutes, 16 seconds
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309 | 5-Step Framework to Evaluate New Business Opportunities

Some of you may want to acquire a business or some of you may want to start a franchise and become an entrepreneur. Some of you may want to add a new revenue stream or division to your company...Is your business idea a golden opportunity or a distraction?Here's how to discern if your newest opportunity is a winning strategy, or a harmful distraction: Takeaways:Key #1: the VERY first piece you need to know when evaluating winning business opportunities [6:52]Key #2: how look at every single opportunity as an outside investor [12:22]Key #3: discovering how to supply the energy a new opportunity requires, so your current money makers don’t suffer [15:22]Key #4: the personal steps you can take as a leader to make sure it’s a golden opportunity instead of a distraction [22:37]Key #5: how to uncover if new opportunities align with current strategy [26:02]
1/15/201931 minutes, 52 seconds
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308 | 4 Mistakes Leaders Make In Goal Setting

Get this week's download on "How To Set Stronger Goals" here >> Key Takeaways:* Understanding what goal setting ISN'T [1:18]* Master the 1st step in setting your goals up for success[5:36]* A key to accomplishing goals: setting up 90 day initiatives [11:21]* How to proactively remove roadblocks to stop goal failure [15:21]* Address the thought process that keeps your goals too small [17:39]* The trap that holds leaders back from setting attainable goals [22: ]* The final goal setting step most leaders neglect [27:13]
1/8/201931 minutes, 1 second
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307 | My Battle With Guilt, and How I Found Freedom

Guilt is something that I have struggled with throughout my life. It's a weight that I carried around until I learned how to get free from it.There's no magic mantra. But today, if you struggle with guilt or have ever struggled with guilt, then I want to tell you how I learned to grow from it so you can too.Take the next step to getting free from guilt and what's holding you back >>
1/1/201943 minutes, 46 seconds
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306 | 4 Ways To Break Free From Bad Patterns

“There are far, far better things ahead, than any we leave behind.” CS LewisTo get to those better things, to have freedom, peace, and an incredible future, we have to let go of things. The things we hold onto from the past, poison our future.Get today's download on "4 Steps To Let Go And Find Peace" here >>
12/27/201829 minutes, 35 seconds
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305 | Celebrating Christmas: What We Don't Know About The Birth Of Christ

Merry Christmas everyone!This season is about who He is, not about the consumerism, buying gifts, what you get when you wake up that morning...The reason we celebrate, is Jesus.There are some misconceptions about The Christmas Story and the birth of Jesus. One in particular, that after I learned the truth, really changed some feelings that I had around Christmas and some struggle that I've had.This episode, we're looking at the birth of Christ through a Biblical, and Middle Easter lenssMerry Christmas to you and yours!
12/18/201827 minutes, 52 seconds
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304 | How Fear Stalls Leadership Growth (And How To Eliminate it)

Fear controls. Fear can keep you from living a great life, and being successful in business and leadership. Listen to today's episode to learn how fear stalls leadership growth (and how to eliminate it).You can hear this lesson, learn it, deep dive on it, and take action at Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event! We’d love to see you there and see the same results (regardless of where you are) in your leadership, or business.Go to to get your tickets TO-day. Don’t keep holding YOU back!
12/11/201824 minutes, 58 seconds
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303 | How To Remove The Biggest Roadblock To Your Leadership Growth

Learn how to kill the Leadership Crazy Cycle robbing you of time, money, and sanity. Hear it from Cindy Taylor, a leader and business owner who just got out of the Leadership Crazy Cycle, gained 20+ hours back to her week, increased team productivity, and got her life back. You can hear this lesson, learn it, deep dive on it, and take action at Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event! We’d love to see you there and see the same results (regardless of where you are) in your leadership, or business.Go to to get your tickets TO-day at $200 OFF.
12/4/201826 minutes, 39 seconds
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302 | How To Lead With Excellence And Hire Talent

In this episode, you'll go inside Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event…where you’ll hear me answering leaders' and business owners' questions on becoming an excellent leader and day-to-day operations.TODAY(Cyber Monday) you can save up to 30% OFF Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event tickets.Don’t miss it - it's up to 30% off for 1 day only.Go here to get your tail to this event, to get the results you want in your leadership and business >>
11/26/201834 minutes, 3 seconds
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301 | How To Stop Leadership Overwhelm

Successful leaders and business owners, those who are running successful businesses control time rather than letting time control them.NOTE: If you do not have the time to set your team up for success, you are not leading.Learn the proven strategies you can practice daily to get out of overwhelm now.And get your coupon code for up to 30% off Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event tickets when we launch next week >>
11/20/201832 minutes, 29 seconds
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300 | How To Know You're Loved By God

Leaders, business owners, moms, dads, millennials...we all do it.We compare ourselves to others. We try and convince ourselves we're worth something by getting others to approve of our choices, clothes, houses, cars, and spouses. We think we're the only ones struggling.How do we stop? How do we learn to rest, and know we're enough and loved? How do we find our worth from Christ?Listen to today's episode to learn how to break free from the striving, and start seeking your worth in God >> Action Items:* Discover where you're getting your worth [2:19]* The comparison trap leaders fall into and how to spot it [4:12]* What we're really doing when we try to impress others [6:14]* How to know what God says about you, and your self-worth [7:51]* 2 things that hold us back from understanding our worth in Christ [17:42]
11/13/201821 minutes, 12 seconds
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299 | 2 Ways To Create Excellence In Your Workplace

Excellence is something so many business owners and leaders automatically expect from their team, but does the team know what excellence looks like in the first place?Listen to this week's episode for the 2 ways to create excellence in your workplace this week: *What a lack of excellence looks like [0:55]*What excellence in the workplace looks like [4:11]*The first thing you have to ask yourself/the place to start if you want your team to be excellent [6:08]*How to approach training your team on excellence [7:25]*How to create a culture of excellence by teaching excellence [8:23]*Where to put your leadership focus to ensure your team takes on excellence [10:08]*Your weekly action step #1: how to reward excellence so it’s repeated [12:56]*Action step #2: how to stop a lack of excellence in its tracks [15:06]
11/6/201818 minutes, 21 seconds
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298 | How To Lead A Culture Of Ultimate Team Ownership

How To Grow Your Leadership (and bottom line) with Daniel Good…Read the full interview here >> how to take the next step here (mastermind) >>
10/30/201845 minutes, 13 seconds
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297 | How To Replace Worry With Peace

It damages your health, disrupts your productivity, negatively affects the way you treat others, and reduces your ability to trust in God...Worry.For more resources on how to replace worry with peace, go here: >>>>
10/23/201820 minutes, 6 seconds
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296 | Why Your Meetings Suck

Everything you do right in a meeting is wasted if there's not a plan of action...Why Your Meetings Suck is an easy read packed with information on how to have productive meetings that get results…and that your team even enjoys. It’s 7 chapters on what to avoid when it comes to meetings, and how to make your team come alive. It’s a great resource, and digital download, and it's free. Get it here >>
10/16/201828 minutes, 16 seconds
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295 | How To Inspire Team Loyalty, Buy-in, and Productivity

There's a world of difference between "team members" and "employees." Team members produce excellent work, and drive success. Employees produce subpar work, and watch the clock all day so they can drive... home... right at 5 o'clock.How can you better lead so that employees transform into team members?Learn how to inspire loyalty, buy-in, and productivity in your team this week >>
10/9/201832 minutes, 18 seconds
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294 | How To Handle Negative People In Your Life

Negative people poison the lives of those around them...How are you dealing with negative people in your life? How do healthy people deal with negative people and their toxicity?Listen to this episode learn how to handle negative people without getting sucked into their drama.Resources:Episode 283: 5 Ways To Work As Unto God, Not People >> [book] >> Life >>
10/2/201854 minutes, 57 seconds
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293 | 5 Ways To A Closer Relationship With God

There are 168 hours/week, and the average person has less than 3 "free" hours per day. With such little free time each day, how do you fit time with God into your life... let alone grow closer to Him?!Learn the 5 practical steps I follow (plus my morning routine) to draw closer to God >>
9/25/201826 minutes, 8 seconds
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292 | How To Kill The Leadership Crazy Cycle

Your 5 minute Leadership assessment to see where you are in the Leadership Crazy Cycle >>
9/18/201846 minutes, 58 seconds
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291 | 6 Ways You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Go here for today's free pdf download >> Action Items from this episode!* Learn the 6 ways you may be your own worst enemy [6:10]* Uncover the false beliefs hiding under procrastination [7:07]* Hear the most common 'lies we believe' [10:37]* Set the right healthy boundaries [15:02]* Discover the signs you struggle with self-worth [19:14]* Learn how to stop seeking self-worth from man [20:46]* How the blame game holds us back...[24:38]
9/11/201829 minutes, 41 seconds
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290 | How To Lead When Your Team Is Failing

Lead people with dignity and you get incredibly productive team members. Lead them with fear and you get paralyzed office decorations. Episode show notes:…team-is-failing/Episode resources:>> Episode 220: How To Overcome Your Fear (And Its Root Cause):>> DISC Personality Profiles:
9/5/201831 minutes, 59 seconds
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289 | How To Overcome What's Keeping You Stuck

Worry, insecurity, needing to be right, fearing failure, marriage problems, seeking approval, getting offended easliy…The problem is this junk holds us back until we gain perspective on it. Here's how to overcome it…NOT put a bandaid on it.We guide people through a 2-day process to help them get past the "junk," improve relationships, and discover what's holding them back from peace and freedom in life. What would that look like in your life? Get more information, and find out here:
8/28/201829 minutes, 39 seconds
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288 | Why Your Life Is Unbalanced, And How To Fix It

No, you'll never find true balance! Life is unbalanced by design...but you CAN get healthier in the areas that matter most to you without getting burnt-out.GET the "Wheel Of Life Goal Setting" Worksheet pdf here >>
8/21/201820 minutes, 31 seconds
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287 | The Worst Kind Of Leadership

People need consequences when they screw up, but punishing a team member is the worst kind of leadership in my book! What leadership actions are holding you and your team back?Resources from this episode:Where Successful Leaders Spend Their Time >> how to get out of the leadership crazy cycle >> resources here>>
8/14/201818 minutes, 21 seconds
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286 | Are You Letting Life Pass You By?

It is so easy for us to just let life pass us by and to not take action, to not DO. What about those things that you want to accomplish that you're not getting to? Are you letting life pass you by?Discover how to create the Next-Level Life bucket list in this episode, and learn more about Next-Level Life -->
8/7/201825 minutes, 21 seconds
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285 | How To Stop Toxicity As A Leader

There’s something that can hold leaders back from effectively making changes and seeing results: allowing poison and toxicity from team members to seep into culture.Toxicity creates disunity, inefficiency, low productivity, gossip, backstabbing...the list goes on. What do we do about it? How do we prevent it?* Even if you found the "magic pill" to make you money like crazy, none of it would matter if you've got a toxic culture.* We allow this toxicity into our culture because we either don't know how to stop it or we're choosing not to recognize it.* Culture = actions + attitudes* If you don't create the culture you want, the wrong culture will be forced on you.* When we allow the "blame game" we start to allow poison to seep into the culture.* When we bring toxicity into the building, into our culture, what happens next is you start to see a replicating behavior.* Accountability is not pointing out flaw in others or judgment, it's lovingly helping them to succeed by lifting them up, asking the right questions, helping people get to the solutions they need...
7/31/201823 minutes, 14 seconds
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284 | Next-Level Life: What Keeps Us From Freedom

"It felt like I couldn't really be true to myself because I was constantly hiding behind this mask."On today's episode we're talking with Andrea Lingenfelter.... She's a wife, a mom of two adorable kids, and a leader. She's recently been through our Next-Level Life event, and StratPlan with her team.Here's what you'll discover on this episode:*What holds us back from our authentic selves*How understanding our Root System repairs relationships*The lies keeping us from more clarity and peace (we ALL have them)*How the crazy cycle of seeking acceptance keeps us from growth*How to find freedom and peace in everyday lifeAndrea L: Now I don't start out the day with that weight on my shoulders....I'm more positive with my kids in the morning, I'm more positive with my husband. I come into work with a huge smile on my face just ready right when I come in the door to say, okay, here's what we're doing, let's kill it today....before, I struggled and juggled and I had a lot of issues with setting priorities and constantly feeling like a failure because I was trying to do the walk of life on my own, and I was just constantly beating myself up for it.Chris LoCurto: I think this is the way many people made the mention of beating yourself up. What was that like?Andrea L: I constantly believed all the lies I would tell myself and I couldn't see clearly enough that they were lies.I told myself that I was never good enough, and that I needed to be in full control and show control over my emotions at all times, and I saw myself as a failure and that I needed to be perfect.It felt like I couldn't really be true to myself because I was constantly hiding behind this mask...keep reading our interview here:
7/24/201842 minutes, 12 seconds
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283 | 5 Ways To Work As Unto God, Not People

We spend so much of our lives in our work life trying to please people, almost every single one of us. In this episode you'll learn 5 ways to work to please God, not people.
7/17/201826 minutes, 34 seconds
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282 | How To Train Up High-Performing Leaders

If you have the wrong people in leadership roles, training them to be excellent and developing their leadership will be an uphill battle and it just may be in vain. Before you start this process, make sure you've listened to Episode #281: How To Spot Potential Leaders. takeaways:- The best starting place is creating your Leadership List- Solving people problems > solving business problems- If you expect your leaders "know what to do," and just give them directives - you've already set them up for failure- Servant leadership is non-negotiable- The Leadership Team Meeting- The 5 questions I ALWAYS ask when there's a failure or mistake to solve it for good- It's okay to let your leadership "squirm" - you can't "solve" their problems- Don't let teachable moments pass you by...- If you're in the Leadership Crazy Cycle, you can't do any of the above.Teaching future leaders how to solve problems is paramount. So is turning the above takeaways into action. Here's how to make excellent leadership a habit:This week's key action items:>> Creating your "Leadership list" [2:00]>> Evaluating your "Leadership list" [4:30]>> How to implement The Leadership Team Meeting [7:00]>> How to prepare your team to lead meetings, interviews, etc. [12:45]>> Capitalizing on "teachable moments" [15:24]>> The 5 question process to SOLVE problems once and for all [17:43]>> Getting out of the Leadership Crazy Cycle [21:14]
7/10/201822 minutes, 31 seconds
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281 | How To Spot Potential Leaders On Your Team

The #1 mistake many leaders make in raising up leaders, and the question you must answer to spot great leaders. Here's what you need to be asking...
7/3/201826 minutes, 29 seconds
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280 | 8 Negative People You Should Avoid - Part 2

You may see parts of you in these 8 negative people. The truth is, we all struggle. If you've not listened to part 1, go listen to it! Here are the last 4 Negative People You Should Avoid...*The Impossible To Please*The Manipulator*The Judge*The Self-Critic
6/25/201822 minutes, 5 seconds
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279 | 8 Negative People You Should Avoid - Part 1

The Naysayer, The Know It All, The Drama Queen, and The Taker. Learn how to spot these folks, and learn what you can do to protect your well-being against the lies that come from these types:
6/19/201828 minutes, 27 seconds
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278 | Profit Sharing: The Why, How, and How Much

Profit sharing is a huge motivator for your team, and does a great job getting your expenses down.But implementing it isn’t intuitive...*How much should I share?*How much is too much? *How often should I pay out profit sharing? The answers on today's new episode:
6/12/201830 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

277 | How To Implement A Profit Sharing Plan

How do you use money to motivate your team? On today's podcast we're talking about profit sharing, here's what you'll discover:* How to implement a profit-sharing plan* The 2 key questions to determine your profit sharing plan* When to do profit sharing* A Profit Sharing Matrix
6/5/201826 minutes, 22 seconds
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276 | What Makes Us Powerless (And How To Stop Victim Mentality)

What is victim mentality? What does it look like? Why are people victims? Can you unlearn it? What are the steps to stop being a victim?We cover all of those questions in today's episode.
5/29/201850 minutes, 9 seconds
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275 | 7 Enemies Of Your Leadership Success - Episode 3 of 3

Part 3 is here!! We shy away from our weaknesses, but one of the most important parts of being a strong leader, is understanding and overcoming our weaknesses. Learn the 7 Enemies Of Your Leadership Success.
5/22/201826 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

274 | 7 Enemies Of Your Leadership Success – Episode 2 of 3

We shy away from our weaknesses, but one of the most important parts of being a strong leader, is understanding and overcoming our weaknesses. Learn the 7 Enemies Of Your Leadership Success.
5/15/201833 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

273 | 7 Enemies of Leadership Success - Episode 1 of 3

We shy away from our weaknesses, but one of the most important parts of being a strong leader is understand and overcoming our weakness. Learn the 7 Enemies Of Your Leadership Success.
5/9/201830 minutes, 57 seconds
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272 | Where Successful Leaders Spend Their Time

To lead well, you can't be bogged down in tasks! But a lot can hold you back from getting those tasks off your plate...Learn where successful leaders spend their time.
5/1/201822 minutes
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271 | Next-Level Leadership LIVE Q&A 2018

I took our VIP attendees' questions LIVE at Next-Level Leadership Live Event this past week... What. Phenomenal. Questions.Listen to their questions and my answers!
4/24/201837 minutes, 41 seconds
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270 | How High Performing Leaders Manage Their Time (Rebroadcast)

You cannot be a quality leader if you are not constantly pouring into yourself.Daily personal growth is tough when you own a business, or you're a leader.For this Q&A we dive into this question:"How do I manage my time so I can have the right balance of own professional development, along with time spent managing team and hospital and figuring everything else out...?"Here's how to determine where and how you spend your time in personal growth, what a weekly focus on leadership growth looks like, and what I always recommend for personal growth.
4/17/201832 minutes, 6 seconds
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269 | How To Break The Self-Sabotage Spiral

Do you ever find yourself... *Feeling like crap about yourself? *Feeling rejected? *Feeling not smart enough? *Making poor decisions you know you shouldn’t? *Responding in defensiveness or anger? *Upset or hurt by your spouse or close friend and blaming them?How do we get to that place?So often we feel rejected, not good enough, stupid, wronged…but are we really?Here's how to break the self sabotage spiral.Resources and FREE Webinar in show notes here:
4/3/201844 minutes, 16 seconds
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268 | Unconventional Ways To Inspire Your Team This Week

How are you inspiring your team on a weekly basis?You have to have an inspired team. If your team is not inspired they are not productive. What do you get when you have an inspired team? What happens when you spend time focusing on inspiring your team? You get more than productivity....Here are 5 unconventional ways to inspire your team and get buy-in.…r-team-this-week/
3/27/201824 minutes, 38 seconds
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267 | Details of Proper Delegation, When To Let Your Team Struggle & Meetings For Solid Communication

Proper delegation, knowing when to let your team struggle, and the right meetings...Here's what you'll discover on this episode:* The Proper Delegation we aren't taught* Details of Proper Delegation that equip your team* When to let your team struggle...* The meeting that builds culture* How to go from a lack of communication to high-levels of quality communication* How to successfully lead a team under 10 team members...
3/20/201835 minutes, 37 seconds
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266 | The 5 Most Common Ways Leaders Deceive Themselves

One of the most important parts of being a strong leader is knowing your weaknesses.So today, we’re talking about the 5 most common ways leaders deceive themselves. This is not a comprehensive list, it’s the 5 most common I’ve seen in my leadership and coaching career.Here are the 5 most common ways leaders deceive themselves:
3/13/201819 minutes, 5 seconds
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265 | How To Identify What's Holding Your Business Back

Next week I’m going to take 4 days and guide a leadership team through a StratPlan. Today we’re talking about what makes the companies that come through this event so successful.'s what you'll discover on today's episode:* How our Western cultural mindset holds us back* Signs you're not gaining perspective* How to tax the collective intelligence* How Eastern cultures solve problems * Leadership assumptions that keep us from good decision-making
3/6/201832 minutes, 24 seconds
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264 | The 4-Step Process To Turn Your Mistakes (And Your Team's) Into Growth

Today, we’re going to talk about how to handle mistakes in leadership.Failure is inevitable. You’re going to fail! And the great thing is, it’s absostinkinlutely ok!In Next-Level Life, StratPlan, and coaching, the fear of failure is one of the biggest issues I see with so many clients. It’s my belief that most of our population is afraid of failing.In StrengsFinder 2.0, Tom Rath talks about how most parents, when seeing their child’s report card of all A’s and one D, would totally focus on the D.Why?Because we aren’t okay with failures, we struggle with failure.In other words, if their child was an incredibly talented artist but was struggling in english, instead of pushing toward their talent, they would focus more on the weakness.That is beyond ridiculous! Failure is one of the greatest teachers for the person who’s able to receive it. Without it, we have to trust that we KNOW everything to be successful in every situation. The truth is, we don’t!That’s an example with kids...but what do we do as adults and as leaders, we get D’s and F’s on our report cards? When we drop the ball at work, or make a big mistake in leadership?Today, we’re going to talk about how to handle mistakes in leadership.I have made MANY mistakes in leadership.There are 2 that come to mind as the biggest mistakes I’ve made in leadership...and I did something about it.Here's the 4-step process to turn your mistakes (and your team's mistakes) into growth:
2/27/201835 minutes, 45 seconds
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263 | Ask Chris: Small Business Accounting, Giving Raises, and People-Pleasing

On today's #AskChris episode, discover:How to handle giving raisesWhy you should get rid of "annual evaluations"The traps of small business accountingThe line between people-pleasing and solving problems
2/19/201829 minutes, 23 seconds
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262 | The 7 Steps To Fix Common Leadership Communication Blunders

Do you accept communication the way it is on your team, or do you lead the communication your team needs?A lack of high levels of quality communication is the #1 issue I see that holds back businesses and teams from greater unity and growth.Here's why.We all bring to the table our habits, training, and personality styles.As a leader, and a team member, it's critical to commit yourself to mastering communication, and then lead it through modeling, teaching, and accountability.Here are 7 ways to have higher levels of quality communication on your team.
2/12/201841 minutes, 35 seconds
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261 | Inside Next-Level Life: Why You’re Not Where You Want To Be

Today we're talking about how to get better results, and life change. There's no magic pill.