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English, Education, 4 seasons, 98 episodes, 4 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes
Question everything! Join Sint Maarten’s favorite Gen Z insight seeker, Nicole Parchani, as she explores ideas about the universe, society, consciousness, and technology. This podcast is not about anything; it’s about everything. Listen if you dare.
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#94: new year, same shit?

In this episode of the chattabox, Nicole Parchani (@harsparc), opens up about her personal struggles that led her to take a break from the podcast. She also shares how she overcame them and found her authentic voice again. She talks about the concepts of duality and oneness, and how they can help her navigate the complex and chaotic world she lives in. She reveals how she learned to accept delusions and use them as a catalyst for growth and healing. She also gives some tips on how to take the pressure off and enjoy the process of creating and expressing herself. Finally, she discusses how she shifted from her head to her heart and discovered the joy and beauty of being human. Tune in to this episode and join Nicole in this journey of self-discovery and transformation.
1/31/202439 minutes, 22 seconds
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#86: Act with Urgency, Damn It ft. Stephie Gumbs

Often the story of minority communities gets lost throughout history, but the legacy of these groups continues to influence the present. In this episode of the chattabox, Stephie Gumbs (@stephie.ig) , co-host of the Mele podcast and advocate of St. Maarten history and culture, shares the importance of understanding our roots and how she stays engaged in building and protecting St. Maarten culture. Stephie shares her journey returning to the island and what sparked her love of St. Maarten's history and culture. We dive into Carnival, the influence of radio on the culture, the privilege of having a cataloged history, and the threat of cultural genocide due to climate change. When we remember history, we often focus on the achievers, and rarely the beings. Stephie highlights the gift of celebrating every day and how we have to have gratitude for just being. What roles we play within our community help curate a symphony of experience, do not desensitize yourself to it.
4/28/202359 minutes, 28 seconds