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English, Chat, 3 seasons, 100 episodes, 3 days, 22 hours, 57 minutes
The Chris Cerrone Show is an audio podcast hosted by Chris Cerrone and Laci Urcioli. Wanting to bring some new names to the podcasting world he has interviewed some fantastic entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and awesome people. Guests that are the movers and shakers in their industry like Chris Brogan, Cynthia Sanchez, Amy Schmittauer, Greg Hickman, Sue B Zimmerman, Rosie Tran, Bryan Lanning, and Renae Christine just to name a few all talking about internet marketing, small business, comedy, sports, fitness, mobile, coaching, seo,blogging, social media and even youtube! Thru a very conversational style interview with a focus about entrepreneurship we not only learn about each guest personally but also some great tips, tricks, and how to steps that people can use immediately in their own journey. Thinking about leaving your job to start your own business, online or off? Want to hear a fact or two about how someone chose the path they did? Want to just be entertained with a great story? This podcast is for you!
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#178 Realtors are doing it wrong, cruise to Alaska, Las Vegas Aces celebration

9/25/202238 minutes
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#176 How to live a more fulfilling and happy lifestyle with Meg Le Vu
9/11/202251 minutes, 9 seconds
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#175 Dallas Crum is turning his dreams into reality

and meeting as many people as I can along the way.....    
9/4/202241 minutes, 35 seconds
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#174 Professional dog breeder and RC Architect - @redlinebullys

The RC KING bringing your childhood back 🏁🚗 Your breeders favorite breeder 
8/28/202252 minutes, 20 seconds
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#173 Moving to Las Vegas and starting over with Rick Luman

Veteran investigator Rick Luman in his own words.... "One year ago, we took a huge leap of faith and moved to a city we had not visited in over 20 years, Las Vegas, NV to call our new home. As my new challenge as a criminal defense investigator with the Clark County Special Public Defender was only a few days away, we pulled into our apartment complex and I asked my wife, “What did we just do?’ She sighed and said, “Give it a few weeks. We have both worked so hard, and yes, we deserve this.” I smiled with a ton of self-doubt.  Fast-forward one year. This has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding times in my professional career. I have seen the best of Las Vegas, and its very darkest side. Worked with clients who are both first-time offenders, and those with extensive criminal histories. Investigated cases beyond what I thought was possible, and spent countless sleepless nights wondering how I could have done better for them. Felt proud inside when cases are reduced from decades in prison to only a few years and am angered when DA’s fail to see their case is poor, yet remain steadfast in seeing our clients sentenced to long-term incarceration. Have clients say, “Thank you for all you did for me” and those who you will never satisfy. I have met and become friends with some incredibly driven people who continue the fight for indigent clients. Would I change the last year, absolutely not? What many of you don’t know about me is this. I grew up in a small town of 600 people in northwest Ohio and worked for the local Sheriff’s Office for 19.5 years. Transitioned into the Private Investigation field, and then into public defender criminal defense work exclusively for the past 3+ years. Was told I would never be successful, and needed to just settle. Well, those who doubted are now wrong. I work in one of the best places in the world, in a job that I love, and have an incredible support system. Dreams do come true, even if they take a little longer than expected.  Never stop believing in not only yourself but those closest to you. God Bless……….."
8/21/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 40 seconds
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#168 How to take chances in life and ALWAYS WIN About Yev...   "I capture moments that last a lifetime using my own creative approach as a photographer and I take pride in my ability to deliver, on a consistent basis, outstanding work that exceeds my client's expectations. My name is Yev. I was born and raised in the USSR and currently work as a professional photographer in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. I discovered my passion for photography in 2012 and haven't looked back. From portrait photography, to fine art landscape and everything in-between, I specialize in capturing life one frame at a time. With my enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail, I strive to give personal attention to each of my clients and to provide that unforgettable experience that each client deserves.  My artistic approach allows me to tell a story through an image, a story that reflects the personality of each client. My professional background includes: private lessons with professional photographers with ten plus years of experience, various workshops and daily practice with the intention of building my craft. I have been published internationally and locally and my work has been featured on billboards and magazines. My ultimate goal is to fulfill all of my clients photography needs whether it is portrait photography or commercial photography."
7/17/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 15 seconds
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ERYN ERICKSON: From the vault BEST OF Cerrone Show.

2/5/201643 minutes, 47 seconds
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MATT DAY: From the vault BEST OF Cerrone Show.
1/29/20161 hour, 9 minutes, 31 seconds
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RP BESS: Marketing & Brand Strategy Consultant, future mayor?

With 20 years experience in promotions, marketing and brand management within the youth lifestyle market, R.P. has worked to generate brand awareness and expand sales at multiple levels of retail distribution while maintaining message consistency through managing multi-tier campaigns in retail marketing, social media, print, digital and broadcast media. From inception to execution, R.P. has collaborated with in-house art departments, freelance creative and/or managed agencies to accomplish company goals.   HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: How social media effects big corporations bottom line. The importance of brands speaking to their audience. What its like to work in footwear, specifically in the skateboarding industry. Taking a trip down memory lane in the skateboarding industry. Marketing in a niche industry and what it takes. Earning your spot in corporate america without a college degree. Bootstrapping your own career. Transitioning to the outdoor industry. Sticking to something without giving up too early. How to market products by going with your gut. What it takes to create emotion with your customers. Why friends and relationships are the best part of what he does. Possibly running for MAYOR of Carlsbad.
1/8/201646 minutes, 11 seconds
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Glendon Cameron: Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and the brother you never had

Glendon Cameron is an author, YouTuber and entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience ranging from business development, digital marketing, outside sales and being a founder. For the last seven years he has educated and entertained a growing following on his Youtube Channel Hustler's Kung Fu" with over 1400 videos!   HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: How he started his online business leveraging his real life businessThe importance of having a love for what you do. Marketing his book before he even wrote it years before it became the “thing” to do How 1 sales training paved the way for his entrepreneurial journey  How telling stories online completely changed the way people viewed his youtube channel. Setting up his youtube channel to sell stuff from day one. The reason Glendon had pivoted from his original business. Dealing with the haters online . The steps and work needed to build a solid youtube channel. Why you need to study your craft relentlessly.  Being an evergreen guy instead of a lunch guy. How he makes money selling courses
12/21/201557 minutes, 30 seconds
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Jason Horton: Actor, Writer, Comedian with a billion total online views

Jason Horton is an actor, writer, & comedian living in Los Angeles seen in over a billion total online views. He has been on TV shows like Tosh.0, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, & more. He has been in commercials for Honda, Sony, Hyundai, & Foot Locker, and in the feature film Smiley, and the upcoming film Bob Thunder. He has written for Yahoo, Jenna Marbles, TotallySketch, Relatvity Pictures, & a pilot for Michael Uslan, the Executive Producer of the Dark Knight. Jason is currently an Executive Producer at the Game Show Network, and performs weekly at iO West in Hollywood.   HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: Why He feels you need to have haters. The importance of having a love for what you do. Learning how to be quick and charming as a result of his childhood. His love for being in front of people, and Jack tripper. Its not how much you make on youtube its how much you make because of youtube. Why podcasting and youtube isn’t cool. What youtube gives to the average person. Getting kicked off of 8 mile. How much work goes into making the sketch based videos. Rushing out content might not be the best thing to do. Its ok to take a risk every once in a while. His secret for gaining more fans and followers.  Making connections by going to Panda Express. How long it actually takes to become successful. The future of Jason Horton. 
12/11/201544 minutes, 20 seconds
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DJ MIA: Innovative Professional DJ, Model, and Entrepreneur

DJ MIA's undeniable turntable talent has electrified crowds worldwide. Her contemporary style and indie eclectic had quickly taken notice and made her a coveted DJ in the industry. With existing collaborations and performances with well known household names, DJ MIA's success include a residency with MTV, Spots in major events and awards, as well as commercial and print campaigns.    In todays episode we were able to sit down live in our hometown of Las Vegas inside one of her favorite coffee spots.    HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: What its like to transition from modeling to music Why she owes her career to Serato Sharing her thoughts on the DJ industry being a “mans world” The love of traveling the world for her work Why it is important to mastering the art of mixing  The definition of having DJ brain  Realizing your dreams and seeking opportunities Ever evolving and how to rise above your current situation How Mia uses social media to stay connected with the rest of the world Raising her daughter as a DJ Connecting with RJ Mitte and beginning a life long friendship because of music. Her advice to anyone wanting to follow their dreams
12/4/201543 minutes, 58 seconds
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Krista Monson: One of today’s most creative, stage, casting and vision directors.

Krista Monson is one of today’s most imaginative creative, stage, casting and vision directors.   She is also an inspiring instructor and guest speaker.  Her mission is to create excellence through collaboration while influencing others to reach their full potential.   HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: Coming from Canada, Krista talks about how she came to find her love for theater.  After a successful career, why did she decide to be hungry again and want to feel struggle? What its like to completely start over in your 30’s. Why you need to jump on opportunity when it presents itself. The importance of just showing up and willing to do whatever it takes. From student, to substitute, to teacher. Becoming the artistic director for a cirque de sole show in Las Vegas. Why she never has the feeling of “I have arrived”. How to challenge yourself and keep the challenge alive. Her belief in facing her fears instead of her regrets. The key to collaborating and bringing the best out in others. Bigger and Better is not necessarily a vertical move. The courage it takes to ask yourself the tuff questions. Her one piece of advice that resonates the most.
11/28/201552 minutes, 11 seconds
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Lindsay Holmes: Crafting the Perfect Life One Skateboard at a Time

Lindsay Jo Holmes, Founder of MapleXO is the back on the show today, and is the only guest invited back for season 2! This time around we get to have a more loose candid conversation about what has been going on with her, Maple XO, and his much has changed in the last year. If you haven't yet heard her first episode on episode 124 I suggest you check it out!   Unlike our previous interviews, todays show is the epitome of having a casual conversation with an amazing person/entrepreneur. Starting with no notes, no clue of what to talk about, we hit the record button and just jumped in.
11/20/201558 minutes, 56 seconds
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Herman Flores: Co-Founder DUB Magazine & Hollywood Entrepreneur

Herman Flores is one of the industry’s most notable trend starters developing numerous brands including some of the country’s largest music festivals (Cypress Hill’s Smoke and DUB Auto Tour) and influential lifestyle publications (Industry Insider, Dub Magazine, Modern Home+Living). His success has been featured in local and national news publications such as: L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Entrepreneur Magazine. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: Hermans #1 rule in business.  How he can maintain so many projects at once without dropping the ball. How he became the Hugh Hefner in the auto industry. How to utilize everything you come across. The birth of DUB magazine. The interesting learning curve when it comes to television.  The beginnings of the MTV dub edition.  How he brokered a deal between a well known rapper and a well known car company.  The start of anyone collective and world of dance.  Taking over universal city walk with WOD. How the growth of WOD has been fantastic for not only Herman but the dance community period. Learning entrepreneurship from the streets. What herman is excited about in the coming years. The greatest lesson he has learned. 
11/13/201548 minutes, 58 seconds
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Jason Adams: Director, Cinematographer, Documentary Filmmaker

Jason Adams is an award winning director and cinematographer with a real love for connecting audiences to a story. He has been developing his craft for 15 years and has worked with local non profits and Fortune 500′s alike. Jason works with advertising agencies and any business that wants to bring great ideas to the screen.He has worked in various on-set roles for such shows as E News, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, VH1′s On This Day in Music and the Emmy winning House of Cards.   HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: How a great friendship started with an instagram like The story Behind crashing a morgan spur lock event Why passion has caused a lot of people to do stupid things How having curiosity is super crucial to anything you do Getting yourself back into the position to struggle Keeping the struggle real How he created his OWN market The number one question you have to ask yourself when doing what you love The shift between production company and film maker Changing his whole business model 5 years in The making of Vegas Violin The definitive moment that Jason became a film maker Actually doing work he cares about and not a version of the thing he loves How most people miss the boat when it comes to marketing (even professionals)  The only thing that matters is connection to audience  Pretty much the last 20 min is pure gold, do yourself a favor and listen to it - Chris Cerrone
10/30/20151 hour, 9 minutes, 40 seconds
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Emily Whitmire: MMA Fighter with a heart of gold and fists of fury

EMILY WHITMIRE is someone who seizes every opportunity that comes her way, even though she has no idea what it may lead to. Starting her PRO career with a win, she maintains her drive and focus with blood, sweat, and tears. Now living in Las Vegas, Emily sits down with Chris and Laci to discuss her challenged childhood, the bar visit that changed her life, and why she is grateful for everything she has today.     HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: At what point did she realize she needed someone in the industry to look up to The beginning of her fighting journey, from bussing tables to MMA fighter Her first fight was in a bar on “open fight night”  Why she wants to be the complete opposite of her own mother The hustle she has that drives her to work and train each and every day Why self esteem plays a major role in her everyday life  No one is going to put in the time for you, you need to do the work yourself Why talking about yourself is borderline delusional in her opinion  Her views on the major need for realness The outlook on her future pro career What the "weigh in" means to her and what would happen if she didn't make it Her advice for the 13 year old version of herself 
10/23/201549 minutes, 12 seconds
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Anthony Shetler: Professional Athlete, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader

ANTHONY SHETLER has lived a very blessed life considering his very rocky beginnings. This professional skateboarder turned entrepreneur has seen the highest of the highs, as well as the lowest of the lows. Currently still skating professionally while operating his own company, Anthony sits down with us and delivers us message after powerful message.    HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: How his father was murdered at 13 and what life lesson it taught him The more he talks about his up childhood the more he can help others Why skateboarding became his muse early on How pent up anger from his childhood helped him push his career All he needed to know was that he needed the freedom to figure it out Transparency is his number one asset, and what is has done for him The story behind his first shoe deal, and who he dedicated it t The birth of All I need From professional athlete, to getting a job, to business owner Money means nothing if its for superficial reasons Why he started the Shetler Show How he applies the 10,000 rule What made laci break down in tears    
10/16/20151 hour, 3 minutes, 22 seconds
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Paige O'hara: Disney's "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast

PAIGE O'HARA is widely known as Disney's heroine, Belle, in the critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning animated film Beauty and the Beast, a Disney Classic which she proudly added to a career that has spanned from Broadway to opera, concert stages and recordings.    HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: Moving to New York with almost no money to make a career for herself  What it took during those early days to continue to push forward Her encounter with a strange man, a switch blade, and what happened next The decade before landing the role of Belle What people don't realize about what Beauty and the Beast did for the film industry  What happened at the Oscars and how she almost got replaced Life shortly after the movie was released  The return to broadway  How her voice has impacted a generation  The accidental story behind the Belle by Belle collection  One major thing you might not know about Paige What her life looks like now and why she is so happy
10/9/201549 minutes, 48 seconds
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TEASER - Is this thing on?

7/7/20153 minutes, 31 seconds
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Steve Dildarian: Writer, Actor, Animator, and Amazing Person

Steve is a San Francisco based writer best known for creating HBO’s “The Life & Times of Tim” and for co-creating the Budweiser Lizards ad campaign. In this episode he sits down with Chris and Laci to talk about his life, career, and why he is really enjoying the life he has created for himself. 
3/23/201558 minutes, 17 seconds
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RANDOM: Discussions while flying cross country EP:135

We’ve taken the show to new heights!  Listen and find out what the Cerrone Show team does at 39,000 feet.    
3/12/201538 minutes, 46 seconds
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UFC fighter Miesha Tate on life, business, and what keeps her going EP:134:

Professional female mixed martial artist Miesha Tate joins Chris and Laci for an in-depth candid conversation about her life, career, and so much more. Known for her superior skills, athleticism and determination Miesha is a true inspiration to anyone. 
3/5/20151 hour, 2 minutes, 48 seconds
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How to make money in podcasting - EP:133

How DO you make money in Podcasting?  Chris & Laci give some ideas on how to get your podcast makin’ money and opening up doors!  
2/25/201534 minutes, 11 seconds
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365 Days of Podcasting - The Cerrone Show 1 year anniversary! EP:132

Chris and Laci celebrate 365 days of The Cerrone Show! Considered the birthday show, they reflect on the past year, the guests, the events, ups, downs, and much more. A lot has happened in 1 year. Listen in to hear the evolution.
2/18/201555 minutes, 55 seconds
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What you need to know about podcasting, and business with Dave Gutierrez EP:131

Dave Gutierrez is the managing partner at TAMZ, a national creative agency that works with some major, bougie brands. Words of wisdom are shared about branding, podcasting as a platform, and is even partnering with Chris & Laci on a major project in the podcasting world (more info to come).
2/11/20151 hour, 6 minutes, 52 seconds
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Over 30,000+ clients - $4.5 billion in assets in custody - Theresa Fette

On this episode, we have the CEO of Provident Trust Group, aka The Zappos of the financial industry, she is on Fortune magazines 2012 list of most successful female entrepreneurs, and has taken her company from $300 mill to $5 billion in less than 5 years! Welcome Theresa Fette!
1/26/201556 minutes, 15 seconds
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McCall Humes - Pinterest Expert, Blogger, Professional Pajama Person EP:127

Laci and Chris ran into a high school friend of Laci at WordCamp when they were both speaking and as Laci & McCall got caught up Chris fit right into the mix. McCall Humes aka McCall of the wild momma McCall has a HUGE following on her Pinterest page, She is a blogger, a professional pajama person Pinterest expert, and a mommy marketing agent. Listen to get some great insight on Pinterest, blogging, and more!
1/21/20151 hour, 5 minutes, 4 seconds
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LIVE Round Table with the Cerrone Show Audience

1/6/20151 hour, 21 minutes, 15 seconds
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Random thoughts, 2014 review, LIVE google Hangout

It's a unique show today as Chris & Laci decided last minute to stream the show live. Listen to hear what theyve learned, what theyve changed, what their hopes, dreams, and goals are for 2015. Also, a surprise/surprised guest is on the show today.
12/30/20141 hour, 7 minutes, 18 seconds
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Breaking Down Mobile Payments For Your Biz With Laretha Hulse EP:125

Meet Laci's internet friend Laretha Hulse. Shes been in the corporate banking world for 20 years, a mother of 4, full time law student, and small business owner. She wanted to come on the show, after hearing the Ray Brown episode, to talk more about mobile payments.Listen to find out if her banking expertise can convince Laci not to worry about using these new payment options.
12/22/201440 minutes, 4 seconds
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Female Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, Rockstar - Lindsay Jo Holmes ep:124

Lindsay Jo Holmes, Founder of MapleXO is the guest on the show today. This girl has some serious entrepreneurial wow factor! Let me just say: girl+skateboards+power tools...sounds amazing already right?! She brings a little femininity to skateboarding attire, making killer jewelry, and is saving the planet too! She got started in 2005 and has steadily grown her business to have international recognition and some of her pieces sold in incredible places like the Smithsonian! Listen as she talks about her very cool journey.
12/15/201450 minutes, 7 seconds
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This episode is some “behind the scenes” of what Chris & Laci have been up to.  What was the East Coast trip all about, what did they do, why did they go?  If these are questions you’ve been asking you won’t want to miss this!  They’ll give you a little insight into what they’ve been doing, why they don’t always tell you what’s up, and what changes are coming to the show.
12/8/201456 minutes, 43 seconds
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Why Shauna Sikorski is a ROCKSTAR, and what you can learn from her EP: 122

Chris and Laci, still in NYC, take time out to visit with a good friend of Laci's. Meet Shauna Sikorski! In a very successful NYC agency shes the head of strategic communications, partnerships, event execution, PR, social media, and you name it! Find out how she is inspiring people and causing change in the corporate world.
12/4/201449 minutes, 27 seconds
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Media Entrepreneur and Co-President of TAG - Pete Rosenblum EP:121

Can you imagine someone saying I got Fired? It was the best thing that ever happened to me! Thats exactly what Pete Rosenblum says and after hearing this interview you will understand why. Pete is a personal friend of Lacis that they stopped by to see while in NYC. He started in the record industry right out of college and after more than a decade in the biz was fired and headed out of corporate and into ultimate entrepreneur status.Co-President of TAG The Awareness Group, Pete is working with the biggest names in the business and loving it!
12/1/201446 minutes, 42 seconds
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Tath Ashcraft on being the architect of something bigger than yourself - EP:120

Chris and Laci are out of the studio again and this time they find Tath Ashcraft former Marine, trade show exhibit industry veteran, 12+ years in the business and co-owner of Plus Studios.  Listen to find out what a trade show exhibit studio is and how is Tath making a difference in this industry?      BULLETED LIST WITH HIGHLIGHTED CONTENT Who is Tath Ashcraft and where does that name come from? Laci talks about doing things differently and how Tath’s approach does just that. What is Plus Studios? Tath talks about what he sees as the biggest crime since the information revolution. Being on the edge of your industry Tath talks about why that’s important. Doing business with/for your competitors.  Is that a good idea? Tath talks about why clients don’t want the large corp response. Chris and Tath talk about the benefits of keeping things on a smaller scale. Tath explains about why involved ownership is key and what that means. Chris talks about keeping the “smalltown butcher”  feel. Tath explains how a service oriented attitude is missing from the corp world. Tath talks about why respect for clients and their money is important to him. Laci and Chris talk about how important it is to keep the energy in your office positive. Tath talks about staying a likable business. Chris talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with likeminded people. What has Tath talking about carnies. Tath admits he’s a cheater. What does that mean? Laci tells the history between herself and Tath. How has Tath taken Plus Studios to success with no marketing? Tath gives some examples of staying safe while starting your business. Chris and Tath talk loyalty. Tath breakdowns being a leader, being the architect of something bigger than yourself. Waht was superfilous moment for Tath. Laci asks Tath what he thinks you should look out for when starting a business. Tath and Chris agree that Passion is not enough.  Some expertise is essential. Laci talks books with Tath What is 80/20 thinking? How to get free books on audible. Laci’s Q&A What is Tath’s one amazing phrase to wrap up this interview? SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS How to Win Friends and Influence People -  Dale Carnegie Little Red Book of Selling - Jeffrey Gitomer Timothy Ferriss - The 4 hour work week Richard Koch Living the  80/20 Way   CLICK TO TWEET (CTA) Huge thanks @lacivegas & @bluegeno for introducing Tath Ashecraft and all of his incredible wisdom. #business #passion #expertise    GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION  
11/26/201442 minutes, 42 seconds
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Cold Hard Numbers - Emailed Business assessment EP:119

Are you trying to create growth in your company and can’t quite figure out how to do it faster?  Laci and Chris do a business assessment with a company that wants a little advice about how to create growth.  Don’t miss this show if you want to catch some incredible advice on how to make your website user friendly and streamlined while getting to know this really cool T-shirt company.     HIGHLIGHTS FROM TODAYS SHOW Chris talks about the tools they used to get their business to make an additional 6k in 30 days. Chris reads an email from a company who’s struggling with growth. What is their initial impression about this company’s website. Chris and Laci give raw feedback. Find out what Laci loves the most. Laci and Chris breakdown their opinion of the website. How to clean it up and make your lay out strategic. Laci talks about how to get your instagram followers to love your website too. Chris talks about his cousin and what he’s up to on Instagram. How to promote Newsletter sign up. Laci talks about how to make the product look better. Chris mentions holding contests to get traffic. Laci talks about what not to do with contests. Become a Sponsor or do a giveaway with your product product. Chris talks about some of his past business ventures and how he made things happen. Get final feedback from Chris and Laci on this assessment. Get YOUR assessment with Chris & Laci at SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS Check out Chris’s cousin on instagram: bulletslinger CLICK TO TWEET (CTA) Thanks to @risk_takers for taking this risk!  CC @lacivegas @bluegeno #entrepreneur #growth #bussiness #consulting GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION atrisk_keepers @risk_takers
11/24/201433 minutes, 20 seconds
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Eryn Erickson on being realistic and not glamorizing entrepreneurship EP:119

YOU are “SO WORTH LOVING”!  Eryn Erickson on the show today in her first podcast interview! She’ll be talking about how as a musician, her part time passion project, making t-shirts spiraled and exploded into something she didn’t intend or expect it ever would! By sharing what was in her heart she ended up creating more than a brand, it’s a movement.   HIGHLIGHTS FROM TODAY'S SHOW: What effect did social media have on this guest? What is Eryn talking about that sparked a movement? A hobby turns into an unexpected business. More than a business, a lifestyle. Eryn talks Greed vs Sustainability. Finding balance between making money and staying true to yourself. Don’t worry about the naysayers. Eryn talks about finding out there’s a community of people who needed her message. Learning to let go and accept help when it’s offered. How do you know you’re on the right track. Eryn takes her message on the road. Laci and Eryn talk about partnerships and collaboration. Eryn talks about the emotional side of owning a business. Being realistic and not glamorizing entrepreneurship. Chris asks Eryn about finding confidence in sending such a huge message. Laci asks about Eryn’s mentors. Sidenote: College Chris picks up on Eryn’s point about the value of being teachable. Get personal: Q&A with Chris and Laci SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS   GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION  
11/20/201448 minutes, 55 seconds
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Stop getting distracted and getting nothing done!  This show, inspired by Laci, is all about the process she calls “The Brain Dump”.  Listen and take note as Laci goes through the steps of this process, explains what you need to make it happen, and how it will help your productivity.   HIGHLIGHTS FROM TODAYS SHOW: You want a pair of the headphones Chris talked about today? CLICK HERE What is a Brain Dump? What do you need to get started?. Why is it important to use an actual pen & paper? Why is the physical process of writing so important? How do you do a “brain dump”? Breaking down the notebook into sections. Create buckets. Organize your dump. Crunch it up and throw it away! Start your list over everyday. How many buckets do you need? What to do with circular lists? Look forward to getting to those bigger items. What do you do when you get to the big stuff? Need support? Go to SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS CLICK TO TWEET (CTA) Thanks @lacivegas for sharing some skills to get everyone on the road to success through greater productivity!  cc @bluegeno #productivity #success #personal #business   GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION @lacivegas @bluegeno
11/18/201438 minutes, 16 seconds
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OPEN HOUSE - The Golden Ticket to the Next Level Society Ep: 117

Businesses, corporations, schools, politicians, mastermind groups, and many other industries regularly report their earnings and losses amongst other things. Why should we be any different? If you have been listening to The Cerrone Show for a while now, you have heard us mention The Next Level Society. If you just found us…pull up a seat and listen.
11/15/20141 hour, 4 minutes, 21 seconds
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STOP BLOGGING NOW! Pro Tech Guy Assessment EP:116

Should you blog to help your business even if you hate it?  How can you make the most of social media to help your business grow?  Chris and Laci answer a plea from a listener to help streamline his website and use of social media.  Listen as they go through his website and make recommendations to make things more direct and user friendly.  They’ll assess his social media sites and how to make them more effective.     BULLETED LIST WITH HIGHLIGHTED CONTENT Chris talks about a mysterious package. Laci talks about Amazon’s Firephone. Chris and Laci discuss and the pros & cons. Tear apart my social media a plea from a listener. Laci takes a look at the website for protechguy. Web site should always have a call to action. Have your top three components of your business on the first page of your site. Instagram and how to use it for business, personal or find a balance. Twitter is not an automated system...engage! Creating consistency, engaging with your audience, make it personal not just business. How to use your social media to sell YOU not just your business.   What has Chris on a soap box? What do you want to be is an important question to ask. Recap of recommendations. For a more indepth assessment go to SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS Brian Kelly CLICK TO TWEET (CTA) Thanks for putting yourself out @protechguy there so others might benefit from your assessment. CC @bluegeno @lacivegas #socialmedia #success   GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION   @protechguy  
11/12/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 30 seconds
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Closing the GAP between Ideas and Success - Aparna Dasgupta EP:115

She has a decade of experience in marketing, brand management, design and now is heading into business consulting.  Listen while Aparna Dasgupta talks about closing the gap between ideas and success through an actionable, well tested strategy. She’s worked with major brands like DKNY, Anne Klein, and Jockey and she was featured in the November 2014 issue of Cosmo!. She works with start ups to help them with any uncertainty they may have about getting their business going.  She’s so dedicated to her clients she’s been called a “business partner for hire”.   BULLETED LIST WITH HIGHLIGHTED CONTENT Laci asks Aparna what her favorite social media is right now. How does Aparna do her networking? Chris asks how often Aparna actually joins the conversation in social media. Aparna & Laci talk about Instagram vs Twitter. Chris Congratulates Aparna on her Cosmo experience. Laci & Aparna talk about how important it can be to go with your gut. Aparna talks about wanting to be a designer since she was 9 years old. Laci asks about Aparna’s parental support in becoming a designer. Aparna talks about how becoming an entrepreneur is difficult for some friends and family to understand. Chris asks how Aparna decided to go out on her own. Laci and Aparna discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded people. Aparna talks about the psychology and behavioral science behind what she does. Chris asks Aparna if she’ll give them a few ideas of things to do if you want to increase your business’s online presence. Aparna talks about her consulting business and the testing tactics that are important to use when marketing your business and creating your branding. Chris and Aparna discuss important is listening when interacting? Laci does Q&A SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS   CLICK TO TWEET (CTA) Many thanks @lifestylistnyc for sharing your very interesting story! CC: @bluegeno @lacivegas    GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Website:
11/10/201457 minutes, 50 seconds
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How long will Chris and Laci do the podcast? Next Level Q&A EP:114

Don’t miss this exclusive Next Level Society Q&A!  This episode is dedicated to Next Level Society member’s questions.  Don’t miss this open topic Q&A.  Chris & Laci also talk about expanding their team. Did they go with a virtual assistant?  Find out if they answer your question or maybe you’ll hear an answer to a question you’ve had but didn’t know how to ask. Will your question will get its very own show? HIGHLIGHTS FROM TODAYS SHOW: Maiden voyage of the ZoomH6. Laci calls their new technology sexy? Chris mentions a new team member. Laci talks about why they chose not to go with a virtual assistant and Where they did find this new team member. How long will Chris and Laci do the podcast? Where do they see themselves going with NLS? What lessons have they learned? Will they stay in Vegas? Best and worse business transactions they’ve ever made. Dead or alive who’s their favorite entrepreneur. Do you wish you were taller? What are your concerns as NLS grows? What are Chris & Laci’s fears? Laci talks about how they keep each other accountable and find balance. What are chris & Laci’s favorite books? What question is asked that Laci wants to give its own show? What do you do to figure out what to do next?
11/7/20141 hour, 1 minute, 45 seconds
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Youtube’s SECRET Weapon for video - Tim Schmoyer EP. #113

Have you been thinking of starting a YouTube channel?  Tim Schmoyer is the founder of the Video Creators YouTube channel as well as a husband, father, speaker, and author.  Listen as he gives some tips & tricks about getting started and teaches you how to build your audience.  Find out how he grew his YouTube channel from zero to 10k in 12 months.  He has worked with some of the nations top brands within the YouTube community and is YouTube certified in audience growth.   BULLETED LIST WITH HIGHLIGHTED CONTENT Chris admits to being a YouTube junkie. Chris asks Laci what she watches on YouTube. Chris talks about the power of YouTube. Laci asks Tim about YouTube contacting him to be YouTube certified. Tim talks about the YouTube certification program. Chris asks TIm if he thinks people utilize YouTube to its fullest. Laci & Chris talk about ramping up their efforts with getting on YouTube and how Tim’s channel has helped with that. Chris asks Tim about his transition from blogging to YouTube. Tim talks about writing books, speaking, being a youth pastor and moving to Cincinnati. Chris asks about Schmovies . Why does Tim do what he does? Chris asks Tim if he has found balance with all that he does? Tim shares why he prefers to be self employed. Laci wonders how Tim decides what to put on YouTube. Laci asks for some tips & tricks for YouTube vlogging. Tim talks about the “why” in your YouTube channel and why it’s so important. Watch Tim three days a week on the video creators channel Laci does her Q&A segment. Tim, Chris and Laci discuss giving back and where and how to draw lines.   CLICK TO TWEET  Thank you so much for all of the great YouTube insight and interesting stories about your path to success! @timschmoyer CC: @bluegeno @lacivegas #YouTube   GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION website @timschmoyer Facebook Instagram
11/5/201457 minutes, 47 seconds
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CHILD ENTREPRENEUR - Hart Main creator of Man Cans is AMAZING EP:112

What are MAN-CANS?  Man-Cans is a line of candles that offers manly scents for guys.  Hart Main started his business in 2010 when he was just 13!  He became frustrated with the lack of guy prefered candle scents when his sister was selling candles for a fundraise and was further motivated by wanting to buy a bike so he decided to start Man-Cans.  No vanilla or jasmine scents for this kid but if you like scents like bacon, gunpowder, and NY Style Pizza he has the perfect candle for you!  It gets better when you find out how his business filled the void in the candle industry but also gives back in a major way in the process.   HIGHLIGHTS FROM TODAYS SHOW: Laci starts the show with an entertaining story about her adventures at McDonald’s when she was a kid. . Laci talks about the cool new ways social media provides to make money. Chris and Laci agree there’s something romantic about a good old fashioned product or mom & pop business. They talk about young entrepreneurs and the importance of adult support. Chris introduces Hart Main.  A young entrepreneur who got started in the candle business at age 13. Hart tells the story behind his gun powder scented candle. Laci asks Hart to talk about how he not only started a business but how he manages to gives back in such an amazing way. Hear from Hart’s dad about the role he played in helping Hart making ManCans successful. Chris asks Hart what his future goals are as far as college and future businesses or career path. Laci asks how ManCans has changed since it first started. Hart talks about working with a non profit company that hires disabled employees to help with production. Hart tells Chris & Laci about SheCans. Laci delves into the marketing side of ManCans. Hart’s dad talks about Facebook and how they use it a little bit differently than other companies. Chris asks about Hart’s desire to become a sports agent. Chris and Hart talk sports and favorite teams. Hart lays out his 60 year plan. Laci gives a little free advice. Laci does her Q&A segment. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION [email protected]  
11/3/201449 minutes, 51 seconds
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Mobile Podcast - Production studio in a backpack from the park EP:111

Chris and Laci decide to record the podcast in the park in an effort to get out and shake it up.  Chris gives Laci a lesson in the podcasting tech side of things as they reveal what you really need to take your pod cast on the road.   This episode of the Cerrone Show “on the go” will leave you motivated to get out and do something different!  Here’s a taste of what to expect: Chris and Laci talk about the mystery backpack Chris can’t leave home without. Laci admits the tech side of podcasting is not her forte. The point of recording at the park is to urge people to get out and be creative. Chris talks about the Swiss Army Knife of audio recording. Laci and Chris talk about the importance of a change of scenery What are the dangers of the traveling podcast?  Laci gives some examples. USB vs XLR microphones.  Which one to use and when. Laci talks about why she loves her mic so much. Should you trust your computer or use an SD card?  Chris gives his opinion. If you use and SD card Chris tells you about the gangster SD card he uses. What kind of expense should you expect to get started podcasting? Chris will have a list of what’s in his backpack @ Laci throws down a challenge for podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers. Chris and Laci tell you how to get them to give you a shout out on the show.   SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS    
10/31/201431 minutes, 59 seconds
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DISC profile and Relationship coaching with Matt and Andrea Yount EP:110

Do you have a relationship you need to work on or a partner you want to understand better?  Let Matt & Andrea Yount of Affinity Relationship Coaching analyze and get you going on a path to better communication through understanding your partner better.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a single person looking for the right partner or if it’s a romantic, parent/child or a business partnership Matt & Andrea use their relationship coaching service to show you that “An Awesome Relationship Starts With You”!   Topics discussed on todays show!   Matt & Chris met on Twitter while Matt was looking for tips on how to grow their business. Matt talks about how Next Level Society has helped them in their business. Chris and Laci talk about their working relationship. Affinity Relationship Coaching uses the DISC assessment to pin point the personality traits of each person. Matt tells Chris & Laci how they fit into the DISC assessment. Knowing your DISC style is helpful in knowing your strength and weaknesses. Matt explains he has his degree in Social Work and his clinical certification and has been involved in relationship counseling for 10 years. Find out what Matt says Chris and Laci can do to balance their styles? Matt tells Chris & Laci to set up systems to slow down to prevent burn out. Laci challenges Chris.  Will he accept the challenge and be able to stick to it?. Chris defines what he wants to create free time for and how that differs with what Laci wants free time for. Laci talks about investing in your relationships. Matt encourages people to learn to say NO when necessary. Business relationships are no different from any other. Chris asks Matt if there are bulleted key traits to learn? Matt explains a little about what you get when you sign up for Affinity Relationship Coaching. Find out how to get a personality profile PLUS a BONUS 30 minutes of Skype time with Affinity. SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS   GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION   Website: http://www.affinityhelp.comTwitter:  
10/29/20141 hour, 14 minutes
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Multiple Personalities - How to find the “Sweet Spot” in voiceover work

Quality, care, and enough energy to fill a football stadium Talia Gonzalez and Kelly McGee began helping people in voice over to fill a void in the industry. Using the decades of experience, attention to customer service, and truly believing helping others it's no wonder Sweet Spot Voice over coaching is continuing to set the gold standard.   By a chance meeting these two are setting the trend with their amazing company!  Listen to their story of triumph and be inspired in this episode:   Chris and Laci start feeling old when they bring up Nirvana and the grunge scene Stevie B from italian american slang word of the day is just a character Chris brings up how amazing it is that you can make so many friends and relationships by networking online and the power of the internet Why actors feel alone when they are trying to become famous How Talia and Kelly met at an audition and why the relationship worked Why you should never feel like you are competing with others. Kelly and Talia share how you should properly run a business Chris talks about how important it is to hire someone that is better than you How sweet Spot voice over is creating a brand thru the success of their clients Why you should study with lots of different people to gain experience   GUEST CONTACT INFORMATIONTwitter:  @taliamg21 Twitter:   @thekellymcgee Twitter:   @sweetspotvo  
10/27/20141 hour, 27 seconds
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The Jason Bourne of Real Estate - Taylor White EP:108

10/24/20141 hour, 1 minute, 23 seconds
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Decision Time! How to pick the right direction for your life and business EP:107

Not sure what direction to take with your dream? In an effort to help a listener who wrote an email to Chris, they decide to dedicate the whole show to breaking down his business and direction. Also, Chris and Laci discuss various news stories from around the web at the start of the show.   Here is a taste of what to expect from today’s show: Chris and Laci decided to switch mics for this episode. Chris is thinking about selling his heil pr40 A major purchase was made for the Cerrone Show that Chris and Laci are excited about. Laci brings up a Mashable story involving drones and Gopros.   Redbull gets sued. Everyone cashes in. Chris and Laci decide to cash in themselves and donate the money to their favorite charity. Chris and Laci discuss HOT COFFEE the movie and why they don't believe the media anymore. Laci makes a surprise announcement to Chris about Bill Murray. Laci needs a theme song when she reports various news stories from around the web. Chris takes it back to the classics and brings a business assessment to the table. Chris reads an email from a listener about needing help in the direction of their side project. An outdated website plagues this listener as Laci and Chris discuss why its important to tell a story with it. They discuss the possibility of the listener quitting his day job and getting another one to free up time for his side project. Chris brings up how Craigslist is still a great traffic driver for your business. They discuss why it helps to be the authoritative in your niche within your community. Laci talks about why small businesses should get into Youtube. Chris plays a local Youtube commercial from Bay City Michigan. Laci shares a story about abduction, a scary house, not having her phone, and what it has to do with a $25 chair Why you should create a list of topics that can be used to make videos for your business Chris and Laci bring up how important it is to start taking small steps to create momentum in your business They both agree this person would be a perfect Next Level Society Member Laci ends the show with a pink soapbox and Chris plays an inspirational clip from a movie. SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS Mashable article about Selfies taken with a drone Redbull Drink Settlement HOT COFFEE - The Movie A Murray Christmas The Next Level Society
10/22/20141 hour, 3 minutes, 49 seconds
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Your Marketing Sucks: Why small businesses Need to Think new media EP:106

Are you a small business owner? Chris and Laci discuss the trouble with small business marketing and outline the tools that you need to succeed.  They also share how to set up a proper launch strategy with new media and what to look out for when being approached by so called “experts”. Here is a taste of what to expect from today’s show: Chris and Laci decide to discuss their opinions about small businesses and marketing. Laci tries to do an “intervention” with Chris about his old cafe/coffee shop and how much he talks about it. Over the past few months, Laci and Chris have met many small business owners and entrepreneurs.  These interactions have brought to light troubles with small business marketing, branding. Chris discusses his childhood of being around entrepreneurs at his dad’s sporting goods store. The mischievous side of Chris is revealed when he shares some of the crazy things that he used to do to his dad at his store. Laci shares her childhood memories of being around her entrepreneur/entertainer parents with their travelling show band and dance studio. Chris and Laci discuss the fear that goes along with opening a new business and knowing how to properly execute social media and online marketing. Laci walks Chris through the amazing growth of her mom’s knit shop that was mainly driven through social media and email marketing. Chris talks through the proper strategy when opening a new business. Google strategy is not the key to making or breaking your business. Many small businesses are tricked into thinking that paying someone to rank them #1 on Google is the key to their success.   SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS If you are interested in having Laci & Chris assess your business, visit
10/20/20141 hour, 6 minutes, 33 seconds
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Are you an IDIOT or just SCARED? How Fear Limits growth EP: 105

10/17/20141 hour, 59 seconds
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Smart Phones made easy plus BONUS Top apps suggestions with Rey Brown EP: 104

10/15/20141 hour, 12 minutes, 23 seconds
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Who Are You and Why Should I Care? Personal branding Ep. 103

Chris and Laci discuss several topics to help you understand how to promote your own business through networking and social outreach as well as branding and changing midstream.   Here is a taste of what to expect from today’s show:   Chris and Laci riff on their friend Jimmy O. Yang who is making big waves in the Hollywood scene. Laci discusses Geoffrey Holder, the actor, dancer, choreographer, who passed away. On a soapbox rant, Laci declares her disgust for artists that sample music and turn it into crap. PlayBuzz, a 10 month old website is beating BuzzFeed at their own game. Check out the article here! 113 Year Old Woman Lies about her age to join Facebook. Check out the article here! Laci and Chris discuss people in the online world that decide to take a break from social media and the effect that it can have on your business. Chris discusses the process of reaching out to people through social media or via email to promote your own business/project. Learn how to properly reach out to podcasters, bloggers, influencers, or ANYONE to help to promote your product or business! Have you seen people change branding mid-stream with no real rhyme or reason? Listen to Chris and Laci break down branding strategy and why NOT to change it mid-stream.   SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS   Check out our friend Jimmy O. Yang and be on the lookout for him on your TV screens! Check out the special Episode 100 video that Laci surprised Chris with! Click here to get access to three examples of outreach email templates to help with your relationship building and networking! Learn more about Next Level of Society here!
10/13/20141 hour, 5 minutes, 42 seconds
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Freelance Reporter, Author, Rockstar and lover of life Mike Doria EP:102

Michael Ferdinand Joseph Doria is an American author, writer and broadcaster. He was born in Rochester, NY on February 27th, 1976 to Ferdinand and Nancy Doria. He has one older sister and one younger brother. Michael graduated from Spencerport High School in 1994 and from Brockport State College in 1998 with a Broadcast Journalism. He spent 11 years as a TV News Reporter before switching to Marketing & PR. Doria’s other notable written works include two music albums "Neon Graveyard" & "B.C." During the summer of 2013, he created, produced, wrote and hosted a 15 episode Podcast titled "The Frankly Doria Show." Doria's blog titled “Blah, Blah Blog” and audio interview component called “Mike Check” can be found at
10/10/201458 minutes, 39 seconds
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Cedric Crear - Business Owner, Elected Official, Community Advocate Ep. 101

Cedric Crear brings a wealth of knowledge to the show by sharing his philosophy about business and the importance of giving back to your community. His incredible life experiences are enough to inspire anyone to follow their dreams!   Here is a taste of what to expect from today’s show:   Chris introduces today’s guest, a local Las Vegas entrepreneur and the most interesting man in the world, Cedric Crear. Cedric Crear’s career has touched many industries and professions where he was able to gather a ton of knowledge and experience to bring him to this point of his entrepreneurial career. Cedric and Laci have a long standing friendship that has spanned over 12 years.  He has been a mentor to her and shown her what it takes to be a hustler, a community advocate, and a true entrepreneur. Cedric doesn’t waste any time before jumping into sharing his beliefs about giving back and making a difference in your community with the audience. Vegas is one of the most interesting cities in the world in terms of business and industry by providing a false sense of reality. Cedric explains that people often only focus on the finish line of success rather than the journey. Cedric compares being an entrepreneur to farming.  Plant the best seeds and continue to water and groom those crops as they grow. Cedric explains the theory of business vs. the theory of reality. Surrounding yourself with smart people is the key to success. Not only is Cedric an incredible entrepreneur and business owner, he is also very focused on giving back to the community. With his special flare, Cedric talks about the importance of making a difference in your community.   SPECIAL MENTIONS | LINKS | SHOUTOUTS Check out Cedric’s new favorite song, The Second Coming, by Jewel Santana!   GUEST CONTACT INFORMATIONTwitter:@CedricCrear  & @CrearCreative
10/8/20141 hour, 9 minutes, 12 seconds
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LIVE from LAS VEGAS 100th episode Celebration!

After 99 episodes of the Cerrone show Chris and Laci decided to celebrate their 100th show LIVE in downtown Las Vegas with their closest friends, family, and even listeners of the show. Make sure to check out the AMAZING video Laci surprised Chris with that got him to choke up a bit. 
10/6/20141 hour, 41 minutes, 48 seconds
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Raw and Honest Discussion about Podcasting And The Entrepreneurial Community Ep. 99

Chris and Laci continue with audience Q&A about business, entrepreneurship, and podcasting.  These questions lead to a very raw and heated discussion about trends in the the podcasting community, giving back, and the people that are doing it right.
10/6/20141 hour, 14 minutes, 10 seconds
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Laci Leaves Corporate & 9 Year Old Entrepreneur Reveals His New Product Ep. 97

Chris surprises Laci with an entire show dedicated to her entrepreneurial endeavors!  Her inspirational take on the “why” behind she made this decision is sure to inspire you to make change in your life as well. She is leaving corporate to focus on consulting, Next Level Society, and Tink Yarn and how her son is starting his own business! Listen to learn more...
10/6/20141 hour, 3 minutes, 9 seconds
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YouTube Star Clintus McGintus is BLOWING UP, Sharing His Insight, and Revealing Future Plans Ep. 96

Clintus McGintus has grown his YouTube channel to over 28 MILLION views and 50,000+ subscribers and is not stopping anytime soon! He shares his insight on growing your channel, brand partnerships, and the challenge of splitting your time between corporate and YouTube.  
9/29/20141 hour, 24 minutes, 58 seconds
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Melissa Hawks Takes Over Kickstarter and Inspires a Mutiny of Dreamers Ep. 95

With her NO FEAR attitude, Melissa Hawks put her dream on the line with a Kickstarter campaign focused on a Mutiny of Dreamers!  In her quest to tell the story and impact of 40 people in her life, she has managed to create a community and movement that will surely leave no stone unturned.
9/26/20141 hour, 10 minutes, 4 seconds
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Schedule Instagram Posts with Latergramme and Get To Know Creators Roger Patterson and Ian MacKinnon Ep. 94

Serial entrepreneurs Roger Patterson and Ian MacKinnon share an inside look at how their popular app, Latergramme, was created and what is in store for the future. They also share their awesome outlook on life as entrepreneurs, life lessons, and advice for anyone that is just starting their journey.
9/24/201454 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

An App Round-Up Dedicated To Business Apps Ep. 93

Laci and Chris run through a huge list of their favorite business, design, and social media apps to help you through...
9/22/20141 hour, 23 minutes, 22 seconds
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Pinterest EXPERT Cynthia Sanchez Shares Top Tips for Businesses Ep. 92

A true entrepreneur at heart, Cynthia Sanchez from Oh So Pinteresting, has turned her love of Pinterest into a full-fledged business that now helps Fortune 50 companies with their strategy! She shares the importance of balancing work, life, health, and family as well as some awesome tips for businesses to get the most out of Pinterest.
9/19/201456 minutes, 31 seconds
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Learn how to price your business and services from the Visionary of Value, Kirk Bowman Ep. #91

Pricing your business is an ongoing struggle for many entrepreneurs. Kirk Bowman is a visionary and expert in value pricing! Listen as he shares an easy four-step method and much more about finding and creating value pricing for your clients.
9/17/201452 minutes, 26 seconds
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Become Debt Free with Money Plan SOS, Steve Stewart Ep. 90

Debt-free living is the only way to be according to Steve Stewart from Money Plan SOS. After going through the process of eliminating debt for his family, Steve took his knowledge and began to help others in their quest for financial freedom through his favorite medium: Podcasting.  
9/15/201454 minutes, 15 seconds
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5x Platinum Singer/Songwriter Jennifer Paige Ep. 89

Hitting No. 1 in 16 countries and going 5x-platinum with her song “Crush” was only the beginning for Jennifer Paige.  Learning hard lessons throughout her successful career as a singer-songwriter has brought this entrepreneur to a new phase of her career and life. Jennifer shares her incredible story and “sweet as apple pie” personality with Chris and Laci while teaching valuable lessons that all entrepreneurs need to hear.
9/12/201455 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

FACEBOOK AD QUEEN Valerie Shoopman Ep. 88

Valerie Shoopman doesn’t mess around when it comes to her knowledge of technology, online platforms, and how to maximize your business through different channels. She is called the Facebook Ad Queen for a reason! Listen to hear in-depth, step-by-step strategies that will help you GROW your business.
9/10/20141 hour, 6 minutes, 42 seconds
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You can smell the baked ziti, meatballs, and garlic bread all over this episode with the co-creators of the popular Italian American Slang Word of the Day brand. Stevie B. and Joe Basile give us an inside look into one of our favorite YouTube channels and the reasoning behind their passion for the Italian language.
9/8/201448 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ice House Comedy Club Owner Bob Fisher EP:86

Bob Fisher has been the owner of The Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena California for the past 36 years. What started as a business he wanted to flip after 1 year, Bob has found himself the owner of one of the most famous and oldest comedy clubs in america.  
9/5/201443 minutes, 4 seconds
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Professional Photographer and Entrepreneur Matt Day EP:85

Matt Day is an AMAZING photographer out of Chillicothe, Ohio. Specializing in portrait photography he is a wealth of info, inspiration, and creativity. A Skateboarder at heart he grabs inspiration from every area in his life to create some very magical experiences that comes out in his photos. 
9/3/20141 hour, 15 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Getting the right SH!T done with Entrepreneur Liz Brazier EP:84

Liz Brazier spent 20+ years in corporate I.T sales before starting her own business in 2013. She is an internationally-based accountability coach, productivity strategist, writer, and host of the Live Your Life Now™ podcast.
9/1/201455 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Defining the ROI of what you do in business with Greg Hickman EP:83

Greg Hickman returns again for another fantastic episode on The Chris Cerrone show except this time he gets real and raw sharing with us some inspirational revelations that he has had within his own business. As always he shares some extremely valuable information regarding time, managing your business efficiently, and gaining back the business mindset.
8/29/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Working with a Partner and Business Assessments EP:82

8/27/20141 hour, 8 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and man behind A HUMAN PROJECT Wesley Chapman

Starting his first business at the age of 8 years old Wesley has been down many roads in his life. By the age of 16 he was self-sufficient and had already learned many exciting and difficult lessons in the area of business and Entrepreneurship. Now he is the man behind A Human Project.  A HUMAN PROJECT is a for-purpose organization with the mission to create a community of empowered youth. 
8/25/20141 hour, 18 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Instagram, Business assessment, and New Addition EP:79

8/23/20141 hour, 30 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Become a Consultant and Gain Clients from A to Z EP:80

8/22/20141 hour, 13 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Official Podcast Movement 2014 Recap with Chris and Laci EP:78

8/22/20141 hour, 11 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Aj Amyx Returns with Breaking 4k per month and TNMNT EP:76

Entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, and friend Aj Aymx joins Laci and I for a fun action packed episode of the Chris Cerrone Show. Recently launching his amazing group 90 days to CRUSH IT Aj has teamed up with another amazing Entrepreneur Andy Zitzmann to bring you value and results where you need it most.
8/8/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Journey of a Frontman Creator Alex Obert on Interviewing the Stars EP:75

24 year old Alex Obert is the man behind the successful website Journey of a Frontman. Not wanting to continue working in retail he started the site to build a future from the ground up. Since the sites launch back in 2012 he has interviewed HUGE names such as Chris Jericho, Dane Cook, and Andrew W.K. as well as many many more. 
8/6/201452 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to - Influence Marketing Including Social Media with Esther Kiss EP:74

Esther is a consultant and provides done for you influence marketing services including social media. As co founder and host of the top ranked show Born to Influence she interviews the best marketing minds on the planet sharing their strategies and tactics daily.
8/4/20141 hour, 24 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Step by Step Nida Kazmi Takeover with Chris and Laci EP:73

Nida joins Laci and I for a great discussion about breaking down what it takes to launch a business by dissecting her own. An amazing personality Nida ended up staying on thru the entire episode getting into great topics that you can take and run with.  
8/1/20141 hour, 3 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Teenage Entrepreneur, Risk taker, and Visionary Jordan Agolli EP:72

Jordan is the host of the "Teenage Entrepreneur" that features rockstar entrepreneurs sharing their stories from when they were your age, experiencing the same struggles and jumping over the same hurdles. Owner of businesses and passion to help he is quickly rising in the ranks as a thought leader.
7/30/20141 hour, 5 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

West Coast Tattoo Parlor Owner and Great Guy Jake Beckwith EP:71

Jake is the owner of West Coast tattoo parlor here in my hometown of Las Vegas. As a genuine, laid back, down to earth guy he had that entrepreneur fire in his belly that pushed him to further his passion for art, drawing, and tattoos to open up his own shop.  
7/28/201458 minutes, 46 seconds
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Listener Q&A answering YOUR questions Chris Cerrone Laci Urcioli EP:70

Today we answer YOUR questions for the entire show! Laci and I had posted in The Chris Cerrone Show group as well as my wall what you want to hear about, what questions you want answered and let me saw we had an amazing time!
7/25/20141 hour, 11 minutes, 26 seconds
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How to make money with AirBnB - Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia EP:69

Both Jasper and Huzefa are the brains behind the website, book, and podcast "Get Paid for Your Pad". After experiences some success with renting out his own home on AirBnB he figured out why he was doing so well when others were floundering. Teaming up with his best friend Huzefa they have now created an entire business helping other entrepreneurs to get paid for their pad.
7/23/20141 hour, 9 minutes, 58 seconds
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Skateboarder from Holland turned social media go to guy Fred van Schie EP:68

In early 2012 Fred Van Schie started FvS media when he saw an opportunity to help brands, athletes, retailers, and bands with their social media mainly in the skateboarding industry. He is now one of the go to guys in the industry for everything new media. As a kid from holland his passion and drive fused with skateboarding DNA has made him a big success pretty quick.
7/21/20141 hour, 24 minutes, 29 seconds