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How do I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers? How do I make money online as a teacher? How to make money online teaching? How do I grow a teacher Instagram? Why did I quit teaching and what happened next? Whether you are a teacher just looking to get started building a business online, or you're ready to be the next official CEO Teacher, this podcast is for you. The CEO Teacher Podcast is a weekly teacher-filled workshop that will fill your ears with actionable strategies that you can take back to your home and get started on today. The CEO Teacher Podcast is hosted by Kayse Morris, creator of The CEO Teacher School Membership and The CEO Teacher Academy membership, home to over 3,000 teacher students where she trains teachers each week how to sell their products on Teachers Pay Teachers and beyond. Here you'll find easy step-by-step strategies for getting more teacher sales online, building a serious social media strategy, mindset shifts, and so much more. In addition to sharing her knowledge, Kayse also interviews real teachers that have gone on to build the teacher business of their dreams. With nearly 1 million downloads, come listen and subscribe to the #1 teacher podcast in the world....and remember that the best is yet to come.
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Top 9 Mistakes I Made when Starting my Online Business as a Teacher in the Classroom

START YOUR ONLINE TEACHING BUSINESS BY AVOIDING MY MISTAKES Hey friend! Starting an online teaching business or becoming an online teacher entrepreneur is probably one of the SCARIEST things that you could ever do as an educator. I know — I have sooooooooo been there! To be a CEO teacher — because, let’s get real for a second…you ARE the CEO of YOUR LIFE — you have to put yourself out there. And sometimes, that means that it feels like the whole world is watching you, and every mistake is highlighted in yellow and underscored in red. Ugh! But that’s just the thing: it feels that way. In reality, when you’re an entrepreneur or when you’re running your online teaching business, it’s not always smooth sailing, but we can use every opportunity to grow. Listen, mistakes happen. And instead of letting every little “mistake” define you, I invite you today to start thinking of your mistakes as your teachers. THEN GROW YOUR TEACHING BUSINESS WITH A TRUSTED GUIDE Speaking of teachers, I’m here to help you learn from my mistakes so that you can get to the good stuff…faster. And in today’s episode, I’m sharing the top nine mistakes I made when I started to build my online teaching business all while I was still in the classroom. Your journey to success doesn’t have to be as hard as mine was. The first thing you have to do is…listen to this episode! In this episode, you will learn: What is actually behind every successful entrepreneur’s social media account (it may not be what you think) What happens when you follow the crowd instead of yourself A tiny little phrase that has the ability to build your confidence How a diversified plan of action can set you up for success Why core values can protect you from unnecessary busyness And much, much more! Links Mentioned:  EXCLUSIVE 4-day video training series: Other Resources:  Take my Teacherpreneur Type Quiz here!  DOWNLOAD MY 10 STEP GUIDE TO SELLING YOUR TEACHING RESOURCES HERE! CEO TEACHER® RESOURCES: Check out my CEO Teacher® Amazon Books HERE! JOIN OUR COMMUNITIES: The CEO Teacher® Facebook Group Connect with Kayse on Instagram ENJOYING THE PODCAST? Tag me @kaysemorris on Instagram and tell me what you are listening to! SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW I don’t want you to miss a thing! Be the first to know when a new episode is available by subscribing in iTunes HERE! If you would like to support The CEO Teacher® podcast, a review would mean so much. By leaving a review, you are helping fellow CEO teachers find this podcast and start building a life they love. To leave a review in iTunes, click HERE and scroll down to Ratings and Reviews. Click “Write a Review” and share with me how this podcast is changing your business! OTHER EPISODES OF THE CEO TEACHER® PODCAST YOU MIGHT LIKE: Why You Need an Email List Now More Than Ever Killer Opt-Ins You Must Diversify Your Income in 2020 8 Traits for Success as a CEO Teacher The Benefits of Becoming a Teacherpreneur
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