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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 4 seasons, 86 episodes, 2 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes
Welcome to The Center Stage where IFBB Bikini Pros Carolina Araujo and Jessica Dolias talk about all things bikini competition, fitness, nutrition, coaching and their own personal experiences in the IFBB Pro League! So Tune in and Listen Up!
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EP 86 - Do's and Don'ts of Bikini Posing

In this weeks episode of The Center Stage, Jessica and Carolina cover some of their "must not miss" Do's & Don't of bikini posing!! Make sure to tune in to learn some of their tips to help you shine on stage!
11/12/202236 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP 85 - The Power of NEAT

During today's episode the girls catch up, and talk about one of the many influencing factors of progress and overall health - NEAT. They take a deep dive into what is it, how can you benefit from it, and the ways it can - and will - impact your overall physique progress. Tune in to learn a little more! Hope you all enjoy!
10/5/202238 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP - 84 Big Announcement & The Importance of Warming Up

On today’s episode the girls catch up and share some pretty exciting news as well as cover all of the ins and out of why you should implement a warmup routine to your training regimen.
9/12/202242 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP - 83 Pre Contest Prep Stage - What, When, Why and How!

In today's episode the girls cover a much underrated portion of a bodybuilding athlete's life; the Pre Contest Phase. Here they cover what does it mean to enter this portion of your journey to the stage, what are some main factors to consider and how to navigate this period in order to ensure a success and seamless transition into your contest prep as well as your stage look. Hope you all enjoy it!
8/25/202242 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP - 82 Dieting Strategies Pt. 2

In today's episode Carolina & Jess do a deeper run through of Reverse Dieting - benefits, obstacles, and purpose. All with the purpose to help you better transition from your previous dieting phase in a healthier maintenance and/or growth program. This episode applies for those who compete as well as those who are in the search of a more sustainable nutritional structure after years of chronic dieting.  Make sure to take a listen and let us know what you think!!
8/9/202233 minutes, 44 seconds
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EP - 81 Post Show Dietary Strategies Pt.1

In this two part episode series the girls cover some of the most commonly used post show dietary strategies for athletes whose goal is to step into their improvement season or mitigate any physiological imbalances after a long prep process.   Here they specifically cover Reverse Dieting as well as Recovery Dieting; what do they entail, their similarities and differences as well as some applications.   Stay tune for our part 2! Resources: Celeste Rains-Turks Social Media - click here
7/27/202230 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP - 80 2022 NPC Universe.. Welcome to the Pro League!

In this episode the girls review and recap the 2022 NPC Universe and it's Bikini Division - covering the overall look, aesthetics, and guidelines for the look the judges were awarding.  But now that you have entered the IFBB Pro League, what's next? - Jessica and Carolina also discuss different strategies post earning your pro card as well as manage some very real expectations for those athletes who are going to move forward and step on the Pro Stage.  I hope you guys enjoy this one & to all those who competed in this year's Universe - a HUGE congratulations!
7/12/202233 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP - 79 Navigating a National Show & 2022 NPC Universe

As we move closer to the 2022 NPC Universe, the girls decided to dedicate this episode to sharing some tips that will help you feel more prepared when navigating your show day in a national show setting.  They cover topics from what it means to be ready and competitive for a show of this size and caliber, who to ask all your questions to on show day, all the way to sportsmanship and expected behavior on and off stage.  We hope you find it all helpful and we wish you all a Happy Peak Week!
6/28/202237 minutes, 49 seconds
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EP - 78 The Ins & Outs of Progressive Overload

In this episode the girls cover all there is to know about Progressive Overload - variables, training strategies, its significance in Bodybuilding and body recomposition, and much more!
6/13/202249 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP 77 - Follower Q&A and Life Updates

This episode has been dedicated to answering some of our follower questions - We wanted to take the time to really hone in on thing YOU want to hear about! We covered questions ranging from the overcoming of personal struggles, to understanding the ins and outs of athlete/coach communications. So it goes without saying that this is a fun one! We also took a little time to fill you in on some big changes both Carolina and Jessica are undergoing in their personal lives. So make sure to tune in to get caught on what our girls have been up to.  Once again we appreciate all of the support you have been providing this platform.  Nothing is possible without you guys! So please continue to listen, subscribe and share your thoughts!! Happy Memorial Day to All!
5/30/202251 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP - 76: How to Understand, Interpret, and Apply a Judge's Feedback

On this episode Carolina and Jessica give you a full rundown on some of the main points of feedback that a bikini competitor may expect/receive from a judge after stepping off stage. Understanding your overall performance and being able to improve are two key factors that determine the success of a competitive bodybuilding athlete.  Here we provide you with a step by step analysis of each type of feedback, how to interpret them, and who should you be looking up to for guidance in order to take action.  This is a meaty one, and I hope you all enjoy it!
5/16/202253 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP - 75 Meal Plans, Macros & Macro Timing

Welcome back to The Center Stage! During this episode Carolina and Jessica discuss some of the pros and cons of macro tracking and meal planning from both a coach as well as athlete's stand point. Describing their different applications, preferred time of introduction, as well as how both strategies can impact one's contest prep progress and outcome. They also cover different food planning/macro timing strategies to help you navigate your daily training schedule and optimize your performance at the gym! Hope you guys enjoy it! It's a meaty one. Don't forget to follow us at @the.centerstage for episode updates!
5/2/202248 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 74 - Let's Welcome Jessica Dolias & Chat Some Off-Season Grind!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to The Center Stage! We are so excited to be back with you all sharing some incredible industry insights and experiences. In today's episode we introduce a very new member of TCS team as well as a fresh addition to the Professor Nutz and Swet N' Glow athlete roster, Jessica Dolias. Jessica has been an integral part of the fitness and bodybuilding industry for years now, she shares her background, what lead her to become a part of the Bikini competitive world as well as her game plan for the 2022 season. Our hosts go way back to their NPC days, both earning their Pro Cards at NPC Universe (2016 & 2017) as well as competing together in a number of IFBB Pro shows over the years.  Being in completely opposite ends of the competitive spectrum Jessica and Carolina, who is deep into her improvement season, share their off season strategies as well as how to sustain the strong mindset that helps them promote effective progress in their physiques. I hope you all enjoy this episode. Please make sure to share your thoughts with us on IG by tagging out @the.centerstage page as well as subscribing to our channel and leaving reviews below!
4/18/202243 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP 73 - Christmas Special & Nationals Recap

Merry Christmas Everyone! For this week's special episode Carolina and Ashlyn go over some of their Christmas plans, cover a little Nationals recap and Team Ashlyn's stellar performance, as well as share some really helpful tips to survive the Holidays stress free.  Knowing how committed you all are to your health and fitness journey, the girls wanted to make sure to share some of their go to tips to help you enjoy your time with the family, and have some goodies without feeling restricted or like you are falling off track. 
12/25/202138 minutes, 57 seconds
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EP 72 - Coaching Red Flags, Inappropriate Behavior & Sexual Misconduct

During today's episode Carolina and Ashlyn raise some really serious and important issues revolving athlete-coach dynamics.  They cover not only your most common red flags, but also speak on inappropriate behaviors that, as athletes, they wish you ladies and gents to watch out for. You should never be made feel uncomfortable or unsafe when working with a professional of any industry. The girls also speak on developing a more supportive sense of community within the fitness industry in order to allow those who are, in fact, feeling targeted or mistreated to speak out (whether in a public or private setting).  With that being said, the Ashlyn and Carolina are opening the floor, and their respective DM's, to anyone who has been struggling with the current dynamic/relationship with their coach or is feeling unsure and uncomfortable about voicing their concerns.  This is a judgement free zone; our goal is always to share knowledge and promote awareness to topics others may not wish to speak on.  Hope you enjoy the episode!!
12/11/202141 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP 71 - Catching Up on Thanksgiving & Tips for the First Timers!

This episode, the girls catch up on their Thanksgiving and talk about their favorite foods as Ms. Ashlyn experiences her first Thanksgiving out of prep in YEARS!!! Yes, that is right! They also cover some of the essentials for knowing when is the right time to start competing, how to know whether you have the right look and how to navigate picking your first coach.  Resources: 1st Annual NPC Women's Workshop click here
12/2/202141 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP 70 - Opening the Door to PED Talks

In today's episode Ashlyn and Carolina dive down the rabbit hole of PEDs and hormonal health revolving the bikini with the intention to clarify some doubts and normalize very important coach/athlete conversations.  They share personal and client experiences and debate on the use, benefits, and judgement that is often passed on throughout the fitness industry when speaking about certain supplement protocol choices.  It is important to note that neither Ashlyn nor Carolina are making specific product/compound recommendations as they are not medical professionals. The goal of this episode is to remove the stigma around the "PED talk" and help you all become stronger advocates for your own choices and health.  Thank you again for all the support! Please subscribe, leave a review and continue to submit your questions for our weekly recording sessions. 
11/11/202139 minutes, 2 seconds
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EP 69 - Behind the Scenes with Ms. Bikini Olympia

In today's episode Ashlyn and Carolina get a chance to chat with the wonderful 2021 Ms. Bikini Olympia, Jennifer Dorie! Jenn talks about her background, how she came up in the fitness industry and bodybuilding community and some of her key motivators as a competitor. Going down the rabbit hole of personal and professional challenges and aspirations, they cover some of their strategies for continuously striving towards progress and becoming better athletes, coaches, and all around people.  A huge shout out to Jennifer for taking the time to join us this week, and an even bigger thank you to all of your for your continuous support and incredible questions!! Please continue to follow, share, and subscribe so we can continue to grow our platform and reach even more competitors ;)
10/28/202151 minutes, 23 seconds
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EP 68 - Understanding Reverse Dieting & The Wellness Division

In today's episode the girls go over some key aspects of reverse dieting, its importance, and some of the must do's in case you find yourself struggling post competitive season. They talk about their personal experience and struggles and cover some of the many important internal and reproductive health aspects of sustaining a well structure and concise reverse diet plan after stepping off stage.  Stepping being so close to the ending of the 2021 Mr. Olympia weekend Carolina and Ashlyn discuss some of the key differences between the Bikini, and the newly added, Wellness divisions; their criteria expectation, and their personal input into some of the changes you can expect as someone who is either having a hard time picking which division is the right one for, or want to better understand the sport. Here we are sharing some helpful resources/points of reference for the criteria and expectations for each and every female division in both the IFBB Professional League as well as the NPC: NPC & IFBB Head Judge - Becky Lawson: @fitprobecky NPC & IFBB Judge Head Judge - Sandra Williamson: @sandyonsanylane NPC & IFBB Judge - Étila Santiago: @etila But if you are ready for a HUGE surprise, make sure to listen until the end, as they share a very special guest who will be joining the girls for next week's episode! Find out and let us know how excited you are ;) Thank you so much for your continue support!!
10/21/202150 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP 67 - Olympia Recap - What is up Next?

This episode Ashlyn and Carolina discuss this past weekend's turn of events, Ashlyn's second Mr. Olympia experience and her takes aways from her performance on stage.  Going in depth about the importance of understanding when is time to push harder as well as pull back for the sake of your body, mind, and well-being, the girls share their past experiences with post show decisions and share a little of their plans for the future.  Giving a little sneak peak as to what is to come for Ashlyn, something she is slowly sharing in her IG account, as well as where Carolina will continue to move towards for the remainder of this calendar year, our hosts have plan, aspirations, and some pretty exciting goals they are looking to accomplish through the rest of 2021.  We want to thank you all for being part of this incredible platform, and continuing to show your love and support!  Please make sure to Subscribe, Share & Submit your questions to our weekly questions boxes on @the.centerstage , @carolaraujo_fitness , or @ashlyn_ifbbpro IG accounts.
10/14/202135 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP 66 - Road to the Olympia & Peak Week Secrets

In this episode Carolina & Ashlyn discuss their past peak week adventures and answer some questions about how to maneuver your physique between pre-judging and finals.  Ashlyn tells us all about her Peak Week as she gears up to step at the Mr. Olympia stage this coming Saturday. She is rested, recovery, and absolutely excited to step on stage! For those who want more information about this weekend's schedule as well as where to find access to online Live streaming as well as tickets, make sure to visit  Thank you once again for all of your support & incredible questions!  If you like the show please make sure to subscribe, leave us a review and tag us on your stories on IG at @the.centerstage , @carolaraujo_fitness , and @ashlyn_ifbbpro
10/8/202138 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP 65 - Arnold Classic Recaps + 1 Week Out 2021 Olympia

In episode 65 we discuss our thoughts over the Arnold Classic recap / recovering from sickness during prep / current plans for and after the Olympia show! Thank you so much for your continued support! We are extremely excited to be back chatting with you all. Please continue to submit your questions to both our official pages. The Center Stage | @the.centerstage Carolina | @carolaraujo_fitness Ashlyn | @ashlyn_ifbbpo  If you like this episode, please leave us a quick review, and don't forget to subscribe!
9/29/202139 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 64 Making Peace With Your Food Ft. Celeste Rains

During this episode of The Center Stage we discuss Mental Health,  Mindfulness and Making Peace with your food with Celeste Rains-Turk. We discuss Celeste's background and some of her personal experiences that have lead her to develop her coaching program and podcast platform, "Confessions of a Bikini Pro", a show guided towards sharing information about competing, health and well-being. To find out a little more about Celeste's work and a bit more about our hosts' own personal experiences through the wheel house of the bodybuilding world take a listen! Once again thank you so much for your continuous support! Please make sure to subscribe and comment below with your thoughts and questions.
9/21/202145 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP 63 - Q&A's + The Last Month of Prep before the Olympia 2021

Q&As In episode 63 - We'll discuss how the final month of prep looks like as we near the Olympia 2021 Thank you so much for your continued support! We are extremely excited to be back chatting with you all. Please continue to submit your questions to both our official The Center Stage page @the.centerstage as well as to @carolaraujo_fitness & @ashlyn_ifbbpo personal pages. If you like this episode, please leave us a quick review, and don't forget to subscribe!
9/21/202145 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 62 - Arnold Predictions and Prepping for the 2021 OLYMPIA

In Episode 62 - We take some time to catch up on Ms. Ashlyn's Olympia prep, her challenges, obstacles and successes after a rather much needed break. Ashlyn dives deep into some of the differences she has been experiencing between this year and last year's Olympia prep and we discuss the importance of diet and training breaks - how to do them, what to avoid in them, and the best ways to overcome some mental roadblocks you may find along the way.  We also discuss some of our predictions and expectations for this year's Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Bikini line up, giving our personal and professional insight as to what you can expect from the tail-end of this year's Bikini Division season. This is a tough and strong lineup, and we are dying to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for your continued support! We are extremely excited to be back chatting with you all.  Please continue to submit your questions to both our official The Center Stage page @the.centerstage as well as to @carolaraujo_fitness & @ashlyn_ifbbpo personal pages. If you like this episode, please leave us a quick review and don't forget to subscribe!
9/21/202139 minutes, 18 seconds