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English, Social, 1 season, 18 episodes, 8 hours, 41 minutes
You think it and we say it! Where African women go to experience the thoughts that run through their heads on news commentary and analysis. Delivering the smartest, most efficient experience for you.
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Ask Me Anything, Career Questions

On this episode of The Catalyst Sparks, join me as I answer career questions that I received off Instagram.
12/10/202237 minutes, 42 seconds
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I believe in corporal punishment for adults, a review of Nafsi the movie 🎥

I watched and reviewed the most middle aged Kenyan problems movie as a middle aged Kenyan hun. Watch Nafsi on Netflix!
11/20/202226 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP 14 Threesomes with Tessa Thompson equals WINNING!

We got to see a sneak peek of "the other" Lil Nas and it's a pandemic and we need to social distance but, "Where my hug at?" dudes stay being annoying AF!
5/26/202139 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP 13 Last we checked, Kenya's last dictator is with the Lord?!

The BBI ruling and the shenanigans surrounding it, who wants a forest for what? And what would Wangari Maathai do?
5/24/202132 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP 12 It is comforting to know that terrorists get stuck in traffic on their way to work too!

There is so much to catch up on! Bullying and baby names and why you never call another woman's man a king on a restaurant review!
5/24/202136 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP 11 Is it a Scarface movie remake? A grenade shaped sex toy and cocaine with your patient during an MRI!

With everything we are going through in this pandemic, we need to be in the next version of the Bible! Tune in for the usual "OMG, did this really happen?" update on the news!
5/14/202122 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ep 10 Putin is shaking in his boots and the math of Kenyan police brutality

We would definitely hire the people that helped Bill Clinton out, to fix our PR, so I guess we kinda get where the Kenyan government is headed with the new Washington DC lobbying firm they hired for USD 600, 000?
4/26/202134 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP 9 It's Been Bananas! Periods, Incest, The Power Puff Girls and Bad Wigs

What do you even ask women at job interviews? Who knows, the CJ interview panel is struggling too. Maybe it requires a special, government decreed commission of inquiry and a report? All this and more in this week's episode!
4/20/202123 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP 8 Couples that scam and commit vandalism together, stay together!

Bridgerton isn't worth watching anymore, there is a great HIV vaccine but SYKE! You live in Kenya so, good luck with healthcare. Apparently "we" borrowed "public" loans, drones will now be used as curfew breaking snitches and you didn't hear from us, but someone's building a city near you so drop your bitcoin and invest in Akoin!
4/8/202124 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP 7 We're all about all sizes, but tell that to the Suez Canal and Climate Change!

So, the Suez Canal doesn't accommodate all shapes and sizes and climate change is affecting certain body parts too? Gotta add, "It's not me babe, it's climate change." to the pillow talk!
4/7/202137 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP 5 We are back! And ALLEGEDLY, we hear padlocks were being polished?

So much has happened since we took the break! But here we are with our thoughts on recent news. We will now have this show as a weekly segment. We have new hosts and writers as well, drumroll! Introducing Maxy, Justine, Benedict and as always Nonie!
3/16/202122 minutes, 8 seconds
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Ep #4 I love my job, but someone once tried to shoot me!

Linda Kimori became a publicist and manager to some of Kenya's most renowned and well known public personalities. A Marketing Communications professional with 10+ years specializing in the private and development sectors. Linda's solid brand management and creative agency background; combined with highly adaptable and well-developed interpersonal skills has seen her climb up the ranks in this industry. And what is a career path story without some drama, right?
11/12/202022 minutes, 26 seconds
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#3 Women in Leadership, Forget Everything you Know About a Linear Career Path

Mercy Randa left Tanzania abruptly as a student journalist who was deported for hard-hitting news commentary that didn't sit right with the political regime at the time. She moved to Kenya and worked on investigative pieces, a youth magazine and transitioned into financial news. As a woman in a team that only had three women, she was able to navigate this space and shift into public relations at Ogilvy serving financial clients. Currently, the CEO of her own investor relations firm, P&L Consulting and a Founder of a "Pandemic Business" that focuses on outdoor living and lifestyle, Mercy's journey is a testament to clarity on what you want and adaptability and flexibility on the journey to get there.
10/22/202038 minutes, 50 seconds
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#NewsByTheCatalyst Episode One, The Pleasure Principle

Sexualities is one of those subjects where you want to talk to people that have a sense of warmth and openness and this week we feature two amazing guests, Tyomi Morgan and Celine Manning who speak to spirituality and sexuality, experimenting with positions and sensual fitness. "What I have found is that a lot of people are still on a different level, they are working to dig out their sexuality from repression, depression and oppression. It is a foreign concept to them and I am very happy to represent and speak to the spiritual side." - Tyomi Morgan "Sensual fitness is about tapping into your sensual side, you can pole dance, I pole dance and you can do Kegels at any point to tone and feel good about yourself because you are doing something for you." -Celine Manning
10/10/202047 minutes, 54 seconds