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The Carp Fishing Podcast

English, Fishing, 48 seasons, 64 episodes, 1 day 1 hour 33 minutes
A carp fishing podcast, recorded by two passionate anglers.
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Will Bradley - Drive and Determination

This month we delve into a subject that rarely gets much air time, taste and the importance of taste in a carp bait and the pivitotal role it plays. We discuss ingredients used and observations in tank tests and our own results over the years to back up our findings. We also have a great guest on, Will Bradley. Will's an angler that Mark once upon a time mentored through the Korda carp academy but has since carved his own path on some extremely challenging venues up and down the country. Mike delves into what gives Will the drive and determination to travel long distances in search of some really special carp. Enjoy.
02/12/20233 hours 29 minutes 17 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Carp Fishing Australia - Scott Rollo

This time we delve into life as a carp angler in Australia with Mike's old friend from school, Scott Rollo. Snakes, spiders, bow hunters, kangaroos and the potential to catch carp beyond your wildest dreams is a stark contrast from the UK scene but Oz isn't the easiest place to fish as you'll get to hear. Mike and Mark also chew the fat around moon phases, the expected Autumnal big feed up and Terry's epic, new film, dropped by Jack and ESP. Enjoy the usual banter and stories mixed in as Mark also explains his holiday from hell plane disaster....
01/11/20233 hours 7 minutes 21 seconds
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62. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Tom Loraine - The Carping Jedi

Tom Loraine is our special guest this month and is a name that seems to be everywhere in recent years. His catches have not only been consistent on almost every water he's wet a line in but the carp he's added to his album over the years have also been from some rock hard venues too. Some anglers just stand out from the crowd, to be consistent on such a variety of waters is no coincidence. It often comes through dedication, sacrifice and hard graft and Tom ticks all those boxes and has an album to prove it. Not only that, Tom is far from full time, owning his own business means life needs to be balanced and that is never easy but Tom seems to have it down to a fine art. Mike and Mark also discuss the political challenges to stocking carp in our rivers and canals and how this sadly impacts carp fishing in the UK, especially at grass roots level. Will it ever change, we doubt it but we'll keep trying to establish a way of stocking our waterways with free fish! Enjoy!  
04/10/20232 hours 44 minutes 28 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Heather the Leather - Jon Pack pt2

In this month's podcast we had to cover the topic that seems to have broken the internet and that's the Magic Twig. We also discuss baiting patterns that helped Mark catch a recent forty pounder and Jon Pack is back for the second part of his brilliant interview as he takes us on a journey that covers life after catching a British Record. Jon delves into his obsession with Heather the Leather and one that nearly ended in hyperthermia! Enjoy!   
01/09/20233 hours 28 minutes 32 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Jon Pack - The British Record Capture

This month we welcome Jon Pack to the microphone to delve into his historic British record capture of two tone, a carp of gigantic proportions. Jon's trip down memory lane is a two part chat with Yateley and St Ives among others to follow. Mark also recalls a meeting with the iconic Terry Hearn and we've added a few new features into the months ramblings, titled The Great Debate and As Seen on Screen. Enjoy and once again, thanks for your support. 
01/08/20233 hours 31 minutes 53 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - VBK Success Story - Alijn Danau & Thomas Vébéka

This months podcast has a little twist. We got asked to be a guest on the wonderful VBK podcast in Belgium. For those that have no idea who or what the VBK do then I'll try to explain. They're a non profit Carp Fishing organisation that offers it's members waters to fish. They also home grow carp and help stock waters for the future. They produce great books and magazies, they're even lobbied over the years to get night fishing approved in Belgium and thats just for starters. They're created something, that since the early 90's has really united carp anglers together with a platform aimed at benefitting all carp anglers. Me and Mark has always admired the success of the VBK and have often felt something like this is soley missing in the UK. It was great to be able to sit down and discuss what the VBK really means with none other that Alijn Danau, a man who gives some much back to carp angling through his VBK work and one that has the respect of so many anglers all over the world. We
01/07/20232 hours 7 minutes 3 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Jason Hayward - History in the Making

This month Mike and Mark continue to explore Europe and record the podcast while on the road in search of the unknown. Our special guest this month is none other than Jason Hayward. The first man to bank what later became one of the best known carp we've ever produced, the Colne Meres Black Mirror. Mike delves into his pursuit for a carp beyond his wildest dreams and also discusses life after such a monumental capture, one that rocked the carp world and still stands as one of the most iconic carp captures of all time. Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy Jason's enthusiasm and trip down memory lane!  
02/06/20234 hours 28 minutes 43 seconds
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57. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Gaz Fareham - Spring Vibes

Mike and Mark record this months intro while driving back from Belgium. They delve into the highs and lows of the trip and discuss Mark's phobia for dog poo! Mike also catches up with Gaz Fareham during a cold, spring morning on Stoneacres to discuss a variety of topics while urging his rods to rip off live on tape! Enjoy. 
02/05/20232 hours 50 minutes 28 seconds
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56. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Elmo Staff - Own Terms Angling

We've been looking forward to getting this one out. Mike sits down with Elmo (Elliott Staff) in the Valley to discuss his lifelong obsession with angling. One that led him down a rather unusual path of discovery. Less trodden tracks, zero social media interaction, strong friendship bonds and carp that rarely see the light of day are just some of the things that make Elmo tick. This is part one, we only scratch the surface of Elmo's personal angling adventures but now we've warmed him up we'll be back at some stage for more stories of adventures that sometimes end in a pot of gold. Mike and Mark chew the fat as usual and cover carp communication, pre baiting routines, feeding windows and predicting the future. Enjoy. 
31/03/20233 hours 16 minutes 47 seconds
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55. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Nigel Sharp - Carp Fishing Royalty

This month we have a carp fishing veteran on as our special guest. A man that's been around carp fishing forever. His album of special carp takes some beating and he's one of a tiny group of anglers that can say they've caught a 40lb Mirror, Leather, Common and Fully Scaled. You've probably guessed it, Nigel Sharp joins us for some old skool tales and a trip down memory lane. Mike and Mark chew the fat as normal and take some listeners' questions regarding drones and sustainable ingredients in the bait industry. Enjoy.
01/03/20233 hours 24 minutes 28 seconds
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54. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Trev Johnson Wraysbury and the Baby Black

We're back with another podcast, this month we have Trev Johnson aka TCP as our special guest, an old skool angler that's been around the block and has banked some incredible carp along the way from some seriously challenging waters. We delve into his time of Wraysbury 1 and 2 as well as his short campaign for the Baby Black in the depths of winter. Trev is moon follower like no other I've spoken with in the past but his results speak for themselves. Plus we discuss the challenges that the cost of living may impose on the angling trade before chewing the fat over a salty subject, one we're both not convinced with..... enjoy.
31/01/20233 hours 49 minutes 36 seconds
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53. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Post Christmas Rambling Mike & Mark

This month is a smaller than usual episode as Mike sadly managed to break his memory card that held our guest interview we had pre recorded and ready to go. So instead of missing a month we still chew the fat, put the world to rights and rattled through a few listeners questions. Enjoy and we'll be back at the end of January as normal with a full episode. 
09/01/20231 hour 21 minutes 17 seconds
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52. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Jake "The Heron" Hughes

Jake Hughes aka Jake the Heron is this month's special guest. Mike caught up with Jake at the historic Toadless Leather Pit, a complex of lakes steeped in both carp fishing history and Jake's own angling life. Tales of unknown biggies, winter bait ups and creative inspirations were just a few topics covered but what stood out was how Jake goes about his business, his way. Mike and Mark also discuss winter baiting approaches and take a few listeners' questions to get the grey matter working. Enjoy. 
01/12/20223 hours 8 minutes 36 seconds
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51. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Jamie Smith - Unsung Hero

Jamie Smith is this months special guest, a modest man but one that deserves alot of credit for the impact he's had on Carp Angling since the birth of his now cult, CP products brand. Many brands to this day still copy his early designs, testament to his thought process with product ideas decades before they became mass market produced. Few can claim to be true innovators but for me, Jamie sits proudly in that small group of talent. In recent years Jamie has purposely shy'd away from the limelight, preferring to focus on his work and customer satisfaction. His rods gather dust but his contribution to angling is still available for all to enjoy through his engravings, carvings, kettles and lareg scale artwork. Jamie delves into his colourful life and we listened in awe.  In addition we delve into a French trip disaster and get to answer some listeners questions. Enjoy. 
01/11/20223 hours 56 minutes 15 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Alfie Russell Special

This month we have the pleasure of Alfie Russell as our special guest. Alfie is extremely humble considering his album of incredible carp. He's down to earth, honest, hard working and despite a young family he still finds time to target some very special carp. As you'll hear Alfie's passion for angling runs deep. We chat about social media, mental health, the concept of paid angling and sponsorships as well as some tales of past urban campaigns with rods stashed in guitar cases! Enjoy. 
01/10/20222 hours 46 minutes 51 seconds
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49. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Mike & Mark

This month is a smaller episode I'm afraid due to one reason or another but we've still got a carpy fix in podcast form to digest. Me and Mark chat through carp strains and discuss how hard it is for individual carp to stand out these days from the masses of carp that are now available to the angler. We also chat through some issues with Mark's baby fish and Mike recalls a horror story that happened to him a few weeks ago! enjoy 
31/08/20221 hour 10 minutes 37 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - River Monsters - Dave Little

This month we've got a great guest, none other than Dave Little or Mr Ouse as I like to call him due to his love affair with this majestic river and it's elusive carp. We delve into the history of river stockings and the challenges anglers are faced with when trying to hold a river carp, many have failed but Dave's album is busting with some incredible river monsters. Me and Mark also chew the fat as normal and cover carp retirement, particles, photo bombing and all the usual ramblings along the way. Enjoy
30/06/20222 hours 52 minutes 36 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Jensen Mannings - Work, Angling Life Balance

This month Mark delves into a rig that breaks the norm. He explains why he's planning on using his Sub Slider Egg Rig and his thoughts behind it! We also have the pleasure of Jensen Mannings, a local angler who's caught plenty of big carp but like many of us these days has to juggle low stocked pits and the demands of the chase with kids, a full time job and all the other life demands. The struggle is real but the drive to succeed never goes away! 
01/06/20222 hours 29 minutes 30 seconds
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The Carp Fishing Podcast - Gaz Fareham Special

It was great to finally get back out on the bank with the podcast kit and catch up with Gaz Fareham. We had some great, topical spring discussions sat on the banks of Stoneacres. We covered Zigs, North West influences, boat work, special hookbaits and life plus how Gaz got to own a set of wizards reels. Gaz has always been such a modest chap, an angler who's inspired so many through his words and images, including his passion for print and of course the excellent Subsurface movement. Plus this month Mark and Mike also chew the fat over publicity and inspiring others, the price of ingredients and how this might impact bait plus Mark gets a take live on tape! Enjoy. 
01/05/20223 hours 56 minutes 10 seconds
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6. Carp fishing podcast #6 Yateley special - Robin Dix

Mike catches up with the Yateley legend that is Robin Dix. A fascinating talk on the early years of the complex. We cover lots of interesting topics along with the usual carpy banter.  Connect with Mark here On Facebook - Baitworks link On Instagram - Baitworks link Connect with Mike here On Facebook - Born and Bred carp gear link On Instagram - Born and Bred link Please take the time to review us on i-tunes.
01/02/20192 hours 50 minutes 18 seconds
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3. Carp fishing podcast - Chris Douce

From carp fishing behaviour to the three day baiting rule. We cover lots of interesting topics along with the usual carpy banter. We also have a special guest, Chris Douce join us and talks to Mike about his fishing and views on the current carp scene.    We also have the usual features including a tip of the month. Connect with Mark here On Facebook - Baitworks link On Instagram - Baitworks link Connect with Mike here On Facebook - Born and Bred carp gear link On Instagram - Born and Bred link
19/10/20182 hours 22 minutes 50 seconds