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The Career Change Podcast will show you how to change careers or figure out what business to start when you are a smart (but stuck) person in your mid-30s to your mid-50s. Fed up with fluffy motivational quotes? Then you are going to love the frank and proven advice shared by your host Rikke Hansen - A Career Change Advisor and entrepreneur with over 15 years experience of helping thousands of men and women globally make big decisions and create careers and businesses that are both meaningful and future-proof. Every second Tuesday Rikke will share advice, strategies and resources that work in the real world, right now - Subscribe and go to for more - Welcome home!
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#56 The Advantage Of Starting A Business After 40

Would you love to start your own business, but worry that your age (over 40-ish) and career history will work against you? Hit play to have your assumptions challenged and your career change options increased! As opposed to what you might think when you scroll through Instagram or listen to (another) hip, intimidating, 20-something start-up founder, the reality is the older you get (up until the age of 60), the better your chances are of starting and running a successful company (compared to a 20-something!).Starting your own business is (for many of my clients) the best vehicle for changing careers after 40.  Both in terms of bypassing gatekeepers and avoiding institutionalized ageism - But also because your age is one of your biggest advantages when it comes to the likelihood of you starting something financially viable!Get ready to do your own thing - Or at least start considering it a realistic and exciting option for someone with your age and background!
4/9/202428 minutes, 27 seconds
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#55 The Most Risky Career Change Strategy After 35!

What do YOU tend to worry about the most? The risks of changing careers or starting your own business? Or the risks of staying stuck in that career or job you no longer enjoy? Most professionals over 35 completely OVERESTIMATE the (imagined) risks of changing careers and starting their own business - All whilst completely UNDERESTIMATING (or even ignoring) the (very real) risks of staying stuck in a career they don't enjoy. If you are following this (rather lopsided) strategy, you are most likely still stuck in that career you don't enjoy, just going through the motions. Let's talk about how risky that strategy is! This episode is all about how to turn the very real risks of NOT changing into motivational fuel for finally getting your butt in gear and making that change!
2/27/202439 minutes, 2 seconds
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#54 The "All Or Nothing Myth" Sabotaging Your Career Change

Do you think starting a business is unrealistic for you (as someone who needs a paycheque)? Then you are likely taking advice from people who don't have a proven track record of helping people like you! Many professionals over 35 are buying into the myth that changing careers has to be a matter of "all or nothing." So they (and maybe you?) do...nothing.  Let's change that! I've got 18 years experience of helping people just like you successfully change careers or start that business - That's why I recorded this episode: To share how career change works in the real world for real people (who can't just "risk it" all or "go all in from Day One"). Spoiler alert: You have (way) more options than just that!
11/28/202345 minutes, 5 seconds
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#53 How To Think About The Future Of Work

Whether you feel curious or scared by the (many!) changes happening in the world of work depends on HOW you choose to think about them. Would you like to go from being intimidated or overwhelmed to feeling excited and open-minded? Hit play to discover TWO powerful mindset shifts I recommend making right now!Worried about being seen as a newbie if you change careers or start a business after 35? Want practical alternatives to always defaulting to worst-case/failure scenarios whenever you try to think ahead?  This episode will equip you with the tools to engage your sense of curiosity and instill a sense of confidence in yourself and what's ahead. The future of work is already here - It's time to think (and act) accordingly!
10/24/202330 minutes, 54 seconds
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#52 How To Escape The "Safe Pair Of Hands" Job Trap!

Are you feeling overworked and undervalued at work? Losing confidence in yourself and your skills? Starting to wonder if you even have any viable career change options or the ability to start your own company?Then you might be stuck in a "Safe Pair Of Hands" job trap - Let's get you out of there (without risking it all or throwing it all away!). I often get emails from listeners along the lines of "Help - I've lost confidence in my skills and feel stuck."...Often followed by a description of what I call the "safe pair of hands" job trap. Where smart people remain stuck for too long in a toxic scenario of over-work and under-recognition...So let's talk about it!If Imposter Syndrome, loss of confidence, bullying, etc. is an issue for you - This episode WILL help you understand what's really going on at work. And how to start plotting your escape - Starting now!
10/10/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 11 seconds
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#51 How To Avoid Starting From Scratch After 35

Are you an aspiring career changer over 35? Worried about having to start from scratch again? Hit play to discover the biggest advantage you have as someone who's got more than one or two+ decades of experience in the working world!  We'll talk about why you never have to go empty-handed into what's next, how to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater when leaving a profession behind, and how to talk about what you already have to offer in a manner that's relevant to where you want to go next. As a former HR professional, I have A LOT to say about this (to your benefit!).  
9/19/202338 minutes, 26 seconds
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#50 Why Consistency Beats Perfectionism (Career Change)

Perfectionists give up earlier and more easily! Have you noticed?I almost (cheekily;) called this new episode: "Why Perfectionists Give Up On Their Career Change Earlier On Than Others" ​Or "How (Toxic) Perfectionism Can Ruin Your Chances Of Ever Launching Your Own Business"No kidding - This is so important to talk about. Here's why:Do you identify as a self-oriented perfectionist (i.e. you are the one imposing excessively high standards on yourself)?Then you might be surprised to discover research shows this can get in the way of reaching your goals or finishing what you start! If you've (already) observed that your perfectionism tendencies are sabotaging rather than helping your career change, this episode will introduce a powerful antidote that works in your favour instead!
8/29/202335 minutes, 20 seconds
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#49 Is Stockholm Syndrome Keeping You Stuck In A Job You Hate?

Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome?  What if I told you a similar thing occurs amongst a big number of professionals over 35 who know they really ought to get going with that career change...BUT they just can't seem to leave that job/boss they hate so much behind?!​Yep - Job Stockholm Syndrome is a thing and this episode is all about how to assess a highly toxic situation like that (IF that's where you find yourself stuck). If you are looking for a much deeper level of motivation for your career transition - This is the episode for you!
7/11/202342 minutes, 33 seconds
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#48 Is It Too Risky To Change Careers After 45?

Do you feel torn between staying put in the job/career you don't enjoy ("not risky"!) OR making a big career change ("risky"!)? If so, then you are likely still stuck (in that job/career you don't enjoy)!Why? Because approaching your career change in such dramatic "Black and white"/"All or nothing" terms is frankly limiting your options. You are not alone in doing this though - That's why I wanted to dedicate an episode to what can seem like a really hard and scary question: Is it too risky to change careers after 45? (or 35+!). Hit play to discover a completely different way of thinking about your (work) life starting now!
6/20/202347 minutes, 1 second
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#47 Stop Thinking Like An Employee (If You Want To Change Careers!)

If you've always worked for someone else then you are likely sabotaging your career change without even realizing it! That's because you might have developed what I call the "Employee Mindset."And it's really important to be aware of how that might negatively impact how you think about what opportunities are/aren't available to you as a career changer over 35 - Whether you want to start your own business or not!Hit play on this new episode to discover how you might be making it harder for yourself (and what to do instead)!
6/6/202337 minutes, 55 seconds
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#46 The (Endless) Hunt For The Perfect Career Change Idea

Are you (still) trying to find that one perfect idea, so you can (finally!) change careers or start that business? Have you (already) spent years down the rabbit hole of idea hunting? Hoping to find or (somehow?) come across THE perfect one IF you just keep looking for long enough? If that strategy hasn't worked for you so far, then why do you keep looking? I bet you even feel anxious and overwhelmed as you keep hunting for "just one more idea"?! ;)  Hit play on this episode to learn why the one perfect idea doesn't exist ("out there"), why you already have enough (good enough) ideas and how to start testing and experimenting with them - So you can (finally!) create a career or business that's just perfect for you. Yep - the "one more idea" rabbit hole is endless - Let's get you out of there and into meaningful, creative career change action mode instead!
5/16/202344 minutes, 9 seconds
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#45 Don't Let Waiting Become A Habit! (Career Change)

Have you fallen into a procrastination-shaped hole with your career change or business plans?      I've noticed a real tendency amongst aspiring career changers over 35 who put their career change on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic over 3 years ago: They  are STILL  stuck in careers or jobs they hate and STILL not creating a career or business to look forward to instead. Groundhog Day, anyone?! This is a frank and honest episode designed to help you nail your transition in an ever-evolving world where COVID-19 in hindsight almost seems like the warm-up band.Make sure you listen  if you want to understand why waiting and procrastination are such pernicious self-sabotage patterns and how to (finally) get going with your transition once and for all!
5/2/202334 minutes, 59 seconds
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#44 How To Get Out Of Your Head! (To Stop Idea Overwhelm & Overthinking)

Do you keep overwhelming yourself with too many career change ideas? Or overthinking the few you have until you kill them off or end up in analysis paralysis? Then hit play on this episode right away!Are you stuck in your career change process? Or not moving forward with starting your own business? Then you are not making enough decisions or experimenting (frequently) enough - Yep!But don't fret - I'm not talking about big, scary, crazy-risky decisions or actions! Listen to  discover why it's the smaller, more frequent decisions and actions you really want to get cracking with to build your transition muscles and get unstuck. It's time to get out of your head - This episode will show you how!
3/28/202340 minutes, 22 seconds
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#43 The (Real) Worst Case Scenario For Career Changers

What if you were ALREADY in your worst case scenario? What if you stopped wasting so much time and energy on distracting yourself with what might or might not happen if you were you to change careers or start that business? What if you focused A LOT MORE on creating your BEST case scenario instead? You'll never view your career change experience the same way after you've listened to this episode - Get ready to discover how to assess and handle even your biggest fears and why you are likely worried about the wrong kind of worst case scenarios!
3/14/202339 minutes, 36 seconds
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#42 Will You Regret Changing Careers?

Are you worried about failing and regretting it IF you were to change careers or start that business? But are you also stuck in a  career or job you don't/no longer enjoy?  Then this episode will help you get unstuck!Hit play to discover what the biggest regret of career changers is and how you can actively decide what regrets you DON'T want to have - Both in the near future AND at the end of your life .This is an episode that deals with some of the biggest questions you'll ever have to face in your work life - If you are looking for a more meaningful approach to decision-making, don't miss this one!
2/28/202344 minutes, 57 seconds
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#41 Why You Don't Have To Risk It All To Start A Business

Would you love to start your own business but can’t just “quit your job and go all in from day one”?Wonder if you are even cut out to join the entrepreneurial ranks when you can’t just “risk it all”? (like you are repeatedly being told to do by successful start-up founders over on Twitter🙄).Don’t worry – You have other (more realistic) options when it comes to starting your own business after 35!The great news is that not only do you NOT have to quit your job first in order to start your business (and risk all of your savings/kids/family/partner/sanity in the process – Phew ;).As a matter of fact your can use the very job or profession you want to leave behind to power your first business!Get ready to feel fired up about what’s possible for you – Even if right now starting your own business can seem like a far-fetched dream.Hit play to discover how real people in the real world go about the initial stages of starting their own business – Especially if they can’t just risk it all or quit their job!
2/14/202348 minutes, 33 seconds
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#40 Help - I Hate Selling Myself!

Do you hate blowing your own trumpet or tooting your own horn? Feel like a sleazy second hand car sales person the moment you start “selling yourself?”Hit play on this podcast episode to discover a whole new way of thinking about selling – One that will help you go from self-promoter to value provider because you understand why selling is NOT about you. Yep – It’s absolutely possible to "sell yourself" in a non-sleazy way – Get ready to change your mind, feel empowered AND speed up your career transition in the process!
1/31/202339 minutes, 45 seconds
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#39 The Kryptonite Keeping You Stuck In The Job You Want To Leave

Are you still stuck in the job you want to leave because you keep getting in your own way?  If you've been wanting to change careers or start your own business for years, but it still hasn't happened - It's time to identify your career change kryptonite! What are you most consistently spending your time and resources on (outside of non-negotiable work/life commitments)?  What are  the 2-3 kryptonite tendencies that you keep defaulting to (instead of investing that time in making your career change happen)?This episode of The Career Change Podcast will help you get brutally honest, so you can start consistently making more meaningful choices on a day to day basis. And thus (finally) create a new career or business to replace the job you want to leave with!
1/17/202334 minutes, 37 seconds
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#38 The Only Thing To Focus On This Year If You Want To Change Careers

Hit play to discover the only thing to focus on this year IF you want to make sure your career change (finally!) happens. Many people overcomplicate how they approach a new year. Or overwhelm themselves with way too many ideas, goals and projects.Some might even wonder why you should bother planning ahead if you don't know what you want yet.  Do you recognise yourself in any of those?  In this episode, you'll discover the exact differences between those who will make their transition happen this year and those who will keep putting it on hold or being distracted (again). Who will YOU choose to be?
1/3/202336 minutes, 23 seconds
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#37 How To Get A Foot In The Door As A Career Changer Over 35

Do you feel intimidated by gatekeepers when you think about moving into a different career or starting your own business? Or worry that your CV/resume will forever label you as a lawyer/finance/IT /corporate professional? And hence dramatically limit your career change options outside of that?!Hit play to discover just how much the world of work has changed (for the better!) when it comes to getting your foot in the door as a career changer over 35. You'll discover how the demise of gatekeepers is making it MUCH easier to enter and establish yourself in your new field. You'll also learn how YOU can be in charge of building your new career identity and reputation online - Instead of risking only being judged on your (backwards-looking) CV/resume and having to limit yourself to being at the mercy of recruiters or HR. This episode will help you get up to speed with how the new world of work really works, so you can set yourself up for success - Enjoy!  
11/22/202242 minutes, 33 seconds
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#36 No Passion? No Problem!

What do you do if you cannot "find your passion?" Are you wondering what your passion is or how to find it? Keen to start your career transition or own business soon, but feeling like you cannot get started  because you haven’t found your passion? Maybe you even wonder if there's something wrong with you because you don't feel passionate about anything? Hit play on this episode to discover why the  "Just Find Your Passion" approach might not be the most helpful place for YOU when you want to start the career change process soon or you are over 35 and learn what to focus on instead. No passion? No problem!  
10/25/202237 minutes, 19 seconds
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#35 How To Stop Pinballing & Start Getting Career Change Clarity

Do you feel like a pinball in your life right now? Torn between changing careers or starting your own business or travelling or moving abroad or to the countryside? Feel pressure around kids and a house? Hit play on this episode to find out what to focus on first!
9/27/202229 minutes, 29 seconds
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#34 Why You Dabble And How To Stop It! (Career Change)

Why do you keep dabbling? Even when you know it will sabotage rather than support your career change efforts? There are actually several “good” reasons why you might choose dabbling over committed action if you are a perfectionist or someone who fears failure.So let’s talk about those reasons, so you can gain a deep insight into the damaging psychological tricks this sneaky form of self sabotage (dabbling) is playing on you. And how it’s ensuring you stay stuck. So you can make a more empowered choice – Again and again.This episode is a real eye opener and a must-listen if you want to leave dabbling behind and actually change careers or start that business instead.
9/13/202228 minutes, 5 seconds
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#33 How To Find Business Ideas When You Are Not Steve Jobs

Would you love to start your own business BUT don't really feel like you are the "entrepreneurial type"? Or maybe you feel stuck in your career change because you are no good at coming up with business ideas? This episode is dedicated to you! Hit play to discover why it's okay if you are not the Steve Jobs type (it's NOT a requirement for becoming an entrepreneur!)  and to learn how to find the best business ideas for you. Spoiler alert - You don't have to come up with any ideas from scratch - Nor do they have to be innovative/disruptive or whatever trendy term you've likely felt intimidated by - Until now!In short- Get ready for both myth-busting and for learning a concrete tool for finding business ideas - No more waiting and beating yourself up - Embrace who you (already) are!
8/30/202231 minutes, 31 seconds
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#32 Confidence First Aid For Career Changers

Confidence issues can be a real show stopper for career changers - Have you noticed? Hit play for some instant first aid! What if I told you that low levels of career confidence in your current career (the one you want to leave behind) have very little to do with what's possible (or not) going forward? And that low levels of career confidence can actually be used to motivate you to get cracking with creating a career or business that feels much more like you?! Equally - If you are an aspiring or new business owner who's prone to "compare" yourself to more experienced people in your new field and hence "despair," I've also included a first aid remedy for you (instant application recommended!). 
8/9/202229 minutes, 50 seconds
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#31 What Can I Get With What I've Got?

​If you are not enjoying the career you've been in for years, then basing your career transition on that (by asking "What Can I Get With What I've Got?") is NOT the best place to start - Hit play to discover a much more powerful way to approach the career change process (so you don't limit your options before you even get started)! This episode of The Career Change Podcast is dedicated to those of you who've been employees and in the same line of work for years - And who've therefore been trained to think like an employee and think about the world of work in a certain (disempowering)  way - It's time to question your assumptions!​
7/26/202225 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

#30 Will I Throw It All Away If I Change Careers?

As a mid-career professional you've likely worked very hard to get to where you are today. And even though you know deep down you need a big change, you're likely held back from making one because you are  afraid of  "throwing it all away" if you change careers at your age. Hit play on this episode if you want to discover how to decide what stays and what goes (because clearly something needs to go, right?!). You'll also learn why your age is a massive advantage and why you want to get started now rather than later!
7/12/202228 minutes, 27 seconds
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#29 How To Stop Putting Your Career Change On Hold

Do you keep putting your career change or business plans on hold? Find yourself reverting back to dabbling and never getting any real results? This episode will help you change that - Once and for all! Many aspiring career changers never move past motivational "hacks" or fluffy Instagram quotes (and therefore never escape the dreaded "start, stop, start, stop cycle").  Listen to this episode if you want to learn how to access and create a MUCH deeper level of urgency, so you can STOP faffing about and (finally) get started AND keep going!
6/28/202231 minutes, 37 seconds
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#28 How To Avoid Making THE Wrong Career Change Decision

Are you afraid of making THE wrong decision when it comes to your career change or first business? Then you are likely falling for what I call "The One Big Decision Fallacy" and are likely feeling an enormous amount of pressure and worry! (am I right?! ;). Hit play on this episode if you want to discover why there is NO "one big decision" to be made (or messed up) when it comes to changing careers in the real world (phew!) - As well as what you want to start doing instead (right away) to get cracking with your transition and with decision making.This is for you whether you don't trust yourself to make any decisions or you worry about making THE wrong decision - Get ready for a big sigh of relief! I'm excited to share an empowering, proven and reality-checked approach to decision-making with you in this episode!
6/14/202230 minutes, 7 seconds
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#27 Should You Turn Your Passion Into A Business?

Should you should turn your passion into a business? This episode will help you skip past the fluff and hype in order to figure out what's right for YOU and your unique circumstances. Whether you should base your business on your passion is important to figure out UP FRONT. Why?  Because not all passions are created equal when it comes to whether you can actually turn it into a business you'll also enjoy AND that's also profitable.Listen to this episode to discover two highly practical strategies for figuring out if YOUR passion is a good candidate for being turned into a business...or not!
5/31/202242 minutes, 16 seconds
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#26 How Perfectionism Is Sabotaging Your Career Change

Perfectionists have a MUCH harder time changing careers or starting their own business - Have you noticed? If you suffer from toxic perfectionism, you are likely (still) stuck in that job or career you no longer enjoy. Why? Because you are (still) waiting for the perfect business idea, perfect career or perfect passion to (somehow) show up or for you to (somehow) find it? Sounds familiar? Then hit play on this episode right now! You'll discover why and how you are using your perfectionism as the perfect self-sabotage and delay mechanism and (most importantly) what to do instead. Learning how to effectively get a handle on perfectionism is a key part of a successful career transition - Especially if you are a corporate professional over 35! This is definitely one of those episodes where you'll feel like I'm inside of your head right away - But you'll also finish it with a sense of relief knowing you have other options (and how to start taking advantage of them). 
5/17/202231 minutes, 49 seconds
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#25 Is It Too Risky To Not Change Career?

Do you tend to focus on the (often imagined) risks of changing careers whilst totally ignoring the (often very real) risks of staying stuck in the career/job you no longer enjoy? Have you ever taken the time to challenge whether your risks are just imagined risks or a real threat? And might you be ignoring that right now you might  already be risking just as much (or more) by staying stuck?!  Want to access a much deeper level of motivation and get real about what's truly at stake (the longer you stay stuck instead of changing)? Then this episode is for you!
9/7/202125 minutes, 26 seconds
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#24 How To Worry (Constructively!)

Are you stuck in a holding pattern with your career change?  Maybe you put your transition on hold due to the pandemic? And here you are 18+ months down the line (still) waiting and (still) worrying? I've been helping people change careers and start businesses - Even during their most personally wonky and historically unpredictable times over the last 16 years - Not just during the current pandemic - And the highly practical approach you'll discover in this episode is one of the reasons why they were able to KEEP going. In this episode you'll discover why HOW you worry and WHAT you choose to worry about (or not) is a key differentiating factor in whether your transition will happen (or not). No matter whats's going in in the world at the same time. In short - This is an episode that will teach you how to worry constructively (as opposed to destructively). Hit play if you would like help getting out of that (exhausting) holding pattern - And learn how to make your worrying worthwhile instead of keeping you stuck!
8/10/202126 minutes, 40 seconds
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#23 Should I Quit My Job?

When, how and why you quit your job can make or break your career transition - Especially for those of us over 35! In this key episode, Rikke will walk you through the 3 most common job scenarios aspiring career changers and new entrepreneurs find themselves in - You'll learn what has worked for her clients in terms of maximising their chances of career change success (and minimizing the risks!). This is a mini-Masterclass packed full of real-life tested strategies and frank advice - So make sure you listen at least once - You'll also discover why "Should I Quit My Job?" is not actually a helpful question (and what to focus on instead).  Let's get real!
6/29/202133 minutes, 50 seconds
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#22 Should You Just Be Grateful For The Job You Already Have?

Are you crazy for wanting a career change if you already have (on paper) a great profession or job with money/reputation/"safety" baked into it? Should you just be grateful for what you already have instead of going for something you don't even know will work out? Or should you focus on finding or creating a career or business you'll truly love instead? In this episode, you'll discover why this does not have to be a case of all or nothing and why what kind of  day to day life you really want (and when) is the real litmus test for answering this question (no matter what societal standards or your mum might think ;). 
6/15/202125 minutes, 29 seconds
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#21 The Career Change Confidence Myth

It's time to bust the myth that you have to be confident if you want to change careers or become an entrepreneur. So if you feel like confidence  issues are holding you back, this is the episode for you! Why? Because you'll discover that confidence is NOT a requirement for getting started with your career change or own business. The majority of the clients I've helped successfully transition into a new line of work or their own business over the last 16+ years would NOT have described themselves as the "confident type" either when they first started their career transition. Hit play to discover what they focused on instead, so you can get cracking too!
6/1/202119 minutes, 32 seconds
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#20 How To Network When Changing Careers

Networking makes a lot of otherwise smart and sociable people extremely uncomfortable - Let's change that! Done right (i.e. in a non-sleazy way!) it's one of the most powerful tools for fast-tracking your journey into a new career or business. But it's vital that you network like a career changer or new entrepreneur - NOT like someone who hates their job - This episode will show you how to do that.It really bothers me that most aspiring career changers and entrepreneurs are only familiar with the old-school, sleazy kind of networking. Especially since we humans are wired to connect AND enjoy doing it! Hit play to discover a much more empowering and meaningful way to make friends instead (whether you are an introvert or an extrovert - I've got you!). 
5/18/202123 minutes
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#19 What To Do When Career Change Feels Uncomfortable

If you are going through an uncomfortable time in your career transition - And might even wonder if it's all worth it - This episode is for you. Let's talk about how you can keep going!A lot of aspiring career changers over 35 have spent years inside a professional career comfort zone (or even on auto pilot mode) - So when you start to put yourself out there in a new field or want to transition into becoming an entrepreneur - You'll encounter new situations, challenges and people  who might make you feel uncomfortable and uncertain. So let's talk about that! In this episode of The Career Change Podcast I'll share concrete ideas for how to handle the emotional rollercoaster part of the journey to starting the right business or transitioning into a new line of work (spoiler alert: it's not all unicorns and rainbows...). Most importantly though - You'll discover concrete ideas for what to do when you wonder if it's all really worth it.
4/13/202115 minutes, 3 seconds
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#18 How To Stop Overthinking!

How much time and energy do you spend (or have spent) overthinking your career change or business ideas (or lack thereof)? And do you actually find overthinking helpful? (...I thought not! ;). Hit play and in less than 20 minutes, you'll discover two of the most powerful tools you can use next time you get caught in an overthinking loop. So you can actually do something concrete and meaningful with your time and energy instead. As opposed to just getting stuck in the same (blooming useless) thought loops over and over again (ahem). Stop overthinking - Hit Play instead!​Just think of all the time and energy you could  free up...
3/30/202118 minutes, 19 seconds
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#17 Do You Really Have To Retrain?

Worried about having to retrain completely if you want to change careers or start a new business? Still stuck in that profession you've totally outgrown because you  are worried about not being "qualified" to do anything else? Over 35 or worried you've left it too late? This episode is for you!You might be surprised to discover that most of my career change and entrepreneurship clients over the last 15+ years did NOT have to go back to university full-time in order to get cracking with their career transition. In this episode, I share my 3 key  principles that made this possible for them.  What if it were your own (mistaken/out-dated;) assumptions about how career change really works after 35 that are holding you back the most? What if the new world of work is actually offering more, rather than less ways to transition into something new? And what if your age and work track record so far could actually be used as a starting block, as opposed to being a liability? Oh and there's more ;) Hit play!
3/16/202129 minutes, 41 seconds
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#16 How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

Do you tend to credit your achievements to luck or other people? Have a tendency to notice your failures and "not good enough" moments a lot more than your wins?  Are you worried about being exposed as a fraud? Then you are the perfect candidate for Imposter Syndrome!...But guess what? It's not all bad! Imposter Syndrome actually refers to a patten of behaviour attributed only to highly accomplished and smart people.  So take it as a compliment and then let's get to work!In this episode I'll share why Imposter Syndrome does not have to be a showstopper. Why? Because it can give us vital information about why and how you keep making things harder for yourself (have you noticed?).  You'll also discover the #1 daily habit I recommend for managing Imposter Syndrome on a daily basis from now on -  AND fast-track your career change in the process. Sounds good? Hit  play!
3/2/202123 minutes, 39 seconds
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#15 How To Stop Comparing And Despairing On Social Media After 35!

Do you worry about having left it too late or not being confident enough to make a career change into a new field or to start your own business? Are you over 35 AND have a tendency to beat yourself up and/or feel intimidated by all the younger people you come across who are already super accomplished (at a way earlier age than you)  in the very field you want to change into or start a business in? (as in "Why even bother, I’m already so far behind?!")Let’s talk about the “Compare & Despair” tendency that’s happening over on Instagram and other visual social media platforms – And which is increasingly happening to (otherwise super smart & accomplished) men and women over 35!In this episode, I’ll share why it’s key to use social media to support your career transition in a highly practical manner (as opposed to undermine it). We’ll also discuss how you can use your age to motivate you to get cracking with your new business, as well as why your age could be one of your biggest selling points (yep - you read that right!). You’ll also discover why it’s not a bad thing if your business idea already exists (even if it's done intimidatingly beautifully and successfully by someone more confident or younger than you).Get ready to fully own the advantages and potential that comes with being over 35 – You’ll walk away from this episode feeling fired up and encouraged – Hit play now!
2/9/202123 minutes, 3 seconds
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#14 How To Stay Motivated During A Career Change

Do you have a tendency to start and stop  when it comes to your career change or own business efforts? Wonder how to stay motivated when everything sucks?  Want to learn how to keep up momentum, so you  can keep going until you get the results you want? In this episode, you'll discover why the " Start/Stop Loop" is such a dangerous place to find yourself stuck repeatedly (erosion of confidence and a feeling of being back at square one (again) are just two of those!). We'll dive deep into what it really takes to consistently make space in your life to ensure your transition gets the  time and attention needed to create a new career or business - Especially during days / weeks / months  when you don't feel like taking action.  Hint: Getting motivated is not enough - We want to get you to a place where you STAY motivated - I've got the perfect tool for helping you do that - Hit play to discover it!
1/26/202125 minutes, 29 seconds
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#13 Why You Haven't Changed Careers Or Started That Business...Yet!

If you've been wanting to change careers or start a business for years - This is a must-listen episode. We'll dive deep and get honest about how to ensure you don't get to the end of another year and still find yourself stuck in the same career/job/work scenario you so badly want to escape. Making a big change after 35 requires way more concrete and powerful strategies than just adding vague New Year's Resolutions or faffy gadgets - Especially in our ever-evolving world where the black hole of doomscrolling threatens to gobble up every minute of available time away from your big dreams. Let's get honest about what it really takes to make 2021 the year you (finally!!!) create a career or business that's both meaningful and future-proof - Get ready for some rather frank and direct (but immediately applicable) advice!
1/12/202125 minutes, 52 seconds
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#12 How To Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Your Career Change

How many times have you talked yourself out of a great career change or business idea? Maybe you really liked the idea initially, but then you started nit-picking and finding faults with it and hence discarded it...Oh and all of this likely happened inside of your head too...Before you even got real-life feedback and external input, right? ;).  And this scenario just keeps repeating itself. So you might (still) be stuck in the work scenario you so badly want to leave behind...If you are a perfectionist, overthinker or control freak who is tired of nit-picking your dreams to pieces and instead want to discover a more concrete decision criteria - Don't miss this episode. You'll discover 5 concrete strategies for replacing an unrealistic perfectionist criteria with something much more empowering and reality-checked - The perfect way to empower and fast-track your career change going forward!
12/15/202023 minutes, 25 seconds
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#11 What If My Business Idea Already Exists?

 A lot of career changers and new entrepreneurs feel very discouraged if they discover that someone is ALREADY doing what they want to do. So they wonder if they should just forget about their idea, as it's already been done. They might wonder if they are even cut out to be an entrepreneur at all.I call this the "Somebody Is Already Doing It" Fallacy.  Something you believe to be true , but which has no solid basis in reality. Let's face it - Most ideas have already been done (somehow).  And many successful businesses are not started by Steve Jobs-types, nor are they based on truly unique or visionary ideas.  As a matter of fact, it's a GOOD thing if someone is already doing "your thing"  - Hit play to discover 5 reasons why - Including why it's your unique execution, rather than your current sprout of an idea, that matters most! 
11/24/202024 minutes, 16 seconds
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#10 Distractions And Uncertainty

How do you stay focused on your career change or business plans during times of uncertainty? How do you avoid getting distracted and end up stress/doomscrolling your life away?  Hit play to discover the 5 "painkillers" you can use right away to take back control! Uncertainty and discomfort is always going to be part of the career transition process (pandemic or not) - So let's talk about how you can stay focused and keep going alongside uncertainty. How to be an active participant and creator of your dreams - Rather than defaulting to passive bystander status or news gobbling. Remember: It's still up to you to decide what's next - And what you create (or don't create) comes down to what YOU dedicate your time and attention to most consistently. Your brain has limited processing capacity - Think about that BEFORE you start scrolling. 
11/10/202023 minutes, 45 seconds
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#9 Am I Making The Right Career Change Decision?

How do you know if you are making the right career change decision? How can you know if you'll even like running your own business? What if it turns out to be even worse than the work you are doing now?! Worries like these  often indicate you are treating your career change process like an intellectual exercise (i.e. your efforts have likely never gotten further than your own head). Let's change that.If you want to discover whether something is right for you  -  You need to get out of your head and start test-driving. Experimentation is the only way to discover if something is right for you.  Over-researching and over-analysing is not!In this episode, Rikke will show you how to identify and test-drive individual elements of a career or business - So you can get concrete, real life feedback which will enable you to fall in love (or not) with your career change or business ideas.  If you have a tendency to overthink everything - This is a must-listen episode! 
10/27/202026 minutes, 31 seconds
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#8 Am I Too Old To Change Careers?

Are you too old to change careers in your late 30s, 40s or 50s? Worried you've left it too late to start the right business? Feel conflicted because you've invested so many years in your current line of work - Even if you no longer enjoy it? There will always be scenarios and people for whom you'll be too old (at any age!) - Ageism still exists - However, let's make sure YOU are not part of that problem. What if instead you became part of a growing number of people who are normalising finding and creating your life's best work in your 40s and 50s+?! If you are looking for an empowering (and proven) approach for making a big change in your work life after 35 - This episode will show you how to get started and how to stop getting in your own way. 
10/13/202026 minutes, 52 seconds
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#7 What If I Don't Have Enough Experience?

What if you stopped thinking like an employee about what's (not) possible and started thinking like an entrepreneur instead? What if you didn't have to worry about gatekeepers or the CV/Résumé Police? Would you pick yourself instead of waiting to be chosen? Would you realise that you already have what it takes to at least get started with your transition? If you have been an employee for most of your working life, you've pretty much been indoctrinated (or at least trained) to think about power/permission/admission structures and career paths in a certain (very limiting) way. So when you decide you want a change or do your own thing, you might feel like you have nothing to offer or worry that nobody will hire or pick you. Let's change that! Approaching and thinking about your career transition like an entrepreneur (whether you want to become one or not!) will make you take full ownership of the process and expand your options. What if instead of worrying about whether you have enough "experience" to start your own company or move into another field you just starting doing it?  By going straight to the people who "get" you and who actually want what you (already) have to offer? This episode is full of practical tips and real world examples that will make you feel much more in charge of your transition into doing your own thing - You have more options than you think!Note - Even if you don't want to start a company or do your own thing, I highly recommend listening - Let me show you how to stop giving all of your power away to gatekeepers and recruiters (phew!). 
9/22/202033 minutes, 23 seconds
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#6 Does It Take Too Long To Change Careers?

Do you feel stuck because you worry it will take too long to change careers or start your own business? Many people over 35 overestimate the risks of making a change whilst totally underestimating (or ignoring) the costs of staying stuck. So they remain stuck in jobs and careers they've totally outgrown and might even hate. Not realising they are already wasting their precious time and potential. How we view time and what we believe is worth doing (or not) to change a work scenario we are not happy with will directly impact how future-proof we are. Since we will be working for more years than any other generation, you might want to revisit how YOU view time. Especially if you no longer want your work life to be dictated by the line of work you might have fallen into at 24 / after university!If you are currently feeling deflated and/or in need of a much deeper level of motivation, this is the episode for you.Go to for all show notes and full transcript.
9/7/202029 minutes, 58 seconds
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#5 Perfectionism Equals Fear Of Failure

Perfectionists find it hard to start their own business or change careers. Why? Because they avoid doing anything that could lead to failure. However, the change process always entails using skills or doing things that you might never have done before. Which means there is no way to do it perfectly. And (gasp;) you might even fail. So what gives?Listen to this episode if you want to understand how toxic perfectionism keeps smart people stuck in careers they've totally outgrown and what to do if that's you! I'll also share a very personal story about a decision I had to make back when I wanted to leave my corporate job behind in order to start my own business. You'll never look at your perfectionism the same way again. Discover why perfectionism and fear of failure go together like peanut butter and jam...And how to change that!
8/24/202032 minutes, 19 seconds
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#4 Is Now The Right Time To Change Career Or Start A Business?

With everything going on in the world right now - Especially if you are also spending a lot of time following the news or doomscrolling - You might be wondering if this is the right time to change career or start a business?In this episode I'll share why now is NOT the right time to do nothing and why waiting and worrying or dabbling are NOT the safe options. COVID-19 has massively sped up several developments that were already underway in the world of work - Listen to this episode if you want to discover what they are - So you can take charge of your transition and learn how to know, expand and explore your options for what's next. Instead of having changes being forced on you by external circumstances. If you are currently stuck in a job/career/work scenario you don't enjoy - This is for you!You'll also discover how COVID-19 can be your permission slip for (finally!) making your transition a reality. As well as offering you a great excuse for not getting things perfect right away. In short - This is the episode that will help you go from waiting and worrying and feeling like things are out of your control - To start taking full responsibility for and commit 100% to figuring out what's next for you and start creating it. For full show notes and links mentioned in the episode - Go to 
8/10/202032 minutes, 53 seconds
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#3 Stuck In Analysis Paralysis? Do This Instead!

Discover how to overcome analysis paralysis - Step by step. This episode will show you how to get out of your head and into action instead! Packed full of frank and practical suggestions for what to say to yourself and what to do to get out of overthinking - So you can (finally!) change careers or start the right business.    Analysis paralysis is the nemesis of way too many intelligent people who end up staying stuck for years in careers or work scenarios they no longer enjoy - Because they keep overthinking all of the reasons why their career change or business ideas won't work or aren't right for them...Instead of giving those ideas a chance to prove themselves in the real world (outside of their head)! Sounds like you? Then press "Play" for a Masterclass on how to slay The Analysis Paralysis + Perfectionist + Control Freak Dragon!Go to for all show notes and full transcript.
7/27/202030 minutes, 41 seconds
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#2 Too Many Ideas Or Passions? (How To Choose)

How do you choose the right idea or passion when you have too many? And how do you figure out if you'll even enjoy building a career change or business around them? Rikke has a long track-record of helping multi-passionates pick and combine the right ideas or passions to help them create unique careers or business concepts they love. In this episode she'll share one of her most powerful decision-making tools with you, so you can get clarity and focus too. You'll also discover how to go from feeling exhausted and side-tracked by your idea-popping brain to learning how to use it to power your career transition or entrepreneurial ventures instead! Go to for all show notes and full transcript. 
7/13/202029 minutes, 48 seconds
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#1 How This Podcast Will Help You Start The Right Business Or Change Careers

Discover what works when it comes to changing careers or starting a business in your mid 30s to your mid 50s.  This is a whistle-stop tour of what to expect from The Career Change Podcast - Who it's is for and how it can help - Why getting used to reinvent and change careers after 35 is becoming the new norm - How to identify what's sabotaging your efforts - Why staying stuck in the job you hate is the new risky and why you want to start future-proofing now. And that's just for starters! Go to for all show notes and full transcript. 
7/13/202035 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Career Change Podcast Trailer

The Career Change Podcast will show you how to change careers or figure out what business to start when you are a smart (but stuck) person in your mid-30s to your mid-50s. Fed up with fluffy motivational quotes? Then you are going to love the frank and proven advice shared by your host Rikke Hansen - A Career Change Advisor and entrepreneur with over 15 years experience of helping thousands of men and women globally make big decisions and create careers and businesses that are both meaningful and future-proof. Every second Tuesday (starting July 14th) Rikke will share advice, strategies and resources that work in the real world, right now - Subscribe & go to for more - Welcome home!
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