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The Calm Living Blueprint: Social Anxiety | Anxiety | Stress | Mindfulness | Inner Peace Cover
The Calm Living Blueprint: Social Anxiety | Anxiety | Stress | Mindfulness | Inner Peace Profile

The Calm Living Blueprint: Social Anxiety | Anxiety | Stress | Mindfulness | Inner Peace

English, Education, 1 season, 38 episodes, 13 hours, 6 minutes
Social Anxiety Mentor, Candice Esposito, shares her personal story of overcoming social anxiety... and the step-by-step system she created from her own experiences which has allowed her to help others suffering from anxiety, stress and depression, do the same. Candice believes it's only when we stop struggling against our fearfulness, against our anxiety, that we begin to find lasting freedom from it to live the lives we want to live. That is what this podcast is about. Helping you be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live, free from the prison of fear and anxiety. Because the more people there are, like you, doing what they love, truly being themselves... well, the world can't help but be a better place when that happens. Welcome to the Calm Living community.
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CLB 038: Love or Fear

Love or fear? Which do you choose? As I was reflecting on what the topic could be for this podcast episode I became aware that we’ve talked a lot about fear. And, rightly so… I believe that at the heart of all anxiety, depression, self-hatred, feelings of unworthiness… if we go deep enough, if we […]
4/6/201728 minutes, 59 seconds
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CLB 037: Comparing Yourself to Others

Okay, fess up. We all do it. I’m talking about comparing ourselves to others. Yeah. You ever catch yourself doing that while you’re browsing Instagram or Facebook? When you overhear someone’s good news about a job promotion or a vacation that they are taking? How does comparing yourself to others make you feel? Generally not […]
3/26/201718 minutes, 9 seconds
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CLB 036: Be The Hero Of Your Life

What if you could be the hero of your life? What if I told you that there is formula to living a heroic life? What if there was a basic framework, a roadmap that anybody could follow in order to become the hero of their own life? Well, there is. In this episode I’ll walk you […]
3/12/201720 minutes, 58 seconds
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CLB 035: The Only Problem You Really Have

What’s the only problem you really have? What is the one illusion that most of us believe, that if we were to question it, to let go of it, would solve all of our so-called problems? Big set-up, I know. Have a listen to this podcast episode and decide for yourself if I “deliver’ on […]
2/9/201714 minutes, 2 seconds
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CLB 034: Dealing With Expectations

How do you know if you have trouble dealing with expectations? Well… Ever have thoughts like “I have to be this, “I should be that,” “I must do this or that?” Or perhaps you perceive external pressure from others believing that they think you should, have to or must? Or maybe you say that of […]
1/31/201718 minutes, 28 seconds
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CLB 033: Loneliness is a Choice

Is loneliness a choice? Now, I know the title of this podcast episode may be controversial. I mean no offence by it and I think you’ll understand that, along with what I mean by it once you’ve listened to the episode. So, as always, I just ask you to keep an open mind and notice […]
1/19/201726 minutes, 10 seconds
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CLB 032: How to Prevent Your Ego from Holding You Back

What if your ego is contributing to your anxiety? Find out how to prevent your ego from holding you back… Our ego, when we let it, has a tendency to hold us back from living the life we truly want to live. If we’re not aware of how it traps us, we can easily fall […]
12/27/201614 minutes, 57 seconds
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CLB 031: How to Find Focus Amidst Distraction

Are you having trouble finding focus amidst distraction? Is it just me or does it seem like we are becoming more and more bombarded by distractions? Email notifications, Twitter and Facebook messages, ringing phones, beeps from mobile devices. As I’m writing this I probably have a dozen tabs open in my internet browser. All these […]
12/27/201618 minutes, 18 seconds
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CLB 030: Thoughts of Suicide

Have you had thoughts of suicide? I want to have an honest conversation about suicide. I know there’s many people who work in suicide prevention that say you have to be careful about this kind of thing. I get that. But I think sometimes we’re a little too careful… so careful that little ends up […]
12/14/201613 minutes, 14 seconds
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CLB 029: You’re Exactly Where You Need to Be

So there’s something that I’ve been reflecting on lately that I thought I would share… this aspect of life that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to live exactly where you are and as who you are. Have you ever felt that? It’s a funny thing… growing up no one teaches you how to […]
11/29/201610 minutes, 28 seconds
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CLB 028: How to Meditate Effortlessly Even if You’ve Never Meditated Before

Do you have a desire to learn how to meditate effortlessly? A question I often receive from clients and listeners of the podcast is, “How do I meditate?” I think we’re all pretty familiar with the benefits of meditation so I’m not going to use this time to go over that… the issue seems more […]
11/21/201614 minutes, 39 seconds
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CLB 027: How to Make Resolutions Actually Stick

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Do you know how to make resolutions so that they actually stick? I know some people laugh off the idea of setting resolutions and I don’t blame them… I think the statistic is that by the end of January something like 92% of resolutions have already failed. Doesn’t exactly […]
11/21/201615 minutes, 23 seconds
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CLB 026: Loneliness Over the Holidays

Do you experience loneliness over the holidays? It’s that season again. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas it’s hard not be touched in some way by the festivities and sentiment of the season. I mean we’re inundated with it – Christmas music playing on the radio and in the department stores, Christmas lights hung on […]
11/10/201611 minutes, 37 seconds
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CLB 025: Mandela’s Example

I often find myself incorporating Nelson Mandela’s story and how he approached life, his attitude, into the Calm Living Blueprint because I think it offers a wonderful example of taking committed action even in the face of fear, pain and discomfort. So that’s what I want to examine in this podcast episode – five lessons […]
10/14/201617 minutes, 59 seconds
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CLB 024: Is It Ever Too Late?

Is it ever too late? The other day one of my clients said, “Maybe it’s too late for me.” She felt defeated, like things had never gone right for her and she felt hopeless that things would ever go right for her. Now, this wasn’t a one-time thought. This particular person had this thought before. […]
9/30/201620 minutes, 42 seconds
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CLB 023: The Seeds of Calm in Anxiety

What do I mean by the seeds of calm lie in anxiety? Well… the idea for today’s podcast episode came to me as I was reflecting on how to better help people open up and make space for feelings of anxiety rather than continuing to struggle with them. That’s something we’ve talked about in previous […]
9/14/201617 minutes, 43 seconds
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CLB 022: How to Stop Ruminating and Gain Meaning from Painful Memories

Ever wonder how to stop ruminating? Have you ever gotten stuck thinking about a past trauma or negative event, a problem or really any kind of setback… over and over again… you just can’t stop thinking about it… like a hamster running in a hamster wheel in his cage your thoughts just seem to run […]
9/13/201614 minutes, 6 seconds
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CLB 021: How to Stop Blushing and Relax

Have you ever blushed? Of course you have. We all blush. There’s nothing wrong with blushing however blushing can become a concern when we feel anxious about blushing. We’re afraid of blushing or when we blush we get anxious about blushing and that just further adds to our overall anxiety. So this episode is devoted […]
9/13/201627 minutes, 50 seconds
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CLB 020: How to Sleep Like A Baby Even if You Have Anxiety Part II

So, how have you been sleeping? What changes have you made since the last episode to improve your sleep? In episode 19 we tackled the environmental and behavioural factors that can affect our sleep and what we can do to overcome them and improve upon them to optimize our sleep. In this episode we’re going […]
8/18/201621 minutes, 43 seconds
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CLB 019: How to Sleep Like a Baby Even if You Have Anxiety

Do you sleep like a baby? Or… Have you ever found yourself lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and wanting to scream out in frustration because you just can’t fall asleep? You peak at your alarm clock out of the corner of your eye and it reads 3 o’clock! 3 in the freaking morning… […]
8/4/201624 minutes, 41 seconds
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CLB 018: The Ultimate Superfoods List to Boost Your Mood

Would you like to know more about superfoods to boost your mood? Last episode we talked about how our gut bacteria can affect our mood, including anxiety, depression and how we react to stress. So I thought it would be a good idea to carry over that theme into today’s episode and build upon the […]
7/21/201612 minutes, 14 seconds
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CLB 017: Are Your Gut Bacteria Causing Anxiety and Depression?

  Are gut bacteria causing anxiety in you? When you think about strategies to calm anxiety or treat depression maybe you think of psychotherapy, medication, hypnosis, affirmations … right, something along those lines. I’m betting that you would not automatically think about your gut. Well, our guts may very well hold the secret to improving […]
5/28/201618 minutes, 3 seconds
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CLB 016: How to Survive an Emotional Crisis

Have you ever experienced an emotional crisis? Where you were flooded by a storm of difficult thoughts and feelings. What did you do? A crisis can present in many different forms, from the death of a loved one, to loss of a job, to collapse of a marriage, to financial disaster. When you’re hit by […]
5/7/201617 minutes, 35 seconds
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CLB 015: Answers to Listerners’ Questions

In this episode what I’ve decided to do is answer a couple of questions from listeners. Question #1 from Jacqueline: ““I’m confused about what you call acceptance. Are you saying we should just live with the pain, to tolerate it? I don’t understand how that would be helpful.” Question #2 from Kevin: “How do I know […]
4/20/201621 minutes, 14 seconds
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CLB 014: How to Create Your Own Reality

  In this episode you’re going to discover a technique, that when used optimally, can actually help you create your own reality. Everyone who has achieved great success in life has used this power consciously or unconsciously. What is this simple technique? Have a listen to the episode to find out…   Key Points: Create […]
4/11/201630 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

CLB 013: Why Self-Esteem is Over-rated

  In this episode you’re going to discover why self-esteem is overrated. Yes, I said OVER-rated. I know a lot of self-help books and programs out there are all about boosting your self-esteem. Well, I’m going to tell why those don’t work and why you don’t need to waste your money on them.   Key […]
4/4/201621 minutes, 43 seconds
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CLB 012: Anxiety Medication – Should I Take It?

In this podcast episode I answer a question that I get a lot from fellow podcast listeners and my Calm Living clients … Should I take anxiety medication? Key Points Re: Anxiety Medication Each individual’s situation is different Re-frame the question from “Should I take anxiety medication?” to “What do I want to get from taking medication?” […]
6/30/201526 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

CLB 011: The Most Important Step To Free Yourself From Anxiety

  This podcast episode is going to be one of the most important things you listen you. No hype here. It just is. In my opinion this is the most important step of the Calm Living Blueprint, of setting yourself free from fear, free from your struggles with anxiety. Key Points Values alone aren’t enough. Our […]
6/27/201521 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

CLB 010: Get Clear On What You Really Want

So up to this point we’ve been placing a lot of our focus on the painful feelings you struggle with and the painful thoughts you get entangled by … basically, all the things that you don’t want. But we haven’t yet focused on what you do want – what sort of person you want to […]
6/25/201526 minutes, 20 seconds
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CLB 009: Tap Into Pure Awareness to Relieve Anxiety and Fear

In the last episode we talked about the link between inflammation and social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression … really any so-called “mental health” issue. We swerved off the typical topic of discussing the steps to the Calm Living Blueprint, but I think it’s important to mention because it solidifies the purpose of this podcast and […]
6/20/201528 minutes, 48 seconds
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CLB 008: Is Inflammation Causing Your Anxiety and Depression?

Is inflammation causing your anxiety and depression? Inflammation is our body’s basic reaction to protecting itself to whatever it perceives to be harmful – toxins, irritants, infection, stress, and as we’ll talk about later, even thoughts or emotions. Essentially inflammation is the body’s attempt to heal itself. So a certain amount of inflammation is actually […]
6/17/201521 minutes, 22 seconds
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CLB 007: Be Here and Now to Relieve Anxiety

Your mind is like a time machine. Yup, a time machine. It’s lucky for us that our mind can conceptualize the past and the future. It’s a hugely useful ability. It allows us to reflect on and learn from the past and to predict and plan for the future. As we grow older, our mind […]
6/4/201522 minutes, 31 seconds
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CLB 006: How to Handle Feelings of Anxiety and Fear

Last episode – episode 5 – we took a little departure from the format of previous episodes in the sense that the focus was more on optimizing your physical health, in this case through nutrition, in order to reduce the effects of anxiety. In this episode we’re going to continue on the track we left […]
6/4/201524 minutes, 9 seconds
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CLB 005: How to Calm Anxiety with Food

In episode 4 we delved into how to untangle yourself from thoughts so that the no longer have a control over you and your actions. In this episode we’re going to take a bit of a break from mindfulness practice to focus on nutrition, in particular how to calm anxiety with food. More and more […]
5/30/201529 minutes, 57 seconds
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CLB 004: How to Unhook Yourself From Your Thoughts

Do you know how to unhook yourself from your thoughts? In episode 3 you found out that your thoughts may actually be controlling you. Wait, let me back up one step first… What do we do when those negative thoughts impact our behaviour or hold us back from doing the things we want to do? For […]
5/30/201525 minutes, 47 seconds
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CLB 003: Are Your Thoughts Controlling You?

As I promised in episode 2, in this episode we are going to release you from the illusion of control. If you recall from episode 2, one of the myths surrounding social anxiety (or any fear or anxiety for that matter) is that you should be able to control what you think and feel. It’d […]
4/19/201520 minutes, 34 seconds
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CLB 002: Are You Playing By The Wrong Rules?

In this episode we are going to shatter some common, widely held myths surrounding anxiety, fear and confidence that may be stopping you from living the life you want to live. These myths are like rules for the game of life, but they are the wrong rules! You can never win if you are playing […]
4/19/201524 minutes, 6 seconds
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CLB 001: A Daring Adventure or Nothing

[blockquote cite=”Helen Keller” type=”left”]“Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.”[/blockquote] Welcome to the first episode of the Calm Living Blueprint podcast. Thank you for joining me and taking the time to listen. My name is Candice Esposito and I will be your humble host the Calm Living podcast series. The format of this first episode […]
4/19/201523 minutes, 16 seconds