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Every day, in big and small ways, we put ourselves in boxes. From jobs, to relationships, to entire belief systems, so many of us are living by rules that someone else wrote for us. On The Breakout, your hosts, HR and talent specialists Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther dive into the stories of people who have busted out of those stifling boxes and are living the lives they were always meant to. They also talk to change experts who share ways everyone can shift their lives into bold new territory. The Breakout proves that you can escape expectations, and best of all, we show you how.
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Derailed by Divorce: How to Shake it Off So You Can Shake it Up, with Stacie Shifflett

“I didn’t want to be a leaf floating down a stream. I wanted control of the oars in this next phase of my life”.  Stacie Shifflett has always led a bold life. She’s been pushing against boundaries and expectations since she was a teenager and she walked into the principal’s office to demand that she graduate high school early. She went on to several leadership positions, building a construction business, working for a large consulting firm, and then even ran a llama farm while raising a family. But when her marriage ended after 28 years, for the first time, Stacie was thrown.On this episode, Stacie takes us through her post-divorce reinvention and how it inspired her to found Modern Consciousness, a coaching company that offers personal growth programs to help people cut through the noise so they can live the life they want.  After intensive healing work, meditation, and study, Stacie found her self-confidence again, and developed her step-by-step Elevate You
22/11/202331 minutes 41 seconds
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How To Escape a Life-Sucking Career: Extreme Career Reinvention with Criminal Lawyer Turned Clown, Robert Markowitz

 “I was beginning to lose my ability to feel. I would go to movies just to be able to cry, because otherwise I didn't feel anything”. If you’ve ever felt dead inside and  that your job was killing you, you’re going to want to hear Robert Markowitz’s reinvention story. Years ago, Robert was a very successful, and incredibly miserable, criminal lawyer. And then something broke and he traded in his respected, high earning law career for a new career that no one would have predicted, especially not himSettle in for one of our favorite breakout stories, as Robert shares how he traded in his high status job for a pair of clown shoes. Robert’s journey of personal growth is a quietly inspiring self-improvement story. Robert takes us through his life, from being a young man with low self-confidence who followed family pressures to go into law, only to find misery at the end of that path, to being a person who jumps without a safety net in search of happiness.  It’s a
08/11/202330 minutes 33 seconds
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Aftershocks: Self-Awareness, Leadership Skills, and Personal Growth, Post-Disaster, with Cognitive Scientist and Disaster Specialist, Jolie Wills

“The beauty of adversity is it creates these amazing conditions for growth”. Jolie Wills is a cognitive scientist and a specialist in disaster relief who wants us to rethink how we deal with disasters. In 2011, Jolie lived through New Zealand's worst earthquake on record. As she helped her community through the aftermath that included 5 years of devastating aftershocks, she saw how disasters can make people re-assess their whole way of life.  “You hit this point where you're having to innovate constantly, you're really tired, and suddenly the things that maybe were there hidden, but didn't really get in your way, really surface.”Jolie and her business partner, Elizabeth McNaughton realized a dire need for resources to help leaders, organizations and individuals manage adversity. They founded Hummingly, a company that creates tools and training for leadership skills, resilience and performance under pressure. Based on extensive research around disaster fatigue, prolonged stres
25/10/202332 minutes 1 second
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What’s Holding you Back? The Surprising Reasons You’re Not Making Progress with Your Goals, with Erica Rooney

“We have so much more in our own control than we acknowledge”. Erica Rooney knows there are big glass ceilings that are tough to bust through, but she also believes that sometimes we also hold ourselves back. Erica is a C-suite executive, speaker and podcaster who’s on a mission to help women break free of what she calls “sticky floors”. Those are the limiting beliefs and toxic behaviours that keep us from moving forward.On this episode Erica explains those sticky floors, and how they can show up as a lot of things: imposter syndrome, fear, burnout, and Erica’s own sticky floor: stress management with wine. She says that leaning into self-discovery and getting curious about how you handle your own stress management can help you figure out your sticky floors. But until you clean up those floors, you can’t reach your full potential. The Breakout is the hit podcast hosted by people and change experts Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther, founders of Abbracci Group
11/10/202330 minutes 20 seconds
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Why Conflict Happens and How Dealing with it Helps You Grow, with Conflict Expert, Carol Bowser

“I like to say that I help people break out of the sucking vortex of ‘pissed off’ ”. That’s how Carol Bowser describes her role as a conflict management expert. Carol is a former employment lawyer but after years of practicing law, she found herself much more drawn to mediation. She realized that conflict, and breaking it down, was her real passion. Carol now works to train others in mediation and conflict resolution in the workplace, and on this episode she shares the big truths about conflict, and how dealing with it head-on can also be a journey of self-discovery. She tells us why conflict happens in the first place, how it can restrict who we are and the ways that dealing with it head-on can lead to relationship improvement, health and wellness, and personal growth. She also shares her love of reality shows, and what they can teach us about how to, and how NOT to deal with conflict.  The Breakout is the hit podcast hosted by people and change experts Dr. K
27/09/202330 minutes 45 seconds
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Mindset Mastery Part Two! Dr. Brian Davidson Takes a Snapshot of Keri and Kelly’s Minds

Are people born gritty and resilient, or can anyone learn to be that way? Dr. Brian Davidson says that the tools for success can be developed by anyone, we just need to know what needs improvement. We met Brian in our last episode, when he told Keri and Kelly about MindVue, the assessment tool and learning platform that he built which uses positive psychology principles to first measure your mindset and then help you improve it. On this episode, Keri and Kelly put it all out there when they take the MindVue assessment and Brian breaks down their surprising…and not so surprising results.The Breakout is the hit podcast hosted by people and change experts Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther, founders of Abbracci Group.  The show has charted #1 in self-improvement, #1 in education, and #7 in all podcasts. Abbracci Group is a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them on The Breakout as
13/09/202332 minutes 13 seconds
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Mindset Measurement: Dr. Brian Davidson Takes a Snapshot of Your Mind – Part One

Brian Davidson is a psychologist and leadership expert who has always been fascinated by what drives successful people, and whether these same qualities can be taught to everyone. After years of research, he developed MindVue, an assessment tool and learning platform that first measures your mindset and then helps you improve it. But when he began to assess a range of individuals, from high-ranking military personnel to prison inmates, Brian learned some surprising things about success. On this episode, we dive deep into the assessment tool and what those mindset scores really mean for success and failure. And Brian shares some extraordinary stories that his work has revealed, and how it has changed, and even saved people’s lives.The Breakout is the hit podcast hosted by people and change experts Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther.  The show has charted #1 in self-improvement, #1 in education, and #7 in all podcasts. Keri and Kelly are the founders of Abbracc
30/08/202332 minutes 29 seconds
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Becoming Brave: Building Women Up, with Jennifer Pestikas

“When we start our corporate careers, no one gives us any tools on how to enter the working world as a female. And I'm coming back in my mid-forties to say, here's some of the resources I wish I would've had”.  Jennifer Pestikas is a senior VP in financial services, but after battling burnout she realized how many other women also struggle with balance, and being able to thrive in their careers. That’s when she established Brave Women at Work, where she’s made it her mission to help women navigate their careers  and get what they want from their jobs.On this episode, Jen shares what inspired her to start Brave Women at Work, and explains why so many women battle imposter syndrome, or have trouble growing in their careers, and asking for what they deserve. She also explains why we need a new word for quitting.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of Abbracci Group,
16/08/202332 minutes 38 seconds
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Small Straws, Big Burdens: How Microstressors Derail Us, with Rob Cross

Rob Cross’s latest book was supposed to be about how relationships have a positive effect on people’s well-being. But during one interview, he ended up discovering something else. When Rob asked his subject what had stopped her from doing what she wanted in life, she’d answered “just life, I guess”. And Rob realized it wasn't the big stressors, like a health scare or a nasty boss that derails people, rather “it’s an accumulation of small that it creeps up, week to week, month to month.”On this episode, Rob explains the micro stress effect, those tiny stresses that hit you dozens of times a day and can take a huge toll, affecting everything from your health to your life path. And Rob also shares what his research revealed about the 10% of highly successful people who are unaffected by micro stressors.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consu
02/08/202330 minutes 44 seconds
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Lost in Translation: Breaking Out of a Culture Clash, with Janet Livingstone

“It's so beautiful to meet other people and work with them, because then we can see our own society with so much more clarity and perspective”. Janet Livingstone has a unique perspective on the bubbles we all inhabit. After decades living and working throughout Europe and Africa, she’s learned a thing or two about how our cultural expectations get in the way of understanding each other, and ourselves.On this episode, Janet talks about her work as an intercultural competency coach, and the how she helps her clients break through communication barriers, and learn about our own embedded cultural expectations in the process.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and insights from change experts, and dive into the stories of people who have
19/07/202329 minutes 56 seconds
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Fear-Free: How Grief Inspired Courageous Living, with Clint Hatton

“I looked at the way Gabriel lived and, and he just didn't allow fear to get in the way of anything he wanted to do”. Clint Hatton’s son Gabriel was a bold kid who embraced life completely. So when he died in a plane crash at only 17 years old, Clint made a choice to honor his son by living fearlessly, and helping others do the same. On this episode, Clint tells about his devastating loss and how he created Big Bold Brave, a personal coaching company aimed at helping people move beyond fear to find the life they really want.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and insights from change experts, and dive into the stories of people who have busted out of life’s stifling boxes and shifted their lives into bold new territory.<stron
05/07/202329 minutes 4 seconds
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Weathering the Storms: Following a Path to Grit and Resilience, with Danielle Cobo

A hurricane, premature twins, gallstones, a husband deployed to Iraq, a toxic workplace, and terrible grief; these are just some of the incredible stressors that Danielle Cobo has tackled in the past few years. But as difficult as all this was, it led to Danielle leaving her sales job, and following her passion. Today, Danielle is a change management, leadership development, and burnout prevention consultant, and she uses her own difficult experiences to help others develop grit, resilience and courage to thrive in the workplace.On this episode, Danielle takes us through her process for conquering self-doubt, identifying burnout, and following your purpose. And you'll hear about the many unbelievable curve balls she's been thrown and how she's managed them all.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getti
21/06/202329 minutes 51 seconds
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Love and Loss: Finding Meaning in Grief, with Kim Sorrelle

In 2009, Kim Sorrelle was diagnosed with breast cancer. If that wasn’t devastating enough, four months later, her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and passed away six weeks later.  In that extraordinarily difficult time, Kim did something surprising: she decided she needed to embrace her own life even more, and went looking for the meaning of love.On this episode, we dig into Kim's year-long quest to find out what love really is. We'll hear about her incredible adventure, and what she discovered about how our understanding of love affects how we experience everything in our lives.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and insights from change experts, and dive into the stories of people who have busted out of life’s stifling boxes
07/06/202330 minutes 58 seconds
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Career Reinvention: From Job Loss to Job Love, with Liz Alterman

Liz Alterman was at a comfortable place in life. She and her husband were enjoying solid jobs in their respective careers, supporting their three children, and paying their mortgage. And then just before the holidays, her husband was laid off from a job he’d had for 18 years. Six weeks later, so was Liz. That’s when she was forced to face a crossroads of her life and future.On this episode, Liz shares the inspiring story of how she realized there is no ‘right time’ to pursue your dreams, and how she finally bit the bullet and became a full-time author. Liz takes us through her reinvention, and the humbling experiences she encountered along the way that brought her to writing the hilarious, honest, and relatable memoir, Sad Sacked that launched her novel-writing career. Four fantastic books later, Liz has never looked back. The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and
24/05/202327 minutes 8 seconds
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From Struggle to Strength: Overcoming Mental Health Challenges with Tyler Nehila

“I didn’t want to be a statistic”, says Tyler Nehila, “I just kept trying to chase that improvement and that brought me to where I am now”. Diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder in his teens. Tyler struggled for years to find his way. Now with the launch of his clothing company, Self Conquered Apparel, Tyler is starting a new conversation about mental health.May is Mental Health Awareness month, so we’re kicking off the month with Tyler’s story about how pushing his limits with marathons and other physical challenges has helped him take control of mental illness, and how he's helping others do the same.  The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and insights from change experts, and dive into the stories of people who have
10/05/202326 minutes 13 seconds
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Finances Without Fear: Transforming Your Relationship with Money, with Beth Dana

After years of working in the financial industry, Beth Dana began to notice something interesting. Despite the fact that money touches every aspect of our lives, many people have a limited understanding of our financial systems. Not only that, but those systems are rooted in a highly masculine, acquisition-focused mindset that is unhealthy in so many ways. Beth decided to challenge that paradigm.On this episode, Beth tells us how she created a teaching system and nonprofit organization called Wellth Living that embraces a more holistic approach to money. We dive into her big vision to shift people's relationship with money and help them connect with how they really want to live.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and in
26/04/202325 minutes 44 seconds
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The Comeback Kid: No Compromises, No Limitations (not even cancer) with Fitz Koehler

Fitz Koehler is a passionate fitness innovator, speaker, and author who's devoted her life to health and wellness. But when she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 2019, her dynamic career as a motivational force was really put to the test. On this episode, Fitz talks about the many breakouts she's had, from calling out the diet industry, to finding strength and resilience during her harrowing 16 months of cancer treatments. Her books My Noisy Cancer Comeback, and Your Healthy Cancer Comeback are game-changing resources for recovering from cancer, and her no BS approach to overcoming obstacles has helped hundreds of thousands of people live healthier, happier lives.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and i
12/04/202331 minutes 14 seconds
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The New Art of Ideas: Busting Creativity Myths with Robin Landa

“As children, most of us are creative”, says Professor, Author and Designer, Robin Landa, “but somewhere along the line, we start to believe that we’re not”. A range of societal perspectives have led to a narrow view of what creativity really means, and who we define as creative. In her latest book, The New Art of Ideas, Robin sets the record straight. On this episode, Robin talks about her book and her many years teaching students how to generate ideas worth pursuing. She shares what makes us creative, why simple brainstorming doesn’t work for everyone, and explains her groundbreaking new framework for generating ideas.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and insights from change experts, and dive into the stor
29/03/202329 minutes 6 seconds
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Rewriting Your Story: Taking Control of Midlife with Lucie Quigley

Five years ago, Lucie Quigley’s world was changing. Just as her son was leaving home to go to university, Lucie confronted an intense emotional crisis and survived what she calls her darkest day. To turn things around, Lucie had to ask some critical questions about who she really is.This is the third and final instalment of a three-episode run about different aspects of motherhood on The Breakout. On this episode, Lucie talks about being a midlife mom and the identity crisis that came with that. She shares the story of her darkest day and the expectations around being a woman and a mother that led her there. Lucie also talks about reinventing herself through a unique approach to journaling, and the amazing new places that this practice has taken her.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of The Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting f
15/03/202327 minutes 26 seconds
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What You Think You Know: Inside an Abortion Clinic with Patrice D’Amato

During her 40 years as a nurse, Patrice D’Amato has seen a lot of things, but it was her years spent providing abortion care that had the biggest impact on her. She’s never thought of herself as an activist, but as the polarizing debate about abortion raged on, Patrice realized that the real problem is our perception. So she decided to do something about that.This is the second installment of a three-episode run that will explore different aspects of motherhood on The Breakout. In this episode, Patrice tells us about the fascinating book she wrote to try and shift perspectives on abortion. Her book The View from the Clinic takes us inside the clinic to challenge what we think we know about the issue, show us who is actually getting abortions (spoiler: it's mostly women who are already mothers), and shine a light on what our beliefs about abortion are really built on.The Breakout is hosted by people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlric
01/03/202330 minutes 57 seconds
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Saying Yes: Meirav Zur on the Power of Storytelling

“This was a very big, well-constructed, covert military spy operation that we were on. I didn’t want anyone to talk about it”. That’s how Meirav Zur felt about her long, painful journey through fertility treatments. She’s an actor and writer who makes a living being open and vulnerable on stage, but for almost a decade, Meirav insisted that she and her husband keep this part of their lives top secret. Until one day, something shifted, and Meirav found a beautiful way to get past her silence. This episode kicks off a three-episode run that will explore different aspects of motherhood on The Breakout. In this first part of the series, we hear how the pressure of expectations around family planning kept Meirav from sharing her experiences with even her closest friends, and what made her finally let it all out. We’ll also hear about the extraordinary way she shared that story, and the amazing impact it continues to have on hundreds of people. Plus, we’ll learn
15/02/202328 minutes 37 seconds
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Lessons From a Crash: Will Samson on Rebooting Your Life

Will Samson is a successful C-Suite coach and social scientist but three years ago he had what he could only describe as “a life crash”. On this episode of The Breakout, Will shares what happened, the ways it reshaped his life, and how it formed his mission to disrupt the self-help industry. It’s an extraordinary Breakout story of rebooting your life and embracing how much we depend on each other to thrive.The Breakout is hosted by HR and talent specialists, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. Keri and Kelly are founders of Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. Join them as they get advice and insights from change experts, and dive into the stories of people who have busted out of life’s stifling boxes and shifted their lives into bold new territory.Connect with Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly GuentherThe Breakout
01/02/202328 minutes 34 seconds
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Introducing The Breakout

Join people and change experts, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther on The Breakout, as they get advice and insights from change experts, and dive into the stories of people who have busted out of life’s stifling boxes and shifted their lives into bold new territory. Because when you can’t stay in a box any longer, Kelly and Keri are here to help you breakout.Connect with Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly GuentherThe Breakout on Twitter Breakout on Instagram Group website<a href="http
18/01/20232 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep 75: Valerie Paris reCHARGED (rebroadcast)

You may have heard that we’re changing things up. It’s true: we’re retiring ReCHARGE Your Life and dropping a brand new show very soon! In the meantime, we’re looking back on one of our favorite episodes from 2021: a beautiful and important story from our guest, Valerie Paris.Summary:Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Valerie Paris shares with us her favorite book on ideas. How they move through the universe, how they visit you and how they leave you. Profound words on the concept of ideas. And that is just the beginning of our conversation with Valerie. Valerie discusses her decision to transition two years ago. Her transition began when she asked herself the question: If you could live your life how you want to, and you could do anything, what would that look like? And she realized that she would be happier if she transitioned to a woman. She shares her story and, in particular, her fear that she would be fired when she told h
04/01/202341 minutes 3 seconds
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Ep74: Happy Holidays! Our Podcast ReCHARGED

As things wrap up for the end of 2022, Kelly and Keri share a short and sweet holiday message…and an exciting announcement. Listen to find out more, and see you back here in January!Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter at subscribe, leave a review and tell your friends about our podcast. Learn more about the CHARGE® model by purchasing the book, The Way of the HR Warrior. Let us know about the moments for you that changed your life trajectory. Drop us a note via our website.
21/12/20223 minutes 36 seconds
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Ep73: Michael Harris reCHARGED

"Are you ready?"This is the question that changed Michael Harris' life forever. After multiple injuries, a near-death experience, he made the decision to have one final drink after years of sobriety - which nearly cost him his life. After waking up from a coma, the first question he was asked by his friend Jim was, "Are you ready?" From that moment on, Michael committed to living a life of sobriety and to always choose life. Michael Harris is the author of the #1 bestselling book, Falling Down Getting Up.  He is a dynamic business coach, lifelong entrepreneur, yoga teacher and co-founder of Endless Stages - a company dedicated to help motivated authors, speakers and experts get their voice, message and story out to the world. Over the years, he’s dived into photography, real estate, option trading, coaching and yoga. Michael struggled and healed himself from chronic health conditions and is grateful that he's been able to take his personal challenges and help
07/12/202236 minutes 36 seconds
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Ep72: John Latta reCHARGED

What do you do when you want to expand your thinking? Here's John Latta's go to's: 1) Meditation. 2) Ask for a dream. 3)  Jump in the car and go for a long drive on a lonely stretch of road, and 4) Cut the grass on his riding mower!John Latta is a mystic, author, teacher, and former founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar consumer products company. He shares intimate and personal stories and teaches workshops on leadership, healing, transformation, awakening, love, synchronicity, and wisdom that unite and expand the human experience. He lives with his wife, Wendy, in Redmond, Washington.Connect with John to learn more about him and his background: Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:
23/11/202238 minutes 6 seconds
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Ep71: Dr. Debi Silber reCHARGED

Betrayal is the ultimate violation of trust. Dr. Debi Silber was a victim of betrayal--first by her family and then later by her husband. Fortunately, Dr. Debi took her experience and found a purpose - to obtain her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology (human potential and psychology) to ultimately study betrayal and what holds us back. The energy with which she speaks about this topic is palpable and the results of her studies will leave you wanting to learn more about the importance of moving through and past betrayal.  Dr. Debi Silber is the founder of the PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute and is a holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert, the author of Trust Again, and is a 2-time #1 International bestselling author of: The Unshakable Woman AND From Hardened to Healed. Her podcast: From Betrayal to Breakthrough is also globally ranked within the top 1.5% of podcasts. Her
09/11/202239 minutes 32 seconds
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Ep70: Stopher Cavins reCHARGED

Stopher Cavins spent so much of his life in a “me bubble”. Situations that occurred during his childhood presented him with challenges which he dealt with by going into survival mode. Unfortunately, he would remain in that defensive survival mode for the next 30 plus years, which presented a real challenge to those trying to get close to him.Throughout his 20’s and 30’s, he didn’t seek answers from within. While he liked the idea of spirituality, he would never make time to connect spiritually. His time was spent protecting his “me bubble”. Ego was fully engaged, enabled, and empowered. For Stopher, this way of life was getting the job done. His fully empowered ego was protecting him from experiencing the pain and heartache that he experienced in his childhood. The flip side was that he was extremely unfulfilled and always disappointed with where he was in life. As he entered his 40’s, things changed for him. The universe was tired of hearing him complain about
26/10/202240 minutes 43 seconds
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Ep69: Ben Albert reCHARGED

The power of subtraction. For many of us, we're looking to add a new routine, new app, new practice to our day. For Ben Albert, He became oversaturated with tools and techniques. Ben decided that what was most important was to remove one less thing. He needed to subtract. By doing this, he gained the clarity he needed to make the decisions necessary to improve his life and inspire others to consider doing the same.When Covid hit, Ben Albert was furloughed from work. He found himself down and out, staring at an empty handle of Jim Beam Whiskey. He was unemployed, depressed, and felt unworthy.Hesitantly, he opened his MacBook and started reaching out to strangers on Linkedin. This spearheaded his entrepreneurial journey.  The rest is history. Now Ben hosts a network of 5 podcasts called “Real Business Connections,” he runs a massively successful marketing firm, Balbert Marketing, and has replaced his established sales income in just over a year. Ben found
12/10/202233 minutes 29 seconds
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Ep68: Brad Carlson reCHARGED

"What we choose to be, we become." For Brad Carlson, the journey to self-awareness, fitness, and coaching others to be the best version of themselves started from realizing that he was not the best version of himself. Brad shares how, in 2013 sitting alone his own dog, "Lucky", looked at him in disbelief at who he had become.  Unhappy, overweight and alone. It was in that moment that Brad shares his brave journey to not only live the best version of his life, but to help others embark on their best lives as well.Brad Carlson is a certified health coach, spiritual practitioner, author and speaker. He guides others on a journey of self-discovery into becoming fit, happy and healthy based on what works for them and their own interpretations of being fit, happy and healthy. He is also the creator of the MindStrong mindset training and audio programs for developing the mindset you need to become a better version of yourself.He has coached hundreds of student athletes and d
28/09/202236 minutes 35 seconds
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Ep67: Christian de la Huerta reCHARGED

Fun fact  - did you know that 99% of the atoms found in the stars are the same atoms made in our bodies? Christian de la Huerta shared the book, The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme, PhD, as a source he goes to when he wants to expand his thinking as it focuses on cosmic generosity. From living a life that was enviable, within a 9 month period, Christian quit his job, sold his car and condo, gave away most of his belongings and decided to embark on his spiritual journey. The risk was high, the reward - living a fulfilling life and providing others the path to helping them live theirs.With 30 years of experience, Christian de la Huerta is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community. He has traveled the world offering inspiring and transformational retreats combining psychological and spiritual teachings with lasting and life-changing effects. An award-winning, critically acclaimed author, he has spoke
14/09/202239 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep66: Kevin Palmieri reCHARGED

What is something I can do today that I thought was impossible 5 years ago? This is the question that Kevin Palmieri asks himself to gauge his progress and just how far he's come.  At the age of 26, Kevin "had it all." A six-figure income, friends, and a career. Yet he wasn't fulfilled. Anxiety had become a constant. Kevin shares the morning he contemplated taking his life--the feeling of having 10 TV sets on in his head--each one sending a different message. Thankfully, Kevin picked up the phone, called his friend (now business partner) Alan, for help and he joins us to share his incredibly powerful story of courage, humility and self-awareness.Kevin Palmieri is the founder and co-host of the Next Level University podcast. Early in his life, Kevin found “success”, but after a brush with suicide he realized he wasn’t living a life he truly wanted. He became passionate about self-improvement and decided to make it his purpose in life to impact as many people as possible by be
31/08/202236 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep65: Paul Henderson reCHARGED

For many, a trip to the grocery store is a mundane activity. For Paul Henderson, he takes advantage of the time and listens to his favorite podcast, Secret of Success! Paul's love of learning is apparent throughout our episode and his passion for growth is contagious!Paul is a Dean of Students, sports chaplain, author, and motivational speaker. He is a former track and field athlete at Virginia Commonwealth University. Paul blogs at Fatherhood on the Fly, where his slogan is, “We’re learning, we’re growing, and we’re getting better one day at a time.” He uses a combination of encouragement and humor from daily experiences with his boys to inspire dads from different backgrounds to embrace the journey of fatherhood and all that comes with it.Paul’s first book, Slave No More: Conquering the Master Within, was released January 4, 2022.  Paul is married to Kierra, and they have four sons, PJ, Joey, David, and Noah.Connect with Paul to learn
17/08/202238 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep64: Valeria Elliott reCHARGED

If we had to describe the theme of this podcast in one word, it would "gratitude." Valeria Elliott starts our episode by sharing with us the inspiration she finds through the Bible and the PBS show Finding Your Roots. The idea of understanding the journey that others before her have taken reminds her to be kind, to love and to always be present.Better known as “Ms. V The Storyteller,” Valeria Elliot lost her voice at the age of six and didn't get it back until she was twenty-three. As a result, she started sharing her personal stories and decided to turn them into a podcast. Her stories are personal, and she uses them as a tool to help others. Valeria believes that stories can educate, heal, free, and propel people into making new and better choices.Connect with Valeria to learn more about her and her background: Website: Facebook: <a href="https:
03/08/202239 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep63: Ann Hince reCHARGED

From her days of being a software engineer to devoting her life to practicing and sharing with the world the profound impact the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has had on her ability to open her subconscious mind and become aware of herself at a deeper level, Ann Hince shares the transformation she has made and the ways in which others can go about making theirs as well!When Ann Hince was 19, she woke one morning to discover her mother dead in her bathroom. Twenty years later the tears from that trauma were still just under the surface. Ann found a simple technique that helped her release these emotions - but she went further and can now put her awareness inside her body - and has changed the bone structure of her skull and grown ½ an inch at age 55. Ann has found that the key to inner peace is to seek out our truth, what we truly feel, and to accept those feelings. Connect with Ann to learn more about her and her background: Website: <a
20/07/202236 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep62: Tom Glaser reCHARGED

Tom Glaser had his dream job - a career he felt was made just for him! For 7 years, he enjoyed doing individual psychotherapy and teaching wellness promotion classes and he believed he was going to retire doing the work that fulfilled him. Unfortunately, a toxic co-worker dashed his hopes and despite his best efforts and nearly 2 years of futile attempts to make the situation better, Tom's husband told him, "Stop, you can’t do this anymore – this is making you miserable.” It was at that moment that Tom realized he needed to make a change. Tom credits his connection with himself, with others, with his passions as well as being in service to others for the decision he made to change careers and create the career of his dreams.  A Licensed Psychologist and life coach with over 35 years of experience, Tom Glaser is also a bestselling author and yoga instructor. His book, Full Heart Living: Co
06/07/202239 minutes
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Ep61: Joy Sybesma reCHARGED

Are you the kind of person who lights another person's candle? Or are you a "candle blower outer"? Our guest, Joy Sybesma, shares a recent Instagram post she saw from Brene Brown that spoke to the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who protect our light...and with whom we choose to protect the lights of our friends! This is one of many powerful messages Joy shares with us on her journey to become a coach and create her own business...on her own terms.Joy Sybesma is the Founder &amp; CEO of ScaleJOY, where she helps companies in hyper-growth in building customized solutions to scale their culture, from designing &amp; delivering management development programs, to coaching CPOs, to advising first time managers, to training companies to teach the programs autonomously! Since founding ScaleJOY, Joy has supported 40 companies as an offsite facilitator, custom leadership program architect, fractional CPO, Coach and Advisor. Joy has over 15 years of experience
22/06/202240 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep60: Kiran Robinson reCHARGED

Kiran Robinson's story of innovation, perseverance and determination led her to her passion around hospitality and giving everyone the best experience possible. As an entrepreneur and a professional chef she shares her journey from Hong Kong to becoming the first female chef at a major hospital system in California, leading...designing and leading a kitchen from the ground up! Kiran's exploration of service, which has now led her to Luxembourg, is powerful and moving.Kiran Robinson has dedicated her career to perfecting the art of service. She has served as a culinarian, concept designer and service curator on three different continents. As a chef, Kiran launched her own catering, consultancy, and concept design business in Hong Kong. Her accomplishments include developing her own line of specialty foods and branding under her label ‘Tazah’, projects with 5-star hotels and some of the leading chefs in the Asian region.Kiran pivoted from entrepreneur to professi
08/06/202246 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep59: Jackie Simmons reCHARGED

The journey Jackie Simmons took to become a coach is one uniquely her own. A profound difference in how she approaches engaging with her clients is by working with them on aligning who they are and how they best interact with the world themselves so they can create their village of people to best support them. Amazing! Her passion extends beyond that of helping others harness their potential, it also extends to helping people figure out how to live. Jackie shares with us the story of her daughter, Stephanie, who attempted to take her life 14 times. It was because of the struggles her daughter faced that Jackie, along with her daughters, decided to create the non-profit, Teen Suicide Prevention Society, to prevent teen suicide. As Jackie shared, "We've learned that people don't attempt to take their own lives because they're trying to die. They attempt to take their own lives because they haven't figured out how to live." May is Mental Health Month and we are honored to share
25/05/202240 minutes 45 seconds
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Ep58: Rusty Gaillard reCHARGED

Leaving a successful job at Apple to pursue his dream of coaching, Rusty Gaillard starts by sharing some sage advice, which is to, rather than constantly pushing ourselves, to instead allow ourselves 10 minutes to do nothing. He explains that this exercise has opened his creativity and afforded him the opportunity to open himself up to his best ideas!  Former Worldwide Director of Finance at Apple, Rusty Gaillard followed a traditional corporate path to success - from GE under Jack Welch, an MBA at Stanford, to 13 years at Apple.  He left the corporate world in 2019 when his external success no longer felt like personal success. Rusty now works as a coach for small business owners and executives looking for more success without more sacrifice.Rusty lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and 15-yr old son. He is a best-selling author, speaker, musician, and spends as much time as possible outside.Connect with Rusty to learn more about him and his background:
11/05/202235 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep57: Jennifer Alemany reCHARGED

Jennifer Alemany shares the journey that gave her the courage to speak her truth about the pain of losing her significant other. She speaks openly about her grieving process and "being okay with not being okay." She details how she's found her way through her expression of love, loss, and looking at life differently through her memoir, Mark My Love. Jennifer Alemany was born in Brooklyn, New York. Jennifer is Latin American with a background from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba. She was the first to graduate from college in her family with an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from SUNY Cobleskill and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College. After losing the love of her life two and half years ago, she began to transform her life through loss and her first book, Mark My Love, was born. Optimal wellness is also important to Jennifer, who has been practicing yoga 13 years. Jennifer is a Reiki Master, a spiritualist and h
27/04/202229 minutes 16 seconds
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Ep56: Emily Sander reCHARGED

Emily Sander took the time during COVID to write her book and help others become better leaders. And you might think that the decision that changed her life, but you would be wrong. Emily shares her deeply personal story on being adopted from South Korea when she was 5 ½ months old. That marks the situation that changed the trajectory of her life.She talks about her wonderful parents who helped her during difficult times (aka kids being mean!). Emily's great advice is to rest your mind in gratitude and change up your surroundings!  Emily has spent more than fifteen years in the business world, but when she realized that her favorite role was mentoring leaders, she decided to pursue coaching. As a C-Suite Executive and ICF-Certified coach, she combines her experience and proven insights with a keen ability to understand each client’s unique personality and situation. She is the author of the book, <a href="
13/04/202235 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep55: Erica Kaufman reCHARGED

Many health benefits are derived from running, but Erica Kaufman had emotional benefits as well. She took up the challenge of a half-marathon and while training she had a breakthrough. She needed to rebalance her life. Erica made major life changes to her marriage, her career and they way she interacted with her children. Her advice for others: Constantly re-evaluate what is important to you and be open to new paths and options that come your way. Sometimes the path you have laid out needs to change! Erica  is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, leader, colleague and more. Her three children are 13, 10 and 9, and her step-daughter is 4. She and her husband divide time between their homes in Pennsylvania and Virginia. She enjoys traveling, cooking for her family and guests, and running. She has always been drawn to the water, where she swims, kayaks, paddleboards and always looks to advance her surfing skills. Additionally, Erica translates business strateg
30/03/202237 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep54: Dr. Denise Moore Revel reCHARGED

Dr. Denise Moore Revel is on a mission to help people find their voice and we are all in for that movement! She shares her personal story of why this is incredibly important to her and why she wants to help others. Dr. Denise tell us about her "a-ha" moment when a person she just met the night before diagnosed her unhappiness at a conference in front of a group of people. She continues to help our audience by providing her excellent advice on finding your voice, making a decision and taking action. Dr. Denise is a CEO, founder, award-nominated-best-selling author, speaker, and personal development and business coach. As a speech-language pathologist, her job has been to help her clients discover their voices. A job she has enjoyed for the past 25 years.Dr. Denise founded “The Own Your Amazing Movement”, a personal development company, as an extension of her passion of empowering clients to find their voices. The “Own Your Amazing Movement” focuses on women who
16/03/202240 minutes 1 second
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Ep53: Scott Jeffrey Miller reCHARGED

Scott Jeffery Miller has energy and advice for days! Scott starts off our fast paced conversation about finding your core values and having a personal board of directors. And this is all before we ask him the big question!The decision that changed the trajectory of his life is his marriage later in life to his wife, Stephanie. Not only did he have three beautiful sons but also he learned more about himself, gained self-awareness and achieved even more in his career. Scott discusses how vulnerability is a key to his success and how he had to learn this at an early age as he had a severe stutter. You don’t want to miss all the amazing coaching moments with Scott! Capping a 25-year career where he served as a chief marketing officer and executive vice president of business development, Scott currently serves as FranklinCovey’s senior advisor on thought leadership, leading the strategy and development of the firm’s speaker’s bureau, as well as the publication of pod
02/03/202244 minutes 13 seconds
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Ep52: Natasha Bowman reCHARGED

From being told at the age of 11 that she has six months to live, to attempting suicide one year ago, Natasha Bowman embodies a courageous spirit. She has been a fighter, advocate for better workplaces, and now a superhero for mental health awareness. We are honored that Natasha shared her story with us. She discusses the highs of writing a vulnerable post on LinkedIn about her mental health issues to the lows of family members not speaking to her because of said post. Through all of that, Natasha is helping companies and individuals de-stigmatize mental health and shining her bright light on these issues. For nearly 20 years, Natasha  has labored to transform the American workplace from the inside out. As a champion for employees, she’s worked with a broad range of organizations as a C-suite HR executive to create an engaging environment in which employees are respected, genuine leaders are cultivated, and top performance is achieved. Natasha is a modern-day pioneer o
16/02/202234 minutes 23 seconds
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Ep51: Kimberly Bell reCHARGED

Kimberly Bell is on a mission to help others discover themselves and live transparent lives. She has been through many trials in her early life. She's a survivor and wanted to share her story with others. In her new book, Kimberly speaks her truth regarding her traumas. While, it wasn't easy to write the book or share her stories, Kimberly wants others to not have shame associated with their stories and know that others are out there to help you. You don’t want to miss Kimberly’s story! Kimberly is a native of Salisbury, MD. She holds two degrees: One in Human Growth and Development, which is in the field of Psychology, and the other in Theology. She has served on the Ministerial Staff at St. James A.M.E Zion Church and completed 4 years of Conference Studies.  She is a passionate speaker, minister and author of The Epitome of Kimmy: Accept &amp; Embrace It All. Through her work, she us
02/02/202238 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep50: Alli Trussell reCHARGED

Alli Trussel loves being surrounded by smart humans and her mentors…and, she also likes being around people in a white van. You need to take a listen to that story!  Alli was in theater in NYC and moving around in her jobs. She was a personal assistant and had a crisis of consciousness. She discussed the issue with her manager and after realizing the company did not match her values, she quit. She knew if she didn’t, the job would crush her emotionally. But then, what was she going to do? She took a job that she never thought she would have or want..corporate! Alli is now thriving in her new career. She talks about knowing yourself and your values. These guide you as you make decisions. She speaks highly of her mentors and now she can mentor others. You don’t want to miss Alli’s fun and insightful story!Alli is Chief of Staff at Wunderkind, one of the fastest-growing SaaS and Marketing companies in the United States. With proven experience in people management,
19/01/202240 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep49: Glenn Danas reCHARGED

Warning: We swear a bit in this episode. You will not want to miss our first episode of 2022. Glenn Danas shares with us his story on reCHARGING his life when he became sober in 2005. Leading up to that crossroads, he lost his relationship with his significant other, lost his job at a prominent law firm, was broke, and had no relationship with his family. All of this occurred during a short window of time and his desperation and pain led him to do something about it. His recovery took over 9 months. As he said, he was lucky that he didn’t need to go back to anything. This gave him the freedom to tell himself “Okay, I am here to do what I need to do, even if it takes a while”. He pulled on his humility to learn from others on recovery and resiliency to bounce back. Glenn gives us his insights on why “you are the problem” and words of wisdom for families who have relatives or friends who are struggling with addiction. An inspirational story for the new year. <
05/01/202234 minutes 4 seconds
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Ep48: Andrew Davie reCHARGED

Imagine just turning 40 and having a ruptured brain aneurism. As you are recovering, COVID hits and you move back home with your parents. This was Andrew Davie’s life and his story of recovery, re-examining his life and starting a new chapter is one you don’t want to miss (it will warm your heart during this holiday season!). Before the aneurysm, Andrew was focused on teaching and writing. However, with the brain trauma and later, COVID, he had time to reflect and discover what would motivate him. He wanted to change his goals to live a more fulfilling life. In 2022, he will go back to school for a clinical mental health counseling program. Through his unique perspective, Andrew is poised to help people who have suffered trauma in their lives.What are the keys to managing through trauma? Resilience, being uncomfortable with uncertainty and taking risks. He is motivated to help others and knows even when he has a bad day, he will be helping others. He knows he is “playi
22/12/202139 minutes 46 seconds
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Ep47: Sam Thiara reCHARGED

Listening to Sam Thiara is just what you need as we wrap up 2021. Sam asks the tough “why” questions of himself and others. He asks these questions in a caring and empathic manner because he wants everyone to understand themselves and realize their dreams. Sam tells us about his decision to change up his career when he knew he was wearing a suit (aka career) that didn’t fit. He wanted to understand who he was and what would make him truly happy in his career. Not only has he helped himself but also his talks, blogs and just overall amazing personality has helped thousands of people figure out their 5 Core Elements. These Core Elements help them find the career that ignites their passion and drive. Sam’s interview is full of wonderful wisdom and advice. You don’t want to miss hearing about his journey as he was rejected over 80 times upon graduating and took a job as a janitor. He also tells us about his CARE model…Take a listen!Sam is a professional who has crea
08/12/202138 minutes 49 seconds
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Ep46: Tom Nehila reCHARGED

Celebrate National Gratitude Month and Thanksgiving with Tom Nehila. Tom shares his deeply personal story about his divorce and how it changed his life. Tom grew up on the East Coast with a focus on sports, competition and business. His mind was the most important, not his heart. He had the successful career, a wife and three sons, his life seemed “perfect”, but then he and his wife divorced. During this tumultuous time, Tom learned to listen to his heart. He asked himself how he wanted to show up for his family and friends. The answer? He wanted to be an active participant in their lives. He needed to deeply listen to them, be there for them and spend time with them. Tom offers advice to those who are going through a divorce as well as to those who are getting married. Overall, life is too darn short to not make time for friends and family. You don’t want to miss his heartfelt and vulnerable conversation. As CFO of The Global Trust Project, Tom Nehila i
24/11/202138 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep45: Eileen Tarjan reCHARGED

Eileen Tarjan starts off explaining the need to tend to our inner child and why it is difficult for people to bring their whole selves to work. This premise propels her to help people be seen and heard. Why is that her work?  Eileen tells us the decision that changed her life. First, the decision was made for her: she was laid off from her corporate HR position. That night, she had the best night’s sleep! She woke up and realized that she needed do her own thing.  She needed to be herself! But really the decision that significantly changed her life was being sober for being 25 years. It is a fact that she didn’t talk about until last year. She was hiding her whole self. Eileen shares her incredibly personal story on how she became sober after witnessing the murder of her significant other. When she started in HR, she hid that story and became a “corporate” person and created a dual persona.  She was unhappy for over 10 years and being laid off was her gift. She now is
10/11/202145 minutes 4 seconds
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Ep44: Gavin Doyle reCHARGED

Gavin Doyle started his own business at 13 years old. Yep, you read that right! He fell in love with Disney at 4 years old (when it wasn’t crowded BTW). He decided to take his passion and create a website which turned into a business and a book. This entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age with lemonade stands and selling wrapping paper. Following his passion at 13 changed his life and propelled him into the media and the best-seller’s list. Gavin’s advice for others is to create those meaningful connections with others and understanding and build your audience. Oh and he gives some great Disney advice! We couldn’t let him leave without it!Gavin Doyle has been a Disneyland enthusiast since his first visit at the age of four. His first memory of Disneyland is visiting on a rainy day where the park was joyously empty. The pure bliss of walking onto any ride with no line fed his initial love for Disneyland. This love developed over the years as he began to apprecia
27/10/202138 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep43: Tricia Manning reCHARGED

Tricia Manning had us at “I love the CHARGE model”. But back to Tricia! After 25 years in corporate she had the hallmarks of success: office, promotion, salary. One day she scheduled appointments for her husband to go for a health screen and she thought, “I might as well do it too.” While she was at the health screen, they told her she needed open heart surgery. What the heck?She talks about her health crisis and how that was her wake-up call. It pushed her to review her career and make the decision to start her own business. She used Courage, Humility and Resilience during this challenging time. Tricia needed courage to face her fears and start on her own (even when people were saying, “Why would you leave a good job?”) She needed humility as she was starting from scratch. Lastly, when making any big changes, she needed to be resilient! Now, she wants to help others when they are in the same types of situations. Tricia is a certified executive coach and has been a stu
13/10/202139 minutes 25 seconds
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Ep42: Phil Strazzulla reCHARGED

Phil Strazzulla starts off providing a few great ideas to help us focus on self care and make time for creativity. He continues to tell us the decision he made that changed the trajectory of his life: Middle school wrestling. Yep, you read that right! Trying out for a sport that he wasn’t good at and failing at it for a couple years changed his life. Phil tells us that he was a shy, skinny kid and he knew he wanted to boost his confidence and thought wrestling could help him. He wasn’t good at wrestling but also wasn’t a quitter so he pushed forward. Then Freshman year he started winning and he worked even harder. This confidence boost helped him throughout his career as well as his hard work. He reminds us that being resilient and working hard even when you may not think you have the talent or are told you have talent is one of the keys to success. We all need to work hard. His coaching to others: Think outside of yourself and be a third party especially durin
29/09/202137 minutes 53 seconds
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Ep41: Stephanie Hutchins, PhD reCHARGED

Stephanie M. Hutchins, PhD starts off our chat with one of her favorite mantras: “30 years of adventure rather than 100 years in the corner”. 100% yes!Stephanie shares her intensely personal story about her trauma and how it has shaped her life. She experienced trauma early on in her childhood and then, in her 20’s, she slipped into a dark hole after she found her significant other dead. She could barely get out of bed or shower. Through her mother's coaching and support Stephanie started to set small goals for herself, like get out of bed and take a shower. Those small goals led to her going to school, getting her PhD and starting her own coaching practice to help others recover from and thrive after trauma. She shares her insights and her advice: People have to want to change their story. You can start that path with small goals. And, be patient with yourself on your journey.Author of <a href="
15/09/202143 minutes 6 seconds
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Ep40 - Part One: Raymond Kemp, Sr. reCHARGED

Part One: You don’t want to miss this two-part episode with Raymond Kemp, Sr.! Why is it two parts? Well, at the 24:55 min mark, Raymond’s audio went out. Part 2 is filled with advice and insights into the current state of the Navy. Be sure to listen. In Part One, Raymond shares his story of walking into a Naval office to get his new assignment in the IT/technology department and the leader told him that he wouldn’t have “his type/n-word” working in computers. The leader placed all the Black sailors in the lower-level jobs. Raymond tells us how he managed through that time period. Yeah and BTW, Raymond retired after 33 years in the Navy, met many world leaders (including the Pope) and left as the most senior Black person in the Navy. His advice? Check out Part 2 of this podcast! Raymond is a highly experienced Senior Executive in Leadership and Human Resources. He is an accomplished, results-oriented, forward-thinking organizational consultant with over 1
01/09/202126 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep40 - Part Two: Raymond Kemp, Sr. reCHARGED

Part Two: All about advice! Raymond Kemp Sr. gives us his top tips: 1) Bias towards action 2) Embrace who you are, and 3) Enjoy the journey. He also suggests finding a mentor who believes in you, helps you gain momentum to help you reach your goals and tells you the truth! And, you will want to hear about the US President he has met who surprised him the most. He ends his interview with us with a discussion on the continued discrimination in the military. Raymond’s service is not over, as he now wants to inspire other leaders to do the right thing.  Raymond is a highly experienced Senior Executive in Leadership and Human Resources. He is an accomplished, results-oriented, forward-thinking organizational consultant with over 10 years of experience at the highest levels of the US Navy improving organizational strategies, increasing operational excellence, and boosting the performance of teams and employees in a variety of organizations. He represented the US Navy
01/09/202115 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep39: Jeff Breskin reCHARGED

We start with a scary stat: Jeff Breskin has seen more employee lawsuits in the past 36 months as compared to his 35 years in the industry in regards to workers’ compensation. He is the most passionate safety and workers’ compensation professional we have ever met. Period. He has had the passion all his life for working hard and helping people. It was a strong thread throughout his life and was instilled by him from his parents who immigrated to the US and met while they were in beauty school. Jeff remembers helping at the hair salon and that work has made him who he is today. And maybe be surrounded by all the smoking and aerosol hair spray made him want to get into safety! But it wasn’t all bad, he was able to meet Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett at his parents’ salon -- listen to the end to hear his story with Carol Burnett. His advice: Be resilient and mentor others. It is important to him to give back and be a coach to others. He wants the insurance industry to flo
18/08/202135 minutes 23 seconds
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Ep38: Allen Esrock reCHARGED

Looking for that perfect blend of humor, wit and reflection? Allen Esrock delivers! We talk about TikTok, cat videos and not looking at Allen Esrock’s internet history when he was running a tween girls’ networking site! Allen shares with us the moment he realized that running the family retail business was not for him. He had other dreams! Allen drove from St. Louis, MO to Los Angeles, CA to realize his goal of becoming a TV comedy writer--only to discover that he hated being in the writer’s room! Allen knew that he didn’t want the life that was laid out for him: A family-owned retail clothing business, a home in St. Louis, being a country club tennis doubles champion. He credits being in touch with his emotions and knowing that he needed to do something different. Rather than living with regret and saying, “I could have tried this or should have done that,"  Allen shares with us his mantra of “not wanting to live with regret” is a deep part of his soul and what ultimately gu
04/08/202134 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep37: Maggie Malone reCHARGED

Yep, we have an Olympian on our podcast! What timing! We could not be more thrilled to have Maggie Malone as our guest. She holds the American record in women’s javelin and will be heading to Tokyo representing the US in the 2021 Olympics! Just having her talk about how she trains and focuses would be enough, but we do more at reCHARGE Your Life:) Maggie shares her incredibly personal story on her struggles with mental health and the Olympic hangover that she managed after the 2016 Olympics. She had identity issues and needed to figure out how to bounce back and address the actual issues in her life. Maggie was vulnerable and reached out to friends and asked for help. She also shares her story on becoming a Christian and the importance that faith has in her life. Raised Catholic, Maggie didn’t have a relationship with Christ. She wanted to find that. Take a listen to Maggie’s story. You will feel inspired and proud to watch her in Tokyo!! Maggie is a Client Succ
21/07/202141 minutes 6 seconds
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Ep36: Haven Cockerham reCHARGED

Haven Cockerham already failed at retirement once. He lives on a golf course though he doesn't play golf! Why did he fail? He doesn’t have time. Haven is continuously pushing himself to learn new things, be surrounded by new thinking, soak up ideas from younger generations and living in a community that challenges his mind and provides beautiful mountain and ocean landscapes. Haven is a true change agent and a great storyteller. Haven tells us how he started in HR working with amazing mentors and Harvard professors. He blazed a trail in the automotive industry and showcased HR as a strategic, value-added business partner. As a young man, Haven had to decide if he would move away from North Carolina and take a job at GM in a very conservative Indiana. Not many in his family moved away but his mom said “you need to follow where ever the opportunity takes you”.  He did just that and has taken on challenges and risks during his career.  Throughout it all, he learned and sa
07/07/202146 minutes 37 seconds
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Ep35: Desmond Jefferson reCHARGED

How do we push ourselves out of our comfort zone? What does it mean to "pimp the system"? Desmond Jefferson explains all of this and tells us about the moment that changed his life. Desmond did the typical thing in college. He partied, he hung out too short, he didn’t take it seriously. One day after being placed on academic probation (which he never failed a class before), he had to make a crucial decision: is it me or is it them? He had to choose himself and put himself above his friends. He needed to put his needs first. Easier said than done, right?! Desmond showcased courage and humility during our episode by publicly sharing that he was on academic probation. He had not openly shared this part of his life before our episode. He was vulnerable and wants others to learn from his story. You can hit a down time and think it won’t get better, but it will. By the way, he focused on himself and was on the Dean’s list. His great advice: Find out what ma
23/06/202131 minutes 46 seconds
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Ep34: Dominic Toscanelli reCHARGED

A special Father’s Day podcast (and, nope, we didn’t plan it that way, but we are lucky that the stars aligned). We begin with Dominic Toscanelli sharing his love of data and spreadsheets. Don’t worry, there is more to the interview and a great book recommendation for new dads. When asked what changed his life, Dominic speaks from the heart on the sudden death of his father and how he had to reframe his life at just 19 years old. He shares his journey toward managing his grief, preserving his mental health and being open about his personal emotional work with his friends and family. He frames his advice to his almost 1 year old son, Leo, which is: When going through life, know that little ball of emotion inside you, pull it apart, and understand why you are feeling that way. Label those emotions. Great advice for all! Dominic is a father, husband, and friend who is more focused than ever on leaving life's tangibles and intangibles in a better state than he found
09/06/202141 minutes 11 seconds
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Ep33: Lyndal Larkin reCHARGED

Collecting experiences and living life. Lyndal Larkin is passionate about being true to these beliefs. She has a background in travel and hospitality, aviation, operations and learning and development. She was working in operations and participated in a training for managers and fell in love with learning and development and that changed her life. Throughout these changes, Lyndal has exposed herself to learning new experiences, utilizing her skills and knowledge and making an impact. She has an abundance of courage and humility that has helped her along the way.  She cultivated a community of support that provides her candor and honest input and advice. Her advice to others: Create the space and nurture your intuition. Her favorite quote from Mark Twain: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the ones you did do.  Lyndal is an Executive Coach, Leadership Advisor, Founder and Principal of Larkin Leadership. After 20+ yea
26/05/202137 minutes 34 seconds
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Ep32: Tonya McKenzie reCHARGED

You don’t want to miss Tonya McKenzie’s interview. Tonya has lived enough life for several books and hours of podcast content. Through it all, she has relied on her love of learning and laughter.Tonya talks about her passion around teaching others and leaving the world in a better place than she found it. She put her money where her mouth is and gave up her dream to take care of her sisters after their mom died. Throughout the trauma, she has learned to be more vulnerable, find common ground with people on opposite sides, and learn people’s stories. Her top advice: Be authentic. People will either be supportive of your brand or not, but they will know you for who you are. Does she have any regrets? No, as she sees everything she's experienced as lessons. Tonya is a seasoned Public Relations &amp; Leadership Professional with over 17 years of experience and management expertise in both the non-profit and private sector. As the owner of Sand &amp; Shores, public relation
19/05/202140 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep31: Sammy Wegent reCHARGED

How are comedians and leaders similar? More than you might think! You need to be in tune with the audience (employees), you need to listen and adjust (flexibility) and you want the audience (employees) to have an engaging time. Hone your comedic skills and you are honing your leadership skills. Sammy Wegent started in the arts and on stage and now helps others in business. He understands that leadership is similar to being a presenter. It is always a show. He tells us about when he went to a career coach and was told “stop hunting rabbits and go after your bison." That advice changed his life. Sammy needed to go after his bison, which would be more satisfying than what he was currently doing. His bison--Speechless.  Sammy is a great example of combining his job and his passion.  Sammy is the Co-Founder &amp; CEO of Speechless Inc., a startup that takes performance techniques from the worlds of improv, comedy, acting, and storytelling and applies them to public speaking
12/05/202139 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep30: Dan Flynn reCHARGED

We kick off talking with Dan Flynn about fate of the Edsel and move to the necessity of the grind for whatever you want in life! There are no short cuts. No matter what job or chapter of life you are in…you must put in the hard work.Dan tells us the two great decisions that changed his life. He discusses his move from corporate to going out on his own. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and regretted not taking that leap and having confidence in himself. He did some soul searching and let go of the imposter syndrome he felt.  And, oh yeah, he sneaks in the second decision to stop drinking two years ago. For the second half of his life, he wanted to have more energy and set an example for his son. The result: he was much more present in life and relationships. His advice: Do the hard work; Be resilient; Join a professional network; Surround yourself with others who will give you honest feedback. Dan Flynn is the CEO &amp; Founder of Skyhawk Sales Consulta
05/05/202137 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep29: Kathy Dawson reCHARGED

Incredible levels of energy and a positive outlook. That describes our guest, Kathy Dawson, perfectly. She has been focused on her goals since she sat with her typewriter at age 12. She learned when she was 16 that you could not control other people and instead you need to focus on what you can control. She personifies courage, goal-orientation and resilience. She shares why she started her staffing business during the 2008 recession (yes, we talk about how crazy you need to be to do this!). Kathy shares with us her insightful and targeted advice to others when figuring out their career and her best practices for leaders. In fact, this was the most important part of the podcast for her! She is passionate about making a difference and helping people. Kathy is the Founder and CEO of Dawson &amp; Dawson, Inc. She serves as the firm’s Nonprofit Liaison, and oversees the Executive &amp; Retained Search, Temporary &amp; Contract Staffing, and Business Development practices.
28/04/202139 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep28: Nadine Chapman reCHARGED

"When you want something, the universe conspires to helping you achieve it."  "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." These are some of Nadine Chapman’s favorite quotes and they have changed her life. Oh, and we talk about how your "dinosaur tail" gets in your way. It is the start of a great conversation! Nadine started her career in the Federal Government as an attorney and rose up the ranks quickly. When she was 30 years old and had her “good government job” (per her mother), she decided to give it up and restart her career at the World Bank. She dreamed of working at the World Bank since she was a little girl. This took courage to make a significant change when most people would have said “stay in your safe job” but yet she moved out of her comfort zone. And, her goal-orientation got her ready…she had a vision and a goal for the future. She was resilient as she got knocked down at her new job because it was vastly different from her role in the governm
21/04/202140 minutes 53 seconds
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Ep27: Valerie Paris reCHARGED

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Valerie Paris shares with us her favorite book on ideas. How they move through the universe, how they visit you and how they leave you. Profound words on the concept of ideas. And that is just the beginning of our conversation with Valerie. Valerie discusses her decision to transition two years ago. Her transition began when she asked herself the question: If you could live your life how you want to, and you could do anything, what would that look like? And she realized that she would be happier if she transitioned to a woman. She shares her story and, in particular, her fear that she would be fired when she told her company that she was going to transition. Throughout her story, Valerie illustrates her courage and how it manifested itself during her life. And, we talked about understanding our fear and how the world could change if we stop acting on fear. It is an incredibly personal story. And, we recorded it on International Transgender Day of V
14/04/202140 minutes 41 seconds
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Ep26: Jacquelyn Adams reCHARGED

We kick off our conversation with guest Jacquelyn Adams by talking about solving problems. It is so simple: take a break from the problem, take a walk and clear your head! You will be amazed at the ideas that come to you. And that is just the beginning with Jacquelyn. Listen to her story about leaving Hicksville, OH (not a typo) and her computer programming job to join the Peace Corps. Why the change? She wasn’t happy with her job and wanted to change her life. She gave up the “good” job and moved to Africa. Her time at the Peace Corps challenged her beliefs and her assumptions.  She learned about the importance of the human side (she was educated as an engineer, human stuff wasn't taught as much!). Her advice in three words: curiosity, authenticity and community.  And you won’t want to miss her favorite Swahili word!Jacquelyn  began her training career teaching high school math in Swahili in a rural Tanzanian village for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. Upon retu
07/04/202138 minutes 23 seconds
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Ep25: Julie Neumark reCHARGED

It is going to be a good episode when we kick off with an infinite mindset discussion. Julie Neumark chats with us about trying to live a long-term mindset and how humility is a key to her success.And, she needed to tap into her humility as she left her music career. Julie started off as a singer/song writer and after years, she was signed! But that lasted for only 18 months and it was over. Now what?  Music was her identity and her dream. Julie had to ask herself, who am I? While she knew that music wasn’t right, she didn’t know what was right for her. She took a risk and stepped into marketing. Julie had to reboot and start again. She did this with grace, humility and curiosity. Her advice for others: Be present, journal, do something that helps you focus your mind and give yourself a break from technology. Julie is a former touring artist who earned her marketing credentials by marketing her band to A&amp;R folks, resulting in a record deal. 10 years later, s
31/03/202135 minutes 27 seconds
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Ep24: Nandini Basu reCHARGED

Do you know what a movement educator is? Neither did we. Luckily, Nandini Basu explains it to us! Nandini also talks about her journey from working in corporate to becoming a Master Pilates instructor. She recalls a time when a student told her that “You are a blessing in my life” and how that feeling didn’t match the feelings she was receiving in the corporate world. The question was then…what do I do about this misalignment? Nandini found a grounding in Pilates that she didn’t have before. She devoted time and energy into this and made it her passionate hobby. But soon the universe conspired and presented her with opportunities to focus on her hobby and not on corporate. She tells us about the courage it took to make the switch and the great advice she has to help others. Nandini is a Movement Educator and Leadership Development Consultant. As a Movement Educator she teaches group fitness and private clients, primarily in Pilates, and is a Master Trainer for t
24/03/202135 minutes 32 seconds
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Ep23: Ray Culver reCHARGED

You may think we have switched it up to a food/travel podcast since this is how we spend the first 10 minutes chatting with Ray Culver! Nah, we are still a life changing decision podcast, but we couldn’t help ourselves and kicked it off talking about how Ray expands his brain with food and travel. After discussing international vending machines, we get to a deep discussion about the decision Ray made that changed the trajectory of his life. Ray shared his intensely personal story about coming out as a gay man to his sister and mother when he was 18 years old. And that was the just the start of his journey. Now, how was he going to live his truth, become a more authentic leader and make the world a better place? Through the lessons he lives by (and who shouldn't live by these?):  Showing unconditional love, understanding what others are going through and supporting them in the decisions they make. Ray is a staffing industry veteran and Certified Contingent Workforce Pro
17/03/202130 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep22: Amy Evans reCHARGED

Progress not perfection! You are often courageous in hindsight, but that “courageous” moment is often fraught with fear and questioning. These are life lessons that Amy Evans lives by. Listen to Amy talk about the importance of freedom, listening to your intuition and getting clear on your values. Your personal values are what guides you and can serve you well when making decisions in your career and personal life. Throughout her life, Amy faced her challenges with resiliency and knew early on that she needed to be independent. That has helped her build her career and grow financially. She now gives back and wants to help other women gain their financial freedom. She created a women’s networking group, Align Women, to help women focus on business development and revenue generation. Listening to Amy will make you want to network, drive your career and write down your personal values! Amy  is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women step into their power and
10/03/202135 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep21: Andy Lee reCHARGED

Have you ever wanted to call your manager and say “I cannot take this job one day longer”? Well, Andy Lee did just that and changed his life. What happened to him after he made that call? Take a listen, as Andy shares his very personal and vulnerable story with us. He tells us that he was in denial and pretending everything was fine, when it wasn’t. He took time off after that phone call and took a journey which included a month-long stay at a Buddhist Monastery. After his leaving his job, he made his decision to teach people mindfulness and help others work to avoid the situations that impacted him. His top advice: Listen to your quiet voice. You don't want to miss his courageous story and how he teaches mindfulness to others.Andy Lee has dedicated his career to helping leaders, teams and organizations leverage the power of mindfulness to create a culture of engagement, innovation and sustainable success. He has been teaching mindfulness in organizations since 2011. H
03/03/202130 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep20: Florence Navarro reCHARGED

A true global citizen and lifelong learner, Florence Navarro provides us an amazing list of podcasts that she listens to in order to push her thinking. We could have ended the interview with all that great information! Luckily, Florence tells us about her decision to leave the United Nations and how her life changed after that. She believed that she could learn more if she stepped away from the UN. And she did! She obtained her Master’s at Stanford and had one of the best years of her life! Throughout her journey, Florence focused on being humble and exemplary. She also strikes the balance of pushing yourself and asking for help! Her top advice: Try things out. Know your parameters and then just jump. You don’t know until you do it! Take a listen to Florence and you will be inspired to take that risk! Florence  has worked in Central Europe, Africa and Asia for the United Nations and the World Bank Group, non-profit organizations and social enterprise incubators. Since
24/02/202134 minutes 22 seconds
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Ep19: Nic Novicki reCHARGED

Imagine this situation. You graduate college with a business degree and have multiple job offers. You say, “No thanks, I will try my hand as a stand-up comedian”. That is what our guest, Nic Novicki, said. And, guess what?  Nic has been very successful at it. Listen to his journey as he took his wonderful skills of connecting people and creativity to pursue an acting career as well as launching the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. He started the Film Challenge as he wanted to see other people with disabilities behind and in front of the camera. His sage advice includes…realize things will scale in time, failing is okay, set realistic goals, build on your own and don’t wait for people to give you “something”. You don’t want to miss listening to Nic's incredible story. Nic Novicki is a comedian, actor, and producer that has performed on 6 continents including several tours through Armed Forces Entertainment, performing for troops.  His television credits include: B
17/02/202137 minutes 19 seconds
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Ep18: Emma Fox reCHARGED

Doing the right thing becomes more important than the money you make. Collaboration, asking for help and networking. These are key tenets for Emma Fox. You don't want to miss this episode as Emma shares her decision to commit to a working in a transparent environment. Emma wanted her career to match her values and talks to us about how her life evolved in order to align her values and career. Her top advice: Do not do it alone. Reach out and there is help for you. Take a listen to this Emma’s honest and straight-forward story. Emma is the Chief Operating Officer at E-Powered Benefits; a benefits consulting firm designed to deliver high performance health plans while staying committed to industry-wide transparency. Emma has been an outspoken advocate for cost and healthcare quality transparency using direct contracting, referenced based pricing, and a consultative approach with clients and colleagues alike but most of all, she is dedicated giving a voice to healt
10/02/202130 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep17: Gelair Butler reCHARGED

Finally, a guest says our podcast is one of her go-to’s to push her thinking! Why did it take this long? Not only does Gelair Butler get the gold star for the best guest to date, but also, we break format and talk football. Don’t get it twisted, we are not ESPN, but Gelair does predict the Super Bowl and she is 50% correct. Stop in for football and stay to listen to Gelair’s amazing story. 2015 was quite a year for Gelair. Her job was eliminated. She got married. She moved to a new city. Oh yeah, and found a new job while she is six month pregnant. Before her job was eliminated she was given a choice for a new career path. While she could have taken the sure thing, Gelair knew instead that she needed to leave the company and continue to be on the career path that she set out for herself. Gelair’s advice “Don’t let anyone define your value”. Boom. Hard stop. You don’t want to miss Gelair’s moving journey. Gelair Butler is a proud native of the greater New Orleans area a
03/02/202139 minutes 49 seconds
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Ep16: John Hagenow reCHARGED

John Hagenow left his dream of being a player with the  Milwaukee Brewers in high school and instead focused on academics and corporate America. Using his great radio voice, John tells us his journey of leaving his steady, consistent job and venturing off to start his own business, during the recession of 2008. Great timing! He shares the trip on an airplane that sparked his idea of starting his own business. He knew there was a better way to recruit and have relationships. All his life, humility and goal-orientation are keys to his success. His advice “Don’t just be - Be outrageous enough to pursue what you love”. Take a listen to John’s upbeat and advice filled episode to help you reCHARGE® Your Life. With over 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leadership experience across both industry-leading recruiting agencies and corporate environments (including GE and MillerCoors), the opportunity to build lasting relationships has always been the aspect of Jo
27/01/202132 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep15: Tony Battaglia reCHARGED

Moving from a for-profit company to a non-profit organization. Taking risks to develop himself. Understanding that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. These lessons and more are what Tony Battaglia shares with us. Tony describes the decisions he made and the risks he took when he moved from a Fortune 500 company to a start-up and later, moving from a for-profit company to a non-profit organization. He explains the courage he needed to take these risks as well as resilience. You need resilience not only when you make your decisions but also when there are crises. Take a listen to hear about how Tony and the leadership team shifted their business model in 2020, during 2020 COVID times to, in just 7 weeks, create a results-oriented product. Tony Battaglia is President &amp; COO of BellXcel, one of the nation’s leading providers of educational solutions to youth serving organizations.  Tony began his career at BellXcel in 2007 and is responsible for the product develop
20/01/202132 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep14: Bev Attfield reCHARGED

Bev Attfield shares an emotionally devastating story of losing her baby at the 20-week ultrasound appointment. Bev explains her journey of what occurred that day and it is, unfortunately, not a unique story for many families. However, Bev shares how this event has changed her life forever. She has an amazing story of resilience and how she and her husband navigated the grief together. They made the conscious decision to continue through and do it in the best possible way. She hopes her story helps others to learn and know that you too can get through this type of loss.This is a powerful episode if you have had a loss or know anyone who has miscarried. Bev’s lessons are powerful: Life is short and uncertain, anything is possible, look forward and act with compassion. Listen so you can better understand and support yourself and others. As Principal, Workplace Science at Jostle, Bev cares about the experience people have at work. She explores the role that leaders
13/01/202139 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep13: Jennifer Turner reCHARGED

Before we even get to our big question, we have a great discuss about the culture of an organization and what is necessary to rebuild and create an inclusive culture.  Then we get to our big question…Jennifer Turner's big change was moving from Michigan to Illinois for a new job. She didn’t know everything but her drive for development, courage and humility propelled her to take the risk. Not only is she passionate about development, but also her leadership style is patterned after her belief system. Jennifer believes fundamentally that cultures need to be transparent, development focused, show empathy and promote collaboration. Take a listen and you will want to work for Jennifer! Jennifer is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Tennessee Performing Arts Center, a Nashville-based nonprofit arts organization dedicated to excellence in the performing arts and arts education. Since 1980, TPAC has welcomed more than 12 million audience members and served more tha
06/01/202131 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep12: Dr. Kimberly Williams reCHARGED

The easier path. It is easy for a reason. Take a listen to Dr. Kimberly Williams discuss the fork in her road: consistency with a great job, steady pay, frequent travel, and continued development OR assume PhD debt, take a cut in pay, stay at home with her children and a manage uncertainty. Dr. Williams didn’t take the easy route, even when there were temptations to get back on the easy route.  Dr. Williams keeps her focus on the long term and pushed forward to these goals. That doesn’t mean it is easy to keep the eye on the target. She also talks candidly about shifting her role in terms of motherhood, having humility, employing courage and being exemplary. As the Executive Director for several physician’s associations in Georgia and the Southern Region of the country, Dr. Williams is charged with weaving short-term and long-term strategic goals into organized plans, policy, and program implementation. This work includes collaboration with physicians, health care prof
30/12/202032 minutes 39 seconds
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Ep11: Halvern Logan reCHARGED

Please note: We had audio issues and Keri loses all audio. Keep listening as the show goes on! Living in two countries. Changing your career due to a dinner table conversation. Finding your fulfillment. Examining areas in which you are uncomfortable and finding people to help you along the way. Halvern Logan has done all that and has a beautiful story to share about being human and self-aware. Halvern had a moment in his life when he made the decision to change his career. He shares with us his path of going outside of his comfort zone, holding himself accountable, practicing meditation, finding balance and enjoying the journey. He talks about the importance of humility and asking others for help. Halvern asks us the important question at the end of the interview, “What would you do if you only had one day left?”Growing up, Halvern attended an all-male college preparatory school which has a Lasallian tradition. He completed his BA at the University of T
23/12/202036 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep10: Stefan Ravalli reCHARGED

Do you sometimes have an inner critic? Are you practicing loving kindness to yourself?  Do you need to nourish your attention? Maybe you forget about your own needs? Our special guest, Stefan Ravalli, talks about the power of meditation, how it changed his life and how he learned to treat himself with compassion. Not only did meditation change Stefan’s life, but also he now teaches meditation to help others. Take a listen to Stefan as he provides amazing advice how to treat attention as a precious metal and how to take a few minutes daily to treat yourself well.  Especially now, as we end this dumpster fire year of 2020, learning more compassion and being kind to yourself is critically important. Start off 2021 right by being kind to yourself! Stefan Ravalli helps professionals and organizations tap into the fullest power of the service opportunity. His Serve Conscious project merges his background in hospitality management with his training as a meditation teac
16/12/202034 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep9: Sue Tidswell reCHARGED

Picture're in your early 30's, married, a mother of two young children and have reached the ceiling of your career. Now what? For Sue Tidswell, the chance to start a new business opportunity meant the chance to challenge herself in new ways, but it also required her and her family to "cross the big pond" and move from the only home they've ever known-from the London accent to the New Jersey accent.  Sue's story is powerful. She uses all the CHARGE® qualities to help her move to New Jersey and she added one, stupidity. That was a joke but a dose of that does help when you move to another country! And, she let go of the safety net aka she was in the US to stay.  Sue talks about the importance of having people help you, not giving up and finding a way around the obstacle. Sue has spent the past thirteen years with some of the world’s largest staffing companies including; ManpowerGroup, Volt and Randstad. She appreciates the challenges that both companies and in
09/12/202032 minutes 1 second
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Ep8: Jen Hwang reCHARGED

Has anyone told you to “get off your island”? Have you ever needed a shake-up in your life? Did you think that your life was linear and would go according to plan? Do you know what “emergency brake to a donut” means? How about "the pie is not fixed"? Are you hungry now? Grab a pastry and listen to Jen Hwang speak about listening to her friends’ advice to get off her island and the steps she took to reset her life. Jen dives into what she did to figure out the relationships in her life and how she needed to break lifelong habits. A solo trip to Australia helped her to clear her head and reset. She discovered that she needed to be exemplary for herself. She had to be honest with herself about what she wanted and needed to ask for it. She talks about a quote from a favorite book, Wolfpack, “Be grateful for what you have and demand what you deserve.”Jen Hwang is a Boston-born, South and Midwestern-raised, San Francisco resident. She studied Chemical Engineering and Economi
02/12/202039 minutes 26 seconds
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Ep7: Ryan Smith reCHARGED

At the age of 5 years, Ryan Smith made the choice to do the right thing and not be a follower. As a kindergartner, Ryan recognized the pain his classmates caused another child who had a disability. At that moment, Ryan decided to help his peer, rather than cause additional hurt. That single moment has guided Ryan in making decisions professionally, most notably, leaving a company that no longer aligned to his values and beliefs. We talk about a variety of topics this episode: keys to raising a child, the life decision that Ryan made which changed his life, using your courage, finding your purpose, taking steps back to move forward, and, what we are grateful for during this COVID Thanksgiving. Overall, Ryan reminds us all to listen to our gut instinct and strive to always do the right thing. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Ryan Smith received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Human Resource Management) with concentrations in Political Science and Economics fr
25/11/202035 minutes 5 seconds
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Ep6: Janis Bartlett reCHARGED

For those who struggle with rejection and depression, Janis' story is one you need to hear.  It took courage and resilience to make a cross-country move to expand Bloomingdale's presence on the west coast and confront herself, look within, dig deep and come out on top.Janis Bartlett is a tenured HR Executive with over 35 years of extensive experience in the retail, financial, manufacturing, construction and restaurant sectors. Her expertise includes employee relations, labor law and compliance, policy creation, as well as succession and talent management. She’s a facilitator and subject matter expert on topics like Workplace Violence, Diversity and Inclusion and Crucial Confrontations. Janis’ approach is New York in nature—energetic, honest and direct, but with empathy first and foremost. Throughout her career she has proven to be a strong voice, trusted advisor and influencer. With her spirit of giving back, she volunteers her time to <a href=""
18/11/202028 minutes 59 seconds
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Ep5: Charlie Jones reCHARGED

What's your personal theme song? The song that gets you out of bed, motivates you and at times, even grounds you. Charlie Jones loves a good theme song and thinks everyone should have one. As an e-commerce executive and consultant, he has spent his 20-plus year career helping great brands like Fisher-Price, Mattel, Nestlé, and Proactiv develop meaningful and effective digital experiences. Over the past four years Charlie has focused on the restaurant industry and is currently consulting for a restaurant technology company. When he’s not in Las Vegas making important life decisions, Charlie loves to cook, mix cocktails, and enjoy desert hikes with his family near their home in La Quinta, CA. What makes the conversation with Charlie so inspiring is the candor with which he speaks about his struggles with weight loss, his journey toward becoming more self-aware and honing his skills to find a job that fulfills his passion for creativity. Charlie credits resiliency and goal-orie
11/11/202036 minutes 1 second
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Ep4: Marcia Anglarill reCHARGED

Ever wondered what it would be like to live all over the world? Dreamed of being in the Foreign Service? It Is damn hard to do! Marcia Anglarill gives us an inside look at the trials and tribulations of applying to the Foreign Service. Marcia is currently the Cultural Affairs Officer for the Venezuela Affairs Unit in Bogota, Colombia. Prior to this, she served as the Public Diplomacy Desk Officer for Andean Affairs in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. She covered Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. Marcia has been a Foreign Service Officer for nearly seventeen years.Marcia used plenty of resilience and goal-orientation to achieve success in starting her career. Moving around the world every few years is not for the faint of heart. Listen to how we can use the actions Marcia lays out to help us all reach our goals. Connect with Marcia at
04/11/202022 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep3: Kris Murray reCHARGED

Slackers beware! If you're looking for a reason to sit back and do nothing, this is not the episode for you! In her late 20's Kris and her husband were expecting their second child, moving to a new house and just decided to launch their own businesses...what?! Kris Murray is a non-profit leader with deep experience in the for-profit industry and is appreciated for her ability to help others achieve their goals. She's a proud Berkeley grad who lives with her smart and handsome husband, Chris just outside San Francisco, CA.While many could've questioned their decision making process, Kris chose to be exemplary and made the commitment that whatever she did, she would do well. This is a story you need to hear for yourself - Kris' story is uplifting, inspiring and memorable. Connect with Kris at and realize you cannot keep up with her. Sign up for our news
28/10/202031 minutes 23 seconds
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Ep2: Lisa Taguchi reCHARGED

Have you ever had someone question your ability? Doubt your capabilities? For those that have, it can leave one feeling distraught and for others, motivated. From her humble beginnings as a server in San Francisco to founding her own business, Lisa Taguchi has forged her own path. Lisa is the Chief Executive Officer of U-Key Career Solutions, an organization that provides coaching, staffing, and recruiting services for anyone seeking employment or looking to advance their career in the Bay Area and beyond. As an avid learner constantly pushing herself to develop and grow, listen to how Lisa channeled her energy toward achieving her goals and pushed herself even further to the success story she is today. Having faced adversity in her life she credits much of her success to being courageous and implementing "grit." Coincidentally, she named her company "U-Key" which is Japanese for courage.Connect with Lisa at https:/
17/10/202028 minutes 43 seconds
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Ep1: Roy Green reCHARGED

From corporate life to starting his own business, hear first-hand about the significance employing courage and setting goals has made on Roy Green's success.  And, listen to his honest thoughts about our music intro! Roy has a proven track record that includes accomplishments in many areas of sales and marketing. Roy thrives in environments in which he can build cohesive teams, revitalize sales efforts and create innovative sales and client-focused strategies. For those wanting to embark on a new path, listen to the engaging, inspiring and humorous story that will challenge your thinking and propel you to take action.  Connect with Roy at  He is an amazing connector and will motivate you with his unique and uplifting perspective. Sign up for our newsletter at Please subscribe, leave a
16/10/202026 minutes 16 seconds
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