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English, Finance, 86 seasons, 142 episodes, 2 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes
Tay Daniels is a multi-business owning wife and mom living in the Midwest, host of the Breadwinner Energy Podcast, & Life & Business Mentor for women who are ready to become a 6-Figure Certified Coach! She teaches women how to step into their CEO shoes, build unshakeable confidence, & get paid to be unapologetically themselves. This Podcast is the real, raw, behind the scenes of life, motherhood, & business. Are you ready to build a life you not only love but deserve? Tune In!
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SZN 4 EP 4: Creating Your Dream Life Isn't Linear

Hey there, Breadwinners! Today on the show, we dived deep into crafting our dream lives. I shared my journey of reinvention, highlighting the pivotal role of self-reflection, growth, and stepping out of our comfort zones. And guess what? We have some exciting news - the "Waitlist Week" for our exclusive Breadwinner Energy Club is just around the corner, packed with irresistible offers and our upcoming coaching program. Let's dive in! We discussed the journey of crafting our dream lives, emphasizing the power of self-reflection and the journey is far from linear!! It's all about embracing the 50-50 nature of experiences and channeling our inner power to manifest our dreams. I highlighted the importance of embracing our emotions and bidding farewell to the victim mentality. Let's face life's challenges head-on and reclaim control over our narratives. Stay tuned for more insights on overcoming victimhood and fostering emotional resilience. Sharing my personal journey of reinvention, I shed light on the ups and downs, fears, and triumphs that come with growth. It's not always easy, but by embracing inner transformation and pushing our boundaries, we can unlock our full potential. The "Waitlist Week" is almost here! Starting on May 20th, our Breadwinner Energy Club will open its doors to waitlisted individuals, offering exclusive access to our diverse programs and collaborative mastermind. Plus, there are some incredible discounts and bundled offerings up for grabs. JOIN THE WAITLIST NOW: FOLLOW ME ON IG: TUNE IN ON YOUTUBE:
5/15/202423 minutes, 17 seconds
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SNZ 4 EP 3: Scared Money Don't Make Money

Welcome back to another episode of The Breadwinner Energy Podcast, where we're about to bring the sass and energy levels to the max! Today, we're diving deep into the world of mastering that money mindset, making those bold moves, and igniting the fire to become the ultimate breadwinner of your own life. So buckle up, because we're about to take you on a wild ride straight to success town! We're laying down the law on how to believe in yourself so fiercely that the universe has no choice but to bow down to your greatness! Think big dreams, audacious goals, and waving goodbye to those pesky fears that have been holding you back. Get ready to unleash your inner boss babe (or wealthy woman) like never before! But let's get real, making money moves ain't for the faint of heart. It's about being bold, taking risks, and handling those risks with style and grace! We're spilling all the tea on how to step out of your cozy comfort zone and grab those opportunities by the horns. So get ready to slay, because we're about to show you how it's done! And hey, it's time to find your purpose, your why, your reason to jump out of bed every damn day and chase those dreams like your life depends on it! Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, building your own empire, or paving your own path, we're here to empower you to own your power and be the badass leader of your own damn life! So stay fierce, stay fabulous, and always remember, the world is yours for the taking! Don't forget to follow me on IG @itstaydaniels_llc and join the BWE Club Waitlist because you won't want to miss when we open the doors!
5/8/202420 minutes, 20 seconds
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SZN 4: Ep 2: Breaking Free from Society's Expectations

In this Breadwinner Energy™ episode, we're diving deep into the mess of societal expectations and how they love to cramp our style, especially when it comes to our careers and what success should look like. I'm your girl, [Host's Name], and get ready to dissect all the BS society throws our way. Understanding Societal Expectations: Let's break down all those annoying rules and norms society loves to force-feed us, especially when it comes to money and making moves. We're spilling the tea on the ridiculous pressure to fit into these cookie-cutter roles and how it messes with our heads, our happiness, and our sanity. Challenging Stereotypes: Get ready to flip the script on those tired old stereotypes about breadwinners and embrace the beauty of being unique and doing things our own damn way. Finding Your Authentic Path: I'm dishing out some serious advice on how to figure out what you really want out of life and how to chase those dreams with zero apologies. Overcoming Fear and Doubt: Prepare for some real talk on how to kick fear, self-doubt, and haters to the curb when you're straying from the norm. Creating a Supportive Environment: We're chatting about the importance of surrounding yourself with a tribe of badass babes who lift you up and cheer you on, no matter what. Celebrating Unconventional Paths: Get ready to be inspired by some seriously badass folks who said "screw you" to societal norms and blazed their own trail to success. Empowering Others: I'm dropping some truth bombs on how you can empower yourself and others to break free from society's chains and create a world where we can all be our unapologetic selves. Follow me on IG @itstaydaniels_llc Join the BWE Club Waitlist:
5/1/202416 minutes, 13 seconds
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SZN 4: Ep 1: A New Era Begins

Welcome to Season 4 of the Breadwinner Energy Podcast, A New Era Begins. During this Episode I am taking you back to how Breadwinner Energy™ began, more of my story + taking about the direction we are going. Join the Club Waitlist: Follow my Youtube Channel: Follow me on IG:
4/24/202425 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP 121: Changing the Industry with The Breadwinner Energy™ Movement

Hey there, Breadwinner Energy listeners! Get ready to dive into another episode where we're shaking things up and flipping the script in the coaching world. Today, we're going full throttle into the realm of Breadwinner Energy™—the mindset, the money, and the movement that's turning heads and making waves. Picture this: you've got big dreams, massive goals, and a fire in your belly to make a global impact. That's where Breadwinner Energy™ comes in—it's not just a mindset, it's a game-changer. We're talking about a mindset that's all about owning your worth, commanding your value, and kicking down the doors of possibility. In this episode, we're peeling back the layers of Breadwinner Energy™ like never before. We'll dissect the mindset shifts, the money moves, and the bold, unapologetic movement that's redefining success for coaches everywhere. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the coaching pool, get ready to be inspired, motivated, and downright fired up. We'll dish out real talk, share success stories, and sprinkle in a healthy dose of sass along the way. Because let's face it, if you're not bringing your sass to the table, are you even living your best life? So buckle up, buttercup, because we're about to embark on a journey that's equal parts empowering and electrifying. Whether you're here to soak up some wisdom, ignite your inner fire, or simply bask in the glory of Breadwinner Energy™, you're in for a treat. Stay tuned for another episode packed with sass, style, and serious insights. Because here at the Breadwinner Energy™ Podcast, we're not just changing the game—we're setting the whole dang field on fire. Catch you on the flip side, breadwinners! With sass and solidarity, JOIN COACH SKILLS CERTIFICATION: JOIN COACH SCHOOL BIZ COACHING: FOLLOW ME ON IG:
4/1/202416 minutes, 55 seconds
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EP 120: From Selling Items in Her Garage to Invest to 60+ Clients Booked in 2 Months with Karinna H

Hey Breadwinner Energy Podcast Listeners: Today I am sharing Coach School Student, Karinna's Inspiring Journey to Success Our paths crossed through TikTok back in late 2022, and from there, our conversation blossomed into something truly special! She decided to sell items in her garage to be able to afford coach school & today sold 60+ clients into her offers in the last 2 months!! Karinna is a dedicated special needs mother and former CT scan technologist, shares her journey from Las Vegas to Illinois, navigating career advancements in radiology while grappling with life's challenges. Despite facing financial struggles and the aftermath of a tough divorce, Karinna's unwavering determination led her to explore entrepreneurship, fueled by her desire for personal fulfillment. Dissatisfied with the lack of coaching support in her industry, Karinna took a leap of faith and enrolled in a program to hone her skills and expand her horizons. Through candid discussions about her financial hurdles and aspirations, Karinna's commitment to reaching new heights shines brightly. Karinna highlights the invaluable support she's found within a community of like-minded women, emphasizing the power of connection and solidarity in overcoming obstacles. Together we laughed & cried about the transformative impact of coaching, underscoring the importance of finding mentors who embody authenticity and vulnerability. Karinna shares her journey of overcoming self-doubt and embracing a positive mindset, unlocking her potential and paving the way for profound personal growth. By reframing her thoughts and embracing a "can-do" attitude, Karinna proves that anything is possible when you believe in yourself. Tune in as Karinna shares her recent successes, including impressive sales figures and the launch of her coaching program. With ambitious plans to scale her business and empower others, Karinna's story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Connect with Karinna: ⁠⁠ Connect with Tay: Join Coach School: Follow Tay on IG:
3/25/202435 minutes, 59 seconds
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EP 119: How to Story Tell when Your Story Is Boring

Welcome Back to the Breadwinner Energy Podcastttt In today's episode, we're diving into the art of storytelling, especially when your story might not seem all that exciting. I'll be sharing some tips for how to story tell about ANYTHING to create connection & cash in your business. Crafting Engaging Narratives As someone who deeply understands the power of storytelling, I can't stress enough how important it is to weave personal stories into your brand. It's all about understanding your own journey and how it relates to your niche. Once you've got that down, it's about identifying the specific needs and pain points of your audience and tailoring your offers accordingly. Through my own experiences, I've seen firsthand how tapping into personal stories can create deeper connections with your audience. Emotional Connection in Marketing When it comes to marketing, emotional storytelling is key. I encourage you to use your own experiences and emotions to create stories that resonate with your audience. By understanding their struggles and desires, you can craft narratives that really hit home. Whether it's the challenges of being a busy mom or the struggles of starting over after a divorce, there's power in sharing relatable experiences Tune in to this episode to learn how to leverage the power of storytelling to elevate your business and connect with your audience like never before & turn your educational content into storyies that sell Key Takeaways: Use personal storytelling to captivate your audience and drive sales. Understand your own journey and how it relates to your niche. Create emotional connections in your marketing by sharing relatable experiences. Explore the benefits of joining "coach school" as a pathway to financial stability and personal freedom. Enroll now to elevate your storytelling skills and transform your business with Coach School Enroll in Coach School Now:
3/18/202416 minutes, 1 second
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EP 118: Cracking the Code to Consistent Sales with a Small Audience & No Ads

Welcome Back Breadwinner Energy Listeners! In this episode titled "Cracking the Code to Consistent Sales," we dive deep into a fail-proof strategy for generating consistent revenue in your coaching program, even with a small audience and without relying on ads. Our host shares her personal experience of achieving an impressive $57K in just 6 weeks using this method. Throughout the episode, we uncover the secrets behind this successful strategy, exploring how it has never failed and continues to deliver results. By dissecting the approach step-by-step, listeners gain valuable insights into how they can replicate this success in their own coaching businesses. From naming your challenge to effectively selling during the process, we cover every aspect of creating a profitable challenge that drives sales. This episode serves as a blueprint for coaches looking to achieve $10K months and beyond, providing actionable tips and strategies for success. Tune in to learn how to unlock the potential of your coaching program, overcome the limitations of a small audience, and achieve consistent sales without the need for ads. Don't miss out on this opportunity to crack the code to sales success and take your coaching business to new heights! Key Takeaways: Discover the fail-proof strategy behind generating consistent revenue in coaching programs. Learn how our host achieved $57K in 6 weeks without relying on ads or a large audience. Gain insights into naming your challenge, attracting sign-ups, teaching content, pricing, and selling effectively. Unlock the blueprint for achieving $10K months and beyond in your coaching business. Explore actionable tips and strategies for overcoming the limitations of a small audience and driving consistent sales. Tune in to this episode and crack the code to consistent sales success in your coaching business! Join the LIVE Challenge Tomorrow to build your profitable live challenge or event: Join Coach School: ________________________________ Get Access to Offer Bootcamp Course: Get Replays to the Get Clients Now Challenge: Get the Monthly Class Pass:
3/11/202418 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP 117: The Real Reason You Aren't Making Money

Welcome Back, Breadwinner Energy listeners! In today's episode, "The Real Reason You Aren't Making Money," I am diving IN to your offer. It's time to address the elephant in the room—the reason why you might not be seeing the sales figures you desire. And here's the truth: it often boils down to the clarity of your offer and how confident you are in your ideal client, speaking their language, your proven process, and price aka the work you keep saying you've already done. Many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in a rut, struggling to convert leads into paying clients. But why? The answer lies in the lack of clarity surrounding your offer. It's not enough to simply know what you're selling; you must be crystal clear on who you help, how you help them, and the results they can expect. In this episode, we discuss the importance of articulating your offer in a way that resonates with your audience. Instead of relying on buzzwords and generic marketing speak, we advocate for the power of storytelling. By weaving your offer into compelling stories, you can create deeper connections with your audience and drive sales. Join me as I live coach students on their offers!! Follow me on IG: Get your Class Pass to join me live next month: Join Coach School:
3/4/202453 minutes, 59 seconds
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EP 116: Quit Skipping the Work

Inside Today's Ep I am talking about finding your Breadwinner Energy™ and going a bit backwards to propel forward! You can't skip this foundational work and say I already know this.. if you knew it and were implementing it you would be signing more clients!! This is the work that WILL make you money but you keep saying " I already did that" or "I already know that!" Tune in to Day 1 of the Get Clients Challenge Now on stepping into your most powerful self!! Get the 2024 Class Pass Membership: + replay of this 5 day Challenge inside!
2/26/202448 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP 115: Are Your Dreams On A Budget?

Welcome back to the Breadwinner Energy™ Besties! Today, we're diving deep into your dreams, your excuses, investing, & holding yourself back... buckle up because I am super passionate in this episode and there are a few f bombs so maybe grab those headphones! Tay's Coaching Evolution: Hey, it's Tay here, and I am FIRED UP about this episode .You see, I've been on this rollercoaster ride of coaching for a while now, and lately, I've felt this pull to return to my OG coaching style—the "King Kylie era," if you will. So, let's talk about how I'm reclaiming that boldness and passion in my coaching approach! Navigating Business Challenges: Now, let's get real for a moment. One of the biggest challenges I've faced in my business journey is being seen as a friend rather than an authority figure by my audience. It's tough, you know? But I'm not one to shy away from a challenge! I'll spill the tea on how I'm bridging that gap and setting the right expectations for my audience. Coaching Triumphs and Transformations: Oh, get ready for some heartwarming stories, ladies! I've had the privilege of witnessing some incredible transformations in my students' lives. From jaw-dropping sales growth to the life-changing impact of honesty and integrity in coaching, I'm here to share the real, raw moments that make it all worthwhile. Sustainable Coaching for Business Success: Let's talk sustainability, my friends. Building a business isn't just about the quick wins—it's about creating something that stands the test of time. That's why I'm all about equipping my students with the skills they need to thrive in the long run. Spoiler alert: it's all about community, personalization, and a whole lot of heart. Investing in Dreams: Listen up, dreamers! I've got a little truth bomb to drop: investing in yourself is non-negotiable if you want to achieve your wildest dreams. Trust me, I've been there—I know what it's like to take that leap of faith. So, let's chat about why cost shouldn't be the only factor holding you back from greatness. Mastering Time Management: Time management—it's the holy grail of productivity, am I right? As someone who's mastered the art of juggling multiple businesses and coaching clients, I've got some game-changing tips to share. Spoiler alert: it's all about prioritizing like a boss and maximizing every precious moment. Taking Action for Financial Freedom: Alright, folks, it's time to stop making excuses and start making moves. Financial freedom? It's within reach, but it requires a little thing called action. I'll spill the beans on how to overcome fears, embrace failure, and take that leap towards your brightest future. Conclusion: As we wrap up today's episode, I want to extend a heartfelt invitation to join me on this incredible journey. Enrollment for my coaching school is open, and trust me—you won't want to miss out on the magic we're brewing over here. Thanks for tuning in, my fellow dreamers. Until next time, keep chasing those dreams and living boldly! ______ Apply for Coach School: DM ME:
2/19/202424 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP 114: How to Be Seen as an Expert

🎙️ Welcome back, Breadwinner Energy listeners! 🎙️ Today on the podcast, get ready for a NO BS approach to being seen as an expert! I am giving you the ultimate business bestie pep talk to start seeing yourself as the expert you are! 💡 The Expert Perspective Shift 💡 Have you ever found yourself hesitating to label yourself as an expert? We're here to challenge that! .You are always an expert to someone, and someone is always an expert to you. It's time to embrace the expertise within and recognize your badass power. 🌐 The End of the Compare & Despair 🌐 Are you tired of scrolling through social media, feeling like everyone else has it figured out? We've got your back! Today, we'll uncover the pitfalls of comparison, urging you to stop measuring your journey against others. Learn how to step into your own light, celebrate your wins, and acknowledge that your unique path is the key to success. 🌟 Seeing Yourself as the Expert Now 🌟 No more waiting for a magical moment to declare yourself an expert. Tune in as we discuss the importance of viewing yourself as an expert now, understanding that your knowledge, experiences, and unique approach are valuable. It's time to step into the role of a seasoned pro, even before the world catches up. 🚀 The CEO Mindset: Becoming a 6-Figure Business Owner 🚀 Elevate your thinking and embody the CEO mindset as we guide you through the steps to becoming a 6-figure business owner. We'll explore the shifts needed to align your actions with your aspirations, empowering you to step into the role you aspire to before it becomes your reality. Ready to break free from comparison traps, embrace your expertise, and step confidently into your CEO journey? Join us as we unravel the secrets to owning your unique power and becoming the expert you are destined to be. ____ JOIN THE BREADWINNER BTS PRIVATE PODCAST MEMBERSHIP: ⁠⁠ DOWNLOAD THE FREE CEO E BOOK ⁠⁠ JOIN OFFER BOOTCAMP: ⁠⁠ APPLY FOR COACH SCHOOL: ⁠⁠ CONNECT ON IG: ⁠ ⁠
2/12/202412 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 113: Waiting for Clients to Save You

🎙️ Welcome back, Breadwinner Energy listeners! 🎙️ Today on the podcast, we're diving deep into the topic of waiting for more money or clients to save you & change you instead of doing the work to become who you need to be! 💡 Changing the Game: 💡 Are you tired of waiting for the perfect moment, the ideal client, or more money to rescue your life & business dreams? Well, today is your wake-up call! We're flipping the script on the waiting game and challenging you to step into the mindset of a CEO NOW, not when success knocks on your door. 🌟 From Aspiring to Actualizing: Being a 6-Figure Business Owner in Your Mind 🌟 What if I told you that becoming a 6-figure business owner starts with a mental transformation? It's time to embody the CEO version of yourself, not just when the dollars roll in, but right now. We'll explore the habits, thought patterns, and actions that align with a 6-figure CEO mindset. 🚀 Acting As If: How to Walk, Talk, and Think Like a CEO 🚀 It's not about faking it until you make it; it's about acting as if you're already there. We'll break down actionable steps to cultivate the habits, decision-making prowess, and leadership qualities that define a successful CEO. Spoiler alert: It starts with small, intentional shifts today. 🛣️ Building Roads, Not Waiting for Signposts 🛣️ Stop waiting for external validations or milestones to declare your CEO status. We'll discuss how to set your own markers of success, create your path to 6 figures, and navigate the entrepreneurial journey with purpose, confidence, and the unwavering belief that you are already the CEO your business needs. Ready to stop waiting and start becoming? ____ JOIN THE BREADWINNER BTS PRIVATE PODCAST MEMBERSHIP: DOWNLOAD THE FREE CEO E BOOK JOIN OFFER BOOTCAMP: APPLY FOR COACH SCHOOL: CONNECT ON IG:
2/5/202420 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 112: Why your brain is the most important asset in your business with Tanessa Shears

In Today's Episode I am talking to Tanessa Shears about how your brain is your most important asset in your business & how lack of sleep can affect your life & business.  We deep dive into how to Double Your Energy, Double Your Focus: How to Wake Up Refreshed & Eliminate Brain Fog so You Can Make More Money In Your Business And How to Unlock the Power of Your Brain: How to Maximize Productivity with Optimal Sleep Tanessa Shears is a Kinesiologist, Certified Sleep Science Coach, and health consultant who helps entrepreneurs double their energy and focus so they can make more money in their business with her 12 Becoming Limitless Protocols. She works closely with business owners to eliminate brain fog and wake up well rested so they can get more done in less time, maintain consistent, stable energy throughout the day and feel better than they have in years. Tanessa is also the host of The Becoming Limitless Podcast, sharing her expertise on optimizing health and focus for business success. Connect with Tanessa:  ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ CONNECT WITH TAY DANIELS: ⁠⁠ Download the FREE CEO E BOOK: ⁠⁠ GO BEHIND THE SCENES WITH TAY & HER BUSINESS ⁠⁠
1/29/202420 minutes, 44 seconds
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EP 111: My Exact CEO Schedule

Welcome Back to the Breadwinner Energy Podcast, today we are talking about my exact CEO Schedule & what you need to do each day & week in your business to move the needle! No more hiding behind your business but BEING a business owner 🌟 Today's Episode: Unveiling Tay's CEO Schedule In this episode, we're diving deep into what makes a CEO schedule, quarter goals, and how to schedule a week of life & business + add in more white space than ever! I'm pulling back the curtain on the strategies that have transformed my journey from VA side hustle to a thriving business that ticks all the dream boxes + giving you my exact CEO schedule! 📆 Quarterly Goals: CEO Style Ever considered treating each quarter like a powerhouse year? We're exploring the magic of quarter goals, preventing the procrastination of those New Year's resolutions. Plus, stick around as I tease a peek into my own CEO schedule, promising more insights in future episodes. ⏰ Mastering Time Management and Schedule Optimization Join me as we unravel the secrets of optimizing your schedule and mastering time management. From systematic planning to understanding your habits, I'm sharing the hacks to boost productivity without burning out. Remember, it's not just about over-scheduling but also cherishing personal moments and honoring commitments for ultimate productivity. 🚀 Business Growth & Balancing YOU Time Let's get real about business growth—lead generation, content creation, and sales take center stage. No more hiding behind busy work! Learn to say no, protect your precious time, and ensure you have moments carved out just for you. I'll even walk you through my weekly breakdown, balancing work, family, and self-care. 💡 Insights from Work to Home: Tay's Personal Tips Join me as I share my pet peeve—messiness—and how I tackle the daily chaos. Peek into my daily routines, including a simple skincare regimen. I'll spill the tea on how I balance family time, coaching sessions, and self-care throughout the week, saving Fridays for a well-deserved day off. 🌈 CEO Schedule and Content Mastery Stay tuned for the grand reveal of my CEO schedule. I'll unravel the secrets behind client care, lead generation, sales, and content creation. Preparation is the key, and I'll show you how content planning ahead allows me to focus on these critical areas. Consider it a blueprint for your CEO schedule and a clear strategy for your journey to success. Get ready to take notes and level up your CEO game with today's insights. Let's own this journey together! 🌟 #CEOSchedule #QuarterlyGoals #WorkLifeBalance Apply For Group Coach School: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Direct Link to the Application: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Follow me on IG: ⁠⁠@itstaydaniels_llc 
1/22/202415 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP 110: Stop Standing In Your Own Way

Welcome BACKKK to the Breadwinner Energy Podcast! Today we are talking about empowering women to step into their CEO Era and treat their businesses like the powerhouses they are, how THIS one thing changed my business from just a VA side hustle to a full blow agency + multi 6 figure coaching business. 💡 Decisions: The Game-Changer Let's talk real life. The game-changer for me, shifting from VA side hustle to a dream-come-true business, was the ability to make decisions and make them fast. No one talks about the paralysis of fear or the imposter syndrome that can creep in. Many struggle to trust themselves with decisions. 🚀 Enter My World: Fast Decisions & Self-Trust In my world, I not only teach you to make fast decisions but also guide you in trusting yourself above all. Learn the art of self-coaching so you're never reliant on external opinions. Only you truly know you, and mastering self-coaching daily is the key to unlocking success in your business. 🧠 Mindset Mastery: Your Ultimate Power Your mindset can be your biggest hurdle or your greatest asset. I'll show you how to take full control, paving the way for the results you dream of in your life and business. Dive into Group Coach School now and learn the art of self-coaching to create the life you desire. Let's break those mental barriers together! 🌟 #CEOEmpowerment #FastDecisions #SelfCoachingMaster Apply For Group Coach School: ⁠⁠ Direct Link to the Application: ⁠⁠ Follow me on IG: ⁠@itstaydaniels_llc 
1/15/202415 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP 109: Start Treating Your Business Like a Business

Hey Breadwinner Besties!! Welcome back to the Breadwinner Energy Podcast, let's dive into becoming a CEO, by treating your business like a business, getting out of your own way, and how treating your business like a side hustle is creating a side hustle 💼 The Agency From freelancing in 2016 to now running a kick-ass agency for wedding professionals and event planners—what a ride! I'm buzzing with excitement about our recent collaboration with my online bestie + Ops Manager Courtney, now my Agency Business Partner. Team building, systems, and automations have been game-changers for scaling, especially as a mom. & I am thrilled to continue impacting women's lives through our agency! 🌟 CEO Life: Real Talk, No Sugarcoating Let's get real about the CEO life—no overnight success here. It took me a solid five years to hit six figures. I'm debunking the myth and calling out unrealistic expectations. Ask yourself, is the flashy 6-figure lifestyle worth it if you're not in it for the right reasons? Let's stay honest and true to our goals. 💪 Online Work: Hurdles and Triumphs Running an online hustle can be draining, but oh, the rewards! Tough decisions and self-investment have been my compass. The luxury lifestyle and working from home are sweet fruits of the hard work. Take control of your life, folks, and make the most of the online space! 🌐 Group Coach School: Where Transformation Happens Now, let's talk coaching! Group Coach School, offers a whole year of intensive coaching. We've even opened VIP spots with extra one-on-one love. Do your research, read reviews, and reach out to past students. No more excuses—apply what you learn in real-time. The doors to Group Coach School are wide open, and I can't wait to welcome you on this transformative journey. 🚀 #CEOJourney #OnlineHustle #GroupCoachSchool Apply For Group Coach School: Direct Link to the Application: Follow me on IG: @itstaydaniels_llc
1/8/202422 minutes, 15 seconds
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108: Master Your Messaging & Turn Your Audience Into Buyers

Hey there, Breadwinner Besties! Tay here, your host on this episode of "The Breadwinner Energy Podcast," and let me tell you, it's been quite the journey of uncovering the magic of mastering messaging for coaches and service providers. 🌟 Long-Term Strategy Revelation: Let's rewind a bit. As I shared my thoughts, I couldn't help but spill on the secret sauce—a long-term strategy that goes beyond trends. Picture this: Podcasting, emailing, Pinterest—our vehicles to drive traffic, ensuring a lasting impact in this ever-evolving digital landscape. 🚀 Masterclass Buzz: Now, imagine my excitement as I announced our upcoming masterclass! This isn't your run-of-the-mill class - we don't do boring ass heres my 30 minute story followed by my pitch! This class is Packed with energy and insights, it's scheduled for January 3rd at 9 AM CST. The promise? An experience that's anything but dull—a true revelation of how effective communication transforms your audience into paying clients. 🎙 Trust, Storytelling, and Building Bridges: As we dived deeper, I shared my personal philosophy to converting content—trust is key. Forget trends; let's trust & authority to turn your audience into BUYERS. 🤝 Understanding Your Audience, One Story at a Time: We wrap this up with understanding your audience. It is essential to be able to articulate your offer, using messaging to meet the wants & needs of your community. What's their desire? Their motivation? It's about crafting a personalized offer story that resonates, addressing the gap between where they are and where they want to be. 🌈 The Journey Continues: But wait, there's more! The magic isn't confined to this episode. Join me in the masterclass to discover how your skills can turn into content that not only connects but converts. And guess what? Applications for our Group Coach School are opening soon, promising to transform the way you do business. Intrigued? Excited? Ready to embark on this journey of mastering messaging with me? Tune in, mark your calendars for the masterclass, and let's write your own success story together. Keep shining, Tay 💫 Join the Master Your Messaging Masterclass: Apply for Coach School:
12/27/202317 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 107: Building a Group Coaching Program with A Small Audience

In today's episode we talk about building your Group Coaching Program without 1:1 coaching first, with a small audience, without ads, without team, & how to do it effectively! From 500 on her email list to six figures, Tay encourages listeners, emphasizing even service providers can be ideal participants. 🚀 Building a Top-Tier Program Discover Tay's insights into crafting a top-tier group coaching program. Tailoring it to convert buyers is key. Learn about defining ideal buyers, clear offers, and how this approach sets the stage for scaling a business to six figures. 🤝 Group Coaching vs. One-on-One Tay is all about group coaching over one-on-one, because of the benefits and potential pitfalls. She guides on converting a small, qualified audience into committed buyers, emphasizing the role of lead generation and content creation. 💼 Sales Mastery: Focus on Conversion Tay reveals the secret sauce – focus on converting, not expanding. Uncover the skills needed for turning leads into buyers. Tay stresses the trifecta of a top-tier offer, impactful content, and simple sales skills for a six-figure income. 🚀 Navigating Simplicity, Decisions, and Investment Tay’s journey embraces simplicity, quick decisions, and self-investment. A mindset shift and a willingness to invest in oneself pave the way to success. Tay encourages listeners to embrace change, make decisions, and move forward. 🎓 Ready to Dive In? Apply for The Group Coach School: Join Offer Bootcamp: 🚀 #GroupCoaching #CraftYourSuccess
12/18/202327 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP 106: Combating Mom Fatgiue with Simple Easy Steps Ft. Cayla Esteban

In today's Episode I am talking to Cayla Esteban about comabting fatigue, as a mom & business owner it's easy to be running on E every single day, forgetting meals, and water, & rest. Cayla gives us simple easy daily steps to fuel your mind & body right now without buying all the supplements & fad diets. Cayla: In 2017 I got sick when my body fell apart. It seemed all of a sudden, but I later realized it had been slowly building up over a lifetime of toxic food, toxic products, and poor lifestyle choices.Now, two kids later, after a complete 180 in my health, as a biblical naturopathic doctor I support moms to maintain their own health and the health of their family, so they can be saved, healed, and made whole in their mind, body and spirit. Connect with Cayla: on Instagram New Year, New You Holistic Health Questionnaire ______ Connect with Tay: @itstaydaniels_llc Apply for Coach School
12/11/202334 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP 105: Overcoming Bad Coaching Experiences

In this episode, Tay makes an exciting announcement, opening the doors for applications to the transformative Group Coach School program. Geared towards businesses aiming to scale while achieving a more balanced work-life, the program focuses on simplicity, high-ticket group coaching, and self-awareness. Key Highlights: Group Coach School Applications Open: Tay invites eager applicants to join the Group Coach School, emphasizing its mission to facilitate business scaling with simplicity while reducing work hours. The program places a strong emphasis on self-awareness and personal responsibility. Addressing Previous Investment Concerns: Tay addresses concerns of potential applicants who may have had less-than-ideal experiences with past investments. Encourages individuals to reflect on their role in those situations and stresses the importance of due diligence in choosing coaching programs. Due Diligence, Expectations, and Coaching Effectiveness: Tay delves into the crucial aspects of due diligence before joining any coaching program. Emphasis on taking responsibility for one's expectations and results, understanding methods and frameworks, and effective implementation of coaching strategies. Learning From Past Experiences: Tay shares a personal experience of a program that didn't meet expectations, highlighting the need for due diligence in evaluating a coach's signature method and proven results. Encourages proactive involvement in programs that promise specific outcomes and possess a proven signature method. Expert Insights: Investing in Coaching Tay's Views and Critiques: Tay shares perspectives on investing in the coaching industry, emphasizing the value gained despite previous negative experiences. Criticizes coaches discouraging investment, promoting a mindset shift towards being a positive force in the industry, ethical practices, and having a signature coaching method. Overcoming Bad Coaching Experiences: Tay underscores the importance of investing in oneself and not letting past coaching experiences hinder future success. Encourages learning from the past, setting realistic expectations, and taking control of one's growth and success. Next Steps: Tay provides a clear call to action, urging listeners to apply for the Group Coach School before December 10th to secure the current price and receive an exclusive invitation to the program in December. Don't miss the chance to transform your business and life! Apply for Group Coach School today, embark on a journey of growth, and gain insights into self-awareness, due diligence, and effective coaching. Your path to business success starts here! Visit [Application Link] to apply for the Group Coach School before December 10th and make $10k months while cutting your work week in half! Secure the current price and get ready to embark on a journey of scaling with simplicity.
12/6/202320 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP 104: Building a Coaching Program: From Idea to Launch

Welcome to Breadwinner Energy Podcast, the show that's all about helping you turn your coaching dreams into reality. I'm Tay Daniels, and in today's episode, we're diving deep into the process of building your own coaching program, from the initial idea to a successful launch. Whether you're an experienced coach or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical tips. Segment 1: The Seed of an Idea The importance of having a clear coaching program idea. How to decide what to create an offer on based on your audience How to niche down or decide your niche How to build or poll your current audeince Segment 2: Market Research and Validation Identifying your target audience's pain points and challenges. How to gather feedback from potential clients or your network to refine your idea. Segment 3: Designing Your Program The process of structuring your coaching program. How to create a curriculum or a framework that addresses the identified problems. Segment 4: Pre-Launch Preparation The importance of a pre-launch plan. The creation of marketing materials, such as a sales page, email sequences, and promotional content. Segment 5: Launch Day Launching & What this looks like Segment 8: Post-Launch Follow-Up Post launch data & decision making Mindset post launch Scaling Join our 6 Week Live Group Coaching Program Now: Apply for Coach School:
12/4/202313 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP 103: How to Transform Your Service Into A High Ticket Offer

In this episode, Tay announces the exciting launch of the Group Coach School program, a rebranded version of the highly successful Breadwinner Energy Academy. Tailored for high-achieving full-time coaches and service providers, the program utilizes the proven Breadwinner Energy Accelerator Method to guide participants in consistently achieving 10K months while cutting their work weeks in half. Tay's Journey: Tay shares her personal journey of building a high-ticket group coaching program, revealing how it not only secured consistent 10K months for her but also allowed her to significantly reduce her work week. Enhanced Program Features: The enhanced Group Coach School program comes with a new portal, offering a step-by-step method to build a first group coaching program and launch it within the first 90 days. Tay guarantees a 10K launch within the year and works personally with applicants to ensure the program is the right fit. Application Process: The application process involves a qualifying interview. Once accepted, participants gain immediate access to the portal, including weekly coaching, guest expert calls, copy reviews, and personalized coaching. Program Benefits: Designed to help participants achieve their first 10K launch and establish a signature program. Applications for the program will close in the second week of December. Deep Dive: High Ticket Group Coaching Programs Benefits of High Ticket Offers: Tay highlights the advantages of high-ticket offers and guides on transitioning any offer into a high ticket group coaching program. Emphasis on niching down, creating a clear program promise, and setting qualifications to attract qualified clients. Scaling Without a Large Team or Audience: Explains that scaling doesn't require a large team or audience. Achieving multi 6-figure years without paid marketing or a big audience is possible with specific marketing, messaging, and a strategic approach. Prefers a simple 3-week, 3-post-per-week strategy with a running back-end funnel. Scaling Business Strategies: Discusses the process of acquiring new clients, refining messaging, and scaling the business. Importance of having a core offer, mastering marketing, sales, and client service processes. Introduction of revenue stacking through payment plans and securing future income. High-Ticket Program Structure for Results: Emphasizes the necessity of a clear and structured program to deliver results and sell high-ticket offers. Highlights the open applications for Tay's coaching program, the Tay Group Coach School, and encourages interested parties to apply soon due to limited seats. Tune in for an insightful episode where Tay not only announces the launch of the Group Coach School program but also provides valuable insights into creating high-ticket programs, scaling without a massive team or audience, and structuring programs for impactful results. Apply for The Group Coach School Today: Follow me on IG:
11/29/202319 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP 102: The Budget You *Actually* Need for Advertising (it's way less than you'd think) ft. Luan Jardine

In today's episode, we are talking about Ads & Paid marketing with Luan Jardine! When people think about advertising, their mind immediately goes to loss and profit. For Luan, it is so much more than that. Luan wants to help amplify the meaningful messages of business owners through her skill set in Facebook & Instagram Advertising. It fuels her soul to work with entrepreneurs who are striving to create, change, or make people's lives better. Luan helps change-makers reach a like-minded audience that find positive value in their business’ message. We cover - The budget that you *actually* need for advertising (it's way less than you'd think)- Learn what the lowest-cost, highest-return advertising strategy is- How to create and position your free offer to make it a no-brainer- How advertising and email marketing can work together to accelerate the growth of your online network & bring in consistent sales Connect with Luan: Swipe My Ads Strategy Freebie: Ads Strategy Mini-Course: Use code BWE20 for $20 off - _______ Connect with Tay: Instagram: @itstaydaniels_llc Apply for Coach School:
11/27/202323 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP 101: Your Guide for Breaking Free From Trading Time For Money

Ever felt stuck in the cycle of trading time for inconsistent income? Tay knows the struggle firsthand. As a service provider and single mom, she found herself burnt out and on the verge of a 9 to 5 job. But then came the game-changer – Tay fully embraced coaching, creating a high-ticket group coaching program that not only rescued her from burnout but catapulted her to six figures in just six months! She wishes she'd made the leap sooner. In this episode, Tay spills the secrets on breaking free from the time-for-money cycle. Learn about the transformative power of transitioning from trading hours for dollars to coaching. Tay's Group Coach School takes you through a step-by-step process, from mindset shifts to practical tools for building and launching your own group coaching programs. Fear and uncertainty might be holding you back, but Tay encourages you to take the leap, reminding you that your knowledge and experience are more valuable than you realize. Discover the inside scoop on program scalability and flexibility. Tay shares her journey of adapting her program based on client needs, emphasizing that changes aren't arbitrary but driven by the success of those who've been through it. Worried about the application process and student engagement? Tay's got you covered. Learn about the importance of vetting candidates and the challenge of maintaining engagement once they're in. Explore the value of community building, the hands-on coaching approach, and the supportive nature of the coaching community. Tay even shares strategies to boost student interaction through platforms like the Slack channel. Ready to liberate yourself from the time-for-money trap and build a coaching empire? Tune in now for Tay's invaluable insights and take the first step towards a fulfilling and financially rewarding coaching journey! 🚀 Apply for Coach School Now: Follow Tay on IG:
11/22/202315 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP 100: Special 100th Episode ft Host Gary Daniels

In today's episode, Tay Daniels' husband Gary is hosting & asking Tay all the questions our audience asked! 1. What is your morning routine for Success 2. How would you describe your coaching style? 3. What is your best advice to ensure success? 4. When is the best time to have a baby while building a business? How do you prepare? 5. Do you have any advice for being afraid to invest in coaching after a bad coaching experience? 6. What led you to pursue being the Breadwinner? Special Question for Gary: 1. Whats it like being married to Tay? Thanks for tuning in! Follow Tay on IG @itstaydaniels_llc
11/20/202326 minutes, 12 seconds
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Why 1:1 Coaching Isn't Essential for a Successful Group Coaching Program

In today's episode I am breaking down why you don't need to 1:1 coach first before having a successful high ticket group coaching program. Tay breaks the myth! In our latest episode, Tay emphasizes the importance of focusing on proven processes over personal promises, urging business owners to shift their mindset towards a high ticket, low volume approach. Discover how Tay's own high ticket group coaching program soared to a 6-figure launch, challenging the notion that 1:1 coaching is the only pathway to success. Tay shares insights on scaling businesses by transitioning seamlessly from one-to-one to group coaching, assuring that previous coaching experience is not a barrier to entry. But that's not all! Tay spills the beans on a 'Quick and Dirty' launch strategy. Learn the ropes of building a powerful podcast and social media presence, aligning content with your mission, and refining strategies through trial and error. Ready to take the plunge into group coaching without the 1:1 baggage? Tune in now and explore the untapped potential of a successful group coaching program. Plus, Tay introduces the Group Coach School, promising to guide you from scratch to a 10K launch within a year. 🌟 Don't miss out on this transformative episode! Apply for Coach School: Follow Tay on IG:
11/15/202313 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP 99: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Coach

Welcome back to Breadwinner Energy Podcast, the show for go-getter women in the coaching industry who are ready to make coaching a career! Segment 1: Defining Imposter Syndrome In this segment, we'll explore what imposter syndrome is and how it manifests in the coaching profession. Discuss common thoughts and feelings associated with imposter syndrome. Segment 2: My Personal Journey When I had imposture syndrome & what I did to overcome it Segment 3: Putting Clients First I talk about the importance of putting your clients' needs first in your coaching practice. Make it about them when showing up & less about you Segment 4: Overcoming Negative Thoughts Segment 5: Surrounding Yourself with Supportive Women I talk about the power of building a network of women who support and uplift each other. & Why group coaching is so iportant Segment 6: The Value of Hiring a Coach Explore the benefits of hiring a coach for yourself as a coach. How a coach can help you work through imposter syndrome, set and achieve your goals, and maintain a growth mindset. Segment 7: Taking Action Take action despite their doubts and fears. I share practical steps and advice for moving forward, building confidence, and achieving success. Secure your spot right now inside the 6 week live coaching program for just $197!! Secure your spot: Apply for Coach School: Chat with me on IG:
11/13/202317 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP 98: How to Use a Podcast to Funnel Listeners Into Your Paid Programs feat. Andria Singletary

In Today's Podcast I am talking to Andria about Podcasting! Andria Singletary is a wife, mom of two, podcast coach and strategist, and the host of the Mama Turned Mompreneur podcast. She is passionate about supporting mompreneurs with creating a podcast that generates consistent leads for their businesses. We are talking about -How to create podcast content that nurtures and converts-How to plan their podcast content around their paid offers-How to effectively use a private podcast to funnel listeners into their paid programs and offers Check out Andria's Podcast launch guide: IG: Turned Mompreneur Podcast: ________________________________________________ Connect with Tay: ⁠⁠ Join our 6 Week Live Group Coaching Program for $97! Limited seats.
11/6/202323 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP 97: The #1 Way to Stand Out as an Online Coach

In today's episode I am sharing the #1 way to stand out as an online coach which is also now a non negotiable in the coaching industry. t's Niching Down. But not just regular niching… double niching! We use the Double Niche method inside Coach School & $100k Academy so you not only stand out but you are the go to expert in your niche!  What is a double niche?  Niche Who You ServeNiche What you do Example: I help life/mindset coaches (niche one) build, grow, & scale their group coaching offers (second niche)  The MORE specific you can be the easier it is to stand out in the crowd of coaches & life coaches, find your ideal clients, & be the go to expert in your industry!  Ready to double niche & be the go to expert in your industry?
10/30/202314 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 96: How to Build a Simple Business with Lindsay Maloney

Lindsay Maloney is a Business Coach, Host of the TOP Rated Podcast- Book Your Dream Clients & a homeschooling mom of 3. Lindsay helps female coaches create 6-figure businesses by building out their signature offers and designing dreamy client packages without the busy work. Not only has Lindsay built multiple 6-figure businesses while working full-time & homeschooling her 3 kids, she also has been featured on dozens of podcasts & major platforms like Forbes, Thrive Global, and Lady Boss Blogger. Lindsay is on a mission to help women online coaches remove the hustle mentality, so they can have business & life they love and is in complete alignment with their ultimate dreams and visions. In Today's Episode we talk about breaking the norms of "shoulds" in business, how to run a simple business, being addicted to checking all the boxes in your coaching business + how to avoid that, + how to scale your coaching business as an introvert? Connect with Lindsay: Lindsay’s Confident Coach Club: Instagram: FB Group: Your Dream Clients Podcast:
10/23/202323 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP 95: How to Make Your Group Coaching Program Personal

In today's Episode we are talking about how to make your group coaching program PERSONAL to give your clients a 1:1 experience, to solve their problems, to give results that at entire group can benefit from. Grab Your Freebies from the $0 to 6 Figure Coach Bundle Join the 6 Week Live Group Coaching Program for $97
10/16/202318 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP 94: How to Engage with Ideal Clients in the DMs ft. Emma Barrera

Emma Barrera (she/her) is the CEO of Right Hand Glam, The Engagement Agency, which supports scaling business owners in increasing brand awareness, organically growing their following, and crafting conversations that convert to cash. Over the past three years she has served over 250 clients and 100 students through her DFY services, mentorship, and The Engagement Academy, RHG's signature course that gives service providers the tools, tech, and tenacity to add engagement to their product suite. In today's Episode we are talking all about ENGAGEMENT! How to engage in the DMs, how to create connection, how to sell. Engagement ain't rocket science - it's actually common sense. Truly all it takes is a mindset shift when it comes to approaching people (and realizing that you have to sell your shit in order to make money). Connect with Emma: _________________________ Connect with Tay: Join The Coach Collective Membership for just $27:
10/9/202346 minutes, 30 seconds
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EP 93: My Exact Hiring Process

In today's episode I am giving you my exact hiring process for my agency & coaching business. Who I hire, how I hire, when I hire, & how much I pay. How I decide who needs hired in my business. I am breaking it all down for you here. __________________________________________ Instagram: Join Coach School:
10/2/202320 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP 92: Why Group Coaching is Better than 1:1 Coaching

When you first get into the Coaching space you've likely heard or felt like you have to 1:1 coach before starting a group coaching program.You need “experience”You need “lots of students”You must 1:1 coach first. I am here to tell you this is completely false, you don't have to 1:1 coach ever if you don't want to. Not only does Group Coaching provide  you with more time, more money , & allow you to scale easier/quicker It also benefits your students 10x more than 1:1 coaching does.They get to have a 24/7 access to a community of women they've built relationships with.They get more/quicker informaitonDiverse PerspectivesMore Coaching More access to learning from othersNetworking Opportunities  The benefits of Group coaching are ENDLESS!  I am a firm believer that your students will get better faster results just from being in a group. Ready to stop trading tons of time for money trying to find 1:1 clients and then feeling booked out while not hitting your income goals?Ready to create recurring revenue for YEARS? Join Coach School Today & build your first Profitable Group Coaching Program.  __________________________________________ Instagram: Join Coach School:
9/25/202312 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP 91: Stop Believing this About High Ticket Coaching

In today's episode we are talking all about high ticket coaching. What is high ticket coaching, is it worth it, should you invest in it. ___________________________________________________ Instagram:  Join Coach Collective Membership: $100k Academy:
9/18/202313 minutes, 1 second
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EP 90: How to Build Your Group Coaching Program in 7 Steps

want to know HOW to actually build your first group coaching program?  It's MUCH simpler than you even image.  Inside Coach School we help you build your first PROFITABLE group coaching program in your first 30 days.  Here is how we do it:  Creating clear goals for your future so we know that this program is scalable, it lights you tf up, it aligns with the goals you have now financially & time wise We choose the type of offer it will be (evergreen/open - close cart and we start evergreen 9/10) Double Niche: who do you serve / niche of your offer Make Decisions for Your Offer: how long will it be, how much will  it cost, will you have payment plans, a community? slack? voxer? when will  you have calls? how many calls? what is the schedule? what is the offer story? how do you help? what transformation will you get people? Then we create your Unique Framework Tech - what platforms do you need where will you host it? Launching & selling your Offer! That is it. 7 simple steps to creating your first Group Program in your first 30 days inside Coach School.  Coach School: ⁠⁠ ___________________________________________________ Instagram:  Join Coach Collective Membership: $100k Academy:
9/11/202315 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP 89: How to Prioritize Business When Life is Hard

In today's episode I am talking about how to prioritize and grow your businesses when life is hard. I am sharing how I balance it all from life, motherhood, running 2 multi 6 figure businesses, my boundaries, non negoitables, & the money generating activities I focus on in business each week. ____________________________________ Instagram:  Join Coach Collective Membership: Coach Skills: Coach School: $100k Academy:
9/5/202317 minutes, 4 seconds
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EP 88: How to Coach Anyone on Anything

On Today's Episode we are talking about how to coach anyone on anything so you can actually get your clients results! Tune in now. Grab your ticket to coach skills:⁠ Pre-sale ends Aug 31 ____________________________________ Instagram: Join IC Membership: Coach Skills: Coach School: $100k Academy: BWE Mastermind:
8/28/202315 minutes, 6 seconds
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EP 87: It's Never Too Late to Start Over Ft. Julie Chin

Julie Chin is a successful Realtor® who resides in New Hampshire. She is licensed in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and leads a team of agents licensed in VT, ME, NH, and upstate NY. Julie is a mother of three who previously homeschooled her kids as a stay-at-home mother. Julie thrives on productivity and has an intense drive and work ethic. In two years, she went from being overwhelmed and scared with zero confidence to over $10 million in annual sales. She currently shares her wisdom in a private FB forum and podcast, and offers online weekly coaching support sessions, and mentoring. She is the author of the Real As F*ck Guide for New Real Estate Agents and the creator of the REalAF Toolkit. Her goal is to be an advocate for the new agent, so after the exam they have a safe landing place to seek wisdom and guidance on the path to success. Today we are talking about how to BALANCE IT ALL + it's never too late to start over. All social media is @realafprogram (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube) ___________________ Connect with Tay: Join Coach School: Join $100k Academy:
8/21/202338 minutes, 40 seconds
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BONUS EPISODE: Content That Converts Masterclass Replay

Listen to the Free 60 Minute Bonus free Masterclass on Content that Converts! Want free access to the video replay? Sign up here: _____ Join $100k Academy Now:
8/15/20231 hour, 2 seconds
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EP 68: Are You Ready to Blow Your Own Damn Mind?

Doors to BWE Academy are OPEN! Build your Sustainable 6-figure business in 12 months or less without ads, hey girl DMs, pick me girl content, a large team or audience, & without social necessary! Join Now:  Doors will close on February 19th 14 spots this round We will not open doors again for another quarter
2/13/202317 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP 54: Setting Up Your Year for Success

In today's episode, we are talking about how to set up your year for success planning for 2023 right now so you can hit the ground running in January with IMPLEMENTATION! No need to stress over the holidays or start planning in January when you can start right now with this simple method. Join the Masterclass: Setting Up Your Year for Success -  Join the Black Friday Sale:  Join Academy Now:
10/19/202211 minutes, 52 seconds
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Birthday Party Week Day 3!!

THANK YOU LADIES for an amazing 3 Days together & amazing Birthday Week! Today - Friday Join the 12-Month Breadwinner Energy Academy HERE: Price will go up on Monday, May 9th!!
5/4/202225 minutes, 7 seconds
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Birthday Party Week Day 2

We just wrapped up Day 2 of our Annual Birthday Party Week!! Today was all about BEING CONFIDENT! Building confidence, how to create your 2.0 self routines, loving yourself, believing in yourself, & how to handle friends & family that don't support you. The Replay & Day 2 Homework is in the Facebook Group - JOIN HERE- make sure to attend live, comment in the chat, share the Launch Party week & tag us on IG, submit the homework for Prize Points! Day 2 Homework: #1 Watch the replays from Mon/Tuesday #2 Complete Day 2 Homework #3 Create Your High Vibe 2.0 Self Routine #4 Determine how you are going to start showing up every single day starting to implement this routine. Implement it in small chunks & COMMIT to this new routine! Thank you so so much for all of you who attended today's event - you ladies were AMAZING! See you tomorrow for the last day!!!
5/3/202248 minutes, 52 seconds
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Birthday Party Week Day 1

Annual Birthday Party Week Event LIVE in our FB Community Monday - Wednesday May 2-4th Join here:
5/2/202258 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 5: Are You Playing Business Owner or Being a Business Owner?

It's time to ask yourself are you Being a Business Owner, stepping into your CEO shoes to make choices for Future You or are you playing business owner, you have an EIN but are just trading time for money and scared to take the next step in your business?  It's time to start making the choices today that will get you closer to being the future you that you want to be, closer to your dream life. I challenge all of you today to make A CHOICE for Future You and go all in on doing that for the next 90 days!  ------------------------------------------------------------------ Connect with us! Follow us on IG at Watch the Free Masterclass:
10/12/202116 minutes, 37 seconds