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English, Finance, 7 seasons, 237 episodes, 31 minutes
The weekly series hosted by Eva Hartling brings you authentic stories of self-accomplishment from powerful and iconic women of all backgrounds including entrepreneurs, business leaders, media personalities and more. A podcast brought to you by TD Women Entrepreneurs!
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Embracing silvering hair and redefining beauty standards, with Alexis Eizinas

Meet Alexis Eizinas, the creative force behind Silvering, North America's trailblazing beauty brand designed specifically for naturally silvering hair. With over 30 years in the fashion and beauty industry, including a decade as an international model, Alexis transformed her personal quest for silver hair care into an innovative brand.Inspired by her mother's confidence in rocking silver hair during the 1980s and her own journey navigating beauty standards, Alexis is on a mission to redefine the perception of silvering hair, advocating for it to be seen as aspirational and chic. From her career as a model to her extensive background in beauty marketing, Alexis brings a wealth of experience to Silvering Beauty.This episode unveils her remarkable transition from high-fashion model to pioneering entrepreneur, highlighting her dedication to reshaping beauty
28/11/202339 minutes 23 seconds
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Restoring comfort and exploring linen luxury, with Vivian McCormick

Welcome back to The Brand Is Female Podcast! In this episode, our host Eva Hartling unravel the extraordinary journey of Vivian McCormick, the innovative mind behind Wilet, a pioneering Canadian retailer revered for its exquisite 100% European linen bedding and home essentials.Beyond the realms of commerce, Vivian's narrative embodies resilience and transformation. A former lawyer turned community-builder and trusted advisor, her entrepreneurial spirit thrives in reshaping the landscape of rest and comfort.Vivian's vision for Wilet resonates with clarity—to solve rest-related challenges and cultivate a leading lifestyle brand centered on rejuvenation. Throughout this insightful conversation, she shares invaluable insights garnered from her journey, emphasizing the significance of goal-setting, strategic partnerships, and transparent communication.<p
21/11/202353 minutes 36 seconds
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From blowouts to breakthroughs, a journey to embracing the messy truth, with Alli Webb

In this week's episode, we explore the riveting journey of Alli Webb, the brilliant mind behind Drybar, a venture that skyrocketed to success, gracing the tresses of celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Julia Roberts.Amidst the accolades from Fast Company, Fortune, Marie Claire, and Inc., and a bestselling book, Alli faced the unseen challenges of her personal life. As her marriage unraveled, her son entered rehab, and her once-thriving business lost its luster, Alli found herself navigating the depths of depression.In this raw and insightful conversation, she opens up about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, the toll success can take on personal life, and the transformative power of embracing one's messy truth – the title of her new book, launching today, November 14.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
14/11/202343 minutes 32 seconds
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BONUS: Unveiling the feminist art and impactful activism of Pussy Riot, with Masha Alyokhina and Diana Burkot

In this special episode, we're privileged to host two extraordinary guests whose bold pursuit of artistic expression and activism has resonated globally. Both members of the renowned Russian art collective, protest group, and punk band, Pussy Riot, Masha Alyokhina and Diana Burkot have fearlessly ignited discussions and taken a stand for freedom, justice, and unbridled creativity in the face of adversity.Masha Alyokhina, having faced severe repercussions for her political activism, endured almost two years in prison followed by 18 months under house arrest. Escaping Russia when her house arrest threatened another prison sentence, her resilience and commitment to creative dissent are truly remarkable.Diana Burkot, a collaborator in Pussy Riot's performances, has stood at the forefront of their courageous artistic expressions, vehemently questioning the st
07/11/202357 minutes 19 seconds
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Pioneering success in the world of blockchain, with Emma Todd

MMH Blockchain Group CEO Emma Todd's pioneering role as a woman of colour on two publicly traded boards in Canada in 2022 marks a significant milestone in the tech industry.As a board member of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC), Emma has collaborated with major global financial institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and HSBC. Her impactful speeches at venues like the Parliament in Ottawa and the United Nations Headquarters, along with recognition in prestigious publications, underscore her influential contributions.In this episode, Emma shares her insights and experiences, offering advice on resilience and determination in pursuing one's goals. Her story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of perseverance and fearlessly charting new paths in the ever-evolving world of blockchain.<p class="" style="white-space:pre-
07/11/202347 minutes 18 seconds
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Building success in construction and community engagement with Lara Murphy

Lara Murphy is the Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. in Calgary, which proudly stands as the only female-owned commercial construction firm in the city.Lara’s cooperative approach has played a pivotal role in its rapid growth and national recognition. With a track record of managing multi-million-dollar projects in corporate, commercial, health care, and residential construction, her leadership is all about transparency and effective communication. Publications like Canadian Business and the Globe and Mail have highlighted RMC's achievements, marking it as one of the country's fastest-growing companies.Beyond her remarkable career, Lara is a passionate public speaker and advocate for women in business. She dedicates her time to volunteering for non-profit organizations, serving as the Calgary YWCA’s board ch
31/10/202356 minutes 37 seconds
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Inspiring inclusivity and positivity with Breakfast Television's Meredith Shaw

Meredith Shaw, the new host of Breakfast Television, is a trailblazer with a passion for inclusivity. With a diverse background spanning broadcasting, music, and fashion, Meredith's journey is a testament to breaking barriers and creating transformative conversations. In this episode, we delve into Meredith's multifaceted career, from her time as a singer-songwriter to her pivotal role in radio. Discover how she's captivating audiences every morning as she wakes up the nation with her signature wit and warmth on Breakfast Television. We'll also share the exciting moment when she graced the stage at the prestigious CAFA Awards to present a coveted award.But Meredith's impact extends beyond television. She's a fierce advocate for body positivity and inclusivity, working closely with initiatives like Girls Inc.,
31/10/202348 minutes 21 seconds
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Redefining real estate and thriving in a competitive industry, with Vivian Risi

Meet Vivian Risi, a trailblazer in the real estate industry who has been forging her path since the early days of her career.&nbsp; At just 18, Vivian entered the male-dominated world of real estate, facing skepticism and doubt. But she refused to yield to stereotypes, embarking on a journey where 'giving up' was never an option. Today, she is&nbsp;President and Broker of one North America's largest real estate brokerages. In this episode, we uncover Vivian's impressive story, one marked by resilience, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of her dreams. Vivian's journey parallels the challenges many young founders face when navigating the rapid growth of their companies. She's no stranger to adversity and the complexities of leadership.In this captivating conversation with Vivian Risi, she shares her journey, her leadership philosophy groun
24/10/202342 minutes 43 seconds
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Standing out in a saturated market with classic products, with Britt Barkwell and Alia Bissett

Britt Barkwell and Alia Bissett have impressive careers on their own in fashion. With over two decades of experience combined, they both noticed a gap in the market for shirting-first brands that were classically cool and accessible. Keen on carving out their viewpoint in that niche market, they came up with T.Line, a foundational wardrobe essentials brand that offers elevated and effortless style.&nbsp;Inspired by the standards set up for men's shirting, the brand was created locally, with all products designed and made in Canada – proving that it is possible to succeed in a saturated and competitive market, such as fashion.&nbsp;This week's conversation with Britt and Alia is inspiring and eye-opening for anyone looking to start their own business with a twist on classic products and offers.This season of o
17/10/202349 minutes 53 seconds
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The non-linear path to entrepreneurship success, with Carly Moir of White Canvas Design

Carly Moir is the dynamic founder and creative director of White Canvas Design, a thriving creative agency based in the picturesque Langley, BC. Carly's journey from being a solo freelancer in 2012 to now leading a team of 14 talented women is nothing short of impressive.White Canvas Design is more than just a design agency; it's a hub of creativity, specializing in web design, graphic design, and social media marketing, committed to partnering with impact-driven companies across various industries and sizes. If you've ever wondered how to scale your business after starting as a solopreneur, this conversation is a must-listen.Carly opens up about the highs and lows of building a services-based business, providing invaluable insights and advice to fellow female founders aspiring to grow their companies. Her passion for gender equity and her advocacy for w
10/10/202335 minutes 51 seconds
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Figuring out what you want to do (and finding your voice), with Elise Loehnen

Elise Loehnen has an impressive career as a writer. Host of the famous "Pulling the Thread" podcast, she has co-written twelve books, five of which were New York Times bestsellers. She was the Chief Content Officer of goop, and she co-hosted The goop Podcast and The goop Lab on Netflix. Before that, she was the editorial projects director of Condé Nast Traveler. In her latest book, “On Our Best Behavior”, she explores the ancient rules women unwittingly follow to be considered “good,” revealing how the Seven Deadly Sins still control and distort our lives and inspiring us to reach a more balanced, spiritually complete way to live. In this week's conversation, Elise and our host, Eva Hartling, talk about her professional journey, which led to discovering just “what she wanted to be doing” — and how she connected with her voice in the process. They also di
03/10/202351 minutes 57 seconds
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Women's reproductive rights & International Safe Abortion Day, with Dr. Konia Trouton and Rachel Cairns

September 28th is International Safe Abortion Day, a global day of action dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of safe and legal abortion care and access to it. In Canada, one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime, and abortion is one of the most common healthcare needs in our country.&nbsp;While most women in the country support the right to choose and access abortion, there still exist knowledge gaps on the subject. For example, six in every ten Canadian women can't differentiate between medication abortion and the Plan B pill. This data was obtained through a national online Ipsos survey commissioned by Linepharma International to understand the current knowledge of abortion methods, preferences, and availabilities of options in Canada. The results underscore the importance of destigmatizing conversations about abortion once and for all.<p class="" style="white
26/09/202351 minutes 57 seconds
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The ultimate goal of creating a psychologically safe workspace, with Dr. Judit Lovas

After graduating from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Master’s degree in Gender Studies, Dr. Judit Lovas worked for the local government as a policy and program development specialist for years. In March 2020, Judit launched her coaching and consulting business, and ever since, she has been working with clients from SMEs to large organizations internationally, helping them implement business practices that support DEI. Being a dual Hungarian-Canadian citizen, Judit has a unique perspective and vast interest in helping employers and employees successfully integrate diverse talent into the workforce. She shares her inspiring journey, her struggles pivoting her career in a new country, and her vision of the importance of DEI policies in business.This season of our podcast is brought to you by TD Canad
19/09/202337 minutes 53 seconds
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On successfully remodelling a family business in sports, with Diane Lactôt

Diane Lanctôt knew early on she’d be involved in the family business, but what she didn’t expect was that this transition wouldn’t be 100% smooth. She acquired the sporting goods company Lactôt back from her father, Raymond Lactôt, and initiated a complete remodel, making it a growing industry leader. Diane, now a seasoned entrepreneur from Montreal, has received many recognitions over the years, including Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst &amp; Young. She has been a proud YPO member since 1992, is the President and Owner of Canadian Hat 1918 and Harricana, and is a teacher for the MBA program at HEC Montreal.In this conversation, you will hear Diane’s insights on being a long-time, successful entrepreneur, including the tough lessons that come with that kind of experience. This season of our podcast is broug
12/09/202347 minutes 24 seconds
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Transforming moments into life-changing experiences for women, with Vitruvi's Sara Panton

Does the name Vitruvi sound familiar? Founded by Sara Panton, CEO, along with her brother, the brand is one of the largest aromatherapy companies offering luxury essential oil blends and diffusers. Its products are in more than 300 stores in Canada, the United States and Australia, and it's the first essential oil brand to be stocked by retail giants Nordstrom and Sephora. Sara’s background in health, her travels around the world, and her fascination for how traditional botanicals can be used in modern ways were the foundation for what has become the number-one aromatherapy brand in the country. Vitruvi was launched in Vancouver while Sara was still attending med school with nothing more than a website about essential oils, which grew into a thriving business amidst the expanding wellness segment. Sara's passion is helping women transform the simple mom
05/09/202347 minutes 24 seconds