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English, Finance, 8 seasons, 246 episodes, 6 hours 55 minutes
The weekly series hosted by Eva Hartling brings you authentic stories of self-accomplishment from powerful and iconic women of all backgrounds including entrepreneurs, business leaders, media personalities and more. A podcast brought to you by TD Women Entrepreneurs!
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Championing inclusivity in law, with Robyn Wishart

Robyn Wishart, a Vancouver-based personal injury lawyer, has been a force for change in the legal industry since 2001. At Wishart Brain and Spine Law LLP, she tackles complex injury and insurance cases AND challenges the industry's status quo. Wishart has leveraged her early experiences, including representing insurers like Lloyds of London, to advocate for her clients with a blend of tenacity and innovative legal strategies. Wishart brings a unique perspective to the practice of law. Her work, particularly in applying neuroscience to legal strategy, sets her apart and has made her a sought-after speaker and educator, even leading workshops at Harvard University's Ultimate Trial College—a first for a Canadian. More than her legal achievements, Wishart is committed to creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace for women lawyers. Her firm is recognized for offering opportunities and foste
20/02/202438 minutes
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Reinventing retail through tech, with ShopThing’s Maggie Adhami-Boynton

With over 15 years of experience in the startup ecosystem and a Harvard Master’s degree, Maggie Adhami-Boynton has reshaped the luxury goods shopping experience with ShopThing. Launched in 2019, the first-of-its-kind live video marketplace in North America has made luxury goods more accessible, gaining the largest social commerce audience in the world. Behind the scenes, as ShopThing CEO, Maggie actively fosters diversity and inclusivity in the predominantly male-dominated tech field. Her company stands out with a workforce comprising 76% women and 56% people of colour, many of whom hold leadership roles. Recognized as one of USA Today’s Top 100 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2023, Maggie’s achievements underscore her impact as an innovative leader.This season of our podcast is brought to you by TD Canada Women in Enterprise. TD is proud to support women
13/02/202433 minutes 23 seconds
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Tackling one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time, with’s Anastasia Kiku

In the United States, a mere 5% of plastic is recycled, with projections from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation suggesting that, by 2050, the oceans could contain more plastic than fish. Against this backdrop, the environmental toll of single-use plastic is increasingly recognized. In response to this challenge, Anastasia Kiku, Co-Founder of and BC Business’ Youth Entrepreneur of the Year for 203, has spearheaded the development of a container tracking platform designed to facilitate the shift from single-use to reusable packaging for businesses. This innovation not only mitigates environmental impact but also enhances customer loyalty and drives sales.After relocating from Russia to Vancouver, Canada, to pursue her bachelor's degree, Anastasia delved into the environmental consequences of various industries. Her journey led her to focus on the food indu
06/02/202429 minutes 9 seconds
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A passion for pet wellness, music and branding, with Healthybud’s Dana Ben David

Dana Ben David is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Healthybud, a brand reinventing the pet wellness category focusing on functional treats, meal-toppers and healthy and nutritional food for dogs. The Montreal-based company is leveraging superfoods that are usually more familiar to humans than dogs, such as ashwagandha, goji berries, or reishi medicinal mushrooms. A multi-passionate professional, Dana has an interesting background that gave her the knowledge she needed to start her company alongside her husband and their business partner. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she studied architecture, audio production, and voice acting, and as a trained vocalist and pianist, Dana also ventured into the music industry. In a tail-wagging twist on pet adoption, Montreal-based company Healthybud unleashed an irresistible offer this last fall: a year's supply of free dog treats to anyone adopting a senior dog. That’s just one of Healthybud’s
30/01/202441 minutes 23 seconds
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The fine art of brand-building, with ESPRIT's Ana Andjelic

If you’re a woman in business, you're probably well aware of the crucial role branding plays in commercial success. Often, however, the conversation around branding is dominated by male voices. Today, we're shifting the spotlight to a woman making waves in the industry. Meet Ana Andjelic, a brand executive who earned her stripes transforming brands for marketing giants such as Banana Republic and Rebecca Minkoff. She has been recognized as one of Forbes’s Most Influential CMOs, and today, she serves as the Chief Brand Officer at ESPRIT, reviving the iconic nineties brand into a modern powerhouse. With a doctorate in sociology, Ana is not just an academic but a thought leader. Her writing, speaking engagements, and advisory roles have made her a sought-after voice in branding. This episode promises to be a masterclass in brand-building, plus a fascinating look at one woman’s journey breaking glass ceilings in the marketing biz.<p class="" st
23/01/202434 minutes 46 seconds
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The queen of eyebrows takes the beauty space by storm, with Haley Bogaert

The beauty market is saturated, and it takes courage and vision to launch a&nbsp;new brand within the industry. A few years ago, such a visionary stepped onto the&nbsp;scene, changing the landscape with her unique approach. Haley Bogaert, an&nbsp;entrepreneur with over 15 years of hands-on experience in the beauty business, known for her expertise in all things eyebrows, founded HBFace inspired by her vision for a different beauty studio experience. HBFace reflects Haley's vision: chic, fresh, and inviting. A place where beauty is more than skin deep. It's about the relationships,&nbsp;the feedback from loyal clients, and the community built around these spaces. Haley didn’t have it easy. She experienced personal loss early on and turned tragedy into fuel to keep going and build a brand she was&nbsp;passionate about.&nbsp;She went on to open HB Face physical locations, and she&nbsp;launched her own skincare&nbsp;and makeup line, with each produ
16/01/202434 minutes 46 seconds