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The book of James

English, Religion, 1 season, 24 episodes, 22 hours, 14 minutes
Studies through the book of James
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James 5:12-20

It goes without saying that our world is getting darker and uglier. The lies are multiplying and the darkness is manifesting in ways it has never before in human history. As the darkness increases, we have been given an obligation on how we should live our lives. We can’t look back and we can’t back down.
8/3/202356 minutes, 18 seconds
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James 5:1-11

Look around! Every leading indicator is present. No matter how you cut it, we can definitively argue that we are getting very close to the coming of the LORD!!! If we know that and truly believe that, it should completely change the way we live. We’re running out of time, and we must make the most of what remains!!!
7/20/202355 minutes, 28 seconds
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James 4:11-17

You read that correctly! Time is the most valuable commodity we have and it’s a precious gift from the LORD! If we know that’s true, then we’ll stop being presumptuous about the days to come, and we’ll be grateful for what little time we have left!
7/13/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 16 seconds
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James 4:1-10

This last month has been characterized by the word “pride,” yet there is not another word in the English language that can effectively demonstrate the destructive force of sin. God hates pride. Plain and simple. He hates it because it destroys mankind. It’s time to walk in humility. Our lives depend on it.
7/6/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 5 seconds
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James 3:13-18

Life is a gift, and when lived God’s way, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. When the truth, wisdom, and counsel of God is resisted, things go bad. Very bad. Quite frankly, there’s no room in our life for rebellion against God because the outcome will be catastrophic. It’s time to listen and obey because there really is no other way!!!
6/29/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 46 seconds
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Watch Your Mouth! You May Start A Fire!!!

Consider this a stern and heartfelt warning. Our tongues can get us into big trouble and when used in a way that doesn’t please God, things can go from bad to worse; way worse. When we choose to exercise care in this area, it changes lives, including your own!!!
6/22/202357 minutes, 2 seconds
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James 2:14-26

That’s the question of the age! If you can believe it (and do, like me) then you will show it by your actions. We know that if you claim to have faith but your works do not accompany that, your faith is useless. We’ve heard it said “put your money where your mouth is,” but if you can’t do that, then your words become meaningless and a real change needs to happen. Every human being must realize the true implications of all of this because of left ignored, destruction becomes inevitable!!!
6/15/20231 hour, 26 seconds
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James 2:1-13

It’s clear that we are all guilty of violating God’s law, but the real question is “will we receive mercy?” We’ll find that answer as we continue in our study in the book of James. Make no mistake, the answer is very encouraging if you’re in the right place.
6/11/202351 minutes, 11 seconds
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James 2:1-13

It’s clear that we are all guilty of violating God’s law, but the real question is “will we receive mercy?” We’ll find that answer as we continue in our study in the book of James. Make no mistake, the answer is very encouraging if you’re in the right place.
6/8/202352 minutes, 16 seconds
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James 1:19-27

Make no mistake. The things that God tells us are real. When we hear His word, we walk into seriously dangerous territory when we don’t act upon what we learn. To be unmoved and do nothing is a fatal error; the likes of which can leave a wake of destruction beyond our wildest imagination! Consider yourself warned!!
6/1/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 26 seconds
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James 1:12-18

As Christians we have no excuse! God gives us every tool we need to overcome the problems that life presents and this is how we do it. This Bible give us a clear and concise path to get to that place and when we arrive, it’s a HUGE blessing!!!
5/25/202359 minutes, 20 seconds
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James 1:5-11

Life is complicated and it’s not getting easier. The world feels like its’s closing in on us and there’s only one way to navigate through it. Today we’ll talk about the only tool available to us In order to correctly address this issue. Believe me when I say this is one video you don’t want to miss!
5/18/202358 minutes, 27 seconds
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James 1:1-5

God gives us lots of great instruction and insights for how we should live our lives on a day to day basis but sometimes we need perspective. God does that better than anyone by a mile. James gives us examples of this everywhere and what we’re discussing today is no exception. Prepare to be encouraged!!!
5/11/202343 minutes, 31 seconds
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Introduction / Survey book of James

Make no mistake, we’re in the last days and the attacks of our enemy are getting ugly. Very ugly. The good news is that we have a solution and the formula to get there can be found in the book of James! Here’s an introduction and survey!!!
4/27/202343 minutes, 31 seconds
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James 5:10-20

James 5:10-20 - The book of James.
6/17/201850 minutes, 23 seconds
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James 5:1-9

James 5:1-9 - The book of James
6/3/201858 minutes, 50 seconds
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James 4:9-17

James 4:9-17 - The book of James
5/27/201859 minutes, 53 seconds
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James 4:1-8

James 4:1-8 - The book of James
5/20/201851 minutes, 15 seconds
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James 3

James 3 - The book of James.
5/13/201853 minutes, 39 seconds
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James 2:13-26

James 2:13-26 - The book of James
5/6/201845 minutes
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James 2:1-12

James 2:1-12 - The book of James.
4/29/201855 minutes, 40 seconds
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James 1:13-27

James 1:13-27 - The book of James
4/22/201856 minutes, 45 seconds
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James 1:1-12

James 1:1-12 - The book of James
4/15/201859 minutes, 48 seconds
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Introduction to the book of James

James - The book of James.
4/8/201846 minutes, 57 seconds