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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 2 seasons, 24 episodes, 11 hours, 39 minutes
A podcast dedicated to the reunion of the body and the soul. The body is extremely intelligent - far beyond what the human mind will ever be able to comprehend. What if the best way to figure out the answer to something we're puzzled over is to get out of our heads and listen to what our hearts & souls have to say? Let's find out together. Send inquiries and questions to: [email protected] Instagram: @_tielur
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22: cultivating presence

so much of my life has been spent chasing an arbitrary future full of bliss, and I’m realizing that’s not the point of the human experience. the point is to cultivate presence. I discuss things that bring me out of the present moment: constantly thinking something is wrong with what I’m currently doing, society’s version of romantic love, and not being in my body, and falling off my soul’s path. this episode ends with ways to figure out how to bring ourselves back to the gift of where you’ve always been: the present moment.
10/23/202223 minutes, 57 seconds
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20: honesty hour

topics include: not doing well, possibly rebranding this podcast, and the concept of operating from our hearts instead of our minds/bodily sensations
9/25/202216 minutes, 39 seconds
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17: mastering fears

Join me in this episode where I talk about my biggest fears, lessons in sobriety, tackling abandonment issues, and more thoughts on alone time & self-love :)
6/16/202229 minutes, 28 seconds