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English, Cultural, 3 seasons, 39 episodes, 15 hours, 32 minutes
For every girl.
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Process your pain don’t pass it on

Ever find yourself giving advice from a place of pain without realizing? This episode I chat all about processing pain and stopping the cycle. Chat me on social @toni_tonss @thebloomingirlspod on Instagram. Cheers
4/12/202424 minutes, 36 seconds
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C for Comparison

Do you find yourself feeling bad about life because you can’t seem to stop comparing yourself to others. This episode might just be what you need.
3/15/202424 minutes, 54 seconds
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It’s giving “unequally yoked”

Do you think two good people can be bad for each other? Listen as I go on about my thoughts on this topic from two different angles. Hope you enjoy it, as usual connect with me on Instagram @toni_tonss @thebloomingirlspod
2/23/202427 minutes, 3 seconds
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Clearing the air!

Heyyy Bloomingirls and Bloominboys! I just dropped this short recording to apologize and address a couple of things from my last two episodes which may have come across as derogatory, harsh or judgmental! As always thank you for rocking with me ❤️
2/19/20245 minutes, 57 seconds
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let’s talk relationships: B for boundaries

Today your chief bloomin Girl is talking about relationship pitfalls and how setting boundaries can save you tears! And potential breakfast. Listen and let me know what you think @toni_tonss @thebloomingirlspod
2/15/202422 minutes, 49 seconds
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A for Anxiety

Have you ever felt crippling anxiety? Do you wonder what God thinks about us when we get anxious? This is the episode for you. Connect with me @toni_tonss @thebloomingirlspod
2/9/202425 minutes, 58 seconds
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God is a good God.

In every thing you go through, I just wanted to drop this reminder because often times we forget. God is a good God. As always say hi @toni_tonss @thebloomingirlspodcast
1/26/202424 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Significance of Now

There’s a reason for your now, don’t miss it or overlook it. Connect with me @thebloomingirlspod @toni_tonss on Instagram
1/19/202422 minutes, 26 seconds