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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 65 episodes, 1 day 12 hours 50 minutes
Hosted by the CEO and COO/CFO of Bittrex Global, the world's most secure cryptocurrency platform, we bring you an insider's perspective on all things crypto, from some of the biggest players in the space.
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The Bit Episode 66: Unraveling the Tron Ecosystem with H.E. Justin Sun

On the latest episode of The Bit, our host Michael Mouradian is joined by Tron Founder H.E. Justin Sun to discuss a range of topics, including Tron's position as the primary network for Tether (USDT) and its implications for the platform's future. Discover how Tron's high transaction capacity opens up possibilities for the underbanked and unbanked, providing access to previously out-of-reach financial services. Gain valuable insights into tokenizing Real-World Assets on Tron and explore the exciting roles and interconnections of tokens like BTT, NFT, WIN, SUN, JST, and USDD within the Tron ecosystem. Lastly, Justin shares his vision for Tron's future and discusses the regulatory landscape in Hong Kong and its impact on Tron's global presence. Tune in to this episode to gain exclusive insights into the future of one of the biggest web3 platforms in the global crypto ecosystem.     Download this episode of The Bit, and don’t fo
20/07/202327 minutes 5 seconds
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The Bit Episode 65: Explore Flare Network’s Data-Driven Platform

Tune in to the latest episode of The Bit as we dive into Flare Network, a layer-1 platform disrupting how decentralized data is utilized. Join our host, Michael Mouradian, Head of Digital Assets and Markets at Bittrex Global, as he engages in an insightful conversation with Hugo Philion, the Co-founder and CEO of Flare Network. Gain valuable insights into Flare's innovative technology, its seamless integration with Ethereum, the possibilities it offers for decentralized applications and more.    Download this episode of The Bit, and don’t forget to subscribe:  
11/07/202320 minutes 59 seconds
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Unlocking Direct Commerce, Featuring Bas Roos, Founder and CEO of Bistroo

On the latest episode of The Bit, Michael Mouradian sits down with Bas Roos of Bistroo, an e-commerce protocol revolutionizing direct commerce via blockchain technology. Listen to hear insights into the platform's remarkable growth rate and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on orders and new customers. Discover the unique features of the BIST token and its benefits to holders, as well as the vibrant community and growth dynamics surrounding Bistroo. Learn about their plans for short token integrations, opening up the protocol to external service providers, their vision for NFT-based loyalty systems and more.    Download this episode of The Bit, and don’t forget to subscribe:  
27/06/202319 minutes 40 seconds
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A Tour Around the Cardano Ecosystem, Featuring Michiel Bellen, Core Integrations Team Lead at the Cardano Foundation

On the latest episode of The Bit, Michael Mouradian sits down with Michael Bellen, Core Integrations Team Lead at the Cardano Foundation, to break down some of the latest developments on the Cardano network. From key technical upgrades that expanded utility on the blockchain to Web3’s role in driving ESG/climate initiatives, supporting humanitarian and relief causes and accelerating RWA tokenization, this episode provides a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about Cardano in 2023.     Download this episode of The Bit, and don’t forget to subscribe:  
14/06/202317 minutes 20 seconds
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​​A Brave New World: Revolutionizing Digital Advertising and Empowering the Web3 Ecosystem, Featuring Luke Mulks of Brave Software

  Discover the future of digital advertising and online privacy in the latest episode of The Bit, where Bittrex Global Head of Digital Assets and Markets Michael Mouradian speaks with Luke Mulks - VP of Business Operations at Brave Software - about the company's latest developments and what they have in store for 2023. Learn about the multichain Brave Wallet, Basic Attention Token’s (BAT) expansion into DeFi and NFTs and how Brave is empowering users, creators and advertisers globally. Tune in for an eye-opening conversation that will change how you perceive the online experience.  
02/05/202328 minutes 35 seconds
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Changing the Dynamics of Traditional Gaming, Featuring Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox

On the latest episode of The Bit, Michael Mouradian sits down with Sebastien Borget, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Sandbox, to discuss how one of the leading virtual worlds is changing the dynamics of the traditional gaming market. The Sandbox uses its blockchain-based metaverse to reward creators for the value they produce through user-generated content. The pair explore recent major brand partnerships, the primary benefits and use cases for a metaverse like The Sandbox, and what’s in store for the year ahead.
27/02/202329 minutes 53 seconds
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Using AI to Merge Traditional and Decentralized Finance, Featuring Jean Guillou of

On the latest episode of The Bit, Michael Mouradian sits down with Jean Guillou, Chief Investment Officer of, to discuss the use of proprietary technology on the platform, which incorporates blockchain and AI to bring together traditional finance and decentralized finance. The pair explore the decentralized wealth management platform through its on-chain solutions that facilitate automated investing and their recently released financial mobility app.   
13/02/202344 minutes 39 seconds
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Pushing Towards an Interoperable Web3 Future, Featuring Yves Larose of EOS Network Foundation

On the latest episode of The Bit, Michael Mouradian sits down with Yves Larose, the Executive Director and Founder of EOS Network Foundation, to discuss how the EOS is leveraging its technology to allow blockchains to scale horizontally without sacrificing security and decentralization. The pair dive deep into a conversation about the ever-changing web3 landscape, the push towards a multi-chain, interoperable future, and where exactly EOS fits into the equation.    
30/01/202348 minutes 34 seconds
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Making Web3 More Accessible, Featuring Austin Federa of Solana Foundation

On the latest episode of The Bit, Michael Mouradian sits down with Austin Federa, Head of Communications at Solana Foundation, to discuss how Solana differs from other networks regarding performance, security, interoperability, and its top-rated projects. The pair explore Solana’s evergrowing developer community, its major partnerships of the last 12 months, and the most recent updates on the Solana Web3 smartphone that looks to provide users quick, easy access to crypto through the device.
09/01/202334 minutes 4 seconds
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Making the World of DeFi More Accessible, Featuring Michel Stutz of

On the latest episode of The Bit, Chris Sinkey sits down with Michel Stutz, CEO of, to discuss the investment platform revolutionizing DeFi by combining centralized finance with decentralized finance while offering high yields on deposits. The pair explore how has  access to ample liquidity without over-collateralization and is able to provide users with unparalleled security.
26/10/202231 minutes 16 seconds