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English, Personal/Lifestyle/Family, 1 season, 10 episodes, 7 hours, 49 minutes
Teaching everyone how being stupid is the smartest thing you can do. The art of being so self obsessed that you forget about the dark aspects of your life. Bimbofication can help anyone of any age, gender or profession.
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Ep 11: Strict Babe 101

the ultimate guide to becoming a Strict Babe—a woman who knows her worth and demands nothing but the royal treatment in the dating realm. Tired of dealing with dusties, time wasters, and dream sellers? Look no further. Our host Fifi breaks down the 10 golden rules that will transform you into the ultimate enigma—the girl who won't settle for anything less than being a priority and receiving princess treatment. From setting unapologetic standards to navigating the dating landscape with grace, Fifi shares personal anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom to empower you to take charge of your dating destiny. It's time to embrace your inner queen and kick those mediocre suitors to the curb.
11/27/202356 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep 10: Woah it's me

In this episode I talk about how to stop identifying yourself as a victim, changing your identity through killing old beliefs and making new ones.
11/4/202337 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep 9: Sprinkle Sprinkle

After my long break I have finally made an episode, this episode was all about dating, all about SheraSeven and the mindset you have to have to avoid getting played. I also shared my own unethical dating observations that you should or should not take.
10/22/202349 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep 8: Shrink Yourself

In this episode I speak about becoming your own shrink/therapist, trusting your intuition, knowing the difference between ego vs gut feeling, relying on yourself and acting on your best ideas and also different methods to train your mind to do whats best for you especially in stressful sistuations. Sorry for the long wait since my last episode! I have been making major decisions in my life but I have decided I want to continue to share my life and thoughts with you and I wanna thank you for all the Support!
1/5/202337 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ep 6: don't care, didn't ask + i'm hot

In this episode of the bimbo manifesto, I spoke about how people can rain on your parade with their own self limiting believing can come onto you in forms of unsolicited advice in attempts to humble you and make you feel small. Then I spoke about the predatory behaviour of the males in the industry, disguising themselves as mentors or people trying to help you in order to set you up so you owe them something to ultimately sleep with you. Then I finally talked about the monstrosity of Drakes album release party for "Honestly, Nevermind" and how the girlies were acting an absolute FOOL!.
6/18/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ep 5: How to Boil Frogs

In this episode of the Bimbo Manifesto I speak about the boiling frog analogy and how people will train you to deal with their disrespect. I also speak about decentering romantic relationships from your life, especially as a woman so you dont become a boiling frog. I do love bimbofication but I will be entering my era of teaching people how to live a "soft life" whether thats dealing with people or just everyday situations, choosing the path of least resistance and making decisions that make your life easier is the key to peace and happiness. 
4/20/202257 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep 4: April Showers Brings May Flowers

In this episode of the bimbo manifesto I go over the analogy of 'april showers brings may flowers' and how it teaches us from young how to switch your mindset when difficult moments come into play. I also talk about friendships overall, having boundaries in friendships and red flags as well as green flags to look out for. I deleted the other recording of episode 4 so this is technically episode 5 
4/15/202247 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep 3: Pink Lemonade Bandits

In episode three I speak about the real pandemic of Pink Lemonade bandits and 30k millionaires- the men are getting sassy and acting like bad bitches and we have to put a stop to it. I also get into a rules for bimbofication in dating that will help you prevent being played and put you on game that will get you never hurt again. Finally I dig deep into my past relationship and I broke free from my own trauma bond- it gets dark so if it triggers you please skip this last part. I am so sorry for the wait but it is finally here and I made it way longer as requested. 
3/23/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ep 1: Aristotle But Hotter

My first episode of my podcast! I answer the questions to what bimbofication is, what is a himbo and the rules and controversy to bimbofication. 
1/3/202229 minutes, 20 seconds