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What happens when a young woman has her life turned upside down after a traumatic health diagnosis? She yearns and learns to thrive! Join lifestyle blogger and survivor Mariam as she shares tips on leading a happy, healthy, and elegantly inspired life. Each week Mariam interviews people that are making a difference in lifestyle, wellness, beauty and more to bring you life changing value and awe inspiring stories. What can you expect as a listener? The questions and answers you need to take action in your life. Each episode is conversational, entertaining, and informative.
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The best self tan with St. Tropez tanning expert Sophie Evans

World's best self tanning expert, Sophie Evans, shares her tips on how to achieve the perfect self tan at home with St. Tropez products. You won't find this information anywhere else. We chat about the best tips to look and feel like glowing all year round. These tips are for anyone (men and women) who want a perfect tan at home! Sophie and I chat about do's and don's of prep, application, and after care. We also talk about how empowering changing your appearance can be to the soul.Listen now anywhere you listen to podcasts.To get all the products featured in this episode go to: show notes, product links, and more tips.If you enjoyed this episode, leave a positive review and rating on iTunes. Subscribe for more episodes each week that help you move forward in your life by giving you the best wellness, mindset, beauty, and business tips from experts around the world.
05/05/202042 minutes 47 seconds
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Creating a six figure business and dealing with mindset roadblocks with Jennifer Jaden

Long time mentor, Jennifer Jaden, chats with Mariam about how to grow and scale your business or blog. Mariam and Jennifer chat about what mental and physical roadblocks they've had to deal with when building their own businesses and how to overcome them. They also chat about the state of influencer marketing, what it takes to grow a successful blog, and the steps you need to take to charge more in your business.Get the show notes for this episode at your FREE guide to grow and scale your influencer business, link in show notes. This episode is sponsored by The Blog Atelier, an influencer education and management platform.RATE, REVIEW, & SUBSCRIBER for a chance to win!If you rate, review, and subscribe to the show, you will be entered in a chance to win an Amazon or PayPal giftcard worth $50! Simply rate, review, and subscribe to the s
16/04/202039 minutes 14 seconds
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Improving Home Fitness Routines and Optimizing Nutrition with Grant Mooney Fitness

Today we're joined by Grant Mooney Fitness to learn how to improve your at home fitness routines during self isolation and how to optimize your nutrition to achieve your fitness goals. We're all trying our best to stay fit and Grant shares his tips on working out at home from his experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coaching.
07/04/202038 minutes 27 seconds
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Using positivity and humor to get through trauma and heal with Princess Diane von Brainisfried

This week we're joined by Princess Diana von Brainisfried, a breast cancer survivor and author who used the power of positivity and humor to help herself get through her cancer journey and ultimately heal. Learn how both Diana and Mariam used the concept of energy and humor (or dark humor) to help them succeed and build their brands. They also talk about the power of personal branding and how you can do it too.
24/03/202054 minutes 51 seconds
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Dr. Gus Vickery on improving your sleep, changing habits, and achieving your health goals

Most people face chronic health issues. Facing tiredness, brain fog, poor sleep, and anxiety - these metabolic conditions are conditions Dr. Gus Vickery aims to treat for all Americans. He sits down with Mariam to share how we can all achieve ultra health and wellness, resort our health, and improve our sleep. We can reduce the need for medication by healing chronic conditions through our lifestyles.
17/03/20201 hour 58 seconds
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Kristen Taekman on filming for RHONY, inside the modeling industry, and tips on starting a blog

Kristen Taekman joins Mariam to chat about her time on RHONY and what it was like filming for reality tv, how she started modeling, what it takes to succeed in the industry, and how to start a blog of your own.--Get full show notes on: us on Instagram: @bijoushow
05/02/202038 minutes 26 seconds
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Dr. Tamika Henry on developing personal well-being and creating a healthier lifestyle

Look, your body is the framework for success. In order to succeed in your life, jobs, relationships, you need to make sure your well being is developed. Dr. Tamika Henry is a functional medicine physician who is going to be teaching you how to embrace a healthier lifestyle though food, working out, and mindfulness practices. Start living and maxing our your life TODAY with these tips.
02/10/201955 minutes 20 seconds
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Becky of Clean Mama on creating a clean space, getting organized for success, and establishing routines

Becky of Clean Mama chats with Mariam about how a clean home can lead to more fulfillment, inspiration, and success. Decluttering and tidying up can have a major impact on our stamina, health, and mindset. Shift your habits now as Becky teaches us her world renowned cleaning and organizational tips! Put these tips into use and watch as your space transforms before your very eyes.
17/09/201946 minutes 34 seconds
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Dr. Scott Symington on breaking free from anxious thoughts and feelings

You're not human if you've never had an anxious thought or feeling. And most of the time, these feelings cause great anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks. Dr. Scott Symington, clinical psychologist and author of: Freedom From Anxious Thoughts and Feelings, chats with Mariam about why so many people have mood disorders and how anyone can break free from worry, fear, and anxiety, using his 2 screen method.
10/09/201948 minutes 28 seconds
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Genevieve St-Cyr on transforming and healing your gut and getting rid of toxic lifestyle choices

Functional medicine health coach, Genevieve St-Cyr talks to Mariam about how gut health can be a big factor in your overall health. Symptoms like acne and bloating can be some of the warning signs of a bad gut. Listen to learn more about how to take care of your gut, heal it, and make sure you're making the right lifestyle choices to stay healthy and happy.
04/09/201958 minutes 2 seconds
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BIJOU SPECIAL Pt 1: Deputy Brandon Schaefer on everyday safety tips, avoiding danger, and emergency preparedness

In this two part Bijou Show special, Deputy Brandon Schaefer from the Williamson County Sheriffs Office shares his tips on everyday safety measures for civilians. We chat about how NOT to be the next victim and how you can prepare yourself and your community for emergency situations such as active shootings and natural disasters. 
27/08/201951 minutes 8 seconds
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BIJOU SPECIAL Pt 2: Lieutenant Grayson Kennedy on LIVE PD, being an officer, keeping faith, and community impact through television

Lieutenant Grayson Kennedy of the Williamson County Sheriffs Office and star of A&E's hit TV show, LIVE PD, talks to Mariam about how the show has impacted his community, what training to become a law enforcement officer is like, how to help your local agency, and how faith carries him on through his work.
27/08/201935 minutes 57 seconds
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Ken Coleman on finding your passion and dream job, creating a stand out resume, and nailing that next interview

Ken Coleman of Ramsey Solutions and host of the Ken Coleman show sits down with Mariam to talk about how to find your passion and dream job. His expert career tips also cover how to create a stand out resume, get that networking opportunity, and nailing your next interview! If you are ready to change your life, this episode is for you.
20/08/201937 minutes 26 seconds
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Dr. Iyabo Ojikutu on finding permanent happiness and changing the world using your gifts

Pediatrician and Author of Permanent Happiness, Dr. Iyabo Ojikutu, shares her tips to Mariam and listeners about finding true happiness by nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Iyabo was motivated to write two books in four months after her father's death. She inspired herself and is now inspiring others to move through grief and use their passions and skills to change the world.
13/08/201945 minutes 40 seconds
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Ocean Robbins on reversing and preventing disease with food, toxic lifestyles, and lies food brands tell us

Author and Food Revolution Network founder Ocean Robbins chats with Mariam about how to reverse and prevent disease using food, how to live a toxin free lifestyle, and what major food brands don't want to tell you about their advertising and products. His family walked away from the Baskin Robbins fortunate to start a food revolution that has inspired thousands of people to change their lives.
06/08/201953 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 0: Welcome to the Bijou Show!

Mariam gives her first welcome and hello for the Bijou Show. Learn what this show is about and why Mariam decided to start podcasting. New episodes come out each Tuesday and are here to inspire you, educate, and entertain. Stay tuned!
05/08/20192 minutes 14 seconds