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Where there is darkness, there is an immense opportunity for light.The Big Silence aims to normalize conversations around mental health and empower people to turn their challenges into triumphs. Hosted by Karena Dawn – mental health advocate, wellness entrepreneur, co-founder of Tone It Up, and New York Times bestselling author – The Big Silence is creating a safe space to share our story, and for you to share yours.Like so many, Karena has experienced profound grief and trauma. Growing up with a mother diagnosed with paranoid-schizophrenia, her childhood was filled with traumatic experiences that resulted in repressed emotions of guilt, shame, depression, and eventually, a suicide attempt. Though filled with this darkness, Karena was able to find deep joy. And with The Big Silence, she's creating a space for you to find that joy, too.This podcast will feature in-depth conversations with psychologists, spiritual leaders, public figures, friends, and anyone who has been impacted by a mental health condition – either themselves, or through a family member or a friend.Suffering in silence only reinforces the stigma behind mental health issues and builds boundaries that prevent healing. Wherever you are, whatever you're going through, you have a spark of greatness inside of you.No more embarrassment, no more shame, only healing.--A non-profit 501(c)3, The Big Silence Foundation provides resources and support to anyone directly or indirectly impacted by mental illness.'The Big Silence' theme song was written and performed by James Nicholas Kinney.Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein.
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82. How To Create Heaven on Earth & More Lessons From the Spirit World with Medium Rebecca Rosen

We can learn some of our greatest life lessons from those who have passed on. Today, we have a spiritual medium on the podcast for the first time ever. This incredible conversation brought me to tears of joy. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.Rebecca Rosen is an internationally acclaimed medium, speaker, and author of the new book, What’s Your Heaven? Her mission is to open the lines of communication between our world and the spirit world. In this illuminating chat, Rebecca shares exactly what a medium is and how she connects with spirits. We explore the essential choice between fear and love, and how we can all create our own version of heaven on Earth. Rebecca gives advice on how to tap into your intuition, recognize signs, and make contact with your loved ones. We also talk about simple ways to cultivate gratitude and joy in your everyday life.As we were recording this episode, my mother connected and spoke to me though Rebecca. And she said the one t
15/11/202341 minutes 23 seconds
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81. Who Is Caring for Our Healthcare Workers? Mental Health & Nursing with Dr. Donna Gaffney & Nicole Foster

Nurses are on the frontlines caring for us, but how can they best care for their own mental and physical health? In today’s episode of The Big Silence, we pose the question to psychotherapist and psychiatric mental health nurse Dr. Donna Gaffney and wellness coach Nicole Foster.Donna and Nicole are the authors of the new book, Courageous Well-Being For Nurses. This book – and today’s warm hug of a conversation – are for you if you are a nurse, know a nurse, or want to be inspired by a nurse. No matter what your career path, you’ll learn new ways to prioritize your wellness. We explore how to break the stigma of healthcare professionals asking for help, themselves. Donna and Nicole share advice on how to create boundaries between your work and home life, how to fit nourishing foods and movement into a busy schedule, and how to cultivate connection and combat loneliness. We also talk about the residual effects of the pandemic on healthcare workers and touch on how t
08/11/202341 minutes 58 seconds
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80. Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Psychedelic Therapy with Derek Du Chesne & Dr. Sam Zand

I’m really excited to dig into a new topic you’ve been asking about – psychedelic therapy. Today, Derek Du Chesne and Dr. Sam Zand demystify the sometimes controversial practice and explain how it is transforming the future of mental health treatment. Derek and Dr. Zand are the co-founders of Better U, an alternative mental health platform that offers at-home ketamine therapy and other holistic healing modalities. Their mission is to evolve our understanding of mental health – shifting the conversation from mental illness to mental wellness. In today’s episode, Derek and Dr. Zand break down what ketamine therapy actually is, and how it’s different from the party drug and “horse tranquilizer” you may have heard of. We talk about how psychedelic therapy is used as just one part of a holistic approach to move through depression, anxiety, and grief – exploring how ketamine allows people to quiet their inner programming to uncover hidden perspective, purpose, and
01/11/20231 hour 2 minutes 26 seconds
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79. Revisiting Narcissism: Identifying a Narcissist in Your Life with Dr. Jaimie Zuckerman

Today’s re-air puts the spotlight back on Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, aka Dr. Z. She's a national expert in narcissistic abuse and a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of adults with anxiety and mood disorders. She's also a relationship coach and she has her own podcast.We break down narcissistic personality disorder, harmful Disney messaging, golden child syndrome manipulation, and how to have a healthy relationship with a narcissist who could be a family member, a parent, a sibling. This is a commonly requested topic, and a complicated one to try and understand through the lens of logic. In this world, empathy is transactional, confidence is a performance, and there is always a motive. Dr. Jaimie delivered so much insight, it’s worth a second listen. If you've ever thought you may have been in a narcissistic romantic relationship, or if, in the workplace, you possibly have a narcissist and you don't know how to manage that and be a
25/10/202340 minutes 18 seconds
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78. Listen to Your Gut: Food as Medicine, Gut Health & Intuition in Entrepreneurship with Kerry Song

On this beautiful new day, we welcome the talented Kerry Song to chat about my favorite topics – healthy eating, mental wellness, and impact-driven entrepreneurship. Kerry is the founder and CEO of Abbot’s Butcher, a brand that makes delicious, plant-based meats from quality, ethically-sourced ingredients. Kerry has always been driven by a mission to serve others. While working with a marketing team for Tony Robbins, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that turned her life upside down. Through her own journey, she discovered the healing power of plant-based eating. On this path, she realized that there were no options for vegan meats that were truly healthy and free of chemicals and additives. So, she did what a driven person does with a good idea – she launched Abbot’s Butcher and grew a mindful, modern brand from the ground up. Today, she shares her career journey and gives advice for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. We talk about how
18/10/202345 minutes 22 seconds
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77. Secrets of a Top Trainer: Fitness Motivation & Finding Inner Strength with Eric Rakofsky

Personal trainer and amateur boxer, Eric Rakofsky, has always been a fighter. After a challenging upbringing and losing his father at a young age, Eric found purpose in his passion for fitness. He now helps his clients – including influential CEOs and supermodels – connect with their inner strength, in and out of the gym. Eric is also a trainer at my favorite gym in Austin, The Kollective. I’m excited to share his story today.In this episode, Eric opens up about his childhood in Brooklyn and how he processed grief following his father’s death. He shares how he discovered freedom and healing in movement. We talk about how to shift out of a victim mentality, and get Eric’s valuable advice to stay present through life’s challenges. He also tells us about his recent treatment for thyroid cancer and the important life lessons that experience taught him. Plus, tune in for his tips on how to get started on a fitness journey, ways to find motivation after a br
11/10/202357 minutes 14 seconds
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76. Rewrite Your Inner Story: How To Shift Your Self-Talk & Live Fearlessly with Katie Horwitch

Let’s talk about self-talk. How you speak to yourself sets the tone for everything else in your life. That’s why I’m so excited to welcome Katie Horwitch – passionate writer, mindset coach, and women’s empowerment activist – to The Big Silence podcast today.Katie is the founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Self-Talk, a platform that gives women tools, motivation, and inspiration to shift their internal conversations in a more positive direction. Her first book, Want Your Self: Shift Your Self-Talk and Unearth The Strength In Who You Were All Along, comes out on October 3rd.In today’s episode, Katie shares a robust toolkit and tangible tips to transform your self-talk – and these aren’t your typical BS Instagrammable platitudes! Outlining key lessons from her book, we explore the difference between self-love and self-like, how to navigate comparison mode on social media, and insightful ways to face your inner critic. Katie also shares her personal gratitu
04/10/202352 minutes 26 seconds
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75. How to Build Unbreakable Confidence & Resilience with Demi-Leigh Tebow

I’m so excited to welcome Demi-Leigh Tebow, a powerhouse entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and former Miss South Africa and Miss Universe to the show today. After a traumatic carjacking experience, Demi dove into learning about gender-based violence and human trafficking. She then founded Unbreakable, a confidence-building conference that educates, empowers, and equips women to overcome challenges and break barriers. Today, she opens up about the carjacking experience and how she trusted her intuition to fight back. We explore her healing journey through trauma counseling and EMDR therapy. We also talk about ways to tackle our everyday lives with confidence, how a small act can make a big impact, and Demi’s #1 practice for her mental health. Plus, she shares a genius tip for holding yourself accountable and staying motivated in your workout routine. Demi radiates strength, optimism, and resilience. I know you’ll be inspired by her story and unbreakable miss
27/09/202344 minutes 18 seconds
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74. Rewriting 50+ Years of Mental Health Stigma: A Raw Conversation with Rocker Snake Sabo

Snake Sabo spent years suffering in silence, afraid to talk about his experiences with severe depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-harm. Now, he speaks openly about his journey and shares our passion for breaking the stigma around mental health. We’re thrilled to welcome Snake Sabo, a legendary musician and the guitarist of heavy metal band Skid Row. In this vulnerable conversation, Snake opens up about receiving a mental health diagnosis in the 1970s, before any information or support was available to him. He shares stories of overcoming generational trauma, abuse, and self-harm as a teenager. We talk about how he found his calling as a musician, how he got his nickname from Jon Bon Jovi, and the healing power of music. We also explore how he supports his mental health on tour, and the tools he turns to today to manage anxiety and depression. What stands out to me the most is how the stigmas Snake faced in the 70s and 80s still persist today. “The big silen
20/09/20231 hour 23 minutes 18 seconds
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73. You Can Transform the World: An Unforgettable Conversation with Marianne Williamson

It is a great honor to have bestselling author, spiritual leader, and 2024 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on the podcast. She has changed millions of lives – including mine, I have been following her work since I started my own spiritual journey in my 20s – and she continues to do so every day with her deep passion and purpose for healing our world. In this dynamic, thought-provoking conversation, Marianne and I talk about how we as individuals can impact the collective. We explore the intersectionality of mental health, how to protect America’s youth, how to bring less fear into politics, and ways to create a more compassionate society. Marianne also speaks on the importance of owning your inner light as a means to enlighten others, believing we each have the power, and the responsibility, to bring light into the darkness. “There are forces in the world that would bring you down, and there is a spirit in us all that would lift us up.” That is her
13/09/202347 minutes 47 seconds
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72. Connect With Your Inner Knowing: A Revealing Conversation with Kimberly Van Der Beek & Peggy Rometo

I am thrilled to welcome Kimberly Van Der Beek and Peggy Rometo to the show. Recently, I chatted with them on their amazing podcast, Bathroom Chronicles, instantly falling in love with their warm energy, vulnerability, and deep insights. I know you will too!Peggy is a spiritual teacher and world-renowned energy expert who helps others discover their intuitive gifts. Kimberly was a strategic advisor, producer, and activist before marrying actor James Van Der Beek, having six children, and moving their family to a ranch outside of Austin. From the ranch’s rustic bathroom, Kimberly and Peggy co-host Bathroom Chronicles, which gives a microphone to the honest, hilarious, and revealing conversations women have in the bathroom. In today’s episode, we have a revealing conversation of our own. We talk about how Peggy and Kimberly met (at the same retreat Kimberly met James) and how they sustain and strengthen their friendship through the ebbs and flows of lived experience
06/09/202356 minutes 39 seconds
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71. Are You Living Like You Mean It? And More Big Questions With Author & Cancer Thriver Kris Carr

We’re all going to die. But how many of us live along the way?That is the question that wellness leader, Kris Carr, poses to the community today. After following one another for many years, she finally joins us on the podcast for a deep dive into her journey and mission.As a New York Times bestselling author, wellness activist, and cancer thriver, Kris leads the charge in the fight against disease, empowering people to take back their physical and mental health. You’ll hear examples of her own strength throughout the conversation; we can all learn from how she lives with perseverance, positivity, and presence. In this episode, we talk about Kris’s journey with stage 4 cancer. At 31, she was given 10 years to live. 20 years later, she is not only surviving – but thriving. Kris also shares how she coped with grief and survivor’s guilt in the wake of her father’s death. We talk vulnerably about the hard conversations you face when you’re losing a p
30/08/202350 minutes 2 seconds
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70. Resilience as a Superpower: Tone It Up Girl Katrina Surdi’s Story of Loss, Love & Community

I’m honored to introduce you to Katrina Surdi, a radiant Tone It Up girl, mental health advocate, devoted kindergarten teacher, and certified yoga instructor. Katrina has been a leader in the Tone It Up community for more than twelve years, where she has forged lifelong friendships and motivated others with her strength, positivity, and vibrant spirit. You can count me as one of the countless women who Katrina has inspired. Despite facing tragedy and addiction in her family, Katrina remains a shining light. Resilience is her superpower, and she shares it with everyone in her life. She shows us that resilience doesn’t have to look a certain way, and that overcoming grief is an ongoing process.In this vulnerable conversation, Katrina talks about her experiences losing family members and friends, tips for resilience, and advice for helping others navigate grief. We also explore how she nurtures her own physical and mental health through exercise, yoga, me
23/08/20231 hour 15 minutes 39 seconds
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69. Unmasking Resilience: From Messy Minds to Mental Mastery with Dr. Caroline Leaf

We are truly honored to welcome Dr. Caroline Leaf, a renowned communication pathologist, audiologist, and clinical and cognitive neuroscientist with an expertise in psychoneurobiology and metacognitive neuropsychology. For over four decades, Dr. Leaf has been at the forefront of mind-brain research, tirelessly exploring the profound ways our minds shape our brains, control our thoughts, and ultimately define our mental well-being. Drawing from her own rich history in the field, and as the host of the widely popular podcast of her own – Cleaning Up the Mental Mess – she has been instrumental in changing lives through her bestselling books, leading research, and innovative interventions. In this episode, we dive deep into topics like the changing landscape of mental health diagnosis, the uniqueness of every mind, the critical role of open discussions during tumultuous times like divorce, and the groundbreaking work behind the NeuroCycle app. We also touch upon
16/08/20231 hour 2 minutes 38 seconds
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68. Falling into Fulfillment: Unraveling the Inspiring Story & Deep Impact of Jenna Phillips Ballard

Jenna Phillips Ballard remembers experiencing severe depression as a teen, crippled by a fear of being misunderstood, bullied by classmates, ruminating on the experience of her own funeral. Then, she fell – suffering a traumatic head injury that would influence the rest of her life.Today, we’re joined by a powerhouse woman, leader, coach, trainer, author, and now – musician! Jenna Phillips Ballard has worked with the biggest names in the entertainment industry (this conversation includes mention of Ben Stiller, Katy Perry, Blink 182, even Beyonce!).During this time she was one of LA’s most sought-after fitness experts and a guest on shows such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors. She has been featured on KTLA, Good Morning LaLa Land, and The American Dream Show and featured in Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, and Madame Figaro magazines.In 2009, she discovered the world of emotional intelligence, experiential training, and somatic practices. She then realized she had a b
09/08/202356 minutes 44 seconds
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67. MacKenzie Bourg’s Journey through Adversity, Grief & Healing Through Music

I am thrilled to have MacKenzie Bourg as our guest today. MacKenzie has carved out a unique path in the world of music. From being an aspiring athlete in Lafayette, Louisiana, to battling a life-threatening virus that triggered congestive heart failure, his journey has been anything but conventional.In this episode, he illuminates how his inability to be physically active at a young age fueled his passion for music and led him to incredible opportunities. On NBC's The Voice and FOX's American Idol, he reached the Top 4 and garnered a loyal fanbase, the "MacPack." Bourg's latest accomplishment includes his 2023 single "sad on the weekend," released with PREACH Records, and the placement of "good day" in a national IKEA TV and radio campaign. MacKenzie discusses the mental health challenges he has faced; adjusting to life post The Voice and American Idol and opening up about the mindset shifts and personal growth he has experienced through his music career. MacKenzi
02/08/202331 minutes 47 seconds
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66. Healing After A Toxic Relationship: Finding Harmony in Self-Love with Dr. Najwa Zebian

Today, on The Big Silence, we’re joined by Dr. Najwa Zebian, renowned activist, author, speaker, and educator in the mental health and relationships space. Her multifaceted self-help audiobook, Conversations on Letting Go, is a TBS favorite – packed with real-world advice and introspective thought exercises to help people get through the hard times and enjoy the good ones. We cover her inspired path as an educator of young refugees, writer, and mental health advocate – dipping into existentialism, how and why we do the things we do, and set forth ways to hack the system for joy and contentment. Touching on toxic relationships, infidelity, trust, and forgiveness – we reckon with ego and wrestle with the ultimate truth of it all – that we can’t, and never will, control the actions of others. As always, thank you for tuning in and supporting the show. If you’re looking for mental health support or want to donate to Therapy For All, our fund that helps people get
19/07/202352 minutes 39 seconds
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65. What is Long COVID? And How to Move Forward with Dr. James C. Jackson

Today’s guest, Dr. James C. Jackson, is an internationally renowned expert on long COVID and its effects on cognitive and mental health functioning. He is a research professor of Medicine and Psychiatry at Vanderbilt, where he is also the co-founder and director of Behavioral Health at the award-winning ICU Recovery Center, one of the first comprehensive clinical resources devoted to diagnosing and treating survivors of both mild and critical illness, including those who survived COVID-19. He and his team created the first psychologist-led long COVID support groups in the United States early in the pandemic and continue to offer multiple groups every week. He is the author of Clearing the Fog: From Surviving to Thriving with Long COVID. In today’s episode, we dive into what long COVID is, how to identify the symptoms, and tips for how to better live with its effects on your life and mental health. Dr. Jackson openly shares about his own mental health journey
12/07/202345 minutes 26 seconds
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64. Bobby & Karena AMA: Lessons from Our 10-Year Relationship, Tips for Calming Race Day Anxiety & More

It’s been a while since Bobby and I have gotten together for an AMA, so we’re back with a Wine Not Wednesday AMA episode! As we’re sipping on our Slate Theory Wine, we talk about our first impressions of each other and reflect on my growth, from a shy introvert to being more confident in myself and my mission in this world.We give our honest tips for a healthy marriage and what’s been important to our relationship over the last ten years – describing how we navigate having different hobbies and interests, and unpack how we’ve evolved as individuals, and as a couple, throughout our time together. Overcoming challenges has been instrumental to our confidence journeys. So with that in mind, we share our experiences with race day anxiety and advice on what has helped us the most. And we answer a few rapid fire questions, like what’s our favorite book right now, our favorite food at Ski Shores, our go-to Austin lakefront restaurant, favorite guilty pleasure TV show, co
05/07/202345 minutes 10 seconds
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63. Brain Breakthroughs: Investing in New Mental Health Technology with Dr. Amy Kruse

Today’s guest Dr. Amy Kruse is the General Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Satori Neuro, a stage-agnostic venture fund focused on mental health, neurotechnology, and human flourishing. Amy leverages her decades of experience as a neuroscientist and her prior roles as an operator and a government program manager to discover transformational companies addressing the largest mental health, brain health, and wellness challenges and opportunities. She also draws on her expertise to support Satori Neuro’s portfolio companies as they evaluate and overcome scientific and implementation challenges, with a specific emphasis on deploying complex technology into real-world environments.In this really cool conversation you’ll learn about the exciting work Dr. Amy is doing to invest in new brain and mental health technologies that will create more access and treatment options to those who need it. She shares the importance of sleep on brain health and how to improve your sleep hygi
22/06/202349 minutes 50 seconds
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62. Unlocking the Mind-Body Connection Through Therabody Wellness Technology with Dr. Jason Wersland

Today, we’re talking all about integrating the mind and body through innovative technologies with Dr. Jason Wersland, the Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody. He is deeply involved in Therabody’s R&D process, starting with the invention of Theragun, the world’s first handheld percussive therapy device, to leading a team of scientists and engineers in creating the brand’s full ecosystem of wellness technologies. Having started his wellness career as a chiropractor, Dr. Jason has dedicated his life to giving people access to products that can enhance their health and well-being.In this episode, we talk about the history of Therabody and the motorcycle accident that led Jason to create what he needed to heal, how your trauma can bring about blessings, and the benefits of and modalities for getting out of your head and into your body. We also talk about new Therabody technologies like the TheraLounger and TheraMind, with sound frequencies that activate
14/06/202335 minutes 52 seconds
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61. Redefining Your Purpose with 2-time Olympian Trey Hardee

Today's guest, joining us live in The Big Silence studio, is Trey Hardee, 2-time World Champion and 2-time Olympian (Silver in 2012) in the Decathlon. Trey was the World’s #1 ranked Decathlete four times throughout his career while racking up 4 US titles. A 7-time All-American, he also set the Collegiate Record in the Decathlon – no big deal.Trey is also an ambassador for Flatwater Foundation, a group dedicated to providing mental health therapies surrounding a cancer diagnosis, and a coach at my gym in Austin, the Kollective.He retired in 2017 and this is a discussion about his journey from world's greatest athlete to a man without a purpose. We talk about how he handled defeat and rebounded from “failure,” overcoming injuries and cultivating mental toughness, the low point he hit after retirement and how he began seeking help, the treatment that changed everything for him and how he has found purpose in this new phase of life. Trey is now sharing his stor
07/06/20231 hour 26 minutes 47 seconds
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60. What Is Healthy? Reframing Food Language & Diet Lifestyle with Kim Shapira, MS, RD

Today’s super informed guest on The Big Silence is Kim Shapira, MS, RD, a practicing celebrity dietitian and nutrition therapist for the last 25 years. She’s famous for her 6 rules to develop and sustain a normal relationship with food, which forms the outline of her new book, This Is What You’re Really Hungry For, and our insightful conversation, today.Kim specializes in helping people lose weight with a healthy mindset, the deep connections between mental health and eating, and disordered eating – all subjects we unpack in this episode. Surviving a rare health diagnosis, a dozen surgeries, and Epstein Bar as a youth – her story is one of triumph over pain, starring holistic practices and clean, mindful eating.We begin by carefully reframing diet language – identifying triggers and where/when/how we develop our highly unique coping mechanisms – before going deep on her 6 rules and applying them to your life.Resources:Website: <a href="
24/05/202344 minutes 10 seconds
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59. Sasha Pieterse on Knowing Your Value, Rejection Resilience, PCOS & Motherhood

I am so excited to have Sasha Pieterse-Sheaffer on the show. A passionate actress, author, and entrepreneur, she’s been an actress for 22 years with the privilege of working on some fantastic television shows and films, including the hit series Pretty Little Liars.&nbsp;She’s also the author of In Good Taste, a book inspired by her love of hosting and passion for healthy living. Sasha is a proud wife and mother (her favorite role) and most recently, podcast host!We touch on all the juicy stuff in this one… Growing up in Hollywood and her experience as a child actor, how to speak your mind and #notbeanasshole, how she and her husband work together, body shaming in the public eye, her journey with PCOS, postpartum depression and motherhood, and what confronting rejection has taught her.&nbsp;Sasha's newest venture, the Women In The Nude podcast, is a passion project exploring the issues facing women today, from body positivity to mental health, sex, and more. Make
17/05/202344 minutes 31 seconds
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58. Miki Agrawal on Disrupting Culture, Growing from Trauma & Healing Relationship Ruptures

Today's guest is Miki Agrawal. Miki is a social entrepreneur, advisor, and investor who uses creativity and disruptive innovation to challenge the status quo and change culture. She is the founder of several acclaimed social enterprises: TUSHY, THINX and WILD (collectively valued at over 200 million). She is also the author of the #1 best-selling books Do Cool Sh*t and Disrupt-Her.&nbsp;She passionately speaks about her 15 years of entrepreneurial adventures, from inventing products in taboo categories, to creatively launching them, to marketing and scaling them exponentially, to dealing with shocking setbacks – and shares her colorful, authentic revelations along the way.We also unpack how growing up in a multicultural environment allowed her to see the world through various lenses and led the way to her becoming an entrepreneur and innovator, raising money for her first project at 18.&nbsp;Miki has truly found and stuck to her zone of genius, cultivated authen
10/05/202345 minutes 44 seconds
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57. Master Your Stress: Boosting Energy & Beating Burnout with Dr. Doni Wilson

Today's guest on The Big Silence is Dr. Doni Wilson, a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, certified nutrition specialist, and author of Master Your Stress, Reset For Health. We go deep on stress, how it manifests in our bodies and minds, long term effects, and ways to effectively manage it in our day-to-day lives.Her diverse background makes her an expert on stress as it relates to women who are pregnant or in labor, how the foods we eat can affect mood and energy levels, and even creative stress – like birthing a book! I also relay a few listener questions related to how stress directly impacts our physical health (weight fluctuations, hormones, cortisol, moods – all the good stuff) as stress is such a hot topic for so many of us.As always, thank you for tuning in and for supporting this foundation and our mission to educate and connect people on all things mental health. So many great conversations, programs, and ideas have been created and shared –
03/05/202354 minutes 38 seconds
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56. Mike Lee & Angie Lee: Managing Stress & Depression, Healing with Humor & CBD

Brother and sister duo and Soul co-founders, Mike and Angie Lee, are here to share how they’ve made transitions in their career journeys and found natural solutions to managing ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Angie is a highly sought after marketing mentor, keynote speaker, professional podcaster, and serial entrepreneur. Mike is a world-ranked professional boxer who has fought in some of the world’s most iconic arenas in front of millions of fans.&nbsp;In 2014, Mike was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, which almost ended his career. Mike began searching for natural alternatives which led him to discover CBD and all of its incredible physical and mental benefits. Newly inspired, Angie and Mike founded Soul with the goal to help others with similar struggles, and have grown the business and product line with the ethos of having fun and striving for balance in all areas of life.In this episode, we talk about all the ways Mike and Angie have le
26/04/202356 minutes 54 seconds
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55. Well Balanced: Managing Anxiety, Living Authentically & Embracing Play with Liz Plosser

Today's guest needs no introduction. Liz Plosser is the Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health. She's been passionately reporting and editing health, fitness, nutrition, sexual health, and mental health content for her entire career. She has a 360-degree outlook on the wellness world, having worked across platforms at print magazines (Self, Cosmopolitan), with video (CosmoBody), overseeing content and strategy for brands like SoulCycle, and as SVP of Content in the digital space (Well+Good).Liz is a strong, powerhouse woman I’m lucky to have known for the past 10 years. She’s someone I look up to and a wonderful friend. In this beautiful conversation we talk about Liz’s inspiring career journey, the pressure of being in a leadership role, and how she manages the anxiety that comes with being in a public facing position - especially as an introvert.Liz opens up about things she hasn’t shared before, like why she doesn’t drink alcohol, her daily wellness routine that helps ke
19/04/202346 minutes 33 seconds
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54. From Burnout to Balance: Navigating High-Functioning Codependency with Terri Cole

Terri Cole is back for her third appearance on the podcast. Terri is a licensed psychotherapist, global empowerment and relationship expert with a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and actionable. In this episode, we explore the toxic patterns and cycles women experience that keep us stressed and burned out. Whether it’s in relation to our career, external relationships or the relationship with ourselves, Terri gives us some helpful questions to ask ourselves to identify where we need to make a change.&nbsp;Terri shares her definition of high functioning codependency and how it can show up in our lives, how to set healthy boundaries by learning to give up our need for control, how to support others without taking on the burden of their problems. She gives her therapeutic insight on the most productive thing you can ask yourself if you’re going through divorce, and why people cheat on their partners. We also explore the concept of false vs true self, ho
12/04/202348 minutes 46 seconds
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53. Mind Over Matter: How to Build Mental Resilience through Fitness (Live at Kollective)

Today’s episode is a panel discussion from a fitness event in Austin at the Kollective social performance club featuring three inspirational trainers; Melissa Alcantara, aka Fit Gurl Mel, Jeremy Hills, founder of Kollective, and my personal trainer, Sandy Brockman.&nbsp;We talk about having a goal with your fitness regardless of your age to keep you accountable and engaged, advice for people new to fitness, how your mindset in the gym translates into your mindset in life, chasing the “hard” to be the best version of ourselves, what we’re manifesting, and so much more.&nbsp;One thing we all have in common is that we love fitness because of the mental health benefits of exercise and how it makes us feel. I’m excited for you to hear each of these fitness professionals talk about their relationship to exercise and how it impacts the ripple effects it has on their lives and mental health.&nbsp;Resources:Website: <a href="https://www.theko
05/04/202345 minutes 29 seconds
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52. Magic Mike: Spreading Smiles & A Magical Mental Health Message

Michael Webb is unlike any magician you’ve seen in person or virtually on zoom. As a full-time magician with 15 years experience, Sydney magician Magic Mike is a fun, easy going and approachable magician who caught my attention after I watched his inspirational mental health message on Australia’s Got Talent in 2022 that brought me to tears.I loved talking to Mike about his mental health journey; from feeling alone in his struggle with depression to a coworker signing him up to see a doctor to spreading his message of hope and healing to audiences around the world. He shares how he got into magic and got his first job, what Mike loves about the personalized aspect of doing magic, and how his ability to make people smile and laugh helps him heal as well.&nbsp;I ask him if anyone can do magic, and get Mike’s advice for anyone struggling with their mental health. Plus, Mike showcases his skills with me virtually over the screen in this interview, and it’s pretty amazing,
29/03/202338 minutes 17 seconds
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51. How to Start Prioritizing Your Mental Health with Kati Morton, LMFT

Today's guest on The Big Silence is Kati Morton. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a master's degree in psychology from Pepperdine University, as well as a successful author and speaker known for humanizing mental health through her super popular YouTube channel.&nbsp;We cover big and little T traumas, the traits of a good and bad therapist, the cost of therapy, what high functioning depression is, how to overcome the nerves around upcoming therapy sessions, how to help a loved one who may be struggling with depression, attachment styles, and a whole bunch of fun girl talk.I hope you enjoy this episode, and as always, make sure you share it with someone you love who might benefit from it. You can also leave a review on Apple Podcasts, and help us spread the word and break the stigma around mental health.Resources:•&nbsp;Kati’s Website &amp; Workshops:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" targ
15/03/202347 minutes 43 seconds
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50. What’s Not To Love? Saying It Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar

A first-generation immigrant raised on Long Island, NY, Vasavi Kumar is famous for “Saying It Out Loud.” She’s a former TV host, licensed therapist, and the creator of the Say It Out Loud Safe Haven, an online support community. She holds dual Masters degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University.Vasavi is an open book in this one, getting raw and honest about her lived experience in a way that allows others to take solace, and build hope, with regard to their own challenges. We talk about finding radical self-love, honoring your soul’s truth, and not letting things (money, achievements) define your worth as a person.Her mission, and tagline, are very much aligned with our&nbsp; mental health awareness efforts here at The Big Silence Foundation – a path she found herself on after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 19. Her upcoming book, Say It Out Loud will be published in May (Mental Health Awareness Month) of this
08/03/20231 hour 10 minutes 11 seconds
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49. AMA: Learning to Celebrate Your Season with Karena Dawn

Today, we have a special mixed-AMA episode with a dear, dear friend of mine, Miya. Miya and I met at the gym and have been close friends for over twenty years – witnessing and supporting one another through the many seasons of our lives – the good, the painful, and everything in between.We begin the episode with Miya’s learned experience with love and parenting, how she’s grown to place the utmost importance on her own personal self-worth before seeking it from anyone else. We then dig into a few listener-submitted questions from my Instagram:What is your quick fix when your day is off?Is lifting the quickest way to build muscle?What skincare products do you use?What’s your favorite thing about working out with a trainer?How did you become a meditation teacher?&nbsp;I hope you enjoy this conversation between long friends, as we delve into some serious girl talk, get honest about gaining (and losing) weight, and
02/03/202352 minutes 20 seconds
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48. Taking Responsibility For Our Healing – Not Our Traumas with Debbie Whitehead

Today on The Big Silence, we’re joined by Debbie Whitehead, a licensed therapist with thirty years of experience in mental health and family and marriage counseling. She shares her deep trauma experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse which led to her becoming a thriver and sharing her story with the world.[Content Warning: This episode deals with overcoming difficult traumas, including child sexual abuse and incest. Please listen with care and compassion.]Practicing out of Plano, Texas, Debbie has a holistic approach when it comes to mental health and counseling, leveraging her training in cognitive-behavioral therapy, family dynamics, and marriage and family therapy, as well as her knowledge as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach to help people find balance throughout their lived experiences.She details the breathwork session that changed her life, empowering her to raise voice enough to share her traumas, taking us back to one p
22/02/202344 minutes 41 seconds
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47. The Science of Wellness: Discovering the Minimum Method with Joey Thurman

Diagnosed with depression at the young age of thirteen, Joey Thurman’s journey as a young person was more challenging than he made it appear to the outside world as a multi-sport athlete. At home though, his truth was laid bare as he threatened to commit suicide on many occasions.We talk about his journey into the professional fitness space, a success story that sounds similar, and happened around the same time, as the launch of Tone It Up. Joey touches on lessons his childhood has presented for his own son’s life, and what signs other parents might look for in their children to know that they’re struggling.&nbsp;Of course, we also go deep on Joey’s new book, Minimum Method, and the custom-built heath modalities that serve as the outline for it. Commenting on cardio, weightlifting, macronutrients vs. micronutrients, sleep, and so much more – if you’ve been waiting for a fitness-focused pod to land in this feed, today is your lucky day.Joey reminds us that, by ac
15/02/202359 minutes 39 seconds
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46. Animal Power: Tapping Into Our Most Primal Positive Energies with Alyson Charles

Alyson Charles, rock-star Shaman and author of Power Animals, started running as a toddler, with her dad as her coach. Making the decision at a young age to suppress her true soul's purpose and calling to maintain a relationship with her dad, she went on to become a national champion athlete and D1 college coach.&nbsp;But as she describes it – she was winning, but lost.Realizing that she had been allowing her physical vessel to be dishonored for almost two decades, her spiritual awakening began with leaving a toxic long term relationship, one wrought with sex addiction, and processing the grief that followed.&nbsp;She surrendered to a higher power and was shown the way.We talk about creating a sacred altar space, listening to the whispers of your heart, and how Alyson’s path of healing brought her to her husband, Luke, and helped her find unity and trust where she thought she might never find them again.We then dive into the whole-soul experience t
01/02/20231 hour 11 minutes 43 seconds
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45. Alessandra Torresani on Living (and Thriving) With Bipolar 1 Disorder

You may know today’s guest from iconic shows like Malcolm In The Middle, The Big Bang Theory, and Arrested Development. I know her as my new BFF. Alessandra Torresani is a beaming light of positive energy and healthy outlook; she joins the show to talk about being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder and thriving as an on-screen sensation and mental health advocate.&nbsp;Moving to Hollywood at eleven, her story of child stardom touches on early symptoms that confused her family and doctors. She’d bang her head on the wall. She’d refuse to cross thresholds and enter doorways. As a teen, antidepressants made her highs, higher, and her lows, lower – leading to suicidal thoughts and rage.It wasn’t until she was twenty one that she received a Bipolar 1 diagnosis, a shift that changed her life for the better, forever. We unpack what that realization meant for her career, her dating life, and later on – her pregnancy and journey as a new mom.We talk about breaking the sti
25/01/202343 minutes 40 seconds
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44. Taking A Soul-Centered Approach to Addiction Recovery with Dr. Elisa Hallerman

Dr. Elisa Hallerman is another gracious guest whose story mirrors some of my own. She’s the author of Soulbriety: A Plan to Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul (released just last month!) and the founder of her own mental health modality by the same name.In this episode, we go deep on the complex interwoven concepts of sobriety and addiction recovery, discussing her own journey with addiction, beginning with drinking at seventeen and progressing to drugs, specifically cocaine.Experiencing relational trauma as a child stemming from her mother's own addiction issues and her father's lack of presence – she then went to California, where she suffered the loss of a close friend to suicide, triggering the onset of anxiety, OCD, and panic attacks.&nbsp;Addiction is never as simple as saying “yes” or “
18/01/202346 minutes 52 seconds
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43. Being Bullied All the Way to Madison Square Garden With Aija Mayrock

Today, we’re joined by Aija Mayrock, a bestselling author, poet, and performer who was bullied as a child and lives, now, to help alleviate that pain from future generations.Her story starts with her most impressionable years spent suffering in silence, mocked for speech impediments, a lisp and a stutter, and experiencing cyberbullying and harassment seeded by a social post by someone she’d never even met. We learn that even her teachers sometimes took part in the abuse. The starting blocks of her pain-to-purpose journey illustrate the extreme toxicity of mob mentality alongside the dangers of social media exposure.&nbsp;Aija talks about how she was hesitant to stand up for herself, and that her mother encouraged her to be brave and share her story – leading to her first book, The Survival Guide to Bullying – to help other kids who were struggling as she had.She encourages parents to recognize the signs of bullying in their kids, such as changes in eating habits
11/01/202340 minutes 41 seconds
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42. Navigating the Rough Seas of Addiction with Captain Sandy Yawn

It’s time to get this ship in tip top shape, as we’re joined by international leader, speaker, and beloved super yacht Captain, Sandy Yawn. Building upon humble beginnings and overcoming addiction, Captain Sandy retells her story of self-leadership, draws the line between forgiveness and resentment, tells some incredible seas-going stories, and previews her new book – Be the Calm or Be the Storm: Leadership Lessons from a Woman at the Helm.Listening to her, it’s clear she’s at the helm of her own life. And she’s committed to helping others make the same journey she did, through her own charities and by investing in young people she believes can make a positive difference in the maritime industry.&nbsp;Our conversation is an insightful look into a fan-favorite television character that so many have grown to respect and admire from a distance – and a refreshing truth to find that the real Captain Sandy is even more self-aware and thoughtful in real life. Here’s to wishin
04/01/202346 minutes 20 seconds
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41. Healing Through Truth & Harnessing the Power of Storytelling with Kindra Hall

Bobby is back to help us kick off this energetic interview with keynote speaker, motivational coach, and professional storyteller, Kindra Hall. Known for her dynamic stage presence for all of the world’s top brands, she’s also the author of Stories That Stick and released Choose Your Story, Change Your Life just about a year before this episode is set to air.Seeing herself an outcast as a child, she made her own way in the world – finding her place as a creative communicator and coach. Now a mommy of two, she aligns her learned lessons with powerful parenting tips on relatability and connectedness.We also go deep on the power of mindset, confidence, and finding (and sharing!) your voice. As someone who had to summon a lot of courage to tell my own story, on stage and on paper, I can attest to Kindra’s lessons being legit.She teaches us to embrace our unique gifts, the bumps in the road, the twists and turns that make you, you. It’s this kind of vulnerability tha
28/12/202249 minutes 15 seconds
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40. Finding Hope in Hopelessness with Amber Valdez

Amber Valdez is a spiritual awakening guide and bestselling author. She’s also one of my very best friends, someone I’ve connected with here in Austin over hikes and long conversations about our shared backgrounds and experiences.She grew up in a mentally and physically abusive home with a single mother who was mentally ill. As a young girl, she was creative and entrepreneurial, selling cookies and lemonade, and hosting a TV show with her cousin – sound familiar?&nbsp;We talk about her struggles with disordered eating and body dysmorphia, particularly during her time as a cheerleader in the NFL, where she was heavily pressured to look a certain way. She speaks from the heart on the act of punishing herself by not eating, and the internal pain it caused.&nbsp;Connecting the dots between exercise addiction and self-worth issues; difficult transformation and ultimate fulfillment; and even recommending easy non-negotiable practices for your morning routine – this ep
21/12/202257 minutes 37 seconds
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39. AMA: The Continued Evolution of Karena Dawn with Bobby Goldstein

Our ever-elusive co-host joins the show again today, this time, in the captain’s chair as Bobby Goldstein interviews his wife, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of The Big Silence, Karena Dawn. After all, it’s been nearly forty episodes since we caught up with our fearless host.We learn how Karena has processed her mother’s passing, just over a year after the loss, unpacking her evolving experience with grief and trauma. She’s an open book from the jump in this one, tears included, admitting that she doesn’t miss her mom in a traditional sense, and the stress her presence brought about, but does miss her as a soul.&nbsp;Her healing remains complicated – the work, ongoing.Naturally woven throughout the conversation, exactly as intended, are the main tenets and mission of The Big Silence Foundation. Karena takes this opportunity to delve further into the inspiration behind the organization and how it, and writing her book, have been therapeutic practi
14/12/202244 minutes 58 seconds
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38. A Child of Magic: Going From Gangster to Goddess with Christine Olivia

Frolicking nude in nature, giggling, sweating, even crying – there are a few things we can do as humans that deeply connect us to our inner child magic. My guest today, Christine Olivia, grew up in a toxic and unsafe environment. Shaped by that experience, she has learned to treasure the frolicking, to savor the laughter, and to always embrace the playful side of things.Daydreaming as a kid that she’d be picked up by another family and taken in, her idea of family was broken once more at 22, when her estranged father committed suicide. Spending the rest of that decade numbing and distracting herself, she found yoga.The peace she found on her yoga mat led her to become a teacher herself, to Bali, and to cacao – a superfood plant that she feels a deep connection to through her Guatemalan ancestral roots. Now, she’s devoted her life to ceremonial cacao practices, facilitating its spiritual healing properties.Her new book is called A Child of Magic, and it goes deep
01/12/202237 minutes 55 seconds
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37. Living Life in the Beautiful Greys with Mary Lawless Lee

The truth is, life’s not black and white. Today, we’re embracing the greys. And this means so much more than your favorite muted fall fashion tones.Mary Lawless Lee is a mother, writer, entrepreneur, and creator. She’s the author of Happily Grey, a book about in-between living – and she’s our guest on today’s episode of The Big Silence. We start by unpacking the inspiration and meaning behind her catchphrase, the moment she realized she was stuck, and how that realized truth led to a divorce, and evolution, at the age of twenty-six.This one’s all about self-discovery, as Mary describes her path back to writing, how the practice serves as a meditation in her daily routine. In the spirit of writing, we also reframe some weighty language – as we agree that bringing adventure into your life doesn’t need to mean traveling the world, and that mom-guilt has no place in an honest reality.&nbsp;Resources:Read/Book Tour: <a href="https://ww
16/11/202237 minutes 24 seconds
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36. When We Break Down, We Break Through with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a well-known speaker, entrepreneur, and podcaster (check out episode 79 of The Brave Table). She’s also the author of That Sucked. Now What?, hitting bookstores in January. But before she was the evolved and expanded version of Neeta that she is today, she faced a truth that would change everything, forever.&nbsp;We talk about that day, and the painful years that preceded it – a complicated journey and family dynamic that sounds a whole lot like my own. We go deep on her experience moving down a dark road of loss and grief as a young person after the tragic deaths of her mother, younger brother, and father in a three-year span.She coped with the trauma by overachieving, overworking, overcompensating, and overgiving. She became a performer for anyone who would watch, a caregiver to her othe
09/11/202251 minutes 40 seconds
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35. Narcissism 101: There’s Always a Motive with Dr. Jaime Zuckerman

Today’s episode features Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, aka Dr. Z. She's a national expert in narcissistic abuse and a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of adults with anxiety and mood disorders. She's also a relationship coach and she has her own podcast.We break down narcissistic personality disorder, harmful Disney messaging, golden child syndrome manipulation, and how to have a healthy relationship with a narcissist who could be a family member, a parent, a sibling.&nbsp;This is a commonly requested topic, and a complicated one to try and understand through the lens of logic. In this world, empathy is transactional, confidence is a performance, and there is always a motive.If you've ever thought you may have been in a narcissistic romantic relationship, or if, in the workplace, you possibly have a narcissist and you don't know how to manage that and be able to do your job – this is the episode for you. Remember, if you love it or you think t
02/11/202241 minutes 2 seconds
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34. What if Mental Health Is Really Brain Health? With Dr. Daniel Amen

This one is all about reframing the negative, avoidant, and prescription-driven social programming around mental health, and more importantly, mental illness. Our guest today, Dr. Daniel Amen, asks a question that illustrates a fascinating contrast… What if brain health was mental health?We parse vocabulary throughout the conversation, how words can mean so much when it comes between a person feeling hopeless in their symptoms and understanding that they are still in control of their health, no matter their diagnosis.&nbsp;He sheds light on a range of interesting subjects, from categorizing anxiety and depression into seven categories and a deep dive on reading brain scans, to the bombardment of subconscious illness messaging we face in our day-to-day lives and squishing the ANTs in our mind (automatic negative thoughts).&nbsp;Tweaking our mindset, changing our diets, moving our body – the smallest things can make the biggest difference in our brain health, and
26/10/202238 minutes 57 seconds
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33. Learning How To Love Yourself with Gwen Dittmar

Our guest today is Gwen Dittmar, an incredibly gifted coach and spiritual psychologist. In fact, she’s my own personal coach, and her work has had a huge positive impact on my life since we first met in 2017 – helping me to align with my purpose and find balance within myself.She works with entrepreneurs (like me) who struggle to identify that one important thing that’s missing from their lives, and big brands with the foresight to know that they need to see the big picture. She’s also a breathwork practitioner, the guiding voice that led our dear Bobby in such a visceral and heart-opening experience during his very first session.As is usually the case when we work together, Gwen includes me and my own layers in many of the threads we discuss, including the nuances of inner child work, reparenting, and building one’s confidence as a means to bring volume and clarity to their soul’s true voice.We learn that she’s always had mystic gifts, and that repressing them
19/10/202256 minutes 25 seconds
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32. Sahara Rose: Find Your Dharma & Let the Magic Unfold

The Queen of Dharma, Sahara Rose, joins us in studio, for today’s heart-filled episode of The Big Silence. She is co-founder of the Dharma Coaching Institute and Rose Gold Goddesses, guiding women in their spiritual evolutions with an openness and authenticity that makes her such a treat to be around.We talk about her family’s roots in survival and how that influence has served as a guide in her work as a Dharmic healer. Devoting her life to her mission of saving the world, she describes the hard lessons and failures she encountered along the way, and that – before healing the world, she needed to recognize and respect the never-ending process of healing herself.We also spend some time differentiating between the three doshas – Vata (air) , Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth) – and how understanding our archetype mix can help us identify balancing energies, people, places, and things around us.Sahara’s an old soul, a quality many of us find in ourselves. It’s allowe
12/10/202245 minutes 17 seconds
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31. Thoughts Can’t Kill: Understanding the Roots of Anxiety with Dr. Julia Britz

Joining The Big Silence, today, is Dr. Julia Britz, a licensed naturopathic doctor practicing in Las Vegas, NV, who specializes in integrative mental health. Her areas of focus include OCD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and psychiatric medication tapering.Her story to personal health and natural healing starts early in her childhood, as we’ve heard is so often the experience for people who’ve overcome mental health challenges. Julia describes a visceral battle with OCD, the repeated compulsions and illogical thinking that clouded her life with dread, anxiety, and panic.She describes anxiety as stress and fear combined, as we unpack its root causes, the downstream mental and physical toll that its baseline symptoms (like dysregulated eating patterns and poor sleep) can cause, and the difference between good stress and bad stress.Dr. Britz also shares steps to dampening the impact of anxiety on your life from honesty with self and self-love, micronutrient
05/10/202242 minutes 59 seconds
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30. Finding Zen: Your Actions Are Your True Belongings with Koshin Paley Ellison

Today's guest on The Big Silence is Koshin Paley Ellison. He has devoted his life to the study and application of psychotherapy and Buddhism. He's an author, a practicing monk, and the co-founder, alongside his husband, of the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care.Connecting on our Ukrainian roots, and shared resulting generational trauma (like we heard about last week with Minaa B.), Koshin highlights the other, more positive side of the same coin – epigenetic courage. It’s a great way to flip the narrative, that we may experience pain, at times in part, at the hands of, or alongside, someone we love – but that the strength within that same person, which was passed onto us, has a hand in our ability to overcome it all.Putting a poetic spin on the thought-feeling-action matrix, Koshin explains that the brain’s main job is to interpret – that if you’re in a negative headspace, you will end up interpreting things in the same way you have been interpreting them thus
28/09/202243 minutes 7 seconds
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29. Talk It Out: Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma with Minaa B.

In this week’s new episode of The Big Silence, the inspiring and informed Minaa B joins us from the last semblance of summer in New York City to talk about her therapy journey, grieving a loved one, her advanced perspective on trauma, and burnout.She specializes in anxiety and depression, an understanding that’s informed by her own experience with self-harm as a teen. We talk about the harsh environment she faced as a young person, challenged by cultural differences as her family gained footing in America after emigrating from Panama. We swap mother/daughter dynamics to illustrate shared experiences, and more importantly, a shared resolve to help others avoid our suffering.Zooming out from the past, we also spend some time in the present. Even as the panic of the pandemic has cooled, the psychological impact of the work-from-home model remains a serious one. Minaa points out how the extended isolation impacts our brains, and how lacking something as simple as a morning
21/09/202239 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

28. Rebuilding Beautiful: Bringing Suicide Out Into the Daylight with Kayla Stoecklein

Kayla Stoecklein had it all – then, it was gone in an instant. She joins The Big Silence today to share her tragic experience with suicide and how she’s rededicated her life to exploring grief and understanding the signs that might lead a person to take their own life.Her husband Andrew, processing the recent passing of his father and facing enormous pressure at their ministry to fill his shoes, began experiencing severe panic attacks in 2017. Kayla shares each step they took along the way – medication, counseling, rest, time away from work – before he committed suicide the following year.Through renewed hope and a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her, she explains how surprising it was, even amid his struggles, to wake up one day and be alone with her three young sons. Now, she’s rebuilding her beautiful life – and has released a book with the same title. Her perspective is inspiring and empowering, even, and especially, considering the heartbreaki
07/09/202249 minutes 9 seconds
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27. Being Big Sis: My Sister’s Voice & Perspective with Rachel Sahaidachny

My talented and beloved sister, Rachel Sahaidachny, runs the show here at The Big Silence and takes time to sit with us today for a deep dive sharing her perspective on the events and dynamics detailed in my memoir. In fact, we delve into a handful of great questions posed to me at a recent book club event (shout out to the TIU Books &amp; Babes!).We kick things off with a chat about her background in non-profit work and why it was so important, on both a tactical level and an emotional one, for us to join forces in this effort. Rachel shares what art means to her, and has meant, through her childhood. And, of course, we hold nothing back when it comes to reminiscing on our family life.The questions posed are no softballs, to be sure. We get painfully honest in this one, about what we remember about our lives back then and what the events mean to us now. As much as my own perspective has been discussed, both on the show and in the book, what was it like to be the big s
31/08/202247 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

26. Schizophrenia, Sobriety & Making Art From It All with Emil Nava

Today’s guest on The Big Silence, Emil Nava, is an award winning director and out-of-this-world creative storyteller who’s worked with big brands, like GAP, and big names, like Alicia Keys and Pharrell. His specialty is film, music videos – kaleidoscopic and bursting with energy and color, his work is packed with expression and emotion.In this one, we unpack where some of that inspiration was seeded. Emil lived a tough early life in London, getting in trouble a lot (sound familiar?). In fact, we learn that his father was also diagnosed with schizophrenia. The similarities in our experiences are both surprising, and not, at the same time. In years past, issues like these were not as visible as they are now.Emil tells of his upcoming project, titled Snorkeling, which will cover youth and drug use. We also discuss how staying sober, practicing transcendental meditation, and eating well help him perform better in his work and keep the momentum going on his exciting nomad l
24/08/202245 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

25. Create a To-Be List (Not a To-Do List) with Monica Berg

Today's guest is Monica Berg. She's an international speaker, spiritual thought leader, the author of Fear Is Not An Option and Rethink Love, and the host of the Spiritually Hungry podcast. She joins us for an extra special episode as my husband and The Big Silence Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein, sits with me for a mini therapy session that’s revealing, honest, and at times, a little uncomfortable.&nbsp;No one said the good work would be easy, after all. Still, it’s important to share these kinds of moments. No relationship is perfect and that’s okay. Monica walks us through some thought exercises with regard to our relationship and opens a few doors that have us thinking we’ll go back to her in the future.&nbsp;As mental illness also runs in her family, we share and compare our experiences with the very real social stigma of the generation. She gives listeners a few powerful questions to keep top of mind as a grounding practice throughout the day, dishes on self-
17/08/202253 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

24. Your Story is Your Power with Isa Watson

Isa Watson is the founder and creative powerhouse behind the Squad app, an upstart tech brand that promises to use the devices in our pockets for good – for deeper connection with others. She joins the show today to talk about her mental health experience as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated space, the app and its mission, and her traumatic wakeup call – a tragic accident in which she lost her father.Isa, just like all of us working through trauma, still takes small steps each and every day to cope and learn from her experiences with loss and grief. Instead of allowing it to weigh her down, Isa celebrates her story, even explaining how she leans into it in business settings as a means to demonstrate her true and honest self.It’s another important reminder that the work doesn’t end, but only grows in depth over time. Please enjoy this moving episode. And, thank you, Isa, for sharing such personal pieces of yourself for this audience to absorb and learn from.<st
10/08/202245 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

23. You Don’t Have to Suffer for Your Art with Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan was one of the lead actors on the TV show, The 100, and the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. In this episode, we discuss how success doesn’t always translate into happiness – and the dangers of expecting it to. So many people feel guilty when they hit their goals but still don’t feel happy or fulfilled.&nbsp;We’re here to tell you that what you may be experiencing is normal, that it is okay, and that there is nothing wrong with you.&nbsp;We unpack the ways Lindsey was pouring her trauma and pain into her acting instead of processing it, how she came to understand the stress that this was putting on her, and some of the resources she’s used to begin to heal. If you need help dealing with codependent people in your life, Lindsey recommends the organizations and resources below which can give you the support you need.We discuss:[00:07:18] Opening, and why Lindsey pulled her first episode on the podcast[00:10:44] L
03/08/20222 hours 19 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

22. No More Shame & No More Blame with Emme

My guest today is the beaming and beautiful, Emme, a supermodel and body image advocate that’s broken down barriers in the modeling industry with her unique look and dedication to positive change. She was Revlon’s first full-figured model and is known as a, if not THE, pioneer in women’s body empowerment.We learn that she stumbled into the modeling world by accident before finding herself as a sought-after talent by top brands and magazines in the nineties. We talk about the harsh mental and emotional environment in the modeling space, how she’s coached her daughter to operate within, and outside, of existing norms as a model herself, and of course – healthy body image.It’s an honor to share this time and space with such an icon in the women’s empowerment world. As a kid in the nineties – and I’m sure many listeners will agree – it was so important to see strong confident women like Emme in the most sparkling and celebrated places, and it still is.Resour
27/07/202242 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

21. Putting in the Work: How The Fitness Marshall Manages ADHD with Caleb Marshall

YouTube and social media fitness star, Caleb Marshall, AKA, The Fitness Marshall, joins The Big Silence today to talk about his life long experience with ADHD and how he manages it with regard to both his career and his personal relationships.We connect over our shared Indiana roots and celebrate his recent engagement before going deep on his inspiring journey turning a college hobby into a wildly popular content stream that empowers people to move and have fun all over the world. His story begins, like mine, with going back to what made him truly happy – moving his body!A huge advocate for therapy, we hear about the impact that finding a therapist with a similar life experience has had on him – and how he went about finding one in his area (it wasn’t easy).Caleb teaches us that acceptance is the most powerful tool we have, that only once we can come to terms with a truth, in his case, a liberating adulthood diagnosis of ADHD, we can truly move forward and lever
20/07/202249 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

20. Moving On: Facing My Childhood with The Body Coach, Joe Wicks

My guest for today’s episode is the energetic and optimistic Joe Wicks. He's a global fitness star with more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram and 100 million views on YouTube, but he has recently started sharing a very new element of his life publicly – his strained childhood living with parents suffering from mental illness and addiction.Joe gets intimate with his early experiences, reckoning with his father’s repeated relapses and mother’s dual-fronted battle with OCD and eating disorders. We swap stories on this front, in a shared effort to normalize the pain, and more importantly, the growth and recovery we’ve both experienced since.&nbsp;We also talk about exercise’s link to mental health, the power of forgiveness, and how he is committed to staying in the moment as a father to his own kids. A fellow fitness innovator, we don’t miss the opportunity to touch on some of the latest trends in the space: ice baths, saunas, the Wim Hof method, meditation, and mor
13/07/202248 minutes 26 seconds
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19. What Does Your Soul Choose? with Almost 30

Fresh off a night in the org’s tour bus, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik join the show, live and in-studio, for a very special conversation about coming into your truth and getting comfortable there. I’ve known this dynamic duo since the very beginning and I’m excited to share this heart-filled conversation with you all.We talk about codependency (with a shout out to Terri Cole), therapy, relationships, anxiety, and the similarities in their shared journey launching a business while building a community and how it, in many ways, mirrors that of mine and Kat with Tone It Up. More than the grind, we make sure to highlight how important it was and always will be to continue to nurture our friendships as well.&nbsp;Resources:Almost 30: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" ta
06/07/202253 minutes 13 seconds
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18. Practicing the Spectrum of Advocacy & Acceptance with Rafael De La Fuente

Rafael De La Fuente, known for his role as Sammy Jo on Dynasty, joins the show for this very special Pride Month episode where he takes us through his experience, as a gay Latino immigrant, rising as a young actor, dealing with the stress and pressures of the business, and growing into an advocate for kids he hopes to inspire.His journey begins at about five-years old, in 1990, when he notices that he’s different. With the AIDS epidemic providing a stark background to his early years, he gets honest about the shame and confusion he grappled with through school and while breaking into television.&nbsp;Today, he has a wildly successful career in show business and millions of fans around the world. Rafael’s struggles, and especially his triumphs, are important to highlight, this month and every month, as our society continues to grapple with the idea of personhood and privacy. We are so glad he was able to join the show and we’re excited to present his story to our commun
29/06/202243 minutes 47 seconds
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17. Moving in a New Season: From Hollywood to Healing with Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner has been in the limelight since she was seven years old, where you’ll remember them as the scene-stealing pigtailed dancer from the famous Missy Elliott: Work It (2002) music video. Just prior, she was plucked from their life in Toledo and placed into an environment that would challenge them in ways that, as we learn, were unfair to a child their age.In this episode, she’s gracious enough to share their mental health journey as she appeared in hundreds of movies, battled an eating disorder, and came out the other side as an empowered and inspiring role model to young girls everywhere.She was named President of their own personal brand, employing forty people, before turning ten. Now, she’s the co-founder of Movement Genius, a mindful movement subscription program that helps people relieve stress and unlock a lighter, more enjoyable existence through movement techniques designed to bring the body and mind into alignment.&nbsp;This one is packed with
22/06/202243 minutes 3 seconds
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16. The Big Silence LIVE: New York City with Terri Cole & Dale Moss

The Big Silence book launch is in the Big Apple! We’re joined by brilliant author and psychotherapist, Terri Cole, and the always thoughtful, former NFL player, Dale Moss, who you might also remember from the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette.&nbsp;This lively panel discussion retells stories from the book, highlights the mission of our brand new foundation, and explores other important parental and relational themes as they relate to mental wellbeing. Creating healthy boundaries, recounting family traumas, finding (and losing) love – we cover it all. Don’t miss a special guest performance by James Nicholas Kinney!I want to thank James, Terri, and Dale for making time to join us on this special evening in New York City. We all know how, in years and decades past, discussions on mental health were ignored, even shamed. With the help of influential voices like these – and the other guests we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with on this podcast – the message becomes lo
15/06/202236 minutes 36 seconds
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15. The Big Silence LIVE: Indianapolis with Leslie Bailey of Indy Maven & Maven Space

We’re home! Rachel and I were so excited to get together in our hometown of Indianapolis for this special leg of The Big Silence book launch tour. For this extra family-centric episode, Rachel kicks us off with a reading of some of her beautiful poetry from the book.We’re joined by the uber-prepared Leslie Bailey, who’s building something fantastic of her own in Indianapolis as the co-founder and CEO of Indy Maven and the brand new venue where we recorded this interview, Maven Space, a coworking and social club for women.&nbsp;We start with my childhood here in Indiana, where the bad influences (and bad behavior) first surfaced, before detailing my journey to California, rock-bottom inspiration for Tone It Up, and five-year writing process.Special guest: my dad! My loving father also steps up to the stage to add a professional therapist’s perspective on a few brave audience questions – and to add poignant personal comments to a few stark themes and stories from
08/06/202247 minutes 5 seconds
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14. The Big Silence LIVE: Houston with Yami Mufdi

The Big Silence book release tour has landed in beautiful Houston, Texas, where Yami Mufdi, an inspiring Tone It Up fitspo trainer in her own right, joins me to preview this deeply personal memoir, its painful stories, and its important lessons.&nbsp;I share how I first learned of my mother’s schizophrenia diagnosis – only after she disappeared for long stretches of time, forgetting she had a family at all. We close the loop on her story, even just for one day, by recounting one of the last conversations I shared with her, in hospice care, explaining how this nonprofit organization was dedicated to her and her struggle.We also unpack the power of visualization (Hint: a vision board led Yami to her current position with Tone It Up) before discussing the grounding power of nature, a beginner’s guide to meditation, and my own positive experience integrating a cold plunge practice into my wellness routine.&nbsp;Many laughs and tears are shared. Big thanks to Yami fo
25/05/202233 minutes 18 seconds
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13. The Big Silence LIVE: Los Angeles with Krista Williams of Almost 30

I’m on the road with The Big Silence book launch tour and I want you to come along, no matter where you’re at. On our first stop in LA, we have Krista Williams of Almost 30 leading the conversation. She asks me to dive into more detail on the stories I cover in the book, my thoughts on the writing process, and the hardest chapter for me to write.&nbsp;We also talk about how sharing your story and breaking the silence can jumpstart the healing process. Tune in for this energetic and inspiring episode; this was such a great way to kick off this tour!&nbsp;Resources:Get Karena's book, 'The Big Silence,' available April 26, 2022Follow Karena Dawn on Instagram: @karenadawnFollow The Big Silence on Instagram: <a href="
11/05/202235 minutes 41 seconds
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12. Evolving Out Loud with Kyle Cease

Kyle Cease was a comedian at the top of his career before something shifted. He realized that living his dream life – or what he believed to be his dream life – only made him more miserable. As he began to explore this, he stepped away from everything he knew to dive into the world of spiritual healing and personal evolution, first for himself, and then sharing with the world what he discovered.In this episode, he coaches me through an evolutionary process, helping me move away from past traumas and step more fully into the Karena I am today. It’s a powerful look at what it means to evolve out loud and demonstrates what’s possible for any of us out there if we commit to doing the work.Resources:kylecease.comInstagram: @evolvingoutloudGet the <a hre
05/05/20221 hour 23 minutes 55 seconds
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11. Making Your Art Meaningful with James Nicholas Kinney

I first met James Nicholas Kinney over 15 years ago at a barbeque and the vibes were flying as fast as his freestyling. Since then, we’ve played a serendipitous role in each other's lives, including his return to music in recording the amazing theme song for this show. We talk about his mental health journey from anxiety, agoraphobia, and depression, and how he got back into music after taking years away from his passion. James is a dear friend of mine and a very special part of The Big Silence family, which makes this conversation one you don’t want to miss.Resources:jamesnicholaskinney.comInstagram: @jamesnicholaskinneyRead: <a href="" rel="noopener norefer
27/04/202248 minutes
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10. Becoming a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and global empowerment and relationship expert with a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and actionable. Her own experience of being a self-described “boundary disaster” led to writing the book Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free. We discuss some of the fears people have around setting boundaries, the dangers of forgiveness and codependency, and taking the first steps to establishing your own boundaries.Resources:terricole.comRead: Boundary BossGet a free guide on boundaries and codependency at <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="
13/04/202249 minutes 57 seconds
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9. Creating a Better Relationship Between Food & Body with Yovana Mendoza

Yovana Mendoza is a successful wellness and healthy living entrepreneur who made her name on YouTube. Her personal health, starting with the decision to go all-out vegan, has gone on as wild a ride as her career has.&nbsp;After experiencing the kind of trauma no ten-year-old should ever face, Yovana developed serious eating disorders. The road to regaining trust – both in people and in food – was long and difficult. After documenting much of her dietary journey, some personal changes made for health reasons were exposed online, and the pressure of the aftermath was almost too much to bear.&nbsp;We talk about recovery on many different levels, how she took the first steps to trusting again, and how healing it was to reestablish the critical delineation between real life and social media.Resources:Learn more at yovanamendoza.comFollow Yovana
06/04/202244 minutes 30 seconds
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8. Find Your Grind & Find Yourself with Luke “The Dingo” Trembath

Luke Trembath, aka “The Dingo,” first came to America as an aspiring snowboarder, by himself, at the young age of 15 years old. Like many struggling with depression, he looked like the image of happiness and success. He masked his deep depression by putting a smile on his face every morning, but at night, his thoughts drifted back to dark places.Luke’s brother got into drugs at a young age, and Luke got to see the dark side of that as he grew up. Tragically, his brother was lost to suicide in 2019.Today, Luke knows the stress put on young kids to figure out what they’re going to do with their lives. He’s helping the next generation gain the self-awareness, clarity, and confidence to discover their own path.Resources:Follow Luke “The Dingo” Trembath on Instagram: @thedingoinsnowLearn more about Find Your Grind: <a href="https://fi
30/03/202247 minutes 21 seconds
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7. Healing From Our Collective Trauma with Zak Williams

Zak Williams has spent a long time thinking about the ramifications of mental health as a result of traumas experienced within his family. His father, Robin Williams, was tragically lost to Lewy Body Dementia in 2014.Our stories, in that respect, are similar. Today, though, we’re focused more so on, well – today.&nbsp;It’s impossible to avoid acute awareness of the pandemic we all find ourselves (still) in the middle of. But alongside that, there is another, parallel issue, a serious mental health pandemic taking hold. After everything that’s happened over the last few years, we’re finally coming to acknowledge the very real impact that prolonged isolation and fear have put us in as a collective society.&nbsp;We discuss this complex issue before Zak shares actionable first steps to begin the healing process, discusses the downsides of taking any healing method too far (even gaming), and opens up about the visceral experience of grieving in public.
23/03/20221 hour 6 minutes 43 seconds
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6. The Big Silence LIVE Launch Event in Austin, Texas

We recently held the launch event for The Big Silence in Austin, Texas and it was incredible from start to finish. Since the podcast listeners are our OG supporters, I wanted to make sure you were included in all of the festivities.&nbsp; In this episode you’re going to hear from our mental health panel and join in on some powerful live music performances by James Nicholas Kinney, the artist responsible for our amazing theme song, Dylan Dunlap, and Shivarasa. I hope it feels like you were all there with us, because you certainly were in spirit!Thank you so much to our launch event partners: Scruggs Group, Altwell, ZenWTR, Lifeway, and Tone It Up!Resources:The Big Silence YouTube ChannelPre-Order: The Big Silence by Karena Dawn<
18/03/202230 minutes
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5. Have More Happy Days with Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is on a mission to transform lives around the world – starting with her own. Best-selling author of nine books, including her newest title, Happy Days, Gabby is bringing a higher level of consciousness to the world every day. In this episode, she outlines her own journey out of darkness, the trauma she’s experienced and how she moved through it, and her experience with postpartum depression. We also talk about removing the stigma around prescription drugs and breaking free from patterns. Tune in to soak in all the light you’ve come to expect from this shining star of our community.Resources:Learn more: gabbybernstein.comRead: Happy DaysList
09/03/202238 minutes 59 seconds
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4. Healthy & Whole: Finding Balance in All Areas with Samson Odusanya

Samson Odusanya is a coach, a healer, and an empowerment guide based out of Austin, Texas. He believes his purpose is to support people and guide them to remember their own power and lead them back to themselves. He does this through holistic modalities, nutritious meals, fitness training, and mindset coaching. We discuss breathwork as a way to support our body’s nervous system and release trapped emotions – you know, the ones we never talk about (but probably should!) – and unpack how he got into his own healing journey before taking on the task of helping others.Resources:Follow Samson on Instagram: @samsons_strengthDonate to The Big Silence to be a part of the movement to
02/03/202241 minutes 9 seconds
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3. Listen, Learn & Love: Supporting Loved Ones on Their Mental Health Journey with Bobby Goldstein

Bobby Goldstein is a real estate investor, lover of Pomeranians, executive handyman, and my husband. He’s here to talk about how we can best support loved ones as they go through their mental health journey, offering an outside perspective as he was introduced to my mom’s mental health struggles. He shares his experience of learning to accept, love, and care for my mother after we got married, the resources and support he received to help him, and the biggest lessons he’s learned as part of his journey.Resources:nami.orgPreorder Karena Dawn’s book The Big Silence: A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness and HealingIf you or anyone you know is dealing with thoughts of suicide, text “HERO” to 741-741 to reach The Big Silence Crisis Text Line.
23/02/202231 minutes 3 seconds
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2. Stigma Shame: Bringing Period Pain & Mental Health Into the Conversation with Ashley Greene Khoury & Olivia Khoury

Ashley Greene-Khoury and Olivia Khoury are the co-CEOs of Hummingway, a brand that, like The Big Silence, is tackling its own taboo topic: periods. Ashley is an actress, artist, and model who, when faced with her own period pain, turned to her family for support since information relevant to half of the human population was surprisingly scarce. Together with her sister-in-law Olivia, she set out to find a better way of finding hormonal harmony. We talk about the role of the menstrual cycle in our mental health, managing your mental wellbeing while balancing a career and a business, and the different resources available for seeking help. Whether you experience period pain or not, this conversation shines a light on the dangers of keeping difficult topics in the dark.Resources:ourhummingway.comRead: <a href="" rel="noopener noref
16/02/202246 minutes 23 seconds
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1. Breaking the Silence with Karena Dawn

Welcome to the first episode of The Big Silence! I’m your host, Karena Dawn, a mental health advocate, wellness entrepreneur, bestselling author, and founder of the women’s fitness community Tone It Up. I’m also the founder of The Big Silence Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support to anyone impacted by mental illness, as well as removing the stigma around speaking up about it.What is The Big Silence? It’s the conversation we’re too afraid to have: caring and supporting others dealing with mental health conditions, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, suicidal ideations, and more. I’m laying out why this mission means so much to me, from my childhood growing up under a mother with mental health issues, to how I learned to escape from and avoid my own problems. If you’re struggling with mental health issues in your life, know that you are not alone, it’s OK to not be OK, and you don’t have to be silent anymore.If you or anyon
09/02/202216 minutes 39 seconds
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Welcome to The Big Silence Podcast

Where there is darkness, there is an immense opportunity for light.The Big Silence aims to normalize conversations around mental health and empower people to turn their challenges into triumphs. Hosted by Karena Dawn – mental health advocate, wellness entrepreneur, co-founder of Tone It Up, and New York Times bestselling author – The Big Silence is creating a safe space to share our story, and for you to share yours.Like so many, Karena has experienced profound grief and trauma. Growing up with a mother diagnosed with paranoid-schizophrenia, her childhood was filled with traumatic experiences that resulted in repressed emotions of guilt, shame, depression, and eventually, a suicide attempt. Though filled with this darkness, Karena was able to find deep joy. And with The Big Silence, she's creating a space for you to find that joy, too.This podcast will feature in-depth conversations with psychologists, spiritual leaders, public figures, friends, and anyone who h
26/01/20222 minutes 33 seconds