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English, Religion, 1 season, 70 episodes, 1 day, 4 hours, 38 minutes
Teaching biblical correctness in a biblically incorrect world, Messianic Jewish author Kevin Geoffrey (of Perfect Word Ministries and MJMI) challenges biblical misinformation, ignorance and illiteracy by upholding the truth and reality of the word of God. Join Kevin for straightforward, edifying Bible teaching as he brings his unique Mes­sianic Jewish perspective and sound, biblical insight to the Scriptures. (Biweekly.) VIDEO PODCAST at also available.
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Ep. 67 | 3 Bible Study Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

They say “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to using Bible study tools. While a seminary degree is hardly necessary to qualify someone to handle the Scriptures, one still needs to understand Bible tool basics in order to properly use them. In today's episode, Kevin demonstrates three major mistakes that people make with Bible tools, specifically with Hebrew and Greek lexicons. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
7/4/202423 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ep. 66 | Are You Being Messianic JEWISH or Messianic JUDAISM-ISH?

Why is traditional, Rabbinic Judaism so deeply embedded in the culture and expression of the typical Messianic Jewish synagogue service and community? Why have Messianics adopted Judaism in this way? Does it actually make us better disciples of Messiah? In what way does Judaism really support and reinforce the Jewishness of a Messianic Jew? In this episode, Kevin explains the vast difference between being Jewish and being "Judaismish," and expresses concern about the danger that relying on non-Messianic Judaism creates for the faithful keeping of Scripture. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
6/6/202422 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep. 65 | Go & Make Converts? Why Discipleship Is Dead

Yeshua gave us one main job: to make disciples. So why do so many Christians and Messiah-believers today look and act just like the world? Why don't they more closely resemble Yeshua? Why hasn't the generational passing down of doctrines and traditions been enough? In this episode, Kevin explains why the Body of Messiah has failed to make true disciples of Yeshua, and reveals what we need to start doing right now to fulfill and restore the great commission of discipleship. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
5/2/202427 minutes, 41 seconds
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What’s next for the podcast

A brief word from Kevin about the YouTube channel, the podcast, and other ministry efforts at Perfect Word.
4/25/20242 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep. 64 | 5 Things Most Every Jewish Person Doesn’t Know

It might come as a surprise, but most Jewish people actually know very little about the Bible. Today's Jewish people have grown increasingly secular and humanistic, with no standard frame of reference where it comes to spiritual or religious topics. But despite the vast differences in beliefs among Jews, one thing you can almost always count on is that Jewish people are highly unlikely to know is the truth about the most important Jew who ever lived: Yeshua. In this episode, Kevin discusses five biblical facts that most every Jewish doesn't know—but needs to—in order to learn the truth about the true, Jewish Messiah. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
4/4/202421 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ep. 63 | Not for Harm: How God Prunes the Body of Messiah

Could God be pruning the Body of Messiah? Would the Father ever separate believers from the vine of Yeshua? If so, why? Is the shrinking Body of Messiah evidence that God is at work? In this episode, Kevin digs into Yeshua's words about pruning and bearing fruit, and then offers an encouragement to today's struggling and shrinking Body of believers. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
3/21/202422 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ep. 62 | Divorce & Remarriage: What the Bible Does (& Doesn’t) Say

God hates divorce, and the Bible has nothing even close to good to say about it. So why is no-fault divorce rampant in the Body of Messiah today? Why do believers allow their marriages to be torn apart by it? In this episode, Kevin lays out and explains what the Scriptures actually say about divorce and remarriage, then offers some biblically-based advice for believers who have been divorced, have been involved in remarriage, or are right now contemplating either one. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
3/7/202433 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ep. 61 | Why I Say “Yeshua” Not “YAHSHUA”

Many Messianic believers, rather than call the Messiah "Jesus," call Him by His Hebrew name "Yeshua." But some Messianics instead call Him something different, such as "Yahshua" or "Yahushua," incorporating the Sacred Name of God, יהוה. Why do they pronounce it like this, and can we know definitively which way is correct? In this episode, Kevin digs into the Hebrew to show us the correct pronunciation of the Messiah's name. Which is it? "Yeshua" or "YAHSHUA"? WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
2/22/202420 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep. 60 | Should We Say God’s Sacred Name יהוה YHVH?

The pronunciation of the Sacred Name of God—the Tetragrammaton, "Yahweh"—has been obscured in the Hebrew text of the Bible. Yet some say that not only can the Name be restored, it must be, because pronouncing it is necessary for salvation. In this episode, Kevin discusses this view of the Sacred Name and analyzes the Hebrew to determine if the correct pronunciation of יהוה has truly been lost. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
2/8/202435 minutes, 7 seconds
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Ep. 59 | How to Find the Bible’s Unwritten Principles

The Bible often plainly communicates how God expects us to think and act. But what if the Scriptures don’t speak directly to a specific thing we’re dealing with, or if they appear to be silent about a particular topic altogether? In this episode, Kevin demonstrates how to discern and apply biblical patterns and unwritten principles that God has implicitly encoded into the living word of Scripture. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
1/18/202425 minutes, 18 seconds
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Ep. 58 | Biblical Belief Is Near Extinction

If you thought biblical belief in the Body of Messiah today was slowly declining, you'd be mistaken—it's nearly extinct, and it's happening fast. In this episode, Kevin looks at recent research that exposes the almost non-existent biblical worldview in America, and then offers a way forward for the faithful few who remain. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
1/4/202421 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep. 57 | How to Do Biblical “Church”… WITHOUT a Church! (Called-Forth, Pt. 7)

The "church" of God—Yeshua's "Called-Forth"—was never meant to be based on form or structure, but on us: the people. In the Scriptures, we've been given a biblical pattern that reveals how we are supposed to work and function together as the Body of Messiah, and it looks nothing like "church" (or "Messianic synagogue") as usual. In this episode, Kevin wraps up his 7-part series about biblical "church" with a candid word of exhortation, and a vivid sketch of what our gatherings and communities could look like... if we actually followed the Scriptures. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
12/14/202336 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ep. 56 | Communion: What the Bible Really Says

Communion is one of the main sacramental rites of Christianity, holding a deeply personal, spiritual significance for millions of believers worldwide for generations. But is the ordinance of communion (or the eucharist) actually in the Bible? Did Jesus really institute a communion ceremony during His last supper? In this episode, Kevin challenges the traditions of Christianity's communion, then explains what the biblical “Lord’s supper” actually is, according to the Scriptures. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
11/16/202329 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep. 55 | The True Purpose of Church (Called-Forth, Pt. 6)

Ask most believers about the purpose of church, and they'll say it's for praise, worship and the teaching of God's word. But what if the Scriptures say no such thing? What if our ideas for why the church even exists has been completely and hopelessly wrong? In this episode, Kevin reveals the true, biblical purpose of "church"—what the Bible depicts for our believer's gatherings, for our believing communities, and for all of us collectively as Yeshua's united Body. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
11/2/202321 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ep. 54 | How the Book of Ya’aqov (James) Can Transform Your Faith

One of the most important books of the New Testament is, sadly, also one of the most overlooked: the book of James. Hidden all the way near the back in most Bible versions, James doesn’t tend to be a favorite. Maybe people just don’t find him inspirational enough. Maybe they don’t make it that far in their Bible reading. But when we overlook James, we undercut one of the most fundamental aspects of our faith. In this episode, Kevin champions the foundational nature of the book of Ya'aqov (James), and makes a case for how its fundamental teachings can transform your faith. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
10/12/202316 minutes, 28 seconds
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Ep. 53 | WHEN the Biblical Church Should Meet (Called-Forth, Pt. 5)

Most active Christians and Messianics make it a priority to attend at least one Saturday or Sunday worship service. But should that weekly meeting really be our goal? Does participating in a once-a-week worship service truly reflect the Bible’s example for when we should gather ourselves together? In this episode, Kevin looks at what the Scriptures say regarding when and how often believers are supposed to meet, then considers how this should reshape the way we think about the reason and frequency for gathering as the Body of Messiah. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
9/28/202322 minutes, 48 seconds
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Ep. 52 | WHERE the Biblical Church Would Meet (Called-Forth, Pt. 4)

When most people think of "church," they envision a building, an assembly hall, or some other kind of physical structure. But what if what that church building not only isn't "church," but isn't actually prescribed anywhere in the Bible? What if the biblical concept of church is far more simple and natural than that? In this episode, Kevin compares the idea of church buildings to where the biblical Body of Messiah actually met together, and then explores how the places where today's believers gather can better reflect the values and patterns of Scripture. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
9/7/202320 minutes, 19 seconds
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Ep. 51 | Are Gentile Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) Part of Israel? (PART 2)

In the previous episode, Kevin extensively examined the Scriptures to determine if Christians or Messianic Gentiles become part of Israel through Yeshua. In this follow-up teaching, Kevin covers additional material and answers objections based on related topics, including the "Israel of God" and "not all who are of Israel are Israel." WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
8/17/202330 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ep. 50 | Are Gentile Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) Part of Israel?

Christians and Messianic Gentiles are, by faith, sons of God, sons of Abraham, heirs of the promise, grafted-in and much more—but does that make them part of Israel? Are they "spiritual Israel?" Do they expand or enlarge Israel? Are Gentile believers now Israel? In this episode, Kevin extensively examines the one new man of Ephesians 2, the olive tree of Romans 11 and other relevant passages to biblically clarify the Gentile believer's connection to Israel, and to encourage them in who they truly and fully are in Messiah. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
8/3/202335 minutes, 30 seconds
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Ep. 49 | The Organic Structure of Biblical Church (Called-Forth, Pt. 3)

The true "church" is not the buildings, but the people. And yet, the living organism of Yeshua's Body that is described in the Bible—of which we as believers are its members—has been replaced over time by complex organization and institutional structure. In this episode, Kevin takes us on a Scriptural survey that reveals the true functioning of the Body of Messiah, and exhorts us all to get back to the simple, organic, biblical structure of "church." WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
7/20/202333 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ep. 48 | Who Is a Jew? (What the Bible Says, and Why It Matters)

What determines whether someone is Jewish? Is it strictly ethnic lineage, or is there something else? Is someone a Jew only if they have Jewish parents or grandparents? What if you have distant Jewish heritage? Can you gain or lose your identity as a Jew through conversion? Are Christians spiritual Jews? In this episode, Kevin addresses the confusion and wide range of questions about who the Bible considers to be a Jew, and the eternal importance of that answer. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
7/6/202328 minutes, 38 seconds
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Ep. 47 | What Is the True Church? (Called-Forth, Pt. 2)

Almost every believer in Yeshua (Jesus) knows that we are "the church"—the Body of Messiah. Yet in practice, barely any of us see ourselves this way outside the context of worship services and congregational buildings. In this episode, Kevin makes the biblical description of our identity as "the church" clearer and more prominent in our minds—so that we'll never see "church" the same way ever again. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
6/15/202316 minutes, 41 seconds
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Ep. 46 | The Rapture and the Salvation of Israel

What does the Bible say about a pre-tribuation rapture, and what effect does the rapture have on the timing of the salvation of Israel? In this episode, Kevin explores the biblical teachings about the rapture, the great tribulation, the Day of the Lord, and where Messianic Jews fit in a biblical understanding of the sequence of end-time events and the return of Yeshua (Jesus). WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
6/1/202329 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep. 45 | Why You Should Never “Go to Church” (Called-Forth, Pt. 1)

In most people’s minds, “church” is a physical place, and "going to church" means traveling to that special congregational building, at a special time, in order to attend and participate in worship services. But is this really what the Scriptures say is the true nature of “church”? What if the way we typically think of "church" is actually completely wrong? In this introductory episode, Kevin begins to challenge the traditional meaning and understanding of what the Bible really says about "church." WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
5/18/202316 minutes, 24 seconds
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Ep. 44 | Reaching God Without Religion

When believers in Yeshua first come in to a Messianic or Hebraic understanding of the faith, it can be an exciting and spiritually invigorating time. But as you begin to navigate this new, unfamiliar territory, it can also be confusing. Is this a Jewish faith? Is it Christian? Is it somewhere in the middle? And despite having moved on from one brand of religion, you end up just exchanging it for another one, mistaking it for a “true faith” in God. In this episode, Kevin addresses this blind spot that many believers have whenever they begin traveling a new spiritual path, and suggests a way to successfully reach God without religion. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
5/4/202318 minutes, 17 seconds
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Ep. 43 | 6 Non-negotiable Beliefs for Uniting in Messiah

In today's divided, biblically confused Body of Messiah, it's hard to know who truly shares the faith of the Scriptures. What, then, are the minimum beliefs that should allow basic fellowship with other believers, and identify each of us as having an essential, biblical faith? In this episode, Kevin explores the 6 non-negotiables that form the foundation of Scriptural relationships. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
4/20/202328 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep. 42 | Are Messianic Gentiles 2nd Class Citizens?

It has been an issue in modern Messianic Jewish congregations basically since the beginning: many Gentile congregants have felt like second-class citizens in part because they've heard the often-repeated refrain, "to the Jew first." In this episode, Kevin looks at the Scriptures to determine if this possible doctrine of favoritism has any basis in Scripture, and, if so, whether it is compatible with the Bible's call for unity between Jews and Gentiles. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
3/30/202320 minutes, 20 seconds
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Ep. 41 | What Can Passover Teach You About Your Identity In Messiah?

For a full week every year, beginning at Passover, God commands Israel to eat only food made without leaven (matzah) as a reminder of how God brought freedom to Israel and rescued them from their slavery in Egypt forever. In this episode, Kevin helps you to inwardly prepare yourself for the Passover season with a powerful insight into the matzah that will reveal and convict your heart of your true reality in Yeshua. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
3/16/202320 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ep. 40 | Should Messianics Keep Jewish Tradition?

As Messianic Jews, what should our attitude be toward Jewish tradition? According to some, Paul tells us that we should keep the traditions of Judaism, just as long as they don't contradict or violate Scripture. But is such an assertion really true? In this episode, Kevin closely examines the teachings of Paul and Yeshua for a Scriptural view of tradition. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
3/2/202324 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ep. 39 | Bearing the Standard, Pt. 3 of 3: Why You Must Stand Up for the Word of God

Each one of us believes that we know what’s true—what’s right and good. But without a sole, objective standard to guide and enlighten us, then what’s really true will be nearly impossible to find—namely, the absolute truth of the word of God. In this final part of a 3-part series, Kevin exhorts all true followers of Yeshua to admit the Bible's sufficiency and supremacy, and to dedicate every breath of your being to bearing the standard of Scripture. Are you willing to join the cause? WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
2/16/202317 minutes, 43 seconds
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Ep. 38 | Bearing the Standard, Pt. 2 of 3: The Hostile Influences That Keep You From Following God

When we seek out and listen to other voices of influence to provide us guidance about how to live our lives as believers in Yeshua, were saying that God’s own words aren’t enough—that every Scripture that was breathed onto the page by God Himself is insufficient. In this second part of a 3-part series, Kevin reveals the hostile influences which you may be allowing to work in your life that are keeping you from effectively bearing the standard of Scripture. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
2/2/202323 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ep. 37 | Bearing the Standard, Pt. 1 of 3: Why You Need the Scriptures

What happens when we fail to fix our eyes on the standard of God's word? What makes the Bible such a supreme and perfect standard? What does it mean to bear the standard of Scripture? In this first part of a 3-part series based on Kevin's must-read book, Kevin explains what Yeshua taught us about bearing the standard of Scripture, and how it affects our ability to believe in and walk out the reality of our salvation. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
1/19/202317 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ep. 36 | Celebrating 20 Years of Ministry! Perfect Word’s 20th Anniversary Episode

Praise God! We're celebrating 20 years of ministry! Join Kevin as he commemorates this major milestone, while also reflecting on the important work and message of Perfect Word. Plus, you don't want to miss his special SURPRISE GUESTS! Come join us! WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
1/5/202321 minutes, 26 seconds
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2022 | A Special Thank You PLUS BLOOPERS!

A heartfelt thank you message from Kevin. Plus, watch the video version on YouTube for this year's best podcast bloopers and outtakes! WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
12/16/20222 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep. 35 | Messianics Are Missing the Point of Chanukah

Many Jewish and Gentile Messianics are drawn to Chanukah in large part because of how they see Chanukah fulfilled in Yeshua. But what if injecting Jesus into a Jewish holiday isn’t the point? What if the real point of Chanukah isn’t about miracles, latkes and lights, but something far more powerful and fundamental to our faith? In this episode, Kevin explains how knowing the real story of Chanukah will effect not just how you celebrate it, but how you walk with Yeshua in your everyday life. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
12/1/202221 minutes, 32 seconds
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Ep. 34 | 10 Principles for Correctly Understanding the Bible

Kevin gives his top ten principles for sound Bible interpretation in this crash course on how to correctly understand the Bible. He reviews each principle, describes the situation in which that principle should be applied, and then explains why that principle is necessary for the right understanding of Scripture. An excellent resource for anyone who wants to know the truth of the Bible. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
11/17/202225 minutes, 42 seconds
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Ep. 33 | Can You Be a Believer in Jesus But Still Not Be Saved?

The Bible clearly teaches, "Believe in the Master Yeshua, and you will be saved." But what if the Bible also says that being a believer doesn't just mean believing? That despite that belief, you might not actually be saved and receive eternal life? In this episode, Kevin scripturally exhorts us not toward a works-based faith, but toward a belief that moves us to be more than just a "believer." This is a message that every believer needs to take to heart. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
11/3/202220 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ep. 32 | 5 Great Features of the MJLT Messianic Bible Translation

The Messianic Jewish Literal Translation of the New Covenant Scriptures (MJLT NCS) is not just an important Messianic Bible translation that restores its Jewishness. It's also an objectively excellent, reliable version that uniquely presents and preserves the word of God. In this episode, Kevin picks his five favorite features of the MJLT and explains how they each contribute to making it such a solid Bible version, setting it apart from all other versions of the Bible. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
10/20/202224 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep. 31 | 5 Strategies for Answering Unbiblical Beliefs

Unbiblical ideas can be found everywhere—even in sermons, Bible studies with your friends, or discussing the Scriptures online. In this episode, Kevin gives you five simple strategies to help you stand up for the truth of God’s word, and to answer unbiblical beliefs you might hear from your fellow believers. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
10/6/202222 minutes, 29 seconds
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Ep. 30 | 6 of the WORST WAYS to Interpret the Bible

Why is there so much disagreement among denominations and believers about what the Bible says? Because even some of the most well-known teachers and established doctrines rely upon inconsistent, faulty methods of Bible interpretation. In this episode, Kevin looks at some of the absolute worst ways to interpret the Bible that guarantee a wrong answer every time. Learn how to recognize and avoid these bad interpretation methods. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
9/15/202229 minutes, 49 seconds
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Ep. 29 | What Judaism Gets Wrong About Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah—the Jewish New Year, the Feast of Trumpets. It's the second-biggest holiday in Judaism, kicking off the high holy day season. Yet sadly, the beautiful and profound traditions of Rosh Hashanah are not found in the Bible. In today's episode, Kevin takes a Scriptural look at this important day to explain what Judaism gets wrong, the true meaning of the appointed time, and how the traditions have influenced the theology of Messianic believers. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
9/1/202231 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep. 28 | Why I’m NOT a “Christian”

Both Jews and Christians agree: a Jew who believes in Jesus (Yeshua) is now a Christian. So what reason could there possibly be for a Jewish follower of Yeshua *not* to want to be called a “Christian?” Is he just being disingenuous? Maybe he’s denying his faith. In this episode, Kevin explains both from the Scriptures and his personal experience, how Jews can legitimately believe in and give their lives to Yeshua, yet also retain their biblically Jewish identity—and why the whole world depends on it. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
8/18/202222 minutes
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Ep. 27 | Can We Both Logically & Spiritually Understand the Bible?

The Bible is a spiritual book, taught to us by the Holy Spirit. So isn’t it contradictory—maybe even blasphemous—to use logic and reason to understand it? In this episode, Kevin explores the Scriptures to determine if or how logic and reason are opposed to the Spirit, and how they might all work together to help us comprehend the truth of the Scriptures. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
8/4/202221 minutes, 41 seconds
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Ep. 26 | What Do Messianic Jewish Leaders Believe?

Would it concern you to know that your pastor or rabbi or congregational leader holds heretical beliefs? Well, a few of them actually admitted to Kevin that they did in the 2020 Messianic Leaders Survey he conducted through MJMI. In this episode, Kevin explains some of responses and trends in theologial beliefs among Messianic congregational leaders, and how they reveal both good and bad news for the American Messianic Jewish Movement. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
7/21/202226 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep. 25 | Is the Bible Open to Personal Interpretation?

If God is one—undivided—and the Scriptures are the written word of God, then why do we think that there can be more than one legitimate interpretation of the Bible? We apparently believe this to be so, since we allow ourselves to disagree with one another about what the Scriptures say. In this episode, Kevin challenges the concepts of denominations and doctrinal divisions, and exhorts us all in the only biblically correct way to interpret the Bible. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
7/7/202219 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep. 24 | Why Jesus Is NOT Coming Back (As Soon As You Think)

The Scriptures make it abundantly clear that Yeshua is coming again—returning in triumphant glory! But is His soon return really as imminent as many would like to believe? Is it true that right now, especially at this increasingly chilling time in modern history, that Yeshua could return at any moment? But what if the Bible says that there's something else which needs to happen first? WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
6/16/202222 minutes, 48 seconds
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Ep. 23 | The One Bible Question You Should NEVER ASK

Anyone who’s ever read the Bible knows that while the word of God holds the answers to the deepest, most profound questions of our lives, it can also leave us asking more questions. But if we want to know the truth of the Scriptures, then we must avoid asking the single most deceptive and diverting question of them all. In this episode, Kevin explains how this one question is the worst question anyone can ever ask for understanding the Bible. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
6/2/202226 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ep. 22 | The Problem with Being “Messianic”

When believers in Yeshua say that they’re “Messianic,” what exactly do they mean? Does it mean they hold strange, unbiblical beliefs? Does it represent a profound, scriptural understanding of the faith not embraced by traditional Christianity? Could it be a combination of both? In this episode, Kevin explores the origins and meaning of the word "messianic," both from a biblical perspective, and from his perspective as a Messianic Jew. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
5/19/202225 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep. 21 | Are We Supposed to Take the Bible LITERALLY?

A common criticism of and among believers is that we take the Bible too literally—or, not literally enough. So are we supposed to take the Bible literally, or not? And if so, what does that mean? In this episode, Kevin explores this concept along with a look at the different types of literary genres and figures of speech found in the masterpiece of literature: the Bible. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
5/5/202229 minutes, 54 seconds
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Ep. 20 | American Civil Liberties: Is Fighting for Freedom Biblical?

As believers in Yeshua (Jesus), do we have a biblical obligation to fight for American constitutional freedoms? How far, if it all, do we personally have to go to preserve and protect those civil liberties? In this episode, Kevin shares his own personal journey through the Bible in search of patriotic answers. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
4/21/202225 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ep. 19 | Secondary Resources for Bible Study: More Harm Than Good?

Many of us rely on secondary sources such as Bible dictionaries, commentaries and the religious writings of our various faith traditions for studying and understanding the Bible. But, on balance, do these and other resources do more harm than good? In this episode, Kevin takes a dive into the world of extra-biblical, secondary Bible sources, with some fascinating and mind-boggling results. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
4/7/202231 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep. 18 | What Judaism Gets Wrong About Passover

Passover is perhaps the most widely observed Jewish holiday, carrying with it thousands of years of history and rich tradition. And yet, most of what is typically observed today in the central ceremony of Pesach—the Passover Seder—isn't biblical. In this episode, Kevin seeks to elevate the the written word of God by considering the origins of the traditional food elements on the Seder plate, and then offering a scriptural alternative to the traditional Seder. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
3/17/202224 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ep. 17 | The Best Way to Correctly Interpret Scripture

Of all the millions of books, websites and videos; thousands of Bible teachers of all shapes and theologies; and hundreds of doctrinal statements, commentaries and catechisms, there is only one source with God-given authority to perfectly interpret Scripture. In this episode, Kevin demonstrates the importance of looking first (and often, looking only) to Scripture any time we need to understand Scripture. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
3/3/202230 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ep. 16 | The theology that’s “rotting the Church from the inside out”

Recent research shows that the most popular worldview in the United States is a fake, soft, twisted form of Christianity that has also infected not just the Christian Church, but the Messianic Jewish Movement as well. In this episode, Kevin arms you with the truth by breaking down "Moralistic Therapeutic Deism," and comparing its false beliefs to what the Scriptures actually say. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
2/17/202227 minutes, 30 seconds
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Ep. 15 | Bible Study Tools: Everything You Do (and Don’t!) Need

Finding answers in the Bible isn't always as simple as picking up the Book and reading it. Sometimes, we need help finding what we're looking for. Thankfully, there are resources to help us do just that—while there are others that can contaminate our understanding. Join Kevin in this introduction to Bible study tools, as he shares his unique perspective on how anyone can correctly study the Bible. WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
2/3/202225 minutes, 8 seconds
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Ep. 14 | Is Yeshua (Jesus) HUMAN—Just Like Us?

The Messiah Yeshua is God in the flesh. But why would God need to enter humanity in this way? Can Yeshua truly be just a man if He is also truly God? Does Yeshua’s equal humanness also hold equal significance for our faith? This episode explores why Yeshua’s humanity is not only crucial for our salvation, but for our daily life as His disciples. This episode is Part 2 of a two part exploration of what the Scriptures say concerning the deity and humanity of Yeshua. IN THIS EPISODE: (00:00) Intro | (02:09) Son of Man, descended from Adam | (05:24) Human lineage and birth records | (09:32) Not just "like" a human | (13:03) Yeshua in the pattern of Adam | (15:47) True representative of humanity | (18:24) Our sin offering, tempted like us | (23:04) Necessity of both humanity and deity | (26:46) Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
12/2/202129 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep. 13 | Is Yeshua (Jesus) really God?

Does the Bible actually claim that Yeshua (Jesus) is God? Or is this just some absurd, unsupported contrivance of Christianity? The biblical fact of Yeshua’s simultaneous, unmingled deity and humanity is more than just a theological sidenote or curiosity—it is at the heart of the message of the Good News. This episode is Part 1 of a two part exploration of what the Scriptures say concerning the deity and humanity of Yeshua. IN THIS EPISODE: (00:00) Intro | (02:23) God in physical form | (06:18) "The Word became flesh" | (11:23) Yeshua emptied Himself of deity | (14:31) Yeshua is ADONAI | (20:34) Other passages about Yeshua's deity | (24:35) Yeshua's own claims to deity | (29:03) Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
11/18/202132 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ep. 12 | Does God Really Have a Son?

The Bible claims that Yeshua is the Son of God, but how can the eternal Creator of the universe—the God of Israel—have a son? In this episode, Kevin explains from a Jewish perspective how the Hebrew Scriptures point to Yeshua as the Son of God, how the New Covenant Scriptures expound on that view, and the meaning that’s wrapped up in this most important title of the Messiah. IN THIS EPISODE: (00:00) Intro | (01:30) Israel as God’s son | (04:44) David’s line as God's sons | (07:55) David’s kingship fulfilled in Yeshua | (11:14) Messianic, kingly sonship of Yeshua | (15:34) The Son of God, who is God | (20:05) Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
11/4/202124 minutes, 49 seconds
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Ep. 11 | Does the Bible really mean what it plainly says?

Sometimes we don’t particularly like what the Scriptures say, or, for some reason, we think there must be more to it—that it can’t be that simple and straightforward. And instead of just asking the question “What do the Scriptures say,” we start asking ourselves, “Is that really what that Scripture says?” or, “Is that ALL that that Scripture says?” And our search for the truth becomes an exercise in misinformation. In this episode, Kevin teaches the importance of accepting the plain sense of Scripture. IN THIS EPISODE: (00:00) Intro | (01:42) Plain sense vs Literal sense | (04:43) When the Plain Sense Makes Sense | (08:04) Seeking a deeper sense: symbolism | (11:15) Seeking a deeper sense: letterology | (15:13) Rejecting the plain sense: “Day” | (18:40) Rejecting the plain sense: “Eternal” | (21:35) Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
10/21/202124 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ep. 10 | How does the Bible say we should treat ONE ANOTHER?

In an age of ever-increasing isolation and unhealthy independence, even believers in Yeshua are lacking meaningful relationships and true community. Kevin brings an encouraging reminder and exhortation from the Scriptures about how God really wants us to treat one another. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:31 | We are members of one another 03:09 | Carry burdens and confess sins 06:22 | Build up and count others higher 11:00 | Be of the same mind to one another 14:14 | Submit and have the same anxiety 18:34 | Exhort and provoke one another 21:04 | Bear with and forgive one another 23:43 | Intensely love one another 26:53 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
10/7/202130 minutes, 25 seconds
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Ep. 9 | Why you need CONTEXT to understand the Bible

Everything we do, see, hear and say has a context, and when we ignore or are unaware of it, nearly everything can be misconstrued. Just as context is crucial to understanding life, it’s also crucial for comprehending God’s word. In fact, it’s impossible to fully understand the Bible without it. Kevin explains the concept of context with hand-on examples from Scripture in this foundational teaching. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 02:14 | Different kinds of context 06:20 | Defining a word in context 12:02 | Inspirational passages in context 16:37 | Immediate context of a verse 20:35 | Greater context of the book 24:53 | Other writings by the same author 26:59 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
9/16/202130 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep. 8 | Why do believers in Yeshua (Jesus) continue to sin?

If we as believers in Yeshua have been saved from our sins, then why do we keep going back to them? In this episode, Kevin explains from the Scriputres why believers continue to sin, and more importantly, what we need to do to stop! IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:14 | What sin is 03:34 | Defining guilt and violations 07:50 | Overview of Romans 5-8 12:12 | Old man, New man, and the Flesh 17:15 | How to stop sinning 21:08 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
9/2/202124 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep. 7 | Which Bible version has the right translation?

Not all Bible translations are created equal. Each version has a lot going on in the background, which can mean the difference between us receiving biblical truth or unbiblical fiction. Join Kevin for this engaging and informative look at the world of Bible translations. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:26 | What is a translation? 04:14 | Underlying manuscripts used 07:26 | Received and Critical Texts 13:05 | Decisions made in translation 14:59 | Spectrum of translations 16:41 | Examples from Scripture 22:32 | Choosing a translation 26:43 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
8/19/202128 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ep. 6 | The Jewish People: Irrefutable Proof of God

Can we prove that the God of the Bible actually exists? Is there something that we can touch or see or comprehend—the reality of which will prove the existence of God? In this powerful episode, Kevin offers what he believes is tangible, quantifiable, objectively observable evidence that the God of Israel is real. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:42 | Subjective evidence of God 05:02 | Objective evidence of God 07:27 | God's unbreakable promise to Israel 09:23 | God's faithfulness to Israel 12:57 | God's reputation tied to Israel 16:06 | Israel as a sign to the nations 19:50 | Fundamental importance of the Jews 23:34 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
8/5/202126 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep. 5 | The ONLY Biblically Correct Answer to Every Bible Question

There is one thing that you absolutely must do—and a lot of things you shouldn’t—if you want to correctly understand the Bible. In this episode, Kevin reveals how to reliably and consistently get the ONLY biblically correct answer to every single Bible question, every single time. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:37 | Over-reliance on others’ teachings 05:09 | Taking responsibility for ourselves 09:10 | How Spiritualizing impedes the word 13:03 | How Emotionalizing impedes the word 15:40 | How Rationalizating impedes the word 18:55 | The answer to EVERY Bible question 24:30 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
7/22/202127 minutes, 42 seconds
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Ep. 4 | What Is the Meaning of Life?

Why do I exist? Where do I belong? What is the meaning of life? We usually ask such existential, philosophical questions in an effort to grasp our identity, purpose and self-worth. But the answer isn't something we need to go in search of, because it's already been found… in the Scriptures! In this episode, Kevin reveals what the Bible says is the meaning of life and explains what that entails for those who follow Messiah. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:00 | The Bible’s answer to life’s meaning 05:12 | Finding purpose in serving God 06:39 | What living for God looks like 08:25 | Loving God by keeping His commands 11:56 | Putting God above all else 14:53 | Denying yourself to live for God 16:23 | Society's false search for meaning 19:49 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
7/8/202122 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep. 3 | Is the Bible really the true, perfect word of God?

Is the Bible true? Is all of it true, or just some of it? Is the Bible actually the word of God, or of man? Is the Bible something we should pay attention to? Is it even worthy of our submission and obedience? Whether or not the Bible is true is at the heart of every question of biblical belief. In this episode, Kevin makes the case for the truth and perfection of the Bible—though maybe not in the way you might expect. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:41 | What we mean by “Bible” 03:36 | Credibility from external evidence 05:47 | The Bible’s internal testimony 10:28 | Affirming the Torah as God’s word 13:11 | Affirming the Hebrew Scriptures 17:40 | Affirming the Greek Scriptures 18:57 | Problems with the internal evidence 21:32 | The only way to be sure it’s true 25:25 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
6/24/202126 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep. 2 | Why I Say “Yeshua” Not “Jesus”

As a Jewish Messiah-follower, Kevin explores his two main reasons why he calls the Master “Yeshua,” rather than “Jesus.” This episode traces the Messiah’s name through Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English (visually illustrated in the video version), then explains the importance of preserving its meaning—and the impact it can have—both for believers in general, and specifically on Messianic Jewish identity. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:54 | Linguistics of the Bible 03:19 | Tracing the Hebrew, Greek and Latin 06:07 | Comparison of Joshua and Yeshua 08:47 | Full etymology of Jesus 11:24 | Biblical names often have meanings 14:08 | Meaning of the name Yeshua 18:17 | “Yeshua” & Messianic Jewish identity 20:12 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
4/30/202122 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ep. 1 | Does correctly understanding the Bible really matter?

In a post-truth, post-reality world, what’s the use in teaching the Bible anymore—much less trying to have a correct understanding of God’s word? Do today’s sincere, Bible-believing followers of Yeshua (Jesus) really want to know what the Bible actually says? Kevin asks these difficult questions—and deals with their difficult answers—in this inaugural episode of the Biblically Correct Podcast. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 00:55 | Considering Bible teaching’s worth 04:38 | The condition of society 07:30 | The condition of the Body of Messiah 08:57 | Facing the facts and taking action 12:04 | Preparing for the next generation 14:50 | Purpose of this podcast 18:57 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
4/9/202120 minutes, 38 seconds
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PILOT | Does the Devil Really Come to Steal, Kill and Destroy?

If you’ve ever been exposed to any kind of Bible teaching, you've probably heard it said that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. But is that really what the Bible says? Join Kevin as he explains, in this pilot episode of the Biblically Correct Podcast. IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00 | Intro 01:13 | Meaning and origin of the doctrine 03:27 | Scriptures on the devil and thieves 08:47 | Contextual backdrop of John 10 13:25 | Allegory of the sheep's pen 17:11 | Does the devil really kill & destroy? 19:34 | Beware the real thieves 20:38 | Conclusion WATCH ON YOUTUBE •
4/7/202122 minutes, 52 seconds