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The Bible Project 2020

English, Christianity, 1 season, 62 episodes, 23 hours, 41 minutes
Journey with us through the entire Bible—Genesis through Revelation. We undertook this project in 2020. And now this project has been turned into a study that your church can do too—the Bible Year!The Bible Year Devotional: Bible Year Videos:
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Interpreting the Bible

In this episode, Magrey deVega and Mat Hotho discuss the goal of biblical interpretation—how we take an ancient text and make it understandable without just making it fit our modern assumptions. We'll discuss methods and give some examples from the Old and New Testaments.If you haven't joined a small group yet, go to or search "Bible Project 2020" on Facebook to join our online discussion group!
12/23/201920 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Vision for The Bible Project 2020

Mat Hotho and Magrey deVega discuss the vision and goal behind The Bible Project 2020. You can join along in the journey at
12/16/201919 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Bible Project 2020 Preview

Here are some of the conversations you'll be hearing in the first month of the Bible Project 2020.
12/15/20192 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Bible Project 2020 Trailer

Welcome to the Bible Project 2020—A journey to reading Scripture without fear or frustration! Presented by Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Tampa, FL.Subscribe to the podcast for new episodes starting next week and join a small group at
12/6/20192 minutes, 16 seconds