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The Bearded Pilot Podcast

English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 season, 21 episodes, 15 hours, 28 minutes
The podcast dedicated to having fun while flying. We talk about anything and all things helicopters, aviation and anything damn near cool enough to talk about. We have guests talking about their flying stories and delve into the many things involved in obtaining your licence to fly helicopters.
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Piper M600 - Flight from the USA to the UK

In this episode, I read an article from Sean Brown, the CEO of British European Aviation, and his flight across the world from Florida, USA to London, UK. His flight takes place in a single-engine, propeller-driven aircraft capable of speeds of 280kt TAS. Enjoy!
10/20/202222 minutes
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November Update

Hey, what is up guys! This episode is a little off topic/schedule.I have been working incredibly hard the last few weeks on getting my Flight Instructor course completed. It has involved a huge tonne of work, revision of old notes and preparation for flights etc and that's drawn me away from the editing of my episodes that I have already in the pipeline for you. As such, rather than rush out work that I'm not 100% happy with, I thought it'd be cool to give you an update with whats new, where I am currently and what I have ready in the coming weeks as well as what I have planned with "others" in the coming months. Don't forget to check me out online at and on Instagram @goughythepilot. Please if you're enjoying the content, it'd be awesome if you can share it, please give me a rating on iTunes and get in touch!As always, fly safe and i'll see you in the next one! BYE BYE!
11/18/20196 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode Four - Interview with the legendary owner of the R66 G-LIKK

In this episode I was lucky enough to be invited to speak to Richard, the owner of G-LIKK, a Robinson R66 with quite simply an amazing paint scheme. Rich was kind enough to invite me into his home and just talk helicopters, flying in the UK and into Europe and get the low down on the paint scheme that just cannot be ignored.Once you've listened to the show and want to find out more on Rich's R66 and to see what he's been up to, please head over to Instagram and follow him @g_likk. Here's the link  
10/28/201949 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode Three - Impromptu Flight from London to Scotland in a R66

This one's a bit of an impromptu episode. As many may know already and new pilots will soon learn. Many of your flights will come with very short notice. As a commercial pilot you’re at the mercy of the bookings that come your way and as a private pilot you’re mainly at the mercy of the weather. This predicament came about Thursday evening. It transpired that the best weather we were due to have for the next 3 or 4 days was going to be tomorrow, the Friday. This meant heading to collect the aircraft in the car, check over everything you need to paperwork wise, check weather, check NOTAMS, check airfield closures and off we go.  
10/21/201920 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode Two - Stories of a PPL(H) Holder

In this episode we chat to PPL(H) holder and regular flyer, Bill Gilkison. Bill's a great friend of mine who loves nothing more than to talk all about flying. We chat about his flying experiences, lessons he's learnt over the years and he shares with us some of his pictures from his trips. Remember to follow me on Instagram and see what I'm up to. Remember if you wish to be included in a future episode, please contact me.
10/7/20191 hour, 6 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode One - How to get your Private Pilots Licence for Helicopters

So, what is really involved with gaining your PPL(H)?Take a listen to the podcast and listen to the main things you should be focusing on and how I personally found those experiences. The main take away points are that it is a huge accomplishment, being able to fly a helicopter, and should not be taken on a whim. Enjoy the process and you'll never regret it.Remember, get in touch if you wish to be included in a future episode or if you have a topic you wish to be covered. Follow the links on the website or send me a DM on Instagram @goughythepilot.See you in the next one!
9/23/201936 minutes, 4 seconds