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English, Non-formal education, 3 seasons, 99 episodes, 2 days 8 hours 31 minutes
The “For Real” Podcast, invites you to be in on real and meaningful conversations between Mother and Son. The “For Real” Podcast is hosted by Torique Farrington and Elizabeth Williams who will be bringing you the awesome, exciting and unexpected content. This podcast will leave you flabbergasted and saying “For Real”.
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93. From Folding Napkins to Cutting Sweet Potatoes

In today’s episode Torique talks about what he’s most grateful for, helping his Grammy in the kitchen for thanksgiving, his biased opinion on the Miami Heat being the best team in the NBA, The NBA In-Season Tournament, New Year’s DebbieDowners and being locked in for the upcoming New Year.
24/11/202341 minutes 15 seconds
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92. And I Did Not Listen

In today’s episode Torique talks about where he’s been and why he hasn’t uploaded in 4 weeks, his first time going to a concert, catching the flu on the way back home from his trip, basketball season starting and his thoughts on the recent Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics game.
03/11/202335 minutes 15 seconds
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91. We Still Here

In today’s episode Torique talks about Colorado Buffs first loss for the season, Miami Dolphins beating the Broncos, reviews Lil Tecca’s new album TEC, discusses Usher performing at the Super Bowl Apple Music Halftime show, and shares the struggle of turning motivation into discipline.
29/09/202332 minutes 52 seconds
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90. It’s Personal

In today’s episode Torique says goodbye to summer and hello to pumpkin spice season although pumpkin spice is deemed as a drink for the ladies, talks about his upcoming trip, chimes in on the barbers and their prices discussion, reminisces on barbershop culture in the old days, Elon charging users to use the X platform, Colorado Buffs beating Colorado state and hints at Be Yo’self Podcast updates.
22/09/202341 minutes 36 seconds
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89. Birthday Realization

In today’s episode Torique recaps him and his Mom’s birthday week, explains why he thought birthdays were weird, talks about Coco Guaff being the US Open Champion, the iPhone 15 reveal and shares what he learned from his Uncle’s life who passed away at 19 years old.
15/09/202340 minutes 33 seconds
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88. Throw It Down The Drain

In today’s episode Torique starts the pod with a quote and elaborates on struggling with the thought of one day becoming successful, He also shared his opinion on American sprinter Noah Lyles and what he had to say about the NBA Finals Champions not actually being world champions. Torique also shared his view on Charlemagne and Andrew Schultz social experiment and later gives a tip for the week with a shocking story to go along with it.
01/09/202340 minutes 49 seconds