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The Barefoot Investor

English, Finance, 1 season, 12 episodes, 4 hours, 21 minutes
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Happy Financial New Year

This week, the Barefoot Investor gives his top five tips on how to start a happy financial new year. Our first ever guest, Jody, has a job and now Scott wants to help her save for the kid's education. Plus, Nathan wants to tread his own path all the way to Uganda, where he plans to start up a business that also gives back.
7/4/201022 minutes, 15 seconds
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Barefoot Meets Buffett

This week, a very special episode of the Barefoot Investor as Scott meets his all-time hero and the world's greatest investor, Warren Buffett. Plus, we go behind the scenes at Woodstock for capitalism, the annual general meeting of Berkshire Hathaway.
21 minutes, 56 seconds
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Talking About Your Generation

The Barefoot Investor goes on a generational road trip through Australia -- from Gen Y's to the Baby Boomers, we'll look at the problems facing Australians as they enter different stages of their lives and find out why it's never too late to start planning for your financial future.
6/20/201022 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Barefoot Investor in the USA

This week the Barefoot Investor goes on a USA road trip. We take a tour through the heart of global capitalism, the New York Stock Exchange. We find out how internet sensation Gary Vaynerchuk turned his passion for wine into a multi-million dollar business. Plus, Scott helps one Barefooter step on his own path to studying in America.
6/13/201021 minutes, 52 seconds
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Living Large with the Barefoot Investor

This week on the Barefoot Investor we'll meet Steve, who has packed up the family to go on a year-long Spanish adventure. Janine tells us how she threw in the towel on the corporate world to start her own dream business in Bali, plus, Scott has some wise advice for Karen, who is in severe financial stress and doesn't even know it.
6/6/201022 minutes, 13 seconds
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Budget 2010

This week on the Barefoot Investor, it's all about the B word ... Budget 2010. We'll find out what Wayne Swan's no frill's budget means for the Australian economy. Scott catches up with financial services minister, Chris Bowen. Plus we help some barefooters whip their own budgets into shape.
5/16/201021 minutes, 47 seconds
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Home or Away

In this week's Barefoot Investor, we discuss whether one should rent or buy as Scott helps a barefooter do the math. Lauren is about to turn 30, but she's tired of living like a student. Plus we'll meet another barefooter who is treading his own path and rebuilding shattered homes and lives in Haiti along the way.
5/9/201021 minutes, 47 seconds
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Changing the World, One Barefoot Step at a Time

This week on the Barefoot Investor, we'll meet one banker who only lends money to people with no job, no income and no assets. Michaela has inherited 100,000 dollars but will she blow it all like her sister? Plus, Scott meets the founder of and finds out how he started an online phenomenon that has changed lives across the globe.
5/2/201022 minutes, 20 seconds
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Money and Happiness

Does money bring really bring you happiness? We answer that question with Australia's very own Dr Happy, Tim Sharp. Plus, what do you learn after losing it all? We'll meet survivors from the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria and find out how they are rebuilding their lives.
4/25/201021 minutes, 4 seconds
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Love and Money

This week on the barefoot investor, it's all about love and money. Tristan is struggling to pay off debt, but his bride to-be still wants a dream wedding. Scott catches up with one barefooter who turned her passion for weddings into a media empire. Plus, what do you do when your partner steals your life savings? Find out in this episode of The Barefoot Investor.
4/18/201021 minutes, 25 seconds
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Getting Back Your Mojo

Johanna wants to change her ways after wasting an inheritance while Amanda is trying to stave off the debt collectors, plus, we'll hear the amazing story of how one woman is turning her life around, after gambling away her life savings.
4/11/201021 minutes, 40 seconds
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New Beginnings

This week on the Barefoot Investor, Jody a single mother is down on her luck and looking for a new job. We'll meet Sam Bailey, a quadriplegic who defied the odds to become both a farmer and learn how to fly. Plus, find out how Jee blew her credit card limit and almost her marriage, in just thirty minutes.
4/4/201021 minutes, 21 seconds