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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 2 seasons, 21 episodes, 17 hours, 14 minutes
Welcome to The Balance Project Podcast! Join Justine from My Balance Project and special guests talking all things body image. Justine will be chatting with guests from all walks of life about making a positive shift in their very personal body image journeys and how their relationships with their bodies have evolved over time. Real stories from real people, how they have changed their mindset, their lives, and their bodies for good! Justine gets up close & personal, and talks about the reality of making a positive change for yourself. Yes, it will be inspiring, interesting, and, we promise, entertaining! Sharing, learning, and inspiring others to make a positive change in their own lives.
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Jo Harvey on The Truth About Menopause, HRT & The Beauty & Hardship of Being Mid Life

Today I had the absolute pleasure of speak to Jo from 50 So What. Jo is a 52yr kiwi who now lives in Sydney with her husband. Jo’s Instagram, called 50sowhatofficial has become a wonderful community where she encourages woman to age their own way. She dispells the myth that life ends at 50 and weaves her wonderful humour around the reality of menopause and life in middle age.  We are talking menopause, peri menopause, HRT, becoming invisible and how ageing and going through menopause effects your mental health, but also the beauty of being mid life and much more.  Enjoy the final episode of this season with Jo!Join my private Facebook group here:
1/28/202457 minutes, 49 seconds
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Lily Henderson: Nutrition & Development Kitchen Manager at My Food Bag

Lily is a registered dietitian with over 16yrs experience in NZ, Australia and the UK and has worked across a wide range of sectors.She currently works  at My Food Bag as the Nutrition & Development Kitchen Manager and has a super interesting background, holding positions like the national nutrition advisor for the heart foundation, the NSW State Program Manager for a children’s healthy lifestyle programme at NSW Health, and a Specialist Weight Management Dietitian in the UK. In this episode we are talking about Lily’s unique path to becoming a dietician, how you can help your relationship with food, how to navigate the overwhelm and noise around food advise online, her work within lifestyle medicine, and how you can help your kids to have a healthy view on food.   Plus so much more. This was a really educational and informative chat 
1/21/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 45 seconds
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Nadia Baker from @missnadialoves: Being Bullied in Her Teens, Her Life Motto, The Power of Fashion & More!

This week we welcome to the podcast the creator of one of my fave style accounts on instagram, and my friend, Nadia from @missnadialoves. Nadia is a plus size model & influencer with an instagram account quickly approaching 50k followers where she shares her love of fashion & style.   She rarely shares much of her personal life, so this episode will be a huge bts and peek behind the curtain of her instagram account. We are going to talk about the power of fashion with self image, social media land, her body image, dealing with endometriosis, what got her to really get over her body insecurities and so much more!    Nadia also has a super interesting background, having been bullied most of her teenage years by her peers which turned her into a staunch supporter of other women in her adult life. Join my friend Nadia and I for an honest and open chat, there's so much to be learned from her. 
1/14/20241 hour, 12 minutes, 41 seconds
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Melissa Chan-Green on How Her Relationship With Exercise & Food Has Evolved, Juggling a Career & Parenthood, Meeting The Royals & More!

Join me in talking to Melissa Chan-Green. In this episode we cover a lot of topics, like  her relationship with her body pre and post kids, how her views on exercise and food changed for the better over the years and how she juggles her busy career as the host of the AM show on TV3 with two little ones under 5.  Plus, we chat about the some of the highlights of covering the royals over the years including getting to meet the Queen.  I also find out what the weirdest thing someone has said about her body in the comments section!It's a great chat with some great insights from Melissa. Enjoy!
1/7/202455 minutes, 28 seconds
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Eden McPhillips on Her Eating Disorder & Recovery, Being a Mum + Winning MKR & More!

You may know Eden McPhillips from Winning My Kitchen Rules New Zealand a few years back. Since then she has gone on to start her own business, Garden of Eden Cakes  which has a cult following (me included!). In this episode we are talking to Eden about having an eating disorder before entering MKR, how she handled her recovery and the effects it had on her mental health and body image. We also chat about being a young Mum to Little Parker, who has just turned two. It's a big ep with some incredible vulnerability from Eden, who as usual handles everthing with great humour and honesty.  I hope you enjoy!
12/31/202359 minutes, 31 seconds
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Christmas Bonus Episode With My Husband Bill

You asked for it, I listened!  My most requested guest is none other than my lovely husband, Bill. A regular on my social channels, Bill sat down with me for a chat at home about everything from how we met, bts of our relationship, his teen years and where he gets his confidence from.   Even I got to learn a few things about Bill - so sit back, relax and enjoy... BILL!
12/25/202359 minutes, 32 seconds
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Steven & Seamus from Between Two Beers Get Personal About Their Insecurities, Body Image, Friendship Circle & more!

Join me for an amazing chat with Steven and Seamus from Between Two Beers. Steven & Seamus started the Between Two Beers podcast just 4yrs ago where they interview  some of NZ most prominent sports and public figures. They recently reached a milestone of an incredible 2 million downloads!  In this episode we turn the tables and hear from the boys on their personal lives - their insecurities & body image journeys, what Stevens nickname was in the locker room after he was seen naked, Seamus' new geeky endeavour to help him get fitter and how they stay connected with their mates - which is an awesome story and example. Don't forget to join the private Facebook group to chat about the ep, or follow me on instagram.
12/17/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ellie Fitzgerald Answers Your Questions on Intimacy, Religion, Fertility + Crazy Sex Stories!

Welcome back to the most downloaded guest of Season 1, Ellie of @lovingelliesbelly.I thought it was only right to invite Ellie back to answer YOUR questions for a little Q&A session. This is a fantastic episode that is fun, comical but also meaningful and honest. We chat about her relationship with Brett, her history with intimacy issues, crazy places she's had sex plus an update on where she is on her fertility journey. You're going to love this one. Don't forget you can join my private Facebook group to chat about the episode at the link below:
12/10/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 24 seconds
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Talking Sex & Exploring Self Love with Morgan Penn

Join me as I chat to the amazing Morgan Penn who is a somatic sexologist & award winning podcaster from The Trainee Sexologist and   This is a biggie!! We talk about SO much in this hour - we are going to learn about what a somatic sexologist does and what a day in the life looks like for her in her profession.  We delve into the difference in views on sex based on age, and the normalisation of sexual language in 2023 vs maybe 20yrs ago, building your body self esteem and of course, we talk about her relationship with her own body and how her body image has evolved. This was a really powerful conversation for me (low key a therapy session!),  I hope you get a lot out of it too.Join my private Facebook group to chat about the podcast and get body image support x
12/3/20231 hour, 1 minute, 8 seconds
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Being Body Positive with Riley Hemson

Please give a warm welcome to our BANGER of a first guest, Riley Hemson.  I am so stoked Riley said yes to being my first guest for Season 2, because when I think of body positive / neutral influencers, she is the absolute top of my list.  She is clearly doing something right, with over 500,000 followers on the gram, two successful brands launched in the last few years (Remmie by Riley and Jorja & Joseph) - she is a force of nature.   We sat down to chat about societal pressures, her evolving relationship with her body, why being at her lowest weight didn't make her happy, and a whole bunch more!  There are so many ah-ha moments in this podcast so settle in.Don't forget to join my private Facebook group to discuss the episodes, and get body image support:
11/26/202345 minutes, 9 seconds
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Season 2 Is Here! An Introduction.

Welcome to Season 2 of The Balance Project Podcast.  A wee message from Justine, your host. Let's dive in with Episode 1, with Riley Hemson!
11/26/20231 minute, 19 seconds