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The Bake Down - Bake Off Reviewed

English, TV & Video, 2020 seasons, 87 episodes, 3 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes
The Bake Down is the go to podcast for those who can't get enough of the Great British Bake Off. Founder of Bake With A Legend ( (the company that let's you bake alongside former contestants) Josh Landy will be joined by former contestants Howard Middleton and Jane Beedle for the duration of the 2019 series to digest the latest action in the tent. If you want the inside track and inspired insight, this is the podcast for you.
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The newly themed Japanese Week started off with a challenge to make eight soft delicious steamed buns... and considering they were asked to make buns, there weren't enough bun related jokes really. Prue wanted them to melt in the mouth whilst Paul was more concerned that they were exactly to his taste as he mistakenly took the tent for a restaurant. Then it was a case of turning to a Macha crepe cake for the technical challenge, where Paul warned us that the layers had to be very thin to ensure enough mixture to get 11 layers... and guess what, not everyone got enough layers whilst Dave got confused between a crescent and a circle for his decoration. Meanwhile, Laura claimed she may as well eat grass, such was her disdain for macha.For the showstopper, the bakers were told to make a Kawaii cake (we also had to google it). They were told to make it cute and by and large they did. Well Hermine didn't necessarily, but there you go. She survived, whilst poor old Mark made a cake so dry Paul almost called it unedible, but by telling us it was nearly unedible, he basically told us it was really and then Mark was sent packing, whilst Lottie became the sixth different contestant to be star baker in six weeks.Josh, Jane and Howard recorded this podcast remotely via Zoom. We'd like your questions and comments to keep us going. Hit us up at [email protected] and we'll read out your comments on the upcoming episodes.We are having great fun hosting online baking classes for fans from all around the world and more classes have gone up on sale every week. Whether you'd like to learn how to make pasteis de nata, florentines, a profiterole stack, macarons or so much more, check out our latest online baking classes on our website. Classes tend to start at 5pm UK on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate bakers from around the world, in particular our many friends from the USA. They're great fun and if you use the code PODCAST at checkout you'll get 10% off.Also, perhaps you're missing your work colleagues or friends and thinking about how you can have a fun activity during these difficult times and a private online event with us is the perfect answer! We're also starting to book in Christmas Parties! Head over to our website learn more about online baking classes.*** If you enjoyed this podcast please do leave us a review, it'll help ensure more Bake Off fans find us and would be a huge motivation for to keep making these podcasts for you. Please note we're not affiliated to the show itself or Love Productions, but we're huge fans of their work.***This podcast is part of the Stripped Media podcast network. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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