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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 8 seasons, 202 episodes, 6 hours, 16 minutes
Sven Erlandson, TikTok star, best-selling author & founder of BadassCounseling (NYC), is a CEO-whisperer & soul counselor, who kicks your ass, taking you to the dark places of life to finally heal into true ALIVENESS! Listen for new counseling sessions every Thursday, and Sven's responses to his followers' questions every Sunday. Explicit content.
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Q&A: Trauma, Healing, Friends, and More

Another unpredictable round of questions taken in real time by Sven, and more insightful and inspiring answers! Are you conditioned to doubt yourself? Is it important to suppress childhood trauma? How do I make friends? Why do the demons come back when I'm flushing them out? And much more, here in Lightning Round LXXV. Please listen in! Explicit content.
2/18/202455 minutes, 12 seconds