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English, Parenting, 3 seasons, 37 episodes, 16 hours, 6 minutes
New babies are difficult. Don't you wish they came with a manual? Well, now there is one! Hosted by a pediatrician mom, The Baby Manual will help guide you through everything you actually need to know to take care of a baby. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, I bet you’ll hear something helpful in here that you didn’t know. Enjoy The Baby Manual podcast, and enjoy your new baby!
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309 - Baby Acne and Diaper Rash

11/29/202320 minutes, 6 seconds
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303 - Ears

Dr. Carole Keim discusses ears and two main issues that your baby can experience. Ear infections, also called otitis media, and ear wax. Dr. Keim explains the many symptoms of an ear infection, what causes them, and explores the holistic options for treating the pain and infection. She also talks about how best to clear ear wax from a baby’s ears.   While Dr. Keim doesn’t talk about swimmer’s ear in this episode, she covers it in the Holistic Mamas Handbook for those who want that info. But for ear infections and wax, you’re going to learn a lot in this episode. What do you look for in terms of ear infection symptoms in an infant? What modalities offer the most help? What supplements can be given to babies? Are Q-Tips really as bad as people say? Carole answers all these questions related and more.In this episode:Otitis media (ear infection)  01:09Symptoms: ear pain, sometimes also fever.  Pain is worse with pressure on canal and tragus, and a little worse with pulling on pinna.  Typically occurs along with (or just after) congestion/URI symptoms/allergies - anything that causes swelling in the nasopharynx.  More common in babies who lie down with a bottle and those who are formula fed.  If untreated, can cause ruptured eardrum, mastoiditis, and rarely meningitis.  Recurrent AOM can cause scarring of the eardrum, and persistent fluid can cause verbal delays.  Western - ibuprofen x 48h.  Antibiotics for bacterial AOM - high dose.  Ear tubes for recurrent AOM.  Decongestants for symptoms (ginger, steam, nasal saline, spicy foods), fluids, rest.  Chiro - neck adjustments and craniosacral therapy help fluid to drain; can treat the active infection and/or prevent future infections.  Definitely recommended for children at risk of needing ear tubes.Acu - acupuncture and/or herbs can help Nutrition/supplements -  avoid sugar and dairy as these feed bacterial infection.  Can use immune boosting vitamins like vit C, vit D, zinc, echinacea, elderberry for viral infections.  Most AOM is viral.   Naturopathy - onion earmuffs / garlic oil, NAC or mucinex to thin secretions, eustachian tube massage / fascial manipulation, wet socks Homeopathy - allium cepa, pulsatilla, belladona, calcarea carbonicaOils - Pain mix: 1/2 oz vegetable oil, 10 drops lavender, 5 drops german chamomile, 6 drops palmarosa, 3 drops cardamom; mix and put 1-2 drops into ear for pain. Infection mix 1: 1/2 oz vegetable oil, 3 drops thyme, 3 drops lavender, 10 drops roman chamomile, 3 drops palmarosa; mix and put 1-2 drops into affected ear.  If the ear is very painful, you can wet a washcloth with warm water, put 1/2 teaspoon on the washcloth, and use as a warm compress outside the ear.  Earwax  19:30Symptoms: often asymptomatic, sometimes hearing loss / verbal delay, wax leaking from ears, sometimes discomfort.Western - q-tips / cotton swabs daily or for yellow wax (medical community is split on this, some recommend doing nothing); for brown wax use debrox, hydrogen peroxide, ear wash (irrigation) with warm water and dish soap, curette removal, baby oil, colace drops.  Chiro - n/aAcu - no acupuncture but chinese herbal drops, ear candling Nutrition/supplements -  garlic mullein oil or olive oil drops in the ears can help break up wax and make it flush out more easily Naturopathy - fish oil (po) (mom can take if breastfeeding), food intolerances if chronic, ear lavage with hydrogen peroxide (syringe with dull needle)Homeopathy - not really, would need to be as part of a constellation of symptoms Oils - no EOs, can use olive oil or garlic mullein Check out Holistic Mamas Handbook for swimmer’s ear!  Next week: teething!Dr. Keim has extensively researched the information presented in this episode. Her insight and knowledge on alternative and holistic treatments come together in her new book, Holistic Mamas Handbook, launching on November 15, 2023. Pre-orders are available here. Her book, The Baby Manual, covers the first year of baby life and is the subject of the first two seasons of this podcast. For additional tips and advice on babies and toddlers, follow Dr. Carole Keim on her TikTok and YouTube channels. And remember, it’s always okay to call your doctor or emergency services if you have concerns about your child’s health.   Resources discussed in this episode:Pre-order the Holistic Mamas Handbook, launch date 11/15/23The Baby Manual is available on AmazonSupplement/vitamins link for 10% off--Dr. Carole Keim MD: linktree | tiktok | instagram
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