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How can I help my autistic student or child? Where can I find resources to teach my preschool-age students with autism? My child was given the autism diagnosis…now what? I just started teaching autistic preschool students…where do I start? Do you have any tips for potty training? How do I train my paras? Whether you are a special educator, speech/language pathologist, general education teacher, paraprofessional, parent, grandparent, or someone who loves a young autistic child, this show is for you! The Autism Little Learners podcast is relaxed, upbeat, informative, and full of actionable step-by-step tips to help you feel more confident and successful with your students or child. Host, Tara Phillips, is a speech/language pathologist who can relate to both SLPs and special education teachers because she has run her own communication-based classroom for over 2 decades. She is the creator of the Autism Little Learners Membership and the Visual Schedules Made Easy online course. Tara addresses all kinds of topics including: autism and visuals, tips for teaching communication skills, self-regulation as a foundation for learning, creating predictable routines, toilet training, challenging behaviors, fostering independence, and building positive relationships and connections with autistic children. Along with sharing her tips and most successful strategies for students on the autism spectrum, she will invite guest speakers to get different perspectives. Be sure to tune in and subscribe to The Autism Little Learners Podcast. You can also find Tara on: FB- IG- Website-
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#50 - 3 Ways To Follow The Lead Of An Autistic Child

Today we are going to chat about the OWL approach.  It was developed by The Hanen Centre and is a great strategy if you want to follow the child’s lead to learn more about what they like and how they are playing and communicating.  The OWL approach has so many benefits, which I will go over during today’s episode. Topics Discussed: Following the lead of an autistic child Examples of following their lead Benenfits of following the autistic child’s lead   Links Mentioned In This Episode: OWL approach from The Hanen Centre The Hanen Centre website More Than Words book from The Hanen Centre   Other Links You May Be Interested In: Autism Little Learners on Instagram Autism Little Learners on Facebook You can also join my free Visual Supports Facebook Group to “hang out” with like- minded educators and parents who want to take action and implement visuals at home or at school. Be sure to subscribe to The Autism Little Learners Podcast so you don’t miss future episodes.  Plus, leave a rating & review on iTunes….this will help other educators and parents find this podcast!  CLICK HERE to leave a review on iTunes, then scroll down to “ratings and reviews” and click “write a review”.  THANK YOU!
12/26/202310 minutes, 51 seconds