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Welcome to The Autism Consultant podcast! I'm Molly Johnson, a former autism teacher now consulting autism parents to guide you through the difficulties that come with having a child on the spectrum. I'm here to provide you with practical tips and strategies to use at home to help your child with reach their highest potential. Follow us on social!
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Using engaging visuals supports with Tara Phillips

Our guest, Tara Phillips, is a speech/language pathologist who has worked with young autistic children for over 2 decades.  She founded Autism Little Learners in 2019 because it was difficult to find engaging resources for young autistic children.  Tara has always loved learning new and innovative ways to help her students and their families.   She now runs Autism Little Learners full-time.   Tara recently published a children's book titled "The Different Ways We Communicate", and offers courses and an online membership for educators and parents of young autistic children.     Where to find and connect with Tara:   Website: IG: FB: The Autism Little Learners Podcast:   Free Visual Supports Starter Set:
6/10/202434 minutes, 48 seconds
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Ready set connect with Jessie Ginsburg, the sensory SLP

My guest Jessie Ginsburg is a sensory trained SLP, founder of a top rated pediatric clinic inLA, founder of the Inside Out sensory SLP certificate, and author of a top rated book. On top of being a mom to 4, Jessie is a leader in the field and changing the way therapists are supporting their autistic clients. This episode touches on addressing a child’s sensory regulation needs, what it means to be neurodiversity affirming, letting go of parent guilt, and more.     Links: IG: @sensory.slp
6/3/202439 minutes, 40 seconds
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Why we are using visual supports during potty training

In this episode, Molly is describing the importance of presenting information to your child in a new way using visual supports. We can present information visually to your child during potty training to help improve the outcome.   If you are wanting Molly's support with potty training, join The Autism Consultant memberhsip!  
5/20/202412 minutes, 15 seconds
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Making travel possible for special needs families with Kayla Castro

Kayla Castro is a military wife, mom of two boys, and travel advisor, helping families plan resourceful and inclusive vacations. When Kayla first became a travel agent, she saw a huge need for supporting special needs parents through the vacation planning process so she became the travel agent she wishes she had when her autistic son was younger. Her goal is to fill your family’s cup with knowledge, resources, hope and confidence so you can experience your own special kind of magic.   Visit Kayla's website: Follow Kayla on Instagram:  
5/13/202444 minutes, 10 seconds
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What's really going on in your child's classroom...

Molly tells a story from her teaching days to present parents with a different perspective of what's really happening inside their child's classroom. This is a story about frustration, collaboration, and getting the support needed.    If you are wanting Molly's support, check out The Autism Consultant membership! Learn more here:  
5/6/202423 minutes
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When should we start potty training?

There is a right and a wrong time to start potty training. Listen to this episode to get Molly's list of what needs to happen to move forward with potty training your child. 
3/13/202415 minutes, 58 seconds
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How I made regulation a priority in my classroom

I'm sharing a story from my classroom days where I made regulation a priority for every student. Listen to this episode to learn how I managed student overwhelm, increased focus, improved relationships, and more.
3/7/202420 minutes, 50 seconds
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Collaborating with your school/therapy team during potty training

Many families start potty training while their child is in school, daycare, or therapy full time. Having the same expectations in multiple environments can help your child learn to use the toilet faster if it's done the right way! It starts with collaborating with your child's support team.
2/7/202417 minutes, 16 seconds
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Setting boundaries visually

1/31/202411 minutes, 43 seconds
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The One Visual Support You Need During Potty Training

Potty training is no easy task...but it can be a little easier on everyone when this particular visual support is used.  You can find all of my visual supports and potty training online course inside my parent membership  
1/24/202417 minutes, 54 seconds
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What's Killing Your Motivation

1/17/202416 minutes, 29 seconds
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Molly's interview on potty training, behavior, and more

Listen to my interview on Ashley Barlow’s podcast about potty training, behavior, and more! You can follow Ashley on Instagram at  
6/26/202337 minutes, 13 seconds
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Takeaways from a conversation about advocacy

Advocacy doesn't start when something goes wrong. It should be ongoing. This episode dives into my takeaways from a conversation I had with a parent on advocating for her son's needs and what other parents need to know to avoid this situation. 
6/19/202316 minutes, 12 seconds
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My interview from Dr. Taylor Day's podcast- potty training, visual schedules, behavior, and more!

I was asked to be a guest on Dr. Taylor Day's podcast and it was too good not to share with you here. Listen in as I give you practical tips and advice for potty training, using visual supports, challenging behaviors, and more! If you want to hear more from Dr. Taylor Day, you can listen to her podcast, Evolve With Dr. Tay- Real Conversations Designed For Autism Parents. You can also follow her on Instagram  
6/12/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 37 seconds
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Potty training Q&A

As we roll into the summer months, many families are starting to potty train their child. I am taking a few questions that I've received on Instagram in the past few weeks and answering them for you on today's episode. Enjoy the tips and happy potty training!
6/5/202314 minutes, 57 seconds
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4 lessons on behavior change

Throughout the years of supporting parents or my students with behaviors, there are a few lessons I've learned along the way. These lessons are going to help you as you learn to intervene with challenging behaviors that your child engages in. 
5/29/202314 minutes, 2 seconds
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Channing's Joy with Lauren Flack

Lauren Flack, founder of non-proffit Channing's Joy, is on a mission to promote inclusion and acceptance of individuals with autism and other special needs. All proceeds from merchandise sold on the Channing's Joy website go to families of children with special needs.  Shop here and use code PODCAST for 20% off: Follow Channing's Joy on Instagram: Follow Lauren on Instagram:  
5/8/202340 minutes, 59 seconds
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Important tips to keep in mind when creating your visual-rich environment

Have you started using visual supports with your autistic child? Today's episode is a replay of part of a Visual Supports Masterclass that I hosted for parents. You can get started with your visual supports here  
4/24/202333 minutes, 18 seconds
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Special education attorney Ashley Barlow interview

The goal is to have a positive, collaborative relationship with your child's support team...but that isn't always the case. In this episode, I interview special education attorney and advocate Ashley Barlow. Ashley brings so much knowledge and experience to this conversation about how to handle disagreements with the IEP team and more! Find Ashley Barlow here:  
4/17/202348 minutes, 36 seconds
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Is my child ready for potty training?

You might be wondering if your child is showing all of the "signs" for potty training. This episode breaks down what your child needs in order to officially start the potty training process. You might be surprised by what's on this list!
4/11/20239 minutes, 51 seconds
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Kick Challenging Behavior to the Curb

“Kick Challenging Behavior to the Curb” Masterclass replay   Behaviors can be shaped with simple, proactive strategies that you can be implementing at home. Listen to this episode of a behavior masterclass replay that Molly hosted to learn what strategies to use to see real behavior change from your child.  
4/3/202335 minutes, 15 seconds
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Why your visual supports might not be working

Visual supports are something that I recommend using with every autistic child to play on their visual processing strength, provide a way to communicate, improve comprehension, increase independence, and more. But, implementation of these supports don't always go as planned. If you have tried using visual supports and they haven't worked for you, there is a reason why. This episode breaks down the possible reasons why visual supports might not be working for you like they should be.   Make sure to sign up for my FREE Visual Supports Masterclass that will take place on April 5, 2023.  Spots are limited!  
3/27/202314 minutes, 6 seconds
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Becoming the expert on your child's behavior with Dr. Taylor Day

Listen to an interview with psychologist Dr. Taylor Day (Dr. Tay) where she discusses the following: •supporting a child’s behavior needs •creating a community of support with other parents •improving collaboration with your child’s team members •becoming an expert on your child’s needs •supporting emotional regulation needs     Join Dr. Tay’s Facebook group for parents:   Follow Dr. Tay on Instagram:   Listen to Dr. Tay’s podcast:
3/20/202353 minutes, 53 seconds
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When I first started potty training my students

Potty training wasn't always a smooth ride for me. When I first started as an autism teacher, I made plenty of mistakes that resulted in frustration and burnout. I'm sharing my potty training journey with you to help you avoid the mistakes that I made when I first started potty training my autistic students. 
3/13/202316 minutes, 14 seconds
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How to get ahead of the meltdown

Your child's meltdowns might happen frequently and leave you wondering how to intervene. Did you know that there is a way to get ahead of the meltdown to possibly prevent it from happening? In this episode, Molly breaks down the tips and strategies to understand and support your child's needs when it comes to overwhelm. 
3/6/202312 minutes, 1 second
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The quickest ways to go backwards with a child's behavior progress

Behavior might require some ongoing support to avoid a regression. In this episode, Molly is addressing 3 of the biggest reasons why she sees autistic children have a behavior regression. You will walk away with strategies to use, strategies to avoid, and real life examples that will help you support your child at home. 
2/27/202316 minutes, 21 seconds
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Answering your potty training questions Part 2

Potty training your autistic child can feel overwhelming. You might not know where to begin or what to do when you experience a setback. In this episode, Molly is answering your potty training questions that were submitted on Instagram. This is part 2 of answering your questions. 
2/20/202322 minutes, 34 seconds
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Answering your potty training questions Part 1

Potty training your autistic child can feel like overwhelming for families. In today's episode, Molly is answering your potty training questions from Instagram. These questions will be broken up into two different episodes. 
2/14/202318 minutes, 57 seconds
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Why you keep seeing the same behavior again and again

Behavior is not always as tricky as it seems. In this episode, Molly helps you understand the reasoning for your child's repeated challenging behaviors and what you can do to intervene. 
2/6/20239 minutes, 30 seconds
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Sleep Solutions with Nakayla Von Raeder

When your child has trouble falling and staying asleep, the entire household feels the stress. Neurodivergent Sleep Constultant, Nakayla Von Raeder, discusses how to get started with establishing healthy, developmentally appropriate sleep habits for your child.  Follwo Nakayla on Instagram: Explore Nakayla's website:
1/30/202353 minutes, 16 seconds
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Potty training advice to AVOID!

There is a lot of bad advice given to parents about potty training. This episode addresses some of the advice that should not be followed and how it slows down the potty training process. Tune in to today's episode to learn the potty training advice to AVOID at all costs!
1/23/202318 minutes, 47 seconds
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Is anxiety playing a role in behaviors?

In this episode, Molly talks about what to do at home if anxiety is playing a key role in your child's behaviors. There ARE proactive strategies that we can implement to help your child manage their anxiousness.  LINK Explore the Potty Training Online Course Explore the Behavior & Coping Online Course Follow Molly on Instagram 
1/16/202313 minutes, 26 seconds
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When your autistic child struggles to transition from a highly preferred item (like the iPad)

Molly shares her strategy to reduce challenging behaviors and improve transitions away from a highly preferred item, like an ipad. Listen as she shares her step-by-step plan that she used with several of her former students. LINNKS: Explore the Potty Training Online Course Explore the Behavior & Coping Online Course Follow Molly on Instagram
1/9/202316 minutes, 9 seconds
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What's triggering the behavior?

Once you know the behavior trigger, you are able to get ahead of the challenging behavior.  My POTTY TRAINING online course is launching on June 12. Get on the waitlist to get a free 1:1 consultation with me!  
5/30/202214 minutes, 12 seconds
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Taking Visual Supports to a New Level with Tanna from Goally

Learn how to take visuals on the go on your phone or tablet during my conversation with Tanna from Goally app! You can find more information on Goally by visiting
5/23/202243 minutes, 43 seconds
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School collaboration with Jennifer Hofferber

Learn from Special Education expert, Jennifer Hofferber about what steps to take to collaborate with your child's school team.  Follow Jennifer on Instagram!
5/9/202231 minutes, 35 seconds
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What to do about my autistic child biting and hitting?

Challenging behavior can be a struggle. But it gets easier to take action once we know WHY your child is doing something.  I'll be teaching you how visual supports can help with your child's challenging behavior in my free masterclass. Are you signed up?! Limited seats available!  
5/2/202214 minutes, 48 seconds
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Your autistic child's visual processing strength

One thing to know about supporting an autistic child is that you can improve their ability to process information with the use of a visual support. Have you tried creating a visual-rich environment at home?!
4/18/202213 minutes, 57 seconds
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How a mom's determination turned into a communication book series helping autistic children communicate

Natashia shares her journey of frustration with the traditional communication systems that were suggested for her son. After many attempts, her son showed no interests in using these systems. This is when Natashia took matter into her own hands and used her son's interest to create I Want to Tell You Books. Listen to hear more about Natashia and her journey to help her son communicate with his wants and needs with others while helping other families along the way, too.  Learn more:  
4/11/202228 minutes, 56 seconds
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Sleep solutions with George Bailey

George Bailey, a father of an autistic son, stumbled across a solution for his son's sleep struggles and is now helping families get the same relief. Tune in to hear George's story behind his company, ZPods, and how he is changing sleep for autistic children.  Learn more about ZPods here!  
4/4/202242 minutes, 1 second
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Potty training myths

There are a few myths regarding potty training an autistic child that I am busting through in this episode. Are you attending potty training boot camp with me??!  
3/28/202216 minutes, 36 seconds
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Teaching strategies to children experiencing big emotions with Brody the Lion

Dr. Kristin Wegner joins me to share her experiences working with autistic children and creating an award winning children's book series, Brody the Lion. Follow Dr. Wegner here Explore the book series  
3/21/202229 minutes, 14 seconds
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From rejection in the workplace to creating a company that embraces neurodiversity with Suzie from SavorStreet

When Suzie's autistic daughter was fired from a well-known retail store that wasn't equipped to support her needs, Suzie took matters into her own hands. Now her snack company, SavorStreet, is creating impact in her community by hiring neurodiverse employees. Listen to Suzie's story of how she turned her daughter's rejection in the workplace into creating an inclusive  company that truly brings out the best in everyone.  Shop snacks online: Follow on Instagram:  
3/14/202228 minutes, 52 seconds
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You can't change your child's mind but you can change their behavior

Little progress will be made if you are focusing on changing your child's mind regarding their behavior. Follow the tips in this episode to better understand what's on your child's mind when they are engaging in challenging behavior.  If you are ready to get my support inside of Autism Action Plans, join here and get the 3 bonuses!  
3/8/202211 minutes, 5 seconds