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The Artist Advisory Hotline

English, Arts, 3 seasons, 49 episodes, 1 day, 14 hours, 16 minutes
The Artist Advisory Hotline is a podcast for artists who want to grow their career and are interested in valuable guidance and honest answers from leading experts. Join host Marina Press Granger, founder of The Artist Advisory, as she interviews gallery directors, curators, art consultants, artist advisors, artists, and other experts.
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How to feel empowered in the art world and get rid of "icky" feelings

Host Marina Granger unravels how manifestation and mindset are the key to fully taking action in your art career.  In this episode, learn how your identity shapes your environment and how you can adjust it to create a reality that is way more empowering. Marina responds to what some artists find icky about in terms of being an artist in the art world - feelings like "They only want to talk to me if I'm important", "Gallerists are Arrogant", "Artists are at the bottom of the food chain", "The constant hustle", "can't trust anyone", and more! She identifies where these feelings come from, how they can be re-framed, and flips the script on these icky feelings.  Also, interested in the live version of The Artist Academy? Sign up for the waitlist here:  
6/16/202446 minutes, 52 seconds
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Get Over Your Fear of Being Seen and Become a FAMOUS Artist with Whitney Uland

Want to overcome the fear that's holding you back? In this episode, host Marina Granger sits down with visibility and celebrity coach Whitney Uland of How to Be Famous. Whitney delves into the common fears that prevent artists from being seen and shares actionable advice on how to conquer them. Tune in to discover practical strategies for getting out of your own way and stepping into the spotlight. Learn more about Whitney at Whitney Uland on Instagram: Whitney Uland on TikTok:    
5/31/202435 minutes, 23 seconds
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How Your Ego Can Sabotage Your Success

Tune in as host Marina Granger speaks about how your ego can sabotage your success. The art world is designed to make artists work from the ego; there's always competition, and there's always this feeling of whether or not your work is GOOD ENOUGH. Newsflash: Your work is GREAT, and there's no competition. Learn how to truly embrace that in this episode and create from your heart's desire.  Be the first to know when doors to The Artist Academy Live Open! Join the waitlist here:    
5/16/202423 minutes, 10 seconds
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Navigating NYC Art Week May 2024

Host Marina Granger speaks about the art fairs in New York City in the beginning of May 2024; Frieze, Esther Art Fair, Future Fair, NADA, 1-54, Fridge, Clio, and Superfine. Learn about these fairs. And, if you are an artist - get some tips on how to navigate them!   Interested in Hot Dog in the City by Jen Catron & Paul Outlaw in Times Square?  Learn more here & RSVP for future events:   Interested in "How to Know Which Galleries Are Right for You"? Learn more here: (Early Enrollment offer ends in a few days!)
5/1/202433 minutes, 18 seconds
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Bianca Bosker Unravels the Art World

Join your host Marina Press Granger as she interviews Bianca Bosker, New York Times best-selling author and author of "GET THE PICTURE: A Mind-Bending Journey among the Inspired Artists and Obsessive Art Fiends Who Taught Me How to See."  Bosker set out to write this book to answer the question of why art matters & what makes it good but in the process she has unraveled so much about the inner workings of the impenetrable art world...a pocket of the art world which consists of galleries that don't accept submissions, exhibit at the "coolest" art fairs like Untitled and NADA, and can really grow an emerging artist's career.  You can learn more about Bianca at and follow her on Instagram at @BBosker Interested in joining the waitlist for my course "How to Know Which Galleries are Right for You"? Sign up here:  
4/20/202459 minutes, 16 seconds
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How to Grow Your Email List as an Emerging Artist

In this episode, Marina Granger discusses the importance of growing your newsletter/email list if you are just starting out and how to do it.  She also speaks about her eclipse experience - being the path of totality and her upcoming online group course on How to Know Which Galleries are Right for You. Interested in the course? Sign up for the waitlist here: For more information, visit  or follow @The_Artist_Advisory on Instagram. You can listen to this podcast episode with Closed Captions on YouTube:
4/12/202421 minutes, 1 second
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Q&A Part II: Stepping into Aligment, Publicity, and Gallery vs Studio Prices

Host Marina Granger answers more questions: When switching into a new direction with your work, when is a good time to start trying to get PR?  What are some good magazines to "apply to"? If magazines don't accept submissions, how do artists get featured? Do Galleries split the discount with the artist? What are the pricing variables?   In addition, Marina speaks about stepping into alignment with your work & opportunities...and a little bit about the upcoming Solar Eclipse! Watch Marina's Free Masterclass on How You Can Present Your Work and Get it in Front of the Right People here. Visit for more information.    
4/5/202441 minutes, 47 seconds
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Q+A for Artists: The question of prices on your website, taxes, how to find the right galleries and approach them, and should you do art fairs?

Tune in as host Marina Press Granger answers your questions: 1. Should you put prices on your website if you want to work with galleries? 2. How to deal with sales tax as an artist & file taxes? 3. How to know which galleries are right for you? 4. How to approach galleries? 5. Is it worth it for artists to participate in art fairs on their own? Get on the Waitlist: Be the first to know when "How to Know Which Galleries are Right for You" is open for enrollment: Watch Marina's Free Masterclass on "How to Present Your Artwork and Get it in Front of the Right People" : Shoutout to Open calls mentioned: Brooklyn Museum The Shed  
3/28/20241 hour, 40 seconds
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How to Invite More Abundance Into Your Life Using Feng Shui and Law of Attraction

In this episode, host Marina Granger speaks about how you can invite more abundance into your life using the basic principles of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction. In addition to earning an MA in Art History, working in the NYC Art World for ages, and having a lot of practical advice for artists, Marina is also very tuned into energy. She is a Reiki Master and certified in Classical Chinese Feng Shui. So, when artists are open to it - she incorporates these modalities when she works with them.  To learn more about the pragmatic side of things, start by watching the free masterclass "How to Present Your Work and Get It In Front of the Right People" here.  To learn more, and join the LIVE workshop on Saturday, March 30 on "How You Can Invite More Love and Abundance"  at The FORMah Gallery click here.    Follow The Artist Advisory on Instagram: Visit our website:    
3/21/202428 minutes, 30 seconds
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Don't Sell Yourself Short with Superfine! Founders Alex Mitow & James Miille

Tune in as Superfine! Art Fair founders James Miille & Alex Mitow speak about how they came up with their fair, what they have learned from exhibiting thousands of artists' work and bringing it directly to the collector, and more! Interested in learning more? Visit on the web. You can also email Alex ([email protected]) and James ([email protected]) if you have any questions. Want to learn more about The Artist Academy? Start by watching my Free Masterclass (
3/13/202440 minutes, 17 seconds
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Artist Yana Beylinson on Painting with Mindfulness

Join Marina Granger as she interviews artist Yana Beylinson on her practice and how she stays focused despite all the distractions. They discuss mindfulness and how it enhances the making process.    Get Yana Beylinson's FREE PDF on How to Paint with Confidence: Follow Yana Beylinson on Instagram:   ----- Want to work with Marina? The best way to get started is by watching her free masterclass on How to Present Your Artwork and Get it in Front of the Right People. Register here:  
3/6/202454 minutes, 27 seconds
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Artist Stephanie Sachs Teaches Artists How to Make Money

Maui-based artist Stephanie Sachs speaks to host Marina Granger about how artists can make money. Using her experience of selling over $1 million of her own art without galleries she guides artists through a proven method of how they too can make money. Learn more by enrolling in Stephanie's free masterclass on how Artists Make Money.    Stephanie's Free Masterclass on How Artists Can Make Money: Follow Stephanie on Instagram for Tips: Learn more on Stephanie's site: Want to see Stephanie's artwork? Visit  
2/23/202439 minutes, 38 seconds
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Gallerist Onyedika Chuke on the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Makers

In this episode, host Marina Press Granger speaks with Onyedika Chuke, a seasoned art professional who brings over two decades of experience running his own art studio. He opened Storage, his exhibition space (in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood),  in 2020 and it is rooted in the values of community, discovery, and connoisseurship. Acting as a curated archive, Storage showcases a diverse array of makers working with various materials, representing a broad demographic spectrum. Chuke opened a second space, Storage APT, on Valentine's Day in 2024 on the Bowery. Tune in to learn more about Chuke's journey and the unique ethos behind Storage. Learn more about Storage here: Follow Storage on Instagram:
2/19/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 39 seconds
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5 Steps for Getting into Creative Flow with Artist Kristy Gordon

Artists, if you have ever had any issues with a creative block, this episode is for you!  Tune in as Kristy Gordon speaks about her gentle five-step method to overcoming artistic blocks and getting into a creative flow. She speaks about how you can find your artistic voice and continue to create without any hiccups!  Want to learn more? Visit or follow Kristy on Instagram  SPECIAL NOTE: Kristy Gordon's live online group program, VAMP, is currently enrolling for the only time this year. In this program, Kristy guides you through her process in a supportive community. Don't miss this great opportunity. Learn more here:   Listen to Kristy's previous interview on The Artist Advisory Hotline: Apple Podcasts: Spotify:
2/15/202423 minutes, 56 seconds
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Gallerist Maryana Kaliner discusses Investing in Art Sustainably

Tune in as host Marina Granger brings you an interview with gallery owner Maryana Kaliner. Kaliner founded The Form Art House, "The FORMah" for short, in New York City's Lower East Side. FORMah specializes in exhibiting women-identifying artists who may have been overlooked due to their race or age. Coming into the art world with an extensive background in Finance, Kaliner speaks about how she guides collectors towards sustainably investing in art. Learn more about The FORMah at Follow The FORMah on Instagram:
2/12/202439 minutes, 31 seconds
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How Artists Can Heal From Rejection

Tune in as host Marina Press Granger speaks to about the power of healing from rejection. Learn how you can reframe your mindset about rejection and how healing from rejection can help you open up to receving opportunities and abundance.    Be sure to check out Marina's free masterclass for artists on How You Can Present Your Artwork & Get It In Front of The Right People. Here's the link:   This podcast episode will also be available on YouTube with Closed Captions:
2/7/202412 minutes, 8 seconds
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Five Tips for Artists Visiting Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach

Tune in as host Marina Granger shares valuable tips for artists visiting Miami during Miami Art Week. During this week nearly 100,000 art lovers come down to Miami to enjoy all the artwork on view in a number of art fairs, exhibitions, and other events.  For more information, visit 
12/6/202323 minutes, 29 seconds
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Artist Katherine Mason Honors the Breast Cancer Community One Lipstick Shade at a Time

In this episode, we celebrate the intersection of art and purpose during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Meet Katherine Mason, an extraordinary artist who honors the strength of the breast cancer community through her paintings. Mason's canvas isn't just a surface—it's a story. Using lipsticks infused with the bravery of those affected by breast cancer, she paints vivid tributes that echo resilience and beauty. Discover the heartfelt inspiration behind her work and how lipstick became a symbol of empowerment. Learn more about Katherine Mason: To learn more about The Artist Advisory visit: Watch the Free Masterclass on ***How You Can Present Your Artwork and Get it in Front of the Right People*** here:
10/26/202347 minutes, 5 seconds
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Q+A: How Artists Can Break into Galleries, Grow on Instagram, Exhibit at Art Basel, and more!

Tune into this episode of The Hotline where Host Marina Granger answers questions from listeners. She tells you how you can get into the gallery, ways to grow on Instagram, how you can exhibit at Art Basel, how many artworks you need to go public as an emerging artist, and more! Listen to this episode with closed captions: Learn more about The Artist Advisory at  
7/18/202336 minutes, 35 seconds
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Trusting Your Inner Guidance with Victoria J Fry of Visionary Art Collective

In this episode host Marina Granger interviews Victoria J Fry, artist and founder of Visionary Art Collective, publisher of New Visionary Magazine, and host of the New Visionary Podcast. Victoria shares some inspiring moments on how to trust your inner guidance in business and art. Most importantly, Victoria shares how building a community is at the core of her mission.  Learn more about VAC's Glow Up Program and the VAC Book Club at Get the latest issue of New Visionary Magazine: Follow VAC on IG at Also, email your questions by July 16 to [email protected] and they will be answered on this podcast. Get your Free PDF Guidebook from The Artist Advisory here: Finally, if you wish to learn more about The Artist Advisory visit Prefer to listen with closed captions? Visit
7/12/202359 minutes, 20 seconds
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Releasing Common Mindset Blocks with Artist Tereza Barnard

In this episode of "The Hotline," host Marina Granger speaks with renowned realist painter, Tereza Barnard, to explore the most common mindset blocks faced by artists and offer invaluable tips on refining artistic techniques. Join Marina and Tereza as they delve into the depths of the artist's mind, discussing the barriers that often hinder artistic growth and sharing practical strategies to overcome them. Tereza's wealth of experience and expertise shines through as she provides expert advice, empowering artists to break free from self-imposed limitations and unlock their creative potential.  Learn more about Tereza Barnard at Follow Tereza on Instagram: @TerezaBarnard Watch Tereza Barnard's FREE MASTERCLASS: To learn more about The Artist Advisory visit
7/6/202357 minutes, 42 seconds
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Building Community Through Art with Artist Carter Shocket

On the Hotline, host Marina Granger speaks to artist Carter Shocket. He shares how building a community through art has helped me heal and thrive. Carter Shocket is a trans and queer fiber artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Along with Lindsay Acree, he is also the co-founder of Eleventh Hour Art, an art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Be sure to check out Eleventh Hour Art's Upcoming Exhibition that Carter curated along with Alexia Catenazzo, entitled The Thinning Veil. The exhibition features trans and non-binary artists and opens on July 7. For more information about Carter Shocket visit For more information on Eleventh Hour Art visit For more information on Marina Granger, visit
6/28/202345 minutes, 57 seconds
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Finding Your Artistic Voice with Kristy Gordon

In this episode, host Marina Granger interviews with acclaimed artist Kristy Gordon for an inspiring conversation on discovering and embracing one's true artistic voice. Join us as Kristy shares her personal journey, delving into the challenges she faced and the transformative moments that propelled her towards a thriving career in the art world.   Kristy’s Art: Courses: Instagram: @KristyGordonArt   Tune into Kristy’s Podcast: Down2Art   Be sure to register for Kristy’s free workshop on June 29 on How to Find Your Artistic Voice. Visit to sign up.   For more information on The Artist Advisory, visit or follow us on Instagram @The_Artist_Advisory
6/25/202358 minutes, 42 seconds
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Artist & Reiki Master Kristin Reed on the Healing Power of Sacred Geometry

In this engaging episode, join podcast host Marina Granger in a conversation with Brooklyn-based Artist and Reiki Master, Kristin Reed. Kristin shares her journey of embracing energy healing and its profound impact on her artistic path. Initially hesitant to reveal her Reiki Master status, she feared potential rejection from the art community. However, her decision to step out of the spiritual closet proved transformative. Gain insights into the powerful connection between art and energy as Kristin delves into the role of Reiki in unlocking the hidden potential. Prepare to be inspired and empowered as Marina and Kristin explore the intersection of art, spirituality, and personal development in this captivating episode. Learn more about Kristin Reed at Learn more about Kristin's Reiki Practice at Follow Kristin Reed on Instagram: @LuminousGeometry To learn more about The Artist Advisory visit
6/23/202359 minutes, 12 seconds
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Thriving as Creative Entrepreneurs with Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig

In this episode of The Artist Advisory Hotline, host Marina Granger engages in a captivating discussion with Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig, authors of the Creative Business Handbook. The episode focuses on providing valuable guidance and insights for visual artists looking to thrive as creative entrepreneurs. Together, they explore a range of tips encompassing practical, spiritual, and mindset strategies. Marina begins the episode by addressing a common challenge faced by artists—perfectionism. She shares practical advice on how to overcome this obstacle and emphasizes the importance of trusting the universe in the creative journey. Marina's insightful introduction sets the tone for an engaging and informative conversation with Ekaterina and Alicia. Order your copy of The Creative Business Handbook on Amazon or wherever books are sold.  Learn more about Create Magazine here and Art Queens here.  Tap here to join the Waitlist for the The Artist Academy.
6/20/202350 minutes, 1 second
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Stepping into Authenticity with Chelsea Beaudrie, Laurie Landry, Kate Rusek, and Ariana Tavares

Join recent graduates of The Artist Academy as they walk you through their biggest a-ha moments. Learn from their takeaways & learn a little bit more about themselves and their work.  Chelsea Beaudrie: Website & Instagram Laurie Landry: Website & Instagram Kate Rusek: Website & Instagram Ariana Tavares: Website & Instagram Sign up for the Free Live Masterclass on March 27 @ 6:30pm EDT here. Missed it? The replay is available on Youtube for a limited time. Interested in The Artist Academy? Join for 20% off until Wednesday, March 29 @ Midnight EDT using the code PODCAST20. Learn more & sign up here. Email [email protected] if you have any questions.
3/26/202356 minutes, 12 seconds
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How Artists Get Into Galleries with Gallerist Ki Smith

Tune in as Marina Granger interviews Gallerist Ki Smith on the history of his gallery, how he comes to work with artists, and also …sports? Learn more about Ki Smith Gallery: Apply here to their Open Call:   Learn More about The Artist Academy: Use code EARLY by March 10 @ Midnight PST to get 20% Off If you’re one of the first 5 people to register after hearing this on the podcast, you get a FREE 45 minute one-to-one session with Marina. Just respond to the registration email telling us you heard this on the podcast. Get Closed Captions to this episode on Youtube:
3/8/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 28 seconds
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Getting into Open Calls

Join Marina Granger for a solo episode where she gives you some valuable tips for fine artists on getting into open calls.  Try out her tips and apply by March 5, 2023 at Midnight EST to New Visionary Magazine's open call for Issue #6 curated by Marina Granger. Click here for more info.   Click here to learn more about The Artist Academy.  Tune into this episode on Youtube to listen with closed captioning. 
2/27/202335 minutes, 36 seconds
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Get Inspired with Charuka Arora, Artist and Founder of Arts to Hearts Project

Tune in as Charuka Arora tell us about her latest venture, the launch of Arts to Hearts Magazine - a gorgeous print magazine featuring artists from all over the world. Marina Granger is curating the second issue, and there's an open theme open call for all women/womxn artists. Click here to submit before the deadline, December 14. Arora also tells us about her latest collection of paintings entitled Rani, which are inspired by Haar necklaces, and each painting is made with the intention of being an heirloom for the Maharani in all of us. Click here to view her collection. 
12/8/202242 minutes, 10 seconds
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Artist Tereza Barnard Shares Her Journey to Exhibiting with a Major Gallery at an Art Fair

Learn what Tereza Barnard learned from The Artist Academy that helped catapult her to the next level. She will be exhibiting her work at the LA Art Show with Arcadia Contemporary in Feb 2023. To learn more about Tereza Barnard, her courses on painting technique, and her prints - visit To learn more about The Artist Academy (enrollment closes November 8 at Midnight PST), visit 
11/7/202227 minutes, 50 seconds
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First Step to Making Money Consistently as an Artist

Marina Granger shares the first step you can take towards making money consistently as an artist. It's not as tough as you think. You don't even have to do anything except reframe the way you think about making money as an artist. Listen to find out how.  Interested in joining The Artist Academy? Learn more or Enroll here. Use the code ENROLL25 until Midnight Pacific on October 28 to get 25% off the program and an hour-long one-to-one session with Marina. 
10/28/202215 minutes, 40 seconds
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What Artists Have Learned from The Artist Academy: An Interview with TAA Graduates Ellen Burgin, Ken Forbes, Erin Elizabeth O'Neill, and Yvette Molina

Want the keys to a successful career as an artist? Hear it from some of the artists who have graduated from The Artist Academy. Artists Ellen Burgin, Ken Forbes, Erin Elizabeth O'Neill, and Yvette Molina share some the golden nuggets they have learned from working with Marina Granger in her signature online group program The Artist Academy.  Early Enrollment is now open through Friday, October 28 @ Midnight Pacific. Learn more and sign up here.     
10/25/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 17 seconds
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An Interview with NYC Gallerist Jenna Ferrey, Owner of Trotter & Sholer: Opening a Gallery and Discovering Artists

Want to hear the secrets from an NYC Gallery Owner? Jenna Ferrey, the owner of Trotter & Sholer Gallery in New York City, tells us about the relationship between galleries and artists and how she discovers artists. Also, Ferrey gives valuable advice to artists on how they can get on the radar of galleries.  Learn more at and follow the gallery on Instagram @TrotterandSholer   Also, learn more about The Artist Academy and join the waitlist here. Visit for more information.
10/23/202225 minutes, 38 seconds
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How Artists Can Develop Their Elevator Pitch and use it for 3 Effective Types of Instagram Posts

Join Marina Press Granger for this solo episode where she discusses how artists can develop their elevator pitch, a quick and engaging way to describe their work. She also discusses how you can use this pitch to craft three effective types of Instagram posts.  Watch the video version on Youtube.
7/16/202227 minutes, 55 seconds
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Authenticity & Intention with Writer Kurt McVey

Writer Kurt McVey speaks to Marina about how artists can authentically convey themselves and connect to others. McVey offers tips for artists on writing an artist statement, interviews, and how to connect to writers.  Follow Kurt McVey on Instagram - @whyankombone Follow Kurt McVey on Twitter - @KurtMcvey
5/29/202241 minutes, 51 seconds
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Three Powerful Mindset Shifts for Artists

Marina Press Granger shares three powerful mindset shifts for artists. They are (1) releasing the belief that being an artist is just a hobby (2) that you are truly deserving of what you desire and (3) releasing the fear, especially the fear of rejection.  Learn more about The Artist Advisory here. Use the promo code PODCAST20 to get 20% off. Offer expires May 15, 2022 at midnight New York time. 
5/15/202231 minutes, 24 seconds
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Your Power as an Artist: Use it to Show More, Sell More, and Know More

In this episode, you will hear the replay of a recent free live masterclass presented by Marina Granger. She explains what the power of an artist is and how artists can use it to show more, sell more, and know more! Click here to learn more about and enroll in The Artist Academy Use promo code PODCAST20 for 20% off. Offer expires on Sunday, May 15 at Midnight New York time.
5/12/20221 hour, 32 minutes, 18 seconds