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English, Nature/Natural sciences, 3 seasons, 75 episodes, 3 days 4 hours 57 minutes
A podcast dedicated to the relentless pursuit of truth as we create meaningful discussions around the most important conservation and environmental issues of our time with the objective of inspiring unity and action in protecting our natural world.
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Episode 45 - The Weekly News 07-21-2021

Backlash from last week’s show reminds us that unity in conservation is a win and should be treated as such. With one week to go until the deadline to submit comments to South Africa’s Minister of Forrest, Fisheries and the Environment, we encourage all to support the bill.138kg of rhino horn seized in Vietnam - and with it 3 tonnes of lion bones. Is this an indication of things to come as lion breeders begin to offload stock en mass ahead of the ban of the captive lion breeding industry  in South Africa?Is it a case of no news is good news when it comes to the lack of info since the assassination of alleged rhino patching kingpin Petros Mabuza? The UK is looking to <a href='
21/07/202158 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 4 - The Weekly News 07-07-2021 - Dr Andrew Muir

Dr Andrew Muir, CEO of Wilderness Foundation, shares his experience of his time on the high level panel appointed by Minister Barbara Creecy to evaluate new legislation on sustainable use of wildlife in South Africa. We hear the urgent call for unity in global conservation circles to support the policy to ban the captive lion breeding industry. To support this bill, please read the policy document here and submit your support to the minister by July 28, 2021. For more information, please email [email protected]’s editorial explores the growing controversy behind the proposed relocation of 13 elephant from the Howletts Wildlife Park i
14/07/20211 hour 4 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 43 - The Weekly News 07-07-2021 - Listener Q&A!

This week we answer your burning questions.With questions from around the world, we answer questions like, what are the best conservation books to read and learn more? Should we sell rhino horn stockpiles to wealthy philanthropists, or should we destroy them? Do ivory and rhino burns or crushes work? Should NGOs support or challenge the captive lion breeding bill in South Africa? How do environmental bills get passed into law in the USA and should presidents execute more executive orders? And lastly, how do listeners access all the show notes and archives for the podcast?More questions in future - please send yours! Ask us anything you want to know about wildlife photography, art, documentaries - anything!
07/07/20211 hour 9 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 42 - The Weekly News 06-30-2021 - Special Report!

South Africa is facing a critical period in conservation legislation reform. 2 months after Barbara Creecy, the minister of the Department of Forest Fisheries and the Environment, released the findings of a high level panel to investigate the contentious intensive captive lion breeding industry and rhino breeding industry, the policy paper has now been released for public comment before being law. It is a convoluted process but it has already sent ripples through the conservation community. But perhaps the greatest threat to this landmark legislation not going through, are the conservation NGOs themselves. The legislation offers a major step forward in conservation efforts and should be supported - but we need unity. In this special report, we talk to investigative journalist and Research Fellow at the Centre of Criminology, University of Cape Town - Don Pinnock about the urgent need for unity in conservation and the need to support this landmark amendment.We encourage
30/06/20211 hour 17 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 41 - The Weekly News 06-23-2021 - Poaching Kingpin Assassinated!

Alleged rhino poaching kingpin Petrus “Mr Big” Mabuza has been assassinated. But what does this mean in the broader rhino poaching war?Early rhino fossils found, furthering the belief that these enormous rhino ancestors were the largest mammals to ever walk the earth.Simon calls for civility in the persistent media attacks against conservation scientists and commentators, even though he himself doesn’t agree with them. We must move beyond the hate and threats of violence if we are to find a positive way forward.Today is the inaugural World Female Ranger Day - we call for support for these brave eco-warriors.<a href='https://rhin
23/06/20211 hour 11 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 40 - The Weekly News 06-16-2021

Are we seeing a wave of optimism in conservation and sustainability circles? A theme winds through this episode as we unpack reasons to be hopeful that things are changing for the better around the world.Peter’s editorial talks about South Africa’s Youth Day being the inspiration for World Day of the African Child - a day that shines. spotlight on th education challenges that still face the continent and how conservation can play a role in this much needed correction.How big are countries relatively speaking? Here’s a way to compare them.Whales wash ashore in California, adding to the global concern of the <a href='
16/06/20211 hour 1 minute 16 seconds
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Episode 39 - The Weekly News 06-10-2021

Inspired by stories like Huberta, the migrating hippo and the elephants trekking across China, Peter’s editorial focuses on the great and mysterious migrations of animals. Simon believes media outlets should be more responsible though and explains how sensationalist media can put wildlife and people at risk.Donkey collagen is a booming industry - and so are the animal welfare issues that come with it.Should social media companies like Facebook do more to prevent the growing number of illegal wildlife trade transactions on social media platforms? Proposed legislation should be
10/06/202159 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 38 - The Weekly News 06-03-2021

ReconAfrica under investigation by the SEC for misleading investors - could this be the beginning of the end of their controversial exploration in Southern Africa?Electric cars are great, but what do we do with the used and unrecyclable batteries?The container ship burning off the Sri Lankan coast has dumped tons of plastic into the ocean, polluting the Sri Lankan coastline.India reintroduces cheetah into the wild with the help of the Endangered Wildlife T
03/06/20211 hour 8 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 37 - The Weekly News 05-19-2021

Peter’s editorial focuses on World Endangered Species Day. To commemorate the occasion, the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation will be raising funds for Munu, the blind black rhino.The results of The New Big 5 are in! Has your favourite animal made the list?Big cats make the news - a tiger escapes in Texas and lions in a Hyderabad Zoo in India test positive for COVID-19.A mixed bag of rhino news - poaching is up in Botswana, more arrests and convictions in South Africa, Dr William Fowlds leads a team of international experts to <a href='https://rhinoreview.or
19/05/20211 hour 7 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 36 - The Weekly News 05-12-2021

Captive lion breeders in South Africa begin to prepare a class action suit against the Department of Forest, Fisheries and the Environment. The Texas bankruptcy court denies the application by NRA’s Wayne le Pierre to dissolve the controversial organisation in the same week that media around the world condemns his shocking trophy hunt of an African elephant.Idaho’s governor, Brad Little p
12/05/20211 hour 13 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 35 - The Weekly News 05-05-2021 - Special Report!

Minister Barbara Creecy from South Africa’s Department of  Forest, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) surprised many conservationists with a bold move to ban the captive breeding of lion and rhino. Creecy delivered the long awaited report  during a press conference this past Sunday.Having convened a High Level Panel in 2019, the ministry has examined all available data and accepted the panel’s recommendation to dissolve the captive lion breeding - a deplorable industry fuelling the lion bone and canned hunting industries. The Minister also accepted the recommendation to no longer pursue the international trade in rhino and to uphold the CITES ban.Conservationist and the co-founder of Blood Lions, Ian Michler, has been one of the instrumental figures in achieving this victory for conservation. Having dedicated over 20 years to this campaign, we spoke to him about what this news means and what work still needs to be done.Ian
05/05/20211 hour 16 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 34 - The Weekly News 04-28-2021 - Earth Day Round Up!

Earth Day Round Up! Greta Thunberg goes toe-to-toe with Rep Ralph Norman in a subcommittee hearing in Congress. Shannon thanks everyone for donating on Clubhouse, and we discuss ways that everyone can do their bit.Furch Guitars and Taylor Guitars are moving toward a more sustainable future and are becoming more conscious about the use of endangered and exotic woods in the manufacturing of their guitars - providing yet another way artists and consumers can use the power of their dollar to improve the planet. A new species of venomous snake discovere
24/04/202154 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 33 - The Weekly News 04-21-2021

We could be close to getting ReconAfrica to commit to a public panel about their fracking in Namibia and Botswana which is putting the entire Kavango Basin and surrounding communities at a huge risk.In the spirit of corporate colonisation, Total pushes forward with their oil pipeline that will connect the oil fields in Uganda’s Lake Albert Basin with the Tanzanian coast some 1400km or 900 miles to the east. Can we stop it?Zimbabwe has decided to sell some 500 elephant trophy hunts at $70,000 per hunt. The intention is to use these funds to fund conservation. A difficult discussion ensues in studio as we try to find an alternative to managing elephant populations. Cape Town’s Table Mountain - the most diverse floral kingdom in
21/04/202149 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 32 - An Interview With The Creators Of The Last Horns Of Africa

Petronel Nieuwoudt and Don English and the other courageous soles presented in this documentary are heroes. Not the kind of fictitious superheroes who wear capes, they are instead the real heroes. The kind that gets scared, that cry, that worry, that bleed… Yet they show up anyway. Every day and every night. And against incalculable odds.Emerging filmmaking heroes Morgan Pelt, Garth de Brun Austin and Sean Viljoen tell Petronel and Don’s story in this remarkable documentary. A four year odyssey that has resulted in one of the most important conservation documentaries of recent times. The Last Horns of Africa is a focus not just on the persistent poaching crisis that continues to decimate rhinos, but more importantly on the people that are literally risking their lives to save these gentle giants.Shannon Elizabeth and Simon Borchert interview the creators of The Last Horns Of Africa.
16/04/20211 hour 14 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 31 - The Weekly News 04-14-2021

Simon is becoming a snake wrangler, Shannon has spider bite and Peter decides to stop eating fish. It is also a big week for nature documentaries!My Octopus Teacher wins a BAFTA. We talk about how Seaspiracy exposes the fishing industries.The Last Horns of Africa hits home. Hard. We discuss the documentary that follows two of our friends, Petronel Nieuwoudt from Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary and Don English, the most important man in South Africa’s war against rhino poaching. Saving The Wild’s Jamie Joseph reacts and calls for public sup
14/04/20211 hour 10 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 30 - The Weekly News 03-24-2021

According to Peter’s editorial this week in, animals are provably worth more alive than dead - throwing a spanner in the works of consumptive use economic arguments. World Bank sees the potential of a conservation economy as it launches its first wildlife bond designed to protect the endangered black rhino in South Africa.Great news in Kenya as Ol Pejeta announces birth of white rhino calf.Nepal begins first census since 2015 of their one-horned rhino population.China opens first <a href='
24/03/20211 hour 1 minute 23 seconds
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Episode 29 - The Weekly News 03-10-2021 - International Women’s Day!

Peter’s editorial questions the messaging of International Women’s Day when so many women in poverty stricken countries are still so oppressed. We need to do more and conservation can be a major player in correcting gender based violence and gender inequality. Shannon talks about her new Scholarship fund for young African women to enter the conservation sciences. Mandy, a white rhino that survived a poachers bullet several times recovers to have her first calf in time for International Women’s Day!Should eco-tourism operators adhere to an accreditation system to evaluate their sustainability efforts? We think so.Lions maul tracker to death.Harris Beef expo
11/03/20211 hour 10 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 28 - The Weekly News 03-03-2021 - WORLD WILDLIFE DAY!

It’s World Wildlife Day and we’ve dedicated our show to a day that reminds us just wonderful the wild world is!Peter’s editorial this week showcases some of the more interesting species on the African continent. From Madagascar’s Aye-Aye to the sex life of a clown fish, we’ve got some insights that will capture your imagination.TRAFFIC and WWF chooses World Wildlife Day to release a report that puts pressure on France and the central role they play in the illegal wildlife trade.An iceberg<
03/03/20211 hour 14 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 27 - The Weekly News 02-24-2021

The economics of conservation is a hot topic and we weigh in. We need to protect more habitat and employ more people to protect it - but how are we going to pay for it all?We discuss the possibilities of a reengineered conservation economy as UNEP releases the “Making Peace With Nature” report.  The report joins a chorus of thinkers who recognise the need for convergence of good business with authentic philanthropy.Should we be demanding that NGO’s provide a R.O.D. - a Return On Donation to donors? We think so… Audited performance reports of NGOs could inspire more giving and investment.We are asked if fake rhino horn would squash the illegal trade in horn? We discuss the shortcomings of the
25/02/20211 hour 14 seconds
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Episode 26 - The Weekly News 02-17-2021

Peter’s editorial reflects on World Pangolin Day. A day that promotes  the world’s most trafficked mammal. And the stats are simply scary… We discuss some amazing people that deserve your support in protecting these curious creatures.Canadian mining giant ReconAfrica continues its assault on the Okavango Delta and in our opinion they’re doing so with near zero regard for the wildlife or the people who call this World Heritage Site home. We unpack what we know so far. And there is not much to be optimistic about. If you want to be inspired to protect the Okavango, watch Steve Boyes’ Into The Okavango. His work and story is awe-inspiring.China’s Guangdong province launches a surprising program that <a href='https://ww
17/02/202155 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 25 - The Weekly News 02-10-2021

What is IUCN and CITES? We explain the structure and role of these conservation bodies and debate how they could be improved in a modern conservation and political landscape.The decline of nature is directly linked to our quality of life - yet why don’t we act with more urgency to repair and protect the planet? We think about the the link between positive media and positive behaviour and how COVID has perhaps resensitised us.And in fantastic news for South Africa, the environmental court in Kruger National Park’s Skukuza reopens for business after the constitutional court reinstated it with immediate effect.Dallas Safari Club take their annual conference on-line with auction
10/02/20211 hour 2 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 24 - The Weekly News 02-03-2021 - Special Report - Part Two!

A week after South Africa’s Department of Forest and Fisheries released the SANParks 2020 annual report, the department issued a press release claiming that poaching was down in 2020. Good news, no doubt. But is it just a respite, rather than a sustainable trend? We unpack the industry’s reaction.Is rhino dehorning a sustainable solution to the poaching crisis. It can be effective but it isn’t viable long term. We explain why in our A-Z of rhino dehorning.Rounding up this week’s show: Defying the CITES convention, Namibia moves to sell 170 wild elephant.Can you use satellites to count elephant populations? Oxford University are building something pretty cool.<a href='
03/02/20211 hour 4 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 23 - The Weekly News 01-27-2021 - Special Report - Part One!

This week, South Africa’s Department of Forest and Fisheries published the SANParks 2020 Annual Report.In what can only be described as a revelation, it is now evident that the number of rhino in South Africa’s Kruger National Park is radically less than previously thought. How will this information impact conservation efforts? Should we not be treating this crisis with greater urgency?We dedicate today’s show to this important news.Articles referenced:Rhino Review’s How Many Are There in Kruger? Please sign up to Rhino Review to receive weekly updates about the world’s rhino and the challenges they face.And some great news - we congratulate <a href='
27/01/20211 hour 8 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 22 - The Weekly News 01-21-2021

Will a new president bring in a renewed urgency for the climate crisis and environmental issues? We hope Biden lives up to his promises.Peter’s editorial is a response to the The Guardian’s article entitled, “Celebrity power undermining global conservation efforts, scientists warn”. We in turn warn that further divisive language and attacks on opinions that differ from our own will further polarise conservation efforts. We despise trophy hunting but recognise the right for people to disagree with us. Most of all, we recognise the urgent need to promote civil and intellectual exchange as we debate tough issues. Also, where we might we be without celebrity advocacy and how could people better use their platforms?Cells belon
21/01/20211 hour 1 minute 22 seconds
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Episode 21 - The Weekly News 01-15-2021

We’re back! Welcome to 2021 - may it be a fantastic year for us all, especially those on the front lines in protecting the planet and all who call it home.A big first episode of 2021:Virunga suffers again as 6 more rangers murdered.Safari Nation, authored by Jacob Dlamini, has brought a focus on the tribal history of South Africa’s Kruger National Park and we believe we need to talk more about the experiences of First Nation people the world over when it comes to the historical creation of conservation areas.Reports of Trump supporters etching “Trump” on a manatee leave us disgusted.Gorillas are co
15/01/20211 hour 4 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 20 - The Weekly News 12-16-2020

Happy Holidays!we are taking a break for the next couple of weeks, but we will be back in January!So this being our last show of 2020, we decided to dedicate it to the good stories of a bad year. Inspired by Peter’s editorial on Rhino Review, we examine some of the exciting stories that caught our attention this year. Some highlights:Albatrosses help us spy on illegal fishing.Big Cat Public Safety Act passes Congress.US court of appeals halts drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic region of Alaska.Tristan De Cunha the small group of islands in the south Atlantic commits 90% of its coastline to a marine protected area.  Some great books were launched: Remembering Cheetah by Margot Raggett, Unfair Game by Lord Michael Ashcroft,  Animosity by Aaron Gekoski,  Peter &amp; Beverly Pickford launch a new exciting project, And some documentaries hit the mark, some of them include Kiss The Groun
16/12/202055 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 19 - The Weekly News 12-10-2020

Victory! Congress passes H.R. 1380 - The Big Cat Public Safety Act - now on to the Senate…China, in another surprise move, elevates the protection status of pangolin to that enjoyed by the giant panda. China is definitely responding to public pressure and increasing protection for trafficked animals. The recent increase in arrests and successful prosecutions backs this up.Yes, South Africa continues to ignore the mounting pressure to bring the abhorrent captive lion breeding industry to book. Humane Society International recently joined Blood Lions, SATSA (South African Tourism Services Association), Wildlife Act and others in a webinar where they <a href='
10/12/202047 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 18 - The Weekly News 12-03-2020

In a surprise move, Congress brought forward the vote for the Big Cat Safety Act (H.R. 1380), leaving little time to drive home the importance of the act on global conservation efforts. So, we chose to dedicate much of today’s episode on this critical bill that goes to the floor today.In short, the bill revises requirements governing the trade of big cats (i.e., species of lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, or cougar or any hybrid of such species). Specifically, it revises restrictions on the possession and exhibition of big cats, including to restrict direct contact between the public and big cats. We discuss the implications of the bill should it not go through, but also if it does. Concerns abound over the plight of animals left destitute by such bills. We chat to Ian Michler from Blood Lions about his experience in this industry and what America could expec
03/12/20201 hour 15 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 17 - An Interview With Andrea Crosta

The vaquita is the world’s smallest and most endangered porpoise. With an estimated wild population of less than 10, it is arguably one of the most endangered animals on the planet.In recent years, an estimated $100m has been spent by governments, NGO’s and conservation bodies to protect the species. Yet numbers have plummeted from several hundred ten years ago to the lows of today.What is driving their imminent extinction? They are little more than collateral damage in the persistent totoaba swim bladder trade, a delicacy in the east. Mexican cartels manage the poaching operations in the sea of Cortez, the vaquita’s last remaining habitat, while Chinese crime syndicates deliver the dried bladders to the east where it commands a price tag of over US$40 000 per kilogram.Earth League International, lead by Andrea Crosta, recently achieved a massi
01/12/202059 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 16 - The Weekly News 11-26-2020

Our interview with Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer - has caused a bit of a stir. We share some feedback and offer our responses to the questions asked by listeners.Will the Covid-19 vaccine cause even more strife for wildlife? A recent report suggests that of the 202 potential candidates for the vaccine, 5 of them are using formulations that use squalene or shark liver oil. Manufacturers prefer the yield from deep sea species such as the great hammerhead shark, great white shark, whale sharks and others that are also threatened or indeed endangered. Surely in this day and age we can create a solution for a pandemic caused by the mistreatment of animals by not creating a solution that mistreats animals? We think so, and
26/11/202045 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 15 - An Interview With Kevin Richardson

The Lion Whisperer.A much loved - and perhaps misunderstood - fixture on the African social media landscape. With millions following his every move, Kevin Richardson has never been far from conservation or animal welfare controversy. But is it all deserved? Does he play a role in conservation, and if so, how? Is he running a petting zoo? Why are you doing this? Where do your animals come from? Are you their last resort? Are you breeding? All legitimate questions that should be asked, not just of Kevin, but of all in the sanctuary space. I asked him these questions - and others.With upwards of 12 thousand lion in captivity in South Africa alone, the mistreatment of lion is in itself a pandemic that is tarnishing the reputation of Africa. Trophy hunting and the captive lion breeding industry at large are despicable and should be banned. But in banning them, we must acknowledge that we will inadvertently create an animal welfare nightmare that if not astutely discu
24/11/20201 hour 22 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 14 - The Weekly News 11-19-2020

A field ranger has gone missing in Kruger National Park in South Africa. We pray for his safe return. Fertiliser is choking America’s Great Lakes system, risking the health of this critical freshwater system that is estimated to be in excess of 20% of the world’s fest water. This gives us more impetus to do more to protect our water systems and change to better agriculture methods.Jeff Bezos donates almost $800million to 16 leading climate crisis organisations, yet some believe it is not enough. As a percentage of total wealth, how big are billionaire donations in real terms? Also, Amazon is innovating their packaging to provide a more sustainable model as the business c
19/11/202052 minutes 40 seconds
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Episode 13 - The Weekly News 11-12-2020

The figurative election fever and the literal COVID-19 fever are not letting up, we discuss how tough it is to stay focused on conservation goals.Some good news – Interpol’s Operation Thunder 2020 has resulted in some of the largest seizures in illegal wildlife trade history. Spanning multiple continents and over 100 countries, this operation seized tens of thousands of animals destined for markets mostly in the east. But what do we do with them all? What happens to rescued animals?The National Audubon Society is endorsing wind power after some pretty cool innovation. But this simple innovation in windpower hasn’t reached the broader market, why? With decades of criticism of wind turbines killing birds and bats, this simple solution should p
12/11/202049 minutes 1 second
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Episode 12 - The Weekly News 11-05-2020

Election fever grips the studio. We aren’t concerned with the colour of your tie when it comes to issues of protecting the planet. Putting personal opinions aside, we discuss the recent article in National Geographic that compares the presidential candidates as it relates to issues of climate change, conservation and environmental policy. Then, with no chance to prepare, we put each other on the spot and compare notes as to what we would want any US president elect to do on behalf of the planet in 2020.National Geographic has broken the story of how Namibia and Botswana are potentially guilty of gross negligence when it comes to the seemingly laughable environmental impact assessment that has allowed a North American company to initiate the largest
05/11/202047 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 11 - The Weekly News 10-30-2020

WE. ARE. BACK!!!After a month long trip through South Africa on a mission for the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation we are back in studio. Africa is a tough place and sadly our recording equipment didn&apos;t survive the journey! Thank you to everyone for their patience and we look forward to resuming our regular programming.On the show this week…A round up of World Rhino Month and the tour from Shannon. We discuss the precarious position our rangers find themselves in and what we can do to help.The economist asks the question whether Africa should be giving more conservation management control to NGOs after the successes achieved by African Parks in Zakouma National Park in Chad.Peter discusses the growing threat of the <a href='https
30/10/20201 hour 12 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 10 - An Interview With Brett Barlow

To save a species, we must save every animal we possibly can. When it comes to the endangered black rhino, this could not be more true. Which is why the story of Munu the rhino is just so important.In our build up to World Rhino Day on the 22nd September, we visited Brett Barlow in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province to hear the story first hand of how he saved Munu from certain death. Why is this so remarkable? Because Munu, a fully grown 17 year old black rhino bull, is blind as a bat…Please follow, support and donate if you can. @munutherhino
18/09/202047 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 09 - The Weekly News 09-10-2020

We are joined by our first Guest Host - Katie Cleary, award winning documentary producer, philanthropist, activist, vegan advocate and  founder of  World Animal News and Peace For Animals. Katie shares news that Dirty Harry himself is supporting her upcoming documentary. Peter discusses his recent editorial for Rhino Review which focuses on a recent TRAFFIC report that investigates the 2019 illegal wildlife trafficking stats for 2019. The numbers are truly frightening. But there is some cause for celebration with the world’s largest rhino horn bust in Vietnam.Katie discusses the recent advances by the United States to <a href='https://worldanimalnew
10/09/20201 hour 4 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 08 - The Weekly News 09-04-2020

Biologist Erika Cuéllar Soto recruits indigenous people to be “parabiologists,” using their local knowledge and history to defend the ecosystem to better protect the Gran Chaco forest in South America.Empowering local women in conservation gathers momentum in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, giving us reason to be optimistic that we can see even more transformation in conservation.With 11 elephant found dead in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, we speculate whether there may be a link to the as yet to be explained deaths of almost 400 elephant in Botswana in the last few months. Mean while t
04/09/20201 hour 19 seconds
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Episode 07 - The Weekly News 08-28-2020

Simon has a rant. With a growing media focus on the questionable conservation management in southern Africa, should we not be asking more of our leaders? Articles referenced  include Laurel Neme’s investigation into the closure of the environmental court in Skukuza, South Africa that was recently published in National Geographic.Tony Carnie, from Daily Maverick penned a 2 part feature about the suspension of the entire board of Ezemvelo, the conservation authority in South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal province and Don Pinnock questions the region’s leadership.According to Earth Ove
28/08/202050 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 06 - The Weekly News 08-20-2020

We celebrate the news of a record number of elephant births in Kenya - including two rare sets of twins!Botswana still unsure of the cause of the mysterious elephant deaths, but the investigations are not without hope as University of Pretoria in South Africa increase their efforts.The Trump administration implements its plan to drill for oil in Alaska, disregarding the regions indigenous people an
20/08/202042 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 05 - The Weekly News 08-14-2020

We celebrate World Elephant Day with the much anticipated release of National Geographic’s “Akashinga – The Brave Ones”, a documentary by James Cameron about the incredible work of the IAPF – the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.Botswana’s elephant mystery continues…Singapore crush over 8 tonnes of ivory.Stem cell research could bring back the Malaysian Sumatran rhino. Peter talks about his editorial in New Big Five – t
16/08/20201 hour 1 minute 38 seconds
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Episode 04 - An Interview With Damien Mander

This week saw the anticipated release of the National Geographic documentary, “Akashinga - The Brave Ones”. The 13 minute documentary is produced by James Cameron and co-produced and directed by Maria Wilhelm. It is masterful and showcases what must be one of the greatest conservation stories of our time. It dispels the traditional faceless and emotionless facade of militarized conservation and instead offers an insight into the individuals who have become the benchmark for community based anti-poaching programs the world over. Their vulnerability and defiance of social convention in becoming rangers provides us with a rare view not just into conservation, but equally importantly, into the socio-economic challenges faced by women across the African continent. The visionary behind Akashinga is the Founder of the IAPF - the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, Damien Mander. With remarkable story of his own, Damien has commit
14/08/202031 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 03 - The Weekly News 08-07-2020

The casualty count in India&apos;s floods continues to rise with an orphaned rhino struggling to survive. We chat to world renowned rhino rescue and rehabilitation expert, Care For Wild founder Petronel Nieuwoudt about the challenges of quickly and effectively rescuing and ultimately rewilding displaced rhinos.The Galapagos Islands see 260 Chinese fishing vessels descend on their protected waters, sparking outrage from around the world.  CITES under pressure as more African Countries demand an investigation into Zimbabwe&apos;s 2019 live elephant sale to China.California bill to ban the possession of
10/08/20201 hour 1 minute 52 seconds
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Episode 02 - The Weekly News 07-31-2020

We chat to Peter Lindsay, director of WCN’s Lion Recovery Fund about his recent paper highlighting the potential impact of Covid-19 on African conservation efforts.Rangers around the world are in desperate need of our assistance. To commemorate World Ranger Day, we chat to International Ranger Federation president, Chris Galliers.The late Dr Ian Player embodies the ranger spirit, Peter Borchert pays tribute. Reference articles from Wilderness Foundation, Rhino Review and Maya Angelou<a href='
03/08/202058 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 01 - The Weekly News 07-24-2020

South Africa&apos;s Department of Environmental Affairs recently made headlines as public concern grows over seemingly biased appointments to a high-level panel. The panel convened by Minister Barbara Creecy has been set up to consider sustainable use issues. In defiance, many organizations and conservation leaders refused the late request to join the panel. We talk to Cormac Cullinan, an environmental lawyer and member of the IUCN Environmental Law Commission, about why he refused the invitation to join.Kaziranga National Park in India is experiencing extreme flooding. With water levels rising, and safe areas few and far between, we talk to Bibhab Tulakdar, Chair of the IUCN&apos;s Asian Rhino Specialist Group, about the risks as wildlife makes for higher ground. Oxford University&apos;s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, in partnership with Panthera, has released its findings in identifying the top ten conservation countries in the world. There are some surprising
27/07/20201 hour 22 minutes 46 seconds