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English, Education, 2 seasons, 9 episodes, 5 hours, 25 minutes
The Archetypes Podcast was developed by Viergelyn Chery-Reed and TiElla Grimes, two soul entrepreneurs born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. The Archetypes Podcast is a eclectic platform for sharing collective experiences about our multidimensional identities. A space to explore self-empowerment through voice, visibility, representation. A space that merges making meaning and soulful conversations about ones “Soul Wellness”, in respects to what it looks like to live life well. A space for integrating tools for exploring and experiencing the world for self-conceptualization. Support this podcast:
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EP4: Whole-hearted center of grief

Thanks for joining the Archetypes Podcast hosted by The Spirit Sparker™ and The Inner Uplifter™. This episode is a running dialogue experiencing grief, stages of grief and how you can engage whole heart centered with your grief journey! You can find more information on Viergelyn, The Spirit Sparker™,  pronouns: She/Her/ Their*--- clinical & holistic integrative practice at The Spark Essentials™,  natural and infused healing collection and intuitive guidance at Get Social & Follow IG @thespiritsparker, @xosparkessentials You can find more information on TiElla, The Inner Uplifter ™ at to learn more about her work and passion in the community as a Transformational Coach, Media Educator and Artist. Follow TiElla on IG @tiellagrimes for the latest updates.  --- Support this podcast:
4/17/201958 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Intro: TiElla Grimes | The Inner Uplifter™

Introduction of TiElla Grimes, M.Ed., The Inner Uplifter™ , Transformational Coach, Media Educator, Artist & Poet. Follow TiElla on IG @tiellagrimes and FB --- Support this podcast:
12/10/20183 minutes, 9 seconds
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[vulnerable spurts] A moment as entrepreneurs.

This is a pre-launch episode part of our planning sessions and we hit record. --- Support this podcast:
12/4/201817 minutes, 25 seconds
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Intro: Viergelyn |The Spirit Sparker™

Viergelyn known as "The Spirit Sparker™" is the CEO & Founder of Spark Essentials™ at and GroundingHearts,Inc at She shares her intuitive and holistic practice towards discovery your philosophy for what it means to live life well. --- Support this podcast:
12/1/201810 minutes, 3 seconds