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The Anime Bae Podcast

English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 seasons, 36 episodes, 14 hours 8 minutes
A podcast where we discuss all things anime, sex, relationships, family, and growing up during our 20s. Weekly discussions about our favorite shows!
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Deadman Wonderland … Here’s Where You Dropped the Ball

This week we’re discussing how Deadman Wonderland (anime) fell flat on its’ face prematurely.
04/02/202425 minutes 42 seconds
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Writer’s Block Sucks

I’ve been fighting a creative block for months now, guys. It sucks. However, the show goes on!
21/11/202315 minutes 24 seconds
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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Anime Bae!
31/10/202311 minutes 52 seconds
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One Piece

Instagram @theanimebaepodcast
29/09/202324 minutes 17 seconds
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Live Action One Piece!

Live action One Piece just hit Netflix. Is it worth the watch?
01/09/202332 minutes 14 seconds
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Back and I’m Better

Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾
14/08/202336 minutes 4 seconds
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Let’s Chat!

Covid sucks. PCOS sucks. Let’s talk sub/dub, coronavirus, ovaries, My Hero Academia, and tiktok (@essence.shanelle, shameless plug).
12/07/202337 minutes 4 seconds
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Across the Spider-Verse

Happy Pride & Juneteenth! ❤️ Spoiler alert, we dive into the Spider-Verse and dissect Spider-Man:Across the Spider-Verse! This episode is on the longer side. Kimotokii, Smard Art, and The Ashanti Collection do not sponsor us nor do we have rights to the music.
20/06/202345 minutes 35 seconds
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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let’s chat about major life updates since our anniversary! Our Instagram is @theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾
05/05/202323 minutes 14 seconds
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Do You Know What Today Is? It’s Our Anniversary!

Happy 1 year to the Anime Bae Podcast! Thank you all so much for listening! 🥹
22/02/202310 minutes 17 seconds
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Self Love Over Everything 💫

Join us as we discuss what love is and how it shows up in our lives. Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast 💫
14/02/202318 minutes 7 seconds
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Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast
07/02/202310 minutes 22 seconds
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I Got Covid for Christmas

Covid sucks. Getting it for Christmas was not on my wish list this year. Follow @theanimebaepodcast on Instagram 🫶🏾
30/01/202320 minutes 13 seconds
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Are you a furry? (Beastars)

Join us as we discuss anthropomorphic media and how closely related it is to being a furry. We dissect Netflix’s phenomenon, “Beastars”.
14/12/202218 minutes 10 seconds
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Join us as we discuss a lighthearted show that tackles anxiety and coping! Our instagram is @theanimebaepodcast. We do not own rights to the music used.
07/12/202211 minutes 50 seconds
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Citrus is…Weird

Let’s discuss why Citrus is … weird. But it’s okay?? Let’s talk about it!
09/11/202217 minutes 37 seconds
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Being the Strong Black Woman

What does it mean to be the “strong black woman”? Where does this strength come from? Let’s talk about it! Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast 🤟🏾
31/10/202226 minutes 40 seconds
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So I tried cosplay …

Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast
18/10/202210 minutes 34 seconds
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Tackling Antiblackness in Media

Join as we discuss how antiblackness is portrayed in all forms of media and how bias affects all parties involved. Our Instagram is @theanimebaepodcast ❤️
11/10/202235 minutes 58 seconds
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One Piece - Alabasta & Drum Island

Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast
06/10/202233 minutes 17 seconds
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Surviving Imposter Syndrome

Kennie JD: Follow us on Instagram: theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾
27/09/202221 minutes 30 seconds
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Life Updates

Hey guys! It’s been a minute. Let’s talk about what’s been going on during our month long hiatus. Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast
19/09/202216 minutes 51 seconds
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Wellness Check

Just checking in with all listeners this week! Instagram: @theanimebaepodcast
08/08/20225 minutes 5 seconds
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One Punch Man

This week we discuss “One Punch Man”! Follow us on Instagram: theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾
02/08/202213 minutes
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High school did NOT prepare me for college.

Instagram: theanimebaepodcast 💫
26/07/202216 minutes 30 seconds
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One Piece: The East Blue Arc

Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾
19/07/202219 minutes 46 seconds
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E’s Declassified Nursing School Survival Guide & NCLEX Study Tips

Follow is on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾 This week’s episode describes my nursing school journey and tackling NCLEX.
11/07/202253 minutes 33 seconds
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Hunter x Hunter is Back! And So Are We!

Follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾
05/07/202221 minutes 1 second
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The Art of Moving On

Follow us on Instagram at @theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾 Happy Pride Month!
01/06/202219 minutes 41 seconds
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What’s New? Life Updates from The Anime Bae

Hey yall, follow us on Instagram @theanimebaepodcast 🫶🏾
24/05/20229 minutes 55 seconds
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Light Yagami was not wrong, and let me explain .. Death Note (finale episode)

Join us for the season 1 finale of the Anime Bae Podcast. I do not own rights to the music. Today, we discuss the psychological powerhouse that is Death Note. Was Light Yagami wrong? Follow us on Instagram: @theanimebaepodcast
22/04/202237 minutes 26 seconds
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Small Might might actually be Daddy … My Hero Academia

This week, we try to cover the summary of what is My Hero Academia. It’s a lot to cover! We do not own the rights to the music. Instagram: @theanimebaepodcast
19/04/202241 minutes 54 seconds
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How toxic is too toxic?

Join us as we discuss red flags in our romantic relationships - when is it time to pull the plug?
19/04/202240 minutes 31 seconds
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Demon Slayer

Join us this week as we discuss Demon Slayer!
19/04/202215 minutes
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Homeless Hot Girl

This is a more serious episode this week as we reflect on our failures…and successes.
29/03/202222 minutes 29 seconds
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Hunter x Hunter 2.0

Hey yall, this is a re-recording of the last episode!
29/03/202230 minutes 1 second