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English, Financial News, 1 season, 108 episodes, 2 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes
Angie Lee is your hilarious + wicked smart business bestie you've always wanted. Warning; You will laugh your ass off, be inspired as hell to make your bank account not suck. $100k in debt to 7 figures under 30, Angie is an entrepreneurial ninja. Her passion is helping women break through in their business + leave their sucky 9-5 job. Her approach? No bullshit business + money advice for female entrepreneurs who don't have time for boring. Her mission is to inspire women to feel badass, so they can rock their sales + finances! This podcast is a must listen for any boss babes, or boss babes to be.
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I'm A Tight Cervix Girly. Girlboss or Sourdough Making Mamma? Do We Have To Choose? Can Women Have It All? My Honest Feelings About TTC. The Girl’s Bathroom.

  deep breath... meet me inside the girl's bathroom for this one! I am opening up a bit about my conception journey with my dear friend Bryn. I have a little bit of a vulnerability hangover with this one, but I hope it helps another woman in her TTC journey feel less alone. We chat about how we both are ambitious women who also want to be incredible moms one day, how society makes us feel like we have to choose between the extremes of bossbabe or SAHM and how men and babies seem to come to us when we surrender + let go!? WHY GOD. UGH. I share a hilarious story that happened to me at the fertility clinic. Are you a tight or loose cervix girly? LOL! Let me know on IG! @AngieLeeShow  I also share about The Girl’s Bathroom event I just hosted in Austin! Stay tuned for my next live event this fall! ------------------------------------------ shop our brand new Out Of Office microdosing gummies!  use code “angielee” at checkout to save 20%! MY TOP 4  CLEARSTEM FAVS: Bounceback Serum - no botox needed cream!  Vitamin Scrub - this has evened my skin tone so much Clearity Serum You Are Sunshine SPF + Primer - I wear thing every single day as my makeup! Connect with Bryn!  @BrynDaylor 
5/27/202453 minutes, 35 seconds
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Get Up. Get Dressed. Let’s Do This! Your Life Isn’t Over At 50. Big Sister Tough Love Advice With Caroline Baudino on Motherhood, Aging, Happiness, Fashion and Confidence.

BUCKLE UP, GIRL! Get ready for your bold, sassy big sister/hot mom advice from the one and only, @shopwithcaroline  use code angielee to save on their entire shop! go snag my favorite non-toxic SPF and shampoo! FREE 30 days of my favorite online software for courses, webite and email! 
5/14/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Girl’s Bathroom: all about acne and skincare. What about botox and retinol? Are HIIT workouts making you break out? Acne triggers, pore clogging ingredients and how to get glowing skin with Clearstem Founders.

let's chat all things SKINCARE with the Founders of ClearStem!  WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: Cortisol and how hormones affect our skin! The real deal on eggs and how they can cause acne in some people! Why we should avoid hot water on the face at all costs Botox, injectors, acupuncture, holistic approaches to skincare, how to gua sha, and which nontoxic products will benefit us the most Why acne cannot heal if you are stressed AF Which saunas are in for 2024 Why we have a fear of aging and the honest feelings of being a woman comparing How the skincare, exercise, and the food we eat all play a part in our skin health Acne triggers, pore clogging ingredients, and how to achieve healthy “glass glowing” skin  Makeup, lotion, sunscreen, and specific foods such as whey protein that can affect our lymph system in a negative way Overall skin benefits of shaving, dermaplaning, lymphatic drainage and sculpting, massage, and microdermabrasion Being more aware of the sun, the importance of SPF, and zinc appropriate products Kayleigh and Daniell’s daily skincare regimens and favorite products! use code “angielee” at checkout to save 20%! MY TOP 4  CLEARSTEM FAVS: Bounceback Serum - no botox needed cream!  Vitamin Scrub Clearity Serum You Are Sunshine SPF + Primer --------------------- MY FAVORITE THINGS:  Organifi - Enjoy 20% off with code “angielee”    Kajabi - 30 days FREE of the EASIEST platform to run your entire online biz, even your grandma could do it.   
3/26/20241 hour, 14 minutes, 20 seconds
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Girl Chat: mysteriously pregnant stingray, crazy shit we’ve done to our men angry on our period, building business in our feminine energy + fake shit on internet.

Does social media suck? Is the first year of being engaged as magical as IG shows? What did I say to Sam when she asked me to be her bridesmaid? What do we do with suppressed anger as women? How do we deal with comparison as creators? Let’s get silly AND deep in this episode with my bff Samantha Skelly! MY FAVORITE THINGS:  Organifi - Enjoy 20% off with code “angielee”    Kajabi - 30 days FREE of the EASIEST platform to run your entire online biz, even your grandma could do it.     Come say hi on Instagram!   Shop SOUL:     
2/27/202458 minutes, 31 seconds
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she’s hairless and hydrated. Calm Your Tits LIVE HOTLINE: “How to date as a BabyGrandma? Joy tips? How do I edit IG Reels? Should I keep podcasting when I want to give up?

THE LIVE HOTLINE IS HERE! I’m stoked to pump you up, giggle with you and give you my best advice! today’s questions: How do I date as a Babygrandma? What do you do daily to increase joy? How do I create/edit IG Reels?  How do I keep podcasting when I want to give up? Can I mix different SOUL gummies together?  MY FAVORITE THINGS:  Organifi - My favorite greens! Enjoy 15% off with code “angielee”  Kajabi - 30 days FREE of the EASIEST platform to run your entire online biz!   Come say hi on the gram!   
1/7/202447 minutes, 37 seconds
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Butt Implants & Orthorexia. Your Crazy Crash Diets From The Hotline! What Is REAL Wellness?

Hi, BabyGrandma! Grab your granny panties & get ready to hear the crazy shit we have ALL done to be skinny/”fit”! This is the ultimate (funny-yet-honest) reminder that you are not alone. I feature your wellness fad voicemails & share what I think REAL wellness is!  AG1: Free One Year Supply of Vitamin D3+K2, 5 Travel Packs!  Soul Sleepi: Code “BabyGrandma” saves you 15%!    Come say hi on IG! @AngieLeeShow  
7/17/202335 minutes, 41 seconds
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Lymphatic Drainage 101: Acupuncture Instead Of Botox? What Your Tongue Says About Your Health + How Stress Affects Your Face.

Let's geek out on the lymphatic system, babygrandma! Meet my accpuncturist & facial sculpter, Brooke Taylor. Try AG1 with a free gift!  What was discussed: Dangers of ignoring the lymphatic system & how to approach it. How trauma shows on the face & other aspects of your body. Deep dive into acupuncture - Eastern Medicines’ best tool. Your body’s connection - how the tongue is a window into your health. Your organs are affected by your emotions & stress! Living in the Theta State & how it can change your life. How eating more warm foods can help your body tremendously. Come say hi on Instagram!  Brooke Taylor @theroadacupuncture @OfficialMikeLee @AngieLeeShow
7/10/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 46 seconds
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Inauthenticity Is Exhausting. How To Own Your Weird & Create A Stand Out Brand On Social Media!

Be a fly on the wall at my talk at the KonnectHer event in Austin! code "angielee" saves you 15% off the entire shop! code “BabyGrandma” saves you!
7/1/202344 minutes, 7 seconds
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Girls Don’t Poop, Parasites & You’re A Cucumber Rolling On A Ball So Just Go For It! Your Hilarious Hotline Stories Exposed...

Let's get WEIRD, y'all! Featuring your hilarious poop dating stories you sent into the hotline + an update on where this show is going + the new VIBE! Buckle up, it's girl chat time!  Big Brain focus caps:  My favorite electrolytes! Free packet when you use my link! My favorite green juice that doesn't taste like cat's poop! code "angielee" saves you!  
3/27/202343 minutes, 42 seconds
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💍PROPOSAL STORY: Same Ding Dong Forever. Societal Pressures On Women To Get Engaged & My Very Honest Feelings On Waiting For The Ring.

HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES? I am so excited to share the proposal story with you! I give you my honest thoughts on the societal pressures women have to get married and Clay & I share exactly how he proposed to me! Hint: it was in a theatre after our favorite movie, Good Will Hunting! This episode is JUICY so buckle up!  my favorite platform for running your online courses + biz! 30 days FREE of Kajabi! my favorite electrolytes! Free box with purchase!  my favorite greens powder + cacao drink! code "angielee" saves you 15%! 
2/28/202355 minutes, 36 seconds
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What The Heck Do I Eat!? How To Balance Your Blood Sugar with Kelly Leveque! My #1 Hack For Energy, Focus + Cravings. Elevate Your Morning Routine With The Fab 4 Smoothie!

She's back! Kelly Leveque is back for another juicy + in depth nutrition convo with me & my brother Mike! If you're confused on what to eat, this is the episode for you! Balancing my blood sugar + increasing my protein has changed my life so I am excited for you to try! We dive into: why you want to balance your blood sugar for fat loss, fertility + hormones!  Metabolic flexibility & its importance. Common, but big, mistakes made while Intermittent Fasting. What Kelly eats in a day + her top supplement recommendations! Try Organifi Chocolate Gold + Harmoni with code "angielee" My favorite sugar free electrolytes! 
1/26/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 47 seconds
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MDMA Psychedelic Therapy With Tucker Max. WOAH. This One Is Going To Blow Your Mind. Healing Traumas + How MDMA Changed His Life.

My brother Mike & I interview best selling author Tucker Max on MDMA & psychadelics! This juicy conversation is from The Best Medicine Podcast (Mike & I's wellness show!) My favorite + the most delicious CBD gummies to calm your tits!  FREE Trial of my favorite platform to run your online biz!  My favorite healthy hot cacao + greens juice! code "AngieLee" to save 15% 
1/20/20231 hour, 54 minutes, 29 seconds
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Hotline Q&A | ADHD Tips For Kiddos (AND adults!)

Hi, squirrelfriend! In today's Ask Angie episode, Cheska asks what my top 3 tips are for ADHD kids + adults!  use code "angielee" to save 15% off all my favorite wellness products! try Sleepi! Our delicious SLEEP gummy!  @AngieLeeShow 
10/23/202222 minutes, 17 seconds
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Hotline Q&A | Self Care Habit Stacking For BabyGrandmas

Tiffany asks about self care & how to fit it all in! Press play, #BabyGrandma!  code "AngieLee" saves you 15% on my favorite healthy cacao dfrink!  code "AngieLee" saves you 15% on my favorite organ capsules!  @AngieLeeShow  
10/12/202213 minutes, 38 seconds
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“What helps your ADHD, Ang? Should I Take Meds Or Supplements?” This Is For My Squirrelfriends! #AskAngie

Heidi calls into the hotline and asks her juicy question about ADHD and if she should take meds or not! I share my honest thoughts + some focus hacks! To have your question featured on the show, head to and leave me your voice note! I can't wait to hear from you!  Try my favorite SOUL Alert Caps for natural focus! 
8/10/202215 minutes, 15 seconds
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Butt Stuff 101 (Enemas!): Coffee Enemas For Clear Skin & Mental Clarity? Answering All Of Your Juicy Enema + Detox Questions! Pooping Out A Barbie Shoe!?

Friends that enema together...stay together. Do you need to try an enema? Let's find out with Mary @HealingCaveLady and hear all the health benefits! 💩 Mary answers your questions: Coffee vs water enemas? Colonics vs enemas? Can you do enemas while pregnant?  What are the benefits to enemas? Who should do enemas? What is the healthiest water to drink?  How often should you do an enema? - my FAVORITE enema kit! code "angielee" saves you! 
8/10/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 25 seconds
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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: What It Really Took To Build An 8 Figure Wellness Brand. What Mistakes Did We Make? What Is My Role At SOUL? What Was Our First Failed Business? My Top 3 Physical Product Tips!

My interview with my brother/Co-Founder Mike about how we *really* built SOUL! My top 3 tips to building a successful physical product brand.  save 15% with code “AngieLee”  @MySoulCBD @OfficialMikeLee @AngieLeeShow   
8/9/202256 minutes, 46 seconds
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(Part 2) Doula Vs A Midwife, Vaginal Birth, Sexytime While Pregnant, Waterbirth +Eating Your Placenta!

Part 2 with My Doula + Birth Coach Nicole Lakin-Odusanya! I get her perspective on everything from birthing centers, waterbirths, placenta capsules + having sexytime while preggers! Nicole breaks down the design and hormonal process of vaginal birth and lactation, and highlights some of the health benefits of vaginal birth. She shares her tips for getting grounded before birth and surrendering to the transition of active labor. We also get real about what happens if there’s a medical emergency and how to create a backup plan with your midwife.   IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT: The difference between a doula and a midwife Nicole’s birthing center experience  How having sex near the end of your pregnancy can help induce labor  Confronting the fear of the unknown when it comes to childbirth  An overview of breathing techniques and how they can help during labor  Nicole’s favorite part of educating women about alternative childbirth options  PRODUCTS I LOVE: Chill caps are my favorite for reducing anxiety! My favorite focus drink, Pure!  RESOURCES: Ina May's Guide to Birth  Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding     CONNECT WITH NICOLE  Follow Nicole: @womanwwellness  Listen to her podcast, Woman  CONNECT WITH ANGIE Follow me: @angieleeshow  Visit my website:  Shop Soul CBD:  SHORT QUOTES Your doula is your labor support, that's going to be your girl who's with you while you're in labor. Your midwife usually doesn't come until you're gonna have a baby. - Nicole    When we leave birth as intended, and as few interventions as possible, that's going to lead to the beautiful natural birth that you want. - Nicole    Being at home, it can be more a flawless journey because you're already in your safest place. - Nicole    We deserve to feel every part of our birth. It's beautiful and might be a little uncomfortable and a little painful for some. But look at all the outcomes that it's actually going to create. - Nicole 
6/19/202232 minutes, 10 seconds
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(Part 1) Natural Unmedicated Birth. Meet My Doula And Birth Coach Nicole Lakin! Let’s Openly Talk About Taking Our Power Back As Women + The Fears And Anxieties Around Giving Birth.

Meet my Doula and Birth Coach, Nicole Lakin-Odusanya! Her gift is reminding women of their power & helping you tap into your innate feminine wisdom! We get into the nitty gritty of unmedicated vaginal birth & what it looks like to feel safe in our bodies! We dive deep into feeling empowered during your pregnancy and some of the benefits of having a water birth.  Nicole articulates what giving birth to her daughter actually felt like, and explains how she rewrote the screaming-crying-tearing narrative that’s so often portrayed in media. Plus, she shares her tips for how to get into the right headspace and organically prepare your body for childbirth.  WE TALK ABOUT: Techniques to build trust and pain tolerance in your body  Addressing the root of your anxieties and fears around childbirth, and how to create new beliefs  Why the so many doctors are quick to recommend c-sections The reality of medical interventions like Pitocin and Epidural Nicole’s labor and delivery experience  Why Nicole chose to do a water birth  BOOK WE MENTIONED:  Ina May's Guide to Childbirth  CONNECT WITH NICOLE  Follow Nicole: @womanwwellness  Listen to her podcast, WOMAN.  PRODUCTS I LOVE: Shop Soul Chill Caps:  Shop my fav focus drink, PURE:   CONNECT WITH ME Follow me: @angieleeshow  Visit my website:  It's definitely the ultimate surrender to the feminine for us as women. - Nicole I think the number one thing for us to do as women if we're feeling this and we know we want to go more towards the natural way and we know maybe the type of birth we want is shifting the environment that we're around, and what we're listening to. - Nicole  Women aren't getting to experience the full power of who they are 100%. It's the most powerful, empowering feeling ever. It's the highest thing that we can do as women. We're the portal. - Nicole We can shift from pain to intense, and then I think we can shift from intense to uncomfortable. - Nicole I am actually more scared of surgery and doctors, so I think that's also an aspect of why I investigated so much to learn my body and learn my power. - Nicole
6/17/202252 minutes, 35 seconds
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THIS Is The Secret To Energy, Focus & Fat Loss! How To Balance Your Blood Sugar To Help Your Cravings, Mood & PCOS. The Breakfast You SHOULD Be Eating To Feel Amazing.

Let's chat BLOOD SUGAR, BabyGrandma! My favorite products for sleep, anxiety + non-toxic beauty! @GlucoseGoddess is spilling the beans on HACKS to balace your blood sugar!  Chill Caps for anxiety are my favorite to chill out before bed! Use code “BabyGrandma” to save!  Code “AngieLee” saves you on my favorite non-toxic deodorant and face oils!  PURE is my favorite yummy drink for focus! Code “AngieLee” saves you 15%!
5/1/202251 minutes, 7 seconds
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Your Permission Slip To PIVOT. How To Get Out Of Your Head & Make Decisions From Your Gut. Embrace Being Multi-Passionate And Loving CHANGE!

My favorite focus drink, Organifi Pure! Code “angielee” for 15% off!  My favorite non-toxic products for beauty + skin! Code “angielee” to save moolah!   
4/29/202237 minutes, 57 seconds
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Anxiety Sucks. This 60 Second Hack Will Help. Works Instantly! Do It Anytime, Anwhere.

Hi, friend! If you are looking for an anxiety hack to help you calm your tits, today’s episode is for YOU! My brother Mike (@OfficialMikeLee) & I discuss the top 2 ways we immediately calm our anxiety!  YOU WILL LEARN: What the WIN method is 4-7-8 breathing Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on my favorite Gua Sha, non-toxic deodorant + Soul CBD!   
3/31/202213 minutes, 49 seconds
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What Would Make This Fun Again? Burnt Out From Creating Content On Instagram? Press Play!

Try my favorite FOCUS drink, Organifi Pure!  Code "AngieLee" saves you 20%!
3/29/202216 minutes, 18 seconds
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Want To Host A Live Event? What Was The Hardest And Easiest Part Of Hosting A Live Event With Thousands Of Women? I Spill The Deets + Ready Is A Lie Pump Up!

QnA From Evie And Lindsey from the Heart and Hustle Podcast! I am speaking at their conference in a few weeks in Nashville (April 25-28th)! Get tickets HERE!  @TheHeartUniversity 
3/23/202229 minutes, 5 seconds
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13 Energy Hacks (No Caffeine) To Help You Feel Alive. The 2 Supplements I Love For ADHD.

What’s up chicken butt?! If you follow me on IG, you know that I am always sharing my favorite natural energy hacks on my stories. Make sure to take notes BabyGrandma because this episode is JAM PACKED! Want more energy? Check out the sponsors below & use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!   Come say hi on the gram! @AngieLeeShow 
3/1/202226 minutes, 8 seconds
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Dying To Be Beautiful. Non-Toxic Beauty, Botox & Deodorant. Best Hack For A Puffy Face & Stinky Armpits. Sweating, Lymphatic Drainage, Enemas & Fertility.

Ladies! It's time we chat about non-toxic beauty! I dive deep with Diane Kazer -- Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner + Holistic Beauty Expert. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: My replacement for botox How to easily find if your current products are toxic Understanding the EWG scores of your products The importance of a clean deodorant The power of your lymphatic system The four things that cause you to feel ill + age faster The fast pass to a cleaner life Daily massage to pump toxins out The power of enemas to detox! My favorite non-toxic deodorant & face rollers:   Shop My Favorite Wellness Products:   My favorite ENEMA kit! (code "AngieLee" to save!) My favorite Electrolytes:   My Favorite Non-Toxic Makeup:     Want to score your products and test for toxicity?    FREE Lymph Ebook:  Killer Breasts Documentary:  The Warrior Cleanse:  Non-toxic home cleaning products:     Code “angielee” saves you 15% 
2/4/202255 minutes, 48 seconds
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(WOAH this is powerful) Breathwork, Plant Medicine & Feeling Safe To Feel. Meet My Breathwork Teacher Samson. How I Healed My Back Pain.

WOW. This is by far one of the most powerful conversations I've ever had on my show. It will give you CHILLS. Get ready to hear how breathwork healed my back pain & how FEELING my emotions set me free. You will meet my dear friend & teacher Samson Odusanya. He has truly changed my life & I'm confident he is going to change yours! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The power of being still Breath patterns + their signals to the body Recommendations for getting started with breathwork Different forms of breathing How the physical can manifest from emotions My realization that set me free from back pain The benefits of plant medicine Generational patterns The power of contrast Go Follow Samson on IG! @Samsons_Strength 
1/13/202258 minutes, 8 seconds
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ADHD - Angie & Chalene Johnson Chat ADD & SLEEP! Did You See The Epic Collab We Just Did!? Our New Gummy, Sleepi, Has Launched!

Hi Squirrelfriend! In this episode Chalene Johnson & I share why SLEEP is so important for the ADHD brain!  WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How childhood felt with ADHD Exercise + how it helps ADHD The importance of sleep (especially REM sleep!) The power of brain dumping + how a journal can help with ADHD Best way to create content with ADHD Supplement for sleep Top tips for the best sleep Wanna sleep like a BabyGrandma? Try our new gummy, SLEEPI! 
12/1/202140 minutes, 37 seconds
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How I Healed From Adrenal Fatigue & BURNOUT. From Crash Dieting & Overexercising To Energized & Balanced. My Caffeine-Free Morning Elixir!

Burnt out? If yes, this is the episode for YOU! From hydration to carbs to boundaries, I share my top hacks for healing from adrenal fatigue! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What lead me to Adrenal Fatigue How emotions contribute to adrenal Fatigue How long it took me to heal from Adrenal Fatigue The power of balance Respecting the seasons of life and business How to test if you have Adrenal Fatigue My top tips on how to heal Adrenal Fatigue 
11/30/202132 minutes, 1 second
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You Don't "Find" Your Purpose....So Stop Looking! JUST THE TIPS with Clay!

Buying all the courses + reading all the books yet you still can't "find" your purpose? If yes, PRESS PLAY! YOU WILL LEARN: How STARTING is the best thing you can do! The question to be asking yourself regarding your purpose How powerful it is to GET GRITTY Our top 3 tips regarding your purpose Remember, friends, the best learning is DOING! What are you going to try this week? DM me on IG and let me know! Try out my favorite electrolytes, FREE!    @ClayHebert 
11/7/202118 minutes, 51 seconds
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#BabyGrandma SLEEP Hacks! The 2 Foods You Must Eat Before Bed. Should It Be Cold When You Sleep? Does An Early Dinner Help You Sleep? Part 1

My Top Sleep Hacks Part 1! Friends, have you ever wondered why sleep is so important?  Why do I love sleep so much? What are my top tips for becoming the ULTIMATE #BabyGrandma?! Today’s episode is ALL ABOUT SLEEP! I give you 15 tips (and a couple bonus ones!) on how to improve your quality of sleep! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The products I use to improve my sleep What temperature you should keep your room for optimal sleep How overstimulation hurts your sleep + creativity The top FREE sleep hacks I use daily My nutrition hacks that’ll help you snooze like a Baby Grandma   Some of my favorite things mentioned in this episode: Himalayan Salt Lamps Eye Mask Weighted Blanket Try My Favorite Sleep Gummy, SLEEPI! Code “BabyGrandma” Saves You 15%! My Favorite HONEY Before Bed! Code “AngieLee” Saves You 15%!
11/1/202141 minutes, 7 seconds
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Stop Trying To Fit Into A Box. MULTI-PASSIONATE? 4 Tips For Getting Unstuck. Can I Be A Comedian AND A Motivational Speaker?

Can I Be A Comedian AND A Motivational Speaker? Listen up to find out :) Multi-passionate? PRESS PLAY, baby! This is your permission slip to DATE YOUR PASSIONS, own all aspects of you + be multi-passionate! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The importance of evolving and being multi-dimensional The way to niche AND be multi-passionate Importance of authenticity Why you want to be different and own your weird - it’s your superpower Dating your passions - why this is so important for your creativity Always remember, life gets to be FUN!! Enjoy code "BabyGrandma" to save on my favorite anxiety, sleep + focus products! :) 
10/8/202118 minutes, 14 seconds
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Fertility Chat, Baby! How To Prep Your Body To Make Superbabies With Dr. Cleopatra. Egg Freezing? Does Stress Affect Fertility? How Do I Know When I Am Ovulating? Does Pull & Pray Work? Does Age Matter?

Fertility Chat with Fertility Expert, Dr. Cleopatra! What’s up friend?! Today I chat with Fertility Expert, Dr. Cleopatra! Hang on tight friends, this is good! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What the Primemester is What your age means for your fertility Egg freezing?! How stress affects fertility How to know when you're ovulating Does pull + pray work? All of the factors that play into your fertility What the fertility pyramid is and what the levels are AND, Dr. Cleopatra answered some of your burning questions from IG!    Fertility Program  Follow Dr. Cleopatra, here!
9/30/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 21 seconds
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Your ENNEAGRAM questions answered! How Can Multi-Passionate 7's Get Focused? Are You A Healthy 3/Achiever? How Can A 2 Manage Boundaries? How Do I Decide Between 3 Types? Will I Be A Good Mom As A 7? Part 2

Welcome back friend!! Today is part 2 with Tracy and it is a Q+A! I asked you guys what questions you had about the enneagram and today Tracy answers them. Let’s get into it! Time Stamps: 4:12 multi passionate 7 and getting things done 8:00 2 7’s being business partners 9:25 3 in a healthy place 12:35 5’s & awkwardness 16:05 Advice of 2’s with boundaries 21:52 Deciding between three types 27:40 7’s and motherhood 33:20 7’s and bad mom ideas   Breast Implant Illness Part 1 Episode Breast Implant Illness Part 2 Episode   follow Tracy, here! 
9/23/202136 minutes, 33 seconds
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What's your ENNEAGRAM? This Personality Test Changed My Life. What Are The 9 Personality Types?

What's up friend?! So happy to be chatting with Tracy O'Malley in this episode all about the enneagram! Interested in learning more? What's YOUR Enneagram number!? Click play to find out!  WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Where to take the test Mistyping! Can you be more than one type? How to take the test What to do with the results How to read the results The 3 triads and which types fall into them Identifying characteristics of each type Communication + how to talk with different types (NWM and sales peeps, listen up!) Pinpoint and how to work on your weaknesses  Follow Tracy, here! 
9/1/202140 minutes, 49 seconds
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Meet My MOM! Momma Lee Spills The Beans On Parenting An ADHD/Neurodiverse Child + My Most Embarrassing Moment.

Do I cry in the beginning of this episode? YUP. I am so excited to finally bring my earth angel & best friend on the show today! My Mom shares some gems around parenting when your kid has ADHD & how to embrace your kids uniqueness + how to help your kid have confidence! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What it was like parenting me (#GodBless lol) Whether or not my mom ever considered putting me on medication for my ADHD My mom’s stance on nutrition & holistic parenting How my mom helped Mike + me identify boundaries and rules + an embarrassing story from when I was younger that no one has heard!   Want to try my favorite one stop shop for running your online biz? Try Kajabi 30 days free! 
8/30/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 15 seconds
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Your Period & Your Productivity! Cycle Syncing 101: How To Match Your Aunt Flow With Your Work Flow.

In today’s episode Berrion Berry and I chat all things Cycle Syncing! AKA your productivity and your period! We both discuss the hacks we use to optimize our flow! Ready to do the same?! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What the phases are your cycle are and what they mean What tasks to do during each phase of your cycle Workouts for each phase Nutrition of each phase How to optimize your flow Work With Berrion Berry: Optimize Your Flo My favorite CBD to help my painful period cramps!
8/20/202132 minutes, 28 seconds
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This Is Why You Are Tired. 3 Secrets To More ENERGY!

What’s up friend?! Are you ready to have more energy? Tired of being tired all the time?! Let’s chat about my top 3 hacks of how I always have so much energy! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Identity: Be the person who has energy! It is a choice. Environment: Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who do you follow on social media? What are you consuming? Authenticity: Be YOU. Take baby steps. Live in alignment.   My favorite greens juice on the planet! Code "AngieLee" saves you 15% off the entire shop! 
8/16/202115 minutes, 25 seconds
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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started A PODCAST. How To Launch & Grow Your Podcast. Dude. It's Time To Start Your Podcast!

Ready to launch, grow + monetize your own podcast? Today I chat with my friend Kacia Fitzgerald all about PODCASTING! We cover 5 top tips you need to know all about starting + growing your podcast. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Can’t be about you. Needs to be about who you serve. It’s about your audience Don’t need to be a million steps ahead of who you serve Question to ask yourself before pressing “post” If nervous, do it anyway! Be relatable How to pitch to guests Become OBSESSED with your audience! The power of consistency over perfection How to get out of analysis paralysis Work with feedback How to handle the tech 
8/11/202136 minutes, 35 seconds
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Live Events: How I Went From 3 to 3,000 Attendees. Top Tips For Hosting Your Live Event. How Do You Market Live Events? How Much Does It Cost? How Do Events Make Money?

Want to host your own live event?! Buckle up, friend! I am spilling the beans on what it took to host my first live event (3 women showed up) + how I sold out Pays To Be Brave with 3,000 women!  WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How I hosted my very first meet up in Chicago + bartered for a free space What it took to host Pays To Be Brave What did Pays To Be Brave cost? How Much Did I Make? What mistakes I made in hosting events When should you host a live event? How do you market the event? How do events make money?  Check out my favorite wellness products mentioned in this episode!  
8/1/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 15 seconds
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Poop Confessionals: COLONICS, Lymphatic Detoxing & Sweating With My Colon Hydrotherapist. Holy Sh*t This Is Good.

TMI? YUP! We are about to take our friendship to the next level, friend! Today I chat with my Colon Hydrotherapist, Ciara Mumford. She's an expert on all things detoxing, lymphatic drainage, colonics + enemas!   Buckle up, because we break it all down! Want to know what to expect when getting a colonic? Let’s dive in!   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: What a colonic is The two types of colonics + what to expect from each one How to prep for a colonic The benefits of a colonic + how often to get one The difference between colonics and enemas I promise this episode is one for the books!   Give some love to the sponsors of today’s episode! Use code "ANGIELEE" to save on all of my favorite health products! 
7/19/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 28 seconds
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Katrina Scott - Tone It Up Co- Founder: How She Built A Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Empire. Motherhood As An Ambitious Woman + Her Secret To Creating A Massive Online Community!

Katrina Scott, Co-Founder of Tone It Up shares what it's really like to build an empire + balance MOTHERHOOD! Katrina Scott knows what it’s like to balance motherhood as a business owner and public figure. Katrina Scott is the co-founder of Tone It Up— If you’re into fitness and have ever been on the internet, you’ve heard of Tone It Up!  
7/14/202145 minutes, 42 seconds
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Angie Tries It: I Got My BRAIN Scanned & Here's What Happened. Brain Health, Concussions + ADHD. Mike & I Interview Dr Amen!

OH MY LANTA! FRIEND! Today's episode is epic! My brother Mike & I interview Dr. Amen on today’s episode! I recently visited one of his clinics and got a brain scan. Today Mike + I chat with him all about brain health, concussions, + ADHD! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: The details of my brain scan - what type of ADHD do I have? Why diet and lifestyle are so important for brain health  Mike’s professional athlete background + Dr. Amen’s feedback on his diagnosis The top ways to increase brain health Simple food rules to follow for a healthy brain Give some love to the sponsors of today’s episode! Use code "ANGIELEE" to save on all of my favorite health products!  Follow my brother on IG! @OfficialMikeLee
7/2/202147 minutes, 34 seconds
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Part 2: ADHD Is Your Superpower! My Top FOCUS Hacks For ADHD. Your Brain Isn't Broken... It's Just Different.

ADHD Is Your Superpower! Hi, squirrelfriend! So glad to have you back for part 2. Today we chat all about hacks for FOCUS! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: My 8 top focus hacks for the ADHD brain How ADHD is a superpower What I do to maximize my energy and productivity Give some love to the sponsors of today’s episode! Use code "ANGIELEE" to save on all of my favorite health products! 
7/1/202140 minutes, 44 seconds
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I Have ADHD. Do You? Symptoms Of ADD + Secrets To Being PRODUCTIVE When You Feel Like A Squirrel. My Brain Scan Experience At The Amen Clinic. Part 1

What’s up squirrelbutt?! In this episode I chat about ADHD, what it felt like as a kid, what it feels like now, hacks for productivity + why your ADHD is a SUPERPOWER! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: What is ADHD? What ADHD feels like The common symptoms of ADHD The importance of having compassion for yourself. It isn’t a weakness  I confirmed my diagnosis at the Dr Amen clinic The science behind ADHD brain My top hacks for feeling great + getting the most out of your day! Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!
6/27/20211 hour, 46 seconds
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How I Healed My Back Pain...INSTANTLY. Is Your Back Pain or Headache EMOTIONAL? The Book That Changed My Life & Got Me Out Of Pain.

Wow, friend! I am SO excited to share this episode with you today! I was able to heal my back pain INSTANTLY.  If you are experiencing back pain or headaches, this episode is for YOU. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Pain can be an EMOTIONAL issue The book that took away my back pain almost instantly The mind body connection + how doing the mental work helped heal my physical pain How breathwork transformed my mind and pain The type of therapy I chose to dive into for my pain and emotional growth Healing Back Pain by John E Sarno  Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!  
6/17/202129 minutes, 49 seconds
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Could Your Breast Implants Be Hurting Your Health? Breast Implant Illness Part 2. Real Stories From Real Women Who Explanted. What Are The Symptoms? Do We Regret It? Why Did We Explant? How Do We Feel Now?

Part 2 - Breast Implant Illness  What’s up friend?! I am so excited to be back with part 2 of the Breast Implant Illness discussions! In today’s episode you’ll hear 7 of us discuss our explant experiences. Have you experienced BII? Have you gone through the explant journey? I’d love to hear your story! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Toxicity of breast implants Signs and symptoms of breast implant illness What your body does to protect you from the implants + how the explant surgery should be done The changes we felt mentally and emotionally after explant Living in alignment after explant Self Forgiveness, authenticity, + acceptance Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!  The women mentioned in this episode: Tracy O'Malley - @Tracy_Omalley Kristen Blake - @Kristenblakewellness  Sheila Bella - @Realsheilabella Sarah Stewart - @Sarahannestewart  Cayla Craft - @Cayla.craft  Kole Whitty - @Mystikole  
6/11/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 56 seconds
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Breast Implant Illness. Why I REMOVED MY BREAST IMPLANTS 3 Years Ago + Why Thousands Of Women Are Waking Up To The Truth That The Plastic Surgery Industry Won’t Tell You. Part 1

  Breast Implant Illness Part 1 Oh my, friend! I went through the explant process 3 years ago and I finally am sharing my experience here with you! On today’s episode I got to also chat with Karissa and Tracy about their experiences! OH MY LANTA this is a juicy one! Stay tuned for part 2! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Why I got my explant What symptoms Karissa and I were feeling What Breast Implant Illness is How Karissa felt after her explant The ingredients of implants and how they impact your body Connecting the dots between symptoms and the implants Tracy O’Malley’s journey with Breast Implant Illness Karissa Pukas Youtube Video: The TRUTH About Breast Implants   Tracy O’Malley  Thank you to our epic sponsors! Code "ANGIELEE" saves you 20% on all my favorite products! 
6/2/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 59 seconds
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What The Cheeseballs Is CBD? What’s It Like Working WIth My Brother? How Do We Use SOUL CBD For Anxiety, Energy & Pain? How We Turned An Idea Into A Multi 7 Figure Wellness Brand.

Holy Cheeseballs, friends! This was such a fun conversation with Judi Holler! We dished out the deets on all things Soul CBD. Mike and I explained how we took our idea of Soul CBD and made it a reality. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What it’s like to create a brand with your sibling How we both like to use Soul CBD How we have effectively grown our team Why we love Soul CBD so much Do you love Soul CBD? Have you tried it? If so, tag me on IG so I can see and say hello - @AngieLeeShow Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!
6/2/202127 minutes, 44 seconds
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(Tough Love Biz Chat) Are You Making These 7 Marketing Mistakes? RELATIONSHIPS Over Algorithms. Marketing Is Like Dating.

What’s up chicken butt?! In this episode I chat with George Bryant all about MARKETING! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The top 7 marketing mistakes that we see today Marketing should feel good! Date yourself first to understand marketing Make your marketing aligned with who you are. BE YOU because it’s the only thing you can sustain. Is entrepreneurship for everyone? Entrepreneurship isn’t a journey you have to go alone Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!
5/29/202157 minutes, 35 seconds
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How I Went From Blogger & College Dropout To Serial Entrepreneur & Podcaster. MULTI-PASSIONATE? You Need To Hear This. What Being A Multi-Passionate Woman REALLY Feels Like + What Is The Future Of Podcasting?

Are you a multi-passionate woman? Are you confused as heck on where to put your focus? Are you curious about the future of podcasting?  You’re in luck, my friend! I chatted with my friend and fellow enneagram 7, Kacia Fitzgerald, and we dish the deets! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How we got our start in entrepreneurship Why it’s so important to give yourself the grace and flexibility to try new things How much of a fire under your butt do you need to begin something new? Where clarity comes from How podcasts are different than every other medium out there How to pivot in your journey Remember, the world favors the bold! If you enjoy this episode, take a screenshot and add it to your IG story and tag us - @angieleeshow @kacia.fitzgerald Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products! @AngieLeeShow @Kacia.Fitzgerald
5/21/202159 minutes, 49 seconds
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How I Sell On Instagram Without Feeling Icky Or Weird. Your Customer Is Your Friend, Not A Number.

What’s up chicken butt?! In this episode I share my #1 tip that I use to sell on Instagram! Listen, it’s so important to treat your followers like a friend & that's exactly what I break down. How to approach selling on social media: Brain dump your message Would you message your BFF this message? DO NOT overthink it Be yourself - the same way you would be with your BFF. There are seasons in business where there are no strings attached with your audience. Purely there for value! Play the long game. People buy from people they like, know, and trust If you want energy it is so important to hydrate and get in your electrolytes! Try your FREE sample packet of my favorite electrolytes!
5/17/202118 minutes, 27 seconds
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Pooping, Pivoting, Pickles + Pausing A Dream. We Moved To Texas + What It REALLY Feels Like To Be Multi-Passionate. When To Push And When To Pause.

Life updates, Y'ALL! We chat all about what’s been going on in our lives, as well as what to expect from my podcast going forward! Clay joins me to chat about the importance of how and when to pivot, along with: The importance of stepping into a space of not having to prove yourself to everyone The 4 pieces of the framework called The Dip and why it’s so important The Perfect Calendar: how to identify what your perfect calendar looks like How to win at life - this is juicy! EXCITING NEWS! I am working on my book launch! Want to be featured in my book, Ready Is A Lie?! Submit your story on my website,, to potentially have it shared in my book! 14 Day FREE trial! Everything you need for your online business. All in one place. @ClayHebert  
5/12/202142 minutes, 17 seconds
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Kelly LeVeque - Meat Is The New Kale. Eating For ENERGY & ADD/ADHD. Why Meat Is a Superfood & And Balancing Blood Sugar Is Everything. Preparing Your Body For PREGNANCY So You Have SuperBabies.

What should you eat for more ENERGY?! It’s time to go to “meat” church with Celebrity Nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque! In this episode I chat with the one and only Kelly LeVeque all about: How to optimize your body for pregnancy Blood sugar balancing & tracking Fab 4: Protein, Fat, Fiber, Greens - why each are crucial to support a natural blood sugar curve Why red meat is so important for your health Inflammatory oils: what they are and why they are so bad for you Fab 4 smoothie for kids! Buckle up, because this episode is PACKED with juicy deets on how to eat effectively to feel like the best version of yourself! @BeWellByKelly  
5/3/202150 minutes, 32 seconds
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Hustle Culture Is A Lie. What's Your WHY Behind Your Work? Hustle Vs Hardwork With Jordan Lee Dooley.

Hiya friend! Do you feel like no matter how hard you work you are constantly behind and it’s not enough? Are you terrified to take even one day off as an entrepreneur because of the fear of falling behind? Then this episode is for YOU! Jordan Lee Dooley and I sat down to chat about hustle vs. hard work. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What is hustle culture? The seasons of life + the importance of them How to make the most out of the sprints in life Advice on setting boundaries Vanity metrics vs. measurable success Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!   @JordanLeeDooley 
4/28/202146 minutes, 1 second
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(This Is Controversial But You Need To Hear This) Eat Smarter With Shawn Stevenson. The Truth About Food, Obesity & The Current Virus. Our System Is Sickcare Not HealthCare.

What’s up friends?! Today I jam out on all things food, health, and the current virus with my friend Shawn Stevenson. Are you curious about our current views? Check out today’s episode! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Don’t allow a diet framework to imprison you Eat smarter - Unifier of the diets The importance of magnesium and green leafy veggies +  how they play into your brain health Be a healthier version of who we are Biology of fear and how it suppresses immune system @ShawnModel     Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products! 
3/21/202145 minutes, 15 seconds
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Write Your Own Damn Permission Slip. Imposter Syndrome Means You're Dreaming REALLY BIG. Play This To Get Out Of A FUNK With Drew Canole!

What’s up friends?! This short jam packed episode is the boost you need to get out of a funk! Drew and I recorded this episode to encourage you to DREAM BIG. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Posture changes can change how you view yourself Dream BIGGER. Your mission is bigger than yourself. Imposter syndrome is selfish You deserve to be in the room What you resists persists Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products! 
3/10/202116 minutes, 49 seconds
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Say YES & Figure It Out Later. Get On The Field And Play. Stop Waiting To Feel "Ready". #ReadyIsALie

What’s up friend? Today’s episode is bite sized and JAM PACKED! This is your reminder to get out there - #ReadyIsALie right?! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Experience is your best teacher Start before you’re ready Be the most consistent When the pressure is on you’ll figure it out   Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! 
3/4/20218 minutes, 53 seconds
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Get More ENERGY Right Now. You Don’t Need Coffee, You Need THIS. Energy Secrets From Tony Robbins Top Speaker & Performance Strategist, Karissa Kouchis. (Warning: This Will Change Your Life)

What’s up?! Are you looking to increase your energy? Today I chat with Karissa in this packed episode! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Remaining consistent with where your energy thermometer is set Shift identity that you embody Put energy where it matters Creator of how you feel NOT a victim If you want to change your state, move your body Gratitude + death of ego How to get in alignment   Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!
2/24/202135 minutes, 53 seconds
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Your Customer Is Your Teammate, Not A Credit Card. People Don’t Buy The Best Product...They Buy The Best RELATIONSHIP. Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes? Should You Give Your Best Content Away For Free?

What is up?! How are ya? In today’s episode I chat with marketing GENIUS George Bryant about relationships and patience within marketing. Are you ready for this juicy episode?! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: 3 mistakes George sees companies make with marketing Initiating the relationships Focus on the followers you have The 5 reasons people share on social media George’s feeling on call to action (CTA) Playing the long game The importance of free content + can you give away too much of it Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products! 
2/12/202133 minutes, 38 seconds
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How I Am Writing My Book! A Super Honest Behind The Scenes Of My Book, Ready Is A Lie. Why I Chose Self Publishing + Why I Want To Quit.

What’s up friends?! I am so excited to chat with Clay today all about writing my BOOK! I am here to be transparent about the entire process. Are you interested in writing a book? Or, are you curious what my process is like? I’m so excited for you to listen! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The biggest myth behind writing a book You don’t need a publisher The free way to publish a book The importance of your brand What I’ve spent on writing my book so far The top 2 professional publishers + difference between professional and amateur publishing The emotions I’ve been feeling while creating my book How imposter syndrome has played a role Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products!   
1/28/202144 minutes, 22 seconds
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Making a PIVOT In Your Career? This is for you! DON'T "Follow Your Passion"...Do This Instead. How To Monetize Your Passion & Find Your Zone Of Genius With Ashley Stahl.

What’s up buttercup?! Today’s episode with Ashley Stahl is all about making a PIVOT in your career! We talk about why NOT to follow your passion. WHAT?! Let’s dive in! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How to find clarity + purpose Purpose is NOT linear Make space to reconnect to yourself Entrepreneurship is self awareness Failure is on the same block as success The question to ask people you’re close to The types of core skillsets and values Advice for the girl who is just starting out in their career How to know if you’re meant for entrepreneurship   Give some love to the sponsors of today's episode! Use code "ANGIELEE"  to save on all of my favorite health products! (Try my favorite electrolytes!) (Try Kajabi for 30 days FREE!)
1/20/202144 minutes, 15 seconds
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Period Pain, Poops & The Truth About The Pill With Nicole Jardim. I Tried The Carnivore Diet For 2 Weeks - What Happened?

Hey friend! I am so excited to chat about periods, poops, and the pill! In today’s episode I chat with Nicole Jardim about tracking your cycle, nutrition, our thoughts on the pill, + more! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What I use to track my cycle The pain I’ve felt with my period How Inflammatory oils impact the body Importance of magnesium + omegas How to eat throughout your cycle Nutrition for your cycle + integrity of your gut Thoughts on the pill How hormones play a role + the trickle down effects They way your period effects pooping Daily supplements and which ones to take for pain   Want to try my favorite electrolyte drink for FREE? Use my link to grab a delicious sample pack of LMNT! 
1/12/202143 minutes, 11 seconds
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Heartbeats Over Likes. How I Generated 7 Figures Online Without Paying For 1 Ad. Organic Marketing, Authenticity & Empathy.

Hiya! In today’s episode I unpack all the info on organic marketing with George Bryant! Did you know I generated 7 figures without paying for 1 ad?! Let’s chat about how this is possible! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Lead with empathy + be unapologetically you Show up on social media with unstoppable confidence What two books George Bryant recommends  Humans before metrics Seasons of business and how they help Play the long game Using the language of your audience   Try Kajabi for 30 days FREE!   
1/5/202123 minutes, 24 seconds
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Boundaries, Britney Spears, Viral Content & Handing Internet Trolls With Natalie Ellis. The Founder & CEO Of Boss Babe Spills The Tea On Boundaries In Business. @IamNatalie @Bossbabe.INC   
12/31/202022 minutes, 56 seconds
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Own Your Weird. THIS Is The Secret To Standing Out Online. Stop Diluting Your Secret Sauce In Order To Fit In. This Insecurity Blew Up My Business & Brand.

Go give love to today's sponsor, LMNT! My favorite electrolytes for hydration & energy!  
12/19/202014 minutes
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Ask Angie: “Can I Have Two Niches As A Network Marketer in Monat? Do I Lead With The Product Or The Business?"

12/12/202019 minutes, 4 seconds
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(Pat Flynn) Turn Your Followers Into SUPERFANS. How Did The BabyGrandma Tribe Come Alive? A Marketing Tip We Can Learn From The Backstreet Boys. Why You Need Only 1,000 True Fans. 
11/23/202034 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why I Quit Business Coaching. A Breakdown Of My Revenue Streams. How To Turn Your FOLLOWERS Into CASH. 5 Ways To Make Money Online - Which Business Model Is Best For YOU? 
11/7/202032 minutes, 7 seconds
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Brand First. Product Second. My Honest Insecurity Around Content Creation & COMPARISON. The 3 Types Of Content You Should Be Creating On Instagram. Do You NEED An Email List Or Can You Sell On Social?

#AskAngie Questions: 1. What does brand first, product second mean? 2. What 3 types of content should we be creating on Instagram? 3. How do you stand out & not say the same thing as everyone else online? 4. Can you sell directly on social or do you need an email list?
11/1/202021 minutes, 24 seconds
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The 2 Most Magical Words In Marketing. How To Speak To Your Customer So She Buys. COPY HACKS With My Marketing Genius Man, Clay Hebert. Let’s Make Your Copy Not Suck.

Clay & Angie teach you copy hacks!  Free Instagram Marketing Training: @ClayHebert 
10/23/202023 minutes, 6 seconds
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Why Diets Make Us Fat. Fix Your Relationship With Food & Stop Emotional Eating With Samantha Skelly. What Are You (Really) Hungry For? Do Diets Make Us Fatter?  @SamanthaSkelly 
10/12/202044 minutes, 56 seconds
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(overnight success is a lie) How We Turned $50k Into A Multi-Million Dollar Wellness Brand. Mike & I Share How We Built Our DTC Brand, Soul CBD. Angie Gives You A BTS.

10/6/202050 minutes, 29 seconds
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Does Passion = Profit? Scared Of Sales? Natasha Hemmingway Teaches You How To Sell With Heart Not Hustle. Feel CONFIDENT & Authentic When You SELL.

Sales Trainer & Speaker, Natasha Hemmingway  @NatashaHemmingway  
9/27/202035 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your Brand Is Not Your Logo. Meet My Brand + Website Designer. Behind The Brand With Anna Nassery, Founder & CEO of BrandUp.  @WeAreBrandUp     
9/16/202024 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Make Money With Challenges & Pop-Up Groups with Jill Stanton from Screw The 9-5. This Is Going To Blow Your Dang Mind And Make You Money. @ScrewTheNineToFive  This episode is sponsored by The Contract Vault: Your All-Access Pass to 80+ industry-specific contracts and the legal education your business needs. Every month you'll get your legal questions answered by the industry's go-to small business attorney, Andrea Sager! No more stressing about legal! Dive in!  Use promo code ANGIE for 20% off. 
9/9/202041 minutes, 22 seconds
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Your Juicy Instagram Q’s Answered. How Do You Stop The Scroll & Grow On IG? What The Heck Is Reels? Fav Apps? IG Story Hacks? Brock Johnson & Angie Spill The Beans.

Want more energy & focus? Go give some love to the show sponsors! - use code "AngieLee" for free shipping!
9/2/202041 minutes, 7 seconds
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Drew Canole - How He Went From Abused As A Child To Building A 100 Million Dollar Wellness Company. Organifi Founder Shares His Money Mindset + Biohacks for ENERGY. - BLXR Brain Fuel  Use Code "AngieLee" to save 15% - BRAIN BALLS for focus 
8/22/202052 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Want To Give Up? Don't. Choose OPTIMISM When Entrepreneurship Gets Tough. Become A Paid Speaker with Jess Ekstrom - 30 days free!  - BLXR Brain Fuel - BRAIN BALLS for focus
8/15/202036 minutes, 5 seconds
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Feeling Anxious or Depressed Right Now? Get Unstuck With Master Life Coach Christine Hassler. Heal Your Inner Child To Heal Your Anxiety.

Heal Your Inner Child With Christine Hassler @ChristineHassler Use code "BabyGrandma" save 15% off our entire shop! 
8/12/202035 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Be Brave Enough To Suck. Are You Letting Perfectionism Stop You From Showing Up? The World Favors The Bold - Not The Perfect. #ReadyIsALie (Shop The #BabyGrandma Merch!)
8/7/202019 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Stop Chasing Likes, Money & Followers. Authenticity Is Your Superpower. Afraid To Sell On Social Media?

1,000 TRUE FANS ON THE GRAM - FREE WORKSHOP:  ----------------------- This episode is sponsored by The Contract Vault: Your All-Access Pass to 80+ industry-specific contracts and the legal education your business needs. Every month you'll get your legal questions answered by the industry's go-to small business attorney, Andrea Sager! No more stressing about legal! Dive in!    Use promo code ANGIE for 20% off.
7/30/202020 minutes, 9 seconds
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(Part 2) How Do You Make Money Podcasting? Brand Sponsorships For Your Podcast? Blogging Or Podcasting? Behind The Mic with Stefanie Gass

Behind The Mic Part 2 - with Stefanie Gass  Code “angielee” 
7/17/202025 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

(Part 1) Is It Too Late To Start Podcasting? Should You Podcast Or Youtube? How Can You Make Money Podcasting? Do You Need To Be An Expert? Behind The Mic with Stefanie Gass

Behind The Mic Part 1 - with Stefanie Gass 
7/15/202025 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your Instagram 2020 Blueprint. Spilling The Beans On Exactly How I Use Instagram To Sell (Live Replay).
7/13/202017 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do You Make Your Marketing More Inclusive? Business Is About Belonging. 5 Steps With Sonia Thompson.

Sonia Thompson shares her 5-step approach for creating a more inclusive business. 5 STEPS: Diversify your Circle of Influence Re-evaluate Your Ideal Customer Avatar Commit to Representation Make Cultural Intelligence a Priority Audit your Customer Experience @SoniaEThompson  This episode is sponsored by The Contract Vault: Your All-Access Pass to 80+ industry-specific contracts and the legal education your business needs. Every month you'll get your legal questions answered by the industry's go-to small business attorney, Andrea Sager! No more stressing about legal! Dive in!  Use promo code ANGIE for 20% off.     
7/11/202039 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

(Part 2) Why You Need To Love Failure With Todd Herman. Failure is Your Friend & The Alter Ego Effect.

Part 2 with author of the Alter Ego Effect, Todd Herman. BabyGrandma Elixir Ingredients: Use code "AngieLee" at checkout for 20% off all products! 
7/8/20209 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

(Part 1) Should You Fake It Until You Make It? Imposter Syndrome With Todd Herman. The Alter Ego Effect.

Feeling Imposter Syndrome? Want to tap into your Sasha Fierce? If yes...this is the episode for you! Todd Herman - Author of The Alter Ego Effect  Todd Herman is a performance coach and mental game strategist for ambitious entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders who want to achieve wildly outrageous goals. He’s helped clients reach the Olympic podium, build multimillion-dollar companies, and establish brands that have become internationally known.  He’s owned his sports science training company for over twenty years, and his signature performance system, 90 Day Year, has been named the world’s top leadership and skill development program. Todd is also the author of the bestselling book The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. 
7/8/202019 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Aunt Flow And Your Work Flow. Berrion Berry Teaches You How To Put Health Over Hustle With Your Menstrual Cycle To Grow Your Business. What’s In My Morning Elixir? What I Drink Instead Of Coffee.

BabyGrandma Elixir Ingredients: Use code "AngieLee" at checkout for 20% off all products! 
6/20/202029 minutes, 26 seconds
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Keenya Kelly Teaches You How To Use TikTok To Grow Your Business & Make More Money. I Am In Love With Old Man Steve.

Do You Have To Dance On TikTok? Step By Step Breakdown Of TikTok For Beginners! Follow @OMSteve on TikTok if you know what's good for you. LOL.
6/19/202030 minutes, 52 seconds
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Follow Mike @OfficialMikeLee  Find relief at  Use Code: BabyGrandma to save 15% at checkout! 
6/17/20205 minutes, 14 seconds
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6/16/202017 minutes, 35 seconds
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Interview with Carly Stein, CEO & Founder of BeeKeeper's Naturals + My favorite brain hack for focus! 
5/22/202025 minutes, 43 seconds
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Kacia Fitzgerald from EmpowerHer Podcast asks me "How Do I Find My THING?" 
5/20/202026 minutes, 56 seconds
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5/19/202023 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

5/14/202016 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

5/6/20209 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

5/3/202027 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

4/29/202017 minutes, 37 seconds
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20 BUSINESS EXPERTS GIVING YOU TOUGH LOVE ADVICE. YOUR MASHUP TO GET YOU THROUGH THIS HARD TIME. LIST OF GUESTS! GO TAG THEM ON IG :) Jill Coleman Jill Stanton Karissa Kouchis Judi Holler Anna Nassery - BrandUp Jasmine Star Cayla Craft Chris Harder Jordan Lee Dooley Rachel Luna Natalie Jill Fit Jade Teta Alex Beadon  Lori Harder Christine Hassler Melissa Ambrosini Amanda Bucci Samantha Skelly Brittani Hon Cathy Heller - Author of Don’t Keep Your Day Job   
4/23/202054 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

4/20/202030 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

3/30/202025 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

3/10/202044 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

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FEAR IS MY HOMEBOY WITH AUTHOR Judi Holler  - 30 days free! 
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ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS FOR THE AMBITIOUS WOMAN. FEMININE VS MASCULINE ENERGY WITH MY MAN CLAY HEBERT. BEHIND THE SCENES OF A POWER COUPLE. - code "angielee"    The Empowered Couples Podcast with The Freemans    Questions Asked In This Interview: Both of you individually are successful in starting a business and running a company. What principles or mindset has made you successful in business that you see will have the relationship also be successful?  How do you switch from a dominant leadership role energy to softening into a supportive and open state when your partner needs it? (And not just bulldoze them) That’s such a great point you make so can you talk more about leading within the relationship and the roles of Provider/Protector and Supporter/Enhancer? What else do you see is needed for really effective and smooth communication within the relationship?  For women if safety and appreciation is the foundation for physical intimacy, how do you have your female partners continue to feel safe and appreciated?  How do you keep from feeling guilty or your partner feeling neglected when you want to focus more on your business and your impact?      
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