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English, Social, 1 season, 73 episodes, 4 days, 5 hours, 29 minutes
Hey , For those that have no idea who I am . I'm Angel Long have been in porn in front of the camera & behind . . I've been in the industry for a good few years & thought this would be fun way of helping my anxiety, chatting to a microphone, Might seem a crazy idea but i think it will be fun to do & be an interesting listen hopefully, I've got so much to talk about not just about the Adult Industry .... obviously there will be loads on that to . I will also be chatting with fellow performers about their experiences both inside & out of the Industry.So lets get started then. ➡️➡️ ➡️➡️➡️ ?a new Podcast will be live every Sunday 9am Gmt
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Louise Lee - Triple anal, Piss Play & Million Views On Pornhub

Today on the podcast we have  Miss Louise Lee. She a cute little blonde with tattoos & one of the few people I know who has managed to shoot hardcore extreme porn but also keep her job as a fitness coach. We chat all about how she has managed to do that & the stigma she had when people first finding out about he torn career. Louise has been In the porn industry for about 6 years. We chat about her 1st scene which was a wet & messy gunge video. Louise started out in pretty vanilla porn but quickly realise that she had a love of all things extreme sex which includes piss drinking , puke play & 10 guy gangbangs including double anal & now triple anal ( yes I asked her how she managed to get 3 coxos in side her tight asshole ) Other subjects we spoke about - her little asshole becoming a rose bud, prefering pro porn to content creating, the difference between Brazzers & legal porn, living out fantasies thru porn & so many more things It was a great conversation with Louise Lee, hope you enjoy it as much as me Thanks for listening To see more of Louise : see more of me : 
3/17/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 27 seconds
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Sam Squirts - HUGE Anal Toys, Million Views on TikTok, BJ Tips

Sam Squirts is an OF content creator, who started out with just taking sexy glamour shots & now is well known for her more Extreme Anal Toy Videos. This Podcast was recorded over a year ago when she went under the name Honey Noir which why I'm calling her Honey if you were wondering that but I've just relistened to it & its such a good chat we had, I'm excited to finally get my ass in to gear & Gert this uploaded. We spoke about so many different subjects including her love for bugs & the great outdoors, their time living in  Finland & moving back to the UK via the train with her dog & 2 suitcases & a HUGE heavy bag of sex Toys. Sam Showed me some of the sex toys , they like to play with & how she likes to push her butt hole to stretch more than her pussy.  Her love for anal has grown over the years & feels that Onlyfans has deff helped her explore her anal kinks.We also spoke about going viral on TikTok & getting a million views &  she explains 'what a Pink sock' was & how's she likes to shot parody stuff  & how much effort she puts in her shoots as well as our tattoos, how she likes to cum & poo packages send thru the post. This podcast was so much fun to record & its a real inside in to Sam's Life & career choice.  Have fun listening  peepsTo follow Sam Squirts 👉🏻 all things me 👉🏻 HTTP:// 
3/10/20241 hour, 43 minutes, 40 seconds
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Suzie Best & Michelle Moist - scissor Fucking & Nurse JOI action

Today's podcast is a 1st. It's my first ever double girl podcast. Yes that means 2 girls on together. We chatted with Suzie Best ( see below for her previous podcast) & Michelle Moist. All three of us are old school corners from back in the day. Were all shooting content together so I thought it was rude not to record a podcast with them . We were all dressed as Nurses as we had just shot a Nurse Theme JOI for all our spicy pages. Check out the video footage of this podcast here We had a nice little catch up as I have not seen Michelle for years & then we got straight in to the good stuff talking about sexual things. First on the agenda was Cum & were we liked it , the big winner was inside our vaginas & mouths.I asked if they had a fav scene they had shot together which was a role-play with strap on fuck, & then also a video which was just all about pussy licking & eating & we also spoke about scissoring & how sex it is to do .we spoke all about what we were shooting that day & how Michelle & I had not really worked together much. we finished the podcast playing  top trumps with Dick cards which was a lot of fun . Hope you enjoy the podcast & thank for taking the time to listen/Watch. Hope you laughed as much as us . places to follow us here Michelle Moist 👉🏻 Best  👉🏻 all things me 👉🏻 HTTP:// Suzie's original podcast -
2/12/202426 minutes, 57 seconds
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Lydia Black: Love for Piss Play & Double Anal

Lydia Black is an American Porn star who I have followed on Social media for a few years so it was amazing to finally get to sit down & talk with her about her Adult Career. We chat about how she got in to the industry via tickle content & Clothed fetish, including foot fetish videos & her first actual sex scene was a BDSM boy girl & how she’s evolved thru the industry in to the sex she now has on set . Lydia has love for rope bondage & she has a bamboo suspension at her house & is learning to self suspend. I ask her wether its a sexual thing for her  & does she have sex when she’s tied up & how it makes her feel . we talk about our love for sucking cock & anal sex. I ask her how she gives a BJ & she explains how she likes to do it . We chat about all the things that turn her on. Lydia has a love for extreme sex &  has shot double anal & triple Penetration & I ask her how difficult is is to get in the positions to be able to fit all 3 guys inside her & how she’d rather  do double anal than 1 guy in her ass.Other things we spoke about 7 guys gang bang. Evil Angel, porn we like to watch, Bi Scenes, Legal Porno, Fake Hub, What gets her turned on, Piss Play, Perverse Family & Porn & how it effects her body shooting the more extreme stuff , Getting ready for an anal scene & self fisting , her love for latex, her love of making PaddlesThere is so much more in the podcast for you to listen to, its a really fun & interesting podcast. Thanks for listening peeps, Hope you enjoy xxTo follow Lydia Black 👉🏻 all things me 👉🏻 HTTP:// 
2/26/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 26 seconds
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Penny Barber - Mommy kinks & taboo sex

Penny Barber is a an American Porn star  . She’s been in the adult Industry since 2003 , her 1st scene being a GGG which was Mainly a BDSM scene including spanking of her tits. We spoke about her new scenes that have just been released which included a deeper  production called Tumble  directed by Kayden Kross which was shot in a laundromat on one of the hottest day of the year which no air conditioning but how even though it took 16 hours on set , it was still amazing day. We also spoke about her own production company & the kind of scenes she likes to shoot for it . Penny enjoys Role play both in her porn life & her private life & we talk about her Mummy kink she has.Had such an amazing hour together talking about so many different things including 👉🏻 confidence you gain as you get older,  how she’s learnt so much on set by asking questions,  What gets her horny , what Fetish & Taboo sex is to her, being on set & having to teach everyone how to waltz ……  & so many more things & then ending on my this & that questions . This is a great podcast, hope you enjoy listening to us chat . To follow Penny Barber 👉🏻 all things me 👉🏻 HTTP:// 
2/5/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 17 seconds
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So Many Porn Scenes

Today podcast is a solo one. It’s just me talking about the porn scenes I’ve been shooting the last month. It’s kinda fun reminiscing over all the sex I’ve been having …. Also chatted about solo wanks & how turned on I got from just taking pictures . i also talk about gaming …. Yes you heard that right …. Gaminghope you enjoy xx
10/30/202259 minutes, 18 seconds
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Epiphany Jones: 5o guys Bukkake , Double Anal & Puke Porn

Epiphany Jones was a cam girl for 9 years who has now taken the step of moving in to creating porn. She has worked for a few main stream porn companies & produces her own content as well .We spoke about her start in the adult industry with Camming & how much she enjoys preforming & loves the thought of people watching her & shocking people with her porn . She has been shooting porn for 18 months & she talks us thru the different professional scenes she has shoot as well as how crazy it was when she walked on set & was faced with all the guys that she had been watching for years & getting to actually shoot with these guys .We spoke about the biggest scene she has shot so far which ended in about 50 guys spunking all over her face & how she loved it as she's a total cum lover, She liked the feeling of just being totally glazed with Spunk. We alsol spoke about her love for being a submissive in her scenes & her first ever Double pussy Penetration & how she also has shot a double anal scene & how she trained her butt hole up to expand round the cocks .What else did we chat abot ?Home sex vs Porn sex, love for sucking cock, CFNM, Trolls , The porn she likes to watch, Sub space & what it means for her, Piss drinking, Puke Porn, Her fav scenes she has shoot & a scene she would like to shoot, Road Head, How you can make her squirt, getting caught having sex outside, & all about her video series she records called Spilling the Tea With Epiphany .Its was a fun podcast to record so hope you enjoy listening to it xxFollow MamaPlugs:- Angel Long:Instagram - - -
10/23/20221 hour, 47 minutes, 18 seconds
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MamaPlugs: Anal Virginity, 24 different TikTok profiles & hitting the 0% on Onlyfans

MamaPlugs has been in the Adult industry for 9 years. She started in the Webcam genre for years until she decided to make the move to Onlyfans in 2019 & create a brand on Social Media. She is very active on all her Social Medias & has a huge TikTok account with Over 800K followers on there. We spoke about TikTok & how she has been thru 24 different accounts & how she now just makes original content on there rather than following all the trends as she feels this producing better interaction on her pages.While she was welcoming the site she was using didn’t allow her to push any of her social medias so when she chose to leave it after 6 years or so calming & move in to content creating this is when she started growing her brand more .We spoke about her love for anal sex & how she lost her anal virginity first as she was then technically still a virgin. I also learnt that she has a kink for feeling degradation & loves the feeling off being a slut. We spoke all about her Only fans & how she has now built a 9k following on there with all paid subs & how she suffers with Imposter syndrome & can’t believe that people want to follow her like they do.She has a love for Cars & we spoke all about her Supra which is has always wanted to own & now does & also her love for animals .There is so many other subjects we spoke about includingQuickes, How she can’t be spat on, Her health, her fav sex position, War Hammer, what she likes to do to chill, Her Great Danes & soooooo much more.It was a great podcast to record & I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it .Follow MamaPlugs:- Angel Long:Instagram - - -
10/16/20221 hour, 54 minutes, 35 seconds
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Jessica Carter: Public Sex, love for sucking cock, Squirting & her Only Fans & TikTok Profiles

Let me Introduce you to Jessica Carter.She is an OnlyFans Creator who started as a Faceless Creator so she could test the waters to see how she enjoyed it & when she realised she loved it she started showing her face & this is when she started to grow as a Creator as she started her journey on TikTok.We started the conversation talking all about our first experience of meeting each other which was at a 7 girl Orgy that we both shot together. We spoke about a few different scenes she has shot & I hear about her love for being submissive which leads me on to asking her about her personal sexual likes.Jessica is the same height as me so we had a chat about how we feel about being so tall & then we get back to talking about porn when i ask her what her favourite scene is & why she likes it & any scene she would love to shoot .What else did we talk about ?Domination, love for Latex, Swinging, Wanting to get fucked in full latex with just a mouth hole, having a partner & shooting with other guys. her love for any thing horror, The porn she likes to watch, Her Fav sexual position, Her Fav sex act, Live sex shows, her love of sucking cock & we give some tips on how to suck cock, tattoos, her Love for Anal..... & we spoke about so much more.Hope you enjoyed the podcast & thank you for listening 💕Follow Jessica Carter: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
10/8/20221 hour, 56 minutes, 7 seconds
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Willow & Ryan: rough sex, 3somes & 10 million views on TikTok

This week’s podcast is with Content creators Willow Sky & Ryan. They are a couple who have been in the industry for a couple of years now . I had previously spoken to Willow on the podcast when I 1st started it but thought it would be great to chat with them as a couple .We spoke about how at the beginning of the relationship, it was just Willow who had an OF Platform & how they navigated around her going off & shooting callabs with Other guys. They spoke very openly about the 1st time she went & did it & the feelings he had. We also spoke about their first full couple swap Callab they did & who they did it with & how it went. Ryan was saying that he got some really good advise from some veteran porn guys which really helped.We chatted about some of the callabs they have enjoyed the most & then they told me about a callab where it ended with Ryan’s cock being spit from a vigorous Face Fucking, the blood was pumping from his cock . I asked them if they had any scenes that they really want to shoot in the future & they replied yes & it would involve being in a dungeon & Willow being pushed to her limits. Willow spoke about her love for spit & how their porn sex is different to their home sex.What else did we chat about ?Rough sex, Fake Creampies, RolePlay, How they run their different content platforms, what gets them horny, Car sex, STD Testing, Love Bites, How they love a good 69, Getting things stuck in his butt & how garlic helps thrush apparently.I obviously finished by asking them about what their sex act would be if they could only have 1 for the rest of their lives & my usually This & that .Hope you enjoy listening 💕Follow willow & Ryan : Angel Long:Instagram - - -
8/21/20222 hours, 31 minutes
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Wanking Habits in my 40’s

When I started the podcast I was going to record solo ones as well as the guest featured ones but I kinda just got in to the routine of recording with other people but I thought it was about time I started adding a few Solo ones in to the mix. So this is the 1st of the Solo podcasts. Its all about my wanking habits & how they have changed since I turned 40. I tell a few stories about what I’ve been getting up to over the last few months.
8/13/202236 minutes, 48 seconds
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Tiffany Naylor: Porn, Ball Busting & Becoming a Therapist

Tiffany & I Shot together roughly 9 Years ago, so it was great to catch up with her & see how she was & what she’s been up to for the last 9 years.Tiffany got in to the Adult Industry when she lost her job at a temping agency & she needed money so replied to a few Escort inquires & decided to take the Plunge in the Sex Industry. She only actually took less than 10 escort jobs & decided that wasn’t for her but porn could well be. Her 1st scene was a BBG scene which is a 3some with 2 guys, she walked away with some cash & the feeling that this was the right job for her . She was making porn films for a couple of years & in this time she met a Dominatrix via her 1st GG scene who introduced her to the Fetish/Kink side of the industry with a porn scene that was revolved around ball busting. After shooting her first Ball busting video she knew that she had found the part of the industry she wanted to be in & stopped fucking on camera & instead she became a dominatrix & thats where she excelled .We spoke about the many different ways you can bust balls & the injuries you can also get from doing it . Tiffany talk us thru the process she has with new clients & how a session would go & the things she likes to do in her domme sessions & why she picks & chooses the fetish she wants to provide in her Sessions.Tiffany Still provides Sessions for men but took a change of career a few years ago & trained to become a Therapist, took 4 years of training & some work experience on the job but she qualified & loves it . Tiffany also spends time speaking to other councillors about the Adult Industry & what its like working in the adult industry in regards to kink , BDSM , sex work in general so she can help other councillors become better at talking with Sex Workers as she found there is still a lot of stigma for people that work in the sex Industry when getting Therapy.Whats else did we chat about ??What gets her horny, Her love for having her pussy ate, Sex Education, Power Play , tattoos , her fav Domme session to have, buying a narrow boat & foraging & so much moreHope you enjoy the podcast & thank you for listing to it 💕Follow Tiffany: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
7/30/20221 hour, 22 minutes, 2 seconds
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Bonnie & Tommy: Hot Wife Action, Double Pussy, Fisting & Squirting

Bonnie & Tommie have been together 7 years & in the Adult Industry for the last 2 years. We talked about how they met & how good the sex was the first time they fucked. It was fun talking with a couple who love to swing both in camera for work but also off camera for in their personal life. We hear all about 3 does they have had & how Bonnie is a total size queen & loves big dicks & having her pussy stretched out with double Pussy fucking, whether it be a toy if they are on their own Or another cock if they are callabing with some on. You can tell from chatting with this couple that they are in the perfect job with being Only Fans Creators & fucking for a living .Bonnie’s 1st callab was an 8 Girl orgy & then they shot with the Amazing Ava & Her Husband in a full couple swap . You can’t get better than Ava Austen being your 1st every BBGG Callab. ( Go down to the start of the podcast to listen to Ava’s Podcast)we spoke about my fist being inserted inside Bonnie & I offered to film them fucking in a gangBang & how many guys we should get for Bonnie .Whats else did we chat about ?Authentic Porn, squirting while being fisted, getting locked out of hotel rooms, being objectified, her love for people wanking over her, What it means to be a hot wife, Watching Bonnies porn when she gets back from Callabs, Rules in their relationships, Pro Porn, My Free Cams & how hard Tick Tok is as well as so many other things .Of course I asked what their fav position was & What gets them turned on & the usual this & that at the end.Loved recording this podcast & I hope you enjoy listening to it 💕thanks for listeningFollow Bonnie & Tommy: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
7/23/20222 hours, 6 minutes, 31 seconds
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Alexxa Vice: 52 guy gangbang , triple anal & piss drinking

Alexxa Vice is a UK Porn Star who has been in the adult industry for the 11 years, She was escorting for the 1st 5 years of that & then she moved in to the porn side of the industry for the last 6 years . we spoke about her 1st scene she ever did which was for the Famous Fake Taxi with John Bishop ( Recorded a podcast with him if you wanna hear it - Thats also a fucking great podcast ) but Yea Alexxa Shot her 1st scene for Fake Taxi & she loved it . Its racked up over 6 Million views ‼️We spoke about her love for sex that many would say is extreme, which includes Double Anal, piss drinking, fisting, gangbangs & why she made the male talent gag in a scene while they’re all fucking her . She also explains why she found triple anal so much easier than Double. I asked Alexxa how she preps for scenes like this, & she talks us thru what she does including all the stretching of her butt hole with an Inflatable dildo. we spoke about all the stretching she has to do to be able to take these big cocks 2’s & 3’s up in her asshole.We also talk about what gets her horny in her private life & the kinda porn she likes to watch, & how she loves to be objectified by men & that the thought of men stroking off over her being a slut turns her on so much.what else did we chat aboutSploshing, Fav scenes she has shot, 6 years in the industry & still finding new positions she’s not done, How she managed to Rosebud her butt hole, the scenes we have shot together, there’s so much more I could write but just go have a listen as it really is a good podcast to listen to. Alexxa is great .Thanks for listening Everyone & please subscribe to my podcast where ever you are listening & it would be amazing if you’d give it a little rate 💕Follow Alexxa: https://twitter.comAlexxaviceFollow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
7/9/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 42 seconds
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Jess West & Demetri : 3somes, TikTok, Anal Sex & channel 5

Jess West & Demetri are a UK Porn Couple , So thought it would be great to chat with them together . The 1st Porn Couple on the podcast. It was great to chat with them about their life both as a couple & Laos as porn stats .Demetri has been in the Adult industry 20 odd years & Jess has been in the industry for 15 Years so it was great to hear them talk about how they feel the industry has changed over the years & how easy it was to go from only Shooting Professional porn to how it is mainly now where they are mainly shooting content for themselves . I ask how they both got in the industry .Demetri is contracted to a Greece Porn company & he regularly travels to shoot hardcore porn movies for them. He is classed as a celebrity out there & is highly popular out there . We spoke about the rules they have within their relationship when it comes to him performing with other women. We also spoke about how many times a week they shoot which is a lot & how many 3somes they have.I asked Jess about the main stream series she shot for Channel 5 & how different it was filming compared to porn filming.We ask spoke aboutTheir Dogs , Anal sex & numbing cream , Sims racing , Tik Tok & the huge effect it has had on their work, Jess also gives us some tips on TikTok, New porn performers , Injecting cocks so guys can fuck & soooooo many other subjects to .... I obviously finished on my this & that QuestionsI think you guys are gonna enjoy listening so no further ramblings to read lt's just get to listening .Enjoy xxFollow Jess: Demetri: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
7/3/20222 hours, 17 minutes, 58 seconds
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Cherie DeVille: Most Outrageous Scene Award, Gangbangs & her love of Being Watched

Cherie DeVille is most of the most famous Porn stars in the World, She started in the Adult Industry 12 Years ago while she was working as a trained Physical Therapist. so was modelling for Amateur Photographers, Her agent asked one day if she fancied gong to La to shoot some porn for a week & she thought why the fu*k not. Cherie Said she absolutely loved making the porn & kept going back for weeks here & weeks there until 3 years in to her career she decided to take the plunge & move to LA Permanently .We spoke all about how she was just a Girl Girl Performer for 3 years & How as she was an older women when she started that she was type casted in to the StepMum Roles & the Milf roles right from the start & how she feels this has helped her because established as fast as she did . She is now a Brazzers Contract Performer for any Main stream Porn she shoots which is says is great as she can put forward any fantasies she wants to shoot but after 12 Years in the Industry she tried a lot of her fantasies already .I ask about feature films & whether she enjoys filming them & how she learns all her lines & she speaks about how she does it & how shooting features is very different to the single gonzo scenes. Cherie says she loves to play the characters & to take the characters thru the sex scene which brought me round to asking her about her amazing potty mouth . Other performers I have spoken to on here always comment about Cherie’s Great Dirty talking Skills. so you know we spoke about that .We spoke all about how she She has won Countless awards including Milf Performer of The Year & also for The Most Outrageous scene of the Year for a Pure Taboo scene she shot with Michael Vegas, which involved her playing an alien who once they had fucked & she grew an huge cock & fucked him & made him pregnant . It sounds totally outrageous & I feel like I deff wanna watch itWhat else did we talk about .... wellAbout how she has always loved to get watched even when she use to go to swingers clubs shot her own content, why Gang bangs are easier to film , Fan girling on Joanna Angel when she first met her , The Main stream Liquid Death Water Commercial she stared in. Her New Scene she just hoot for her Onlyfans which involved her Playing Power Rangers, & How much she enjoys Gaming ....... you know that there is so much more we chatted about .I also asked the questions I like to ask everyone👉🏼 what gets you turned on?, if you could only choose 1 position what would it be & do you Masturbate a lot? & a fuck load more .As always I ended on the Quick Fire Round of This & That ..... some time its deff not quick fire 🤣Hope you enjoy listening to me & Cherie Talking, I know I did & I can’t wait to go to LA & shoot with her Hopefully next year .Thanks for listening Everyone & please subscribe to my podcast where ever you are listening & it would be amazing if you’d give it a little rate 💕Follow Cherie: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
6/25/202251 minutes, 25 seconds
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What do I like ? Story time with Angel Long

This weeks podcast is all about Me,. When I started the podcast I always said I was gonna do some singular ones it’s never been the right time. Well I thought it was about time to answer my questions.i chat about my 1st scene in the porn industry & also who was my 1st anal in USA back in the day & how it was the biggest cock I ever seen. I chat about my fav professional porn scene & about the difference between being on set as a performer & how it’s different to being on set as a director.i spoke about shooting Sophie Anderson in an amateur gangbang with 16 guys & how some of them literally cum & then left before we had finished the scene. I spoke about being a Contract girl for the foot tithe Adult channel .i obviously spoke about turning 40 & how I feel that’s effected me sexually. Including my need to to wank & how it’s changed over the years with what I wanna wank to.hope you enjoy the podcast 💕Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
6/18/20221 hour, 44 minutes, 56 seconds
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Karen Fisher: Step Mum in Porn, Fantasy scene, Taboo sex

Karen Fisher is an American Porn star who has been in the Industry the same amount of time as me. She started in 2001 as a Stripper who use to see all Porn Girls come & feature dance in the club she use to work out & she got talking with someone who offered to send her pictures to a Photographer who shot for Score which is a big boobed Magazine . We spoke about how her 1st shoot went & how she moved in t the video side of porn .Karen is a big boobed Blonde & has shot for all the top self Big boobed Magazines & for all the main Porn Companies where she shoots a lot of Taboo porn the main one being Step Mum. We spoke about her being coveted MYLF of the month ( AKA Mom) & the 5 scenes she did for them which involved her & her friend swapping Sons to fuck .Karen told us what gets her turned on & who her celebrity 3Some would be & what her fantasy Porn scene would be if she could shoot any thing . ..... it would involved 12 other women & some strap on’s in the style of Orange is the new Black.We also ended on This & that quick fire rd & also her Fav sex position .Hope you enjoy & thank you for taking the time to listen 💕Follow Karen: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
6/5/202258 minutes
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Jill Kassidy: Taboo Porn, A 7 Girl Orgy & her Daddy Kink

Jill Kassidy is an American Porn star who has been in the industry since 2016. We hear how she got in to Porn via following cam girls & Riley Reid on twitter & what her 1st scene was in the Business . It was a casting couch senerio, I also asked Her what her Favourite kind of scene was to shoot.We spoke about the most people she has worked with at one time in a scene which was a 7 girl Orgy, & also about how she knew that after 7 months in the industry that Porn was totally the right job for her.I ask Her who her top 5 Performers would be if she had to choose & if she watched porn before she got in to it.We also talked about our love for taboo sex, which can be any thing from role Play JOI’s which Jill loves to shoot for her OF going all the way up to full Sex scenes for Pure Taboo. But also for her love of Taboo outside of the porn Industry & her kinks she has.what else did we chat about ? well .......Public Sex , Daddy Fetish , BDSM, the fact both of us had fucked in a public pool, traveling the world shooting porn, Anal sex, Pet Peeves on set , Snuff Porn, getting recognised when going out, What 3 items would Jill Take to an island ? & She also gave some great advice for new performers.I also asked the questions I like to ask everyone👉🏼 what gets you turned on?, if you could only choose 1 position what would it be & do you Masturbate a lot? & a fuck load more . As always I ended on the Quick Fire Round of This & That ..... some time its deff not quick fire 🤣This podcast was so much fun to record , I loved recording it & really hope you enjoy listening .Thanks for listening Everyone & please subscribe to my podcast where ever you are listening & it would be amazing if you’d give it a little rate 💕Follow Jill: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/28/20221 hour, 36 minutes, 4 seconds
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Lucy Alexandra talks love for JOI’s, Role Play & her 1st Ever BG Scene

Lucy Alexandra is a UK Porn star who has been in the Porn industry for 23 Years, Randomly be both realised we started in the Adult Industry around the same time but She was more in to the magazine shoots & solo & girl girl porn where as I was in the boy girl side of porn so we have never actually crossed paths . I’d deff like to fuck her & haven’t yet had the chance to , Hopefully this year we will .She is a total milf !! This podcast was so much fun to record, you can feel the sexual tension between us as we talk.Our story is very the same with how we got started. Lucy use to go in to the Newsagents & see all the top shelf magazine ( the porno mags ) & just thought One day I’m going to to be featured in those magazines. ( I totally use to do this ) The first magazine she shot for was Razzle & then went on to be in most of the top mags.Lucy is well know for her dirty talking skills she has developed & has a huge thing for Creating JOI Videos ( Jerk Off Instructions ) & loves Role play.Listen to us talk about Her first experience with a guy on camera & what position she would choose if she could only choose one & who her top 3 girls are she likes to fuck .There is so much I can write but all in all this podcast is just a fun flirty chat between us & I hope you enjoy listening to it 💕Follow Lucy: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/22/20221 hour, 26 minutes, 20 seconds
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Scarlett Jones: Anal Sex & BJ's on The Motorways

Uk Porn Star Scarlett Jones is a fiery little Red Head who has risen in popularity over the past year In the porn world. She was working on Babe Station which is a live call in TV channel in the UK when the Pandemic hit & that's when her porn Film Career started .We spoke about how she got started in the Adult Industry & took her 1st trip to Europe to shoot her 1st ever porn scene where she also shot her 1st GG which was also her 1st experience with a Female .Scarlett & I also talked about catching STD's on set, a scene she was shooting that was so cold that when he removed his cock from inside her vagina it had steam coming off it & how she did her Anal Training before she did Her 1st Anal for the Hugely Popular Company Tushy.Hope you enjoy listening Peeps & thank you for taking the time to listen 💜For all things Scarlett Jones Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/14/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 3 seconds
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Porn Star Nathan Bronson talks about a 8 hour gang Bang, Step Family porn & his love for cooking

Nathan Bronson is an American Porn stud who works a fuck load of scenes every month for mostly pro porn companies. He shoots roughly 4/5 days out of a week & in a huge genre of porn. Step Family porn . He often plays the Step Son or Step Bro to an older women.It was a fun podcast to record & Nathan had some great porn stories to tell which I always love hearing, we spoke about the scenes he likes to shoot & also gave some great advice to any guy that is thinking of starting in the industry.Nathan also loves to cook & had been a chef before he enter the porn industry so setting up a you tube page where he chats with fellow porn stars while he cooks the meal they have asked for . Seems like a great way to include his passion for cooking in his porn Life.We also chatted all about his love for Parkour & his need for ice baths.If your looking for a fun podcast talking about all things porn & also about so many other interesting topics think your gonna like this.Thanks for listening & please like & subscribe so you get told when I post a new podcast.For all things Nathan: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/7/20221 hour, 52 minutes, 54 seconds
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Porn Star Avery Jane Talks About Double Anal & her BirthdayGang Bang

Todays Podcast is with Avery Jane. She's a porn star from USA who I started following last year & who I deff wanna work with at some point but for now this podcast is as close as I'm going to get to her.It was so much fun chatting with Avery about her love for Double Anal & Game Bangs. We talk about the scenes she has just shot for Legal Porno including the one that broke records on their site for the Quickest scene to ever get to 20,000 Views on the site.Avery had just celebrated her birthday before we spoke & I asked her all about her birthday gang bang she had for it. We chatted about her favourite scenes & how two guys cum in her ass at the same time & then we spoke abut her want to have her pussy sewn up & fucked in the ass.This podcast was great fun to record & I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, can't wait to here what u think of the podcast.Thanks for listening to the podcast.For all things Avery: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
4/30/20221 hour, 25 minutes, 49 seconds
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Emma Rose 👉🏼 Best Hardcore Performer Award

We chatted with Emma Rose literally just after she had won an award at The Trans Erotica Awards for "Best Hardcore Performer" so it was great fun to chat with her about all the great scenes she had been shooting over the last year or so that has help her to be Crowned Best Hardcore Performer.Find out all about what it was like to be a TransAngel Contract star and how the scene went with the mega star Angela White for Brazzers.Great podcast to record and I now know what flip fucking means!Hope you enjoy xxFor all things Emma: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
4/10/20221 hour, 30 minutes, 2 seconds
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Jenna Starr 👉🏼 New Brazzers Performer

Jenna Star is a relatively new Porn Star with in the last couple of years. She created her OnlyFans when the pandemic hit and created a good fan base on social media which is where Brazzers approached her to shoot a scene for them which went down so well that they got her back again to shoot some Ad scenes for them. We talk about what it means to do Advertising Scenes for Brazzers and how her 3rd scene amassed over 1 Million views .We talk about all things porn for her and also about surgery and scenes she’s got planned with other companies .Fun podcast to record and hope you enjoy listening.For all things Jenna: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
4/3/202258 minutes, 5 seconds
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Carly Rae 👉🏼 UK's Highest Porn Hub Model

Carly Rae is a UK porn star who consistently is one of the UK's highest rated Porn Hub model. She's currently sitting at 104 on the top list. I've performed once with her for Fake Taxi, but have shot her a couple of time for my production company. She's a great performer.After not really having any contact with her since the last time shot her for Evil Angel it was so great to catch up with her and what's she's been doing for the last few years. Carly has been a busy MoFo and has some great projects she has been working on .We spoke about so many thinks including her huge project with James Dean, her product reviews she has been shooting, also chatting about her mainstream projects she has worked on and of course all about her porn too.So much fun this podcast is. I think your gonna like it.Follow Carly Rae: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/27/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 51 seconds
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John Bishop 👉🏼 The Original Fake Taxi Driver

Do you remember when this new porn series started and became a huge hit... Fake Taxi 🚕. Well this podcast is all about Mr John Bishop who was the original FAKE TAXI driver and how he got started as a porn stud.Great podcast to record this, I’ve know John for many years so it was cool to chat with him about old times in porn & some of the things he has got up to over the years.Just a couple of friends chatting!Thanks for listening and enjoy xxFollow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/20/20221 hour, 40 minutes, 33 seconds
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Sinn Sage 👉🏼 Award Winning GG Performer

Sinn Sage started in the Adult Industry back in 2003.While Sinn is predominately known for her undeniable presence within the lesbian genre, the stunning superstar has more types of scenes to share. Now also performing with her husband, Drake ManO'War, the two-run the studio together, producing a variety of boy/girl, lesbian, fetish, and queer content. We chatted about our love for strap-on sex, her winning awards including GirlGirl Performer of the Year at the AVN’s , How she produces the wrestling clips as well as us having so many similarities between ourselves.It was a fun podcast to record and very interesting to chat with her.Hope you enjoy as much as I did recording it.Follow Sinn : Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/13/20221 hour, 38 minutes, 31 seconds
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Khloe Kapri 👉🏻 Perfect Gape

Khloe Kapri is an American Porn Star who has a butt hole that can gape so perfect. Like the perfect little O and I was so excited to chat with her about her career for the last 4 years in the adult industry and of course we spoke about her butt hole.We spoke how she got started, her love for anal and how she popped an M&M cane bottle up her butt. We also get some tips on how to prepare for an anal scene as well what really gets her all worked up sexually.I really enjoyed chatting with Khloe and I hope u enjoy listening!Follow Khloe: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/6/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 53 seconds
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Larkin Love 👉🏻 The Queen of Role Play

Larkin Love is the Queen of Role play and has amassed a huge following for her taboo scenes and her love for kinky sex.This podcast was so fun to record with her, we chatted about so many different subjects including her love for kinky sex, how she become so good at Role play custom videos and our love for sucking cock. I also found some one who might just have a longer tongue than me .Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording this with Larkin .Follow Larkin: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
2/27/20221 hour, 50 minutes, 32 seconds
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Dante Colle 👉🏻 Top USA Male Pornstar

Dante Colle is an adult performer that has achieved so much in his career He’s well established in the Gay porn side of the industry which is how he got started in Porn industry. He is Ranked No 2 on porn hub so is very popular in this side of the industry but for the last 3 years he has been also been working in the Straight side of porn & has just signed an exclusive deal with Brazzers. Last year he won 4 different performer of the year awards which included, straight, Gay and trans performer of the year... which is pretty damn impressive!I really enjoyed chatting with Dante, we spoke about so many different things including the difference between the 2 industries and also spoke about his most memorable scene and how they produced his sex toys that has just been launched.There’s so much I could write but I’m going to let you listen and just enjoy the podcast. It's a really interesting listen and you can just hear how excited I am to chat with him.Follow Dante - DanteColleXXX.comFollow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
2/20/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 5 seconds
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Leigh Raven 👉🏼 USA Porn Star

When I started the podcast I knew I always wanted to talk to Leigh Raven. I use to watch her scenes on Evil Angel site and just thought she was a great performer and I absolutely love her look. We chat about her career, how she got started in the industry, some of their favourite scenes they have shot including one where she was suspended from the ceiling via hooks in her knees and did a blow bang with 5 guys. This podcast was so much fun to record and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording it. Thanks for listening!Follow Leigh - Angel Long:Instagram - - -
2/13/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 14 seconds
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Bonus Episode 👉🏻 Husband Pt 2

Thought I’d give you a little bonus episode this week as we missed a couple of weeks. Also recorded this podcast we recorded back in November that I never even listened to and when I listened to it yesterday I thought it was cool and I want you guys to hear it. So if u listened to the "Meet The Husband" podcast on Sunday, this is a little part two.Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
2/9/202238 minutes, 30 seconds
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Meet The Husband

Welcome back to the podcast! I had a couple weeks off and thought this was a great way to start this year off. It's been a long time coming this one but u hear me talk about him on here all the time so thought I should record a little podcast with the husband.Hope you enjoy the little inside in to us as a couple and also as business partners. This podcast could have been so long as there is so much we could chat about but think this is a good length for the first one... and yes there will be more recorded together .Thanks for taking the time to listen and hope you enjoy!Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
2/6/20221 hour, 24 minutes
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Lucy Alexandra talks love for JOI’s, Role Play & her 1st Ever BG Scene

Lucy Alexandra is a UK Porn star who has been in the Adult Industry for 23 years. You can feel the sexual Tension between us as we chat about so many different subjects. Its crazy we have never met before but I think thats because we worked in different sides of industry. Lucy Worked in the Girl Girl side of the Industry while I was in the boy girl side . This podcast is So Much fun,We spoke all about how we both use to go in to the Newsagents & look up at all the Top Shelf Magazines ( Yep the Porn Ones ) & Lucy Just said that she knew that she was going to be featured in one of those magazines. She has shot for many different magazines. Lucy is very well known for her dirty talking & has a total love for making JOI Videos & her also her love for Role-play. We spoke about her 1st ever on Camera Boy Girl scene that she shot last year for Her Onlyfans & what else she gets up to in her videos On OF . What turns her on & gets her in the mood to fuck & how much she actually wanks ...... Its a lot .If she could only have 1 sex position what would it be & who her celebrity 3Some would be .... well actually how she actually wants a 4some . There is so many good parts on this podcast recording so I really hope you enjoy it as much as we did . Thanks for listening 💕 Follow Lucy: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
2/2/20221 hour, 26 minutes, 20 seconds
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Zara DuRose 👉🏼 Porn & Fetish Event Organiser

Who is Zara DuRose? Zara DuRose is a adult model who is very much in the fetish side of the industry as well as the normal porn side. She also owns a Fetish Event Company that she hosts her own fetish nights and also supplies models to events. We had great fun chatting about her porn career, how she organises these huge events single handedly and her love for Latex clothing . Follow Sabrina: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
1/9/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 18 seconds
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Sabrina Night AKA Sabien DeMonia

Who is Sabrina Night? She's a porn star, an Alternative Model, a dominatrix, a content creator as well as being an ambassador for a new live cam show site. We spoke about how she got in the adult industry and some of the most memorable movies she has shot as well as giving us some tips on fisting. It was such a fun podcast to record and I can't wait for you guys to listen to it.Follow Sabrina: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
12/19/20211 hour, 40 minutes, 23 seconds
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Pascal White 👉🏼 Legend of European Porn

Who is Pascal White? Pascal is a male porn star who has been in the industry for decades. He started when hardcore was illegal so has seen how porn has changed over the years. We talked about the scenes we have shot together as well as the one which was too hardcore for the UK TV channels so had to be shot again. We talk about our love for the rougher side of sex but also how his main fetish is feet. We hear about the ins and outs of being a male performer in the adult industry . Follow Pascal: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
12/12/20211 hour, 23 minutes, 9 seconds
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Amber Jayne 👉🏼 AVN Nominated Porn Star

Amber Jayne is a sexy little blonde MILF who has just been nominated for an AVN for Best Star Showcase and for Best Anal, which is definitely well deserved as she it a little filth bag. I love shooting with her. This podcast was recorded before the nominations hence why there is no mention in here about them.I really loved chatting with Amber about her Career, how she got started in the Industry, how her first Anal Shoot went and then her 1st EVER DP. We also do a lot of perving on each other while we chat. Great fun and definitely worth a listen . Follow Amber: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
11/28/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 7 seconds
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Michelle Thorne 👉🏼 Legend of UK Porn

If you like big boobs, blonde hair and British porn you will know who Michelle Thorne is. It was great to chat with Michelle about her career in the adult industry, all things porn and how things have changed over the years. Hope you enjoy listening to us candidly talking about scenes we have shot together and the scenes Michelle has starred in and produced.Follow Jasmine: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
11/14/20211 hour, 55 minutes, 59 seconds
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Little Catch Up

Just a little catch up from me!Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
11/7/202112 minutes, 22 seconds
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Jasmine Jae 👉🏼 The Top UK Porn Star

Jasmine Jae is probably one of the top UK porn stars if not the Top UK Porn Girl from the last 10 years of porn. She is the only UK girl to win Best Female Foreign Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards which is the Oscars of Porn. This podcast recording was fun to record and also so very interesting. We chatted about so many things... I think your gonna really like this one. Follow Jasmine: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
10/24/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 17 seconds
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Tindra Frost 👉🏼 Iceland’s 1st Porn Star Ever

Let me introduce you to Tindra Frost - Iceland’s only Porn Star for years. Such an interesting person to talk to! I loved recording this with her. I have some flustered moments recording it as I do have a little confession and that is I have such a thing for Tindra. It’s a fun chat about her porn life which included me learning about her love for BDSM. We also chatted about the porn peddlers cycling and her love for travelling. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it.Follow Tindra: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
10/17/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 38 seconds
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Britney Amber 👉🏼 Bunny Ranch to Porn Hub

Britney Amber started working in the Bunnie Ranch before she worked in porn. She’s had a long successful career in sex work and now has a very high ranking Porn Hub page and YouTube channel which specialises in lingerie and sex toy reviews.Follow Britney: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
10/10/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 33 seconds
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Dee Siren 👉🏼 Total Size Queen

Dee Siren was fun to chat with. She is a porn star from Texas who loves big sex toys and huge cocks. We chatted about her career in the adult industry and how she came back from a horrific car crash where she broke her neck. So many fun things were discussed including buttholes and how you get them to rosebud out Follow Dee: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
10/4/20211 hour, 29 minutes, 40 seconds
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Anna 👉🏼 UK Adult TV Channel Owner

I've chatted with lots of porn stars on the podcast so far but I wanted to hear from some one on the other side of the industry. The production side. Who better to talk to than the Big boss Lady from Television X! For anyone that doesn't know Television X was the top UK adult channel for over 20 Years. Anna and her husband Chris started in the adult industry before hardcore porn was actually legal in the UK and so it was fun to chat with her about how she started and how things have changed over the years. This podcast was cool to record and is full of interesting details that you just might never have heard before . Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
9/26/20211 hour, 42 minutes, 25 seconds
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Alexis Fawx 👉🏼 Your Fave Step Mum Porn Star

Today we are chatting with Alexis Fawx. It was so much fun recording this with her. I can't wait to head over to the States to meet her for real!I asked her who Alexis Fawx is and her reply was: She's your fave Step Mum in porn... or your fave doctor. It is so true because if you look at her Porn Hub ranking she is #25 in the world. Pretty impressive! We spoke about her businesses outside porn which includes her own brand of coffee, a comedy show, her podcast and her love for gardening. There is so much I could say here but thing you should just take a listen and see for yourself how great Alexis is for yourself . Follow Alexis: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
9/19/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 49 seconds
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Daisy May 👉🏼 OnlyFans Content Creator

Daisy May is a cute up and coming porn star. She had been in the adult industry for about 3 years mainly camming but since January she had been making some hella good sex scenes for her OnlyFans. We chat about all things adult and how she started making porn scenes with the only and only Ava Austen.Follow Daisy: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
9/5/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 41 seconds
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Lexi Luna 👉🏼 Top USA Porn Star

Lexi Luna is a top US porn star. She’s currently #16 on Porn Hub. We chatted about her change of career from elementary school teacher to porn and how she got started. All about her favourite scenes to shoot and her sex doll thst is in production right now. Lexi has build her brand up and is now one of the top milf porn stars in the world. This is great podcast to record and I hope you enjoy listening to it.Follow Lexi: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
8/22/20211 hour, 40 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rhiannon Ryder 👉🏼 UK Porn Star

Rhiannon Ryder is a popular porn star from the UK. We chat about her love for public sex, her DDLG kink, how she got in to the industry and so much more. There is a lot of flirting going on between us as there is so much built up sexual tension that is waiting to come out when we do our 1st shoot together soon! It’s a really interesting podcast so I think you're going to like it.Follow Rhiannon: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
8/15/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lexi Lore 👉🏼 Top Porn Hub Porn Star

Lexi Lore is one of the most popular porn stars in the world. When we recorded this she was #22 on Porn Hub, so yes she's crazy popular in the world of porn. She’s also got her own YouTube Channel which is cool. We shot her when we went to America so it’s great I’ve managed to record a podcast with her and I could get to know her a little bit more. Hope you enjoy as much as I did when recording this!Follow Lexi: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
8/1/202158 minutes, 42 seconds
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Rob Piper 👉🏼 USA Male Porn Star

Rob Piper is an award winning performer from the States who has worked with most of the top porn stars in the world. We chat to him about all things adult, how he got started in porn, his favourite scenes to shoot, how long it took him to feel like he was an established porn star as well as how his cock got mounded and all his many awards I also asked him for some tips on being a performer!Follow Rob: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
7/25/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 55 seconds
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Seb Cam 👉🏼 He Ran From Miami to LA

This podcast is completely different to my other ones I recorded. It still involves a porn star but we really didn't talk about any thing porn related...We talked about his incredible journey from one side of the USA to the other side... running. Yes you heard that correct he ran from Miami all the way up the country then across to San Fransisco and down to LA... a total of 5000 Miles. To most people this would be an impossible task. But not Seb, he wants to run the whole worldIf you wanna know more about Seb and want to see all the things we were chatting about in this podcast then the place you want to go to is here: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
7/10/20211 hour, 52 minutes, 30 seconds
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Brooklyn Blue 👉🏼 UK Porn Star

Brooklyn Blue is a UK porn star who has been in the adult industry for 10 years. We chat about her 1st scene and how her career has progressed over the years including her path in to directing and producing a DVD. We also chatted bulldogs, her new business venture and her reality show she is about to shoot. It was a fun hour and a half... hope you enjoy listening!Follow Brookyn: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
7/4/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 41 seconds
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Vivienne L'Amour 👉🏼 Dominatrix

Have you always wondered what it's like to be a dominatrix? I chat with Vivienne L'Amour and hear about how she got started & about her career as a Dominatrix. I've never really known much about being a Domme before chatting with Vivienne, its so interesting and so diverse to any thing I have ever seen or heard. It was a really fun Podcast to record and I think your gonna love listening to us chatting about so many different things.Follow Goddess Vivienne: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
6/27/20211 hour, 58 minutes, 32 seconds
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Peachhes 👉🏼 Alt Model & OnlyFans Creator

Peachhes is someone that I have been following for years so it was great to record a podcast with her. An alternative model who has moved in to the adult side of the modelling and is an OnlyFans content creator. We talked about her new cpllab with Godemichie toy company and also her love of shooting cosplay style porn. Such a great conversation talking about so many different things - it’s definitely an interesting listen.Follow Peachhes: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
6/15/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 45 seconds
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Keiran Lee 👉🏼 UK Porn Legend

Keiran Lee is the most well known UK Male Porn Star in the world. He is a Legend! He hails from Derby but has been living in LA for 15 years. This was a fun podcast to record. We spoke about all things porn and so much more.We started right back from the start of his career in the UK, talked about how UK porn is different to USA porn and that European porn is different again .This guy has shot over 3500 Porn scenes in his career and that's not including all this scenes he has shoot for his own content on OnlyFans. There is so much I could write but it really is a great listen if you like to know the other side of the porn industry from a male talent perspective.Follow Keiran: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
6/14/20212 hours, 22 minutes, 1 second
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Godemiche 👉🏼 UK Sex Toy Company

So who is Godemiche? It is a Sex Toy Company based in the UK owned by couple who started making dildos five years ago to satisfy their own sexual kinks. The company has grown over the years and they have just won an award for "Best Adult Sex Shop". I loved recording this podcast with them,. Its really interested to hear how they have advanced over the years and also learning new things about the process of producing silicone sexy toys. This was my 1st podcast with an adult company rather than a sex worker and I think its a really good listen!Visit their store: Godemiche: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
6/6/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 32 seconds
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Sophia Snow 👉🏼 UK Squirt Queen

Chatting with the queen of UK squirt and how she learnt to squirt! This was a fun podcast to record with Sophia Snow. We talked about her love of squirting, public sex, how she’s always been in to a bit of flashing and how her favourite genre of book to read is History or Geography.Follow Sophia: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/30/202155 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Kiki Minaj 👉🏼 Top UK Porn Star

Kiki is one of the top UK performers and shoots with all the Pro Porn companies. It was great to chat up with her, talk about all things porn and also all about her goals of owning a farm and having a farm shop and making cakes.Follow Kiki: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/24/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 46 seconds
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Jane Wilde 👉🏼 Top US Porn Star

This was the first girl we shot with on our Evil Angel trip last year, so when she agreed to record a podcast with me I was excited . We chat about her career so far, the awards she has won and so much more. Loved chatting with her... hope u enjoy listening to the podcast!Follow Jane: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/16/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hannah Brooks 👉🏼 Top UK OnlyFans Creator

This amazing lady is a top OnlyFans girl and also webcam royalty so it was fun chatting with her about all things adult. Find out about her crazy cool ideas and how she gets them for all her shoots. You've got to listen to hear all about how she popped a pool ball from her vagina to get a hole in 1... or the quad bike dildo story Follow Hannah: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/9/202150 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Joanna Angel 👉🏼 The Original Alt Porn Star

This legend needs no introduction. She’s the queen of alt-porn. She is a producer, a performer, feature dancer and a novelist.... it’s Joanna Angel. We talked about all things porn and so much more.Follow Joanna: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
5/2/20211 hour, 28 minutes, 47 seconds
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Answering Fan Questions

I've not done a solo podcast for ages so I thought it was about time I answered a couple of questions!Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
4/26/202144 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Willow Sky 👉🏼 OnlyFans Creator

I’ve wanted to shoot with Willow Sky ever since I first saw her on Twitter. Unfortunately, COVID hit so it's not happened yet... so I thought lets get to know her better and I invited her on the podcast. Listen to us chat about all things OnlyFans and sex and also so many other topics too. It's a good one!Follow Willow: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
4/18/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Misha Cross 👉🏼 Award Winning Porn Star

If you don't know who Misha Cross is you will after this chat I had with her. She's an award winning performer and Evil Angel director. This is such a good chat; we chatted all things porn, what her visions are for her movies she has directed and where she likes to take the man cream. Hope you enjoy... I certainly did recording this.Follow Misha: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
4/11/20211 hour, 50 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Samantha Bently 👉🏼 Award Winning Porn Star

You know if I'm talking to UK Pornstars that Samantha Bentley was always going to be on the list. I'm happy to say I managed to get to chat with her and it was as great as I knew it would be. Back 6 years ago Samantha was one of the Top Performers and we chat all things porn, her AVN's she has won, the sex she likes to shoot, what she's been up to over the last few years and how she's back doing OnlyFans . Follow Samantha: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
4/4/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Adreena Winters 👉🏼 UK Porn Star

Adreena Winters has been in the adult industry for quite a while. We chatted about her career, how she wanted to shoot a gang bang so paid for the scene herself, how she has evolved over the years and now only shoots for herself. We also chatted about her Twitch account and her wine education. Follow Adreena: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/28/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 7 seconds
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Porn Star Sienna Day talks about how she got started in porn, how she learnt to cum & then filming some snuff Porn

Getting to know Sienna Day. Listen to how she went to USA to start her porn career, how she researched how to make her self squirt and so many other funny stories. Lots of fun chatting with Sienna!Follow Sienna: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/21/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fake Taxi Star Ava Austen talks about Porn, Swinging & her love for Escape rooms.

Ava Austen was one of the original Fake Taxi female drivers. We chat to her today about her porn career and how she got called in to the office at her Vanilla Job at the start of her Career, her sex life and all things normal as well. It was a fun hour and a half!Follow Ava: Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/14/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Suzie Best 👉🏼 Old School UK Porn Star

I've known Suzie for a few years now. So thought it would be cool to chat with her & ask her where it all started in the Adult Industry . We hear all about her 1st shoot and how it made her feel. I ask so many questions that we all want to know and just have a really good chat about all things Adult.Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
3/7/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 40 seconds
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How Did It All Start

This is where it all started. Listen to me chat about my 1st scene and how I got in to the industry. How I took pictures to be developed in a shop and being all shy and nervous on my first scene...Follow Angel Long:Instagram - - -
2/24/202123 minutes, 40 seconds