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The Almost Forgotten

English, History, 9 seasons, 83 episodes
The podcast focuses on the lives and times of great historical figures that have mostly fallen through the cracks of our collective memories. We may have heard of these people, but they don't get the attention that some do. Here, they get their due. on Twitter: @thealmostforgot
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Episode 5.0 - Season 5 Intro

Season 5 is coming, and here's a little preview
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Episode 3.0 - Season 3 Intro

Brief overview of what's to come, plus some interesting follow-up from a previous subject
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Episode 2.0 - Returning for Season 2

A brief overview of the next few episodes and why'll they'll be different, but the same, as last season
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Episode 1.3 - Mithridates the Great

Mithridates was King of Pontus, and built an empire to rival Rome on his way to a showdown with the late Republic
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