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English, Social, 2 seasons, 23 episodes, 15 hours 25 minutes
Everything life, laughter and living in the African universe! Hosted by Hope Hajir?
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Coming Back To Africa: Stories From Those Who Returned

In this episode, I discuss my journey moving back and comment on contributions from audience members. For this and more, follow the podcast on @afroverseshow and @hopehajir on Instagram --- Send in a voice message:
31/03/202350 minutes 50 seconds
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Individuality: Preserving Yourself Throughout Life's Changes & Being Authentic

In a constantly evolving world, how can you stay true to yourself in a way that cultivates authenticity and self-truth? In this week's very short episode, I speak about 3 elements that are vital to maintain the healthy balance between your evolving and core self More on Hope Hajir More on Afroverse --- Send in a voice message:
08/11/202110 minutes 39 seconds
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Salma Sky Speaks Her Truth About Her Music Career, Motherhood, Ethnicity & Zambia's Entertainment Industry

There is nothing I love more than when people authentically embody love, art and culture all in one. Our guest today does just that, with even more to offer. Salma Sky is a Zambian born and raised singer/songwriter who, after over 10 years in the entertainment industry, is just beginning to uncover the true identity of who she is - not only as an artist but also as a soul. She speaks candidly about being a mother of 4, growing up mixed race in Zambia, moving from studying Law (etc!) to become a singer and her real thoughts on the Zambian entertainment industry. She also speaks about her new album lead song "Free" which will debut on the 28th of October, and how this piece captures the personal evolution that she has finally just begun.  This and more episodes on The Afroverse: the home of everything life, laughter and living in the African universe!  More on Salma Sky: Instagram - @thesalmasky M
26/10/20211 hour 13 minutes 25 seconds
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Loyiso Gola - Unlearning, Netflix Stand-Up, Sneakers, Sleeve Tattoos & Pop Culture

Chatting with South African two-time Emmy nominated comedian, Loyiso Gola about everything life, laughter and learning in his universe. We talk about his journey with his first-ever African Netflix original, Unlearning, and many other similar themes of human being. Catch him on his latest tour, Pop Culture, as he wittingly unpacks what pop really means to us and how we create it. This, and much more, in this episode!  More on Loyiso Gola More on Afroverse  More on Hope Hajir  --- Send in a voice message:
06/10/202139 minutes 37 seconds
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10 Paradoxes About Life That Are True | Lessons From Mark Manson

This episode is based on the thoughts of Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck, where he remarked that: "Some of the most important truths in life are contradictory on the surface. They seem like impossibilities, yet experiences proves them to be obvious over and over again. It isn't until you look a bit deeper, beneath the surface contradictions, that the real grains of wisdom emerge." With this, I uncovered all 10 paradoxes and related them to my view of the human being. Feel free to reach out on the IG page @afroverseshow if you'd like to share any of your thoughts and join the Afro-being community today! More on Afroverse More on the host, Hope Hajir --- Send in a voice message:
27/09/202121 minutes 6 seconds
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Living In Africa Vs Living Abroad ft. Audience Opinions

Would you leave or stay in Africa permanently? If so, why?  In this episode, this question is fully unpacked with multiple perspectives voiced by audience members from different African countries. As promised, the BBC articles mentioned are:  BBC statistics for African Immigration: BBC article on Nigerian job search:  So happy to have you join the community and feel free to connect below:  Afroverse: Hope Hajir: --- Send in a voice message:
13/09/202136 minutes 32 seconds
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On Being Back "Outside": Getting Social Again + Let's Talk Finances! Ft. Audience Opinions | Sn2 Ep2

Audience members share how they feel about the world re-opening back up again and how they are deciding to go about it. I also chip in with my reactions to some of the opinions and share my thoughts on living my best life in a post-pandemic world. Hosted by Hope Hajir.    Commercial break gems:  The Soil - Mali Bongwe:  Hugh Masekela Interview by Jeff Koinange:   Book mentioned: 12 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson   More on The Afroverse Podcast:  More on Hope Hajir: https://li
29/07/202136 minutes 18 seconds
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Tricia Mpisi - On Being African Nerds!

We kick off Season 2 with none other than Tricia Mpisi, a Congolese-South African actor, screenplay writer and director. She is known for her witty and informative skits on social media and in this episode, she joins me to chat about her life story.  To learn more about Tricia, visit:    More on Afroverse:  More on Hope Hajir: --- Send in a voice message:
08/07/202141 minutes 34 seconds
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Welcome Back To The Afroverse: Season Two Is Here! 🪐

Finally back to creating episodes every week that highlight the stories of Afrobeings around the world. Follow the show on Instagram to stay posted with episode discussions and turn on notifications to know when a new episode is uploaded 📻   More on Afroverse More on Hope Hajir --- Send in a voice message:
01/07/20211 minute 40 seconds