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English, Education, 1 season, 4 episodes, 1 hour, 6 minutes
The story of an Afghan Boy with 100s of ups and downs with 10s of success and excitement along the way!
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Why Evacuation Plans After the Collapse of the Country Failed?

In this episode, I discuss my experiences and challenges during the evacuation process after the collapse of Afghanistan. I talked about the difficulties faced due to visa issues and the need to hide any documents or certificates related to international organizations. I have also shared about involvement with the American University of Afghanistan and their initial plans to evacuate students. However, due to various reasons, including a car accident and a bomb explosion at the airport, the evacuation plan did not work out. In addition, I should also mention other evacuation options, such as a group offering visas to Afghans for evacuation to Brazil, which also fell through. I expressed my frustration and loss of hope as I recounted the failed attempts to leave the country and the lack of support from international organizations. Key Takeaways: Thousands of people attempted to evacuate Afghanistan after the collapse of the country, fearing the Taliban's rule. The American University of Afghanistan initially promised to evacuate its students, but the plan did not work out due to various obstacles. Other evacuation options, such as a group offering visas to Afghans for evacuation to Brazil, also failed to materialize. Losing hope and feeling abandoned by international organizations as joblessness and uncertainty about the future. Timestamps: 0:00:10 Introduction to the podcast and explanation for the delay 0:01:22 Discussion on the evacuation plans after the country's collapse  0:02:47 Burning and hiding certificates due to fear of Taliban 0:05:27 Possibility of evacuation to Bahrain and Brazil 0:07:44 Work-related evacuation plans that didn't work out 0:09:17 Lack of evacuation plans from the US Embassy 0:10:16 Attempted evacuation by the American University 0:11:43 Explosion at the airport disrupts evacuation plan 0:13:49 Continuous communication with American Rescue for evacuation options 0:15:46 Consideration of illegal routes to Iran or Pakistan for escape   0:17:31 A student at American University shares disappointing experiences with evacuation attempts 0:19:16 American forces and international forces leave Afghanistan, causing a loss of hope 0:20:57 The American University offers help through Pakistan, but it doesn't work out 0:22:28 Hope for assistance from international communities is lost 0:23:20 Announcement for the next podcast episode Quotes: "I had to hide them. I had to throw them away. I had to burn them because… if they find anything… you will be in trouble." "Every room or every door that I was knocking, it was closing every single time." "I lost trust, I lost hope… I was jobless. I didn't have university, I didn't have work, I didn't have any support from these international communities." "99% of the hope that I had… was dead." Email me @ [email protected]
8/30/202323 minutes, 21 seconds
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What Happened On The Day Afghanistan Collapsed: Part 2

#afghanboypodcast This week on the Afghan Boy podcast, the story continues with what happened to my friend and me when the Taliban invaded Afghanistan. After leaving the restaurant, I noticed that everyone was running and it was hard to move around due to the massive amount of people. My friend and I were waiting for a Pakistan visa, but the chaos of the Taliban invasion caused them to leave the restaurant without thinking about it. The Taliban were close to the gates of Kabul, and the people were running in fear of what was to come. 0:00:06 Heading: The Afghan Boy Podcast: Continuing the Story of the Collapse of Afghanistan 0:02:36 Witnessing a Car Accident in Kabul: A Personal Account 0:04:40 Heading: Experiencing a Traffic Jam in Kabul, Afghanistan 0:11:01 Heading: Reaction to the President of Afghanistan's Escape from the Country 0:14:54 Observation of a Silent City: A Window View of Unfamiliar Activity 0:17:31 "Experiencing a Military Failure: A Personal Account" Reach out to me through: [email protected] #failure #success #afghan #collapse #useless  #man #afghanistan #art #guy  #effondrement #failure #useless #selfhate #worthless #alone #conquest #story #history #pakistan #escape #fear #woman #people
3/26/202320 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Untold Story of the Collapse of Afghanistan: Part 1

#afghanboypodcast In this episode of the Afghan Boy Podcast, I wanted to go through the events took place before and during the collapse of Afghanistan to me. As last semester university student, I was preparing to take the final tests and official graduate from university. I was dreaming of wearing the graduation cloths, inviting my parents and friends and call myself a graduate student. However, things completely changed! The war was around the corner and our country, Afghanistan was on the verge of collapse. I could see that my family, friends and neighbors were concerned about their future. Everyone was in panic and fear. The situation got worse as foreign forces came to invade our country. We witnessed horrific moments that changed people's lives forever. People started leaving their homes with whatever they had or seeking refuge in neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran and other countries in Central Asia.  In addition, this event was a devastating day that changed the lives of many people, leaving them in grief and sadness. The day is remembered vividly by those who were inside the country or were near to what happened. It was a day of great loss for many, and the effects of it are still felt today. The podcast aims to discuss this topic and the impact it has had on the Afghan people. It will also explore how this event has changed the lives of those who were affected by it, and how it has shaped the country today. TIMESTAMPS 0:00:00 "The Day Afghanistan Collapsed: A Reflection on a Momentous Occasion" 0:01:13 Heading: Experiencing the Collapse of a Country: A Personal Account 0:03:20 Summary of Conversation Regarding the Capture of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan 0:10:38 Heading: Witnessing the Aftermath of a Major Accident in Pakistan Embassy  0:12:53 "Experiencing the Collapse of Afghanistan: A Conversation with Afghan Boy" HIGHLIGHTS With the people who are around on me. The topic that we have focused this week is the day that Afghanistan collapsed. I'm going to talk about it because this is one of the days that have brought lots of change in millions of people's lives. A day that has brought sadness and a feeling that something has been lost, a great fortune has been lost, something has been gone, or something is not going to be back in a way which it was before. Reach out to me through: [email protected] #failure #success #afghan #collapse #useless  #man #afghanistan #art #guy  #effondrement #failure #useless #selfhate #worthless #alone #conquest #story #history
3/14/202315 minutes, 15 seconds
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Afghan Boy Podcast: Success Stories Of Triumph, Failure And Beyond

I am the host of the Afghan Boy Podcast and in this episode, I discuss why I started the podcast. I first discovered podcasts when studying English and listening to business English Podcast and TEDx podcasts. I also found motivation by listening to Tony Robbins and other speakers. After the collapse of Afghanistan, many Afghans had to leave the country. Hayat wanted to continue helping people and started the podcast to do just that. I hope the podcast will help the Afghan diaspora to share their stories of failure and triumph.  I am an Afghan living in another country who has had difficulty adapting to the new environment. To help other Afghans and others understand more about the Afghan community and culture,  I want to start a podcast. The podcast will focus on the positive stories of Afghans, their culture, and their 5000 year history. It will also address topics such as sexism, triumph, and failure. I also hope that the podcast will provide a different perspective on Afghanistan, one that is not often seen in the media.  In this episode, the speaker talks about the collapse of their country and their decision to leave. I encourage my listeners to jump in and listen to the stories they have to share, in the hopes that it will help them to become a better person. Timestamps 0:00:00  "Welcome to the Afghan Boy Podcast: Exploring Afghan Stories of Failure and Triumph" 0:03:38   Exploring the Other Side of Afghanistan: A Podcast to Help Listeners Understand the Triumphs, Failures, and Culture of the Afghan Community 0:05:47  "Leaving a Country in Crisis: My Story of Evacuation and Adaptation" Reach out to me through:  [email protected] #failure #success #afghan #collapse #useless  #man #afghanistan #art #guy  #effondrement #failure #useless #selfhate #worthless #alone #conquest 
3/5/20238 minutes