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A weekly podcast on topics related to Abundance, hosted by Renee Spears. This positive energy-infused show features abundance conversations and weekly energy updates to boost your energy and create more abundance, love, joy, and money in your life.
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#310 - Weekly Energy Update for February 18, 2024: Pisces Season & Full Moon in Virgo

Today we enter Pisces season and are finally leaving some of the Aquarian energy that we've been in over the last four weeks behind. Pisces is a magical, mystical, and emotionally intelligent sign. They are natural-born healers making Pisces season an excellent time to prioritize your inner healing. Because Pisces are so compassionate, you may be tempted to put other people's needs ahead of your own. It’s important to put yourself first this month. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, dreams, and mysticism. We’re more connected and intuitive this month and can have wild dreams.  Our subconscious and higher selves—including our guides—communicate with us through dreams. This month, pay attention to your dreams; they contain messages for you. We feel more creative than usual in Pisces Season. The next few weeks are for pouring yourself into creative projects.  We had a lot of fresh ideas during Aquarius season, so now is the time to think of inv
18/02/20248 minutes 23 seconds
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#309 - Weekly Energy Update for February 11, 2024: Valentine's Day Astrology

This week, with a stellium in Aquarius, we are experiencing the peak of Aquarian energy. Stelliums are formed when three or more planets align within the same sign. This week, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the sun will all be in Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign known for its forward-thinking and innovative energy. It takes us beyond our current reality and into the realm of possibility and potential.  Pluto recently entered Aquarius and is only beginning its 20-year journey there, which makes this stellium in Aquarius quite significant. Pluto is a sign of power, rebirth, and metamorphosis. This is a time of radical new beginnings. A year from now, we won’t even recognize ourselves. The planets of sex and love, Mars and Venus, spend the entire month of February traveling side by side. On February 13 and 16, they will enter Aquarius arm in arm, which is ideal for Valentine's Day. Pluto is in the mix, so Valentine's Day week will be intense. However, intensity can b
11/02/20248 minutes 31 seconds
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#308 - Weekly Energy Update for February 4, 2024: Year of The Dragon

This is the week we’ve been waiting for! This week celebrates the beginning of the Year of the Dragon and the new moon in Aquarius.  There's powerful transformational energy associated with this Friday's new moon in Aquarius.  This new moon is the time to begin something new and make changes in your life. Additionally, the Year of the Dragon starts with this new moon.  The fiery and bold Year of the Dragon is exactly what it sounds like.  And fortunate, since the Dragon is considered the luckiest sign in the zodiac. The Dragon is highly respected in China. It is regarded as an auspicious and extraordinary creature, and its years are full of vitality. It’s a time of great prosperity when everything is possible. If you want a shift in your life, this is the year it happens. Dragons aren’t the only lucky thing about 2024. Its Chinese zodiac element of wood enhances its luck. Brace yourself because things move fast during a Wood Dragon year. This is a year of
04/02/20248 minutes 28 seconds
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#307 - Weekly Energy Update for January 28, 2024: February Numerology & All Planets Direct

Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, which has been retrograde since August, turned around yesterday and is now moving direct. Due to Uranus' retrograde during the past few months, we have not moved forward as quickly as usual.  We get a burst of energy and motivation as Uranus moves forward which helps us make significant progress. With Uranus moving direct, all planets are now direct. There are no planets retrograde until April. Nothing is holding us back. When all the planets are direct we have smooth forward momentum. This is an auspicious time to start new projects and relationships and take advantage of this momentum.   We are currently in Aquarius season; Pluto recently made a once-in-a-lifetime transit into Aquarius; Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius just went direct; and in February, Mercury, Mars, and Venus will join the Sun & Pluto in Aquarius. This is a metric shit ton of Aquarian energy. There’s a lot of newness and change in the air since A
28/01/20248 minutes 1 second
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#306 - Weekly Energy Update for January 21, 2024: Full Moon in Leo

We’re still in the energy of yesterday’s move of Pluto into Aquarius and the start of Aquarius season. We will be feeling the effects of this for a while since Pluto moves slowly and this was a big energy shift. This is the beginning of a new 20-year cycle that transforms both our individual and collective lives. The first Full Moon of 2024 is also affecting us. The Wolf Moon is on Thursday, at 9:54 a.m. PT and 12:54 p.m. ET.  Full moons are turning points, a time of endings and awakenings. It is a time when our emotions and intuition are heightened, and we can see things more clearly. The wolf moon is a time of stillness and profound self-reflection. This week is an ideal time to clarify your goals and intentions for the new year.   While full moons can stir up drama or intense feelings, this full moon is all about letting go of any fears and insecurities that are limiting your potential as we move into this next chapter.  This full moon is fortunately i
21/01/20248 minutes 21 seconds
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#305 - Weekly Energy Update for January 14, 2024: Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season begins on Saturday, the 20th, and that same day, we have one of the most important transits of the year, Pluto moves into Aquarius. This is the start of a whole new era. This upcoming Aquarius season is different than others. It’s more powerful and more transformative. It’s the beginning of a new 20-year cycle bringing significant changes to our individual and collective lives. When Pluto enters Aquarius, it’ll bring advancement and changes in healthcare, technology, AI, robots, humanitarian work, and global consciousness. By the time Pluto leaves Aquarius, society will have shifted from one that emphasizes individualism and the pursuit of money and power to one that supports the collective.  Aquarius season and Pluto moving into Aquarius encourage us to be our authentic selves. We’ll feel pushed to transform and change what’s not in alignment.  Toward the end of Aquarius season in mid-February, Venus and Mars will join the sun, Mercury, a
14/01/202410 minutes 15 seconds
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#304 - Weekly Energy Update for January 7, 2024: 1/11 New Moon in Capricorn

It feels like 2024 is finally starting this week. The first New Moon of the year arrives on Thursday morning which is also 1/11. It's exactly the energy we need to shake off 2023. We’ll feel motivated and ready to move forward. If you’ve been feeling lethargic or sluggish from wrapping up last year, this new moon will jolt you awake. A new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and is a time for new beginnings, growth, and renewal. This moon is our chance to hit the reset button and get back on track after the holidays. This new moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn represents hard work, achievement, and responsibility. That urge you feel at the beginning of every year to set resolutions and change your life? That’s Capricorn energy. January is overflowing with Capricorn energy. In addition to this new moon in Capricorn. Mars moved into Capricorn on the 4th, giving us a sense of purpose and direction that we may not have felt yet this year. Also this week Mercu
07/01/20247 minutes 50 seconds
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#303 - The 2024 Numerology Forecast

The 2024 Numerology Podcast shares what to expect in this 8 Universal Year and your personal numerology year. In numerology, every year has a universal year number associated with a number between 1 and 9. This number gives us some insight into the energy the year holds. 2024 is an 8 Universal Year.  The Universal Year Number is like a giant horoscope, predicting the year's energy and what we can expect. Each number has a unique vibration and meaning. Eight is very fortunate and linked to prosperity, material growth, and financial success. An 8 year in numerology is a time of abundance, balance, and success. Eight is also considered to be a karmic Number. We will reap what we have sown. You will reap success and abundance this year if you put in the work. There are also some challenges with the number 8. This isn’t going to be an easy-breezy year. If we don't learn to strike a balance between our personal and professional lives, the strong and intense energy of
31/12/202312 minutes 26 seconds
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#302 - 2024 Astrology Forecast with Astrologer Deborah Norton

The 2024 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast: Pluto in Aquarius, Jupiter conjunct Uranus, eclipses, and more! In this fun podcast, Astrologer Deborah Norton delivers the 2024 Astrology Forecast. Deborah provides a month-by-month breakdown of 2024 so that we can prepare for the year ahead. This year, two significant events are influencing our lives. The first one takes place on January 20th, when Pluto enters Aquarius. Because Pluto changes signs once every two decades, Pluto's entry into Aquarius is very significant. This transit results in major technological and scientific advances. The other is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20 starting a new chapter that shapes the next twenty years. We’ll all feel this futuristic energy this spring as Uranus—the planet of transformation, new ideas, science, and genius—gets uniquely magnified by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, and good fortune. Whenever Jupiter and Uranus meet, we feel a surg
28/12/202351 minutes 1 second
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#301 - Weekly Energy Update for December 24, 2023: Full Moon in Cancer

We wrap up 2023 with one final magnificent full moon that oozes harmony, warmth, and positive vibes. The last full moon of the year occurs on Tuesday, the 26th.  The fact that this full moon is in Cancer makes it emotionally potent. Cancer is the Moon's "home sign" or ruler sign. The moon loves being in Cancer. Cancer is known for being emotional, nurturing, and sensitive. Cancer is a reminder to take it slow and take care of ourselves. Pause, think, and let go during this full moon to prepare for the new year.  Sirius and the full moon are perfectly aligned. Sirius is known as our Spiritual Sun, and when the Full Moon aligns with Sirius, it gets activated and beams positive energy down on us.  Sirius helps us emotionally let go of everything holding us back and preventing us from being authentic. We may also receive energetic downloads.  Sirius energy strengthens our psychic senses. All the clairs will be activated, and you may have some powerful dreams. <p
24/12/20237 minutes 37 seconds
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#300 - Weekly Energy Update for December 17, 2023: Winter Solstice & Capricorn Season

Join me to celebrate the 300th episode of The Abundology Podcast! This Thursday, December 21, at 7:27 p.m. PT/10:27 p.m. ET marks the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the Capricorn season. The literal meaning of Solstice is “Sun stands still,” and when it does, we get an extra boost of energy that revitalizes us. The solstice offers us an opportunity to pause and reflect on our lives. It is also a time for balance and to set intentions for the upcoming year.  The intentions we set now start to pick up steam as the days get longer and when Mercury, Jupiter &amp; and Chiron go direct by the end of the year. On Thursday evening, take a minute for yourself. Light a candle, sit in front of the fire, and pause. Reflect on the year how much you’ve experienced, and how much you’ve grown, and allow yourself to be proud. The solstice also aligns with the sun’s move into Capricorn and the start of Capricorn season. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs ca
17/12/202310 minutes 35 seconds
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#299 - Weekly Energy Update for December 10, 2023: New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon on Tuesday is the last new moon of 2023 and is full of positive vibes that help us close out the year on a good note and give us an extra dose of optimism about next year.   This New Moon is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a joyful and enthusiastic sign that has a lovely way of helping us see the big picture and all of life's possibilities. This new moon is a time to look to the future and ask yourself, "What’s the best that could happen?" This is not a Moon to wonder if your intentions will manifest. It’s a Moon to wonder when. The final numerology portal of the year, 12/12, also coincides with the new moon. Every year on December 12, an energetic portal opens, filling us with confidence and self-determination. Because the 12/12 portal falls on the new moon this year, its power will be at its highest. If you've been looking for the perfect time to write out your New Year's intentions, 12/12 at 12:12 is your chance. Less than 24 hours after the new m
10/12/20238 minutes 25 seconds
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#298 - Weekly Energy Update for December 3, 2023: Venus in Scorpio & Neptune Direct

December is a busy month as we get ready for the upcoming year. You might have already been thinking about next year and may even want to start making your New Year’s resolutions ahead of next week's New Moon. This is the week to have fun and begin daydreaming about the future. Let’s break down the energy this week, beginning Monday when Venus moves into Scorpio. Venus, the planet of love and harmony,  in Scorpio, is a very passionate place, and we can expect to see an increase in intimacy. Love takes center stage for the month ahead when Venus is in Scorpio. Neptune has been retrograde since June 30th and finally becomes direct on Wednesday. When Neptune goes direct, a fog lifts, and we start planning how to turn our dreams into reality next year. We want to use our dreams as a roadmap for what we want to create in 2024. Next weekend
03/12/20239 minutes 48 seconds
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#297 - Weekly Energy Update for November 26, 2023: Full Moon in Gemini

On Monday, with the last Full Moon of Fall, we have the chance to release and let go of anything that we don't want to carry into 2024. It's time to start thinking about what you want to be free of in the upcoming year so we can move through 2024 with greater ease, grace, and alignment. Full moons are about completion and endings, and as this moon transitions us into the colder months, we want to let go of things that don't serve a positive purpose in our lives as we slow down, turn inward, and prepare for next year. This full moon is in Gemini. The Gemini twins represent the duality of our human side and our soul side. Geminis are funny, outgoing, curious, and often the life of the party. Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, is known for its excellent social skills, making the Gemini Full Moon a fantastic time to party, have fun, and spend time with friends. A lot is happening under this Full Moon. It may be hectic and even a little disorganized. Mars
26/11/20238 minutes 5 seconds
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#296 - Weekly Energy Update for November 19, 2023 - Sagittarius Season

It’s time to finish out this year and start preparing for 2024. We want to start preparing now because next year is an 8 universal year in numerology. An 8-year is an accelerator with a lot happening.  An 8-year starts the three-year push time of finishing up the 9-year cycle we’re in and ushering in a new one in 2026. Ask yourself what you need to be fully prepared for next year. Do you need some downtime? Do you need to get your finances in order? Is it time to organize your home or business? Should health be your primary concern? Whatever it is, now is the moment to get started. And as we enter Sagittarius season on Wednesday, the 22nd, we get help with this. Our energy shifts from the intense Scorpio season to the joyous and generous Sagittarius season.  Sagittarius season carries fresh, liberating energy that’s clearing the path for new beginnings. Consider Sagittarius season as your final opportunity to tie up any loose ends and give your life a deep clean
19/11/20239 minutes 14 seconds
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#295 - Weekly Energy Update for November 12, 2023: New Moon in Scorpio

This new moon in Scorpio is the first New Moon after Eclipse season. It’s the first time since 2021 that a New Moon in Scorpio isn't an eclipse. This would normally be a welcomed break, yet the energy is still pretty intense. We know that Scorpio season is intense, and it will last for another week and a half. In addition, the sun has been very active lately.  There have been solar flares and geomagnetic storms that have shaken everything up. And now the New Moon in Scorpio is adding to this energy! Scorpio is an insightful and perceptive sign that can see right through all the BS. Scorpio is a master of digging up and revealing the truth. Scorpio brings the unconscious to the surface and insists that we look within and be honest with ourselves to let go and move on. This new moon is opposite Uranus and is going to bring sudden and abrupt changes to our lives. We’re talking about shakeups, breakups, and breakdowns. These events may not be pleasant, but they ulti
12/11/20238 minutes 42 seconds
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#294 - Weekly Energy Update for November 5, 2023: 11/11 Energy Forecast

November begins in the middle of Scorpio season. Scorpio season is known for its intense vibes. This year, the action-oriented planet Mars spends most of the month in Scorpio. Doubling down on the intensity, but also doubling down on determination and focus. This is the energy we’ve been waiting for to move forward. Saturn turned direct yesterday. For the past five months, Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility, and structure, has been retrograde. When it was retrograde, it felt as though the teacher had left the classroom and we were left without structure and discipline. Now that it's direct, it's time to get back to work and focus on obligations that have been on the back burner since June. On Wednesday the 8th, romantic Venus enters its home sign of Libra, sprinkling its lovely harmonious magic over relationships, intimacy, and balance. Everyone's love life is getting a boost! This week ends on 11/11. There is spiritual significance to November 11.
05/11/20239 minutes 15 seconds
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#293 - Weekly Energy Update for October 29, 2023: Extended Edition featuring the Lunar Eclipse & November Numerology

This week's podcast is extra-long to cover the Lunar Eclipse, November Numerology, Saturn moving direct, Halloween, Samhain, and Day of the Dead.  Let's start with yesterday's lunar eclipse and full moon. Lunar eclipses help us complete a journey and shift the course of our lives in some way. This lunar eclipse brings a strong energy of closure to the last two years because it’s the end of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle we’ve been in for two years. This moon eclipse is here to help us progress. It's a cosmic push that takes you out of stagnated energy and old patterns. We want to consciously purge the old. This eclipse represents our opportunity to transform and shift old patterns into new ones. All you have to do is let go. Not because of some important event, or someone is pressuring you, or you feel you have no choice. But just because you choose to. Because this lunar eclipse and full moon are in Taurus, they are gentler and less intense than some o
29/10/202315 minutes 36 seconds
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#292 - Weekly Energy Update for October 22, 2023: Scorpio Season and Lunar Eclipse

This week is full of high-energy events. Scorpio season begins tomorrow, and the energy is building all week toward the Lunar Eclipse on Saturday. Scorpio season can be an intense time. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and this year is especially intense due to the eclipse and the fact that both Mars and Mercury are in Scorpio, increasing the Scorpio energy. Scorpio isn't satisfied with surface-level anything and wants to go deep. We're talking about deep transformation here! We're transforming our power, our most intimate connections, our willingness to be vulnerable and daring enough to try new things. Then, just a few days after Scorpio season begins, we'll experience the year's final eclipse - a lunar eclipse and full moon — in Taurus. A lunar eclipse is an especially powerful full moon. They tell us to let go, surrender, go with the flow, and allow the eclipse to do the work. We may want to control the transformation process. However, there is n
22/10/20237 minutes 35 seconds
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#291 - Weekly Energy Update for Oct. 15, 2023: Eclipse Portal and New Beginnings

Saturday's New Moon Solar Eclipse opened an eclipse portal that we'll be in for the next two weeks until the full moon in Taurus on October 28th. This two-week portal is a powerful period for reflection and transformation, as new chapters begin and fated events occur. The good news about eclipses is that we can trust the direction they are guiding us in. Eclipses bring events into our lives that are part of the cosmic plan, yet eclipses don't cause something to happen in our lives but allow us to see things more clearly than before.  This eclipse season set the intention that you will be aligned with MORE; more love, more truth, more joy, more purpose, more creation, more connection, and more YOU. We can expect some post-eclipse clarity this week when the Sun in Libra meets Mercury in Libra, forming a Cazimi. When Mercury is Cazimi it provides clarity, insights, breakthroughs, and downloads. Pay attention to the downloads you receive this week. They are importan
15/10/20239 minutes 18 seconds
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#290 - Weekly Energy Update for Oct. 8, 2023: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

This week's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra occurs on Saturday morning. This is a spectacular annular solar eclipse with a 'ring of fire'. The Moon is farther away from Earth during an annular solar eclipse than it is during a total eclipse, making it appear smaller and creating a 'ring of fire' around the Moon where the Sun is visible. Not only will this be visually stunning, but eclipses also shift our consciousness and bring change. The total blockage of the sun acts as a reset button. It's as if we're being turned off and then back on. Solar eclipses occur during a New Moon and can be thought of as supercharged New Moons. New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle as well as the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. We can think of eclipses as portals to higher states of consciousness. They help us to make quantum leaps forward. They fast-track our soul contract and propel us toward our destiny. As a result, eclipses tend to bring fated events and th
08/10/20238 minutes 8 seconds
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#289 - Weekly Energy Update for Oct. 1, 2023: October Numerology and Eclipse Season

This October is a powerful month of growth and change. It's hard to believe that Halloween is just four weeks away, Thanksgiving is eight, and Christmas is twelve. Four of the planets currently retrograde will turn direct over the next three months too, including Pluto on October 11th.   The fantastic news is that we begin the last quarter of the year with an 8-universal month. In numerology, each month carries a unique energy. October carries the energy of 8. An 8-month is a powerful time that encourages us to step into our power and take charge of our lives.  The number 8 represents abundance. It is considered particularly lucky and is referred to as the money number. 8 is also associated with karma. This month is full of karmic events. On the 14th, there will be a solar eclipse in Libra, and on the 28th, there will be a lunar eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses bring accelerated change and major shifts in our lives. Since eclipse season begins about two weeks before
01/10/20239 minutes 2 seconds
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#288 - Weekly Energy Update for Sept. 24, 2023: Super Harvest Moon

This final week of September is full of powerful energy. Fall began barely two days ago with the Equinox and the start of the Libra season. And tonight, at sundown, the holiest day of the year in Judaism, Yom Kipper, begins. The week concludes on Friday with a spectacular Harvest Full Moon. Unlike other full moons, which may have catchy titles like strawberry moon or pink moon but don't actually look any different from other full moons, September's Harvest Moon is generally large and orange or red. Because it's a supermoon, it'll appear even larger and more colorful than usual. And this is the year's final supermoon. Full moons are ideal for letting go of the past to make room for fresh energy and opportunities. This full moon teaches us about identifying imbalances in our lives. When the moon is full, it shines a spotlight on our emotional world, revealing hidden things, and this month it reveals where we are out of balance. What I like best about this A
24/09/202310 minutes 16 seconds
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#287 - Fall Astrology Forecast with Astrologer Deborah Norton

Astrologer Deborah Norton shares the Fall 2023 Astrological Forecast in this entertaining podcast. This fall is a time of profound rebirth and transformation beginning with the Autumn Equinox. The Equinox provides us with a clean slate to start our next chapter. With all of the retrogrades and reflection we've done this summer, we've gained a lot of clarity. And now we’re moving forward with that knowledge.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14 and the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28 are both times of pivotal change. The eclipses offer us the opportunity to align our internal and external worlds.   Deborah addresses Pluto and Saturn going direct, as well as the powerful energy of Pluto and Eris Square happening the first week of October.   Deborah Norton is an Astrologer who helps you decipher your astrological chart so that you can better understand yourself and have more control over your destiny. Deborah works closely with each client to create a cus
21/09/202348 minutes 55 seconds
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#286 - Weekly Energy Update for Sept. 17, 2023: Fall Equinox & Libra Season

Pumpkin Spice season officially begins this week with the Fall Equinox occurring on Friday night. Not only is this when the Sun is directly over the equator, resulting in an equal length of day and night, but it is also when the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra, kicking off Libra Season. The Equinox is one of the year's major turning points. It’s when we energetically start moving in a new direction. It’s a time when our lives change. Libra season gives you permission to soak up all of the fall vibes. It's also a time for creating balance in every area of life and prioritizing harmony above all else. If we desire peace and harmony in our lives, it must start internally. What we experience inwardly manifests itself externally. Internal harmony is achieved through establishing a sense of balance, calm, and alignment inside yourself. It is all about getting your thoughts, emotions, and actions in sync. It is easier to achieve that state during the equinox. It
17/09/20238 minutes 26 seconds
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#285 - Weekly Energy Update for Sept. 10, 2023: Virgo New Moon and Mercury Direct

This week, we gradually gain clarity and feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to a magnificent New Moon on Thursday and Mercury ending its retrograde and going direct on Friday.  This Virgo New Moon is here to help us get our sh*t together. Every month, we have a new moon which gives us a fresh start. And the Virgo new moon is one of the most powerful opportunities to reset and refocus. This is the last new moon of the summer before the Equinox and Eclipse Season begins, so it lays the foundation for the upcoming changes. While the retrograde activity has left us feeling somewhat stuck, this New Moon is a turning point and is preparing us for change. The new moon occurs just hours before Mercury moves direct again. This Mercury retrograde in Virgo has been shining a spotlight on our wellness, daily routines, and inner balance, so now is a fantastic time to reflect on how you care for yourself emotionally and physically. This new
10/09/20238 minutes 12 seconds
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#284 - What is Flow? Featuring Michelle Wirta

Flow is one of life's most pleasurable states of being, immersing us completely in the present moment and allowing us to be more creative, productive, and happy. We've all heard about how important it is to "Be in the Flow," but what exactly does that mean?  In this episode, business coach Michelle Wirta discusses flow and how to access it. Michelle describes flow as a practice of presence and it is in this practice that we find it. Flow is humbling and requires getting into our bodies and creating healthy habits. Flow is always there. We only need to show up and consistently do the simple things to find ease and the sweet spot of flow in them.    Michelle Wirta is a seasoned entrepreneur, coach, and energy reader, now guiding creative women with her F.L.O.W. Biz Growth Coaching as well as in teaching fluid art for greater creative freedom. She specializes in merging mindset, Idea Alchemy, her method of Somatic Manifestation, and simplified strategy to help you craft y
08/09/202334 minutes 41 seconds
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#283 - Weekly Energy Update for Sept 3, 2023: September Numerology & Jupiter Retrograde

According to numerology, September is a 7 universal month, and 2023 is also a 7 universal year.  This month we are doubling down on 7 energy. The energy of 7 is all about taking things slow and going inward. The theme of this month and year is spiritual growth. And this month amplifies that. We’ve changed this year and despite how well you believe you know yourself, it's possible that you've changed in ways you weren't even aware of. It's now time to integrate the changes and move forward with a stronger sense of self-awareness.  We get support with our inward reflection when Jupiter goes retrograde for the rest of the year on Monday, September 4th. Compared to other retrogrades this one can be advantageous. Jupiter retrograde does not translate to our luck running out but rather our idea of happiness being rewritten.   During a time when everything seems out of our control, magical Jupiter comes along and gives us second chances and an opportunity to get back i
03/09/20238 minutes 32 seconds
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#282 - Weekly Energy Update for August 27, 2023: Super Blue Moon in Pisces

All summer long, we've been preparing for this time. With the Super Blue Moon on Wednesday night, this week is a powerful time of new beginnings.  Since blue moons only occur once every 2.5 years or so, the expression "once in a blue moon" refers to their extreme rarity. The fact that the blue moon this year also happens to be a supermoon, when the moon is at its closest to Earth, makes this moon even rarer. A supermoon super-sizes the energy of whatever sign it’s in and this one is in Pisces.  This means that we’re going to experience some deep feelings such as grief, sadness, and heartbreak, which have been stored in our psyches. We're about to get deep, so get the Kleenex ready. Sometimes, going through these emotions is the only way to move past them and let them go. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. It rules the dream world and subconscious mind. It allows downloads and spiritual guidance to flood in by opening our spiritual channels. The strong retro
27/08/20239 minutes 31 seconds
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#281 - Weekly Energy Update for August 20, 2023: Virgo Season and Mercury Retrograde

Every time a zodiac season ends, the universe hits the ‘reset’ button. After the sun has spent the last month in Leo, it’s moving into the sign of Virgo on Wednesday the 23rd and we’re hitting the reset button. During the next month, we’ll experience Virgo energies, which include being productive, hard-working, and a perfectionist. We feel most energized and productive during this time of year.  The Virgo season offers us a fantastic opportunity to get things done and establish a regular schedule. It’s all about achieving balance in our day-to-day schedule. Because this Virgo season coincides with Mercury in retrograde, it’s a little trickier than usual to get into a solid daily routine. Mercury rules Virgo and Mercury going retrograde on the same day that Virgo Season starts makes us feel like a kid being dragged back to school after an epic summer vacation. If you’re already feeling tired, disoriented, and like you’re just not yourself, there’s a good c
20/08/20239 minutes 40 seconds
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#280 - Weekly Energy Update for August 13, 2023: Leo New Moon

Wednesday's Leo New Moon starts a new lunar cycle that we can use as a chance for a fresh start. During this retrograde season, you have undoubtedly had several aha moments and realizations about things you want to change. We don't have to wait for the retrograde season to end to make changes in our lives. We have the opportunity to change today thanks to this new moon. A Leo New Moon is a lovely time when we're in tune with our hearts, connected to love, and feeling especially creative. It's a period when it's easier to focus on the good things in our lives. The current Venus Retrograde in Leo is activated by this New Moon in Leo. Venus Retrograde stirs up relationship issues, not just relationships with others but also our relationship with money and our self-worth. Venus Retrograde offers us the chance to learn how to set boundaries, handle conflicts, and know when to walk away.  The fact that this moon is tightly square Uranus, the planet known as the "Great
13/08/20238 minutes 25 seconds
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#279 - Weekly Energy Update for August 6, 2023: 8/8 Lions Gate Portal

We are currently living in a particularly intense and transformative period. This is the retrograde high season. There are currently four planets and Chiron retrograde, and now Mercury has entered its shadow period, preparing to go retrograde and join the party. Retrogrades direct our focus to the past and can be cosmic "grace periods" during which we can complete projects and other unfinished business. The prefix re- means to go back. Retrogrades are all about re-words. Old friends, lovers, and past issues may resurface providing an opportunity to reconnect or revise. Retrogrades can be used to resolve arguments, revisit ideas, or renew a commitment. Retrogrades can be highly beneficial. We finish projects, improve our style, let go of relationships that are not working for us, and heal our insecurities. The 8/8 Lions Gate on Wednesday helps with healing. The Lions Gate Portal is an annual astrological event that occurs between July 26th and August 12th,
06/08/20238 minutes 39 seconds
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#278 - Weekly Energy Update for July 30, 2023: Aquarius Full Moon

The month of August begins and ends with a supermoon. The Full Super Moon in Aquarius occurs on Tuesday, August 1st, while the Pisces Super Blue Full Moon occurs on August 30th. With two Full Moons in the same calendar month, August will be a time for letting go, clearing, and releasing. Everything that no longer resonates with us will be released, and there will be some empty spots in our lives by the end of the month. We also begin the month with Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron retrograde, and by the end of August, Mercury and Uranus will be retrograde as well. All of this retrograde energy has the potential to make us feel sluggish. We may feel as if we are going around in circles or that we need to redo things that we thought we had previously dealt with. And there won't be much we can do to speed things up. This month will be uncomfortable for those of us who are used to pushing through a
30/07/20238 minutes 15 seconds
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#277 - Weekly Energy Update for July 23, 2023: Leo Season, Venus & Chiron Retrograde

A lot is happening in the sky this weekend. Leo season began last night. When I say this year’s Leo season is going to be dramatic, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Leo Season started just 17 minutes after Venus went retrograde. And today Chiron goes retrograde. The Sun in Leo will make us feel more loving, positive, creative, and active. This is one of the most fun months of the year regardless of what the retrogrades bring because the Sun is in Leo, its favorite sign!    Like the Sun, Leos radiate their personalities out into the world and now is the time for all of us to do the same. Leo season is all about owning yourself, being yourself, and expressing yourself. This Leo Season is particularly important because of the increasing number of planets becoming retrograde. During Leo Season Venus and Chiron will both station retrograde.  Venus Retrograde can have a significant impact on our lives and hearts, especially since it's in Leo, the sign of the heart.
23/07/202310 minutes 57 seconds
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#276 - Weekly Energy Update for July 16, 2023: New Moon in Cancer

A brand-new chapter is beginning with the new moon in Cancer on Monday, July 17. But this isn’t the only new beginning energy this week. Just a few hours after the new moon, the lunar nodes, also known as the North Node of Destiny and the South Node of Fate will move to the Aries-Libra axis until January 2025.  Our lives are on an emotional roller coaster thanks to this new moon. Cancer reminds us to slow down, be patient, and feel. This new moon is all about slowing down long enough to feel the emotions we have conveniently avoided until now in order to heal.   This week we want rest and solitude so we can feel all the emotions that come up. There are major changes coming, and in order to move forward, we must first process the past, which takes time. The New Moon on the same day that the lunar nodes change signs makes this a very powerful and life-defining time. The new moon is the start of a new emotional journey in life while the lunar nodes push us toward o
16/07/202310 minutes 15 seconds
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#275 - Weekly Energy Update for July 9, 2023: Pitta Dosha, Mars in Virgo, and Mercury in Leo

Four of the warmest days on record for our planet occurred this week. All this heat affects our energy, especially our Ayurvedic Pitta Dosha. Pitta, our internal fire, is amplified by heat, which can upset the pitta's delicate balance. When it's out of balance, it might manifest as burnout, irritation, anxiety, and even anger. It can also cause rashes, heartburn, and hot flashes. Eating sweet, juicy fruits like melons and peaches can help us balance our Pitta, which is vital for our physical and mental wellness. Limit foods that are spicy, salty, greasy, and fried. The good news is that dairy soothes pitta. Eat the ice cream! Although the hard-working, get things done, and give our lives some structure energy from the fantastic Full Moon last week is still with us, there are a few energy shifts taking place this week. The first one occurs when Mars enters Virgo on Monday, July 10th. This transit brings a big boost of energy. We are more productive and feel more
09/07/20237 minutes 46 seconds
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#274 -Weekly Energy Update for July 2, 2023: Full Buck Moon in Capricorn

July begins with a Super Moon! It’s the first of three Super Moons in a row, the next two are in August. This is the Full Buck Moon and the first Full Moon of Summer. The full moon's energy depends on the sign it's in, and this one is in Capricorn. Full moons are all about letting go, whereas Capricorn is all about hard work and striving for success despite all obstacles. The energy of this Full Moon is about focusing on our careers, long-term goals, and our achievements. Capricorn Energy emphasizes responsibility and the need for structure. This moon is shining a spotlight on the places in our life where we need more structure. If we look at where we’ve been feeling stuck in our lives, that’s the place we can use more structure. This moon is truly a gift to help us get unstuck.  Keep in mind that we’re still in Cancer season. Cancer energy encourages us to stay home and rest which at first seems to clash with the active forward-moving, hard-working energy of Ca
02/07/20237 minutes 59 seconds
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273 - Overcoming People Pleasing with Heidi Gustafson

Do you try to please everyone? When you're young, being told to be nice, be a good girl, and put others before yourself can make you a people-pleaser. Saying yes to everything is a common trait among people pleasers, which may result in resentment and anger. Because they prioritize the wants and needs of others over their own, people pleasers lack self-awareness and don't know what they want or like.  In this podcast, Hypnotist and Mindset Coach Heidi Gustafson explains how trying to please other people can lead to perfectionism and living an unauthentic life. Learn how hypnosis is the best way to help you overcome people pleasing and live a more authentic life.  Heidi Gustafson is a Board-Certified Hypnotist and Mindset Coach, who teaches others the techniques and tools she used to go from being a people pleasing, procrastinating, perfectionist to a woman who sets healthy boundaries, knows what she values, and lives life by HER parameters, not by what her past or soci
28/06/202338 minutes 43 seconds
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#272 - Weekly Energy Update for June 25, 2023: Neptune Retrograde and July Numerology

Neptune, the planet of illusions and fantasy, goes retrograde in Pisces this week, helping us to understand ourselves and gain clarity. This is the perfect moment to reevaluate our lives and get clear about what we truly want. Since Neptune is the planet that can lead to confusion and uncertainty, when it goes retrograde, we experience clarity instead of confusion and uncertainty. If you’ve been struggling to see things clearly, the fog lifts over the following five months of Neptune's retrograde.  Neptune is the planet of spirituality, and its retrograde strengthens our intuition and connection to the universe. We may feel more drawn to mystical experiences, meditation, and spiritual practices. This is the time to attend a drumming circle, take a sound bath, or try something new to deepen your spirituality. Our creativity is at its peak during Neptune retrograde, especially when it comes to music, writing, and the arts. Now is the time to begin writing that boo
25/06/20239 minutes 48 seconds
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#271 - Summer 2023 Astrology Forecast with Deborah Norton

Astrologer Deborah Norton shares the summer 2023 astrological forecast in this podcast. Given that nine planets will be in retrograde by September, this summer is one of surrender. Over the next three months, 7 other planets will join Saturn and Pluto in their retrograde.  Deborah teaches how to work with the retrograde planets for our highest personal and spiritual growth. Find out how the retrograde motions of Neptune, Venus, Eris, Chiron, Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter will impact us this summer. Deborah helps you decipher your astrological chart to better understand yourself and have more control over your destiny. Deborah works closely with each client to create a customized astrology reading that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. Schedule an appointment with Deborah, sign up for her newsletter, and listen to her podcast Cosmic Disruption at Purchase the Astrology
20/06/202349 minutes 3 seconds
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#270 - Weekly Energy Update for June 18, 2023: Summer Solstice and Cancer Season

The Summer Solstice, on Wednesday, is the main event this week. For millennia, people have held celebrations, rituals, and gatherings in celebration of the summer solstice. Ancient civilizations erected buildings that coincide with the solstice, such as Stonehenge and Machu Picchu. The solstice is a time of renewal, growth, and abundance.  The summer solstice is a cosmic invitation to step into the spotlight of your own life. It’s a moment when the universe supports your personal growth and transformation.  This year's solstice is extraordinary due to a special connection between the sun and the north node of fate. These are two of the most crucial placements in astrology when it comes to fulfilling your life’s purpose. When the sun and north node align, as they will with 2023’s summer solstice, it’s a sign from the universe to bet on yourself. The solstice is also when the sun enters Cancer and the start of Cancer season. Cancer season brings nurturing, homebod
18/06/202311 minutes 42 seconds
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#269 - Weekly Energy Update for June 4, 2023: Sagittarius Full Moon and Venus in Leo

June is one of the most positive months of the year. The intense eclipse season and Mercury retrograde are behind us, so this month's energy shift brings in a new and exciting beginning to our next chapter. Since connections with others are a major feature this month, it is appropriate that June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, who was the patroness of marriage and love. June's energy links us to others in heart-centered ways since it straddles both the caring Cancer season and the sociable Gemini season. We want to socialize with others, spend time with friends, go on dates, and find love. On June 5th, when Venus, the planet of love, moves into the fire sign Leo, this love energy truly comes to life. This is the perfect energy for falling and being in love this summer. And we are still basking in the optimistic energy of Saturday night’s full moon in Sagittarius.  Full moons are a time of release. We’re releasing our outdated versions. We’re releas
04/06/202310 minutes 2 seconds
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#268 - Weekly Energy Update for May 28, 2023: Full Moon in Sagittarius

These final few days of May are special. The Sun crosses the star Aldebaran every year between May 28 and May 31. Aldebaran is one of the Four Royal Stars. The Royal Stars serve as both the guardians of the sky and gateways to higher realms of consciousness. When the Sun activates Aldebaran it sharpens our minds. This energy is sweet, sweet medicine for our mental health. We begin the abundant and happy month of June this week. According to numerology, June is a 4 universal month. A four month is about laying the groundwork for the future. We’re building the base and foundation for this next chapter of our life. On Saturday, June 3rd, we feel uplifted by a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is the last full moon of spring and it’s known as the Strawberry Moon. The Strawberry Moon is a symbol of good luck, happiness, and growth. And serves as a reminder that there will always be better days ahead no matter what difficulties we face in life. Sagittarius is an optimist
28/05/20238 minutes 54 seconds
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#267 - Weekly Energy Update for May 21, 2023: Gemini Season

Gemini season has arrived! Now we’re back to reality. Eclipse season is over making life a little more predictable and we begin to feel more optimistic. We're more outgoing and sociable and will want to go out with our friends and have fun.  Gemini is represented by the twins. The twins represent our body and soul, one twin being mortal and the other immortal. The immortal twin serves as a reminder that our soul is eternal and that we are spiritual beings, while the mortal twin serves as a reminder that life is fleeting and that we are here to enjoy a physical experience. To be our full selves, we must step fully into both. This Gemini season helps us bring the two into balance and restore our equilibrium after the wild ride we’ve experienced the past few months. Right now we need to lighten up and have fun to get back into balance. Geminis don’t take themselves too seriously. They love to laugh and have fun. It’s time to shake off the fuddy-duddy and welcome th
21/05/20238 minutes 18 seconds
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#266 - Weekly Energy Update for May 14, 2023: Jupiter in Taurus and New Moon in Taurus

This week marks a turning point. Mercury Retrograde ends on the 14th although we'll still be in the retroshade energy for the next couple of weeks. This space between Mercury retrograde and Mercury direct is the time to reflect on what’s happened over the past month. We are now processing what we have gone through. And as a result of all this processing, this is frequently a time when we make significant life choices. We get some help implementing these life-changing decisions when Jupiter, the planet of abundance and wisdom, enters Taurus for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter in Taurus helps things grow. Our new lives start to grow. We’re gradually moving into our new ways of being.  We could not possibly have better energy than this right now. This is the perfect moment to start new things, even if you are unsure about how they will pan out. This is a seed-planting moment. We are growing something beautiful and long-lasting.  Do you know what else is
14/05/20239 minutes 18 seconds
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#265 - Weekly Energy Update for May 7, 2023: Venus in Cancer Brings a Big Cosmic Dose of Gentleness

We've made it through the eclipses! But eclipse energy doesn’t end when the eclipse is over. It'll last for another couple of weeks. The powerful Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that happened on Friday was all about endings, closure, and life-altering events. All of these changes can be unsettling. What I love about the changes that happen during eclipse season is that they are fated. Destiny. Just knowing that whatever unexpected events have happened are meant to be might bring some peace of mind.  The good news is that starting on May 7th, when Venus, the planet that rules love, enters caring, sensitive Cancer, we begin to feel some relief. This transit just brings a big cosmic dose of gentleness. It is as though the universe is wrapping us up in a big spiritual blanket, giving us a forehead kiss, and tucking us into bed. This energy also brings the warm, fuzzy feeling of domestic bliss. You’ll want to light some candles, cook dinner at home, cuddle up to watch movie
07/05/20238 minutes 44 seconds
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#264 - Weekly Energy Update for April 30, 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

We begin the month of May in the thick of Eclipse Season. We had a powerful solar eclipse a few days ago, and this week on Friday, the 5th, there will be a lunar eclipse in Scorpio.  While a solar eclipse opens the door to new beginnings and change, a lunar eclipse helps us complete our shift to the new. Full Moon Eclipses bring endings, closure, and transformative events that move us from one state of consciousness to another.  This eclipse is an opportunity to create significant change in your life.  Lunar eclipses bring us information from out of nowhere. Some of the things you learn could catch you off guard. Not all of the information is bad.  It could provide you with the motivation and inspiration you need to make changes in your life. It’s also important to understand that everything is happening to move you forward. We’re getting an energetic push from the universe to move us out of stuck energy and old patterns. This eclipse is our opportunity to step
30/04/202310 minutes 38 seconds
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#263 - Weekly Energy Update for April 23, 2023: Eclipse Corridor & Mercury Retrograde

We are in the heart of the first eclipse season of the year, which began with the powerful solar eclipse last week and ends with a lunar eclipse next week.  Eclipses arrive in pairs and occur two weeks apart. This two-week period is eclipse season. And the period between the two eclipses is known as the eclipse corridor. We are currently in the eclipse corridor with mercury retrograde.  Mercury Retrograde can have the same disruptive and upsetting effects as eclipses. The two weeks in this eclipse corridor can be very challenging, and it might seem as though they go on forever.  Eclipses show us that after the dust settles, there truly is a lesson to be learned and a new path forward. Eclipses are not for intention setting and seed planting. They’re about surrender. Change is inevitable here. It’s happening. You can either fight it all the way, or you can surrender and allow the changes to move you forward. The eclipses and Mercury's retrograde make it ev
23/04/202310 minutes 12 seconds
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#262 - Weekly Energy Update for April 16, 2023: Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde

Everything changes this week. This week's events, including the New Moon Solar Eclipse, the beginning of Taurus season, and Mercury Retrograde, help us transition to our new lives and identities. Over the past six months, we've undergone some major internal and external changes, and now we're in the home stretch. This is a rare hybrid solar eclipse. Hybrid Eclipses only happen a few times a century and carry the energy of shifting between 2 worlds. This new moon is our gateway to a new reality. Doors will open, bringing even more new opportunities and new pathways. This is the second new moon in a row in Aries. Having two powerful new moons back to back in Aries makes this one more intense. To add to the excitement, this eclipse occurs at the final degree of Aries. Having such a powerful Eclipse on this highly charged point indicates a karmic event or destiny that is unfolding.  This eclipse carries so much "new beginning" energy that it has the power to dramati
16/04/202311 minutes 49 seconds
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#261 - Weekly Energy Update for April 9 2023: Sun Conjunct Jupiter

This week is the cherry on top of the important astrological chapter we've gone thru the past few months! The stars have aligned and on Tuesday, April 11th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, will be in a rare and powerful conjunction with the sun and which is known as a “Cazimi.” It is thought to be the luckiest day of the year when the Sun and Jupiter align, which happens only once a year. The Sun's alignment with Jupiter is known as "The Day of Miracles." Every time the sun and a planet align, a new cycle begins, making it a particularly special moment. This is a biggie!  Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, and the sun, which is the center of our solar system, are combining forces to begin a brand-new 12-year chapter in the sign of Aries.  Jupiter also governs over the higher mind and our quest for knowledge and wisdom. The Cazimi can lead to incredible psychological growth and knowing ourselves on a much deeper level. This is a time
09/04/20238 minutes 49 seconds
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#260 - Weekly Energy Update for April 2, 2023: Full Moon in Libra

Spring is here and we’re in the thick of Aries season. There’s a lot of excitement bubbling beneath the surface and we can't wait to get going. What a wonderful moment to be alive! We are in a brand-new chapter now that the big astrology shifts in March are behind us. The energy is fresh, shiny, and new. According to numerology, April is a #2 Universal Month.  A #2 month, also known as the “Two of Hearts,” is about partnership, balance, and harmony. It’s relationship time. A time to focus on your relationships, whether they be familial, romantic, or professional. The month begins with a Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday, April 5th. Full moons in Libra are pivotal moments for creating peace and harmony. Where do you feel unbalanced? Where in your life do you need greater harmony? Also in April, there's a moon total solar eclipse on April 20th. Then, on April 21st, Mercury enters retrograde after three months without any planets doing so. No need to panic because th
02/04/202310 minutes 13 seconds
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#259 - How to Interpret Dreams with Angela Shelby

Interpreting a dream is like getting a mini-life makeover. Dreams are a conversation between our conscious and unconscious minds that can provide insight into our soul's journey. The process of interpreting your dreams is broken down in this podcast with Dream Interpreter Angela Shelby. Angela emphasizes the importance of keeping a dream journal and getting a good dream book. Noticing recurring themes and patterns of numbers, feelings, and colors helps with understanding the meaning of your dreams. Angela also goes into detail about the meaning of common dreams like sex,  flying, and being naked. Angela Shelby is a Dream Interpreter and a Certified Quantum Touch Energy Healer who uses her psychic abilities to communicate with clients' bodies and spirit guides during sessions.  Learn more about Angela and her company Enlightened Energy Works at Abundology Podcast listeners can save 50%
30/03/202335 minutes 29 seconds
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#258 - Weekly Energy Update for March 26, 2023: Mars in Cancer

Welcome to the final week of March. This month has been fantastic for getting us aligned and moving forward, and now the energy is shifting slightly. Yesterday, Mars entered Cancer, giving us a much-needed change of pace. Mars asks us to slow down as it enters the wonderful, calming energy of Cancer. Our motivation may be slightly watered down. We won’t be feeling that super intense drive. Even though we’re still taking action and making progress, we’re doing so more softly and easily. The time is fabulous for developing your spiritual practice. Your spiritual practice serves as a constant reminder to you that you are a part of something far greater than yourself. A daily practice anchors you. It eases anxiety, depression, and stress. And because Mars is in Cancer at the moment, which can be emotional, we also need a bit more assistance with those things. It’s time for us to settle into our new identities, realities, and lives. Practice self-acceptance and self-
26/03/20239 minutes 17 seconds
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#257 - Spring Astrology Forecast with Astrologer Deborah Norton

In this podcast, Astrologer Deborah Norton shares what to expect this spring according to astrology. There is a lot of energy shifting this spring as the large planets shift signs. March is a pivotal month. Together with the Spring Equinox and the beginning of Aries Season, Saturn moves into Pisces and Pluto moves into Aquarius. A period of spiritual discipline is brought on by Saturn in Pisces. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish a committed spiritual practice that can result in new spiritual insights. Pluto is about deep transformation and uncovering what's hidden. Pluto's transit into Aquarius brings fresh energy and a chance to step into your power. Deborah discusses the changes you can anticipate in your life depending on the placement of Pluto in your natal chart, which is determined by your rising sign and the 12 houses. Deborah Norton is an Astrologer that helps clients find their superpower, make a love connection, and get their life togethe
20/03/202350 minutes 43 seconds
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#256 - Weekly Energy Update for March 19, 2023: Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

We have been preparing for this week all year. This week, everything changes. Monday, March 20th is the Spring Equinox and the start of Aries Season. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and the start of the astrological new year. This is "new year, new me," energy. We'll feel revitalized and confident. And the fresh start energy continues on Tuesday with a new moon in Aries. New moons are the cosmic resets of the astrological world. Because this New Moon occurs right after the Equinox and at the beginning of the astrological new year its energy is amplified! This is a powerful New Moon for new beginnings and manifestation work. Then comes the main event—not just for the week but for the entire year. Pluto, the planet of transformation, will enter Aquarius on Thursday, March 23, for the first time since 1798. Pluto changes signs only a few times in our lifetime so when it does, it is a major deal.  And when it does, it starts a brand new generational cycle. Plu
19/03/20239 minutes 54 seconds
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#255 - Weekly Energy Update for March 12, 2023: Jupiter and Chiron Conjunction

We’re halfway through March, the powerhouse month of 2023, the month when all the action happens. All the monumental shifts unfolding this month are laying the groundwork for a new evolution of our soul journey. We’re being elevated to the next level and the next chapter of our lives. Let's be clear: All of this transformation can be uncomfortable. It may reveal aspects about ourselves that we didn't know or that we have outgrown and need to let go of. As Jupiter and Chiron come together in a rare conjunction in the sign of Aries on March 12, we receive a little help to soothe and heal our discomfort. On average, Jupiter and Chiron only cross paths in Aries once every 50 years. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to confront and heal our identity wounds. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, and Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. When they come together this week, we get a blast of healing energy that touches every part of our being.
12/03/202311 minutes 22 seconds
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#254 - Fly Fishing and Mindfulness with Sue Kerver

Mindfulness and fly fishing go hand in hand. When you're fly fishing, you enter into a state that resembles meditation allowing you to be fully present. In this podcast, Fishing Guide Sue Kerver shares how fly fishing benefits the mind, body, and soul. Sue empowers women by teaching them to fly fish which builds confidence through self-mastery and connection.   Fly fishing is a deeply meaningful and spiritual activity. Spending some "me time" in nature helps you gain perspective on life and improves your ability to handle stress. Because fly fishing requires you to be highly focused, you are much less likely to worry or think about anything that might be stressing you out. Sue Kerver has long held a passion for service and helping others.  As an avid fly fisherwoman, an outdoor enthusiast, and a Coast Guard licensed Captain, Sue is on a mission to use her knowledge and personal experiences to help women become confident in the outdoor space.   In 2020, Sue attended Sweetwater Guide Sc
10/03/202323 minutes 59 seconds
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#253 - Weekly Energy Update for March 5, 2023: Full Moon in Virgo

Thanks to a Virgo Full Moon that occurs early Tuesday, March 7th, this week starts with some wonderful healing energy. This month's full moon will feel like a healing tonic made just for us to help us navigate all the changes taking place. It’s exactly what we need at this stage of our soul’s evolution. Health and healing are the themes around this Full Moon. Chiron, the wounded healer, and Jupiter, the planet of abundance, are highly active, amping up the healing energy and helping us move forward and leave the past behind. Less than an hour after the Full Moon, Saturn moves into Pisces. This is one of the biggest cosmic events of the year. For the first time in 30 years, Saturn, the planet of boundaries and reality moves into dreamy Pisces. This shift means it’s time to get serious about our dreams and potential. We’re taking off our rose-colored glasses and getting a reality check. We are more powerful than we think, which is a wake-up call for us. We are bei
05/03/20238 minutes 50 seconds
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#252 - Weekly Energy Update for February 26, 2023: March Energy Update

This March is a game-changer. We’ll feel like our lives are changing, on a personal and collective level. And that’s because they are. This month delivers some of the biggest and most significant cosmic events of the year including the transits of Saturn into Pisces, and Pluto into Aquarius, as well as the spring equinox, which marks the beginning of the astrological new year. These monumental shifts are paving the way for a new evolution of our soul journey. They are elevating us to the next level, opening new doors, closing old ones, and changing our states of consciousness. We’re being guided to level up. We may hit rock bottom and feel very uncomfortable just before a level-up. The parts of ourselves we dislike become front and center. This happens to make us so uncomfortable that we commit to making changes to our lives.  March is a 1 Universal Month. And that means a brand new numerology cycle begins. This is numerology energy for believing in yours
26/02/20239 minutes 4 seconds
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#251 - Weekly Energy Update for February 19, 2023: New Moon in Pisces

The first of the three months this year without a planet retrograde has passed. The New Moon in Pisces on Sunday, February 19th, fuels our forward momentum, which was initially a little slow to build. This new moon is a magically potent time to start something new. What you do with that fresh start, though, is all up to you. Pause for a moment to take stock of where you're at. What are you hoping to accomplish this year? What about next year? Allow yourself to dream big. Don’t think about being practical right now. Just dream, the biggest dream you can imagine. This is a very important new moon. The intentions you set and the actions you take now have repercussions for the next 3 years. Saturn will enter Pisces this lunar cycle, reactivating the same spot in the sky in which this new moon takes place. Saturn will stay in Pisces for the next three years and the actions we take and things we start to manifest now will have long-term effects on us and last for the next 3
19/02/20238 minutes 41 seconds
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#250 - Weekly Energy Update for February 12, 2023: Valentine’s Day and Pisces Season

This week is full of “drunk in love” energy. This is one of the best Valentine’s Days we’ve had in years. Venus is in Pisces right now, which is its favorite sign of all time, and love is in the air. Everyone will be in a romantic and sensual mood, and Valentine's Day has a sexy, sweet atmosphere. The conjunction of the love planet Venus and the dreamy planet Neptune amplifies the passion and romance even more. This is fairy tale romance energy! It doesn’t matter if you're rolling solo, have a crush, or are committed to a long-term partner, it's important to show yourself some love on Valentine's Day. This self-love vibe continues when Pisces Season begins on Saturday, February 18th, and runs until the March 20th Equinox, which marks the beginning of the astrological new year. This gives us an entire month to soak up the healing, loving energy of Pisces. You can count on your intuition to be heightened and sharp this month because Pisces is a highly intuitive si
12/02/202310 minutes 6 seconds
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#249 - Weekly Energy Update for February 5, 2023: Full Moon in Leo

Sunday, February 5th, welcomes a dramatic Full Moon in Leo. Astrologers consider the Leo Full Moon one of the most intense. Full moons are usually intense because they're a time of release, but this full moon is more intense because Leo is a fire sign and it brings a fiery energy to our hearts.  Leos love to be the center of attention; they are charming and playful, and they shine in the world with courage and confidence. This full moon gives us the chance to own our power. Under this Full Moon, there is no hiding. Own your life. Step into your power with confidence. Believe in yourself. The planet of change and the great awakener, Uranus, is opposed by this Moon. Uranus shakes things up to awaken us to a higher truth and understanding. It clears the way for what resonates with your soul and shakes free anything that doesn't. The Universe is likely to deliver a clear sign of what is no longer working in our life as a result of all this change energy from Uranus.
05/02/20238 minutes 33 seconds
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#248 - The Benefits of Equus Coaching with Sue Willoughby

Have you ever wondered how horses can help on your personal growth journey? Equus Coaching is an opportunity to experience self-discovery in the presence of a horse. In this podcast, Sue Willoughby, a Certified Equus Coach, shares her wisdom on how horses can help us trust and believe in ourselves. Since horses are prey animals, their only survival mechanism is raw instinct and being present in the moment. When horses interact with humans, we become part of their herd. They connect intuitively with us on a biological, emotional, and spiritual level and provide a clear reflection of our true inner being. Horses can sense our personal incongruence and help guide us to a state of grounded awareness. When we can align body, mind, and heart we learn to unravel the stories and break down the limiting beliefs that stand between us and our authentic selves. Sue Willoughby has had a heart connection to horses her entire life and is a Certified Equus Coach. She was
01/02/202333 minutes 26 seconds
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#247 - Weekly Energy Update for January 29, 2023

Love is in the air! For the first time in what feels like forever, we’re starting a month with no retrogrades. Now that all planets are direct and everything is a bit clearer, this is the time to think about where you want to go and who you want to be. Venus is in Pisces to launch these three months of magical forward motion. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and luxury, is at its most potent when it is in Pisces. This is the time to go all in on beauty, luxury, and love. The energy encourages us to embrace luxury and make our life more aesthetically pleasing, including our homes, our bodies, and our wardrobes. Luxury does not have to be expensive. Luxury has everything to do with how you feel and nothing to do with how much money you're spending. Find ways to add romance to your life with fresh flowers, watching romcoms, reading romance novels, or maybe a playlist of love songs. Make plans for Valentine’s Day now. In numerology, February 2023 is a 9 Uni
29/01/20239 minutes 6 seconds
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#246 - Weekly Energy Update for January 22, 2023

Happy Lunar New Year! 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit. The rabbit is the fourth animal sign in the Chinese zodiac and is known to be the luckiest of the 12 zodiac animals and symbolizes peace and longevity. The Lunar New Year represents new beginnings and the renewal of good health, happiness, and fortune. The year 2023 is predicted to be one of hope and optimism. Chinese Astrology also incorporates the five elements: Water, Metal, Wood, Earth, and Fire. The Water element represents sensitivity, intuition, and, in its most positive form, the way to inner peace. The Water Rabbit Year promises a period of rest and reflection after the dynamic Year of the Tiger. Some refer to 2023 as the "Year of the Black Rabbit" since the Yin Water element is related to the color black. This is a significant moment for new beginnings, especially in light of yesterday's Aquarius New Moon. That was the first new moon of 2023 and was very powerful for planning because it occurred in t
22/01/202310 minutes
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#245 - Weekly Energy Update for January 15, 2023

This is the week we’ve been patiently waiting for when we start planning, dreaming, and finally moving forward again! Both Mercury and Uranus end their retrogrades. Aquarius season starts and the new moon in Aquarius is perfect for setting intentions to launch us into the new year. All of this is building up to next Sunday's Lunar New Year. This week as Mercury goes direct and we enter Aquarius season, things begin to move again. The stagnancy we’ve been feeling begins to clear and we start to get our spark back. With the first new Moon of 2023 on January 21, this spark continues to grow and motivates us to completely embrace the future. New Moons are about fresh starts and hold the potential in which everything is possible. That is particularly true with this new moon. Anything and everything is possible this year! And with no planets retrograde for the next 3 months, we'll feel like we've been shot out of a cannon. We certainly want to get ready this we
15/01/20239 minutes 36 seconds
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#244 - Weekly Energy Update for January 8, 2023

The month and the year get off to a slow start with Mars, Mercury, and Uranus currently retrograde slowing us down. These retrograde planets give us a couple of bonus weeks to think thru our future and get clear about what we want. Mercury retrograde asks us to rethink, redo, and revise and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now.  The wonderful news this week is that on January 12th, Mars will finally finish its retrograde and turn direct. Mars retrogrades are frustrating. And this one has been especially frustrating since it’s happening in Gemini. Like Mars, the planet of action and ambition, Gemini likes to move fast. We’ve had to slow down and get used to not feeling like we're making progress. When Mars' retrograde ends, we begin to get some of the missing energy and drive back. Our goals and plans become clearer. We all want to get moving quickly coming out of this retrograde but may not see movement happen
08/01/20237 minutes 36 seconds
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#243 - Weekly Energy Update for January 1, 2023

2023 is a 7 Universal Year. In numerology, all years have a number that tells us the theme or energy of the year. This energy is felt by everyone on the planet.  The energy of the 7 is all about diving inward. Its focus is on spiritual and personal growth and evolution. To make the most of this 7 year, we want to slow down. Think of 2023 as a sabbatical or a retreat. This is an important year to take a collective pause as we prepare for a massive reset. Starting in 2024, we will enter a three-year “push” time of global transition and transformation. The energy of 7 asks us to go inward, slow down, and sit with ourselves. To study, analyze, ask questions, and peel our personal “onions.” Our shadows emerge as we reflect on these larger questions of life providing us with the chance to heal before continuing. The first full moon of the year happens this week on Friday, January 6. This Full Moon in Cancer is a goo
01/01/202312 minutes 32 seconds
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#242 - Weekly Energy Update for December 25, 2022

This week is a gift from the universe. It's one of those times we dream about where all we have to do is relax and rest. We are now at the turning point of a new year, a new energy, and a new chapter of our life after the New Moon on Friday served as a window to look into our future. This week is our opportunity to sit down with our intentions, goals, and dreams for the year ahead.  However, you'll note that I didn't suggest that the moment to act is now because it isn't. Mercury goes retrograde for the final time this year on Wednesday, December 28. Mercury is the planet of thought and communication, so when it goes retrograde, we often feel foggy and confused.  Mercury Retrograde is something that many people dread, yet it's important to honor it as a natural rhythm and cycle of the Universe.  Mercury is regarded as the Messenger of the Gods, therefore when we encounter hiccups and mix-ups while it is retrograde, it is frequently a higher message for us. <
25/12/20225 minutes 50 seconds
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#241 - 2023 Astrology Forecast with Deborah Norton

Astrologer Deborah Norton breaks down what to expect in 2023 according to astrology. Mercury and Mars will be in retrograde at the beginning of 2023, which slows down our forward progress. Mars serves as our engine and propels us forward. When Mars is retrograde we feel lethargic. On January 12, when Mars Retrograde ends, we'll finally start to move forward and feel productive again. When Saturn enters Pisces and Pluto enters Aquarius in March, there are significant energy shifts that take place. These are important changes that help us clarify our religious and spiritual beliefs and may even lead to a collective spiritual awakening.  We have nearly three months in 2023 without any planets going retrograde. There are no planets in retrograde from January 23 to April 21 and this helps us make huge forward progress in life. But when eight planets turn retrograde from the end of August through mid-September, progress slows down. This year, we should expect signific
21/12/202243 minutes 46 seconds
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#240 - Weekly Energy Update for December 18, 2022

We begin a brand-new chapter this week with more clarity and a down-to-earth game plan. On December 20, Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, leaves the dreamy sign of Pisces and enters Aries, where it will remain for most of 2023. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, starts a new twelve-year cycle when it enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This big shift brings new beginnings and a sense of urgency to move forward.  Even though we may feel this internal push to move forward, the time isn't quite right because Mars is currently retrograde and Mercury will turn retrograde at the end of the month. Our brand-new start is being slowed down by the retrograde motion of these two planets. Our goals are in a state of flux right now, and it's challenging to find something or someone to inspire you to get moving. Even though you may feel like you "should," you simply won't be able to push yourself to move forward.  The Winter Solstice, whi
18/12/202211 minutes 27 seconds
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#239 - Weekly Energy Update for December 11, 2022

The fact that Monday is the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the year is highly significant in numerology and spirituality. The number 12 is considered a master number and is connected to self-awakening and spiritual enlightenment. Twelve also has to do with completion. It signifies the end of one cycle and the start of another. It means that something is coming to an end and that a new beginning is just around the corner. The future is starting to bubble up.  We're finally moving into our life purpose and reason for being. COVID  woke us up, and now that we've had time to assimilate those changes, we're finally prepared to step into higher, more connected versions of ourselves... and move on. And right now is the time to think about what's next. This time could be called The Fertile Void. The fertile void can be described as an experience where “meaning-making ceases and being begins." It could feel like an empty, hollow feeling or a lack of meaning in life.
11/12/20228 minutes 33 seconds
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#238 - Weekly Energy Update for December 4, 2022

The final Full Moon of 2022 has arrived. There will be a Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, December 7th at 11:08 p.m. ET and 8:08 p.m. PT. Full moons are about endings and are the perfect time for reflecting and since this full moon is the last one of the year we’re reflecting on the past year. Instead of jumping into the next new thing, this is the time to reflect on what you have done, where you have been, and how you have spent this year. How have you changed since the beginning of 2022? This Full Moon is accompanied by some heated and charged energies, largely due to the presence of Mars, whose conjunction with the Moon and present retrograde amplifies its energy.  Mars is the planet of motivation, action, and energy. While in retrograde, we reevaluate our motivations and actions and question why we do the things that we do. This Full Moon is highlighting what is worth spending our energy on and what needs to be released. Neptune is another planet act
04/12/202211 minutes
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#237 - Weekly Energy Update for November 27, 2022

As hard as it is to believe, the final month of 2022 has arrived. December is arguably one of the most chaotic — but also completely magical — months of the year. Until December 21st, we are in joyful Sagittarius season. Sagittarius which is ruled by go-big-or-go-home Jupiter is optimistic, adventurous, and capable of making even the most mundane moment a bit more entertaining and enjoyable According to Numerology, December 2022 is a 9 Universal Month. Nine is the last number in the Numerology Cycle. Because this is the last month of the year and the last number in the numerology cycle, this month is about closure and holds very, very valuable lessons about letting go. The purpose of this 9-month is to free you -- to free up your time, your attention, and your life-force energy so that you can focus on the true purpose of your life. Anything that leaves your life this month is not in service of that, so let it go willingly and easily.  The first few weeks
27/11/20229 minutes 53 seconds
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#236 - Weekly Energy Update for November 20, 2022

I think it's safe to say that we're all ready for a shift in energy after a long, emotional past month. On Tuesday, November 22, we start the fun-loving, adventurous Sagittarius Season, which causes us to shift emotional gears this week.  The vibe right now is so much chiller than it’s been in the past few months. We’re enjoying the good life, whatever that means to you. It could be travel and partying to the crack of dawn or staying home cooking and playing board games with your favorite people. The theme this month is to embrace the good life. This year, Sagittarius Season kicks off with an optimistic new moon on Wednesday, November 23, making it the ideal time to manifest and plant seeds for the coming weeks. This new Moon is an opportunity to step away from your fear and consider the best-case scenario.  What if everything works out?  On this new Moon, Jupiter is stationing direct and forming a trine with the Moon and Sun. This is a very fortunate alignment.
20/11/202210 minutes 19 seconds
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#235 - Weekly Energy Update for November 13, 2022

We’re on the other side of those life-changing eclipses and the energy settles down as we move into healing mode this week. Our spirits soar as the energy for the remainder of the month gradually lightens up. A Grand Water Trine, which is currently in effect, brings profound healing and balances the intensity of the previous month. This Grand Water Trine includes a total of seven astrological influences that form a sacred geometry triangle above us in the sky. The energy of this Grand Trine is magical and cleansing. When there is an abundance of water energy like this, intuition is typically off the charts. Expect plenty of psychic revelations and precognitive dreams. We get additional help healing and lightening up when Venus and Mercury move into Sagittarius this week. Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius ask us to fall in love with life again. There is a sense that life is on your side. Dream big and have hope.  This week, things start to change. We surviv
13/11/20229 minutes 13 seconds
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#234 -Weeky Energy Update for November 6, 2022

There will be plenty of surprises, lightning-quick endings, and cosmic twists of fate during Tuesday, November 8's Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon in Taurus. Events like this don't happen every day, every year, or even every decade. This lunar eclipse occurs on the same day as the midterm elections. It is more powerful than a typical eclipse. This eclipse propels us toward the future at the speed of light revealing startling truths that shake up the very foundations on which we have built our lives. This is taking place both collectively and individually. The result is a huge shift in both our personal and societal value systems, as well as in our understanding of money, love, and relationships. We are letting go of old attachments, old identities, and outdated ways of being. We get clarity and understand things more deeply than we ever have before. We will feel the effects of this eclipse for the next six months. The energy of the cosmos is calling us to release
06/11/202210 minutes 42 seconds
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#233 - Manifesting Love and Money: How to Start

Are you ready to attract love or money? Let's get started! In this fun podcast, Addie Beall discusses her journey to manifesting one million dollars, and Renee Spears shares about attracting her soulmate. They both agree that the first step is allowing yourself to dream big and go all in on life. Renee and Addie discuss the importance of committing to yourself and aligning your energy with your goal. There are several powerful strategies to align your energy including planning, visualization, meditation, and manifesting with a group of people committed to the same goal. When limiting beliefs arise, simply Whac-A-Mole those suckers and keep moving forward. Learn more about Addie and join her journey to manifesting a million dollars at Join Renee's Calling in The One Women's Power Circle at
04/11/202242 minutes 11 seconds
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#232 - Weekly Energy Update for October 30, 2022

Eclipse season is currently in full swing. The universe takes control during eclipse season and transforms your life. An eclipse helps you get back on track and turns your life in the right direction if you've strayed from it. This year, the energy is much stronger than usual for this time of year. Halloween falls on a cross-quarter day, meaning it’s the midpoint between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.  On October 31, the moon also moves into its first quarter phase. First-quarter moons occur every month, but this one is especially significant because it occurs on the exact lunar midpoint between the approaching lunar eclipse on November 8 and the recent solar eclipse on October 25. This first-quarter moon is going to activate the energies of the current eclipse cycle and may stir up any difficulties from last week’s solar eclipse or foreshadow some of the breakthroughs that will occur during the lunar eclipse next week. November 2022 is an 8 Univers
30/10/20229 minutes 57 seconds
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#231 - Weekly Energy Update for October 23, 2022

Ready or not, change is coming! The sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, October 23, bringing with it the start of the Scorpio season that lasts until November 22. Scorpio season is famously known as a time of transformation and change — it's a sign that's meant for rebirth and reimagining. Our lives are about to undergo huge transformations. Scorpio is no stranger to change and transformation but coupled with the new moon and solar eclipse both in Scorpio on Tuesday, October 25, we're on the verge of a major shift that can radically alter the course of our life. This new Moon and solar eclipse bring fated events, speed up timelines, and mark the beginning of a new chapter. Additionally, because it's infused with Scorpio energy, it’s also about releasing, surrendering, and metaphorical dying. Like all great things, this eclipse will be both a beginning and an ending. It serves as a reminder that before we can move forward, we must let go of the things that are holding
23/10/20229 minutes 20 seconds
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#230 - Weekly Energy Update for October 16, 2022

This week we're transitioning from the healing energy of the full moon last week to the huge changes that are about to occur. Scorpio and Eclipse seasons both begin next week. These, together with Mars going retrograde will bring a significant energy shift. The remainder of the year will be intense and full of changes. Think of this week as the calm before the storm. Prepare for what is to come by asking yourself what you need, and then give it to yourself.   Our Sun will be in alignment with the star Arcturus for the next three days. Arcturus is about 25 times bigger than our Sun and will be beaming down on us the energies of prosperity, abundance, and psychic powers. Arcturus is also believed to be home to an advanced alien race that’s all about love and compassion.  Venus will line up with the Sun on Saturday, October 22. This is known as the Venus Star Point energy and shifts Venus from a morning star into an evening star. When Venus is a morning star, the l
16/10/20228 minutes 18 seconds
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#229 - How Botanicals Can Help You Heal with Katherine Clancy

Aromatherapist and Botanical Perfumer Katherine Clancy shares her expert knowledge of botanicals in this educational podcast. Katherine explains how botanical perfumes are different than essential oils and how using them can help us change habits and feel a sense of peace and confidence. Perfumes capture the essence of plants and the subtle energies of nature to bring harmony to our lives. Botanicals are high-impact low-cost products that can relieve pain, anxiety, or lack of motivation to help you reach the next step in your healing journey. They not only have healing qualities but also smell delicious! Katherine Clancy is a National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Certified Professional Aromatherapist, trained perfumer, and environmental scientist.  She has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2009.  Her business, Meet the Herb Halfway, specializes in natural solid perfumes.  Katherine Clancy combines modern extraction with ancient infusion techniques
13/10/202231 minutes 21 seconds
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#228 - Weekly Energy Update for October 9, 2022

Tonight's Full Hunter's Moon in Aries is happening alongside the Orionid meteor shower. With both a full moon and shooting stars lighting up the sky, this is the time to wish upon a star, and anything your heart desires will come to you. This Full moon brings healing. However, this healing doesn’t come in a neatly wrapped package; rather, it comes from reaching the point where there is nothing left to do but surrender. This is the energy we experience when we hit our limits and just can't continue the way we have been. As challenging as this is, it also brings with it the healing magic of surrender, most of which is attributed to the asteroid Chiron, which joins forces with this Full Moon. Chiron promises healing, not from trying to fix,
09/10/202210 minutes 4 seconds
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#227 - Weekly Energy Update for October 2, 2022

October 2022 is a 7 Universal Month in numerology. As the year closes out, this month moves in to slow us all down. We’ve come a long way this year, October is our month to rest, reflect and recharge. This is a pivotal time in the year. Even so, it might not actually feel like it, because the number 7 tends to do its work on the inside and impacts your spiritual wellbeing. This month is all about spiritual and personal growth. The energy supports real soul-searching, and not just because it's a fun way to pass the time! Finding your purpose (or at least starting to seek it) is the foundation upon which everything else in your life stands. Once you know your purpose, everything else in life falls into place. The astrology for October is the most dramatic of 2022. We've had six planets in retrograde, and this month Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto all station direct. We also have a solar eclipse, Mars in retrograde, a square between Saturn and Uranus, and Halloween.
02/10/202210 minutes 49 seconds
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#226 - How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Caelan Huntress

Feeling like an imposter is a natural part of growth. In this episode, Business Coach Caelan Huntress discusses ways to deal with imposter syndrome utilizing the law of attraction and principles of manifestation, such as acting as if and being unattached to the outcome. The gap between who you are and who you want to be is imposter syndrome. Filling that gap feels inauthentic, therefore the key is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Don't let imposter syndrome drive. Befriend and work with it. Imposter syndrome is proof you're growing! Caelan Huntress is an American digital nomad living in New Zealand and has spent ten years running an online business while traveling the world with his young family. Caelan is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and business coach, who started his career as an acrobat in the circus. His skills as a theatrical performer and marketing strategist combine to make compelling virtual experiences. As the Creative Director of Stellar Platforms, a
28/09/202230 minutes 50 seconds
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#225 - Weekly Energy Update for September 25, 2022

A magnificent new moon in Libra occurs on Sunday, September 25. This is the first lunar event of fall and it's not your average new moon in Libra. There are six planets currently in retrograde. And this is the closest that Jupiter will get to earth in our lifetime. It hasn’t been this close since 1951. And it won’t be this close again until 2129, which is 107 years from now. Because Jupiter is so close, this new moon is funneling down success, good luck, and happiness. Do you know those moments when everything just feels a little brighter? This is one of them. Everything will seem to fall in place. Go ahead and bask in this feeling. Enjoy all the abundance coming your way. Jupiter is highlighting all of the aspects of this new moon that are associated with partnerships, balance, and the beginning of new chapters.  Hopeless romantics are in luck right now, this is your time. It's a terrific time to work on improving your relationships and embrace love because new
25/09/20229 minutes 56 seconds
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#224 - Fall 2022 Astrology Forecast with Deborah Norton

Astrologer Deborah Norton breaks down what to expect this fall according to astrology. Deborah starts with the week of 9/19 which features a beautiful trine in the earth signs of Pluto, Uranus, and Venus. The sweet energy of Venus which is about our values and self-worth combined with the deepness of Pluto and the inspiration and epiphanies of Uranus result in a week when we can release old trauma. There are currently 6 planets in retrograde. This time is all about the RE words; rehashing, remembering, refreshing.  Pay attention to the messages you're getting from your guides. They're sharing important information now. We're entering the fall season of letting go. It's OK to let everything go and relax into this time. Deborah shares how the last hit of the Pluto return of our country in December and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in October may affect the midterms. More information will come to light. Something is going to pop! We also go down the woo-woo r
20/09/202232 minutes 24 seconds
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#223 - Weekly Energy Update for September 18, 2022

Fall officially begins this week on Thursday, September 22. The Fall Equinox is a moment of stillness before the Earth shifts directions. This sacred day of equal parts light and dark allows our past and future to merge in the present. The Northern Hemisphere has been titled closest to the sun for the past six months. The equinox brings this chapter to a close. Spring and summer are about outward movement. Fall is a slower pace, a time of going inward. Spring and summer are about doing. Fall and winter are more about just being. The Equinox coincides with the start of Libra Season, a sign of the zodiac that is strongly connected to finding our balance. Libras work hard to achieve harmony and balance in all areas of their lives. Libra season highlights where we are out of balance, especially imbalances in relationships. When we’re in Libra season, we're more aware of the state of our one-on-one relationships. Relationships are often our greatest teachers. We need them to thriv
18/09/202210 minutes 32 seconds
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#222 - Weekly Energy Update for September 11, 2022

The Full Harvest Moon occurred yesterday in Pisces while we are still in the Virgo season. On the zodiac wheel, Virgo and Pisces are in opposition to one another and help us achieve balance. Virgo is practical and grounded earth energy focusing more on the details of life. In contrast, the water sign of Pisces is concerned with spiritual matters. Pisces teaches Virgo about all that is unseen and only felt on a spiritual level, and Virgo teaches Pisces about the value of organizing life on a practical level. They find complete balance when the spiritual is integrated into our practical lives. Additionally, Pisces' ruling planet Neptune and this full moon are conjunct. We can better appreciate the idea of living in flow thanks to Pisces and Neptune. Starting from the concept that flow already is.  We simply have to drop ourselves into it, like a field of energy that we are suspended above, and allow life to carry us in the direction it chooses.  This is where the
11/09/202211 minutes 48 seconds
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#221 - Weekly Energy Update for September 4, 2022

September starts big with both Mercury going Retrograde and the Full Harvest Moon this week! Mercury Retrograde will bring up things we have hidden away or chosen to forget and allows us to deal with and release them including outdated beliefs and relationship imbalances. Now is the perfect time to rebalance our lives, especially in terms of meditation, inner peace, and spirituality. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, and right now we’re getting messages everywhere. If you find yourself dealing with tech issues or travel delays, pay attention to what Mercury may be trying to tell you. Then look for the beauty in the situation.  On September 10th, there will be a full moon in Pisces. The full Moon that happens nearest to the fall equinox always takes on the name "Harvest Moon." Unlike other full Moons, this full Moon rises at nearly the same time—around sunset—for several evenings in a row, giving farmers more evenings of moonlight to finish their harvests bef
04/09/202212 minutes 9 seconds
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#220 - Weekly Energy Update for August 21 and 28, 2022

Virgo season starts on Monday, August 22nd, and brings major going-back-to-school vibes. Virgo season is all about leaning into practical routines, healthy habits, getting organized, and taking action to move into our new lives and embody the realizations we had during the Lion’s Gate Portal. Virgo is also the ruler of the sixth house which is about health and daily routines. This is the ideal time to shake off the indulgences of summer and return to our healthy habits and spiritual routines. Start managing your energy for fall. How do you want to BE this year? This is the perfect time to begin if you wish to live in the flow of universal energy and be at peace, calm, and present. Virgo season is one of the most relaxing zodiac seasons and asks us to not only take care of ourselves but to examine our routines and make adjustments where need be—it's all about peace and growth this go-around. We get extra help with this on Saturday, August 27th with a New Moon in
21/08/202210 minutes 24 seconds
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#219 - Weekly Energy Update for August 14, 2022

All of us are going through some form of upgrade and up-leveling after all the changes in our lives over the past few weeks. We're reinventing ourselves. We integrate and absorb all those changes this week. We’ve essentially been rebooted and it’s time for a new beginning. We get help from August 2022 numerology. The vibration of August 2022, which is a 5 universal month, is one of freedom and transformation. It's the spiritual powerhouse of 2022—packed with upgrades, breakthroughs, activations, and downloads. Mars enters Gemini on Saturday, August 20, and we start moving forward with our new lives. There will be a noticeable energy shift when this happens. Things are going to pick up speed and energy. Mars is fire and action, and when it enters Gemini, we are being asked to change the way we think. We must adopt a brand-new style of thinking to fit our new way of being.  We change our lives by changing our thoughts and words. Words carry a vibration. The words
14/08/20229 minutes 28 seconds
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#218 - Weekly Energy Update for August 7, 2022

We welcome the potent energies of the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal this week. This portal is incredibly powerful because it combines the numerology of 8-8, the Sun in Leo the Lion, and the rising of the star Sirius. This Lion's Gate opens a portal that essentially, showers our planet with an abundance of positive energy and potential for creativity and growth. The energy of Sirius, also known as the "spiritual sun," has been known for thousands of years to be synonymous with the energy of abundance and part of what makes this day so powerful.  The significance of the number eight is another. Eight is one of numerology's luckiest numbers and is believed to bring good fortune. This day has a lot of auspicious energy because it falls on the eighth day of the 8th month and is considered the ultimate cosmic alignment. The number's connection to wealth, abundance, success, and prosperity makes this a very potent time for spiritual growth and manifesting. It helps us to step
07/08/20229 minutes 52 seconds
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#217 - Weekly Energy Update for July 31, 2022

The energy has been building and we’ve been preparing all summer for the very rare and unusual Mars, Uranus, and North Node conjunction happening on Sunday, July 31, and Monday, August 1. Everything is influx. This is a holy shit the world is changing moment! This is also our chance to make a Quantum Leap forward. The North Node represents where we're headed, our soul's purpose. Radical change, awakening, and reinvention are all happening right now. We can take comfort in the fact that all this change is destined to happen.  We're refreshing our soul GPS to get back on track with the reason we came this lifetime. If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to take a new path, expect this transit to bring it. Taurus helps us best deal with these changes. Think nature and trees. Get outside. Go barefoot in the grass. Eat natural things like fruit and veggies and slow down. Give yourself some time to reflect. It's also OK if you need to take a break from life
31/07/20228 minutes 33 seconds
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#216 - Weekly Energy Update for July 24, 2022

This week, on Thursday, July 28, we get one of the most lovely new moons of the year. This new moon is extremely lucky and filled with positive energy. Because this new moon is in Leo, its vibes are all about going big, letting go of our fears, and being prepared to stand tall in our power. This new moon helps us to embody the most fabulous versions of ourselves and allow our goals to take center stage. As we move forward with complete faith in ourselves to make magical shit happen, we'll feel full of confidence and ready to think beyond what we previously believed was possible. This is one of the best times of the year to set intentions. Leo energy wants to be the best and shine the brightest and is willing to work hard until it reaches the top, so now is not the time to doubt yourself or your abilities. This new moon reminds us of the importance of believing in our unlimited potential. If you had no limitations whatsoever, what would you want? All of this is l
24/07/20228 minutes 5 seconds
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#215 - Weekly Energy Update for July 17, 2022

This week marks the end of Cancer Season and the beginning of passionate, upbeat Leo Season. We are entering a season ruled by one of the most optimistic signs in the zodiac. The sun rules Leo and is in charge of identity, self-image, and confidence. It's a fixed fire sign that's all about standing in your power and finding the positive in any situation. Leo season brings a big boost to our confidence and optimism. While the sun is in Leo, we’re going to feel more empowered, action-oriented, and self-assured than usual. It's a time of year that can make you feel unstoppable. Focus on building confidence this month. Confidence is one of the most important qualities we can develop. Confident people lead happier lives. We’re getting an opportunity to believe in ourselves and know that no matter what happens in the outer world that our inner world will be fine and we can handle anything put in our path. This boost in confidence gets us ready for the important Mars,
17/07/20229 minutes 55 seconds
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#214 - Weekly Energy Update for July 10, 2022

The biggest supermoon of 2022 occurs this week. The Buck Moon or Thunder Moon is the name of the full moon that occurs on Wednesday, July 13. This full Moon is powerful AF. Full moons shed light on what's hidden, they shed light on our deepest desires. It's shining a spotlight on everything you've been denying or brushing under the rug because it's the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year. Everything happening this week wakes us up to realize what we really want in life. The moment is perfect to make big changes. Incredible transformations are happening. These are profound, fated changes to our soul's path. This full moon in Capricorn is the perfect time to set mid-year resolutions. It encourages us to think big-big picture. Capricorn is all about perseverance and productivity. We're going to want to take our future more seriously. These vibes are all about pulling yourself up through good ol' fashioned hard work.  Full moons are thought of as a time for
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#213 - Weekly Energy Update for July 3, 2022

July offers us an opportunity to take our lives from ordinary to extraordinary. According to Numerology, July is a 4 universal month. This #4 month, we are connecting with divine alchemy. Alchemy is the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. This month we are the Alchemists of our life. We get the opportunity to turn our lives into something extraordinary.  We get help doing this on Tuesday, July 5th,  when Mars, the planet of action, ambition, and desire leaves its all-time favorite spot in Aries and enters into chill Taurus, where it'll stay until August 20. Mars doesn't exactly love hanging out in Taurus, mainly because the sign moves a bit too slow. Mars loves to go for it full tilt, but in Taurus, we are reminded that sometimes the best way to speed up is to slow down. Taurus is very hardworking but also knows the best way to do your sacred work is from the place of a full cup. This transit comes to remind us to te
03/07/202210 minutes 16 seconds
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#212 - Weekly Energy Update for June, 26, 2022

On Tuesday, June 28th, we have the first new moon of the summer in Cancer. New moons are about beginnings and this new moon blesses us with a clean slate for the next month. We are setting a new foundation and it's important to get our energy straight before we set the new goals that take us into fall. In general, Cancer new moons are the time for self-reflective practices like meditation, journaling, doing a ritual with your tarot cards or crystals, or even just carving out time to connect with your important people. Cancer is the sign of the home so anything domestic will bring you a sense of comfort and security. Cooking a favorite meal, tending to your plant babies, or sprucing up your home will all help ground you. Every year, between July 3 and July 7, Sirius and the Sun align. This is a powerful energy that has a significant effect on our planet. This is a particularly potent period when significant changes within us happen. Expect some HUGE aha moments.<
26/06/20229 minutes 1 second
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#211 - Weekly Energy Update for June 19, 2022

Finally, summer has arrived! Summer officially begins on Tuesday, June 21 with the summer solstice. The summer solstice celebrates the return of light and serves as a reminder of the light that resides inside each of us. It has to do with awakening and becoming enlightened. In the same way the solstice marks the start of summer, it also represents a time to look forward to what’s to come. It’s an energetically charged day that starts a new chapter and is a powerful time to set intentions for the remainder of the year. The solstice signifies a complete energetic reset because it falls on the first day of the Cancer Season. The energy of Cancer is new, fresh, and initiating because it is the first cardinal sign and the first water sign of the zodiac. It is a crucial time in our astrological year. It is a resetting of the collective's overall energy. We'll want to spend more time at home and strengthen our bonds with our families during Cancer season. Since the beg
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#210 - Summer Solstice Astrology with Deborah Norton

Astrologer Deborah Norton breaks down what to expect this summer according to astrology. This summer is life-changing. Our destiny is activated when Uranus conjuncts the North Node in Taurus. This is a time for fated awakenings. Uranus surprises us and can change our lives in unexpected ways. This summer we get the opportunity to get unstuck, move out of our comfort zone, and make forward progress. Jupiter in Aries helps us focus on what we want to create. Follow your instincts and go for what you want. Take the leap of faith. The universe has your back.  Deborah also talks about how we can see Astrology in action with the recent flooding in Yellowstone and the January 6th Congressional Hearings.  Deborah Norton is an Astrologer that helps clients find their superpower, make a love connection, and get their life together. Deborah translates your astrology chart into plain English so you can gain clarity and move forward in life. Learn more about Deborah
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#209 - Time Bending: How to Create More Time with Addie Beall

What is the key to having an endless supply of time? The ability of spacetime to be bent is discussed by Einstein and quantum physicists. Just as we can move in all directions in space, we can do the same thing with time. One can physically bend time to make more of it. In this episode, Addie and Renee discuss the concept of time bending and how we create the amount of time in our lives. Being present and living in the flow are the keys. Whenever you hurry or feel you have too much to do, you are vibrating in scarcity and blocking the flow of everything abundant, including time.  Discover that how you talk and think about time has a direct impact on how much of it you have.  Addie Beall aka Slayer of Namaslayer is a Spiritual Weight Loss Guide, Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor, and Heartsing Podcast Host.  Learn more about Addie at Listen to the Planning Your Summer Salad with Renee Spear
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#208 - Weekly Energy Update for June 12, 2022

On Tuesday, the 14th, we welcome a lovely Full Strawberry Super Moon. Full moons are illuminating.  Their energy helps us in releasing things that no longer serve us and seeing situations in fresh ways. Because this is the last full moon of the spring season, it has a strong releasing energy that encourages us to clear our slates in preparation for the Summer Solstice next week.  Working with the full moon's energy helps us to align with nature's cycles and use that energy to our advantage. This full moon is a good time to reflect on what we've accomplished and learned so far this year. This is a week to celebrate our progress and growth as we prepare for the summer's new adventures. This Strawberry Moon is magical because it reminds us that life can be sweet. It's the rainbow that finally emerges after the eclipse season storm.  The sun is shining, the Strawberry Moon is rising, and life is full of promise. This full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, and it h
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#207 - Weekly Energy Update for June 5, 2022

June is a #3 Universal Month. The number 3 is connected with creativity and social activity. June will be a very busy month. May was a month for self-reflection and soul-searching, and now June is the time for fun. Keep an eye out for fun. Make plans to have some fun! It's important to remember that our thoughts shape our reality. Do you want to experience what it's like to have to work hard in order to succeed and make money? Or would you rather have fun and be happy in order to make money and be successful? Saturday, June 4th, Saturn went retrograde for the next 4.5 months. Saturn's retrograde is often more beneficial than harmful. The Planet of Karma is all about structure, and its retrograde can help us reorganize and adjust the structures in our life to make them work better. When it retrogrades, we revise everything we have recently learned about career, boundaries, and responsibility. Situations from the past resurface for review during this transit. We'l
05/06/20228 minutes 2 seconds
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#206 - Weekly Energy Update for May 29, 2022

The New Moon in Gemini on Monday is an excellent opportunity to put eclipse season behind us and set intentions for the rest of the year. We are back baby, after a difficult first five months of the year and then the eclipses resetting us by turning us off and on like a computer, we are back. We've been transformed from the inside out, and the more challenging energy is now behind us, at least for the time being. Now is the moment to brush yourself off, pick yourself up, and start fresh. This is the ideal energy for setting intentions, but due to the mercury retrograde for another week, we will have to wait a little longer for what we want to materialize. Patience is key right now. This is enjoying the journey and not the destination energy.  We'll manifest our desires; they're already happening; they just won't happen as quickly as we'd want. This new moon is also the perfect time to clean and charge your crystals to release the energy of the past 5 months for new beg
29/05/202210 minutes 1 second
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#205 - Weekly Energy Update for May 22, 2022

We're on the other side of the eclipses. Things are starting to settle down, and there is a noticeable shift in energy as we go from Taurus to Gemini season. Integration is the theme of the Gemini season. All of the aha moments and changes we've had in the last few months, especially around eclipse season, are now being applied to our life. We've gained clarity on how we want to proceed in life, and we're now putting what we've learned into practice. Right now, we're transitioning from spring to summer energy. This is a significant change for our bodies. As we progress from May to the summer months, Kapha energy drops and Pitta energy grows. Go to bed on time, drink plenty of water, eat leafy greens, melons, and berries, eat breakfast, spend time outside, and meditate to keep Pitta in check. On the 28th of May. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Taurus, the sensuous earth sign. Taurus is one of Venus' houses, making it one of her favorite signs to be i
22/05/202210 minutes 57 seconds
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#204 - Weekly Energy Update for May 15, 2022

The Total Scorpio Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs this Sunday. For the past few months, we've been building up to this moment. During this time, all of the changes we've experienced over the last few months begin to come together. Eclipses are powerful movers and shakers that have to do with fate and destiny. The shifts that occur during eclipses are fated, which means that everything that happens would have happened regardless, but the eclipses' strength speeds things up. This is the peak moment of the year's most difficult month. This life-changing eclipse is affecting every inch of us. All of the surprises, transformations, and aha moments are assisting us in establishing our new identity. We're stepping into new and more powerful versions of ourselves. Rest, do things slowly, eat nutritious food, be gentle with yourself, and look after your mental health to help you cope with these major changes. Working in the garden, going for walks in nature, and get
15/05/202211 minutes 45 seconds
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#203 - Weekly Energy Update for May 8, 2022

With Mercury retrograde and Jupiter entering into Aries this week, we're in the thick of life-changing energies leading up to a Total Scorpio Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Mercury retrograde, as we all know, is notorious for throwing our electronics, travel, and communications into disarray. I'm not going to lie to you: it's not pretty. This retrograde will be a little bumpy because it falls in the middle of eclipse season. All of these occurrences happening at the same time can make us feel disoriented and anxious. Mercury retrograde is always a period of deep reflection during which the cosmos begs us to slow down. Jupiter enters Aries on the same day as Mercury turns retrograde, Tuesday the 10th. Jupiter's shift from sleepy Pisces to relentless Aries can be startling, like waking up to the sound of a fire truck siren. And everything can feel as if it had to be completed right away. There's a sense of urgency here, perhaps a false sense of urgency. This isn't a good
08/05/20229 minutes 37 seconds
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#202 - Weekly Energy Update for May 1, 2022

Happy Beltane! Beltane is about celebrating all of the optimism, warm sun, and abundance of the earth's benefits for half of the year. Beltane is the period when spring is at its most vibrant. The fairies and nature spirits begin to reawaken at this time. We're still in the throes of the Solar Eclipse. Eclipses accelerate our timeline, delivering events that were bound to happen sooner or later. Things can move swiftly during an eclipse, and this is especially true this time because Uranus, the planet of surprises and unexpected changes, is active. This month's abrupt adjustments and transitions may make you feel uncomfortable. Spending time in nature and slowing down can help to balance out all of the fast-paced energy. Venus and Jupiter, the two positive planets, begin a new cycle on May 2 and May 10, respectively, when they both enter Aries. This is the start of a four-month period during which we will feel more confident and like ourselves than we have in a
01/05/202212 minutes 30 seconds
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#201 - Navigating Life as an Empath with ZofiaRennea Morales

Are you a highly sensitive person and feel like an energetic sponge? You may be an empath. Learn how to navigate life as an empath in this informative podcast with ZofiaRennea Morales. Learn the different varieties of empaths and the common dysfunctional coping skills that can develop. Zofia shares practices and exercises such as muscle testing and shielding that help empaths regulate emotions and develop this powerful spiritual gift.  ZofiaRennea Morales is the Host of the talk radio program Sovereign Self (Mondays at 4pm Pacific time and the creator of the Conscious Enlyghtment Process, a transformation alchemist and teacher guiding clients to find the gold within their most painful life transitions, helping people from all backgrounds notice how life wraps the best gifts in the shittiest wrapping paper. Zofia’s scientific and corporate background appeals clients who appreciate the way she integrates a pragm
29/04/202250 minutes 57 seconds
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#200 - Weekly Energy Update for April 24, 2022

Get ready for a life makeover! Because of a remarkable five-planet stellium in Pisces, Pluto Retrograde, and the first eclipse of the year this week, we are entering a time of massive transformation.  The stellium in Pisces opens the floodgates of cosmic consciousness and brings opportunities for love and romance. Pluto starts its five-month retrograde this week. Pluto is the planet of rebirth and this retrograde gives us a fabulous life makeover. Positive changes in your love life, finances, and way of thinking will occur, all of which will lead to spiritual growth and soul evolution. Finally, April comes to a spectacular finish on Saturday, April 30 with the second new moon of the month, which is also a solar eclipse in Taurus, bringing a lovely transformation to our lives. Eclipses are known for bringing rapid shifts and unexpected twists of fate into our lives, and they help realign us with our destiny, even if our lives get turned upside down in the process. Eclip
24/04/202211 minutes 5 seconds
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#199 - Weekly Energy Update for April 17, 2022

Happy Full Moon! We're still in the lovely Libra energy of Saturday's Full Moon. Libra teaches us that while our life’s mission is of great importance, our inner peace is the highest priority. Nothing is as important as maintaining inner harmony. When we are energetically settled, we see clearly and we know the next steps to take. Libra helps us cultivate inner peace and use it as our greatest tool. This week we move out of Aries Season and into Taurus season. If Aries Season was all about going, going, going, Taurus season will be all about taking it easy. Taurus season is a more grounding, mellow, and down-to-earth time. It’s the time to indulge in extra self-care and pampering, spending time in nature and beautifying our lives. After the active Aries season we’ve had, Taurus season is about slowing down and focusing on simple pleasures. Let yourself sleep in, have a picnic, watch your favorite movies, and listen to beautiful music. There is a more relaxed vib
17/04/20228 minutes 35 seconds
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#198 - Weekly Energy Update for April 10, 2022

Get ready for a special week! One of the biggest astrological events of the year happens on Tuesday, the 12th with the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction. Jupiter and Neptune have not met in Pisces since 1856 and it won’t happen again until 2188! This particular get-together is exceptionally special because these two planets co-rule the sign of Pisces. This means that they're both very happy to be there right now, and combined, their energy is incredibly strong, positive, and magical. In addition to this wonderful conjunction, we also have the first full moon of the astrological year on Saturday the 16th. This is the Pink moon and because it’s in Libra, the sign of partnerships, connections, and balance, this moon helps us feel balanced and that everything is right with the universe.  This is once-in-a-lifetime energy. Spiritual awakenings are happening. You’ll be getting important messages and intuitive hits. Trust your intuition. Slow down and BE this week. Take stuff off t
10/04/202210 minutes 29 seconds
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#197 - Signs From the Universe with Natalie Viglione

Do you have the feeling you're missing something important? Are you looking for signs from the Universe but can't seem to find them? Natalie Viglione, a Light Warrior, and Priestess-Healer, explains how the Universe communicates with us through dreams, visions, angel numbers, and animal guides. All of these signs encourage us to pay attention to our higher selves. Natalie advises not to dismiss a hit. As soon as you see, hear, get, or feel it, write it down immediately and trust it's a message! Natalie Viglione blends creativity with science as an entrepreneur. She’s a cycle breaker, truthseeker, intuitive healer, and a vessel for life and business guidance.   She helps entrepreneurial humans take their power back so that they can heal in both their life and business and be empowered to creatively push their gifts into the world through clarity and intention. She guides people to remember how to become conscious co-creators with the Universe.   Learn more about
09/04/202242 minutes 47 seconds
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#196 - Weekly Energy Update for April 3, 2022

This is a good week to remember that great things take time. That is especially apparent this week when Mars conjuncts Saturn testing our patience. The speed-demon Mars collides with Sunday-driver Saturn, giving us a case of whiplash by either slowing us down to get more intentional or giving us a jump-start to move forward or both! Whatever changes you want to be permanent in your life, this is the time to start. Changes stick right now. This energy is good for getting hard things done and finding the stamina to go the distance on bringing our goals and dreams to life.  
03/04/202210 minutes 48 seconds
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#195 - Weekly Energy Update for March 27, 2022

This week brings a New Moon in Aries early Friday morning April 1st. This is the first new moon of the astrological year and it is supercharged with the magic of a powerful fresh start. With the arrival of April, we’re officially a quarter of the way through 2022. April 2022 is a 1 Universal Month meaning a brand-new numerology cycle has begun. This cycle is about everything new. Romance and love vibes are in the air and we also have the opportunity to heal old childhood wounds this month. We're feeling powerful and courageous so take action and use this time to make big leaps forward in your life. Find more info about my Montana Spiritual Reset at
27/03/20229 minutes 59 seconds
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#194 - Weekly Energy Update for March 20, 2022

Spring is here! Sunday, March 20th is the Spring Equinox. Spring Equinox is a significant turning point that means we’ve survived a long, harsh winter, and now, we’re ready to embrace life and rebirth. The Equinox also takes place at the exact moment the sun enters Aries, the first sign in the zodiac. This is known as the "astrological new year". Aries is the go-getter of the zodiac. Aries season gives us a cosmic fresh start. We’re hitting the reset button on life and anything and everything is possible. Go for the big dream! Get your energy flowing in the direction of your dreams by setting intentions and taking action.  Learn more about Renee's Montana Spiritual Reset at
20/03/202212 minutes 9 seconds
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#193 - Spring 2022 Astrology with Deborah Norton

Astrologer Deborah Norton breaks down what to expect this spring according to astrology. The Spring Equinox and Aries Season usher in the start of a new cycle. This spring we get the opportunity to come to terms with old stories and release them. The eclipses in April and May are on the Taurus/Scorpio axis to help us think about values and money. Taurus focuses on security, comfort, valuables, possessions, and money. Scorpio deals with our shadow, power struggles, and hidden agendas making this the time to dig up and release outdated money beliefs and rewrite our money story. Deborah also talks about the meaning of our North and South Nodes and how they are activated with the eclipses this year. Saturn, Mars, and Venus are all in Aquarius giving us fresh ideas and solutions. Pisces' energy is big in the spring chart allowing us to dream big. If you're a Taurus, Scorpio, or your nodes are on the Taurus/Scorpio axis then this podcast is a must-listen! Deborah Norton is a
18/03/202240 minutes 53 seconds
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#192 - Weekly Energy Update for March 13, 2022

This week we welcome the final full moon of winter. The spiritual meaning behind the Full Worm Moon on Friday, March 10th is fresh starts and shedding old habits for a better and wiser version of ourselves. This Virgo Full Moon prepares us for the Equinox and the start of the Astrological New Year next Sunday. Full Moons represent points of release, so this is the perfect opportunity to purge all that we no longer wish to carry into the new year. We're on a life-improvement mission right now. This is serious clean-up-your-act energy. Cleanse your life of anything and everything that doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks. Embrace I feel like a million bucks energy!
13/03/20229 minutes 20 seconds
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#191- Raising Conscious Kids with The Spirit Mamas

The Spirit Mamas share their secrets for raising conscious kids in this inspiring podcast. The Spirit Mamas stress the importance of developing a spiritual practice, tuning into your energy, and trusting your intuition. We also talk about modeling conscious behavior and using affirmations to empower children. Our kids are here to teach us. Listen and learn from them. This generation of moms is healing ancestral wounds and raising enlightened kids. At Spirit Mamas we’re cultivating a community of loving, beautiful, energetic beings who show up to life perfectly imperfect. Our mission is to uplift spiritually conscious mamas, helping them trust their intuition and power with ceremonial circles, energy work, rituals, and magic, so they can bloom into that next version of themselves fuller, brighter, and better than they ever thought possible! Learn more about them at Victoria Niels
09/03/202234 minutes 34 seconds
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#190 - Weekly Energy Update for March 6, 2022

Spring is in the air! The key to enjoying a healthy spring is to balance the Kapha dosha. Balance your Kapha energy by eating more vegetables and less dairy, meat, and fried foods. Eat more asparagus and green juice, and less ice cream. Also add some warming herbs to your diet like cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper. Get outside for a walk to move any stuck energy out of your body and attune to nature. Slow down and notice the arrival of spring. Renewal and transformation are all around us. Our intuition is amped up and spot on this week. Trust how you feel. Allow yourself to feel how good your life is.  
06/03/20229 minutes 59 seconds
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#189 - The 5 Self-Love Languages with Jenelle Woodlief

The Five Love Languages is a concept created by Gary Chapman. It refers to the five ways that we give and receive love. Specifically, how we communicate our love to others and how we feel loved by others. The Five Love Languages absolutely apply to SELF-love as well. We can strengthen our relationship with ourselves and our bodies through exploring the languages in the context of self-care. Transformational Bodyworker and Self-Care Advocate, Jenelle Woodlief, shares easy ways to practice self-love based on the 5 love languages of physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, and acts of service. Jenelle Woodlief is a Transformational Bodyworker, Trauma Healer, and Self-Care advocate. Her signature 12-session series guides people through a deep healing journey with massage, bodywork, and self-care coaching. Jenelle has a gentle way of challenging people to release old stories and step into a new relationship with their body, and her work is repeatedly described as
03/03/202238 minutes 31 seconds
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#188 - Weekly Energy Update for February 27, 2022

The winter’s final new moon on Wednesday, March 2nd brings us nothing but good vibes. At the time of this new moon in Pisces, we'll have four planets in Pisces - the sun, moon, Jupiter, and Neptune - forming what's known as a stellium in astrology and increasing the positivity of this moon and making it easier than usual to connect to spiritual energy. Pisces is associated with our subconscious, sleep, and dreams, making this an ideal time for dreamwork, creating a sleep ritual, and soaking in a bath, hot springs, or hot tub. This magical new moon in Pisces sets the tone for the entire month of March. March is all about new beginnings with the spring equinox and the astrological new year. New beginnings coupled with all the planets moving forward means wonderful new changes are coming our way. Embrace the changes. This once-in-a-lifetime energy helps us take a leap of faith and follow our dreams. Trust what's happening is for your highest good.   
27/02/20229 minutes 6 seconds
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#187 - Weekly Energy Update for February 20, 2022

This week we have two things happening that will never happen again in our lifetime. There’s the Pluto return of the US and 2/22/2022. This powerful numerology week is full of palindromes, meaning the date reads the same backward and forward. Of course, the big day this week is 2/22/22. Twenty-two is considered to be a master number in numerology, and this special date has not one, but two 22's in it, so the spiritual energy is off the charts. A whole week of palindromes and balanced numbers makes this the perfect time to work on balance in your life. We're experiencing huge changes in both our country and personal lives. Embrace the changes and take advantage of this energy to propel your life forward.
20/02/20229 minutes 39 seconds
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#186 - Weekly Energy Update for February 13, 2022

Get ready for a full week of love vibes! It starts with the Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday, February 16th. That same day is the yearly magical Mars and Venus Conjunction. When Mars and Venus come together it's one of the most magical days of the year bringing romance, love, great sex, new relationship beginnings, and money. The nodes of fate and destiny are activated at the same time extending the good love vibes of Valentine's Day a few more days. And just as we come down from this full moon love high, Pisces season starts on Friday the 18th. Pisces season is almost always easy and dreamy, and this year it's set up to be absolutely magical!   
13/02/202210 minutes 33 seconds
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#185 - Food Energetics with Erin Vanderkooy

Is what you eat raising or lowering your vibration? What and how we eat impacts our energy and can affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This podcast with Health Coach Erin Vanderkooy is full of useful information on how to raise the vibration of the food you eat. Learn how to infuse your food with positive vibes, what to eat to feel grounded, and the magic of adaptogens and herbs. Erin Vanderkooy is a Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practioner who helps people eradicate unwanted symptoms and balance their own unique bodies. She teaches that this can be done by learning how to connect with what your body is telling you, and by making small incremental changes that can produce life-changing results. You can be empowered with your food choices, and Erin helps add unique-to-you tools to your toolbox. Sign up for Erin's upcoming program -
09/02/202240 minutes 10 seconds
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#184 - Weekly Energy Update for February 6, 2022

For the first time in almost a year, all the planets in our solar system are direct. We're feeling motivated and moving full steam ahead! This is the time to go for your dreams. Don’t hold back. It is of the utmost importance to seize the day now—until April 29, after that, the entire year will be filled with some form of planetary retrograde, slowing down life, your relationships, and your plans. 28 Days of Making Money on Youtube at
06/02/20229 minutes 53 seconds
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#183 - Weekly Energy Update for January 30, 2022

Happy Year of the Water Tiger! The Lunar New Year and New Moon in Aquarius have powerful “new year, new me” vibes. New moons always usher in new beginnings, and this particular one is supercharged with optimistic, forward-moving, change-the-world energy thanks to Venus and Mercury's retrogrades coming to an end. We’re leaving the past behind and laying a new foundation for the future. It's all happening!
30/01/20228 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode #182 - Weekly Energy Update for January 23, 2022

Get ready for a major energy shift this week when Mars moves into Capricorn on Monday, January 24th. This is the energy we've been waiting for as we move into major get-shit-done mode. Mars in Capricorn gives us a laser focus to tackle all the things we may have been procrastinating. Prepare for next week's Lunar New Year by cleaning old stuck energy out of your home. Put out some tangerines and oranges to attract good luck and happiness in the coming year.
23/01/202211 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode #181 - Weekly Energy Update for January 16, 2022

This week's Full Wolf Moon in Cancer on Monday, January 17th, places a magnifying glass over our feelings. We'll become more sensitive and emotional leading to sudden life revelations. These aha moments help us make important decisions that activate our destiny and change the course of our lives. The big news of the week is that the Lunar Nodes change signs. The North Node shifting into Taurus means it’s time to start building a solid foundation for the next part of our lives. Big stuff! The Astrology, Akashic Records & Abundology Sale has ended. Schedule an appointment with Renee Spears at
16/01/202212 minutes 40 seconds
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Episode #180 -Weekly Energy Update for January 9, 2022

The first Mercury Retrograde of the year happens on Friday, January 14. With both Venus and Mercury Retrograde right now, this is time to really think about where you want to go and revise and rethink your plan to get there. Take this time seriously by allowing yourself to slow down and make adjustments to your life.  Changes you make now have a big payoff and will dramatically make your life better! The Astrology, Akashic Records & Abundology Sale has ended. Schedule an appointment with Renee Spears at
09/01/20229 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode #179 - Weekly Energy Update for January 2, 2022

This year starts with a wonderful New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, January 2nd. The new moon sets the tone for the year ahead, and it's all about getting down to business, taking action steps, and focusing on family and career. 2022 is a 6 Universal Year. In Numerology, the number 6 is the energy of nurturing. It emphasizes relationships, being responsible, and savoring home and family. We also break down all 9 Personal Years in this podcast. Enjoy the lovely, grounding energy of 2022! The Astrology, Akashic Records & Abundology Sale has ended. Schedule an appointment with Renee Spears at
02/01/202214 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode #178 - What are the Akashic Records? with Jamie Bulrice

Learn everything you've always wanted to know about the Akashic Records in this podcast with Akashic Records Reader, Jamie Bulrice. Jamie shares how the records can identify your soul's purpose and help you heal to live a happier, more abundant life. Renee and Jamie bring the Woo in this fascinating conversation about soul families, your soul guidance team, expansion of consciousness, soul fragmentation, spirit attachments, and Quantum Healing. Jamie Bulrice is an Akashic Records Reader and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. She helps you to reconnect with your inner power and purpose, receiving clear messages from your Higher Self and Spirit Team through your Akashic Records. Learn more about Jamie at The Astrology, Akashic Records & Abundology Sale has ended. Schedule an appointment with Renee Spears at</p
29/12/202141 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode #177 - Weekly Energy Update for December 26, 2021

We’re ending the year and starting 2022 on a high note, as the lucky planet Jupiter enters Pisces on Tuesday, Dec. 28, where it’ll stay through much of next year. Jupiter in Pisces is just the injection of positivity we've been waiting for and Jupiter is bringing luck, abundance, growth, opportunity, and wisdom to 2022. This week we're resting, basking in the good vibes of Jupiter in Pisces, and getting a detailed plan together for next year. The Astrology, Akashic Records & Abundology Sale has ended. Schedule an appointment with Renee Spears at
26/12/202111 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode #176 - Weekly Energy Update for December 19, 2021

This is a big week with Venus Retrograde, the Winter Solstice, the start of Capricorn Season, and Christmas. The energy is all about slowing down, getting clear on what's important to you, and making a plan. We're at the very start of the next stage of our life. Until the first of the year, all you need to do is think about what you want and make a plan to get there. Perfect timing for a new vision board. Be sure to slow down and celebrate this sacred week. The Astrology, Akashic Records & Abundology Sale has ended. Schedule an appointment with Renee Spears at The Free 28 Days of Making Money Program offer has expired.
19/12/202110 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode #175 - 2022 Astrology Forecast with Deborah Norton

Astrologer Deborah Norton breaks down what to expect in 2022 according to astrology. 2022 is the year to align with your values, deal with your stuff, and get your life in order. The energy this year is perfect for decluttering and getting rid of everything that's not serving you. We also discuss Venus Retrograde, the eclipses activating our destiny, and the much anticipated Pluto Return for the U.S. One thing is for sure, we'll feel much lighter at the end of the year! The Astrology, Akashic Records & Abundology Sale has ended. Schedule an appointment with Renee Spears at Deborah Norton is an Astrologer that helps clients find their superpower, make a love connection, and get their life together. Deborah translates your astrology chart into plain English so you can gain clarity and move forward in life. Learn more about Deborah Norton at <a href='https://www.deborahnor
18/12/202147 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode #174 - Weekly Energy Update for December 12, 2021

Get ready for a Full Moon in Gemini on Saturday, December 18th which brings optimism, good luck, prosperity, and happiness. There will be opportunities for material and spiritual growth to make you healthier, richer, and wiser. Venus also goes retrograde this week giving us an opportunity to reflect and examine our thoughts about love and money. Opportunities abound!
12/12/202111 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode # 173 - Weekly Energy Update for December 5, 2021

We've started a new life chapter. It's time to follow your BIG dreams! Planning, taking baby steps, and trying new things get this new energy flowing. We’re also experiencing relationship overhauls and people may be exiting your life. Keep your vibration high by asking yourself "does this thing (or person) raise or lower my vibe."
05/12/20218 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode #172 - Weekly Energy Update for November 28, 2021

The Total Solar New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday, December 4th, is a very powerful moment and brings us to the destination we have been working hard to reach. Eclipses direct us wherever we need to go. Trust the process and don't force things that are not meant to be. Solar Eclipses bring new opportunities and new beginnings. Stay open to whatever comes your way!
28/11/20219 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode #171 - Weekly Energy Update for November 21, 2021

Sagittarius Season is here! Sagittarius Season is one of the best times of the astrological year when there’s a sense of adventure and optimism, making us feel ready to take on the world. This is an opportunity to hit the reset button on anything that isn't working in our lives. We’ll be in a positive headspace which allows us to focus on happiness. Remember that you are exactly as happy as you allow yourself to be.
21/11/202110 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode #170 - Weekly Energy Update for November 14, 2021

Eclipse Season is here! On Friday, 11/19, there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses serve as celestial checkpoints and help illuminate our karmic path. Astrologically speaking, they speed up time. Eclipses want you to live your best life, so if anything is not in alignment the eclipses will change it. They open new doors by slamming others shut. Stay grounded by meditating, taking a social media break, getting outside in nature, doing things for others, and breathing with affirmations. 
14/11/202113 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode #169 - Weekly Energy Update for November 7, 2021

Until the end of the year, we’re in a time of deep change and transformation. November 11th is always a powerful day, but this year since it falls on a #9 Universal Day, it's considered the most powerful manifesting day of the century. On this super powerful day, the rare combination of 1s and 9s puts us in a unique (and totally magical) position where we are standing at the precipice of incredible power and infinite possibility. Remember that everything changing now is for our highest good. Embrace the changes!
07/11/202114 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode #168 - Weekly Energy Update for October 31, 2021

On Thursday the 4th, the New Moon is carrying us straight into the heart of Scorpio Season and the depths of our souls. This powerful moon serves up some tension, turmoil, and unexpected twists - but it’ll also help us get our shit together. Big things are brewing and we're about to make huge steps forward in our lives. Spend some time alone, acknowledge what you want to change, and then set your intention to change it on the new moon. This is a huge transformational time!
31/10/202112 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode #167 - Weekly Energy Update for October 24, 2021

We've officially left lighthearted Libra season and entered intense Scorpio season for the next month. This Scorpio season is especially intense and will both give us an opportunity to really come to terms with some of the changes we've lived through over the past several months, and help propel us forward into a new season of our lives. This is the time to practice developing your psychic gifts. The veil between the earthly plane and the spiritual world is thin and we’re more tuned into the spiritual world. Pay attention to the signs and messages you get from the universe right now!
24/10/202111 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode #166 - Weekly Energy Update for October 17, 2021

This Wednesday, October 20th, we welcome the Full Hunter's Moon. This Full Moon in Aries is perfect for starting new things and ending things that no longer serve us to clear the way for new beginnings to take place. This moon brings ambition & go-getter energy to all of us. Mercury goes direct on Monday and is no longer blocking our creative juices from flowing, so now's the time to get your life back on track.  
17/10/202110 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode #165 - Weekly Energy Update for October 10, 2021

Between October 6 and 18, four planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury) end their retrogrades and turn direct. And the pace of life starts picking up. We start to move forward again with fresh energy. We'll get an extra boost of confidence and feel more lighthearted as new opportunities start to open up. Just be present, pay attention, and allow yourself to feel all the joy!  
10/10/20219 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode #164 - Weekly Energy Update for October 3, 2021

This week starts with 6 planets retrograde making it difficult to move forward with our plans and get a clear picture of our future. We get some relief on Wednesday, October 6th, when both a New Moon in Libra and Pluto going direct bring intense fresh start energy.  We get a fresh start when it comes to pursuing romance, strengthening partnerships, and finding peace. This is a good week to improve boundaries by examining how you spend your energy.  
03/10/20219 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode #163 - Create Your Future Self with Addie Beall

What does your future self look like? Spiritual Weight Loss Guide, Addie Beall, shares how she uses the Slayer of Namaslayer persona to create her future self.  Addie and Renee talk about their future selves and using personas to move to a new vibration. The journey to your future self starts with allowing yourself to dream and putting yourself first. Addie Beall is a spiritual weight loss guide, podcast host, Chopra-certified meditation instructor, motivational speaker, and chief inspiration officer at Namaslayer. Led by her core values of authenticity, fun, adventure, love, and inspiration, she uncovered her alter ego, Slayer, left her corporate job, lost 100 pounds, bought an RV, and is creating the life of her dreams. Over the past few years, she launched the MEfirst Sisterhood to guide, support, and inspire other women to discover their inner guides, find their own unique paths, and transform their lives. Learn more about Addie at <a href='
02/10/202138 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode #162 - Weekly Energy Update for September 26, 2021

The final Mercury Retrograde of 2021 happens on Monday, September 27th. The good news is this Mercury Retrograde happens in Libra, which is a sign known for being peaceful, harmonious, and relationship-oriented. Mercury retrograde is all about the RE-words like revise, rethink, and redo. We’re getting the opportunity to revise and rethink our one-on-one relationships especially our relationship with money.
26/09/202110 minutes 9 seconds