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The A.B Show

English, Social, 1 season, 6 episodes, 1 hour, 55 minutes
The A.B Show podcast is about a young, unfiltered woman sharing her personal experiences in life. A.B shares how everyday she's learning how to balance out her personal & love life. She also shares her experiences in being an MOMtrepreneur & gives advice, share tips and plenty more. Alexus is here to make you laugh, cry & inspire all in one.
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New Beginning

Alexus shares what's new in her life right now. She shares that things have shifted for the better and she's actually happy about what's to come. Listen to this episode if you need some motivation on taking those steps that you thought you'd never take. ENJOY! Let me know what you think.  IG: Key2alexus
10/24/202217 minutes, 21 seconds
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Take A Moment Mommy

Affirmations are always great motivation to keep your mind & emotions at ease. So whether you're a new mom or have been parenting for years, this episode is for you. In this episode Alexus shares over 25 affirmations that will start you day off with a positive balance and help you feel better as a MOM. Alexus also shares a prayer that focuses on sometimes life's a battle being a mom but God is always there to help us as well as our children along the way. ENJOY! Let me know what you think.  IG: Key2alexus Want to give some feedback?? Maybe need some advice?? Email : [email protected]
10/9/202213 minutes, 48 seconds
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Its Cool When They Do It ??!

In this episode Alexus talks about gender roles in a relationship/marriage. She explains some of her personal experiences with "Gender Roles". She noticed during this episode that she feels both sides of sexism & how you can easily contradict yourself with this topic. Join Alexus as she discuss gender roles that women/men deal with on the daily. ENJOY! Let me know what you think @Key2Alexus 
10/3/202223 minutes, 37 seconds
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Chasing Money is a Dangerous Recipe

Alexus talks about her experiences of being an entrepreneur and how she has made a lot of wrong decisions not doing something she's actually passionate about. She shares her personal thoughts on why its important to chase your dreams and not what you see making others successful. She explains how she realizes when you go after the money in business you can exchange it for your happiness & that's a dangerous recipe. ENJOY! Let me know what you think @Key2alexus 
9/25/202235 minutes, 11 seconds
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Can I Vent ?!?

Vent session!! Alexus just lets all her feelings out. This episode was meant to just talk & complain.
9/18/202222 minutes, 34 seconds