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English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 10 episodes, 5 hours, 1 minute
The "A" Word podcast is a space for real, raw, and authentic space for womxn to grow through anxiety + depression and navigate the many highs, lows, and curveballs of life. Join mental wellness + self-care coach Ashley Crittenden for some unfiltered laughs that make your stomach hurt, ugly cries, and some hot tea honey! Let's grow, learn, heal, and have some FUN together!
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You're just not that into you

Hello beautiful people!!!!!! We are back with a BRAND NEW season of The "A" Word Podcast. This season is going to be EPIC! In this first episode, I am exposing myself a bit and telling like it is as a former member of the "toxic club". We do not have time for the toxic behavior AT ALL! Come with me on this journey of learning when you are not showing yourself love for the sake of what you THINK is love or a potential relationship. We have all been there and that is okay, let's grow through it together. Support this podcast
8/22/202135 minutes, 18 seconds