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The 25 Year Plan

English, Finance, 1 season, 5 episodes, 2 hours, 18 minutes
A podcast series on the 25 Year Plan, an initiative to change the world, all of it, at the same time - so at vast scale. This podcast series has different types, from recordings from events, to in depth looks at various topics. We get into thoughts & insights on world change, personal improvement, society, tech, systems & more. Most episodes will be Mark talking through an area, such as 'networks', and over time we will add in interviews with interesting folk... on interesting topics.
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10 Rules

It's all easy Be good Be honest Be happy Limit being sad Help others Share things Be free to  choose Be lazy Focus on the end goal Looks good, right? And easy! OK, maybe because the first rule says 'it's all easy'... but I hope that by you listening to this podcast you will get more insight into how to use simple rules to program yourself to lead a better and happier life. This is from Mark Turrell's work on complex systems and changing behavior individually and at the scale of the masses. Work was inspired originally by reading Gut Instinct by Gert Gigerenzer and then I took the concepts to see if I could recode myself.  I will publish more on this topic - maybe a book, a training course, etc. There is a lot to get into... and this episode just scratches the surface of making the rules... rather than digging into the ones I have chosen for myself. Enjoy!
6/19/201921 minutes, 43 seconds
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How to Make Networks 100X Better

Ah, those serendipitous moments of connection! Sitting at the right table for the perfect discussion. Getting your ideas into a policy paper at just the right time. The joy of finding hundreds - even thousands - of people like you who share common values and goals, and who can gain hugely out of sharing amongst each other. We can do so much good with networks, on a personal and collective level. And yet if we think of a vision for the future, we clearly have a long way to go. In this keynote Mark will share his research on how networks can function dramatically better and discuss ways that we can achieve this in the near future by changing practices, technology (to scale), and most importantly, our mindset. This talk gets into collective intelligence and networks. Mark shares his frustration in how bad networking is... compared to how good it could be. He also shares his Zimbabwe example to show that it really is possible to make use of networks to do good. Associations World Congress
6/18/201940 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Smart (Lazy) Way to become Super Smart (30 mins)

This talk was given by Mark at a conference from the food associations from Slovenia for their annual summit. The focus was on 'collective intelligence' as the industry tries to scale to meet changing customer needs, and feed a growing audience of demanding tourists. The talk covered some of Mark's background in the innovation area with his work on idea management at Imaginatik, the company he founded following his doctoral research. It went into the importance of thinking collectively, and ended with some tips for how managers should behave to take advantage of the power of the crowd - being 'smart and super lazy'! The talk can be found here - it is a Google Slide deck. Enjoy!  
6/14/201929 minutes, 42 seconds
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An Interesting Podcast - 'Democracy is Broken'

Democracy is broken... discuss! ‘will of the people’ voting in dictatorships coalition governments young people not voting What do we mean by democracy? representative democracy how reps are elected - first past the post or PR end up with odd things - Germany in 2018 with Bundestag - 709  Your vote only counts if: you vote for the winning party - or in the coalition and your person needs to be in govt then senior enough position but have to do what the party wants and not your constituents (of which only a small % actually voted for you….) But who is allowed to vote? age limits resident v citizen non resident citizens criminal record Big issue young people do not vote What are people voting for? party? rep for the area? penalties for lying - none - either do not get in power... Representing an area - constituency problem may only be voted in by a tiny majority, and not 51% - do you represent everyone or just the ones who voted for you Coalition no one voted for the coalition - or its policies - what on earth did people vote for King for the period - even if the context changes, have the right to rule can kill the king…. on the election cycle Temptation to stay in office big benefits if run things if tempted to cheat, then even more tempted to stay in power those who come in next would have big incentive to investigate and show your past wrong-doing,.. and then do the same with the same incentive
12/21/201821 minutes, 49 seconds
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An Interesting Podcast #1: Complex Systems. Following, AI, Education & Democracy

An Interesting Podcast - #1 // Following, AI & Patterns, Changing how we learn, economic development & corporate democracy // recorded Sept 2018 Alexandria Egypt - Mark Turrell -
12/12/201824 minutes, 59 seconds