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The 1899 Podcast

English, TV & Video, 1 season, 5 episodes, 5 hours, 46 minutes
A podcast that breaks down episode by episode the popular new Netflix series by Dark director Baron Bo Odar. What is lost will be found, and you can find us on anchor podcasts and all other podcast platforms. Listen in as we attempt to unravel the mystery of 1899.
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Episode 4: The Fight

This episode the guys grab their weapons and prepare for the fight on deck during Episode 4: The Fight. "Several crew members and passengers search the ship for the boy after locking up the captain, Olek, Jerome and Ramiro. Krerer’s secret is revealed." --- Support this podcast:
12/21/202257 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 3: The Fog

In this episode the guys take a dive in the third episode of season one titled The Fog. A girl and other passengers suffer a terrible fate; Olek frees Ling Yi from a box; the captain makes a discovery that challenges his trust in Maura. --- Support this podcast:
12/13/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 2: The Boy

They guys continue their rewatch of the Netflix sires 1899. This episode is diving into Episode 2: The Boy. The captain experiences unexplainable flashbacks; a strange man follows Maura to her cabin where a boy is hiding; a bug leads to a tragedy on deck. --- Support this podcast:
12/5/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 0: First Impressions

Our first impressions of the first episode.  --- Support this podcast:
11/19/202251 minutes, 47 seconds