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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 3 seasons, 41 episodes, 1 day 14 hours 33 minutes
Two guys from California with different stories, different beliefs, different experiences, and different personalities. Yet still the same in many ways.
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Season Finale

Hear us talk about the end of an era and where the future lies for us!Follow us on Instagram:@tictoc287@cjallday02@oscarivan_17Thanks Y'all!!!!!!Support the show
27/05/202057 minutes 50 seconds
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What are your Fears?

In this episode hear us talk about what our top 5 fears are! Let us know some of yours in the comments below.Flex Living: Flex living: Code: TICTOC15 For 15% offThe great north apparel: Use Code: TICTOC30 For 30% off Follow us on Instagram:@Tictoc287@Cjallday02@Oscarivan_17Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel! Like & Share!!! Thanks Ya'll Support the show
20/05/202054 minutes 49 seconds
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"Judgement Day"

Listen to us talk about our take on what the end of the world will look like!Follow us on Instagram:@tictoc287@Cjallday02@Oscarivan_17Make sure to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: a Comment, Like, & Share with everyone! Thanks for Listening!Support the show
13/05/202055 minutes 47 seconds
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"What's your Superpower?"

This episode we about our favorite super powers & Heroes!Follow us on Instagram:@Tictoc287@Cjallday02@Oscarivan_17Subscribe, Like, & Share our Youtube page as well! Inquiries, please reach us at our Email:[email protected] the show
06/05/202058 minutes 57 seconds
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"Is the American Dream still alive?"

Hear us talk about the so called American dream with our good friend Fat Tony!!Make sure to follow us on Instagram:@Tictoc287@Oscarivan_17@[email protected] Subscribe to our to our YouTube: the show
04/05/202052 minutes 26 seconds
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"Quarantined life"

Listen to us to talk about, what we miss the most before all this craziness, and what we can't wait to do after. Follow us on Instagram:@tictoc287@Oscarivan_17@cjallday02Subscribe to our YouTube: Link: Link : the show
29/04/202056 minutes 6 seconds
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Blast From the Past "Chino"

Special guest appearance from our old elementary school friend Chino!!!Check out his Youtube Channel and Subscribe: on Instagram:@vallechino12@paramount_poddy@Cjallday02@Oscarivan_17Support the show
26/04/20202 hours 7 minutes 2 seconds
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"What's your destination"

Hear us talk about our past travel experiences and upcoming travel plans!Follow us on Instagram:@tictocc287@Oscarivan_17@Cjallday02Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
23/04/202053 minutes 7 seconds
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"College, a necessity?"

This episode we answer a question of, is college necessary??Follow us on Instagram: @tictoc287@Oscarivan_178@Cjallday02Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
19/04/202056 minutes 4 seconds
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"Shows of the decades"

Listen to our favorite shows and movies throughout the years! Follow us on Instagram:@Tictoc287@Oscarivan_17@Cjallday02Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
15/04/20201 hour 52 seconds
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"Can we still be friends"

Hear us talk about a story from one of our fans, and their problem with an Ex!Follow us on Instagram:@Tictoc287@Cjallday02@Oscarivan_17Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
13/04/202049 minutes 56 seconds
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What does "success" mean?

Support the show
08/04/202056 minutes 29 seconds
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"What's your state of Mind"

Mental health is important, what do you guys think about Child abuse, Domestic violence, Depression, and Anxiety??Follow us on Instagram: @tictoc287Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
01/04/202054 minutes 33 seconds
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"To live and die in LA"

Hear us talk about what we think about growing up in LA, and how that has shaped our lives. Instagram: @Tictoc287Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
29/03/202054 minutes 51 seconds
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"Welcome to our lives"

Take a tour into our lives, just surface we'd love to go deeper so if you want to know more hit us you on social media and drop some comments.Insta: @tictoc@287Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
25/03/202054 minutes 41 seconds
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"Soulmate or Love of my Life"

Listen as we talk about our takes on soulmates or The love of my life. With a twist as we bring On Brittany Thomas & Joudie Villa. Follow us on Insta: @Tictoc287Buzzsprout Link: Link: the show
23/03/20201 hour 1 minute 2 seconds
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"Religion Vs. God"

Let's talk about the unspoken Word Religion! Follow us on Instagram:@tictoc287@cjallday02@oscarivan_17@2antho3Instacart Link: Link: the show
19/03/20201 hour 1 minute 44 seconds
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"Medical Mysteries"

Is there a reason for the diseases out there, is it all a conspiracy! Find out our view on this and see what we think.Instacart Link: Link: us on Instagram:@tictoc287@oscarivan_17@cjallday02@2antho3Support the show
15/03/202056 minutes 29 seconds
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"Corona Virus" Are you scarred?

Is this something to really panic over, what do you guys think? Let us hear your feedback. Make sure to follow us on Instagram: @Tictoc2897Instacart Link: Link: - Groceries delivered in as little as 1 hour. Free delivery on your first order over $35.Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
12/03/202055 minutes 47 seconds
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Here us talk about our good times in our young years!! the show
07/03/20201 hour 6 minutes 6 seconds
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"Old Vs New" (Music)

Do you prefer music from back in the day or music from todays day and age? the show
27/02/202055 minutes 52 seconds
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Whats in your closest?!

Have you ever encountered something you can't explain? the show
20/02/202057 minutes 33 seconds
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Crimes and Controversy part 2

Have you ever wondered if we are the only creatures in the whole universe?!Make sure to use the link below, to get stated on your very own Podcast BuzzSprout has you covered! If you get their paid plan they'll even hook you up with a $20 Amazon Gift card. the show
13/02/202055 minutes 26 seconds
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Crimes and Controversy part 1

Have you guys ever thought what a serial killer thinks off before they murder someone?Support the show
06/02/202056 minutes 2 seconds
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"Kobe Bryant" (Be Grateful For Everything You Have)

Loving all your loved ones, squashing any beef you have with your loves ones, because life is bigger than that.Support the show
30/01/202055 minutes 3 seconds
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What's Your WHY!?

Don't let no one tell you, you can't!Support the show
21/01/202049 minutes 8 seconds