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That's the Word with Fr. James Yamauchi

English, Christianity, 1 season, 133 episodes, 21 hours, 21 minutes
Everyone loves a good story. Join Fr. James Yamauchi every Wednesday for wholesome tales for the whole family. A podcast from Sons of Thunder Rock.
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BONUS: Trivia Question Ends in Schism

We asked a trivia question in the story "Give Him Up" without doing enough research and walked right into the realm of nuance and confusion.  The answer to the question is actually not very clear, since it involves a major schism.  Hopefully this bonus episode makes the answer somewhat clear.
10/8/20227 minutes, 20 seconds
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BONUS: Extra Words 01

Some stories have some extra tidbits that don't make it into the final draft.  Fr. James and John Peter are here to discuss some extra goodies from several That's the Word stories, including A Novel of Thanksgiving, The Christmas Hay, and Rewriting the Soldier's Song!SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't listened to the stories listed above, go listen to those first, then come back and listen to Extra Words!Let us know what you think of this segment and if you want us to do more in the future.
2/7/202112 minutes, 35 seconds